Alert: The New World Order Is Coming

by | Oct 28, 2020 | Headline News | 10 comments

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    A New World Order is being pushed through right now. It’ll all start with the monetary system. Make no mistake, they are going to do this, it’s up to us to stop it.

    Central bankers are now poised to embark on their biggest power play ever. For years they have lied in wait for the opportunity to make people so desperate that they would willingly accept the chains of their own enslavement in exchange for fiat currency. Sadly, we are now on the cusp of this system rolling out.

    Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, in coordination with the European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF), is preparing to roll out central bank digital currencies. There will be a universal basic income tied directly to your ability to obey and submit to the bankers’ will. Basically, if you accept this, you will be their slave. They will remove your ability to pay for or do anything if so much as say the word “freedom.”

    The globalist IMF recently called for a new “Bretton Woods Moment” to address the loss of trillions of dollars in global economic output due to the world governments’ coronavirus response.

    The next frontier of the Fed’s unlimited mandate could be “FedCoin” – a central bank digital currency.

    Earlier this month Chairman Powell participated in an IMF panel on international payments and digital currencies. He touted electronic payments systems and raised the possibility of integrating them into a central bank digital currency regime.

    Powell has so far declined to outright endorse a move toward a fully cashless system in which countries including China and Sweden are spearheading. But he is on board with the larger globalist agenda of expanding the role of monetary policy in shaping economic and social outcomes. –Activist Post

    If we, as human beings, accept this new cashless digital dollar and the universal basic income designed to lure us to it, we will become slaves. This is the end game and the goal – totalitarian control over literally everything includingg people.  And you and I are not going to be the ones holding the chains of humanity’s oppression. We’ll be wearing them.


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      1. Who needs money? Just paint yourself black and loot what you need….

        • I’m gonna stay white and use my liberty teeth to pull what I need out of some semi- local evil bastards that I know how to find.

        • Trump is going to make the Fed Reserve print up a bunch of money to really jack up the economy, then audit the fed, call them predator lenders, default on the fed loans, and tell them to go pound sand, and print up a new dollar with no Fed interdiction. They are out in the cold to pout in their soup.

      2. All the more reason to be as self-sufficient as possible. Learn skills that will allow you to do for yourself what you would normally have someone else do for you. Most importantly learn to grow your own food. If you haven’t prepared for whatever disaster lays ahead, it may be too late. Every little bit helps to keep you from having to rely on the new government handouts and standards.

        Learn to barter; service and skills for needs. DO NOT barter with precious metals: silver, gold, brass and lead. Once it is out of your hands you will never see it again.

        If you expect people to lay down and take this change, you are fooling yourself. A revolution of massive proportions will follow. Who knows who will win in the end, but I don’t intend to go down without a fight of some kind. The people behind this have more wealth than is imaginable. Expect them to resist the resistance with fierceness and ferocity. Avoid anything and everything digital and/or connected to the internet. There is no such thing as privacy anymore and you can bet they will be listening and watching. Stay frosty.

      3. Over the years many people around the world have signed up for cashless banking. Sounds like a good deal, don’t have to carry any cash around to loose or taken in a robbery. Many people all over the world is slowly finding out this is a very bad idea. Someone else has full control of your money. Take a look at several country that had finance problems with their government. Greece, most people lost a lot of money when their government had finance problems. The government went right after the peoples money they had in banks and retirement funds. Korea when the banks had problems, took the money from the peoples bank accounts.
        I know there are thousands around the world that think they are well prepared and have tons of supplies stockpiled. You can not grow everything you need. You can not grow clothes.
        When the banks have all of your money they can make payments to services, companies, and bill collectors with out your input. Most people do not read the fine print when they sign up for a bank account. Most banks have a little known clause that allows them to pay outstanding bill if they receive a complaint from the companies that want their money. Now if a bank pays all your bills from your account that only receives your social security check(not a lot of money for some people) what will remain for you to buy food. Ask a friend or neighbor that you know is on social security and ask them if they pay all of their bills monthly. Many will tell you no, they may pay what they can from month to month.
        Now take a look at the banks that have been hacked in the last few years. Yes all of them not a one has been bypassed in the last few years. Every bank in the US have been hacked, information the banks do not want you to know. Now think about that for a while with the only input to your account is your social security check. Many will say this can not happen with better security. The country of China has one of their Armies, (yes they have more then one) devoted to cyber hacking, for stealing information, government secrets, money, and your personal data. If a company that has control over the network, IE, google, twitter, Facebook, and others; what will happen if they decide you said something wrong when replying to your banks or other business. Will you be blocked from ordering on the net. Many will say oh that will not happen. I say yes it will it has, I can not order from Amazon, I did nothing wrong but someone hacked my Amazon account and caused a problem now I’m out. Think people….

      4. The Genetically Inferior Psychopathic Mutants Want To Own Our Thoughts and DNA. It is what the testing is all about. Only Genetically Inferior Psychopathic Mutants would waste their time and resources in an internationally orchestrated campaign of fraud to gain acess to our DNA via force, coersion, or fear based on fraud, in addition to mass surveillance also based on scientific fraud. There is a God given reason that they do not have our DNA and thoughts, and they simply refuse to accept it. They cannot gain access to quality DNA via natural selection, so they obtain through the medical mafia using scientic fraud as a means of extorting it. Gynecologists also steal ovums. Do not go to them unless absolutly necessary! It is completely unnatural for a woman to be implanted with the ovums from another woman! It is also completely unnatural to try to genetically alter DNA. 

        Psychotronic Weapons 

        I believe that the power structure is trying to evade responsibility for their crimes of 9/11 inside job with full cooperation of all government, large corporations, financial institutions, media, and universities, and now for the Health Scare Scamdemic by attempting to persuade people that people are remotely controlling them with MKUltra techniques. Everyone knows how weird Hillary acted with Secret Service agents reaching in their pockets and pressing buttons on a device, how strange Pelosi, Schiff, Trump, Fauci, Biden, and Gates are acting, like circus freak show acts.

        Illegal surgery and MKUltra techniques have been performed on me and have tortured me and resulted in sleep deprivation and an inability to cry, as well as reduced concentration from the obvious fact that I am being terrorized with DEWs and EMF radiation. It produces extremely horrible sensations, as if my brain gets magnetized, it actually has been with the EMFs. Despite the fact that these DEWs have been used on me, they have been incapable of controlling deciscions that I make, asking me to give things up, or move out of the neighborhood, This has been done to approximately 300,000 people according to anesthesiologist Dr. John R. Hall on his website International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies:

        Froedert Hospital in Milwaukee which is also managed by James Brunnquell who is also the Village president of the village that I live in Grafton, Wisconsin even though he does not work any hours at all at the village and he does not have voice mail at the village, and Brunnquell keeps running for office and has been in the village government since I moved here in 2000 is coincidently involved in such a project.:

        They want to mine our brains and own our thoughts and intellectual property and creations as their own:

        Others have stated over and over again that a person under hypnosis cannot be compelled to do things that they are morally opposed to doing. :

        They obviously want to get away with criminal behavior by saying that they were remotely controlled to commit crimes. Well, the technology is being used on me, and I do not commit crimes, and I do not do what they tell me to do, in fact, I don’t even believe in the Lock Downs, distancing, masks, covid vaccines, social and travel restrictions, and I am not going to vote for any candidates, because they are all totally corrupt. Only a totally delusional person would take orders from an anonymous, cowardly, psychopath that is using DEWs on them. The DEW users have threatened me as well. I simply refuse to obey the DEW criminal psychopaths.

        Devices were illegally implanted in me while unconscious at Columbia St. Mary’s Ozaukee on March 27th, 2014, I have barely been able to cry, despite intense feeling of sorrow resulting from a serious of personal tragedies and losses that few would be able to survive, all tragic events were a cascade of losses in such a rapid succession and of such grave consequences that to say that it is truly a series of horrors would be a gross understatement. I used to cry constantly. I am simply unable to express it as a result of psychotronic weaponry, it is not that I do not feel it. It started with immediate sleep deprivation and extremely loud tinnitus in my left ear, and the inability to cry. They turned my brain into a three way transistor radio with devices implanted in both ears and in my nasal cavity. I have written about this in the past and have told many people and informed law enforcement, politicians, and health care at all levels, and all notifications have been ignored, laughed at, and even resulted in threats against me by St. Mary’s staff. Immediately after my first phone was hacked in June of 2017, someone started using DEWs on me. The DEW users repeat non-sensical chants and sexually harrass me and ask me to give up things to them, none of which I have given up. I do not hear it if music is playing, or listening to the radio because the radio waves are larger than the microwaves and displaces them like ripples in a pool from a boulder would displace ripples from a pebble. It is the most offensive and grotesque personal invasion concievable and I have been raped by a stranger, prior to this, and this is much worse, because it never stops, it is an invisible, cowardly, brain-raping, parasitic, psychopath that will not stop. It is total rape by a total coward(s) and a total moster(s) that belongs in a federal pennitentiary for life. I do not know how many people are involved. Anything with a motor also repeats these chants, as well as anything with plumbing because the microwaves can jump to copper pipes. Since I have experienced it miles away from my home, with or without cell-phone, I have concluded that it is beamed from a satellite, and are frequency specific to the illegally implanted devices. My house is constantly broken into and things stolen and vandalized as well as neighbors that stalk and spy and gas-light and have even placed things in their windows that they stole from my home including curtains, and small round globe colored lights which the lights have been removed and placed back in their windows dozens of times. This terrorism has conicided with all of the tragic losses that I have endured since 2014. I have lived in this neighborhood since 2000 and never had a single problem with a neighbor until then. New neighbors have also moved in around me since then on three sides. Two of those neighbors have placed items stolen from me in their windows. 

        There is a terrorist network in my neighborhood. The people involved in this are not from a particular political party or religion. Some of the individuals involved that lived here prior to 2014 are Republicans, some are Democrats, some are Christian, some are Jews. The only common link that I am aware of is their criminal behavior. I have lived in this neighborhood for longer than all of but four other households. Many new neighbors have also moved into the neighborhood and the majority of the men and women do not have jobs, so how they can live here without jobs is unusual. This was all pre-lockdown.

        Vault7 tevhnology is also being used on me. My smart meter was hacked as well as appliances and people remotely control my lights, thermostat, and appliances at their whims. This could only happen to someone living in a shit-hole neighborhood, in a shit-hole village, in a shit-hole county, in a shit-hole state, in a shit-hole country, considering all that have been notified and refused to prosecute and imprison the psychopathic terrorists. Notifications have gone from the Grafton police, all the way up to Donald Trump. 

        Gang Stalking is a common problem in Wisconsin:

        The only reason that I have not killed myself is because I want to expose them and have them permantly thrown in federal pennitntiaries where they can no longer harm people because they pose extreme dangers to society.

        Here is documention that Psychotronic Weapons do exist by written author Mojamir Babacek:

        This invasive brain technology is being implemented throughout countries around the world ranging from America, China, Iran, Sweden, you name it! There are numerous international collaborative human brain interfacing with technology projects, in addition to projects by the Medical Mafia, Militaries, Universities, and private corporations.

        Andrea Iravani

      5. The New World Order has been here and in effect since the Neo-conservative GW Bush, Dick Cheney administration. What they are doing now is putting on the final touches.

      6. Voting Trump will send an appropriately rude welcome to the NWO.

      7. Well the new fucging world order better hang on to their smelly shorts and pack themselves a lunch because it’s going to be a long cold day in hell for those shit eaters. Elbulleheal

      8. EAT GOOD FOOD

        every day

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