ALERT: An Incredibly Fast And Deadly Super Bug Is Spreading In China: “Substantial Threat To Human Health”

by | Sep 7, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Headline News | 56 comments

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    There is a substantial threat to human health in China, and it could become a global epidemic if not contained. As an antibiotic resistant super bug is making its way across the country and the new deadly illness spreads, the mainstream media remains tightlipped about this potential epidemic.

    Infowars’ editor note reads:

    We’re horrified to learn that we’re the first international news outlet to bring massive attention to this story. This superbug was first revealed in The Lancet, a peer-reviewed medical journal. Until now, this story went underreported in the media, with only a handful of regional outlets providing limited coverage.

    The Lancet has titled their article: A fatal outbreak of ST11 carbapenem-resistant hypervirulent Klebsiella pneumoniae in a Chinese hospital: a molecular epidemiological study.  It bears to reason that this may be something that the general public should be concerned about, and the silence by mainstream media is telling.

    Scientists in Hangzhou, China have discovered a new strain of antibiotic-resistant pneumonia which spreads incredibly fast. They completed a study following a 2016 outbreak in a hospital ICU (intensive care unit) which led to the deaths of five patients ranging in age from 53 to 73.

    According to The Lancet:

     Hypervirulent Klebsiella pneumoniae strains often cause life-threatening community-acquired infections in [a] young and healthy host but are usually sensitive to antibiotics. In this study, we investigated a fatal outbreak of ventilator-associated pneumonia caused by a new emerging hypervirulent K pneumoniae strain. The outbreak occurred in the integrated intensive care unit of a new branch of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University (Hangzhou, China).

    We collected 21 carbapenem-resistant K pneumoniae strains from five patients and characterised these strains for their antimicrobial susceptibility, multilocus sequence types, and genetic relatedness using VITEK-2 compact system, multilocus sequence typing, and whole genome sequencing. We selected one representative isolate from each patient to establish the virulence potential using a human neutrophil assay and Galleria mellonella model and to establish the genetic basis of their hypervirulence phenotype.

    According to Infowars, the findings in the published piece by The Lancet are obviously less than enticing. Researchers concluded that the triple-threat posed by this new superbug poses a “substantial threat to human health because they are simultaneously hypervirulent, multidrug resistant, and highly transmissible.”

    K. pneumoniae  (ST11 CR-HvKP) is a deadly combination of two previously known strains of pneumonia; one which shrugs off all but the toughest antibiotics, and the other which is classified as “very severe” and “hypervirulent” in terms of lethality and how quickly it spreads.  And failure to control the spread of this super bug will make it a global epidemic. 

    The new report also reveals that samples from several other areas of China were tested and came back positive for the new superbug. The researchers also stated clearly: “Control measures should be implemented to prevent further dissemination of such organisms.”  This means there’s a potential for a global outbreak if China cannot contain this new suber bug.

    While Allergan’s U.S. approved antibiotic of last resort “Avibactam” can likely handle the ST11 CR-HvKP strain, yet the antibiotic is not available in China, which currently has nothing in its pharmaceutical arsenal to battle this particular infection. This is highly concerning to epidemiologists, Liang Chen and Barry Kreisworth. Both are calling the new strain of pneumoniae an “alarming evolutionary event.” According to Chen, “The microbe can fight off all drugs available in China. We don’t have anything in China to stop it. There is a drug available in the U.S. that should be effective against it, but we haven’t tested it yet.” Until China approves Avibactam or a similarly effective antibiotic of last resort, doctors and health officials can only prevent the spread of hypervirulent pneumonia by quickly identifying outbreaks and isolating the infected persons.

    Chen went on to say “the disease progresses very fast. It starts in the lungs and then infects other organs, like the liver.” The five patients who have died from this strain were all older than 53. They were all on ventilators after undergoing major surgeries and they died from severe lung failure, multiorgan failure, or septic shock, the researchers found.


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      1. “carbapenem” another reason to be on a low carb diet, it’ll keep the disease from going ape.
        C’mon a steady diet of disasters the last two weeks, and more looming, a laugh is in order.

        • Is this as dangerous or more dangerous than the chicken flu that was coming out of China to kill us all about 10 years ago?

      2. The Illuminati have initiated their latest plan to cull the herd of useless eaters.

      3. And now with China processing most of the worlds foods, this bug will be shipping out everywhere.

        • Congress recently approved a bill that included an okay for the USA to start importing cooked chicken products (think: “buffalo wings”, “chicken nuggets” etc.) from the glorious People’s Republic.

          Wonder how many generous ‘campaign contributions’ our hardworking Senators received from food-industry lobbyists. After all, if the fast-food joints can save eight cents per serving by dishing out toxic crap from China, why should Congressman Fatbottom give a damn about YOUR health? He’ll be relaxing on his yacht…

          • Newspaper article / May 13 2017:

            China, U.S. Reach Agreement On Beef, Poultry, Natural Gas

            China will finally open its borders to U.S. beef while cooked Chinese poultry is closer to hitting American supermarket shelves as part of a trade agreement.
            U.S. companies would also be allowed to ship liquefied natural gas to China as part of the agreement.

          • He doesn’t eat that shit, anyway…

      4. Too many humans in China….This is mother natures way of reducing the population, which she considers a virus. (and so do I)….This likely isn’t “thee” real superbug that is coming. When that bug does mutate, it will be worse than the black plague, or the Spanish flu. It will take out 90% of the human viruses on the planet.!!!!! And good riddins to most of them. cheers

        • HALF THE POPULATION IN DELAWARE is Chinese– And they travel back and forth while visiting relatives in China and coming back here…

        • That statement is the stupist thing I’ve heard all week

        • I went to a library booksale and just picked up a book on the black plague. I’m going to start reading it this week. I guess rats spread it. I live in the country and there are wood rats here…neighbor at the corner had em…killed some of her chickens. Got poisons. Got rid of them, but they live in the woods around here……scary

          • Marie:

            Don’t worry. During the Middle Ages the aristocrats moved out of the city to their country estates to wait out the plague in isolation.

            Fleas are the actual carriers of the disease. The disease started in China. The plague came to Europe by traders. Traders importing silks from China landed their boats in Italian harbors. The rats from the boats were carriers of infected fleas from China.

            Fleas jumped to city rats and probably dogs and cats as well. But out in the Country, the rats were not in contact with rats or animals with infected fleas.

            If however someone released infected fleas from a germ warfare lab, God help us all. With modern transportation, well. We would all be in trouble. One ray of hope is the fact that many Europeans today carry a gene which makes them resistant to the disease. That is because those without this resistant gene died during the Black Plague of the Middle Ages.


          • Wood rats–if I’m not mistaken are also known as packrats. They’re not the same as the Norway Rats (found worldwide) to which Europe’s plague was attributed. There is also a pulmonary form of the disease called Pneumonic Plague. Bth forms of Bubonic Plague are treatable with antibiotics, iof administered before the patient is too ill to recover.We have packrats where I live, but most plague cases here seem linked to fleas found on prairie dogs. The fleas are a danger in the summer, not, apparently, in the winter. Beware of ALL fleas/ticks, as many carry all sorts of plagues.

      5. Quick question if gold and silver is going to go to record highs and a fortune to be made or to secure your money in why is leer capitol and all these other metal dealers selling it??? Buy ammo…..

        • Godsoldier,

          These companies are in the business of selling precious metals, not speculating. However, I’m positive the people that work/own bullion dealers own PM’s as well. There is a difference…

        • i already got ammo…..and gold….and silver…..and canned food….and cold-weather clothes…..and knives…..and gasoline…..and water….and…..fuckity fuck!….seems like i really DO got it all!

          • Do you live in the country? Do you have a hand pump on your well? Or got another way to power the pump?

      6. And stay away from sick people. Also with all the disasters will it cause the insurance companies to have to start selling off investments to cover losses thus cause a sell off of the bond market that triggers a sell off of stock mkt

      7. Im gonna be busy this wk end preparing for the hurricanes think ill cut my grass and drink beer till the garden under

        • Just what I have planned. Gonna put some grass clippings, mulched leaves, and chicken shit/straw on it and work it in. Oops almost forgot…and drink some beer too. Picked up some Warsteiner and Paulaner (Octoberfest is here!). Damn good beer.

          • Two more hurricanes right behind Irma.

            I’m checking my beer and popcorn preps and may be a bit low. Time to make ice and fill the empty space in my freezer. At bedtime empty all the ice in the ice maker into a bag, by morning it’s full again, after breakfast make a cold drink and repeat. In a couple days the freezer is packed. It can handle a couple days without power if we can keep the door shut.

            • My neighbors just had their 3 pigs slaughtered. They all weighed about 300 lbs and weren’t even a yr old yet. She has two large freezers full of chickens and deer and needs room for the one pig…sold the other two. Gave me some good chickens cuz she had no room in freezer for the pig. I wonder what they will do when the power goes out for long? That food will rot unless it’s middle of winter. I didn’t say anything tho cuz i don’t want her to know i prep.

              • Marie:

                My neighbor had an outdoor burner attached to a tank. On it was a very large pressure cooker. I exclaimed, “Oh, you are pressure canning”. He said, “No, we are cooking. It takes too long in the house.”

                They had an outdoor reception later that week so I learned he was in fact just cooking.

                But, it occurs to me that you could help yourself and your neighbor if you got together and pressure canned that pig meat. You could volunteer to buy the equipment and do it outside her house for a few bottles of pressure canned pig. The All American Pressure Canner is the best.


      8. Figures it is in a filthy, over-populated shit hole, cesspool like China. I hope it wipes out 500 MILLION of those damn stinking rat bastards.

        • C.C. & Sierra Dave: Gotcha. Wish it would hit these Muslim countries big time! N. Korea also.

          • It will hit them harder as they are a backwards culture with lousy infrastructure, shitty culture, and government.

        • MADE IN CHINA! What else can anyone expect from that place?

        • Wow!! “Love thy neighbor as thyself!”

          • Anonymous, MAINLAND China is NOT my neighbor and I DON’T love communism. The only GOOD Chinese I’ve ever known were from TAIWAN AND HONG KONG.

            • We need to be mature enough not to equate the Chinese people with Communism. Not all Cubans living in Cuba are Communists!

      9. Well. With the Asians all having chickens, pigs, dogs, and human waste/bio fluids commingling. It’s like 100’s of millions of petri dishes. Eventually you will get the right combination that will be a mass killer.

        Couldn’t happen to a nicer communist country.

      10. China is where the flu starts every year. I’m going to catch this new bug, I know it. I will purify myself with Jameson.

        • Just rebuke it in the name of Jesus. And just stay away from people when it gets here wear a mask when shopping and spray everything with lysol shopping carts, money including your mail

          • colloidal silver is your best bet to spray down your shopping carts, money, etc. with. Much better than Lysol or other such chemicals.

          • Good thing you said clean the mail, cuz i just remembered that i get netflix thro the mail and they are very germy too. Good thing you reminded me. When i remember i wipe the disk down with clorox wipes or lysol wipes.

      11. Flu shots are a joke, do not work. Take pro biotics, vit. D, zinc, Lysine and vit. C esp. during flu season daily. Juice (in blender) fresh or frozen fruits and veggies like spinach, kale, carrots, etc. Cut out dairy which usually causes symptoms to get worse.

      12. He used to be called “Herby the Love Bug”
        Now he’s going all Antifa on everyone.

      13. Maybe Hillary can take her book tour to China. Bill and Chelsea can go as well.

      14. They reported it in 2016. It is now fall in 2017 almost a year later. Nothing is going happen and this strain is NOT spreading nowhere as it is no longer. All BS for sensationalism. Old news.

        • Sam,
          I search on the diseases scientific name K. pneumoniae (ST11 CR-HvKP) and find nothing from 2016 using Google and Yahoo?

          There are others with similar names that are older, but then these names are incremental in their construction. There is no information on the effect of the standard pneumonia vaccine and this variant?

          You are right that this is likely hype. I’ll bet there are just dirty pipes in the hospitals O2 distribution system. It’s a little early to declare a pandemic alert when it’s only people in hospitals getting it, and there are only a small number of cases.

          There’s a lot of attention given to the opioid epidemic because it has become the number one preventable killer of people 18 to 55. What they don’t tell us is that twice that number of people contract infections and die while in US hospitals, apparently these aren’t preventable, so it’s a different category……. Both of these are the result of failures in the medical community and represent the cause of well over a 100,000 deaths per year.

          The WHO and CDC love to exploit any hot spot group of deaths, anywhere on planet earth for fundraising purposes.

      15. Only 5 words in this whole thing matter:

        How many drugs does that make now? Untested and distributed?
        Viability is too much trouble.


      17. Antibiotic resistance can skip from one species of bacteria to another species (presumably when devoured). It is the microbial version of genetic modification. Bacteria can change faster than drug-makers can keep up.

        Some cases of this infection have turned up in Switzerland. I. don’t think they will be able to contain it

        They suspect that it jumped species to humans from wild primates. Anyone describing it generally uses the terms multi-drug resistant, hypervirulent and hypermucoviscous. Meningitis and liver abcess are associated with it. It is a nasty way to die.

      18. From what I can research, only “alternate news sites” (IE, alternate means as opposed to actual/factual) are reporting this…telling.

      19. Infowars has already been confirmed as a government controlled propaganda entity by my reckoning. That site pretends to be controversial to confuse those who follow seeking truth and untainted news. The CDC and the WHO are the proven genetic manipulators among others. It’s obvious they want the masses dead and then chemically cremated.

      20. Stop biting your fingernails!! Also, I use hand sanitizer for everything!! Its great for bumps, anything itchy– IT KILLS bacteria!!! So I use the stuff like mad!! great stuff!! And especially to keep germs off the hands! 😉

        • The active ingredient in hand sanitizer is ethyl alcohol.

          High school kids buy it, add a small amount of salt that destroys the gelling agent and filter off the alcohol. Mix with tomato juice to make a Bloody Mary.

        • I was in the hospital last year after becoming very ill. I noticed the RN nursing staff had the same bad breath. Were they all eating the same thing? I doubt it. The one thing they all had in common was they used the same hand sanitizer. The smell of that stuff is nauseating, for me. One RN was pregnant and used it. I am guessing none of them realized they were absorbing whatever chemicals were in that hand sanitizer directly into their skin.

          Plain soap and hot water work fine for me. So do gloves. If I want to sanitize something I use bleach.

          • PD, AMEN about hand sanitizers. When I have something on my hands like grease that regular soap won’t handle I use Comet cleanser and one of those sponges with the scouring pad on one side with hot water. Works like a charm every time. For grease, oil, etc. you need something strong.

        • Anonymous, hand sanitizer is a joke. Use at least regular soap and hot water for ordinary dirt and it also kills bacteria and gets rid of germs. For anything heavy like grease or oil, use Dawn soap or Comet cleanser in hot water. Also use a sponge with scouring pad on one side for scrubbing your hands. Works every time.

        • Yes, it kills bacteria, but does it kill flu & cold virus?? This is why i use Clorox wipes – keep a can in the car and wipe my hands a lot when i go shopping. It says right on the can that it kills flu virus.

      21. The reason this isn’t big news is because it may be something and nothing: this strain could be circulating widely in the community causing no ill effects. This is a study of critically ill people on a hospital ICU. It doesn’t mean the whole world is going to get infected with a new superbug.

        “The main limitation of this study is that only a small
        number of cases have been investigated. A large-scale
        study on the relationship between the clinical outcomes of
        infections caused by carbapenem-resistant
        K pneumoniae
        strains with or without the virulence plasmid is underway
        to provide more evidence on the clinical significance of
        these newly emerged strain”

      22. We do have an issue on our hands more real that the BS that is being shipped around. How about the responder in Houston that ended up with a flesh eating bacteria. The cesspool is ripe in south Texas.

      23. Honestly, the world needs a good epidemic to thin the population. And if it is an actual nature made bug (instead of a lab created one with a secret vaccine), it will hit the rich and poor alike.

      24. If we Are in favor of population thinning perhaps our personal affairs should be in order as well.
        Like the Pro Abortion supporters. Who are quite alive & want to stay that way.
        Disease can happen. Death can happen. Until one or the other takes us.

      25. Pneumonia has been killing people forever. When patients have surgery, as these did, they remain still for hours allowing pneumonia to set in, particularly in cases of young children and the elderly.

        Cut up garlic into small diced pieces and swallow with a glass of water on an empty stomach in the morning. Do this for seven to ten days. Kills parasites and bad bacteria. Make boiled chicken soup. Add fresh diced garlic to soup just before serving. Heat kills the medicinal effect of garlic. Boiled chicken is a natural antibiotic.


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