American Leaker Warns: The US Is ‘Close To Nuclear Armageddon’

by | Dec 19, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Headline News | 64 comments

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    Daniel Ellsberg, the man who leaked the Pentagon papers which exposed the government’s lies during the Vietnam war is vocalizing a warning. He says the United States is really close to a nuclear Armageddon.

    Ellsberg, now 86-years-old, leaked the Pentagon papers back in 1969 and he’s now got a new book out which serves a warning to those who care to listen. According to the Daily Mail, Ellsberg’s 7,000-page report was the WikiLeaks disclosure of its time, a sensational breach of government confidentiality that shook Richard Nixon’s presidency and prompted a Supreme Court fight that was supposed to advance press freedom.

    In his new book, The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner, Ellsberg details how easy nuclear bombs can be triggered and shot off on a false alarm – and that the president isn’t the only who can launch the nukes, as we are often told.  Low-level military commanders are capable of launching nuclear weapons too.

    All out-nuclear war — an irreversible, unprecedented and almost unimaginable calamity for civilization and most life on earth — has been, like the disasters of Chernobyl, Katrina, the Gulf oil spill, Fukushima Daiichi, and before these, World War I, a catastrophe waiting to happen, on a scale infinitely greater than any of these,” writes Ellsberg in his new book.

    Adding to fears of a nuclear armageddon is North Korea’s insistence on building a nuclear weapon.  This has created a mass panic in nations all around the globe.  Not to mention, last month, President Donald Trump put North Korea back on a list of state sponsors of terrorism, a designation that allows the US to impose more sanctions and risks inflaming tension over North Korea’s nuclear weapons and missile programs.

    North Korea then denounced Trump’s decision to relist it as a state sponsor of terrorism, calling the move a “serious provocation and violent infringement,” as the rogue nation sentenced the US president to death, saying he “hurt the dignity” of the “supreme leadership.” All of this is alarming, according to Ellsberg, who believes a nuclear war can be started simply by a false alarm.

    Nuclear bombs “are susceptible to being triggered on a false alarm, a terrorist action, unauthorized launch or a desperate decision to escalate,” Ellsberg wrote in his book. “They would kill billions of humans, perhaps ending complex life on earth. This is true even though the Cold War that rationalized their existence and hair-trigger status — and their supposed necessity to national security — ended 30 years ago.”

    Many US citizens falsely believe that only the US president, in this case, Donald Trump can order the use of nuclear weapons. But Trump isn’t the only military commander authorized to launch nuclear weapons, according to the New York Post. “There has to be a delegation of authority and capability to launch retaliatory strikes, not only to officials outside the Oval Office but outside Washington too,” Ellsberg wrote.

    Ellsberg says that the only way to avoid a nuclear holocaust is full disarmament by the United States and Russia. “The risk that one city will be destroyed by a single (perhaps terrorist) weapon in the next year or the next decade cannot, unfortunately, be reduced to zero,” Ellsberg writes. “But the danger of near-extinction of humanity — a continuous possibility for the past 65 years — can be reduced to zero by the dismantlement of most existing weapons in both the United States and Russia.”


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      1. I worry about Iran, Pakistan, china & north korea.
        These countries are the threat to world peace

        • Go back a few years and it was Libya, Iraq and before that Vietnam.

          What nations did Pakistan, China and North Korea invade in the last 60 years? Haven’t seen any of them anywhere close to our border but they can all wave to us from their’s.

          • Exactly! You can clearly think without the criminal MSM
            thinking for you. Ever notice that every illegal war the
            Rothschild owned US government starts is a “Good” war in
            the MSM’s eyes?

            • I’ve been noticing posters I don’t recognize too. I like to reply to them.

            • REALLY ?
              The MSM always is on the side of the government ?
              Only if the president is a democrat , look again .

              • hammerhead

                The MSM is ALWAYS on the side of the globalists who tend to control the government. Environment? Ship manufacturing to the developing world. War? From CNN through FOX they line up like soldiers at attention. No MSM source questions is there is real evidence of WMD in Iraq and GW Bush a Republican was CIC. None bring up ISIS creation in Libya.

                The MSM is not independent. They’re for all intent and purpose PRAVDA of USSR fame.

                • K2
                  While i agree the MSM is a globalist propaganda arm , i do see that they tend to support progressive democrats and throw any so called “republican” under the bus .
                  They have their agenda and follow it well . I get that, and they did question Bush on the WMD thing , tried to bury him over it.
                  Maybe he was wrong or right i dont know , but if that had been Bill Clinton or Barrack Obama they really would have been in lock step in support .
                  Ever see Matt Damon’s “green zone” movie ?
                  Its all about ” bush lied and people died” propaganda .
                  Just more leftist babble .
                  Just cant trust anything anymore , honestly.

                  • ???

                    • The MSM maintains the illusion that, “We The People” have some say. Tried to bury Bush regarding WMD? Nonsense. CNN through FOX moved lockstep towards war.

          • Didn’t China take over Tibet?

            • Yes, and North Korea invaded the south shortly after AFTER… the United States had pulled out ALL it’s troops in 1949 having set up a government after japanese troops had decimated the country following WWII. But as always leftists are allowed to mold, shape, and rewrite history claiming we were the aggressors, attacking the innocent North.


              Quote from link

              “On June 25, 1950, North Korea launched a full-scale invasion of the South after receiving the go-ahead from Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin. Until that point, the United States appeared disinclined to intervene. The year before it had removed its last remaining troops from Korea, and that January U.S. Secretary of State Dean Acheson had given a speech in which he excluded Korea from America’s defense perimeter.

          • I love magic and arbitrary lines and the dismissal of still current reality.

          • K2
            China= Tibet, northern part of Viet Nam and India.
            Pakistan= India (Kashmir)
            NK= SK (63 years ago)

            Just letting you know. Old FRIEND.

            • Start the US list with Central America (the banana wars) through Asia, (we largely left Africa for our friend and business associates the British), and the Middle East. Where we weren’t overtly we were covertly. Its against international law to stage revolution in a foreign country. The US does it, admits it and the UN, in reality a US/Globalist vassal does nothing, not a peep.

            • Sgt Dale

              You reminded me. Yes India about 1963, Tibet several and Vietnam 1979 (dispelling the domino theory). Pakistan and India continuous. Regardless compared to the US overtly and covertly they lag far behind.

          • To the author of this “report”;
            Sorry, dude. You can’t unring a bell. Nukes are here to stay.

          • The ironic thing was the Iraq invaded Iran and that resulted in around a million dead. A war indirectly sponsored by the biggest terrorists on the planet – the US.

        • weapons of mass destruction

        • I respect Putin for putting his own people first and for prepping big for WWIII. He’ll probably win and he deserves to cause he’s taking care of business and we are a bunch of fucking low T beta male faggots who cant fucking do anything right.

          God fucking damn the baby boomer morons.

        • I hear ya. this guy saying the only solution to nuclear war is “complete disarmament of the US and Russia” shows his out of date, old school cold war mentality. Many other nation states are nuclear capable and have no issue with selling/giving them to others acting in their interest.

          But hey, he released something 50 years ago! so he’s legit!

        • I see Ellsberg left out Ysrael. Funny that.. Let the world peace and love fiesta start with Ysrael cutting its nuclear nuts off and then I will buy Ellsberg’s book.

        • I worry about the US, UK and France as they are a nuclear threat to the world.

      2. always have been and always will be.

      3. “Low-level military commanders are capable of launching nuclear weapons too.”
        From my time in Strategic Air Command(SAC) I can tell you ALL nukes are fired at the discretion of low level military commanders.
        They receive coded orders, decide if they are valid, and then execute operations.
        The national command authority does not have a “button” that causes stuff to launch independently. A lot of people need to agree to launch weapons at Trumps level, they then need lower level officers to carryout those orders.
        Just two or three officers are needed to turn keys or flick switches to actually launch. Chances are they don’t even know what the targets are.

        • yep.

      4. “Ellsberg says that the only way to avoid a nuclear holocaust is full disarmament by the United States and Russia.”

        Better go to plan (B) if there is a plan (B) because this ain’t gonna happen. The reality is to date (can’t speak for tomorrow) nuclear weapons have done far more to keep the peace than any treaty ever signed. The thought of annihilation has a sobering effect on the sane.

        I’ve posted this before, it has avoided taught history but the world owes this man a huge debt of gratitude. There should be an international Vasili Arkhipov day where the world reflects where its been and where its going.

        h ttps://

        • ???

        • Kev, Pakistan vs. India is the concern. And no ocean dividing them, either. It’s use it or lose it with them. With Korea, the concern is if Li’l Kim thinks he is going down and has nothing to lose, will he launch? And in Iran, if those wanting to bring back the fake “hidden imam” don’t care; in fact, they want Armageddon because it will help bring this false imam back.

          And don’t forget Stanislav Petrov in addition to Arkhipov.

          There is something called “prevenient grace” in this world. Those are two examples.

      5. BS…..only the president can authorize the launching of any nuclear weapons. Those codes he carries around are the launch sequence codes, and MUST match the codes given to the triad commanders (minuteman III’s, SLBM’s, and Stategic bomber groups). Without those matching codes, its impossible to even start a launch sequence.
        Secondly, if US and Russia give up their nukes….what about China, Pakistan, NK, and probably Iran.? Now our enemies have them and we don’t? I can’t think of a more dangerous & unstable situation. Strategic Nuclear arsenals have kept war between superpowers at bay over 60 years.
        This article is humbug.!!!!!

      6. “Ellsberg says that the only way to avoid a nuclear holocaust is full disarmament by the United States and Russia.”


        How many countries have nukes & you want to disarm the 2 most rational of all of those who have them

        ellsBERG is a fool

        • Notice his last name – Person of his character makes sense he would want Russia & the U.S. to be fully disarmed of nuclear weapons.

          • Yep, just disarm the silverbergstien group and we CAN have peace!

            • After we bomm them into oblivion of course lol.

      7. I am NOT saying this is not a threat. However, there HAVE been a number of close calls before. This doesn’t mean we won’t see something tomorrow. On the other hand, it does show that there is a lot of restraint by people who might pull the trigger. One summary is here

        • This is just another place in history where the threat has risen to a place where people get worried .
          Its happened a few times , and cooler heads have always prevailed and as technology spreads more propaganda and fear , the threat is more perceived than real .
          This time more than ever .

          • Hammer. Well put. But there always are accidents, mis-calculations, and plain ol’ madmen. You are right, and will continue to be right, until you are wrong. Let’s hope that day is far, far off! I agree with you, and you always write good stuff… but while I hope and pray for you to be right, a modicum of preparedness is always helpful. Thanks again for you perspicacious post.

      8. All this talk of nuclear war, I tell ya’ll – Arm a geddon sick of it. It happens – we’ll all find out how we fared if we make through to the other side of the chaos, death and destruction. If we don’t – it’s been a good life.

      9. Only a demon controlled nation would use a nuke first strike. That would be the US, England or Israel.

        • Ill check back with you after some muzzloid group pops one off a few miles overhead the continent, see what ya think then

        • Let us see:
          US Federal Reserve owner: Rothschilds
          Bank of England owner: Rothschilds
          Israel: Funded by and created by: Rothschilds

          All 3 countries listed have nukes and would use them in
          an instant to protect not you, not me, but the global
          banker’s interests. All 3 countries are owned by the same family. The last patriot to stand up against them and represent the citizens was JFK….

      10. There is nothing we citizens can do about nukes anyway. north korea is getting nukes to prevent the USA from invading them. The USA needs to start minding its own business and leave other countries and nations alone. Because what we are now doing and have been doing since WWII isn’t working.

        • Bingo Old Guy.

        • Old Guy

          I agree with with your analysis with one caveat.

          “Because what we are now doing and have been doing since WWII isn’t working.”

          Actually its been working real well. The US public isn’t protesting the wars for Globalist Corporations thereby pressuring government from refraining such actions. The countries we worked over were left in ruin with dysfunctional government as planned. Iraq and Libya will accept the type of payment, US Dollars, without question. The problem is its all working too well which emboldens Uncle Sam to go to increasingly greater lengths for TPTB. This spells trouble.

          • Its not working for the USA citizens. Of course its the plan for some .

            • Thats correct. The globalist plan, and I hate to say this, has aided the world. The US at the expense of its own citizens has significantly increased the standard of living for the developing world. In the process its destroyed a few but aided far more. I consider this a by product not necessarily a goal of TPTB. I consider the Preamble of the US Constitution the “Mission Statement” for the US. Its clear, “…to ourselves and our Posterity…” who is meant to benefit; us.

      11. More Fear-Porn, etc, etc.

      12. Full disarmament… good luck getting Ch, an Ru in board. Actually they are rational actors. It’s the fringe wannabes that would touch off one of those..Totally out of touch.

      13. Ridiculous. The jinn is out of the bottle anyway. We need our nuclear submarines back. Deterrent keeps us alive. Only the globalists want all nuclear weapons gone. Then they can roll over us with tanks.

      14. He lost me when it was said he had a new book out. Whats gonna happen will happen. You won’t need a book to find it out. It will find you.

      15. Nuclear Armageddon’
        We been moving that way for almost 70+ years now.


        • Well I can’t wait forever so let’s get it on.

      16. There’s a state in the middle east that has a white flag with a blue star and two blue stripes- one above and one below the star — They will be the last man standing.
        They have ruled over us for close to 300 years and we never knew it until we saw our bank statements, lost our farms, stopped repairing our infrastructure, sucked into drugs and porn, busted up our families and divorced ourselves from religion and marital commitment, collapsed our education system, dismantled our military’s edge and sat watching pro sports without questioning our government.

        Barf our shit-stinking guts out just to make believe that it will all get better…
        DISMANTLE NUKES? Shit no! Let-em fly.

      17. So what’s new, nothing under the sun.

      18. After what i just read on our local news it cant happen soon enough or violent enough

        • I hope it happens sooner than later.
          The reset button is primed, no more mongers, just do it!

      19. And no mention of the criminal Khazarian Mafia in Israel and their 400+ nukes. Oh by the way, how’s the weather in Hafia?

      20. I so fuckin hope so. The sooner the better.
        Reset button… no matter the consequences.

      21. Revelation chapter 18. Any similarities? I won’t say.

      22. Sadely it is very likely. Just a year ago, we were commenting about Russia’s 40 million citizen nuclear bomb drill. And how putin was holding press confrences begging to be listened to. Nothing has changed. Russia and China don’t like the terms of the NWO, and the NWO is trying to force them. Unfortunately, we are the muscle for the NWO. NWO = deep state = elitists, satanists, and libtards who have no idea that New Mexico is a U.S. state.

      23. India has no need for nukes. Whenever my office eats curry on a Sunday the office is nuked on a Monday. The smell is far worse than a nuke.

      24. “But the danger of near-extinction of humanity — a continuous possibility for the past 65 years — can be reduced to zero by the dismantlement of most existing weapons in both the United States and Russia.”
        This is the same thinking that is trying to take my guns. BUZZ OFF!

      25. Male? Yes. Old? Yes. White? Yes. Deplorable? No. Privileged? No. Disgusted? Totally! If I’m killed in a nuclear war, I am going to be so p*ssed! Also, dead. Actually, I am more optimistic. Growing up when I did, I always thought there would be a nuclear war before 2000. We made it past then, maybe humanity will see 2100.

        • A fellow “duck and cover” 60s school kid.

      26. All the fucking baggage that goes with being a superpower.

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