Ad Shows Army Prepping for Martial Law: “This Is Not Battle Training. This Is Riot Control”

by | Dec 30, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 135 comments

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    Will martial law be declared on American soil?

    Will economic collapse and urban riots result in the final and total loss of civil liberties right here at home?

    It could happen, and it is one of the “eventualities” that the military is preparing for, though they are constitutionally barred from being used domestically against the American people.

    Part of the U.S. Army’s latest ad campaign, broadcast frequently during football games and sporting events, and widely across many television programs, includes a 30-second spot that shows soldiers training with shields used for domestic riot control.

    Watch the ad; the riot shield appear from about :10-:13 seconds in:

    The overall surface message of the commercial is intended to show a force operating across the globe in many capacities, many of which reflect an empire that has gone too far.

    But how many  television viewers stopped to contemplate why the Army is training for crowd control and riots?

    You Tuber Texas Shrugged Book points out that there are few overseas missions, if any, where soldiers would be engaged in these activities – and perhaps NO legitimate missions for this training here on U.S. soil.

    Watch his analysis below:

    Texas Shrugged Book says:

    “The language they used over this picture was ‘We train for ANY eventuality.’ Now, again, most Sheeple watching this are going, ‘What’s the problem? What’s wrong with this picture?’ This is riot and crowd control, folks. ‘So, so what? So, the Army needs to do that.’ No they don’t need to do that, you dumb Sheeple idiots. No they don’t. Army’s role traditionally, from the founding of this nation, is to take out the enemy’s soldiers, planes, tanks, armaments, munitions, etc. – to kill on the battlefield… That’s what they do.”

    “Now, I know they’ve been used in some weird, twisted roles like Green Zone Baghdad and some weird things, and that the psychos that run this country are trying their best to bastardize the role of the U.S. Army, but nevertheless, think about this: This is riot and crowd control.”

    Is it coming to an American city near you? Well, there’s no international application where the Army does this. The Army doesn’t take to the battlefield with these shields. This is not battle training. This is riot control. Crowd control. And what looks creepy to me is domestic riot control, crowd control, martial law or Jade Helm training.”

    “The Marines protect our embassies overseas; the Army does not operate in riot and crowd control… you have a 30 second commercial here, folks. You want to use this as a major part of your 30 second commercial, when there are thousands of other positives you could show about the role of the U.S. Army? Why do you show us this? It’s creepy; I’m questioning it, but now I’m glad they’ve showed it to us because we can see where things may be going.”

    And the point is a good one – not only is training like this going on, but the U.S. Army has decided to promote this aspect and prepare the population to accept it if/when it is used here at home.

    Using it in real life would violate some of the civil rights that American hold most dear; but on the other hand, how many scenarios are we away from seeing the powers that be suspend or simply ignore the constitution.

    Could martial law happen here? While no one knows the future, it is entirely possible that riots in Ferguson and other cities are just the beginning, and that this type of chaos could spread nationwide at any given moment.

    Will the next wave of economic collapse trigger this dismal Endgame, or will Obama provoke the nation once again into civil unrest?

    No one knows, just be ready for all eventualities.


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      1. Traitors will die

        • Lib Statists will call you the traitor.

          I.e., “traitor” is in the eye of the beholder.

          • We’ll see who is a better shot then.

          • Freeslave, damn right about ‘traitor’ being in the eye of the beholder. It really depends on what someone means by that word. No surprised that MSM is finally admitting to what the training is for, but the sheeple are too retarded to figure it out. This is old news. Army and Marines have been training for this BS for years, but now MSM admits to it whereas in the past we were called nutjobs for pointing it out. This is not a smart thing for the US military to do.

            • Brave,
              will be interesting to see how many military change sides when it all happens!

              • For the folks that believe that most Troops will not follow orders, you might want to read this a few times …

                “I suspected I was just part of a racket at the time. Now I am sure of it. Like all the members of the military profession, I never had a thought of my own until I left the service. My mental faculties remained in suspended animation while I obeyed the orders of higher-ups. This is typical with everyone in the military service.”

                – General Smedley Butler, USMC Retired General, Speech in 1933

                (The most decorated Marine in USA history at the time of his retirement)

                • It is true. I served, my son serves today….but that’s not my choice. I only started thinking on my own when I got older. Now I realize the ridiculousness of what I was taught since I was a child. We are indoctrinated since birth into believing that “we” are noble and good, and everyone else is “evil”. I’ve learned we’re no better and in some cases, we’re even worse. It saddens me.

                  The military is drilled to follow orders….NOT to think, nor question orders. When push comes to shove, someone will resist and in doing so, they will close ranks and root out all of us. Don’t believe for a minute that the military is on the side of freedom. They think they are, but they don’t even know what freedom really is. Few people do.

          • The “traditional role” for the Army is NONE AT ALL. The Founders mostly opposed any standing army.

            • I always thought the traditional role of the armed forces is to defend the nation. When did it change to ‘invade every other nation’?

        • My abiding hope is a Mutiny within the Military of all four branches, and within all alphabet agencies.

          Army vs. Army.
          Navy vs. Navy.
          Marines vs. Marines.
          Air Force vs. Air Force.
          Pentagon vs. Pentagon.
          CIA vs. CIA.
          FBI vs. FBI.
          NSA vs. NSA.
          DIA vs. DIA.

          And on down to the state and local governments.

          We need inside insurgents against the Lib Fascists.

          • I have no doubt that there are Constitutional patriots still present in all that you mentioned. I share your hope.

            • My fear, my concern is that the Lib Fascists have a List of all the Constitutional Patriots who would mutiny against an unconstitutional edict. And then take a pre-emptive strike against all those on the list, thus neutering the mutiny before they have a chance to respond.

              The Dark Side of the Libs cannot be underestimated.

              • However, we have a list of all the traitors!!! What they have voted for!!!

                • Thor,
                  and YUP it will be pay back time!! get the ropes ready,don’t waste bullets on those scumbags

          • +1

          • Free-

            “We need inside insurgents against the Lib Fascists” and the muslim brotherhood in one form or another. They are both woven into the fabric of our nation. The way I see it is with every passing day there are more of them and less of us. The question is will enough of us wake up in time to do something about it?

            These people have been very patient and doing all of this under the cover of darkness for decades. It is only since Obama that they seem confident enough to be more open about it. If things continue the way they are it wont be long before they outnumber us enough to elect a Berny Sanders – who openly runs as a socialist.

            The GOP has sold out to the “powers that be”

            The DemoRats sold out decades ago.

            We are loosing our voice as Patriots.

            To be honest I think its gonna get real ugly.

            • Fewer of us, not less. The test is that if you can count it, if only theoretically, it’s fewer. Less applause – see, there’s no way to count applause, but you CAN count applauders.

              Not a criticism of your post, which I agree with.

          • Since Obama took office an unprecedented number of top military leaders have been removed from their posts – nearly 200 generals.

            200 Generals fired. Not retired honorably, not medically discharged, fired for not toting the Obama line.

            That is totally alarming!

            Just like Hitler getting rid of the S.A. in 1933 clearing the path for his S.S. troops.

            • John-

              This is why the next election is so important for our military. Cruse or Trump or maybe Carson would be the only ones that would build back the military leadership.

              Hillary would finish the job Obama started. And I mean finish it, after 4 or 8 years of her it would all be over.

              AND THESE ARE THE CANDIDATES THAT THE GOP HATE !!! That is very alarming to me.

              • I really don’t think there will be an election. The pos potus will declare martial law and suspend the election.
                He will then finish his evil work.

            • Stalin purged the Red Army, and USSR paid a heavy price during the German invasion. Ordinary Soviets paid the heaviest price.

            • Those same top military people that were fired/forced to retire will be the ones to organize the citizen patriots of this country to help save America from becoming a totalitarian dictatorship.

          • USA VS CSA ??????

        • It is illegal for the U.S. Army to serve within the United States. That is why National Guard was originated. But then obama doesn’t believe in obeying any of our laws or the Constitution. He thinks he’s God. Karma is really going to be a bitch for him.

          • obama is a damn muslim, he isn’t worried about anyone else’s definition of karma, he has his own cruel dark master to answer to…

        • I’ts not like this is the first time we have been educated to the depth of the militaries training and total acceptance of rounding up Americans and putting them in FEMA camps, now is it? Sure it supplements our understanding, and it’s an upfront propaganda move, but it’s not new to our understanding of the training they are going thru.

          The military has been couped.

      2. Will the next wave of economic collapse trigger this dismal Endgame, or will Obama provoke the nation once again into civil unrest?

        He’s got one more year to do it. And I wouldn’t put it past this narcisstic Lib.

        • Ocommie isn’t going anywhere. He IS the last president. Its my personal opinion that everything happening in our country will bring civil war. Nothing will stop it from happening at this point. The war will end one of two ways, re-instatement of a freedom loving America or a totalitarian regime that will never be removed.

          • Maddog:

            Are you going to Burns Oregon this Saturday for the Hammond family rally?

      3. Hurricane Katrina taught a lesson to the Federal Government that has unfortunate consequences.

        The local law enforcement collapsed. The police station was destroyed. A new command post was set up in the Harrah’s Casino. The law enforcement was totally overwhelmed and under staffed.

        Only the n—– thugs remained in New Orleans, everybody else evacuated. The thugs went wild, looting and stealing everything.

        There was no Federal Law Enforcement to respond to the City.

        The National Guard does not know how to be a police man. They don’t know the State penal code, how to fill out probable cause affidavits, file criminal charges, be witnesses in courts. They only know how to be a soldier.

        So, the FEDs sent out a rallying call across the US for police officers to come to New Orleans and police the town. I was in the French Quarter in October after the August Storm and the New York State Police. Do they know the Louisiana Penal Code? Of course not.

        So, the answer for the FEDS is to train the military to police and to declare martial law that the military can enforce and understand.

        Hence, the problem. The best of intentions is always the beginning of revoking of civil rights.

        • John, the reason I became a prepper was due to Hurricane Katrina. It was a huge shock to see dead bodies in the streets. To hear about what happened inside the football stadium. To learn what happened in some of the hospitals. That event changed my life, and my outlook, forever. I swore that I would never be one of those people saying “why isn’t the government helping me?” Ever.

        • @ John Stiner

          Your comment is brilliant. You tie in facts you lived with excellent insight. Thank you.

          One follow on. Since military aren’t trained to be police, and in an extreme situation there will be no courts or trained corrections officers, the easiest thing for military to do will be to kill all

          • Not without a summary judgement. The easiest thing to do is just to put them all inside a stockade.

          • Note the (final) solution enacted by the government / military in the film ‘Crazies’. IMO, this is not as farfetched as some may think. If TPTB feel threatened by an area which they think cannot be tightly controlled, then it’s easy to declare that it’s “a hotbed of terrorist insurgency” and glass it over… then make up whatever story they want and feed it to the public, which these days seems willing to accept any BS churned out by the MSM. The 1970s era of ‘fearless, crusading journalists’ is long gone.

            I believe that the steady erosion of Constitutional rights is sliding us toward the days when (domestic) military tribunals, drone strikes, and ‘disappearances’ will be packaged as “brave defenders preserving our way of life against dangerous radicals”. Nobody will say boo about it either. The media and the universities are working relentless to condition future generations to be docile, obedient, and unquestioning of authority. Sic Transit Gloria Mundi.

      4. Will you fight the goverment when the time comes? Answer below honestly I might add.

        Thank You

        • Yes

          • Yes

        • If I have to, then yes. The question is what exactly will cause me to go Rambo? And the related question is when is it the right time? Don’t want to start fighting prematurely. And don’t want to start fighting too late either.

          • Caucasian, slingshot, and freeslave, the answer for me is NOT ONLY YES, BUT HELL YES. Freeslave, damn good points about not fighting prematurely or too late. What will make me go Rambo? Any one of a number of things.

            • What’s up Braveheart, I’ve been pondering the potential ignition source and I think it will be when they go for all the semi autos at the federal level. If they try to take our rifles that could actually put up a legit fight that will be the shot heard around the world in our life time.

              • Greentip4U, I agree that it can be the spark. It’s not a smart thing for anyone to try.

          • I agree, my fear is very similar. Hard to say where the line in the sand is, but troops in the streets going house to house cannot be tolerated.

            • Really? How about Katrina and Boston? Hmmmm……

              • genius


                By the time most people realize the gov’t has come….It will be too late to fight. I hope I’m wrong but “our” track record doesn’t look good so far.

                WOLVERINES!!!!!!!!!!……….yahhhh right…

          • That’s the million dollar question my friend. When will the government push we the people to the breaking point? When is that second shot heard around the world gonna be heard again?

        • Years ago the answer was Never.

          Now, I work on the assumption that it may be only a matter of time until a person MUST fight against the government. Actually, I see it more as protecting my family and neighbors from the out-of-control Federal parasites.

        • The government is not going to be coming after us. If collapse happens, we will not be rioting, looting, stealing, breaking into homes, raping and robing.

          We will be secure in our homes with our preps.

          The real question is: What are you going to do when the government orders you to house two or three families in your house when collapse happens.

          Government ordered housing of Syrian Refugees is in progress in certain countries in Europe. Don’t think it can’t happen here.

          • WE may not be but the darkies and lowlifes WILL! You can bet your life on it. Secure in your home? I want some of what yer smoking!

          • Mormons make members fill out forms declaring their preparedness and stating how many refugees they can take in. Bishops have to question and verify the numbers. They practice emergencies where everyone has to go to church on foot then the men go in groups to collect all food (1 yr supply) and they expect to eat communally. The men are prepared to defend the group. For some reason this creeps me. The lack of freedom? They will probably have a high survival rate.

        • I took an oath many years ago. That oath didn’t have an expiration date, so “yes.”

        • Yes if it is necessary

          • Is that a trick question or are you baiting people?

        • Already did in Bunkerville and will do it again in a heartbeat.

        • I took an oath to protect my country and its good people (sans liberals) from a tyrannical government.

          My oath lives as long as I do.

          • Oaths are just words, What I swear to do is alive and inside me. Oaths can be broken as they are all the time. The real oath is in you not on paper.

            • Yeah, right. Suppose that’ll last as long as your next drunken outburst. Sober up man.

        • Not on their terms.


      5. “Will you (I) fight the government?” is the question?

        I would not fight the legitimate, legal, constitutional government. I would take up arms against an out-of-control, oppressive, illegally constituted and employing illegal and unjustified laws or orders, unconstitutional commands and operations.

        I am not a traitor to the USA. But, should those in power declare themselves to be so – they become what our forefathers warned us against – domestic enemies. And no response is too extreme or out of the question to combat that same.

        • As the saying goes:

          I would give my life for my country, but I wouldn’t walk across the street for my government.

          • Well put,heartless and john stiner.

            • I will stand and do my duty to fight tyranny. So yes.
              it is my constitutional duty.

              • I don’t need the constitution to tell me what my rights are. Your duty? Is that something you read? Your duty is what YOU say it is and know is. You can go to walmart then and defend the useless eaters and be a martyr, I on the other hand will defend those who are worth saving and let the sheep be devoured. Why save the zombies? Do you want the worls to return to the way it is now??? wtf?

      6. obama is defintely planning to declare martial law no later than June, declare dictator for life and cancel the election. If he isn’t stopped NOW, our country will be no longer.

        • People said the same thing about George Bush and every other president.

          The one president that actually had the circumstances in place to justify postponed elections was Abraham Lincoln, and even he proceeded with elections.

      7. The Big Question is. What does the Ninny in the White House, wanted to be remembered for?

        Wonder what all the Presidents advisors have been whispering in his ear.

        Joe Biden has been quite. Lots of work to do behind closed doors.

        The President will send troops in if he feels he can do it. PERIOD!

        • Slingshot and everyone, ask yourselves this? What kind of manpower levels do the US military have here at home? Will only the Army or all 4 branches of service take part in action against us? I have always suspected that when the time comes, at least half of the military will be somewhere overseas, so it would be primarily foreign troops aka “UN peacekeepers”, and now I believe the muzzies the feds have allowed in will be thrown into the mix. I still think the gangbangers will also take part. Oh, and what about that “civilian national security force” Obama mentioned during the 2008 campaign? Has that already been formed and who will it be composed of? I believe we’ll be facing a “rainbow coalition” of enemies who are just dying to take us out. I’ll be waiting for them.

          • BH it will be brown skin, blue helmets mainly.

          • What troops?

            Obama has totally decimated the American Military. They can’t fight shit now.

            • No problem! He militarized the police instead.

          • BH: It is my understanding that up to 60% of current servicemembers in the US Army are serving in order to get US citizenship. Which means there loyalty is to another country, first, and not to the US. I concluded, years ago, that those will be the SMs that will be used to fire on US civilians. They didn’t grow up here. The US is not their home. Basically the US has done what ancient Rome did and hired foreigners that have no loyalty. Which means the US is doomed to fail. Or implode. Or ride the slow train into obscurity. Maybe in the future the US will be able to market Disneyland and Hollyweird to tourists the way Italians market ancient Rome.

            • Philosopher, I agree THAT part of the military will target us so they must be resisted at all costs.

      8. oh good
        so the military will be used against the civilian population
        now we can be like all the other third world countries !!!

        the thought of a flu pandemic has been on the back burner for awhile now
        but it’s still out there

        Flu virus in pigs shows worrisome pandemic profile, study finds
        h ttp://

        • Satori: I think your point is valid. The easiest way to eradicate or immoblize a population is with disease. The US military and CDC have been sloppy in recent years. The US military was caught shipping live anthrax around the world. The CDC has had a number of top level biolabs breached and caught with live samples unsecured. I view the Ebola outbreak in Africa as a dry run. I read all of the books on Ebola years ago, including “The Hot Zone” and others. I may be one of the lucky ones as I received one of the final smallpox vaccines when I was active duty military and served in the former West Germany. I have also been vaccinated against bubonic plague and yellow fever. You wouldn’t believe my yellow WHO vaccination record. And by the way, do I get any new vaccinations? No! No flu shots, no pneumonia vaccine, no shingles vaccine. I am fine with a the single tetanus (there is a combined tetanus vaccine so ask prior to being injected people!).

        • Eeehhh, screw the flu. How about the nano metallic spray you are coated in everyday or the soft kill radiation or the modified weather disasters or any number of things a LOT more devestating than a virus.

      9. What worries me is that this commercial has more than enough appeal for potential recruits. Just read the comments for the first video.

        • Only morons will sign up so that makes it all the better. I’d rather fight a bunch of idiots than smart people anyday!

      10. Taking to the streets in order to protest is no longer the option it once was. Infiltration by the opposition to turn any peaceful demonstration into an out-of-control “riot” is to be anticipated and avoided by using other means of social participation.

        We should be proactive rather than reactive.

      11. Satori, that’s one scenario where a “national emergency” can be declared, but there are others also.

      12. I don’t see Americans lining up throwing rocks at a loyalist military or LEO organization, there will not be that many fools ready to face the armed American citizenry.

        I see more of a traditional unopposed 4th gen warfare where elites and infrastructure will be destroyed first.

        Their war gaming computer simulations are hoping for parallel lines opposing each other, its not going to happen.

      13. “It could happen, and it is one of the “eventualities” that the military is preparing for, though they are constitutionally barred from being used domestically against the American people”.

        There is no constitutional prohibition, the authors statement is wrong. There is a law, Posse Comitatus Act, that outlaws the use of the Army against domestic uprisings, it can be repealed, or worked around, remember Waco and M1A tanks attacking a compound?
        Posse Comitatus does not cover the Navy, Marines,Coast guard, or National Guard. What effect would a F18 flown from Lemoore NAS have dropping Napalm on a riot occurring on Manchester Blvd( Watts for you non Calif guys).
        All I can say is most rioting will be done by Democrats, so there is no great loss.

        • Posse Comitatus excludes the US Coast Guard. So, with a stroke of the pen Obama can issue an executive order that reclassifies the Armed Services as all “US Coast Guard.”

          Then Posse Comitatus does not apply.

          Also, it only applies to the Army and Air Force, not the Marines or Navy.

          ht tps://

          • I’m a little old,
            But I’d be happy to
            drive a loaded KC135
            (the only autopilot I know
            how to program)
            into a State of the union

      14. Rockefellers are front men for the Rothschilds banking monopoly. Look up the Rockefellers’ connection to the AMA, Medical Schools and Universities, and flu vaccines. Like war, they are extremely profitable and cause great harm. But the one tenth of one per cent envision a world of their own without all the “useless eaters”. If we allow it, they will get what they want. Fortunately more and more people are waking up to the psychotic goals of this inbred minority plotting against humanity.

      15. If they the cabal, and govenor orders and killed 72+ people in Boston, and injured over 200 others trying to take their guns, then the military backed off because of the militia response. Since I was unaware that this event had taken place, I believe that it’s a done deal. Revolutionary we will come see and now I am heading that the feds are now going after the Hammonds and that militia is on the move to the area according or that article, then we are not going to have a 2016 election.

        The national guard shot and killed 72+ citizens trying to confiscate guns.. what do we think will happen next if they tried that in my city or the state of Texas.



        Molon Labe.. you rapist pedophile phucks..

        • About the Hammonds:

          I thought it interesting that Ammon Bundy and Ryan Payne said that they had moved to Harney County OR.

          This is the county that the Hammonds are facing arrest in.

          I got the impression that in order to openly carry firearms in Oregon you must be a resident of the State, hence the public statement claiming they “had moved” to Harney County.

          Just speculation, I don’t really know……

          • John Stiner:

            They have not moved to Harney County. They are just there until the Hammond family gets some relief.

            Rally on this coming Saturday. Go to Bundy Ranch Blog for information on the protest. It will stand your hair on end; what this poor family has been through.

            • BLM agents have to leave work sometime and be alone if ya know what I mean…

      16. Food riots?

      17. “It could happen, and it is one of the “eventualities” that the military is preparing for, though they are constitutionally barred from being used domestically against the American people.”

        My understanding is that the NDAA ended the Posse Comitatus Act .

        I’ve never worried about what laws they pass…I decide whether they are lawful acts or not and whether I will follow or resist

      18. Posse comitatus is the law of the land.

        Really, nothing more needs to be said

        • No it isn’t. You really believe that? Wanna buy some land?

      19. Unfortunately, Posse Comitatus Law is just that, a federal law and can be put aside during times of emergency. Under the Insurrection Act, the president has the right to deploy troops on American soil for certain emergencies and it was used in 1992 during the riots in LA. And since they are both laws, they go out the window if he declares Marshall Law. We could see federal troops on our streets any time he sees fit to deploy them.

        • Thank you JAS

      20. So, how does riot control work while being shot at with rifle fire. If the Gov. goes down that road we will find out.

      21. I would be willing to bet a VAST majority of the idiots breathing the air in this country think Posse Comitatus is a virus or new Xbox game!

      22. Funny though the guys with the shields remind me of dominos!!! To win just think outside the box and turn their strength into a weakness. Lessons of our founding Fathers!!!

      23. Long ago (the early 80’s) when I was in basic training, there were National Guard guys that trained alongside Regulars to meet the same standards. The only exception was when the NG’s had Guard-specific training that we regulars did not need. Some of that training was crowd control that might be needed if the governor of the home state called for Guard support.

        Could that have been what that spot represented?? Only time will tell, but it didn’t alert me any and I’m pretty good at situational awareness. Only time will tell…..

        • Chuck in Bama. That was true back in the early 70′ as well. There was a distinction between the regular army and national guard. The national guard had their riot control training on Sat. that the regular army troops did not have to attend.

      24. i believe only two things might work stop paying taxes again which started the first cival war or complete war nothing else

      25. But those are our [ sons and daughters ] in those uniforms. They wouldn’t do that to
        [us]. Oh rit oh rit oh rheah?

        Myriad times since the Whiskey Rebellion up through last week’s police murder of a citizen the state’s armed thugs have brutalized and murdered citizens without a second thought.

        While I hope four-fifths of government’s gun carriers take their oath to the Constitution seriously, it is naive to depend upon it. When things have gotten desperate enough, many might just decide that paper paycheck matters more than that paper Bill of Rights.

        The best thing the little guy can do is to avoid being in an urban area, to avoid being IN a riot. Or a demonstration that could easily become a riot. Because in reality, you aren’t going to exercise any significant counterforce against it and live to see tomorrow.

        What became of those Army Manuals describing Internment Specialist etc? They’re still out there, those slots have been/are being filled. Someday the possible is going to become the actual.

        Let’s hope [our sons and daughters] have the brains and integrity to do the constitutional thing.

        But don’t bet more than you can afford to lose that they will.

      26. If this happens it will be the end of AMERICA…sad but true we will have a real mess on our hand…..Its reads like Nazi Germany ……God Bless America…In God We Trust….America needs to put God first again and he will handle the rest.

      27. I just saw an episode of Mythbusters this afternoon. One of their projects was building a working cannon out of leather. The first one they tried actually had a higher muzzle velocity than the metal cannon they tested first. Both cannons had the same 6 oz. charge and the same size cannonball.

        There could be some useful information in that episode.

        I didn’t get to see the rest of the episode because supper was ready.

      28. How very..300 of them, notice the similarity to the much vaunted Spartan battle formation, the interlocking shields, a classic phalanx. Pretty fearsome, actually.

      29. Do not fight the Army. Violence against the government will a invite disaster. We must convince our elected leaders and civil servants to ot enforce unjust laws. For starters remember jury nullification.

        • FYI, can you show me 1 example of jury nullification since the bankruptcy of 1933? Just curious..

        • Bullshit we’ve listened to you fuckers for way too long and each time we do it gets worse. Fuck you people.
          Not advocating anything nor condoning anything, but still the worse thing we’ve done is listen to you people.

      30. Was with 4th. inf. div. in the 80’s, this is the same gear we wore when guarding the Cuban refuges at Ft. McCoy, Wis.
        Interesting times, they rioted once, tearing down the 8′-10′ chain-link fence around their compound.

      31. When the banks freeze, you know it’s time.

      32. The military is “Constitutionally barred from being used domestically against the American people”?? Bill Clinton solved that little problem. See WACO. Women and children burned alive by the military, and the progressives applauded because they were told by their Big Brother that “those people were nuts”. The “Constitutionalists” said and did nothing.

      33. Resign? I highly doubt it. Why? Why because people need to read prophecy to start. Then relearn your history. When Patriots seceded, and went South most stayed with the infringing North. I guarantee you that far more agree with what’s going on, and will do as told.
        True story the military has no right to be training for riots and crowd control, I even highly question the National Guard doing it, because our forefather warned against long standing army’s.

      34. CDC cites over 47,000 dead from Pharma OD in 2014. Criminals killed around 8,000 with guns in 2014… most being inner city GANG violence…. WHERE IS THE PHARMA CONTROL ????

      35. The rest of the world will NOT let us play civil war like we did the first time around. There are thousands of nuclear weapons that will never be allowed to fall into militia hands. Our allies and enemies under UN control will lock us down hard. There won’t be a patriot uprising either. The only thing guaranteed is the breakdown and enslavement of the populace.
        Sometimes reality is a bee-otch, but wishful thinking and keyboard commando-ism isn’t going to change that reality.

      36. The ‘police’ will be the ones knocking on (or down) your door – to either ‘search’ or ‘confiscate’ certain items (or people) in your house. The army will simply be sitting at the end of your driveway waiting for you to ‘resist’ – which will then make you a domestic terrorist. So unless you want a dozen automatic weapons shredding your house, you will comply. The moral of this is that if you want to ‘bug in’ and not run, you better have some good hiding places for your stuff – or don’t put all your stuff into one basket.

        The army will also enforce curfews on the street and be a riot intimidation force – not that any of that will protect ‘you’. And don’t worry about ‘laws’ or the Constitution – those are being ignored or broken every day by our government.

      37. Fascist boot licking COWARD shit stains, and history will treat the filthy vile disgusting brain fascist scum of the earth in the US MILITARY no differently than the NAZI FILTH of Germany. How do the filthy shit stain COWARDS in the US MILITARY even get out of bed and look in the mirror knowing the psychopathic criminal monsterous genocidal scum they all work and fight for.

      38. “Riot control” or “civilian disarming”???? ….

        I can see the same exact military bunch coming up to a neighborhood road blockade or a self defensive local force and demanding firearms surrender – because “orders” came down from on high ….

        With the current social mindset of “give them room to express themselves” … I can see the military driving by bands of looters & arsonists to arrive at a barely surviving sud-division for confiscation duty ….

      39. It would have been nice if the Army had been allowed to use some of that training to defend the US Embassy in Libya. Instead, our government let American soldiers and civilians die. We didn’t even try a rescue. That’s on Hillary Clinton/Barack Obama – they gave the stand down order.

      40. Do your homework. Search “Operation Garden Plot”. All the way back in the early 1970s, when I was in the Army, we trained in Texas to deploy to Detroit to subdue rioters there. This was regular U.S. Army soldiers training to attack U.S. citizens! Totally against the law, but we did it anyway. If you think U.S. soldiers won’t deploy on U.S. soil and fight their own citizens you are wrong. The pentagon has a plan for it and it is called “Garden Plot”.

        • After reading all of this Thread, I am still amazed at How many think we don”t have a Chance, and Yes some of OUR troops will Fire on Us, and That’s Ok We still know who the enemy is and we don”t have to wear uniforms..4th gen Warfare ? We know the odds and we Out number them. Its not a Cakewalk, but the Advantage goes to Patriots,keep the Faith, we will Survive..see ya the Other Side Happy New Fear!!!

          Semper Fi

      41. Look what happened in Iraq and Afganistan. Our military couldn’t beat them . They got no chance in hell of beating the American people. And most of them wouldn’t even try. They have us terrorized will their cops we could wipe them out in 48 hours. Easy.

        • I pray that this does not happen…..

      42. mmmmmmm o.k.

      43. The negro, pelosi, jarret ALL know if they can get the Army to turn against the citizens they have WON.

        That is why the negro is filling the ranks with Moslem, Megroes, Mexicans, and now Migrants.

      44. Manly P. Hall mentioned that only a select few knew the real reasons why America was founded. This Luciferian New World Order plan is centuries, if not millenia in the making. We all got fat and happy in America while the rest of the world bowed to us. Now the globalists have no use for our economy nor our military. Can’t say I’m looking forward to what is coming on this planet. But someone once said, “this to shall pass,” and “we are in this place, but not of this place,” and “nothing new is under the sun.” Many ancient traditions believe we have been here countless times and will continue to be so. Through these words I find comfort and hope that I shall some day escape the unending suffering that is this life. A shitstorm is brewing, batten down the hatches. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

      45. Gee could it be MP’s training for riot control like in maybe KOREA, or the bloody farking BALKANS!! Oooh wait that would be using those two bad words that just about every conspiracy theorist tends to disregard. COMMON SENSE!!!

        • Common sense would be anathema to some of the folks here. If it isn’t about the Illuminati and the Rothschilds finally instituting their Luciferian world order by declaring Martial Law and making chem trails, it just can’t be true, and only brain dead sheeple zombies fail to believe it.

          The day our Government uses martial law in this country outside of a massive earthquake area or similar local disaster or disturbance, this government will fall. If they’re that stupid to not realize it, then it should fall.

      46. When our government calls for martial law it will end our government and they forget that our troupes took oath under that constitution and will now be under no obligation to serve under the orders of a supreme trader. Are they so naive as to think we wont resist? How many of us are veterans? How many of us know all your tact acts? All the brass who ran all the other wars have been replaced by people who in some cases have never seen battle. If you think that it was a tough war going up against the knuckle dragger third world countries then what will happen when you are up against the best trained veterans in the world? I took oath to defend this nation and my oath doesn’t expire. I ask all vets to gather under our organisations and find common ground to defend our nation.
        Grampa AX2

      47. We’ve HAD martial law since 1864!!! WTF…IF you do any reading you find this out. PLUS, they will need a HUGE, ENORMOUS military and law enforcement and, and…to control 360 million people. Come on…give me a break here…

      48. Does anyone else remember the riots when Dr Martin Luther King was killed? And how the airborne units were brought in to Washington, DC for riot and crowd control? 1968. I was stationed at Ft Belvoir at that time. We were restricted to base for the most part, except when some of us were bused into DC to help activate the National Guard. After the riots had ended, a bunch of us WACs at Ft Belvoir were assigned to take part in a training exercise in a makeshift village set up on Ft Belvoir which was filmed as a training film for the military for any future use of the Army in riot or crowd control. I remember a lot of the soldiers had just come out of DC and the riots and one young man damn near got me with his bayonet, as he had apparently forgotten this was a training exercise and we were fellow troops. And later, when I was stationed at Ft Leavenworth, KS, by which time I had attended and was graduated from the Defense Information School at Ft Ben Harrison, IN, I was on stand by for use in the eventuality of civil disturbances in the Kansas/Missouri areas, and know for a fact that we were watching all of the universities and all civil protests and filming them, as I once had to show videos at the Commanding General’s Staff Conference, as I was one of only two people on base with a projectionist’s license. They were carefully filming students at very peaceful marches in our area of the country.
        So this training is nothing new. That was 48 years ago. I was supposed to drive Jeeps for civilian journalists who might try to cover any civil disturbances that might have occurred there in the 2 1/2 years I was assigned there. Luckily nothing of that nature happened while I was there. Kansas just was not a hotbed of radicalism back then and probably still is not. But if we were following people back then, you know they have the capability to do so now, and have probably maintained that ability in the times between.

        • Gena – wow, this is all really fascinating! I’m a filmmaker and I’ve read a little bit about this riot-training but your stories are great. I’m interested in talking to you about your experiences a bit more. Is there a way to get in touch so I can ask a few questions?


          • My email is [email protected]. Feel free to email me. I might be able to give you my phone number in private email, certainly not putting it out here. 🙂 I am conservative enough, a veteran, a pro-lifer, and a Christian, so I know the powers that be have my email already, so no hesitation to put it out there. Oh, and pro-gun rights.

      49. As a retired Military Policeman, let me say that the Army M.P’s do train for riot control and have been called to “put down” riots in the past. I was involved in suppressing two riots in my 20 year career.
        Also , starting with President Washington( the whiskey rebellion) the military has been ordered out a number of times to suppress one type of disturbance or another.
        (Does anyone remember WACO? How about Phoenix City Alabama ?

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