Already Under Crushing Debt, Arizona College Forces Students to “Fund Illegal Immigrants”

by | Apr 8, 2016 | Commodities, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 57 comments

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    Will students at colleges across the country soon be forced to pay for the higher education of illegal immigrants, even as most will already have to struggle for years to repay expensive and burdensome student loans?

    That’s what is happening at Prescott College, a private institution in Arizona, and it could become the trend everywhere.

    Unbelievably, as good jobs become more and more scarce, the next generation will be forced to support foreign workers who will also serve as competitors in the market place.

    via Campus Reform:

     Prescott College in Arizona has decided to charge students a $30 annual fee to finance a scholarship fund for illegal immigrant students.

    The fee was originally proposed by students and faculty from the Social Justice and Human Rights program, according to Fox News, and will automatically be added to each student’s $28,000 tuition bill starting next semester unless they take advantage of an opt-out provision.


    Prescott College is a private institution, and does not receive either state or federal funding, but some experts warn that the school may yet face pushback over the new fee and scholarship, even as it seeks to bolster the fund through private donations.

    College campuses have become sanctuary grounds for many undocumented immigrants seeking a better life, and liberal academics and students have often been willing to back their interests.

    But for the average student legally born in this country and attempting to build a better life, it is a slap in the face from both sides – as mandatory contributions for scholarships to illegals pile onto the extreme levels of debt that education imposes, all while the competition for decent employment becomes stiffer.

    “It is beyond absurd that this college is going to force all the students to subsidize the education of a student who is in the country illegally,” added Jessica Vaughn, director of policy studies for the Center for Immigration Studies. “It’s a shame these students and faculty don’t have the same drive to help some of their fellow citizens who can’t afford college and who are forced to compete with illegal workers for job opportunities.”

    “At a time when student loan debt is over $1 trillion it is irresponsible for Prescott College to offer this privilege at the expense of other students,” Andrew Kloster, a legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation’s Center for Legal & Judicial Studies, told Fox News. “While the dollar amount seems small per student, the fee does send a message to potential donors to Prescott College that the administration is less concerned with sound financial management than it is with making a political statement.”

    Like President Obama, these colleges have put a premium on a protected minority group at the expense of ordinary Americans who have seen their living standards decline significantly with economic decline and globalization.

    At what point does the plight of the American aspirant become as a important as a “special” group that has been favored by politically motivated interests on campus, and what does that mean for the quality of “education” at such an institution?

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      1. You really want to be smart? Learn a trade. One that will carry you through life. Quit giving money to these idiots who are training your replacement.

        • Harry Merkin, welcome, and spot on advice. Avoid college and student loans altogether. No way I’ll be financing any illegal aliens. sometimes I don’t even have it for myself.

          • Prescott College is a liberal diploma mill with a pathetic collection of really old, ramshackle buildings, spot welded together to create a “campus”.

            Locals go to Prescott Community College for a fraction of that cost and then transfer to one of the BIG THREE: ASU, UA, or NAU. PCC has really nice and extensive facilities for a community college.

            The $28,000 annual tuition cost at Prescott College is more that ASU ($20,000) for instate students, and with a Pell Grant, room and board and meals at ASU are “free”.
            ASU is a premiere PAC 12 University. Why ANYONE would want to attend Prescott College is beyond me.

            FEAR THE FORK !!!

            Embry Riddle Aeronautical University is an exceptional school located in Prescott for those who want a career in Aviation and are willing to pay the freight.

            Prescott in general is a great place to live as small towns go and it is surrounded by mountains and national forests at an elevation of 5200 feet with four distinct, mild seasons.

            One guy found a 7.5 oz gold nugget with his metal detector a few years ago within the city limits. Just saying. 🙂

            • DK: it sounds like the place is a diploma mill for foreign students with a Visa. There was a sting this week where a fake university was busting people running student-visa frauds / scams. That is what this place sounds like.

              It sounds like a foreign-student Visa mill. Interesting.

              • There are some ARABS in Prescott, virtually all men, and I met a few of them at Planet Fitness last summer. The ARAB students in Prescott, primarily attend Embry Riddle for aviation training.

                That’s also where some of the 911 hijackers went to learn to fly the planes. 🙁

                I have no idea who attends this diploma mill but I suspect that it is likely locals who cannot get admitted into a real school, do not have to do real university level classes, and that Prescott College pushes the student loan business …. and that is likely the reason for its existence.

                I suspect the student body is “marginal” at best. No Rhodes Scholars here. Just my impression. 🙁

            • DK, the biggest problem with Prescott is all the transplants from California that have moved there in the past 30 years. Prescott use to be a great town to go to for the 4TH of July rodeo. Problem now is there are just to many rainbow loving, tofu eating, illegal alien protecting, left wing ass holes living in Prescott. Don’t even get me started on left wing Flagstaff with NAU, or illegal alien loving, sanctuary city Tucson, home of U of A. At least in Phoenix they have Maricopa county Sheriff Joe Arpaio, he keeps the illegal aliens jumping, it’s fun to watch how pissed the left gets trying to deal with Sheriff Joe!

              • Colt: LOL Yeah, NAU is a liberal nightmare, and the cali transplants have liberalized Prescott a bit, but mostly they have just pushed the cost of housing to extremely high price levels; but their falling now.

                Other than that, the local government officials toady to the federal party line, while the locals are still mostly conservative, which is why these two cities were “re-districted” to ensure a democratic Flagstaff (Kirkpatrick) and a republican Prescott (Gosnar).

                BTW, I typically catch the 4th of July parade before heading farther north for the summer, and I like to hit the Off The Grid SHTF Store across from Fry’s on Williamson Valley Road. Lots of neat stuff !!! 🙂

                • DK, so are you a veteran of Whiskey row too??? Man O man my buddy’s and i use to have one hell of a time there during the 4TH of July. One of my good friends who was a real Cowboy, and lived in Prescott valley showed me some great places to hunt in the valley. This guy knew where all the Antelope and deer were because he rode the range to care for his cattle. Cancer ate him alive about 20 years ago, he was a true American patriot. I miss his knowledge of the land and animals, but Most of all i miss my friend!

                  • I am not a drinker. Haven’t done that in 40 years, but I have frequented the PALACE for lunch and dinner before.

                    Deer ??? Deer ??? You want deer ??? Try the left cut off to the suburb in the pines after the White Spar Campground at night on the southwest side of town. The area is flooded with deer.

                    Also on the east side of town off Walker Road on Big Bug Mesa !!! Then on the northwest side of town there is the 4×4 road to Baghdad. Lots of game.

                    Antelope ??? Try the plains north of Prescott Valley or Skull Valley. Prescott is an excellent SHTF location: water, game, fuel, minerals. I have a BOL there, that is well stocked. 🙂

                    • DK you sound like you have lived in Arizona a long time. Do you remember the Yellowfront and Yates sporting goods stores? I use to go town with my brother and dad to the Yates store. There we would buy our hunting, and fishing Lic. along with as many deer tags as we wanted, now this was back in the early 60’s.

          • Hell, we’ll be killing scum illegals with rifles soon enough. Along with trash muslims and anyone who would protect their sorry asses.

        • I have a foot in both worlds.
          A trade will make you a living. You will be able to repair and replace things. A good education will teach you the discipline necessary to create things. There is a big difference between the two. You can sell an Idea. You cant sell a trade. The trade is you. You get sick or die or whatever than the money is gone. Not so with the education and the things you can create. They are immortal.

          I believe everyone should have a trade and I taught my kids trades but also demanded that they go to school and learn.

          They got in lots of trouble at school because they questioned everything as I taught them to do. But I supported them.

          Make sure your kids go to school. But make it the right schools and make sure they are prepared to stand up for themselves.

        • You are absolutely right Harry.

          • Out trade very soon will be ‘solider.’ We will have to fight a war on our soil. Train for war now or you won’t be alive to work any job.

        • Great Advise Harry! I have three sons in their twenties all in different trades. They all took the same advise I gave and are doing very well

      2. Who you donate money to is your business only.
        If they force you, find another school to go to, hit them in their wallet!!!

      3. Thirty Dollars? That’s all. You stingy SOB’s. Don’t you have any feeling for these poor people who have traveled miles to have the opportunity to go to school.
        A thousand dollars should be more like it. After all you are the richest country on earth. You will never miss it with all the credit cards you have in your wallet or purses. You do want them to become good socialist like you, don’t you?

        • Anon
          I hope you are being sarcastic?
          If not. You pay for them and leave me and mine alone. Let them bastards stay in there own country until they can come here legally.

          Invaders crossing the border should be captured and put into POW camps, and given work repairing our infrastructure. If you invade another country it is an act of WAR! After all they are coming here to work right! When they are released they should have microchips implanted in an area where they can’t be removed and returned to there own country. Then on the border there should be microchip detectors, (so they can shot on sight) (“sarcasm”). So they can be detected and captured. And then they can work for free again. Remember they are coming here for work. Right?


          • Shouting from my Bug Out Location Tree House Window.

            “It’s Their Money and They Want It Now!”.

        • No,,

        • Anon, if you feel so sympathetic for them, make a donation yourself. At least put your money where your stupid mouth is. typical libturd.

        • I don’t care if it is 30 cents. My money is my money. No, I am not rich just because I am an American. I have a good life because I worked for 43 years to build some security for my wife and I.

          The United States is not rich. Debt is not wealth. This country is drowning in debt. Get over your idea that since we are “rich” we can just throw cash at ILLEGALS. I dare you to come to my door to take it.

          Now go back to your little shithole!

          • DavidC, welcome and I agree totally. Anon is just another libturd moron.

            • anon has more faces than Acid Etch. As with AE. Which is the good anon?

          • DC

            Most Americans could not give a proper definition of wealth. Many would be hard pressed to know how to obtain and maintain wealth. To this generation, Debt is a word with little meaning until there are brought before a judge to dismantle their lives. I am sure there are those who have cash in their local banks at this time. Is that theirs? Not according to banking laws. Where is their wealth now. Precious metals of which many know very little and profess you can’t eat it. Is wealth your home or land but you pay taxes on it to keep it. Then there is your health and friends. Best wealth? As problems progress and healthcare diminishes, health of the average person will decline. Outside forces exerted among friends and family and those bonds deteriorate.
            I won’t be coming to your door to take your worldly processions. I will be busy fighting the those who wish to rob me of mine.
            Rest assured, there are plenty of other anons that will.

        • anon says: You ‘stingy’ SOB’s

          That’s ‘frugal’ to you anon!

          and “NO” they need to go home and fix their own. they need to go be frugal in their own country.

          then we’ll see if we can help them THERE!

          This CHRISTian will help on their side of the border!

          • grandee

            You will be forced to support them by fed tax, levies, sales tax, property tax, energy tax, phone tax, license tax and thousands of other ways government uses to create money for its own use.

            They are coming and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

            We don’t have the will to stop it and you know I am right.

      4. This is CRAZY!!!!

        Here we go again feeding the Leaches and Zombies from another country. We take care of enough of them in the US now.

        I can’t wait until all of this blows sky high. The worker bees will get pissed one day, and the worker bees will start to STING. Can’t wait.

        Hells Bells It would have been hard enough 15 years ago to send my own kids to college. Now they are wanting the families of college kids to pay for illegals, CAN YOU SAY BULL SHIT!!!!

        Looking into this. Isn’t this what the dip-shit kids were marching for to help out the illegals and under privileged? Well I guess they got what they asked for.
        Don’t forget! The Bern said “FREEE COLLAGE”. Now they just might see who pays for free collage. WAKE THE HELL UP, YOU LIBTARDE DUMB SHITS!!!!! Go to collage and become a LIBTARD!!!!

        Collage might make you book smart, but not Street smart. I’ll take street smart any day. A Country Boy Can Survive!!!


      5. The government is your enemy. If you don’t know that, you don’t know anything. The government, having been taken over by Marxists and Globalists, destroyed the currency, destroyed the demographic integrity of our country, destroyed job opportunities, destroyed the schools, the cities, and destroyed the future for your kids or nieces and nephews. Know that. Act accordingly.

        • O: I concur.

          • +1

            • +2

        • Better keep voting, ya right, been doing it like a good little shitacen and this is where its gotten us. Time to look at the solution the founders provided for in the second amendment. They knew tyranny would come it always does. War is the only answer at this point. The power has been taken and will not be given back voluntarily.

          • Voting is futile. Know the truth and act on it.

      6. Happiness Is A Belt Fed Weapon.

        • I can get behind that

      7. Its okay these are the children of the yuppie douche bag liberals that have destroyed this nation. Maybe these kids can service them sexually as well.

      8. There’s no incentive for any of these illegal aliens (I refuse to call them “immigrants”), to become legal citizens-EVER-as long as they get freebies like this.

        America is swirling the bowl.

      9. So it does not matter if legal US citizens want the illegals to get the hell out of our country. My bad, it’s not our country, it belongs to the corportists lock stock and barrel. We exist to make them wealthy. Trickle down, how about gush up.

      10. One day history will show that we had a great nation and we lost it when we could not defend our borders and when we refused to defend our culture…

      11. The way I read it, no one is being “forced” to pay. On the contrary, you can step up and make a statement by “opting out” of subsidizing your competition.

      12. College is useless for most people because they are lazy. Once they get a degree the feeling of entitlement goes through the roof. If everyone has a degree then a degree is common. What value is there in having something everyone else has. I laugh at all this crap there is no substitute for labor. Let me know when the skilled laborer app comes out I’ll buy that. the truck that drives it’s self will put me out. Can’t see that coming anytime soon. Have skills that are in demand and never worry about making a living. I don’t my employer closes I just move on. I’m cool with it.

        • yeah driverless cars, and shortly thereafter driverless commercial vehicles will never happen. *eyeroll*

          Other than that, I do tend to agree- the biggest problem isn’t the lack of opportunity in post secondary education, its the simple fact that most of these students have been convinced they can be “whatever they want to be”. They go put themselves in six-figure debt getting an “education” in art history or social justice, then are upset when the only job available is burger flipper

          • Bob:
            I wouldn’t be caught dead in a driverless car. The vile PTB would love to take away our freedom to travel freely on the highway. Only a fool would submit to such voluntary or coerced authoritarian controls. And it’s all for our safety. Bull shit.

      13. Check out the college real good before signing up for it.

        • They will all do it sooner or later for like the scorpion to the frog, It’s in my nature to sting.

      14. Useful idiots.

      15. great idea! Maybe the “students and faculty from the Social Justice and Human Rights program” should foot the bill….

      16. been posting for 4 years with the same email address. still get moderated. I must be doing something right.

      17. Prescott College … well for us Prescott residents can you say ‘not surprised’? It’s a wacky liberal arts college. To be fair though, the scholarship is only for ONE student, and the whole thing started out as a senior project by another student. It’s right on the website’s Facebook feed.

        There are so many, many people that struggle to pay for college, and so many problems with the education system in general, I can’t support this idea for a tuition fee that could be a foot-in-the-door tactic to some really bad ideas. This should have been a crowd-funding project, not another fee for attending the school. (I’m ignoring exactly WHO the scholarship is for at the moment and all the labels put on that person.)

        Having the choice to opt-out is just for show. The social consequences for anyone who acknowledges they opted out will be high. The people that participate in this school are a bunch of non-conformists. And while I usually like that kind of thing in people, Prescott college takes it to a whole new level (see also: granola style).

        But hey, they’re a private college so they can do whatever they want, right? The members have a voice; “When students speak up about what matters to them – we listen.”

      18. Prescott College is a private liberal arts college.
        The only BS degree they give out is for “environmental” science.
        If you are stupid enough to go to this school you must be a good Obama Democrat and deserve to be ripped off. You will have spent four plus years of your life and in excess of $112,000 for a degree that will qualify you to be a grade school teacher.
        I don’t have anything against school teachers but there are many more cheaper ways to become a certified school teacher, starting wage ~$30,000 (in Prescott AZ).

      19. This is so funny. I’m sitting in Starbucks in a predominantly Caucasian area. I’m trying to comment without being rasis when in comes a body jabbering on a phone. Most people leave when taking a call and almost always finish talking before entering. I look up and see a young light skinned mixed race female. I couldn’t help but think of cultural differences between people. My God, now I’m feeling a twinge of white guilt for having sinful thoughts.

        Now about that fine on student citizens to help out “non-citizens”, it doesn’t seem like such a good idea.

      20. Can I bring in all my illegal CANADIAN friends and family?

        Oh, sorry. Only Mexicans and Muslims allowed.

        How could I be so STUPID to suggest that????

      21. Purdue is trying this. That is why I sent my alma mater a rebuttal letter. I also withdrew my daughter from there years ago. The university has fallen apart. Their courses are filled with “enrichment” which is nothing more than BIG words for small ideas that are completely disconnected from actually learning something.

        • Its a good thing that you withdrew your daughter from Purdue. Its well known in many Indiana circles that farmers send their daughters to IU and their pigs to Purdue !!!

          Just reporting the meme. Go Boilermakers !!! 🙂

        • Twenty years ago when my son was in high school, he saw through the “enrichment” stuff. He was put in a few classes (not sure what they call those now) for the higher IQ students and he discovered it was not more challenging work just more of what was taught in ordinary classes. He was very disappointed. The next year he took shop and regular classes.

      22. “Undocumented Immigrants” = Criminal Trespassers.

        Quit with the mealy-mouthed, PC nonsense, and call these criminals what they really are.

        Part of having an adult conversation is using the proper terms to describe things.

        Until you learn this, your “arguments” are vacuous and irrelevant.

        Have nice day.

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