American Dream Ends Abruptly: “Middle-Class Families No Longer the Majority”

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    Too many are losing too much too fast.

    A new study has found the American Dream dead, under apparent delusions of grandeur and with heavy traces of pharmaceuticals and dead tissue debt. Several large tumors were found inside, with the largest connected to student loan.

    A rapid decline in upward job opportunities and a contracting wealth gland stunted the Dream, and precluded the inevitable end. It seems that body’s metabolism simply could not keep up with the burden of so many adverse indicators, including decreased blood flow and metastatis throughout various parts of the body politic. Lethargy and idleness contributed towards a loss of strength. The rest was a consequence of chronic debilitation.

    Middle-class families, pillar of the American dream, are no longer in the majority, and it’s now official according to the Pew Research Center… Things have been on a downward slide since the deindustrialization of the 1970s, but things have now reached a point of no return.

    Via the LA TIMES:

    The nation’s middle class, long a pillar of the U.S. economy and foundation of the American dream, has shrunk to the point where it no longer constitutes the majority of the adult population, according to a new major study.

    The Pew Research Center report released Wednesday put in sharp relief the nation’s increasing income divide […]

    The tipping point for the middle class occurred over the last couple of years of the recovery from the Great Recession as the economy continued to reward highly educated workers, well-to-do investors and those with technical skills.

    Rapid growth of upper-income households, coupled with an increase in less-educated low earners, has driven the decline of the middle-income population to a hair below 50% of the total this year, Pew found. In 1971, the middle class accounted for 61% of the population, and it has been declining steadily since.


    Pew defined middle class as households earning two-thirds to twice the overall median income, after adjusting for household size. A family of three, for example, would be considered middle income if its total annual income ranged from about $42,000 to $126,000. Pew analyzed data from the Census Bureau and the Labor Department, as well as the Federal Reserve.

    Most Americans have traditionally identified themselves as middle class, even those at the top and bottom, reflecting a kind of cultural heritage tied to the American dream of self-reliance. But the Great Recession and subsequent slow recovery have shaken that image.

    A Gallup survey this spring showed that just 51% of U.S. adults considered themselves middle or upper middle class, with 48% saying they are part of the lower or working class. As recently as 2008, 63% of those polled by Gallup said they were middle class.

    With the relatively low thresh hold established for being counted as part of the middle class, it is staggering how many people no longer qualify. It shows just how many Americans are becoming poor or increasingly desperate to make ends meet.

    It is no surprise either that many Americans who officially qualify for the middle class feel that they are too insecure, financially, to belong to the well-adjusted norm of “middle class”:

    Elizbeth Espinoza and her husband, Carlos Arceo, both 38, fall squarely in the middle class, according to Pew. The Downey couple, who have two children, ages 4 and 6, gross about $110,000 between them, not counting benefits, such as healthcare insurance. By Pew’s definition, a household of four is in the middle tier if total income is $48,347 to $145,041.

    But Espinoza, who works as a student programming coordinator at the UCLA Labor Center, sees her family as barely straddling the middle class. The reason: high living costs, including $850 a month for child care and hefty student loan payments.

    “I’m on the border of middle class, and I feel this way because I feel like being part of the middle class means being comfortable financially, and I think we struggle with that,” Espinoza said. “When you look at that expense-to-income ratio, it’s just a lot more difficult to have that comfortableness.”

    This point is not lost on most Americans, but rather a difficulty that nearly everyone seems to be facing right now.

    Paying for necessities is becoming rapidly more expensive and costly in housing, food and goods – and that isn’t helping anyone back into the calm waters of a vibrant and healthy middle class.

    Instead, further trouble is ahead, and nearly any economic shock could force millions of families to come unglued and driven into desperation.

    Things have gone too far, and it won’t be good for the rich at the top of heap either when everything comes undone. We are facing an absolute disaster.

    Read more:

    Billionaire: “We Are Destroying the Middle Class. That’s What Keeps Me Awake at Night.”

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    What American Dream? “The Middle Class Is Dying And Poverty Is On The Rise”


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      1. yes george, MOST americans SLEPT through it.




          • Uuuuhhh, because they are owned by the fascist globalists maybe?

            • Because they are owned by the fascist globalists.

              • “Things have gone too far, and it won’t be good for the rich at the top of heap either when everything comes undone”

                The rich will just go suck some other country dry when their hose hits mud here. WE are the ones who can’t afford a chalet in the Alps or a bungalow somewhere else…or most likely can’t even afford a plane ticket out of here.

                We’re STUCK here to deal with the mess

                • Ahhh, but the best revenge will be for us to survive!

                  • Yes, it does.

                • Six pack. I am new here but you sound like a person who believes class warfare is good. Wealthy individuals did not cause our current problems. No need wish the wealthy ill will. Don’t buy Bernie sanders bullshit.

                  • I beg to differ. All the blame lies on the feet of wealthy individuals and companies.
                    Laws are never passed for the people. It is all about politics and who will make the money.

                    • And it’s always the insanely rich doing the pushing – who really NEEDS 700 TRILLION dollars? Really?

                      The only people who think they NEED to have THAT much are bored by their excessive wealth…NOW THEY WANT POWER, specifically, the power of life and death over the entire planet. They “need” that much for the sheer power that comes with it.

                      They’re fucking inbred psychopaths. They need to be wiped out and their assets returned to the people of the world from whom they stole it.

                      There would be no more poverty.

                  • Fp ~ I agree to a large extent. Let us not forget that while many people associate the term ‘wealthy’ with the sort of folks represented by the Duke brothers in the movie “Trading Places”, this could change pretty quickly.

                    The day may come when many of us commenting on this site are resentfully regarded as ‘fat cats’ simply because we have a home, a vehicle, enough food to eat.

                    Preppers are particularly susceptible to this because large stockpiles of food, fuel, clothing, medical supplies, etc –enough to sustain a family for a couple of years over a long-term crisis– will look like a huge mountain of riches to the millions of desperate people who are facing starvation in a SHTF situation. Most of the people commenting here could easily be branded as “rich bastards” and “selfish hoarders” who have an obligation to “share” –i.e., be forced to give up your property either through confiscation laws or maybe just turn it over to the hysterical mob at your door.

                    It’s easy to point angry fingers at those who have yachts and private jets and so forth. But we should all remember that it won’t take much to have the accusing fingers of others pointing at us.

                  • Since you’re “new here” then you don’t know that when I speak of “the rich”, I don’t mean the business owners or even the people with millions…I MEAN THE GLOBALIST ELITES WHO OWN/RUN/FACILITATE THE IMF AND WORLD BANKS. I mean Monsanto, Goldman-Sachs, BP, EXXON-Mobil and the other Bilderberg cronies who are tightening the noose on the collective neck of the world’s people.

                    I mean the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Warburgs and Soros. The NWO elites who are beholden to no country. The shadow government that has bought/bribed/blackmailed or killed every politician in the upper echelons of power. I mean all who do Satan’s bidding.

                    Does that clarify this for you??

                    • six ~ I was not aiming my remarks at you specifically; rather, they were intended as a commentary that a word like ‘rich’ can mean something very different depending on who is setting the definition, and under what circumstances.

                      However, it’s helpful to have the term defined by the person posting the initial statement in the thread. Thank you. BTW, how do you define ‘new’? I started reading this site at least a year before making my first post. I’m not sure where the cutoff is between being ‘new’ and being a ‘regular’.

            • F there PC family. . It’s culling time. No friends no family. The window won’t be open forever. It might be our last chance. What we do today will last one thousand years. Our short lives will be remembered if we act. Fear not the Titans . They are big mouth cowards. F them all.

          • Waiting for the SHTF event so I can fire up the BOV, drive just ahead of the golden horde, and live out of my BOB after arriving at my BOL.

            AE has THAT right, this is a downward spiral, punctuated by ‘events’. The USA is augering in. Flames and smoke at a time TBD.

            Hillary Clinton wears a see-thru nightie. NOW THERE’S a mental image you could all have done without!

            • in a sleepin’ bag with harry reid, ALSO naked….now THERE’s sumthin’ to try to unsee!(and probly HAS happened…..

            • funny…i remember seeing a picture of hillary in a swimsuit when she was pretty young….no comment other than that….except the DEVIL hisseff can be mighty tempting……

          • You know “Acid” …you’re a strange one, indeed!!!

            Your proclivity for posting valid –(yes, I said valid)– conservative thoughts & questions, per political, economic news / sit-reps, is to be commended…

            ..yet, your adherence to a sexually-depraved lifestyle and its avocation of such, is an awkward deviation of the norm here.

            Ditto,(conversely)…your postings of relevant gear & shtf-survival apparel, is worthy of consideration…as good advice..I’ll grant you others have already.

            But, at the end of the day..given that you recognize the ongoing collapse of Western Civilization, you must have at least considered the prospect/possibility..that some form of societal norm, will be established, at some future undefined date…and thus the question…????

            How will your “morals” fit/mesh…with what’s coming?


            ..think real hard ‘AE’ …as its very likely..that which emerges from the ashes of judeo-PC/banking/politics…will likely be so conservative…that it will be measured on the “Richter-scale”.

            –(see earthquake measurement for details)–

            ..good luck (grimace, while typing)..

            • Maybe you should be less concerned with acid’s issues and focus more on how to correctly write a comment, you sound like a damned fool trying to look like a half assed novel writer, try writing like a white man instead.

              • Hmmmmmmm…a bit touchy per the subject of homosexual depravity, Justice?

                Perhaps you should consult a shrink…its an illness, you know.

        • The “American Dream” died thanks to corporate greed, shipping manufacturing jobs overseas, and ending retirement/pension plans by replacing them with flawed 401k plans designed to enrich the banksters.

          Now it’s the “Amerikanistan nightmare”.

          • Nobama, I couldn’t have said it any better.

            • mite be a good time to post some old tips here…

              50 Ways to Utilize Paracord in a Survival Situation
              Bear bag
              Bow drill for fire starting
              Dental floss
              Dog collar
              Fish stringer
              Fishing line
              Hair tie
              Handle on an improvised weapon
              Key fob
              Pulley system
              Rappelling (Only in extreme emergency – not designed for this)
              Repairing broken equipment
              Repairing flip flops or sandals
              Repairing torn clothing
              Replacement drawstring for bags or clothing
              Replacement handle for bags or totes
              Replacement hardware for doors or drawers
              Replacement shoelaces
              Rifle sling
              Rope ladder
              Secure an animal by tying it to something
              Secure a tent or shelter
              Secure outdoor items during a windstorm
              Snowshoe assembly using branches and paracord
              Stitch a wound or repair tore clothing
              Stretcher for an injured or ill person
              Tie down items to a vehicle roof rack
              Tie on a splint
              Tie things to your belt or belt loops
              Tie up an intruder
              Tow rope
              Travois for hauling supplies
              Water filter
              Zipper pull

              • Funny you should mention that. I just bought a bunch more lol.

                • Regardless of how good we prep, or for what length of time, in the end if we can’t forage and live off the land, we’re dead. When this thing goes down, it’s going down for good. There will never be a better day once we go off the cliff.

              • here’s another good list of mistakes from back door survival, i THINK…READ ‘EM!

                11 Prepper Mistakes and Goofs

                1. Creating a 3 Day Kit and ignoring the long term
                The government, the media, and the Red Cross have been promoting the 3-day kit for so long that it is safe to say that the term “3 day kit” is now common vernacular. Not surprisingly, the 3-Day Kit has also become a marketing phenomena.

                The good news is that the more that people jump onto the 3 day kit bandwagon, the better for the rest of us. That is three days we will not have to reach out and help them.

                On the other hand, something as simple as a winter power outage can last far longer than three days. And a cyber-attack, pandemic, or earthquake? Two weeks, a month,or even a year of emergency supplies would be much better.

                2. Not knowing how to use your gear
                Who hasn’t been guilty of getting out that combination battery, wind-up, and solar emergency radioand forgetting to use it? (There is a little doo-dad inside of mine that has to be switched over to change modes.)

                Or how about the Sun Oven? If it sits in the box and never gets used, how will you know how to place it in the sun to cook your food or boil your water when the sun is the only source of power you have.

                Similarly, do you have copies of your gear manuals tucked away in case you need them? Storing them on a laptop or flash drive is a great idea but only if you have some way to power your devices when the grid goes down.

                3. Failing to learn how to cook using food storage items
                This is another way of saying “not knowing how to cook from scratch”. Most of us store bulk foods to supplement our freeze dried food. We would be broke if we didn’t.

                Do you know how to cook rice and beans? How about making a soup or stew without opening a single can? As you plan your food storage, keep your habits in mind and if you don’t already scratch cook, at least learn the basics.

                4. Having a comprehensive first aid kit but not knowing basic first aid skills
                Having a robust first aid kit (FAK) is a given as is having a supply of emergency medicines. But what about knowing CPR? Or cleaning and dressing an open wound that is bleeding profusely?

                Many communities offer free or low cost classes on first aid. Now might be a good time to check them out.

                5. Not keeping your set of emergency documents up to date
                This is probably one of the most common mistakes and is one that I am guilty of. It takes quite a bit of work to gather the documents, scan or copy them, and store them in your designated spot. In my case it is on a flash drive on my survival key ring.

                A good time to go through this process of updating might be the annual switch to daylight savings or whatever date you set aside to change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

                While you are at it, think about storing current pictures of family members and pets as well. You just never know when they will be needed to help locate loved ones following a disaster or disruptive event.

                6. Putting together plans to bug-out in the wilderness when, in fact, your bug-in plans are incomplete
                I have been known to get on my soapbox over this one but come on! Isn’t it plain old common sense to stay put in your own home if you can? That is where your food, water, and medical supplies are, along with emergency sanitation supplies, flashlights, clothing and almost everything else you might need.

                Sure, do make a contingency plan for evacuation purposes but do not ignore your bug in plan. Unless your home is not safe, plan to shelter in place at home rather than take your chances in the wilderness.

                7. Not inventorying your stuff!
                You are walking around the local outdoor emporium and see a fantastic deal on tactical knives. Great, you can never have too many knives. Unless, of course, you are spending money on your 5th knife but do not have a portable lantern.

                See what I mean? You should keep a list of what you have and what you need so you do not accidentally spend money where you do not need to do so.

                8. Storing all of your preps in one location
                This is tough for many especially if you only have one home and do not have close relatives or friends where you could stash some stuff. Still, see if you can put together a suitcase or duffle bag with some emergency items and store them at your office or at someone else’s home.

                Set up a barter: I will store yours if you will store mine. That sort of thing.

                If an alternate location is not practical, consider storing items at various locations around your home. Not everything needs to be on shelves in the basement. Spread things out so that if the basement gets flooded, you still have dry items in the upstairs bedroom. Use your imagination and don’t forget to do the very best you can to package everything so it is resistant to moisture and pests.

                9. Feeling smug in thinking your prepping journey is over
                I have been prepping for close to 6 years and believe me, there is still so much I want and need to do. Let me re-phrase that a bit. There is much that I want to refine and improve so I am better at this business of prepping.

                The risks you prepared for last year may not be the same risks you would prepare for today. You have done a personal risk assessment, right? If not, think about doing so now. While you are at it, be honest about your health, your finances, and your ability to get by for an extended period on your own.

                Let me break it to you. After doing a personal risk assessment, you will no longer feel smug.

                10. Throwing comfort to the wind
                There is no reason you need to treat prepping as your own personal reality show. In most cases, surviving with bare bone basics will not be necessary if you do a bit of advance planning. As you set things aside, consider basic comfort items such as flannel sheets, grooming supplies, and chocolate. Heck, even some M&Ms or hard candies will be unbelievably comforting following a disruptive event.

                11. Believing everything you read on the Internet
                Check your sources and use common sense. If something seems off, investigate before taking what you read at face value. That includes what your read here on this site. I do my best to be credible but honestly? Sometimes even I make mistakes and have to backtrack based on new research and knowledge.

                • BCOD, good post! A couple of things there I need to do. And make sure you have a distiller (for water of course).

                  • A couple of things I have found to be very good too are Shoe Goo or plumbers goop adhesives, JB Weld, super glue, you can fix all kinds of things with those. Good to have an assortment of hose clamps too. Keep your old hoses and belts from your car (if they aren’t broke) for emergency replacements. Synthetic motor oil is great for gunzz and about anything else. Keep your liberty tool sighted in especially if they have had any rough handling, you would not believe how many people think they are good to go only to find out at the range their tools are way off. Keep a credit card sized fresnel lens in your wallet or purse (works like reading glasses and can start a fire). Hard candy lasts forever and can give you much needed energy in an emergency. An old rag or 2 is good for reusable toilet paper or to help bandage up a wound. Bar soap is good and compact for many uses (keep it in a baggie). Baggies are a MUST have and they are cheap (get diff sizes) to keep your things organized and dry. Sunglasses and an extra pair of prescription glasses are a must also. Space blanket style sleeping bags are cheap and compact and could save your ass from freezing. Bic lighters (generic lighters suck)bite the bullet and get good lighters! A small watertight container with 35% gas and 65% diesel fuel for fire starting (it’s what we use to make backfires in firefighting). High volume smoke bomms (to signal help or escape aid). A bag of vaseline soaked cotton balls (fire starter). A lightweight poncho with hood. A large plastic sheet (painters drop cloth) for shelter and making a solar distiller etc. Thats it for now 🙂

                    • Keep your old hoses and belts from your car (if they aren’t broke) for emergency replacements.

                      Ladies–always have panty hose in the car to replace hoses and belts–yes, it works!!!

                    • Yes the adhesives, definitely, but duct tape, plumber’s tape and WD-40. as well as a little sewing machine oil are part of my preps too. It is simply amazing what can be done with a strip of that metal plumber’s tape (with the holes all the way down it’s length) and some duct tape.

                      I also keep lots of nails from 16d duplex on down to what some people call jewelry box nails and shoe tacks. I love bugle head drywall screws! Bolts and washers with the nuts to match. Clips, clamps and springs, these are things that I personally value enough to keep on hand.

                      …and a few hand tools to go with them doesn’t hurt – you can’t do EVERYTHING with a leatherman.

              • If you are using parachord as dental floss you must be from Arkansas and have some seriously gaped teeth.

                • evidently you know little about paracord, john. INSIDE of a length of it is i think 7 or 8 small strands…when you use it as shoe laces, you pull out the inside strands and just use the outside for shoes….and one of the seven SMALL pieces for floss..or sewing thread, or fishing line……BTW, it’s called 550 cord because….it’s strong enough to hold 550 pounds …google some of those uses on the list and probly find MANY more uses, and MORE info about the cord itself.

            • Brave and Nobama,
              I agree totally, sure looks like things are really starting to pick up speed moving towards the SHTF.

          • The sell out started long ago. Not much left to sell but privatizing schools, more jails, and ss.

            • Oh they are selling infrastructure and roads and mines and mineral rights and BLM land and water and gas rights and oil rights and ocean ports and old mil bases and whatever else they can sell. Bunch of fookin hoors!

              • Butt,good post/repost of items and uses.The best thing I see about 3 day kits and folks buying em(probably too much) is they are waking up to the fact that shit can happen,from there is not a hard stretch to have em prep more,made at least a partial mental jump that is the most important prep,we should all put up a good repost now and then to help folks,especially ones new to the idea of prepping as they can prep till the day it hits and also learn some skills for the what will be nasty days after.I really wanted to end with a shop worn prepping phrase but feel posters have been hit with it too much lately!

          • Yep, all those “lucky” Boomer with no real pensions and pitiful 401k accounts (if they even have one at all). Now they are facing retirement with little to show but a handful of bills and mortgage payments. Most will be working well past 65.

            Not sure what the ones with adult offspring living with the(and possibly depending on the parents) will do.

            Not such a wonderful world for them.

          • I often find myself filtering what I say; and reluctant to sign petitions or become socially involved. It doesn’t take much these days to be deemed some sort of threat to society; you could lose a business license, lose custody of your kids, or face civil forfeiture of your home.

            So, let’s not forget to add “constant surveillance”, and make that The Glorious People’s Republic of Amerikanistan.

      2. It was never the American dream, simply the Amerikan scheme.

        Same shit, new day.

        • As George Carlin said “It’s called the American Dream.
          ‘Cause ya gotta be asleep believe it”

          • ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ oh umm cough cough, What did you say? Oh more conspiracy crap geez, back to bed. (sarcasm)

      3. Pay check to pay check. Barely making rent and getting food on the table. No more cell phones. No more extras like eating out and movies. The belts have been tightened so much it’s about to snap. Any extra money I have goes to food prep/water. I’m lucky to get to do that much. Last vacation I took was in 2002. All of our savings has dried up. Best thing we can do is prepare, and get into our bible as much as possible, because I know without God, I’m not going to make it through this hell that’s here, and still coming.

        • “M”

          • Mountain,we all need to take a break/refresh the mental batteries.I do not do expensive vacations but take some time to hunt/fish/visit with friends/family.I also do all sorts of side things to make a few extra bucks like scrapping/rebuilding(usually a basic tuneup)old lawnmowers and other power gear being given away for a few bucks ect.I do not take a little time off would snap and probably be in the news!Hence,I take inexpensive time off as cheaper in the long run.

      4. and the american “dream” is going to be a nightmare for all of U.S….it ALREADY IS to many millions of americans. but when the bell finally rings, pretty much ALL will be screwed blue and tatooed too….or did i/we MISS the ringing of that bell? keep stackin’, and it looks like obammy’s college records have finally been released. by the time we get heavy into this there won’t be any more calls for impeachment, we will be too busy trying to stay alive, while they are up there in their ivory towers, looking down their noses at U.S….meanwhile, i’m partyin’ like it’s 2005!

        • you got a link to Obama’s released college records ?

          I would like to see those. I am quite sure he was pushed right through and probably every math or science class was a c at best. he talks really pretty until he has to think about something.

          • i been sayin’ for years that what obammy says makes a lot of sense, when you don’t stop and THINK about it.

          • i read on beforeitsnews this morning…a site that has a LOT of garbage, but some good stuff too…so just be watching for the story to see if it’s real…right now all i got is a story i gotta take with a grain of salt i gotta carry home in a wheelbarrow.

            • BCOD, be VERY CAREFUL with On occasion they’ll have a few decent articles at the most, but most of their articles are BS. That’s one of the sites I avoid.

          • Lena, he can speak only as long as his teleprompter is working. When it goes belly up, he’s totally lost.

          • I call BS on Obama’s grades being poor. He was hired at Sidley Austin a global law firm where I also worked. They don’t hire low grades of any color. They did get official transcripts. He was not “connected” either.

            • oh, he was “connected” alright!

              • No, he did not come from a wealthy family with “connection” like Bush did. He created connections through his career and his daughters will have “connection” like Chelsea Clinton. Even so, they are nouveau riche, you notice Chelsea is working for the parents not with their “connections”. I also worked at Fulbright, with many “connected” attorneys. Not the same same.

            • Oh, Rebecca; there are back door ways–no pun intended! 🙂

              • Back door ways? Snort. You either come from serious money or you earn your way. Those law firms work by connections, partners bring in big money. He and Michelle did not have those connections. They will now but neither are likely to go back to the law.

                • So what are you doing on a prepper site?

            • Obama aint no genius by any means lol.

              • Few attorneys in those firms are geniuses. They are connected through family or they work hard and make it happen. I worked in top international firms 30 years with these young attorneys. It is not like what you see on television and movies. It is mainly long hours, degradation, and boring. If you are connected, you make partner. If you aren’t you have to bring business the hard way. They hire a succession of bright young attorneys and burn them out with work. Maybe… maybe… one in a hundred makes partner. Most burn out in 1 to 3 years. A few manage 7 to 10 years. If they are useful but not partner material, they become Of Counsel… kiss of death but still employed. Intrigue? Some, but it doesn’t usually get them more than an extra year of grinding labor. Can they bring in business is about the only criteria. Humanity not required.

                • BTW, they hire some geniuses, few make partner because they tend to focus on the law more than client development. They always have a few geniuses around to work to death.

                  • Research Hobammy and his manly wifes Chicago Female lib dem jewish woman promoter of hobammys carrear and run for prez….Plus michelles cozy cushy $300,000 per year college admin position that prior to hobammy got selected as state senator in Ill….His manwife got paid 1/2 that…But was raised to aprox $300,000+ once he got in state senate….That jewish women was a billionaire and the richest or one of top few richest in all of Ill state.

                    Bottom line is Hobammy was chozen and groomed by mainly several top jewish orgs out of the over 300 such orgs nationwide to be first monkey to occupy whitehouse and destroy whiteys of usa.

                    The truth infos all out there…But wont be found at any msm type websites…Try Incogman dot net for starters!!!

                    A true wealth if documented proved infos galore on hobammys scams and hillerys scams and especially on the tribal swindlers and nation wreckers that funded hobammy and Now fund hillery and every main neocon prez runner.

                    • I just recalled that perhaps its not a college cushy job she had but rather may be a Hospital admin job??? Cannot be sure now from long past memoery of it all…One thing I am 100% certain of is that for certain Both Hobbamy’s had and still has tons of extra additional assistance from too many to count orgs and individuals whos main goal is destruction of whitey americans.

                      Plus hes the Most Uppity and Arrogant pavement ape we has ever yet seen…Makes sharpton and Jessie jackson seem like kindergarten amatures at best in that dept eh.

      5. The real depressing thing is everyone had one last chance. 2008 showed the entire country that the good times don’t last forever and they all had the past 6 years to get out of debts, save some rainy day funds and start budgeting but very few did and of course no govt did.

        i’m going to hate to see 2016 as it looks like it could make the 2008 recession look like a day in the park, but everyone had time to become responsible since then; the lot they are in now is mostly on them.

        • lena, yepper. Had no debt in 08 and have no debt now. People can save a lot of money by just making their own stuff. I make my own smokes, my own hooch, my own herbal suppliments, my own ammo, heat with free wood, small grid tie solar (power bill is around 40.00) for a 4 bedroom house, raised bed garden, fix my own vehicles, built an off grid cabin etc. Just by making my own smokes (1.00 a pack) saves a ton and hooch is cheap too. Ammo is like half what it cost for factory stuff and better too. Just a small 1kw grid tie solar setup will save you hundreds a year on power. I don’t have to do these things I just do it cause I like to save $$. Learn to wheel and deal stuff from craigslist for extra bux too. People like to pigeonhole themselves into thinking they can’t do these things but it’s easy.

          • Genius and Lena, I never had any debt even before we ever heard of a Barack Obama. Part of my spare cash goes toward preps and the rest I’m saving for some other items. No credit cards or loans for me ever. Being debt-free is awesome.

            • Braveheart. You are correct about debt to a degree. Credit cards, car loans and other depreciating or money sucking item or type of debt should be avoided. Leveraging money is a good idea. If you live in a recourse, house loans are riskier. If you are in a non recourse state, banks can only take the secured asset. If you put little down and can’t afford to pay, all you lose is your house and the (hopefully small) down payment. If you had done this type of debt you would own your house by now and have fewer expenses.

          • You are a genius for sure.
            I don’t smoke or drink hooch but I make a lot of herbal teas, cook from scratch, got a garden, chickens, almost no debt, and make lots of stuff like deodorant from herbs. I love being self sufficient just for the fun of doing things.
            If it weren’t for the concern of global meltdowns and fascist gunmen. .. I could call it quits with modern corporations and keep having fun. No muss no fuss. But the NWO can’t leave anyone alone.

            • Reb, An idea I came up with for deodorant that works better than ANYTHING is 3 parts baking soda and 1 part homemade colloidial silver. Apply with a cotton pad. This stuff will work on the most brutal BO lol. Cheap, easy, non toxic 🙂

          • Genius— say, do you write a blog? If so, please show us the link! I am hoping to read your monograph on aquaponics. (Or perhaps Mac could publish it here).

            • Boro, No I don’t have a blog but you can get lots of info on aquaponics on youtube or just google search it. Once you get the idea of how it works just fashion a system to fit your application. When you decide on which fish to use make sure you keep the water ph compatible with them.

              • Uh Genius,don’t you have your own chat room?!Noose over neck,standing on rickety stool,Warchild gonna kick one of them stools legs,sorry!I also roll me own smokes,but buy quality tobbaco so costs about 3 a pack,gave up the booze but had to draw a line somewhere!I will try again in Spring to grow me own,a friend does it in Me. and gets crop under roof hanging in 12 weeks from when sprouts planted,can be done in 4 season environments!

                • Dammit, lol I thought YOU were going to start a chat! As you remember I tried but it went Kaput. I get a pound of additive free tobacco at the reservation store for 12 bux and 200 tubes for 3 bux. A pound makes 2 cartons easily so I just do that rather than grow it. I should get some seeds however just in case.

        • 2015 aint over YET, lena!

      6. Necessities only….there is no money for goodies anymore. Check other countries to see if there is a better chance elsewhere. It isn’t here anymore.

        • Its not there either.

          This is the globalist plan to homogenize the standard of living across the globe as much as possible. If your at the bottom you rejoice because your getting a 100% raise. Of course that amounts to 50 more cents per hour. The respective civilian populations within the developed world had the ability, in the various democratic / republics, to thwart this at its inception. They were lulled into complacency with a higher standard of living than their productive capacity could afford. This was accomplished through the use of increasing debt to replace wealth creation which was transferred to the rejoicing 3rd (developing) world.

          Certain nations, such as those in northern Europe faired a bit better because of their manufacture of very high quality goods that did not establish itself in the newly industrialized developing nations. The movement of funds inherent in these dynamics created more ultra rich that could purchase these ultra high quality goods thus contributing to these nations ability to weather the economic storm. The US by and large a mass manufacturer got into a, “pissing contest with a skunk” post Free Trade. The rust belt is its legacy.

          • K2, The way I see it, when the discovery of oil and the industrial age hit they needed a lot of manpower to develop infrastructure and work in the factories etc. Now with technology all this manpower is no longer needed. The new economic model seems to be masses of cheap labor working in foriegn factories to make cheap shit to keep the rest of the world entertained. A service and consumer based economy that is self destructing because all they do is consume resources. I work with some gigantic mining equipment makers sometimes and they tell me how absolutely HUGE a lot of mines are (can be seen from space) going 24/7 to satisfy the demand of the no longer in demand consumers. The human population just keeps getting bigger and bigger doing nothing but depleting resources at an insane rate. Since people will not manage their own population something has to give. Either nature will take out the hordes (in a most horrible way) or man will do it there are no 2 ways about it. Simple math even a 5 year old can do. Until the oil age and industrial revolution the population seemed to be fairly contained, since then the population has exploded 4-5X and the depletion of resources has grown twice that rate at least. One way or another the shit WILL hit the fan…

        • TEXAS


        Now here is why. The Zombies and Leaches can’t take anymore from us, and the Rich can’t take anymore from us.

        Now you will see just how good they do their own. Where we the middle class can do for our self. We can grow a garden, hunt, fish, make a fire, get and clean water. We have the skills and they don’t, and if they do it is very limited!

        • We will overcome, We will survive, and We will live on!!!!

          Put your Faith in God, Family and Friends. We will get though this.


        • I agree with this. With few resources I am creating a nice life. I spent too much time in a high stress job making middle bucks. I like this self sufficiency play. Every time I spend money I ask how I could provide that for myself. I am still adding.

          • Reb, Thats exactly what I do too lol. I read the ingredients on suppliments and other things then order in bulk and make my own and save tons! If I can find used items in good shape I buy that instead. Yard sales are goldmines. Craigslist is great too. Repurposing items or make from scratch. It’s not only economical, it’s fun 🙂

      8. What we obviously need are more horrifically awful ‘free trade’ deals that will ship the few remaining American jobs to some new Third World shithole, so those extranational corporations can pay their executives a slightly larger bonus, and politicians larger bribes, for a few years before the entire house of cards inevitably collapses.

      9. What ever comes along in your life, make the best of it.

        We preppers will emerge in the end, cuz we prep…

        All be well…

        • I consider anyone a boyfriend to these PC cunts. A traitor who gets. executed on the spot.if you ball game watching faggots don’t like it f you. You are the problem. Go watch a ball game idiot..

        • Eppe, spot on. If you’re not prepping, then you’re inepting.

      10. What has the first lady ever done for the well being of conservatives?

      11. So people never clued in to the reason this was called a “dream”. We all know what dreams are; but for some reason the “American Dream” was going to be different? Wakey-wakey, it’s over.

        • Here’s a true American nightmare for any of you who are still running to the doc to get that “new vaccine” or are swallowing that new voodoo concoction from his bag of tricks….

          Quote from Bill Gates, Owner of Microsoft, Globalist, Member Bilderberg Group:

          “The world has 6.8 billion people…thats headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on NEW VACCINES, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10%-15%.”

          Do a little research on this asshole. He and his father have always been on the side of eliminating people from this earth. But of course, his philosophy does not include himself, family, or partners in his evil schemes.

          Research Club of the Isles and the Windsor family. The rabbit hole just gets deeper and darker.

          • “The world has 6.8 billion people…thats headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on NEW VACCINES, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10%-15%.”

            Right on Billy lol.

            • Unfortunately, Genius….Billy has no use for patriots/thinkers like you and I. We are considered a stumbling block to him and his NWO buddies..

              Only time will tell how they plan to eliminate us.

              • MMD, Ya thats the bad part for sure. I think the only way to get rid of a LOT of people will be war. Besides they love war and it fits in with their blood sacrifice luciferian shit. Interesting times my friend!

                • War and plagues. War for money and control and death. Plagues for death. Chinese curse: may you live in interesting times.

        • LOL… wakey wakey

      12. Pile up your silver and gold you greedy stupid bitch. Then you will have more to throw in the street.the culling is coming. Finally.

      13. Hey woman you are the traitors of our society. And payback is coming. And your husbans will not be able to defend you. And we can’t wait to butcher you. Have a nice day .

        • Can’t get laid lonesome? Take a bath.

      14. See all America has is a retail economy there is little if any manufacturing anymore. I peddle pallets of goods and materials around so I know what’s out there. Most shit comes in containers from China and gets distributed around to retail stores or online warehouses where orders are picked. There is still manufacturing but not like years ago. The China products are close to same quality nowadays as American really even Mexican goods have improved substantially. Went into a shipping dock the other day and they were stripping a container from over seas and there was a powder on the floor and you could see barefoot prints in the powder. People in China are working with no shoes on their feet. How do Americans compete with people not being provided shoes. My state used to be a textile industry powerhouse I even worked in that business in late 90s it was dying then and textile equipment was being crated to ship off to China. China is like one big labor camp. I’ve seen photos of women sitting in a hot room with a sewing machine and read they are forced to make those Disney clothes your kids are wearing for long hours. You can blame corporate greed for all of this. the work always goes where the cheapest labor is don’t believe me take a pay cut and watch the work orders pile up.

        • Asshat, yes it is corp. greed but ALSO the appetite of the braindead masses for the cheapest disposable shit and as much of it as they can get. Each hand washes the other in this insane gluttony for cheap crap and entertainment.

      15. What American Dream? The old dream of having a roof over your head, a job, a family, a dog, a car, one TV, a savings plan for the kids to go to college, and a telephone?

        Or is it the American Dream of having cell/smart phones for each family member, 3 or 4 TV’s with one in each bedroom with cable, 2-3 new cars, abortions on demand, divorces and marriages on demand, debt for this lifestyle living hand to mouth, a $400,000 home in the rich section of town, and both spouses working several jobs to maintain it? To them this is “comfortable”.

        The American Dream these days for the middle class is that of excess, debt, and greed in order to be comfortable. Many of these types lost their homes because of the crash in 2008. They lost money, their assets because they lived way beyond their means then elected a nin-com-poop Marxist moose limb to boot. What do they expect?

        I moved up in the world after this crash because I realized what is really important, not what was a fad, or keeping up with the rich Jones’. I used to think college made you smart. NOT anymore! It makes them socialists, stupid, and government dependent. This is depressing what this country has become.

        I remain one of the true Americans who will succeed with “the poor class wages” and be one of the richest people at the same time.

        • Good one, Woogie.

      16. Become self sufficient as much as possible. The old low tech ways work and are cheaper.


        Anarchy is my name.

        Freedom is the game…

        Fuck the .gov pigs and the revenuers as much as you can.

      17. Right on genius cheap crap. I avoid it I choose to spend the extra few bucks on us made stuff. Even though the quality of Chinese and mex goods has improved its still is inferior. More so I hate corporations and anything to give them a black eye is what I’m for.

        • I hear ya man!

      18. Why and how did it end?

        As I have noted before, “socialism is the great fiction, whereby everybody endeavours to live off of everybody else.” – Frederic Bastiat, 1801-1850

        Think Detroit. Think $20 trillion spent on the War on Poverty…. which has left us with more poverty than when we started.

        Thanks a lot, fascist leftists (and I DO mean fascist… as in the National *Socialist* Workers’ Party, aka the Nazis)

      19. A liberals cute little innocent children will grow up to vote for another Obama.and it’s illegal to do anything about it . For now. Until the domestic enemy are identified and destroyed. Payback time?

      20. Having been poor all my life makes it hard for me to feel bad for the middle class. The last person I knew who was middle class was my grandpa. He worked for an automotive plant for something like $30 dollars an hour. You can’t find jobs where I live that pay that much anymore because the unions ruined it for everyone. So I blame the unions for the state of America.

        • So the unions ruined your low paying job??? ha ha ha wtf are you talking about?

          • No one is forcing you to work a union job! If you like your crappy job, you can keep your crappy job lol.

          • The Unions spends their workers dues on electing Obummer, the socialist demoncrats and their failing economic agenda. These unions are responsible for supporting our current situation of low income jobs. Darn right, the Unions helped cause the fall of the middle class where good paying jobs hare hard to find.

        • I have no pity for anyone who chooses to work a union job. Why would you choose to pay dues to the union fat cats only for them to ruin your lives is totally stupid beyond any reason.

          Same goes to anyone who chooses to live in an HOA. Fucking stupid beyond retarded.

          • WTF are you talking about? Dues are a pittance to pay for good wages and benefits. Ruin my life? My life is good thanks to union work. Way better than without it.

        • How did the unions ruin it for everyone? Corporations that moved overseas were highly profitable before they left. A few went to slave wages and Walmart pushed every supplier to do the same. Home Depot followed Walmart practices over a year ago. This is a lot higher up than unions. Higher up like a couple thousand people running the whole show and they want no more than 500, 000 people on this planet. Math? About 7 billion gotta die. They are ruining your life, not libruls, meskins, mooslims, wimmim, etc. Divide and conquer is up and running.

          • Nobama, So what your saying is you will work for chinese wages. Other than that you make 0 sense. Unions made the middle class, corporations would move their shit offshore to slave labor places REGARDLESS of unions! Why don’t you tell them to come back because you will work for .30 cents an hour then? Are you high on something? Your statement is rediculous…

      21. I know families earning $50k doing just fine, and families making $150k having problems. When you make stupid choices with your money, the dream becomes something else.

        • My son got into trouble when his classification lost $35000 a year overnight. He went from having extra money and saving money to being in a bind. I know it is more fun to degrade others without a thought of the drops in our economy, but it doesn’t solve problems, just pumps your ego. Before he lost his savings, we turned his lower floor into a rental and he refinanced his house at a lower rate.

          • In 2008 my industry took a huge hit. I got unemployment and an extention and used that money plus some savings to pay for solar school. I had been doing solar for 12 years prior (as a hobby and for friends) but got some credentials and certificates (A grade all the way) and got my ass a job doing it professionally. I didn’t waste my money I used it to make sure I had some alternate marketable skill. It was quite a story my experience with the company I worked for (10X more knowledgeable than the project manager) and when things picked back up in my other job I quit and went back to it. Now I have the choice of either profession and solar is a very high demand job but my union job is better. I do solar on the side and make good bux doing it ( a hell of a lot more than a designer/installer for a company). Winter is slow for solar and summer is slow for my other job so it works out great. I guess the point I am making is don’t be stuck in 1 skill, learn other shit and use it as a side job, mechanics make a killing doing side work! I have a lot of other skills and I am not to worried about losing my main job, I can do a lot of shit to make $$ and you can too!

      22. The new name for illegals.
        ‘Undocumented citizens’–I kid you not!!!

        I have another new neighbor–second in a month–
        today, target practice?, ccw licensing?, 5 dudes just playing??, whatever.
        I just might like the new neighbors!

      23. Main reason the Middle class is disappearing is the Federal Government which is run by Democrats(unions) and LIVs that are “GimmeDats” that elect Democrats. These elected Democrats are the ones that negotiate with unions( Democrats) for services to keep the government going. Get the idea? You might call it a feeding frenzy in slow motion.

        • Hmmm, thats funny, I am willing to bet close to half of my union is NOT democrat, probably less than the general population. I know the management says vote Dem but not that many listen.

          • I’ve been in UAW, SPEEA, and ILWU(longshoremen). They are are all nutcases. Part of the union dues go to Democrats, and there is little you can do about it.

            • I am aware of that but still a LOT of them do not vote for dems.

        • rellik

          There was a song by the Pimkins 1970

          “Gimmie Gimmie That Thing” Fits well today.

      24. Are we dead, yet!


      25. Yep American dream or middle class was actually a feel good myth. It was a marketing ploy to encourage debt and spending beyond your means. The old keeping up with the Jones,s ploy. Most where slaves to their job and the debt system. The good old days weren’t so good for lots of folks.

        • I agree with you on that one. We used to work a lot of overtime and were encouraged to get in debt at our overtime level. I did not do that and was made fun of over it. Everyone who did go overboard with debt lost their homes. Looked like the American nightmare to me. It kept us under the screw. Then the economy crashed and no more overtime. People started losing their homes and cars. Not baas hog’s problem. Then they started throwing people out the door. Anyone left got their work load doubled, tripled, quadrupled. Some had to leave because they couldn’t take the stress. My first job I worked for one attorney and did everything for him. My last job I worked for 8 attorneys and they still wanted me to do everything for them. That’s when it gets really sick. 30 year old attorneys pretend they want to date the 50 something paralegal. Creepy beyond belief. They flirt, then threaten, one flicked a switchblade in my face. They get threatened all day long. They pass it on. I retired! It was never an easy job, but it isn’t paying enough for that. I didn’t have any debt but my mortgage and I got rid of that, too. I love my food forest and they can kiss my grits.

          • Jesus, one of them pulled a switchblade? I thought they were illegal to own, the kind of thing that could get an attorney disbarred if he was ever caught with one. Yeah, it’s so true about your experience in the workplace about companies chopping heads and packing the extra work onto the survivors while never expecting to see a drop in production. It’s not just the field of law where that’s going on, it’s everywhere. Not only that, but raises are non existent or wages are actually being reduced on top of it. I have to believe somewhere this type of operation has to come to a screeching halt somewhere down the line, but who the Hell knows when it will happen.

            • He was stopped by another attorney. If I had dialed 911 I would have been fired “with cause”. My partner moved him to an inexperienced paralegal, a serious punishment for a young associate in a big firm. It was shocking to me, it happened after hours, what if the older attorney had not been there? Still, he was “connected” and is now a partner because he can bring in business.

              • Reb, here’s a test… Do you know what BAR stands for? As in passed the BAR exam. Just curious.

                • Genius: BAR aint it British Babylonian acreddited rapist?

      26. Found an expensive heat exchanger at the junkyard, paid $75 for it, plumbed the water lines and piped the wood stove heat through it. Shutting the water heater off soon, heat pump has been off. This is where we are, shaving overhead costs to sponsor fascism. Health insurance going up again next month…

        • It’s going to go up every year. Meanwhile, any illegal alien can walk into a hospital and get treatment without paying for it.

          And unemployed potheads get health insurance for free.

        • Do you think cold people will see your wood smoke and be desperate to take your home? I have a wood stove and plenty of wood… still.

          • Answer is ‘Yes’.

            Being a lone prepper on some rural acre is not going to be a healthy concept.

            Think community defense and area denial.

            • A few flaming arrows and YOUR toast lol.

              • ^^^ for ol smokey.

              • You need to do something about your violent psychopathic fantasies, Idiot.

      27. Talking of health & prepping – I try and grow a few basic medicinal herbs and am planning my spring planting right now. What will you do when the pharmacy closes?

        Has anyone here grown or used French Lilac/Goats rue? Latin name Galega officinalis. It’s the precursor to metaformin – used to treat diabetes & apparently the dried plant helps some with that too.

        “Goat’s rue was once important in the treatment of plague, fevers and infectious diseases[238]. It is still used in modern herbalism, though mainly for its effect in promoting milk-flow in lactating mothers (it has been shown to increase the flow of milk in cows and goats by 35 – 50%[4, 7, 238]) and for its positive effect on the digestive system[238]. The plant contains galegine, an alkaloid that strongly reduces blood sugar levels which make it useful in the treatment of diabetes[254]. The leaves and flowering tops are diaphoretic, diuretic, galactogogue and hypoglycaemic[4, 7, 21, 165]. It has also been used in the treatment of fevers[4, 7]. It is taken internally to treat insufficient lactation, late-onset diabetes, pancreatitis and digestive problems, especially chronic constipation caused by a lack of digestive enzymes[238]. The plant is harvested as it is just coming into flower and is dried for later use[4]. Some caution is advised, see notes above on toxicity.”

        The books make it look like it’s an easy grow perennial, however I have a fairly small space for growing and need to make every square foot really count. Nor am I a doctor! For that reason I’d really appreciate other people’s views on this one.

        • I think a pharmacist who is a prepper can help you on this one. Knowing how much in extract is crucial to be effective or toxic. For type 2 diabetes, there are diets that can stop the disease if caught early. This should be a consideration for survival when things shut down. I have some remedies from wild plants growing naturally around me.

        • lone, I haven’t heard of that but I know cinnamon is good for diabetes. If I could have 6 medicinal plants they would be: Tumeric, garlic, ginger, cayenne, creosote bush, rose hips. And maybe moonshine 🙂 Here is an online herbal reference for you… ht tp://

        • Mesquite flour can lower blood sugar. I grow a lot of medicinals and have several books, new and old. My favorite is Back to Eden by Jethro Kloss. This was first published during a peoples’ revolution about medicine being taken over by the Bigs. I has amazing stuff in it. I would think a little apple cider vinegar daily would help since it is pancreatic and digestive. There is no cure.

          • Rebecca>

            Ma’am…have been to your web-site..’tis bookmarked & have visited manifold times…for info / data…you’re a resource site for me..thanks!

            ..that said, how does one contact you?

            • Thanks Hunter. [email protected] or through my website. I added alcohol lamps yesterday.

              • Cool deal Reb, when making shine save the heads and rerun them after you have a lot and have free alcohol fuel, most people throw it away…

                • Genius, I can’t wait for my sugar sources to become alcohol. New garden blues! I plan long term. I bought sugar beet seeds even though I have never grown them. I have grown plain beets, though. I want to do lots of stuff. I think self sufficient is way more fun than working for attorneys. Yeah… global mega law firms are hand in hand with the Bigs.

                • I don’t have grain capacity… are you talking grains? I was thinking wine being distilled down to alcohol. Brandy then alcohol.

                  • sugar beets and fruit, you got it made 🙂

                    • I see you have elderberries! The best wine I EVER made was elderberry! Freeze the fruit first (about 1 gallon) then smash it up in the bottom of a 6 gallon bucket, add 4 gallons of hot water with 12 lbs. of sugar blended in, add 1 packet of fruit wine yeast and 3 teaspoons of yeast nutrient and cover with cheesecloth (or a lid with airlock) Stir every 2 days and re-cover. When no more micro bubbles appear or airlock stops bubbling add 3 lbs. of sugar and stir well, let sit 1 more week. Rack and bottle and enjoy!

                    • Paralegal must research, write, spell, and proofread at work. Old habits.
                      Elderberry wine! I have never made wine but will learn. I have five baby elderberry bushes. Give me a year or two and I will have plenty. Maybe come summer because they all had berries this year even though they are still small. Elderberry is a good medicinal. I have no winemaking stuff… the list gets longer every day. It looks like the whole rest of my life is for playing in my garden and with the amazing fruits thereof. Manna from Heaven. Our beautiful world has always seemed like the Garden of Eden to me: complex, rich and wonderful. I don’t see why the crazies at the top can never be happy.

                    • Reb, it is easy! all you need is 2- 5 gallon food grade buckets with lids and some 1/2 inch plastic tubing. Sugar, fruit, yeast and you got it! Wine was probably made by cavemen it was so easy lol. You can find simple directions online if you search. It is easier than making beer! In fact beer is the hardest thing to make hooch and wine are simple 🙂

                    • Genius, wish it were summer. Off to buy 8 more concrete blocks for my raised beds. I will get 2 buckets and plastic tubing too.

                    • Oh ya I should have added elderberries to my list of the 6 plants I would have for medicinal purposes. But the wine is medicinal too as it is never heated and extracts the values of the plant!

            • Thanks Hunter,
              Rebecca.treeseed at gmail.

              • Thanks for the links and book titles. You don’t keep learning now while libraries and the Internet are still open then it may be too late has been my motto for a few years now.

                I think moonshine runs in our genes ; ) There’s always a snifter of some sort of homemade wine lurking about in a demi-john somewhere near the back of the shed lol The still I now keep out of sight and mind because I worked after an event it could be too valuable to really be letting the neighbours get excited about now.

                I’ve suprised myself over the last 5 years or so with how far we’ve weaned ourselves off the “consumer treadmill”. Still a ways to go but could never go back to the ball & chain of a mortgage now, even if our current home is modest by most standards.

                • Right on lone! Your never too old to learn and it sounds like you are doing great. Living BENEATH your means means you have extra for preps or fun or whatever and don’t have that cloud above you. I would rather buy some cheap land and build a shack out of scraps than have a mortgage. I think my next endevour will be underground lol. God I love designing and building stuff. The only limit is my imagination 🙂

                  • And my back lol.

                    • My limitation is my old knees.

                • Mortgages are the American nightmare. Modest is best.

      28. Oddly enough Walnuts right before bed helps. Just a few.

      29. God you people just refuse to get it. This is nothing more than the result of free market capitalism. When are you libtards going to understand that, quit your bellyaching, and improve yourselves instead waiting for the gubment to help you?

        • Market capitalism has been dead for 40 years. I worked in the big law firms that have been writing laws for the Bigs and they have been submitted and pushed through federal, state, and local governments. See also ALEC. Don’t be blind just because Faux Entertainment tells you so, they darn well lost their news license over blatant lying and switched to “Entertainment”. Chase Bank had their attorneys write up another taxpayer bailout to the tune of $30 to $300 trillion that went on our last budget. Republicans submitted it and Democrats rebelled. Republicans dug their heels in and said they would shut the government down rather than back down on the Bankster bailout. Obama came down and joined Boehner on the floor to get Democrats to vote for it. They passed it and Obama signed it. Oligarchy not capitalism. Fascism not communism or socialism. This is public record on .gov

          • Shut it down permanantly! By the way, you hav guud spellin 🙂

      30. I am writing to make you understand what a really good discovery my friend’s girl encountered browsing your blog. She learned a lot of things, most notably what it’s like to possess an awesome teaching style to get other individuals very easily know precisely some problematic subject areas. You undoubtedly surpassed our own expectations. Many thanks for delivering such productive, safe, informative not to mention easy tips on that topic to Jane.

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