Air Force General Admits The US Can’t Stop Chinese Or Russian Hypersonic Missiles

by | Mar 22, 2018 | Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Headline News | 39 comments

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    A top United States Air Force general has admitted that the US is powerless against hypersonic missiles capable of killing millions of people. Air Force General John Hyten testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee on March 20 and admitted the horrifying reality.

    When asked about the effectiveness of US defenses, General Hyten revealed the country would be powerless against some state-of-the-art weapons, such as the hypersonic missiles currently in the hands of the Chinese and Russians. According to The Daily Star, hypersonic missiles can deploy warheads that travel at 20 times the speed of sound and can dodge air defenses as they loop through the skies.

    “We have a very difficult – well, our defense is our deterrent capability,” said Hyten. “We don’t have any defense that could deny the employment of such a weapon against us, so our response would be our deterrent force, which would be the triad and the nuclear capabilities that we have to respond to such a threat.” Hyten eluded that should the US be attacked with one such missile, that the military could respond with a nuclear attack.

    These comments come as fears of a third world war continue to heighten and among the major advancements in the Russian and Chinese weapons technology. Both of these countries would be a force to be reckoned with should another world war break out.

    The Russians have been accomplishing a great deal in stealth technology, especially with Kilo-class boats converted into stealth subs. Dubbed “the black holes of the Russian Navy,” these quiet refitted diesel subs with the stealth technology are starting to roll steadily off of the assembly lines.

    The Chinese are also upgrading their submarine fleet from a technological perspective (the boat) and also making improvements in their missile systems.  Such actions come on the heels of American positioning in the Pacific. –SHTFPlan

    Zhou Chenming, a Beijing-based military observer, previously warned of the dangers posed by the sophisticated technology. “Compared to conventional ballistic missiles, HGVs are more complex and difficult to intercept,” Zhou said. “The US, Japan, and India should be worried about China’s developments in HGV technology because it can reach targets quicker and more accurately, with military bases in Japan and even nuclear reactors in India being targeted.”


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      1. Well now possibly the war mongers will think twice about starting a war with North Korea and pissing off the Chinese. And rethink the Syria plans and avoid pissing off the Russians. The threat of mutual annilation is what keeps the nukes from flying.

        • No, many of the war mongers will not think twice, because they are mongers not of peace but of war. War is what they monger. They shut out any information that is not consistent with their desire. If a nuclear power plant exists in what they consider enemy territory, they will bomb it. When told that numerous such actions will destroy life on earth, they will simply ignore that information and bomb them anyway. It is not because they don’t care. It is because they are very determined war mongers and that makes them stupid about everything else except how to monger war.

        • We need to reformulate our foreign policy based on fear of our enemies instead of the strength to stand against them.

          They say Jump, we Jump!

      2. Ok boy get on the drawing board and get started on a Defense. There is nothing we can’t do in the USA.

        I think he forgot to tell you we also have them, you can bet on that.


        • I am convinced all of these “enemy” governments are all really allied against the global population. I bet they would talk to one another from their respective bunkers and tell one another jokes while their brainwashed citizens are killing one another.

          These guys will not develop a plan to save you. They have to worry about their own preservation at your expense. They also do not plan on a majority of the global population sticking around.

        • I’ll bet you hypersonic missile defense is nowhere in that new spending bill. Game over.

      3. Oh, come on… are they admitting they fell down on the job? That our global intelligence network failed to detect this in advance? That we, the worlds only “superpower” are defenseless? This is just another taxpayer money grab to build more weapons systems, to sell to more of our “allies” down the road. Give me a break… give ALL the US taxpayers a break. They should all be fired.

        • defensive weapon system already exists. why on earth would they out that to the people with the offensive weapon?

          misdirection and black money grab. Thats all.

      4. The real reason Russia and China have such weapons is because the USA came out of the Second World War victorious, popular, and rich, and this caused the regular people in this country to feel like they owned the earth and could do anything they wanted. The weapons in Russia and China did not spring up out of the ground for no reason. They became so highly developed as a result of the self-responsible and realistic perceptions of the Russians and Chinese that they needed to do something to protect themselves from the inappropriate behaviors being exhibited by the power monkeys in control of the USA. Of course this is not an absolute explanation. But this explains a lot of it.

        • I am an American Citizen, and I have never, not even once “. . . [felt] like [I] owned the earth and could do anything [I] wanted. Sorry to disappoint.

          The rest of what you said I agree with. In fact, I believe North Korean tyrant, Kim Jung-In, would be a fool idiot to give up his nukes.

          There is no negotiating with the US government. The only thing they believe in is endless war and endless war-mongering. You cannot trust a government that believes in Total World Domination and sells it as Globalism.

      5. Quick ! ! ! Let’s give the U.S. endless war-mongers the trillions of dollars they need! We have a (what is it?), a hypersonic missile gap.

        Can’t the war-mongers, and the endless war-mongering propaganda machine say something like (oh, I don’t know), something like “Nuts to the Russians and China. The US possesses trans-sonic transgender mind-bending super-double-secret missiles.”

        Or something. Worked for Hitler.

        I am sick of this BS.

      6. How can that be true when I just heard a guy on TV last night say that Americas military superiority is second to none. And first to pour trillions into weapons of mass destruction trying to prop up the dollars few pennies worth of buying power.

        • “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” — Mike Tyson.

      7. There is something to be said for having top-of-the-line tools.

        Sure, you can find some great tools at Estate Sales. But, to avoid buying made in China crap, or even American made tools using China imported inferior metals, I have been turning my attention more and more to Germany.

        The Germans are known for the quality of their products.


        • After World War II the Germans had the best spoils ever. Period.

          There will never be anything as sexy as a German U-Boat. Black leather has not looked as good as it did since the Gestapo stopped wearing it. No army, before or since, has gone to war as well-dressed as the Germans. And those “secret weapons.” Who can forget those “secret weapons?” German rockets. German ICBMs. The German tank. German Nukes. German jet planes. German helicopters. German flying saucers. German ‘Lost Ark of the Covenant.’ (Well, not really. Just in the movie. But it sure works.) German secret bunkers. German underground factories. This is the kind of hot rod art direction the world will never see again.

      8. We don’t need to stop the missiles. Simply come up with a solution to re-direct them upon detection. A novel approach would be literally ‘return to sender’. And for those who think I’m joking around, I’m not. A guidance system inversion pulse would do the trick.

        • WOW! “A guidance system inversion pulse…” Now, just what the hell is THAT?

      9. They all nee to have weapons that can’t be stopped so that they won’t be used. MAD isn’t mad at all.

        • need not nee

      10. This is the same general who said he may not obey orders to launch a nuke if Trump wanted to do so. Our military is a mess and we can’t afford to go to war with anybody. If we do,we will not only be defeated,but humiliated before the world. This is worse than when Carter was president,and I was in the military at the time

      11. The Fed has been doing some hypersonic bond buying in the last few months.
        Talk about robbing Peter to pay Paul. Will not end well.

      12. Beware Korea. This sounds like the type of misdirection we might use to draw some poor basta*d into a war. Then unleash holy hell on that country to set an example for other adversaries. We poke fun at our own security measures but many capabilities remain hidden.

      13. We can’t balance the budget now. If we want to build new systems, we would have to borrow the money. Our biggest creditor is China. Sure, let’s borrow the money from them!

        • Brian,
          The vast majority of our creditors are Americans.
          We owe most of those Trillions to Americans.
          The Chinese( 1.2 trillion) and Japanese(1.1 trillion)
          could dump all the debt instruments they hold
          and we would not suffer much for it.

          ht tps://

      14. I’m not worried about that threat. The Russians and Chinese are scared shitless about our Trident D5 upgrades, and rightly so. Now THEY are fast, so fast that there is little time to deploy any ABM defense. You also can’t shelter from them. Think about that. You can no longer hide in a deep reinforced structure. It will penetrate deep and vaporize you right in your safe space. Knowing that, I expect the Russians and Chinese to brag or boast about something they have to try and save face. Good luck with that.

        • worm,
          Do you have a source for info on the D5 upgrade. The only
          recent upgrade I know of is dramatically improved accuracy.

      15. We have tested a powered hypersonic vehicle but it did not work very well.
        They have been quiet about it since then.
        The Russians or Chinese are working on a steerable hypersonic glider and that seems to be working.
        Democrats have really sold us down the river.

      16. They Can’t stop OURS either.!!!!

      17. A laser based missile defense system would stop hypersonic missiles, we should develop such a system.

        • Star Wars. The new generation. Wonder how much that will cost us.

      18. The costs of the cold war arms race was part of what brought the Soviet Union down. Their economy couldn’t bear the costs. Sound like anyone we know?

      19. The pot is beginning to boil… rivet…

      20. Different folks have different interpretations of the same article. I agree with most of what has been commented about this but want to add my interpretation. To me by the Generals saying they cant stop the enemy missiles is really some sort of ploy to start a new advanced program to defend against them,, in reality a very expensive new program by the military-industrial complex to make richer all who take part in it. Eisenhower warned us…. KF

      21. Why not just tell the Ruskies and Chinamen that we have a “doomsday” machine, like the movie Dr Strangelove. If they were to pre-emtively attack the U.S. or our allies, it would trigger an automatic detonation and destroy all life on the planet….Instilling the ultimate Fear to attack.!!!!!

      22. Test

      23. Ok. I’ve seen a lot of comments about how screwed the west is against such weapon systems. First of all we (west) created the tech. Remember the Patriot Missile Defense System? The patriot is 3 decades old and it moved at hypersonic speed (3 times faster than sound) in Desert Storm. In the years immediately following that war much negativity was said about the Patriots effectiveness; most of the negativity came from the MICs (propaganda). It was said the Patriot had as low as 2% knock down rate- not true; more like 98% knock down rate. I can personally attest to this. The only problem (at the time) was that the incoming missile warhead (If not initially destroyed) would fall aimlessly to earth and explode. Now remember, this was state of the art tech. 30 years ago and we invented hypersonic missile defense. If any of you believe that we do not also have the mirror image offensive missile to the now outdated but improved Patriot Missile Defense System, you are delusional. Ofcourse the DOD is downplaying our capabilities, for two reasons 1- opsec 2- more funding. It should also be noted that much of our offensive and defensive hypersonic missile tech. was sold to both Russia and China by the Clintons. So, rest easy, war IS inevitable, but it will be equal. Good day.

      24. Sun Tzu, The Art of War, Chapter 1 verse 18

        All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when we are able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must appear inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.

      25. Pure BS. The Russkies and Chineeze are behind us in everything. Just listen to Charles R. Smith. He said there would never be a war with NK. Looks like he was right. The recent Putin parade of fantasy weapons was just that, day dreams. The Russkies don’t have any of this on the assembly line. We’ve got the nukes to take all of them out, so there you go.

        And yes, traitor and rapist Billy C. almost ruined the military. So many reasons to put him and that demon Hellory away in a deep, dark dungeon.

      26. Not being able to stop a country from deploying or using hypersonic missiles is nothing new. We also can’t stop regular nuclear missiles. That’s what MAD is all about. The idea that the US could intercept missiles or an attack is idiotic. We MAY be able to get a few. But not most. And no country would launch just one or two…of any kind. It’s either all out war or its nothing. I do agree we should build more offensive weapons though. Defense never wins!!!

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