Americans Are CONSTANTLY BOMBARDED With Propaganda

by | Sep 16, 2020 | Experts, Headline News | 6 comments

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    It’s been often said that people were shocked as they watched Nazi Germany descend into complete fascism without anyone putting up a fight, and now, we are watching Americans do the same thing. It has a lot to do with the constant brainwashing and propaganda bein shoved on people all day, every day, manipulating them into being compliant with anything government commands.

    Since the fear-mongering of COVID-19 started, there has been non-stop “beast mode” propaganda everywhere. There are media puppets actively pushing Big Pharma’s drugs and trying to convince everyone to take the coronavirus vaccine. This goes for all media outlets. It is becoming too obvious to ignore unless you’re willfully trying.

    Trigger warning: this video calls out right-wing propaganda pushing for the vaccine. If you dislike hearing the truth about the left vs. right paradigm lie, you may not want to watch.

    It shouldn’t matter “which side” is saying you should take the vaccine. The fact is, everyone in media, politics, and big Pharma, want you vaccinated. This should be a massive red flag.  “The bottom line, and the tenor of this whole thin, is that they want to convey to you that if you question this, if you question Big Pharma, if you question the biotechs, if you question the Gill Bates of the world, if you question science and all the experts they roll out, and especially if you question politicians…then we can’t have any of this critical thinking stuff.”

    Ivanka Trump Says She’ll “Take The Vaccine” on The View

    These talking heads in media actually want to believe that if you don’t take the vaccine, you’re a democrat suffering from “Trump derangement syndrome.”  Is it starting to make sense of how the media plays both sides in this illusion? The left vs. right paradigm is nothing more than theatre designed to distract you.  This segment was set up to play Trump supporters, and brainwash them into getting the vaccine.

    Why The Federal Reserve Chose Trump Over Hillary In 2016

    Truth is treason in the empire of lies, and we have reached a point where we have some critical decisions to make. We can go the way of the New World Order and just be docile slaves forever, or we can wake up and live as free and sovereign human beings we were meant to be. The choice is ours.


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      1. Those pushing for the vaccine are quacks, charlatans, and snake oil sales men, in fact, that basically sums up the AMA and big pharma.

        That has been my unfortunate personal experience over a life time, as well as my family’s.

        Andrea Iravani

      2. The propaganda is noise and is necessary to mask what is really going on: endless money printing until AI kicks in and takes over everything.

        And people think the system isn’t nice now, or that white people aren’t respectful enough of black people, trust me, AI will just look at evidence and act accordingly. You don’t have to put any historical data into an AI for it to quickly conclude the threat assessment on black people and what should happen to them. An AI will push hard for blacks to be even more compartmentalised and reduced in numbers. It will make a calculation on levels of violence and low levels of public utility and remove those humans who are useless.

        Now, of course, AI is not going to be starting from a blank slate. The AI will have heavy historical data inputs, heavy Chinese influence. And none of that is “pro-black”.

        The Chinese are pretty harsh with their non-Han minority groups and those people are Asian; imagine what they will do with black folks who are aggressive, violent, badly behaved, low IQ, and complain about the ‘China man’?

        The AI WILL assess human beauty and this is also another area that is not going to be she-boon/obesity friendly. Over the next decade AI is the Big Thing just as the internet and cell phones were for the past 20 years. AI is going to parse obese she boons and then compare them to Claudia Schifferman, Karli Kloss, Scarlett Johannsson, Lucy Liu, the hot stuff from Mulan, Thai street walkers and it is going to say ‘delete’ to the gorillas in the Wallmart. Mark my words: it is ALL going to come true.

      3. Macgregor is correct as far as ending United Shithole of America troops in Germany. The Germans are full of shit! They demand that the United States protects them from Russia and China, yet also wants energy from Russia and 5-G and increased trade with China. Obviously they do not feel threatened by Russia or China. They are likely more threatened by other E.U. countries! What else is new?! The Germans are extremely sneaky people that speak out of both sides of their mouth, like the British and the French. All three of these countries are extremely manipulative and are extremely dangerous countries, much more so than many other countries, barring China, Israel, and Saudi Arabia. who they have now lobbied to replace the United Shithole of America as their bully. Let the Chinese do it. So sick of this! 

        As far as Macregor supporting moving U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, Macgregor is dead wrong, and his lack of understanding in international law regarding that is extremely concerning! 

        Andrea Iravani

      4. And more of it on this site too.

      5. COME ON PEOPLE! Enough with the fukking conspiracy bullsh*t please ! WTF is it with you wackos who got something against being vaccinated stop being d*ckheads and get the flu shot and the covid when it comes out it will save lives, bottom line vaccines save lives, polio and small pox were eradictaed almoat to extinction. mumps was almost gone until stupid parents decided, oh its not so bad let my kid get mumps then we got an epidemic because of these selfish Aholes. I honestly cannot understand why people are so fukking stupid! Just ….get the vaccine dont be a d*ck, thats my new slogan.

        • get the vaccine it’s like a d*ck in YOUR a*s

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