Why The Federal Reserve Chose Trump Over Hillary In 2016

by | Aug 29, 2020 | Forecasting, Headline News | 20 comments

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    Admittedly, this was difficult for me and many others to come to terms with. But we don’t choose the president, they are selected by the Federal Reserve, and there are reasons why Donald Trump was chosen over Hillary in 2016, and one that should be obvious by now.

    It does us no good to reject truth just because we don’t like it. Politicians are puppets to the central banks. The system is rigged, and there’s no way the Federal Reserve would have “allowed” Trump to win if they didn’t already know they could control him. Like it or not, he’s destroyed the dollar, which ironically, is the goal of the Federal Reserve since it was created over a century ago. Their goal is economic destruction so they can usher in a fully centralized slave system of an unbacked digital dollar.

    But that’s just one reason the Fed made sure Trump won. He wouldn’t have gotten the nomination if he wasn’t going to play into the hands of the Federal Reserve. Hillary would have done this as well, and maybe more effectively. But the real reason Trump won will likely trigger a lot of people:

    Trump won to pacify those getting upset with Barack Obama. This neutered any resistance to the Fed’s plans by making people believe that Trump was going to be their savior. Not many so-called Patriots are fighting the tyranny right now because they are waiting for the all mighty Trump to save them.

    Again, facts are facts even if you dislike them. And the fact is, this country is far more tyrannical under Trump than it ever was under Obama. Does that mean I support Obama? Nope. Does that mean I think Biden is better than Trump? Nope. Don’t put words in my mouth or make assumptions. It means the system is rigged and I am no longer participating in it as a pawn in the elitists’ games.

    A great video putting most of this together was done by Richie From Boston. If you get triggered by facts about the left/right paradigm easily, don’t watch this video. (It starts at 2:05 after Richie explains his giveaway.) If you want to know the truth, here it is:

    The evidence is there if you are willing to see it. Those still asleep may not wake up in time, however. Things are going to get ugly over this election, it’s already been promised to us by the elites.

    They have made sure that byTrump’s election in 2016, there’s no resistance to their plans because Trump is the one instituting the totalitarianism. Everyone who used to voice that they wanted real true freedom has silenced themselves since Trump’s election. That’s not a coincidence and not an accident.

    “In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” It’s extremely difficult to wake up and realize you have been lied to and manipulated for your entire life. But it’s imperative if you ever expect to experience freedom.


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      1. Is it that hard to say can you see the Mark of The Beast is
        The Mask
        Can you not buy with out it can you not sell with it out
        Is their more Fools then ever who wear a MASK everywhere a they Go as a sign They are all IN to accept the Mask as if it is the Way the truth and only those Americans who see an hear clearly laugh out loud AT THE MASK NAZIS

        • hey anonymous…..it’s not the mask…but the up coming vaxx’s
          I urge everyone to watch the movie Contagion….it’s so similar it’s scarry…..

      2. Hillary Clinton called Trump voters “deplorables”. Her depiction was correct, though probably not for the reasons she thinks. Too many delusional Trump supporters still believe that he’s the messiah who’s supposed to drain the swamp, fight the deep state and what not. People are desperate for a politician who identifies with them, who will work for them and Trump deceptively fulfilled that hopeless dream. They will vote for him again, apparently not realizing he hasn’t and won’t do all these things they expect him to do. But then again, they don’t realize either (as all voters in every country) that casting a ballot is an illusory and useless “democratic” exercise.

      3. I have to disagree with the notion that the Federal Reserve chose Donald Trump. The member banks CEOs as well as the chairs hate Donald Trump, and so did the last chair Stanley Fischer, apparently so much that he and his family fled the country and are living in Israel. Trump taxed carried interest and eliminated corporate income tax on large corporations. The Federal Reserve is very pro tax of most types that do not harm them because the more taxes that businesses or people pay, the more reliant they are on banks for credit. Even though Trump has continued pumping money over to
        The Wall Street Gang through the PPT and the Treasury Pentagon money laundering circuit and the bail outs for the
        Covid Act Of Fraud, it is never enough for the Federal Reserve and The Wall Street Gang. They are also pissed about Trump taxing Chinese imports. They oppose import taxes. That still doesn’t mean that it would be a good idea to vote for Trump or anyone else running in this election. They are all members of an organized crime ring involving hundreds or even thousands of criminal conspiracies.

        Andrea Iravani

      4. And then there is also the unwritten rule of president’s not commenting on Fed policy tnat Trump doesn’t give a shit about, and the fact that after meeting with Jeremy Powell Trump said that the Federal Reserve is full of a bunch of bone heads, and Stanley Fischer said that if Trump is re-elected, Jeremy Powell is going to tell Trump ” I Quit!”

        Elizabeth Warren is a very strong supporter of Fed Independence and has lashed out at Trump for criticizing the Federal Reserve. So have most of the house Dems, cause they care about the poor so much, and the Federal Reserve is really poor, so poor that they keep stealing trillions of dollars from the tax payers through the treasury and pentagon.

        Andrea Iravani

      5. We hold these truths to be self evident, that all politicians have been bought and sold to the highest bidder. That taxation without representation is fact, absolutely! That pure evil has organized itself in all forms of supposed authority, including but not limited to the executive, congressional and judicial branches, the intelligence and military, the religious and spiritual and of course the financial and technological.
        That any of you can still be in denial of these facts only reinforces the extent of the breadth and depth of our current tyranny. This appears to be the facts and the truth and no amount of denial shall change it, keep pretending the political savior is coming at your own demise!

      6. oh …so you are woke while the rest of us lay sleeping?

        or perhaps you are amongst the nefarious, deep state actors that will make any accusation to unseat this president.

      7. You’ve just triggered 1M trumptards and Qtards….but hey, it’s all about following the plan.

      8. So sick of the secret puppet master bullshit! More like secret briber! People are trying to say that the covid act of fraud is not Wall Street’s fault, but the Federal Reserve’s fault, but not really, because the Federal Reserve and government are controlled by secret puppet masters.
        It wasn’t Bonnie’s fault, it was Clyde’s fault. Seriously, it is both Wall Street’s and the Federal Reserve’s fault, as well as the government’s. Time to stop passing the buck. Controlled? More like bribed! If you can call being bribed being controlled then there may be a ring of truth to it. Even if we had a government greenback as opposed to a Federal Reserve note, Wall Street
        still engages in fraud as a business model. Lehman Brothers
        and AIG were guilty of highrolling gambling. The Federal
        Reserve, King Salman,  the Rockefellers, the Warburgs, or the
        Rothschilds did not force them into those bad bets. 

        Andrea Iravani

      9. Would we still have had the Covid Act of Fraud and FIRE economy if Trump was not president?

        Although this was planned by psychopaths starting with David Rockefeller in 2003, WHO and Bill Gates and Davos in Event 201, there have been attempts in the past to simulate these emergency pandemic scenarios with SARS, MERS, Swine Flu, and Avian Flu, all of which have failed.

        It is a well known fact that Trump is misophobic. Pressure was placed on Trump from hundreds of agencies and individuals over the coronavirus. Trump shut the Airports down and banned Chinese vistitation. Apple Stores and Starbucks shut their stores prior to any government shut downs at the Federal, State, or Local level.

        Opponents often harp on an individuals biggest weakness. This is a known fact. If Trump was not misophobic would his administration have proceded into prosecuting the individuals involved in this Act of Fraud that demanded that the economy totally shut down, schools shut down, courts shut down, government offices shut down, and then demand bail out money for locking down over an Act of Fraud coinciding with the oil market crash and the largest decline in Chinese GDP in modern history?

        We can really never know the answer to that. It was state and local governments that forced lock downs and shut downs. It was and is also many state and local governments fighting to prevent a return to normal all based on outright scientific fraud.

        Trump with his duty as president should be moving to prosecute this colossal organized crime ring. If Hillary Clinton happened to be president right now, my opinion would be the same.

        Andrea Iravani

      10. ‘Don’t put words in my mouth’… you put them by yourself.

        This is a very tricky way under the disguise of being objective to accuse and create doubts about Trump. Not bad, for one like you

      11. A Nation Of Heroes, talk about propaganda! More like a nation of Big Liars, Murders, Thieves, Fraudsters, Junk Scientists, Snake Oil Salesmen, Lunatics, Propagandists, Gas-Lighters, Psychopaths, Psy-Oppers, Mentally Incompetent Fools, and their Victims which does also include American citizens. If it makes you sick, that was their plan! Munchausen Syndrome and Superman Complex!

        Andrea Iravani

      12. I hear you and point taken. My perspective is slightly different. Yes Trump has indeed used many of the central powers that are on the books; now they have been used, people have seen them and been hurt by that, giving them standing to challenge things in the courts. He is repeatedly throwing the ball into the court of the people to effect repair.
        As far as the fed, yes, I do not understand all the money printing by this administration. How exactly can the fed be gotten rid of? And can it be done without crashing the dollar?
        Anyway, whatever comes, keep your eyes on God and don’t worry too much, He’s gotcha, lad.

      13. No doubt trump could be a manufactured crisis. No doubt he’s been the catalyst. The excuse. My problem with this ANALysis is it’s not about Trump. It’s about his rhetoric. His tweets. His words. It was up to America to demand it. We didn’t. He said we would drain the swamp. Then we watched the swamp get more powerful. He said he would fix Obamacare. We never asked about it again. He said he would go after Hillary. We let him go back on his word. America is to blame. We should have rioted. Protested. Called. Emailed. Demanded in any way possible what Trump talks about. America doesn’t. Americans sit on their fat cans and watch their country burn. The apathy is palatable. It’s disgusting. So don’t blame the Fed. Don’t blame Trump. Don’t blame anyone but yourself. You’ve allowed it. It’s your country. Stand and fight for it if sit down and STFU.

      14. The Author make BS claims then has no PROOF or evidence of a fricking thing to back up his claims. Like Richey from NJ (video) NEVER TRUMPER has an fricken clue.
        Another BS Article. Remember Trump Plays 5D chess.

      15. lets say this is true and that the president does not control america. lets for arguements sake say that all of these “forces” or peices have been put in place already. Lets say that every president before trump took each piece and put it into motion for this very exact time. lets say bush clinton or even i do not known… nixon (I am just grabbing names here) “job” was to put there particular piece into place, just for this time and these set of circumstances. now fast forward to 2020…

        1) If this upcoming election is not imortant than why is the MSM pushing biden and kamala so hard.

        by the arguement made in the video it is not the president that makes the decision it is fema and the federal agencies which do so.

        it is like fema decides we are going to arrest these people tonight (lets say antifa) and they goout and round up and arrest antifa.

        Now what power does the president have in this hypothetical situation? I will tell you at best the president in this situation will get to choose the color of the paint on the walls of the cell that the antifa will be housed in.

        If this were true why would two people fight so hard and spend tens of millions of there dollars to win an election that gives them nothing but a paper title? especially biden of all people!

        He has been in washington for so long now. he knows the way it goes and knows he will have no power. A weak case could be made thatin 2016 trmp had no idea that thigns in washington were run the way they were and he really believed that he would be in charge. I think his education is better than that though if the above were true.

        Now I am not saying that the above is all fake. I think it is true what they are saying but if you or even my 4 year old child gets a puzzle they can take the pieces and fit them together and get the picture that was intended or they could force and jam the pieces togehter and it will all fit together but it will look nothing like it was intended.

        Which one is true I do not know but I am just adding a new point of vew to the arguement

        Let me ask you this qquestion though..
        If the cell phone like we know them to be today, were around in the20s 30s 40s 50s and 60s woudlnt things be like they were today with all these opposing views….

        (and although it is conspireacy theory flavored, I am not clalling ti that. I am calliing it an opposing view point)

        Its the mark of the beast
        its the end of america
        its progress
        3 %ers

        Bottom line though, do I believe that all this was planned and there is a destiny preplanned for us. Yes. My belief is that Jesus is my Savior and that His plan will win out in the end.

        Just my thoughts

      16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvA4OXZZkik

        Was Donald Trump Recruited by Generals?
        This is a video by Deception Bytes for those new to Q. The video starts by reviewing findings by Dr. Jerome Corsi. Corsi reports that he was told by generals that Donald Trump was recruited by them to run for President. The Military was so disgusted by the treason taking place in the high levels of government, they were about to conduct a coup on the Obama Administration.

        When Trump agreed to run for President, the generals were willing to wait and remove the cabal through the election of Donald Trump. They agreed to protect DJT and thwart the rigging of the voting booths planned by the Deep State.

        Enjoy the video!


      17. Was Donald Trump Recruited by Generals?
        This is a video by Deception Bytes for those new to Q. The video starts by reviewing findings by Dr. Jerome Corsi. Corsi reports that he was told by generals that Donald Trump was recruited by them to run for President. The Military was so disgusted by the treason taking place in the high levels of government, they were about to conduct a coup on the Obama Administration.

        When Trump agreed to run for President, the generals were willing to wait and remove the cabal through the election of Donald Trump. They agreed to protect DJT and thwart the rigging of the voting booths planned by the Deep State.

        Enjoy the video!


      18. Dr. Jerome Corsi reports that he was told by generals that Donald Trump was recruited by them to run for President.  The Military was so disgusted by the treason taking place in the high levels of government, they were about to conduct a coup on the Obama Administration.

        Here is a link to a video that explains everything:


      19. Hey ! SHTF What a LOAD!

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