ALERT: Antifa Puppetmasters to Engineer “Patriot” Slaughter of Leftists to Spark Violent Uprising

by | Oct 25, 2019 | Headline News | 16 comments

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    This article was originally published by Mike Adams at Natural News. 

    Antifa is “mobbing up” for an engineered chaos event, according to multiple eyewitness accounts of Antifa activities at public events such as Trump rallies. This coincides with accelerated mainstream media calls for Trump to be removed from power or arrested, along with an explosion in pop culture messaging that calls for Trump to be hogtied, tortured and / or executed.

    The coordinated messaging and accelerating George Soros funding of mob-for-hire Antifa terrorists points to an imminent event that will unleash nationwide political, civil and financial chaos from which globalists hope to remove Trump from power (or collapse the United States if Trump survives).

    This analysis is derived from multiple personal interviews, eyewitness accounts, media sources (cited below) and informed familiarity with the history of the communist playbook from which these events are unfolding. Highlights of this analysis:

    • A sudden increase in the number of paid Antifa terrorists is now being observed in multiple cities across the United States.
    • The increased recruitment of Antifa mobs coincides with a coordinated media campaign to incite mass violence against Trump supporters and the President himself.
    • Deep state operatives such as James Clapper and John Brennan — who masterminded the criminal plot to undermine democracy and overrule the 2016 election — are now “lawyering up” as Bill Barr’s DOJ actions rapidly approach. This speaks to the desperation and urgency of the deep state to initiate mass chaos within weeks.
    • To achieve their goals of a political coup, the unhinged, lawless Left needs a “spark” event to pull the trigger and flip Antifa masses into an enraged, violent mob that will unleash bloodshed on the streets of America.
    • That “spark” event is likely to consist of a massive staged (theatrical) false flag event where high-level Antifa operatives dress up as patriot Trump supporters and slaughter a large number of Antifa protesters. (Charlottesville 2.0)
    • CNN, as usual, will be tipped off to the upcoming false flag shooting to make sure CNN’s cameras capture the event and all its blood and gore. Trump will be blamed for the mass death, and the event will be exploited by the treasonous fake news media to simultaneously demand the arrest or removal of Trump and the immediate nullification of the United States Constitution and its Second Amendment.
    • As this is taking place, globalist financial operators will wage a sell-off war of U.S. currency and U.S. debt in a desperate effort to crash the U.S. banking system, sacrificing New York banks as unavoidable casualties in the war to eliminate Trump and maintain globalist control over not just the United States, but all countries now facing a populist uprising.

    Full details below…

    President Trump and the DOJ are about to make history by exposing the criminal cartel that has ruled America for decades

    To understand the urgency of the effort to remove Trump from power, we must keep in mind that the U.S. government has been, for decades, run by a criminal cartel of intelligence operatives, anti-American globalists and money-laundering grifters. The purpose of government, in the minds of these treasonous actors, boils down to two things: 1) control, and 2) profit. The bigger the government, the more money that people like Joe Biden, Mitt Romney, John McCain, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and others can skim off government revenues. If you thought Joe Biden’s shakedown of Ukraine to the tune of over a billion dollars funneled to his son was an aberrant event, think again: They all do it, Republicans and Democrats alike.

    But not Trump.

    Donald J. Trump made his own fortune, independent from government, and he doesn’t view government power as a way to collect a massive personal fortune by selling government influence (i.e. the Clinton Foundation) or threatening foreign nations to dish out large revenue streams to his family members. What Joe Biden did in Ukraine has been repeated countless times by the Clintons (where did all the Haiti relief funds go?) and nearly every other connected politician. Big government is a big scam for the political elite, and the more taxes they can raise from the public to fund various government projects, the more these corrupt elitists can skim money from incoming Treasury revenues by setting up family foundations, “consulting” groups and other shell vehicles for receiving bribes, kickbacks and shakedown cash.

    Trump’s unwillingness to play along with this grand scam has made him enemy No. 1. It’s not just about the politics here… to the Democrats, it’s about protecting their personal profits. How did Sen. Feinstein become worth hundreds of millions of dollars while “serving” as a California senator? It’s simple: She turned her office into a spy hub to feed U.S. secrets and the identities of anti-communist activists directly to Beijing. Feinstein is a traitor, but serving as a traitor in a corrupt system of big government pays off handsomely to those willing to sell out their own country (which now includes the NBA, NFL and ESPN, by the way, on the culture side of things).

    It’s no surprise, then, when Nancy Pelosi calls for a communist-style revolution against President Trump. She’s protecting her own corrupt skimming operations and money laundering scams. Eliminating Trump and overthrowing the rule of law is the only way corrupt traitors like Pelosi can remain in power and continue to dupe the American people.

    That’s why deranged congresswoman Rashida Tlaib is now openly discussing which prisons would be used for imprisoning Trump and his Cabinet officials. It’s also why Rep. Adam Schiff’s so-called “whistleblower” has now evaporated into obscurity… because Schiff fabricated the existence of the whistleblower in the first place. It was all rigged from the start as another deep state false flag operation against President Trump.

    Mobbing up the left-wing troops in preparation for massive civil unrest following the planned false flag shooting of Antifa members

    The true puppetmasters in all this are, of course, George Soros and Barack Obama, who was a seditious traitor and “sleeper cell” against America from the very beginning. As now reports, Antifa has announced a plan to overthrow President Trump by invoking violent, nationwide revolution:

    The anti-American organization Antifa announced their plan to overthrow President Trump through violent revolution, and the Trump administration finally responded by activating the Marines to prevent a Deep State coup. The violent far-left group is funded in part by billionaire George Soros and Clinton/Obama stay-behind networks such as MoveOn and Onward Together. Universities and the mainstream media readily amplify Antifa’s seditious anti-Trump agenda and frequently provide cover for the group’s violence toward conservatives.


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      1. ” antifa “, the democratic party’s version of the KKK

      2. So THIS is the false flag event the deep state has been planning. No surprise there. Historically communist revolutions always eat some of their own children to achieve their goals. IF they succeed in coming to power the first ones to be sacrificed will be the ones who have been promoting their cause. I expect the false flag will take place in the aftermath of a failed vote for impeachment. The deep state is being backed into a corner and that’s when they’ll be the most dangerous. Patriots need to be 100% prepared for when TSHTF.

        • After the communists finally succeeded to found the USSR they rounded up the millions of useful idiots, I mean revolutionaries, and had them shot or sent to gulags because they no longer served a revolutionary purpose. Antifa, and all other similar movements don’t realize they are nothing more programmed expendable units.

      3. I believe this article to be the most prescient one I’ve read in a long time.

        This would dovetail well into the failure of the impeachment hearings and criminal prosecution finally beginning on the people who’ve been selling this country out for decades.

        They’ll begin some form of coups in the hopes of staying in power and removing Trump from office. I’d imagine all of those convenient little EO’s from years past that prevent / stall elections during self declared states of emergencies will allow for some form of president-regent for life, and the deep state wants it to be one of their own.

      4. The answer is simple. As the staged paid Antifa puppets take down the antifa puppets the military or police take all them out at once meaning BOTH get taken out at same time and then no one is to blame and no patriots get hurt. hhahahahahahahaa just a bunch of Antifa members are gone.

      5. I had no intention of “representing,” in public, except I am generically strong, white, and male in a blue state — like the last of the Mohicans under the present, racial replacement. I am outdoors, often, but can think of no other, within a day’s walk from my house.

        I find it highly ironic, when conservative ranks are filled with invaders, credibly. Churchians and RINO’s harbor and give comfort to these sleepers, in the noonday sun, saying they are moral equals and invisible to our eyes, at the same time.

      6. Ok folks,we’ve been warned and so has the media,time to man up to stop these idiots. This is our country we’re talking about. They want to play? We’ll play and win,plenty of trees and ropes for these freaks….this will be the end of Antifa! FBI where are you?

      7. The World Wide Communist movement has used similar false flags in S.E Asia and Central America. Often they capture police , take their uniforms and do horrible things to their own women and kids wearing them. Of course the TV cameras are always present to film the acts.

      8. How y’all doin’?
        It is amazing that our society has gotten to this point. As the DOJ gets closer to prosecution of the fake Russia players, the Dems keep ramping up their fake investigations. Somethings gotta give.
        The Rubicon is in sight…..

      9. Thank you! You are a true hero to put yourself out there in the public forum and speak the truth.

      10. shoot these people that are doing the shooting, on the spot, and that might put an end to this kind of cr.ap

      11. Mike Adams is no fool. Stop and put yourself in the mind of a globalist. This tactic would have huge benefits. It would create chaos and paint ‘patriots’ as the aggressor and bad guys.

        Oath Keepers is now foolishly focused on protection of Trump supporters at Trump rallies. Their credibility will be destroyed in such an event. Meanwhile Americans are being forcibly disarmed with zero due process and zero protection by Oath Keepers. FedGov would be painted as the aggressor and bad guy.

      12. Why are they allowed to keep saying something, which you consider to be illegal, though .

      13. False flags are so commonly used by all sides it’s difficult to ascertain when something (if ever) is real. One method I use to distinguish the probabilities is timing and who gains from the incident. If it fits too well it was likely conjured up for that specific purpose.

      14. Odd that I should read this article. My son is a videographer who makes his living from “gigs”. Recently he was contacted by people he had never met about a project that would have required extensive travel, the purpose of which would be to record riots and civil disorder. The pay was attractive, however thankfully he did not take the job. Is this related to an “engineered chaos event”?

      15. Constitutional values have been eroded for generations. The legal system has been undermined by legal minds (attorneys, judges, etc.) that have perverted the original intent to provide JUSTICE. “A jury of your peers” originally meant folks that were your neighbors in small communities – today anyone that knows you is forbidden from serving on that jury. Why does that example matter? – folks that know you have some idea of your likelihood to have committed that particular crime (have you been arrested a dozen times for that crime?). Sorry, can’t use that question – legal minds have ruled it inadmissible. The real tragedy is that JUSTICE eludes us.

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