An Examination Of The Leftist Cult And Their Religion

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    This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at Alt-Market.

    There is a common misconception among newer activists in the liberty movement that the idea of the “false left/right paradigm” means that there is no political spectrum; that the entire notion of left vs right is a fabrication. This is not exactly the case. When we talk about false paradigms in regards to politics (or geopolitics), what we are actually referring to is the elitist class, otherwise known as globalists, and the fact that they have no left or right political orientation. They do not care about Democrats or Republicans, they have no loyalty to either party. Their loyalty is to their own agenda, and they will exploit BOTH sides to get what they want whenever possible.

    Beyond the globalists, average people do indeed fall on a political spectrum that could be broken down and simplified to a set of basic ideals or ideologies. On the left side of the spectrum, we find the collectivists and socialists, who believe that society (the group) is vastly more important than the individual and that the actions of individuals must be strictly monitored and governed to prevent negative effects on the group.

    The core argument of the leftists is: “We are all a part of society and must act in harmony with society so that the system continues to function. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few…”

    On the right side of the spectrum we find the individualists, sovereignty activists, and true conservatives. People who, in varying degrees, believe that society should be restricted from dictating the life of the individual and that group participation should be voluntary. Where leftists seek to centralize, people on the right seek to decentralize.

    The argument of the conservative is: “Without the individual the group does not exist. The group is an abstraction created in the mind. When groups do form they should only exist to serve and protect the inherent rights of individuals, not be used as a mechanism of control by weak people who are afraid to function on their own…”

    This separation of philosophies is simple and easy to follow. Where things start to become confused and convoluted, however, is when political “gatekeepers” or globalist controlled pundits and media outlets get involved and muddy the waters. For example, there are some egregious misinterpretations of conservative principles in the mainstream, especially in places like Europe where the word “conservative” is considered dirty and is barely spoken. Gatekeepers who have no loyalties to actual conservative values have attempted to soil the image of conservatives as a whole by misleading them down the wrong path or acting as false representatives.

    Inevitably, these pied pipers try to lure conservatives to support leftist ideologies, like big government interference in people’s lives, or in the politics of other nations, or even in free markets. In other words, they want to sabotage real conservatives by making them look like hypocrites. But, the ideals of conservativism and centralization are mutually exclusive – If a conservative supports big government control, they are no longer a conservative. Period.

    It is certainly the case that similar gatekeepers on the left side of the spectrum are misleading leftists to destructive ends, but not in the same way that they try to mislead conservatives. While globalists will attempt to trick conservatives to act more like socialists, they do not try to trick leftists into acting more like conservatives. Rather, they trick leftists into becoming even more extreme in their collectivist tendencies.

    The end goal of the globalist cabal is to eventually reach a point where EVERYONE in the world is a supporter of totalitarian centralization – a world where everyone is a leftist, whether they realize it or not.

    How they plan to achieve this goal is rather indirect but potentially very effective. By pushing one side (the political left) to extremes, they hope to drive the other side (conservatives) to respond with extreme measures that they would otherwise consider contrary to their principles. To avoid this outcome, conservatives must understand the root motivations and contradictions of what has become the leftist cult. To avoid falling into madness, we must examine the behaviors of the insane.

    It is hard to say exactly where the left began to migrate away from more centrist politics and go full bore communist. Some would say it started when the Frankfurt School of academics transplanted to the US during and after WWII, bringing with them the ideology of cultural Marxism. Some might argue that they have been this way since the 1960s and 1970s during the rise of the antiwar movement and second wave feminism. But if leftists were raging socialists back then, for decades after that chaotic generation there was at least some self-discipline among them in terms of revealing their true intentions outright.

    I would place their transformation, or violent mutation, closer to 20 years ago as college campuses shifted completely away from a focus on practical skill sets and STEM fields over to hackneyed social sciences. This was the moment that the conspiracy to completely radicalize the left was truly implemented.

    Colleges became centers of worship, but of a new religion called “social justice”. This religion relies on rehashing and reigniting old social conflicts as if they had not already been tackled by far smarter people decades beforehand. SJWs act as if America had never come to terms with slavery, racism, women’s rights, sexual orientation, etc. as if all of these problems were boiling in the background waiting for the social justice warriors to finally grace us with their presence and solve them. The reality is that while there will ALWAYS be some conflict related to these issues, there is no need for the existence of “social justice” today. They are rebels without a legitimate cause, and so they create causes out of thin air.

    Many pundits on the political left are careful not to publicly associate with SJWs and attempt to portray Democrats and progressives as somehow separate. And for some of these people, this might be true. But social justice mantras and disinformation have absolutely permeated democrat language and conversation. Gatekeeping media outlets like The New York Times, Vox, and The Atlantic have seen to this, as they flood democrat oriented web spaces with article after article of rant laden editorials presented as if they are factual journalism.

    Many of these articles are written more like personal biographical accounts and anecdotal tales; each leftist writer clamoring to become the next Steinbeck rather than an objective investigator of facts.  True journalism is now dead in the mainstream – hot garbage factories like The New York Times and Vox killed it and replaced it with a Roman bathhouse of narcissism and iniquity.

    The only job of these outlets now is to continue fueling leftist faith. Colleges made them zealots; insane devotees of the cult, but the media keeps them on the path and ensures they do not stray. But what beliefs define this religion beyond vague notions of “social justice”?  Let’s examine a few…

    Burn It All Down?

    While the Molotov cocktail was actually invented (or at least popularized) by the Finnish during the Winter War to help stop a massive communist invasion from the Soviet Union, it has now become a kind of symbol of communist rebellion in the West today. The Frankfurt School and Marxism, in general, teaches that existing systems are not changed diplomatically, but demolished violently through the exploitation of social conflicts. In traditional Marxism the idea was to use economic class conflict; to rally the lower classes to overthrow the upper classes. Cultural Marxism relies not just on economic disparities but also racial and political tensions to bring down a civilization.

    After the dust settles the socialists/communists seek to introduce their own “Utopian” system and take control as the nation lays weak and helpless in the midst of a complete breakdown.  When the existing system and government works in their favor and feeds their sense of public influence, leftists sing its praises. When it stops working 100% for them (even if only on the surface), they seek to tear it apart and remake it. These are the people you cannot play a game of chess with.  The moment they start losing they cry foul and dash the board to the ground in a rage.

    Everyone Is Born The Same?

    This notion is biologically absurd but it is gaining momentum in leftists movements.  Essentially, collectivists believe that all human beings are born as blank slates and that their entire personality is a product of their environment. While psychologists, anthropologists, and scientists from across the spectrum from Carl Jung to Joseph Campbell to Stephen Pinker have all shown extensive evidence of inborn psychological traits and inherent constructs within the human psyche, this evidence is utterly ignored by leftists as it runs counter to most of their fundamental assumptions.

    If everyone is born different, then fairness in society becomes subjective and inapplicable, and only accomplishment, hard work and merit can be trusted to determine what is “fair”.  If people’s characters are not necessarily ruled by their environment, then this means there is no point in creating a social Utopia to micro-manage every aspect of our lives. If psychopaths are not made but born, then the question of inherent evil becomes a possibility, and according to leftists, there is no such thing as evil people, only evil systems that spoil the minds of good people. If gender is inborn and the vast majority of people fall on one side or the other psychologically, not just biologically, then leftists can no longer claim that gender is a social construct that must be dismantled.

    The blank slate, or Tabula Rasa, is a key factor in the leftist religion that must be defended at all costs. Otherwise, half of their ideology falls apart.

    Everything Can And Should Be Fair?

    Anyone who has actually lived in the world for a while on their own knows full well that life is not designed to be fair. Some people are born with advantages while others are born with handicaps. Some advantages and disadvantages have to do with family and wealth, while others are simply genetic. There is nothing that can ever be done about this that would not devastate our species.  What leftists don’t seem to grasp is that perceived disadvantage is not always a bad thing.

    People who struggle and overcome life’s obstacles tend to be much wiser and more skilled than people who never had to put in the effort. Leftists want to take away all adversity, not in the name of equal opportunity, but in the name of equal outcome. In the process, they make all of society weaker, wimpier, less innovative and less productive. In a leftist world, humanity would have to create artificial “adversity camps” just to retain its survival instincts. But then, of course, those camps would eventually be put through the fairness filter as well…

    “Intellect” Is More Important Than Experience?

    Leftists worship intellect as a divine power. So much so that the notion of real-world experience rarely crosses their minds as important in making decisions or forming opinions. When social justice warriors talk of things like “racism”, most of them have never and probably will never experience or witness legitimate racism. They read about it in books and hear about it in lectures, but have no personal relationship to it. They believe it is rampant everywhere, around every corner and under every bed because they must. Their reality depends on blind faith that this is true.

    The idea of social inequality between men and women also relies on blind faith in misrepresented statistics and fraudulent accounts of crimes that were never committed. To this day these people still argue that the “gender wage gap” is a real thing despite the fact that it has been debunked endlessly. This behavior requires a cult-like devotion to fantasy. It is not normal or logical, it is extreme mental illness. If these people were to go into the working world and study real business models and talk to men and women who are not members of their own echo chamber, they would see through experience that their assumptions are wrong, but when intellectual notions outweigh first-hand observation there is no hope of this.

    Conservatives Are Evil Incarnate?

    I started writing this essay in part because I’ve noticed a steady stream of articles in mainstream media outlets posing as studies of “conservative extremists”. I figure, if they are going to analyze us inaccurately then we can do them one better and analyze them as accurately as possible. In reading some of these pieces I find that leftists have created their own language completely separate from the rest of the world and reality. That which they interpret as “racism”, or “misogyny”, or “fascism” does not fit the textbook definition of said labels. They have developed their own bewildering vocabulary filled with made-up words and illogical concepts to describe the world in a way that fits their desires and supports their accusations.

    Conservatives don’t live in this world and frankly, we don’t ever want to. To them, we are heretics or barbarians. In their eyes, we are the dirty untouchables, the “deplorables”. We cannot be saved and should be destroyed. Zealots always seek to treat ideological outsiders as mortal enemies even when those individuals have done nothing to them. The fact is, most modern political crimes and genocides have been enacted in the name of socialist ideals; in the name of concepts, the left holds dear. We continue to suffer under these ideals in the name of globalism.

    How many people have suffered because of decentralization and individual rights?  not many, if any.  How many people have been exterminated in the name of the non-aggression principle? Answer:  Zero.  Conservatives are certainly not evil, or extreme. But in the twilight zone of leftist thought, we are the monsters.

    This is why leftist behavior is becoming so incomprehensible.  Corporate behemoths like Sony, Disney, Netflix, Facebook, Google, etc. have chosen to force feed the public social justice ideology, and have placed their business at risk because less and less people are buying the religion they are selling.  The same is true with companies like Gillette or Starbucks, which are willing to insult their own customer base and sabotage themselves just to preach the social justice gospel.  Why would they do this?  Because they see conservatives as a demonic force that must be erased from civilized society.  We are not even allowed to be heard, otherwise, the evil magic of our arguments will mesmerize the masses and turn them away from the light of cultural Marxism.

    Another more covert reason is that through the use of popular media and corporate influence globalists are able to exploit the useful idiots on the left and manipulate them into acting even more absurd than they already do.  And, by extension, they hope to terrify conservatives into throwing out the Constitution and going full fascist as a defensive response.  They are absolutely willing to bring down entire corporate structures to make this possible.  They are going for broke.

    The Leftist Gods

    The social justice embrace of Atheism seems to have left them feeling unfulfilled as their explanations of existence do not satisfy the innate human relationship to the metaphysical. As a result, the leftist cult is always seeking out gods these days, with all-encompassing government filling in as a proxy for now. The next deity of the left is clearly nature, or “mother earth”, as this god satisfies their need for a vengeful and omnipotent force.

    Many leftists desperately desire a kind of apocalypse, but an apocalypse on their terms. The globalists are giving them one, or at least a farcical version called “climate change”, in which mankind angers nature with his production and progress, but is smote down with catastrophe while the devout leftists watch on in their purity saying “We tried to warn you, but you would not repent…” This is of course fiction, based on junk science funded by organizations with agendas to undermine real science and common sense.

    The solution to this apocalypse coincidentally always ends up being more government, more control over human trade and progress, population reduction, and perhaps even global governance of every aspect of life. Otherwise, we might incur the wrath of the great leftist war god of destruction – carbon fed global warming. In the minds of leftists that will be the moment when we will all understand that they were the sane ones, that their cult was right all along, and we will come to them willingly, prostrating ourselves before their mighty intellectual superiority.

    It is this type of ignorant thinking that makes the left an easily exploited tool for the powers that be. It is also the source of calamity throughout the ages.  Attempting to appeal to these people’s better nature is not going to help us as they are too far lost in their own dimension, and neither would using big government as a weapon against them.  It is quite a conundrum.



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      1. The left and the establishment are my enemies. I wish them dead just like they do me. We’ll all come together one day and fight and we’ll see what the outcome will be.

      2. This guy was good when he kept to what’s happening! Now he fancies him a philosofer! He’s just a stupid American, though l expected more from him.

      3. You forget, there is Evil. Communism is Evil. Communism ALWAYS ends with Genocide of mass populations. Food is a weapon, Famine/starvation are often a tool Communist use.

        There are no “Leftist”, they are NWO COMMUNIST with a gentler name.

        The Tech Monoploy Tyrant control freaks are delusional. They are on a power trip that the US government ALLOWS. The government ALLOWS the Tech Monopoly to Censor any non NWO communist.

        AI-Robotics-Weather Modification-Vaccines-Facial Recognition-Immigrants with terrible disease like Ebola ALLOWED to INVADE USA-5g cooking your insides-Total control grid matrix “China style” EVERYWHERE.
        Those are some of the weapons US government ALLOWS to be used on you.

        NO ONE IS WATCHING YOUR BACK. NO ONE. You are on your own. The BEAST System is HERE NOW.

        Jesus is your only hope. Black rifles and horded food stores will not save you. Jesus is your Salvation. Form community and resist the EVIL. EVIL is the new “normal”.

      4. Menzo, agreed. I believe we’ll win because the libturds don’t have the numbers on their side. We are also the most heavily armed civilian population on the planet. The left doesn’t stand a chance against us.

      5. The guy should better start a religious cult ! He is mostly right except he’s got his personal idiosincrasy: the left!

      6. I don’t usually agree with the author, but this time I think he might be in the ballpark. There has been a world wide Communist movement since 1917 when Russia fell. We in America fought them in Korea and Vietnam, but have be infiltrated ourselves. How do I know so much? My very Father was a member of the Communist Party.
        Iran is a puppet of Russia and they have military militias all over the world including close/inside of the U.S.
        War, Civil or otherwise , is coming as The Red Beast of Revelation will be against U.S.

        Look at what the Left stands for, all of it is pure evil.

        • If you associate the 7 heads with 7 continents, and the Club of Rome’s 10 bio-regions with the 10 horns, #1,2,3, are N. America. W. EU, and the island of Japan.

          As the prophecy is worded, some little horn displaces the first three.

          There is an EU recommendation #666, pertaining to the Mediterranean neighborhood. An animal rights clause would cause oblations to cease, within the 1260 days predicted.

        • Socialism, the state ownership of the means of production ended in Russia with the dissolving of the Soviet Union. Communism the theoretical end result culminating in a classless society never resulted. If anything Russia has developed an “oligarch class” quite similar to the robber Barrons of the late 19th century in the US. Nations have varying degrees of totalitarianism but the exportation of “communism” (from them according to their needs to them according to their needs) is a dead issue. Even China, the quasi last bastion “communism” obtains its wealth from capitalism. They are overtaking Africa with capitalism not arming local guerrillas to overthrow capitalist governments with communism.

          • “From each according to his ability to each according to his need” – Karl Marx, 1875

            This concept has never worked, nor will it except on a fully voluntary basis such as in intentional communities of people.

            For example, in Acts 4 and 5, the early Christians practiced a communal economic life for a period of time (years ?) before they were scattered by persecution.

            Most modern, voluntary Communal experiments have faded away in the second generation.

            In Western culture, the individualistic nature of our people makes it unlikely to ever work imposed from the Gov in a top down fashion.

            Disaster of titanic proportions would likely be necessary (and may happen) before we would be likely to engage in that kind of economics, and then only temporarily until our survival seemed more assured.


            • bb in Ga

              Socialism as defined by the government ownership of the means of production is effectively dead but the capitalistic welfare state is on the rise. Interestingly it’s not a threat to business because the government is a major customer and pays its bills. Obama Care? An absolute windfall for the insurance industry. Welfare? No problem, poor kids now have funds for junk food, Kraft loves it. College education for illegal immigrants? No problem the Universities are keeping the rewards. Think of it as the Military Industrial Complex in every sector just waiting for the windfall. The thing that makes it all possible is Fiat Currency.

              • K2

                You are absolutely right.

                However, I don’t think that Welfare Capitalism is sustainable when you have ‘System Workers’ even with the help of fiat currency.

                The Scandinavian Model has worked because the population is/was homogeneous and they shared values of hard work, honesty, etc. etc. and were willing to pay the Tax Bill associated with the benefits.

                Not so much now with the M.E. ‘migrants’ who have no scruples about ripping the System.

                They will burn it down. It is unsustainable from the delivery of service end

                If we try it here, our people plus our ‘migrants’ will burn it down too.


                • bb in Ga

                  Everything self destructs sooner or later; the worse the system the swifter it occurs. Unregulated capitalism eats itself up. Socialism stifles productivity and ingenuity. Technology, too much, too fast displaces too much labor. The one constant is change.

                • bb: So True!

            • Book of Acts socialism was a template for a persecuted church only. We have a template to fall back on. It’s really tribalism rather than socialism. When Christians are under persecution, we have the template in the book of Acts to fall back on. It wasn’t an experiment, but a template for emergencies only. Christians around Jerusalem at the time were locked out economically and turned to themselves to survive.

              The Bible appeals to a capitalist mindset. Freedom, and voluntary association is emphasized. God put in us a “What’s in it for me?” mindset and appeals to us accordingly. He reasons with us. A whole book, the Bible, over 1,000 pages, appears as an example of this.

          • Kevin, I saw a video by a white African. The communists train black South Africans so they can assault white African farmers and steal the farm. It is a type of gorilla warfare. I mean guerrilla. Spelling is not my strong point.


            • Honeypot

              Tribal warfare. Communism is lacking in state support since both the collapse of the USSR and China absorbing much of capitalism. Chinese corporations, a capitalistic hybrid would be the owners of those farms. The sales pitch is no longer given. The fight is for capitalistic global resources for profit. China is employing capitalistic tactics of loaning African nations lots of money (effectively bribery), they cannot repay and China gets to take resources through mineral rights as collateral. Give ya three guesses where they learned this and the first two don’t count.

            • Same smell

            • The old colonists had material and financial support, and so do the new colonists. It’s not just ‘gorilla’ warfare.

      7. If you can justify picking and choosing through the Bill Of Rights, if you believe those that disagree with you should be silenced, if you believe in an interventionist foreign policy backed up by force and the domestic use of force to enforce malum prohibitum then you don’t believe in freedom. Freedom is messy, freedom tolerates others to do what they desire as long as it doesn’t tangibly negatively effect you. Freedom doesn’t necessarily promote benefits other than freedom as individual choices are sometimes good, sometimes bad.

      8. Could have just summed up the entire article with, “The Lefties are full of Sh!t. – Put on ignore.”

      9. US Soldiers must stop killing civilians. If US soldiers must kill, then make them target politicians and corporations only.

        Big pharma/banksters/worldwide-resource-plunderers don’t like a foreign government? Well then eliminate it, but use your own employees — not the US military personnel and resources…. but only kill and destroy the foreign government, do it big time, all in one swoop!

        I think “tit for tat” is fair when it comes to killing or even harming any civilian. Shit rolls uphill, the commander in chief all the way down deserve /death/ for the endless unlawful killing of civilians.

        US military is for the defense of the USA, banksters and bigoil wants to assrape the resources from a shitcan nation make them use their own employees to kill, not our US military.

        A citizen living in a garbage dump is of equal value to the President, Pelosi, or anyone! When will they start treating all human life with equal respect [rhet.]

        • Bert, I am so old that I remember when Americans were outraged by the shedding of innocent blood. Today’s US military and Big Abortion are arguably Satan’s greatest tools. Both are testimony to a fallen nation.

          ‘Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.’ Proverbs 16:18

      10. Gaelic Irish saying: “Tiocfaidh Ar La”!, “Our Day Will Come”!
        And when it does, the left will have vanished, and died.

      11. The author took an awfully long time to say what is true, most people are just plain stupid.
        ” If God did not want them sheared, he would not have made them sheep”. Pretty profound for a movie line.
        Governments and Globalists are bandits.
        We Conservatives/libertarians are metaphors for the the seven Samurai.
        Unlike the movies our “village” is too stupid to ask for help or realize they are being shorn. We must bide our time and prepare for the time when the government and Globalists come for us. In the mean time stand aside and watch the carnage they are causing.

        • You’re not preparing the peasantry for an uprising, who, in our case, does not have simple life skills on a hand-to-mouth level.

          Ask ours where a bowl of rice and a cup of tea comes from, and they’ll usually try to blackball you.

        • Relik, I get what you are saying about ‘seven Samurai’. Our Founders did too. They called them the ‘militia’. Half of the country call themselves conservatives. America is being invaded, overrun and plundered by barbarians. How many ‘conservatives’ have suggested the use of our ‘militia’?

          ‘Conservatives’ have long abandoned conservative principles. Today ‘Conservative’ is simply a fancy name for ‘Republican’.

          Americans enjoyed their greatest Liberty before the creation of the US Constitution, federal government, and political parties. All three need to go.

      12. The rightist cult accepts all comers, all races and religions, so long as Caesar’s bust is highest in the pantheon of idols.

        • You’d be talking about Neo-Cons. I’m a rightist and I would never agree to a caesar cult. You’ve made your point that youre probably an anarchist. I’m okay with that, I’m not judging you.

          I want a government that’s above anarcho-warlord somalia level and where freedom abounds. The Right created this country 243 years ago, it just went off the rails by letting leftists have a say. The left does not allow reciprocal freedom in their own paradigm.

          We should have banned Socialists and Marxists from participating in a Democracy that they themselves would overthrow. It’s like sheep inviting wolves to vote on the menu for dinner.

          It should be considered “Treason” to ‘Transform America’. At least half of Americans will disagree to it, and it would rip the country apart. Secessions is the only way. We’ve got to get away from those Devils.

      13. Pedantism, fwiw, is a false alternative to nihlism. Either are just as catastrophic to moral free agency and the fruits of your labor.

      14. Off topic:

        Baby formula is a sugar laden unhealthy food substitute that should never replace the real thing.

        That said, dried baby formula should be in every prepper’s pantry, in an emergency it could be invaluable, and it is a great barter item.


        • h ttps://

          It doesn’t personally offend me, that dry milk, milks, shakes, and suchlike would be added to a person’s diet, being that I personally eat alot of what just so happens to healthfood, for the novelty or variety.

          I don’t personally understand why babies are not weaned directly onto solid food, unless there is some medical difficulty. It seems to be most practical to be able to eat alot of different kinds of things during an emergency, to suit whatever is available.

          • My Daughter, was allergic to formula and milk.
            The doctor had us feed her beer, while transitioning
            to the “solid food” being oatmeal and Gerbers crap.
            Raising kids is a real eye opener. Ever had a drunk
            2 month old kid? They sleep good.
            If you are wondering she turned out just fine, she’ll
            be 45 this year.

            • Rellik, if my doctor told me to give my 2 month old “beer”, I’d find another doctor.

              Glad your kid turned out OK in spite of the beer.

              I had a friend who was an alcoholic. At his mother’s funeral he told me she put beer in his bottle. He never stopped craving it.

              I guess, “One man’s bread is another man’s poison.”


            • ‘The doctor had us feed her beer…’
              For the acidophilus?

      15. Interesting how these libertarian guys promote the kibutz! Yes, because the stupid don’t even know that this is just another jewish ‘ism’ like all the others and the ‘Austrian School of Economics’, le libertarian reference, was just two jewish guys! Go listen to ‘no school’ Brandon now! 😀

      16. Sa ma pupati in cur, jidanilor! Asta o sa publicati, cacatilor?

      17. Why my comments are not offered to the peple to read, you liberty obsessed liars!?

      18. Some good points in the article and comments made here to support conservatism. People work hard over their lives to build what they have. The problem has become that there is only so much to go around in the present day capitalistic system. Those with the most only want more as evidenced by the hyper growing divide between the haves and have nots. Greed has killed justice and equality.

        • aljamo

          “The problem has become that there is only so much to go around in the present day capitalistic system.”

          Capitalism is not a zero sum game. Entire “industries” that create wealth are born out of capitalism; Silicon Valley is one example. Capitalism however is globally predatory looking for both lowest cost of manufacture and highest market for sale. Government is supposed to sufficiently regulate their worst while not unnecessarily interfering with their productive creative best. Government agents (politicians and bureaucrats) corruption both ethical and sometimes downright illegal coupled with an insouciant body politic showing more interest in “food and circus” than watching the governors is where the problem lay. It’s recurring and likely as old as both wealth and government.

          • Under Communism, all wealth trickles down to cronies, first, from a state lending monopoly.

            How does capital work, again?

            • If I said that some country was a ‘democratic republic’, would it be a communist or capitalist system of govt?

              • The title of a nation often hides the reality. Actually this applies to almost everything; new and improved usually isn’t. Regardless I don’t believe that there is a nation on the earth who’s citizenry control their government as advertised.

      19. Be prepared to resist seizure of your assets (more taxes) to pay for reparations. Will you sit at home and suck on it or go into the streets ? I wonder.

        USA has NO Border Security.
        As expected your savior Trump, folded on Ice Raids.
        No Consequences. This is how foriegn invaders, gang members, drug cartel members, drug runners, are treated. No consequence.

        How are tax payer Americans treated?:
        I HAVE BEEN ATTACKED by Police. Beaten, bruised, nearly murdered by Police. Witnessed the Police murdering multiple people while in custody.
        What was my crime? A minor traffic violation. A minor traffic violation that was dropped by the city once I retained an attorney. I spent over $1000 for an attorney to fight a $75 traffic ticket that was dropped by city.
        Why spend $1000 for attorney? Because Police beat, bruised, attacked, arrested me for NO VIABLE reason except they wanted to instill fear, extract/extort, money from me. Police are THUGS. Police are Violent MURDERING thugs.

        I WILL ALWAYS FIGHT EVERY TICKET with a lawyer. I will never give any city, state, a free reign to unjustly extract, rob, steal, beat, bruise, me. I will spend any funds necessary for lawyer. I have plenty of money because I work hard long hours. The thugs in Police uniforms will not be successful to instill fear. They have instilled RESOLVE.

        One traffic ticket in 20 years, no other law problems. Police beat, bruise, arrest, nearly murdered me. This is how American vets are treated.
        Watch the video from Arizona where a child shoplifted a toy at Dollar store, and you have a MINOR idea of how I was treated by the thugs in uniform called Police. the thugs in uniform are out of control.

        You Trump supporters and Police boot lickers are DELUSIONAL.

        Comments that tell truth seldom allowed.

      21. Kudos to the author. I’ve been blogging this, globalism and Leftism as a religion for years. People are finally getting it. This is why the leftists are so adamant and vociferous and unrelenting. They will never stop until they enslave us.

        They’ve been pursueded that their very futures and existence are at stake. It’s existential meltdowns we are looking at when they explode. They view us as blocking them from Nirvana/Utopia/Paradise. You can read their blogs WHERE THEY SAY: “If only those old white people didn’t exist..”

        Let me tell all f you, this thinking leads ultimately to snuffing us out, genocide. All Socialist/Marxist muder at industrial/exponential rates. They eliminate/Liquidate all who oppose them and Christianity, because there is no room for both them and us, their viewpoint. We are too goody-two-shoes to do to them what they plan on doing to us. Truth. The’ve already telegraphed everything they’re going to do to us. Are we gonna lay down in the snow and go to sleep? Truth.

        When Lenin and Stalin and Trotsky and Pol Pot we’re only nerdy Socialists, before they came to power, people thought they were just wierd nerds. Then.. they became mass murderers.

        They’re coming… bet on it.

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