Al Gore: The ‘Climate Crisis’ Is So Bad, It’s Creating ‘Flying Rivers’ And ‘Rain Bombs’

by | Mar 20, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 29 comments


Former vice president Al Gore has gotten even stranger with his new terminology about “climate change.”  While speaking in Dubai Sunday, Gore told delegates that “the “climate crisis” has gotten so bad that it is creating “flying rivers” that eventually result in “rain bombs” dropping on unsuspecting populations.

While that might sound like a dystopian novel has just sparked to life (ignore the fact that we are living in George Orwell’s 1984), Gore,  the founder and chairman of The Climate Reality Project, assures all of us such “extreme” developments are our new “reality.” The reason, of course, is that people are using the atmosphere like an “open sewer,” where we pour our dirty fossil fuels, supposedly ramping up extreme weather and driving up humidity by 5% over the last 30 years. But remember, Gore also predicted there would be a collapse of the polar ice caps by now, but NASA’s satellite instruments have revealed the Earth’s polar ice caps have not receded at all since the satellite instruments began measuring the ice caps in 1979. Since the end of 2012, total polar ice extent has largely remained above the post-1979 average.

Another important bit of information that most of Gore’s lemmings completely miss is the fact that he’s well on his way to becoming the “world’s first carbon billionaire.”  Gore is raking in substantial amounts of money from the poor cultists he brainwashes into actually believing it is their fault the climate changes. 

Dubai’s Gulf News provided the following summary of the ominous predictions Gore laid out:

He described flying or atmospheric rivers as long streams of rain-bearing clouds that carry huge amounts of water vapour over long distances, ending as heavy rain bombs over a small, concentrated area. Gore said a city in California was recently hit by such weather, with the “river” in the air having flown thousands of kilometres from an area in the Pacific Ocean.

So should we be worried about a plague of “rain bombs” and “flying rivers”? Well, in all honesty, we should all do our best to take care of the Earth we live on, but none of us need to pad Al Gore’s pockets or suffer under the ever-increasing burdens of taxation to achieve a healthier planet. Just because one finds the flaws (and there are many) in the climate change junk science doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do our best to keep the plants and animals we eat in a healthy state.

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    1. Jim in Va.

      This idiot has made money off of climate change which is a joke. Who made him the expert? He flies around in a large jet(great example) and buys a house on the west coast(just what one wants when supposedly the water is rising). He is an idiot politician who knows nothing.

      • Menzoberranzan

        The friggin insane bomb fell on gore long ago.

      • Horse

        I don’t think he’s stupid, he’s making multi millions off the GW thing.
        I think he’s a con-artist and a complete asshole but he knows
        where the money is and I doubt he believes his own BS but business is business.
        You need to talk the talk and he does but be obviously doesn’t
        “walk the walk” with the mansions and jet planes.

      • RMS1911

        It was his payoff.

      • NunyaBidness

        Retard stuff right there.

        • Archivist

          It was a movie. Fantasy. Just reading his lines.

    2. MWK

      Hey Al Gore, did you just take a shit load of acid or something? Al replies, “no! no way man! but did you see all the fucking dragons in the kitchen????”

      • John Stiner

        For being shuch a piece of shit, Al Gore sure is living the good life.

        He makes MILLIONS being on the board of directors for APPLE.

    3. Brian

      Watch Gore introduce a special umbrella guaranteed to protect you against “rain bombs”. Buy one and never leave home without it! We really dodged a bullet when he wasn’t elected POTUS!

    4. Sgt. Dale

      Al. It is called mother nature. This has been happening for millions of years.

      AL YOU ARE A DIP SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    5. kingfish

      Whatever he may say must be right because I remember long ago when he claimed the he was one of the inventors of the internet,, he must be really smart…. Also remember he did not even carry his home state of TN in the 2000 election. KF

    6. B from CA

      I saw rivers of rain clouds in California, some people call them CHEM TRAILS.


    7. Heartless

      Gee-minney-Christmas… Gore needs to either put down the crack pipe or seek professional help (or both). Hey all…. an inquiring mind wants to know: Whatever became of Tipper? She always seemed a nice enough gal. Probably just found she couldn’t deal with Al’s insanity or 7th Chakra issues.

      • grandee

        she divorced him

    8. B from CA

      Climate Change is an excuse for Communist usurpation of rights while simultaneously robbing believers. Even selling a book filled with lies robs people of what little money they have which might otherwise be spent on something they can actually use, or from a book that will actually teach them something. Eustace Mullins has written books worth reading, from “The Federal Reserve” to “”Murder By Injection” and a slew of others.


    9. Sir Vyvor

      Ever notice that Al Gore’s waist size is the same as his carbon footprint?

    10. watching and waiting

      shut up dumb ass

    11. Jack Crabb

      algore, meet rusty chainsaw. An ordinary human being would need no further instruction.

      You on the other hand are a stupid, lying huckster. So…..

      1) start the chainsaw
      2) shove it up your fat ass.

    12. Elkhound

      From the 70’s until the early 90’s our US manufacturing industry was targeted by officials who were claiming that smog pollution was causing Acid Rain..As soon as NAFTA officially went into effect back on 1-1-94,we didn’t hear of Acid Rain again..The Acid Rain claim disappeared as quickly as Millions of our US manufacturing jobs..When CHEAP LABOR is involved Acid Rain doesn’t exist..It’s ALL about $$$..Follow the $$$ because it will lead you to the answers your looking for..

    13. Frank Thoughts

      Notice that Gore and the other ‘policy whores’ ALWAYS make these speeches in rich oil and gas countries? The one thing you can take to the bank is the fact a jet-setting environmentalist will never turn down a trip to somewhere hot and sunny and where the poontang is tasty sweet.

      Hey, Al, don’t forget the Mazola the next time you get out there: I hear the ‘happy finishes’ are a specialty!

      • Archivist

        You would appreciate this.

        I saw a video one time about a guy getting a massage. The oriental girl asked him if he wanted a “happy ending.” Of course, he said yes.

        At the end of the massage, there was suddenly noisemakers, confetti, balloons, clowns, jugglers, etc., almost like a New Years party.

        It wasn’t exactly what he was expecting.

    14. the blame-e

      Why don’t they just start calling it “Crisis Planet.”

    15. 2018 Is Now

      He flies everywhere in a private jet. Now thats a small carbon footprint.

    16. the blame-e

      “Flying rivers” and “rain bombs.” Kind of takes away from “raining cats and dogs” and “gully washers.” [sarcasm]

      • Archivist

        Don’t forget “frog stranglers.”

    17. Punkie

      Actually, as usual the left is it’s hand so that we can see just enough of the truth. There IS actually man made manipulation of the weather and climate. It’s NOT caused by anything you not I are doing. Solar radiation management programs and geoengineering, with a goal of weaponizing weather…big money and probably black programs, but you can look deeper and do your own research. Yep. That’s why we now have “weather whiplash” (extreme hot/cold inside of a few days), precipitation instead of rain, thunder asthma (it’s a thing-google it!) and nucleated ice formations. Your local weather man now calls themselves “your weather authority”… Don’t get started. Al and his buddies at NOAA, Raytheon and other government contractors creating the problem and blaming Joe citizen. Look up people. Look up!

    18. Beaumont

      I think, it’s disrespectful, to be turning everything into a reductio ad Hitlerum, all the time.

      But, Gore is technically combining blood libel with his Lebensraum, in these war analogies.

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