Act of War: Ukrainian Officer Shot Dead In Military Base Raid: “Unknown Forces, Fully Equipped and Their Faces Covered”

by | Mar 18, 2014 | Headline News | 332 comments

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    (Military officials have mobilized all active and reserve service members
    to defend Ukraine in the event of a Russian Invasion)

    While the Monday deadline set forth by Secretary of State John Kerry and President Obama led only to the seizures of financial assets belonging to members of the Russian parliament and other business leaders, the situation in the Ukraine is far from resolved. In fact, if reports streaming in from the former Russian republic are accurate, then things are about to take a turn for the worse.

    A Ukrainian serviceman was killed on Tuesday at a Ukrainian base that came under attack in Crimea’s main town Simferopol, the first death on the peninsula from a military clash since the region came under Russian control three weeks ago. As news spread of the death of the serviceman, in an assault on the base by unknown attackers, Ukraine’s pro-Western prime minister denounced it as a “war crime” and called for international talks to prevent an escalation of the conflict.

    He said the attackers had told the Ukrainian servicemen that they were under arrest and their documents were confiscated. It was unclear, Seleznyov said, who had staged the assault.

    He described the attackers as “unknown forces, fully equipped and their faces covered”.

    This is, by no stretch of the imagination, an act of war, or at the very least is being perceived as one by western allies. The probability that these were state-sponsored Russian or Crimean (now one in the same) forces is extremely high. The attackers were fully equipped, suggesting this wasn’t some band of rogue terrorists or rebels. The only full equipped personnel with their faces covered currently operating in Crimea are Russian troops.

    russian troops crimea (Armed men believed to be Russian troops patrol the area around a Ukranian military base)

    If Ukraine’s prime minister is calling this act a “war crime,” then we can only assume that they now believe they are, in fact, in the midst of a war. And that may well be the case. If not today, then in coming days and weeks. In Crimea, Russia has mobilzed at least 80,000 troops, while the Ukranians have themselves sent 40,000 troops to defend the border in what neighboring Estonia has suggested will lead to an invasion by Russian troops.

    The western appointed President of Ukraine has already indicated that his country will never give up Crimea. On the other side of the border, the Russians now believe they have every right to annex Crimea based on a seemingly overwhelming “democratic” vote in support of Russian rule by the people of the small peninsula.

    For now, the East vs. West battle has been taking place on the periphery, with no serious repercussions for either side. Essentially, all the United States has done at this point is to seize the financial asset of those individuals who have been marked as supporters of the separatist movement in Crimea – including many Russian politicians.

    But what happens when, as Karl Denninger notes, real economic sanctions take place? The one thing that Ukraine has over Crimea is control of electricity and gas resources. They have not yet wielded this weapon, but it makes sense that this could be used to further pressure the acting government of Crimea.

    First is that Crimea has nearly no electrical generation capacity on the peninsula.  There are only two routes into there by land for electrical power and both go into Ukraine.

    Ukraine has no obligation to leave the power on.  If they turn it off then Crimea is roughly, by my figures, 80% short of its electrical demand requirements.

    Second of course are the gas pipeline issues; there appears to be exactly one gas pipeline route into Crimea and it doesn’t come from Russia.

    What do you think is going to happen if Ukraine decides to literally “pull the plug” on Crimea?

    Is Vladimir Putin just going to stand by as the Crimean grid collapses?

    Keep in mind that President Putin has made it clear that he believes there should be no division of Ukraine and Crimea. And the way things are going, with troops massing all over the region, it looks like Putin is prepared to take steps to ensure a united Ukraine. Moreover, we now have Russian state-sponsored television threatening to turn the United States into radioactive ash, an obvious attempt to, once again, scare the crap out of President Obama.

    In August of 2013 the United States made similar military movements in and around Syria, only to pull back on threats of invasion after members of Putin’s government warned of the possibility of nuclear counter strikes.

    Will Vladimir Putin do the same, and simply pull back his troops and lose face to Obama this time around?

    We highly doubt it.

    Though it was a Hollywood script, one can’t help but see the parallels between what is happening in Ukraine right now and the opening credits of the movie Red Dawn. Watch the video for yourself and decide, especially after the first minute, where the country (former Russian state of Georgia) in question is different but the circumstances are almost identical. Keep in mind that this movie was originally filmed in 2008 and released in 2012, specifically because of the objections of China, who was originally featured as the invading force:

    Yes, it is a Hollywood script. But it seems to be, at least in part, mimicking reality.

    Does anyone remember what happened next?

    It started with an EMP attack that took down the power grid of the entire West coast, followed by an invasion of the United States.

    From a historical perspective, the military and civilian casualties in World War I were 37 million people. That war started from a seemingly insignificant assassination of an archduke from the Austro-Hungarian empire.

    But just as we saw in the build up to this single event that changed the world back in the 1910’s, we are now seeing military mobilizations and positioning on a massive scale in Europe, Asia, the middle east. The chess pieces are actively in motion and the end game is quickly approaching.

    Will cooler heads prevail?

    Maybe. But what if they don’t?

    Eventually, someone is going to give the go-ahead and then all bets are off.


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      1. Putin has gone too far!

        • No, you are wrong. Obama and his tribe started this. Putin is the only sane one in the bunch.

          Besides, who was the sniper? Blackwater? CIA? Mossad?

          • I have said this before, Americans are not bad people, it is the government that starts all these problems totally on purpose. An empire runs into finanical problems, big ones, and everytime it goes to the military angle. Putin and Russia are not to blame for this, it is western forces trying to goat on a fight with Russia. look at how the U.S. is over instigating a fight with China over those disputed gas and oil rich islands that Japan wants. War means no financial accountable.

            The U.S. is f’ing with a dangerous situation. This is not Iraq, Libya, Yugoslavia, etc. This is a country that can make the U.S. look like the Moon. China has a smaller number of nukes but easily could also leave the U.S. as no longer a country. The deception of the west being the good guys is horse crap. Everytime a coup happens, IF it is in the favor of the west it was the people’s choice. If it is anti-west then it is time for an invasion or sanctions attack.

            The U.S. is only so large and can only do so much. China doesn’t have to fire a shot, as they can severely injury the U.S. economy in too many ways to mention. Those that say that China needs the U.S. for its economy forget that there are 6.7 billion other people in the world that can purchase Chinese products.

            You might want to start putting up the Christmas lights and decorations early this year, like maybe around April or May because if this continues the way we are going, the holiday season of 2014 is going to be a lonely and frightening one.

            • But you would gladly groups others together. Why is it not okay to group Americans together with their government but it is okay for Americans to group others together?

              • Reaction to Putin’s declaration of Crimea independence – 3/17/14

                CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER, SYNDICATED COLUMNIST: “He (Obama) is being ridiculed by Russians especially because the statement and the policy are ridiculous. He doesn’t have a lot of cards, but he has some cards. And if he thinks that sanctioning seven Russians out of a population of about 150 million is a sanction, he is living in a different world.

                The one thing that we could do is to respond to the Ukrainian request when the president was here last week. They asked the Pentagon for weapons. And we said no, because somehow to arm the victim of aggression is a provocation. So, we said no. We’re going to offer them MREs, offer them rations. Well, that’s going to hold off Russian tanks, I’m sure.

                And this response of, you know, we are now going to calibrate as if Putin — are they going to sanction 11 Russians now so I have to stop where I am, is really preposterous. Again, if you are going to do something, do it, otherwise, say nothing. But this really is a humiliating response by a president who can’t even get the Europeans to join him in effective sanctions, which we could do.”

                Fox News

                  • This is a pretty good interview on the Jeff Rense of Gerald Celente and about the coming war. So much truth is in this it is scary.


                  • The negative response to my comment that “Putin has gone to far!” is amazing. How can so many here support a new wave of blatant Russian colonialism and expansionism? The Russians have been rachetting up their efforts to expand by supporting and supplying every communist, fascist, dictatorial government in the world. Putin’s slimy little fingers are everywhere, reaching into every cookie jar. He has definitely over reached his capacity this tme.

                    The Ukrainians will prevail!

                  • leagle I agree.

                    No one remembers these a-holes from back during the 60’s. I remember them during the 80’s, and that was enough for me.

                    Dude’s on record saying the collapse of the USSR is the most tragic moment in 20th century history, so what does that tell you? I didn’t know that when I came out cheering for him during the Syria thing.

                    That rather changes things quite a lot.

                    You think we’re bankrupt now? Try to imagine carrying the Kruschev / Reagan arms rage forward 30 more years. We’d be unimaginably broke.

                    Bottom line is, we’re weak now because of our outstanding debt, and he’s going to push it just as far as he can to see if we’ll flinch. Downside is… when we flinch… we also have enough ordinance to turn Russia into radioactive glass as well. Which… given the proliferation of fission reactors at this stage in history… rather tends to turn the entire planet into a glowing ball of ash.

                    I’d rather not have a repeat of the 80’s but it looks like we’re going to get it, like it or not.

                • Well, its probably true Obummer is being ridiculed…

                  But no one, and I do mean NO ONE was more laughable or ridiculed than our former president- Bush. With all the hellish things he did, at least he was good for one thing– he gave the whole world a good laugh by his utter incompetence.

                  • What the fuck does Bush have to do with this. You are one of those “two wrongs make a right” people I suppose. Can’t we just evaluate the current shitty president and sad state of American civilization without rehashing decades of history.

                  • Anonymouse: I hate to tell ya, but Obama is making Bush look like Truman in comparison by Obama’s total and complete incompetence. Bush was merely hated and ridiculed ONLY by Democrats. Obama is the equivalent of the court jester being installed as king and he is being ridiculed by the entire world, including his own Democratic party, who are fleeing like rats.

                  • PROBABLY? Good heavens.

                  • If the world laughed at Bush, they must be busting a gut laughing hysterically at the community organizer in chief.

                  • No one messed with the US when W was presmident.

                  • You must be the retarded one in the family.

                  • Gonetoolong says:

                    “What the fuck does Bush have to do with this.”

                    Everything! He’s part of it!! He’s a “shitty” piece of American history; a history that’s brought us to this “shitty” point.

                    No one should be so diluted in thinking otherwise. It’s all connected.

                    And so-called “Americans” vote for this “shitty” system.


                  • Never did Bush or any other president . Beside Carter and I will give him some room to move. But obama don;t know when putin’s boot is is on his head . Bad things are on edge . obama has no way out.Putin’s moved in and didn’t fire a shot. This is obama’s CHANGE and he and his klan is not threw. He’s never played poker with the big Boy’s He’s broke , lies, Putin’s read his hand call’s him a bluff . He is going to leave us to hold the bag. People here are walking around like my check’s going to come just like the last one . But we still don’t need God. Time is short I think we will see something we can not survive or be ready for.All this has happen in 7 years. We will be on our own. Repent

                  • Nookyulur.

                • Krauthammer is an amazing guy—in a wicked way—a quadriplegic full of genocidal Master Race bloodlust. It is no mystery why Krauthammer is a vocal gun banner.

              • Not sure what you mean….or where you come from. But- I vote you go back now.

            • BI,
              I know that you mean well, and you are thought of as sort of a “brain” on this site. However if you do some research into the SCO, Eurasianism, and a man named Alexander Dugin, you just might see how much of a threat Putin really is. Try the website http://www.4PT.SU or Or just research Alexander Dugin.

              FYI, Alexander Dugin is the political brains behind Putin. He is credit by the Russian Press as the guy who keeps Putin in power.

              Dugin is a racist, who believes Russian rule should cover all of Asia and Europe, and says so. Dugin is a Communist who does not believe in personal freedom, or Republican forms of Governments.

              Dugin/Putin considers Russia and America already at war and hope to destroy American and England totally.

              Dugin’s political ideas can be found in his book, “The 4th Political Theory” which is for sale at Amazon.

              Dugin makes Hitler look like Pee Wee Herman.

              God Bless you BI!

              • Want to know some amazing history of Russia and Ukraine?

                Alexander Dugin: Letter to the American People on Ukraine

                In this difficult hour of serious trouble on our Western borders, I would like to address the American people in order to help you understand better the positions of our Russian patriots which are shared by the majority of our society.

                • So how does Dugin compare to what we have. Mainly Obama

                • Excellent read. Thank you for posting this important info from the other side’s point of view. I was happy to read that a Russian intellectual understand the stranglehold international Jewry has on America’s political class and how jews are steering us to a shooting war with with their hated enemy: A reborn Christian Russia.

              • @ Educated Sinner
                What or who Dugin is, what he and Putin believe or want, makes NO DAMN DIFFERENCE TO ME WHATSOEVER. I for one don’t give a frog’s fat ass which gang of criminals runs Crimea or Ukraine or anywhere else that isn’t my country. If Putin rolls up my street in a tank, yes, I will personally shoot that commie puke pos. Until then, I am far more concerned about the criminals that have been sicced on us right here in America, from the “Trayvon” snuggling gangstas to the wetbacks pouring across what used to be a border to the thieving assholes who run Wall Street, who apparently “need” MY money because they’re the world’s DUMBEST criminals and can’t make money when they work in a frigging Wall Street investment bank! And most of all, I am far more concerned with the criminal actions of that jug eared banksters sock puppet currently stenching up the people’s White House than anything the media whores have to say about their newest stock villain

                • Nailed It!

              • @ Educated Sinner. First of all Russia was given a promise after the break up of the USSR that there would be no more NATO eastward moment. Since this 3 ex Soviet states were given NATO membership along with a whole slew of other Soviet satellite states such as Poland. promise broken. Fault: West and U.S.

                The U.S. has established many air bases in ex-Soviet states that leased out this under the pretext that it was for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Further surrounding Russia and China on borders. Fault: U.S.

                The U.S. and west have pushed for Ukraine and Georgia to enter NATO. John Bolton was especially favoring this. Having NATO on Russia borders is the same as having some Chinese alliance on Mexico and/or Canada. Fault: U.S.

                The U.S. and Europe have pushed desperately to make the Ukraine and other states such as Moldova to join the European Union. This is a way of financially isolating Russia and forcing them through the pocketbook to comply with whatever they desire for the benefit of Europe solely. Fault: U.S., but especially the west.

                Syria is a major junction point for a natural gas line from Qatar that would be joined in Turkey. Also a southern route from the Israel area and Red Sea region. This garbage about poisonous gas was a false pretext to get those pipelines to kill Russia’s monopoly of natural gas to Europe. Syria is the only port, point, for the Russian Navy to the Mediterrean Sea. Russia is ice bound for 5 months out of the year. The U.S. like in Libya was going to use regrime change to “justify” an invasion of that country. Fault: U.S.

                Russia is not some wonderful country, but any country boxed in will fight back. You can lose the war without any physical battles by the shear fact of being totally surrounded. I say this again, IF the U.S. were in the same situation they would evoke the Monroe Doctrine and invade just like what Russia did.

                When Russia lost parts of the Soviet Union, forget about the satellite states, they lost what the U.S. would lose in land mass. California, Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, Arizone, Utah, Texas. Now to lose Ukraine would be like the U.S. losing 800 miles of border with Mexico. This would be like having an enemy force from San Diego to about Del Rio, Texas. Fault of this mess: U.S. and the west.

                Interesting when you look at the other side of the coin. I don’t trust Russia or China either. The U.S. is acting way too imperialistic to be without much of the blame here.

                • B.I. You say “I don’t trust Russia or China”

                  I don’t trust our own government, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a hired black ops from The US govt. who fired on them.

                • BI: Excellent summary of events. People lose sight of every transgression the bastards currently controlling the entity known as the “United States government” are guilty of. The government is NOT some beast along the likes of Godzilla that cannot be corralled, reigned in, or defeated: another fact people forget. The people known as “Americans” just have not had to do a “kill the beast” project in excess of 230 years and their skills are rusty.

            • BI

              I would love to believe “Americans are not bad people”
              Then I think about all the abortions, gay rights, gun control, police state….etc

              This all happens because Americans got used to luxury and allowed anyone from any culture to invade our country as long as they promised to sell us something at a cheaper price.

              Now Christians are being demonized because we have bowed to every special interest group from any country. USA respects the religous rights of everyone except the region this country was founded on.

              We now have invaders that think of this is as their country and they are entitled to the spoils. I wish this would change but I don’t believe American has the stomach it takes to take control of this land.

              GOD has removed his hand from American and soon she will fall from within. I hope JESUS returns before the NWO fully takes control.

              • The most hilarious thing about the USA is that people who are supposed to be Pro-Christ (Christians) worship the Anti-Christ Jews and the satanic state of Israhell.

                • That particular segment of Christians, Ken, since many enlightened Christians are on the same page as you in regards to “Jews” and “Israel”, i.e. they don’t buy into the scam, might be taking Luke 6:27-36 to heart?

                  Then again, for those easily brainwashed, as Jesus said, just prior, Luke 23:34 “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they are doing”.

                  Doesn’t matter though. In the end, we will all be judged, Christians, Hindus, Muslims, by the good (and the bad) that we inspired in others to act upon.

                  • Russia Hints It May Force Ukraine Into Default, “May Ask Ukraine For Its $20 Billion Share For Ex-Soviet Debt”

                    “the Ukraine owes $3 billion to Russia in bonds that have been issued under UK law. One of the stipulations of the bonds is that if the Ukraine’s debt-to-GDP ratio should exceed 60%, the bonds will become immediately callable.

                    Once the Ukraine gets funding from the IMF, this is of course going to happen right away – its debt-to-GDP ratio will then most definitely exceed 60%, so the first $3 billion of any aid the Ukraine receives in the form of loans will right away flow into Russia’s coffers.”


                    As a member of the IMF, the USA (the taxpayers) is required to pay a portion (I think it is 17%) of IMF expenses.

                    I translate it this way…
                    The government will have to raise our taxes to pay $$$ the IMF, to pay loans to Russia. Or, the government will BORROW the money to pay this.

                    Either way, the taxpayers or our CHILDREN are left with the bill.

                  • Amen E.A.!

              • @ Indy Colts. There is so much evil right now, the U.S. people are probably one of the countries with the highest number of decent good people still left. I blame the governments of countries far more than I do the people. Many people just mimic what others do. If you have a good government you will have far better people. When a government favors weirdos and preversion then the people are going to be drawn much more so to this. Very few of the masses can free think like most of the people on this site.

              • I got nothing against gay rights at this stage, since our institution of marriage is a fraggin joke around here. Hey man, can I quit my job and take home my pay for the rest of my life too?

                Only issue I’ve got here is… ok. You’re gay people. Fine and dandy, and a lot I know and work with act just like that… like people.

                And then you got the ones that have to throw it all up in your face in parades and all sorts of hokey crap…

                If I walked around dressed like a Chippendale attempting to attract women (yes yes I know, fat chance, I’ll beat you all to that one so don’t bother)… I’d be a friggin’ lunatic is what I’d be (yes yes I know… ok I’ll beat you all to THAT one too… where are my meds? But I digress…).

            • You know what? All of these media “reports” from all sides don’t mean anything to me. I’m done trying to figure out who is at fault, what is their mission and why should I care. I don’t have any inside knowledge of this Russian/Crimean event, and I really don’t need to know any insider info.

              Here’s what I DO KNOW:

              I KNOW that I can’t trust any government, INCLUDING MY OWN. I know the media is working for the govt that I cannot trust, therefore I can’t trust the media either.

              I KNOW that whatever the NWO is trying to do, it IS NOT IN MY BEST INTERESTS, OR IN THE BEST INTERESTS OF MY COUNTRY.

              THEREFOR, I conclude this ONE IDEA is self-evident:


              “WHY is this happening” is no longer important.
              “Who is at fault” is no longer important.

              Arguing about the dirty little secrets isn’t getting us anywhere, while allowing the NWO to defeat us all.

              I urge everyone to immediately reassess your evaluations and rethink your positions on EVERYTHING.

              THERE IS ONLY ONE THING THAT IS IMPORTANT FROM HERE ON OUT—THAT THE NWO FAILS. I shall do whatever I can, to keep the NWO from enslaving my planet.


              • I’m not for a NWO win either, but would you rather live under a Russian dictatorship?

                As for me, give me freedom or give me death!

                • I prefer to live under NO dictatorship. Let’s not forget that there is no evidence that Putin is trying to take over the world EXCEPT for govt propaganda. NOTHING. I just said I will not use govt propaganda to make my decisions.

                  In other words, IF Putin does indeed try to take over, I’ll believe it when I see it, NOT when the govt or their media whores says it is. Period.

                  You must discredit EVERYTHING…not just what is convenient to do so.

                  • If you do not realize that Putin is a thug then there is no hope for you. Ukraine broke away from Russia when the Wall fell. The Russians want it back even though it was not originally part of Russia and the people want no part of the assholes that starved millions on Ukrainians to death. People like you are why Obama was elected and the US will continue it’s slide to irrelevance. Schmucks like you always accuse your own country of being in the wrong. Obama sucks but this is Putins game although I believe that Obama has secretly given him the green light on this. Remember his more flexibility comment? That is what we are seeing right now and since he is dismantling the US defense forces expect more of this to happen with I would expect a move by Mexico to take the Southwest.

                  • Mexico retake the SW? LOL…

                    No need to. The invaders show up daily. In the SW, Viva Atzlan is no joke. No Need for Mexico to do anything.

                  • Wise words, 6pk, You’re on a roll.

                  • Correct. And as it stands now, our government would love to place us under their dictatorship. Russia is none of our fucking business as we are broke-ass anyway. Fixing up our own house should be our priority right now. And who the hell cares what happened to that damn disappearing jet-liner? It is all that is on the airwaves. Never seen anything like it.

                  • ***Let’s not forget that there is no evidence that Putin is trying to take over the world EXCEPT for govt propaganda.***


                    ***I KNOW that I can’t trust any government, INCLUDING MY OWN. I know the media is working for the govt that I cannot trust, therefore I can’t trust the media either.***


                  • ***Putin is a thug ***???

                    What the hell?? Psychobama wrote the fricking book about thuggery.

                  • Gonetoolong says:

                    “Never seen anything like it.”

                    Sure you have. Remember the Iraqi WMD story?

                    Crap in crap out.

                • ES I’m with you, this site blows my mind, or should I say these commenters. First they’re all for killing all LE and hanging all the politicians and then when this Punk Putin and all his Communist Comrades Bully someone, many on this site want to start blasting America. I cannot believe the stupidity I read on this site. What Country do these people think they’re in while they’re making these statements? Do you really think you would be spouting some of this crap about the politboro or Putin if you lived in Russia or China or maybe North Korea. Educated Sinner, I also say give me Freedom or give me Death. Proud to be an American. Trekker Out.

                  • We still have a right to free speech. It’s clinically interesting to see all the hot words from anonymous posters.

                    Our government, bad as it is, isn’t nearly as bad as Russia or China’s. If they should start taking down people who post under their own names, then free speech will have been lost.

                    As it stands, anonymous avatars speak a lot louder than honest citizens.

                  • @ Mt Trekker
                    First of all, you are here, Birds of a Feather, Flock Together. Maybe, though, you haven’t been here like some of us, since this site/party started. Seen a lot like you come and go. Are you something special, though? like you know something we don’t? If you do, and your comment that I’m presently responding to doesn’t tend to paint some deeply profound insights commandeering your take on things, what are you trying to prove, to say?

                    Maybe some of these “commenters:” have gone a little bit farther down the proverbial rabbit hole than you, seen sights and heard sounds that are foreign to you. Maybe they realize that the real “punk commie” isn’t over “there” but right here, in the White House.

                    Sure, there was a time when that observation was obviously clear, i.e. who were the good guys and who were the bad guys, BUT TIMES HAVE CHANGED! We’re on the verge of a FUCKING MELTDOWN in this country! Any day. Any hour. Any minute. Tick, tick, tick. Boom.

                    The “Mulatto in Chief” is ONE MOTHER FUCKER that is an embarrassment to many here. I, for one, find a bitter taste in the name “American” right now. Our military isn’t spreading “freedom and democracy” anymore. Our politicians, they’re… well, I can’t even go there with out feeling the urge to puke. Our LE is becoming corrupt, top to bottom (there are exceptions, of course). Our education system, is dumbing down our kids. RX and nonRx drugs are an epidemic. Americans are so busy doing nothing with their lives that it’s a wonder they can even function.

                    If you have any idea what Putin has become, since his days as a KGB officer, you’d probably shit your pants in utter disbelief. For example, you have any idea what his take on Christianity is now? How he supports it? Who would have ever thought, right? How he’s incrementally removing the Zionist Bankers tentacles out of Russia? No easy job. He’s become a breath of fresh air, where as the Imposter in Chief here, has a stench so vile, so nauseating, it’s a wonder ANYONE, even those who cream in the pants just to be in his presence, to bow down to him, can stand it. Or are you one of those who have been brainwashed to believe what MSM, and even some alternative sites, are turning out? The pure, non-stop bullshit lies are at an all time high, like an infectious epidemic gone ballistic.

                    I guess it’s good this site “blows your mind”, cause your mind needs to be blown. It’s the minds of Americans that have become lost and sealed up in their own little picture perfect postcard, make believe worlds of texting and TV that all need to be blown wide open. Brains need to be splattered all over themselves so they see how denial has marinated their worthless American lives.

                    Now that your mind has been blown, and hopefully not for the last time, maybe you’ll begin to understand why many of us are sick and tired of those who preach “Give me Freedom or give me death” ; they’re a dime a dozen; If you truly believed that, and lived that, you’d be dead right now! But you’re alive, just like us. welcome to the clubhouse. Here’s your Ears.

                  • An interesting short article, with video contained within, on Putin and Christianity.
                    Here’s his take, you be the judge.

                    “The more I think about and look at the situation, the more I believe that Vladimir Putin is truly a Christian man, in the process of building a Christian empire to save Western civilization.
                    It is, of course, possible that this is not the case, and that his embracing of Christianity is merely a political maneuver. But as I witness his actions, the more difficult it becomes to believe that he is driven by anything other than divine purpose.”

                    And juxtaposed to Barry, Putin is a Saint.


                  • I’m not pre-Putin…I’m not pro-Russia.

                    I am one of those against it’s government intrusion. They scare the hell out of me. I just received an email that Connecticut swat/LEO/FBI/national guard??? are going door to door confiscating guns from the idiots that registered.
                    If so, expect someone to be shot soon.
                    This will not stand!!!!

                  • Mountain Trekker, War for what. This goverment’s hand’s have dirt on them . Its our children that will pay the price off blood. This is what it comes down too . When they screw the world and lead them lies and worthless U.S. dollors.There truth is out . War /blood is all they have. And they want us to fight there fight. I say send them there . They have all the power . It’s there pile of SHIT. It’s time for us to understand God hold’s the PEACE. You put your trust in goverment ,like people on food stamps.If you bring it to me the fight is on. There is not but one way to fight war . TO WIN at all cost . And if we cant do that stay home.

                • Amerikans are so well conditioned. Now, go outside and wave your Chinese-made Amerikan flag, and repeat the propaganda organ’s latest pap… Go team!

                  Russian Tv threatening us with nukes? Is that not what we did to them, to keep them from invading Europe for 50 years?

                  This crap is so tired. The bankster-crowd behind these unending nightmares only have two plays in thier playbook, murder-singular or en masse, and divert-the more vile the diversion, the better.

                  They either want to rule the world, and every aspect of your life, or they will kill you, and destroy the world.

                  • Off Topic…

                    The Hidden Rot in the Jobs Numbers

                    “Hours worked are declining, resulting in the equivalent of a net LOSS of 100,000 jobs since September.”

                    “The labor market’s strength and economic activity are better measured by the number of total hours worked than by the number of people employed. An employer who replaces 100 40-hour-per-week workers with 120 20-hour-per-week workers is contracting, not expanding operations. The same is true at the national level.”

                    “Thus, although the U.S. economy added about 900,000 jobs since September, the shortened workweek is equivalent to LOSING about ONE MILLION JOBS during this same period. The difference between the loss of the equivalent of one million jobs and the gain of 900,000 new jobs yields a net effect of the equivalent of 100,000 LOST jobs.”

                    With Obamacare, we can expect this trend to continue and grow. It gives INCENTIVES to businesses with less than 50 full-time employees to “keep the number of hours LOW to avoid having to provide health insurance.” Obamacare defines full time as working 30 hours per week.


                  • JayJay, who did you receive the email from about CT?

                  • jay Jay,
                    Any confirmation on This ? things are in the works in NY and NJ to defy these clearly unconstitutional. Post facto laws also . It could get interesting real quick.

                    Instead of a Lexington / Concord moment this could be a Fort Sumpter moment.




                    Semper Fi 8541

              • Sixpack is the only comment I read so far that makes sense… we don’t know whats going on…Perhaps Obummer and Putin both are opposite sides of the same coin–both corrupt as hell Maffia elites fighting over the same turf.. Only problem is if they don’t cool it, someone may push the wrong button and we all end up toast.

                • Most likely this was scripted way back. Obama is a socialist at heart. Prob is fine with Putin’s move. He agrees to pass some meaningless sanctions on 11 people to satisfy his obligation to “do something”. All the while already knowing full well what Putin will do by annexing Crimea. Makes sense to me.

                  • Yup.

              • Sixpack, I agree totally. I don’t fall for anyone’s propaganda either.

                • I just go with what I know, and then when I don’t know anything, I go with my gut. I’ve been watching what Putin DOES, NOT what the MSM SAYS he does.

                  There is a HUGE difference between the two.

                  I can honestly say that in his shoes, I might have done the same types of things as Putin, for my country.

                  I know for damn sure that I wouldn’t leave my own country devastated, in order to kiss some foreign bankster’s ass. I know I would DEFEND Christians and our borders, just like Putin is doing.

                  There MIGHT end up being some hidden agenda as far as Putin is concerned, BUT for right now, in this moment, he is standing up for some of what I believe.

                  Coincidence? Maybe. But we don’t know anything for sure, and until I do, I’m going to choose the right and hope for the best, but prepare for the worst, just in case the NWO has thrown us another curve ball.

                  TODAY, Putin Rocks—Tomorrow, I’ll wait and see.

                  You see people, I STILL BELIEVE IN “INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY” and I’m willing to extend that to all people in all countries…including Russia.

                  • Why do so many self proclaimed christians here, Not think it is very Good that Russia is Finally after about 3/4ths of a century going Back to being a Orthodox Christian nation?….Or that somehow it is Not very good that Putin is also christian. When a person becomes a christian, or returns to it sincerally, they become a “New creature or creation, In and Thru Christ”….So far Putin seems to measure up to that standard.

                    Also why do so many christians here Post that bible verse that tells how things in the final end times are going to get so bad that “Unless God intervenes…No Flesh(man or animals) will Survive”

                    The Last part of it says “BUT for the Sake of the..ELECT..God Will Shorten those Days(so not all flesh will die off)..”

                    Just Who do these type folks think that word “ELECT” is describing and means?

                    It sure don’t mean any self-Chozens, Khazars, islamics, atheists, buddahs etc….And it also does NOT refere to any…”jews” or “Talmudics” neither.

                    That verse word “ELECT” ONLY referes to those always called elect and That Is “Christians” and That also Includes Russian Orthodox Christians, of which Putin is one….Yes time will tell if he really truly is one..Same goes for christian folks HERE this site too.

                    But no valid argument is possible that ELECT means anything But, christians.. NOT any jews. Nor any Chozens.

                    So that should be all the Proof one needs to know who God is Most concerned of. And who God Plans to Save. It Is christians, Not jews or chozens or self-chozen khazars.

                    Just Maybe we are also seeing Prophecy Unfold now in Russia…Or at least seeing God is Keeping His many promices to protect, heal, save, Christians.

                    Just Maybe most or All of the Past 20-30 yrs of so called prophetic “Experts” like all those famous TV show preachermen You all know of, and most here has probobly seen on TV prophecy documentarys or attended one of their many, endless prophecy “events” held around the nation on a regular basis…perhaps what we are seeing unfold Today with Putin and Russia and their booting Out of all those zio jew bankster types etc, is showing more so how Far Off reality and how plain Wrong so many preachers has been so far on All they have stated is “Russian Prophecy”

                    Meaning All those self proclaimed prophetic “expert” preachers has said, IS THE real biblical meaning of “Danial” and book of “Revelation” that Russia is going to usher in antichrist by assembling horad armys to Attack poor innocent “Victim” israel…is Wrong.

                    Maybe Israel Aint so poor and innocent eh…When any Honest comparision is made between the past 20 yrs actions of Israel VS. Russia?…No honest person can claim Israel is so so Good and totally inocent and just a few more million jewish “Victims” of the rest of the worlds people, who naturally to jew firsters, all the rest of peoples globally are evil nazis attacking or wishing to attack “victim” jews and Israel.

                    Maybe just maybe that Babylon “Women” in Rev book, who Rides that Beast(is that a free $$$ cash Ride like israel gets from usa, and even More free cash from endless german guilt inducments). And the Women holds a Cup filled with the Blood of SAINTS…Not of jews nor chozens blood…SAINTS Blood…Saints the bible states Are Christians, Past and present…None can deny that the “Cup” filled with a Couple Hundred Million Eastern european nations peoples Blood, beginning with Russia, during Most of the entrie 20th century was a “Cup held in Jewish Kommies Hands”. Kommie jewdeo bolsheviks who Then Moved into Isarel in 1948 end ever since.

                    Just maybe events unfolding are going to show us all how wrong prophetically all them phony “expert” preachers and conference speakers have been eh…Maybe if Israel led by its zionist jews and Talmudic Judaics, keeps acting as it Has since 1948, it in Fact will be shown to be that Babylonian Women who Rides that Beast and her Forehead has a name…MYSTERY BABYLON, written upon it.

                    Yes I know all them preacher experts keep telling everybody that referes to vatican and catholcis etc…

                    Then again is been quite difficult to keep up with those ‘experts” prophecy conferences and teachings since every one has had to RE-Do, Re-write-Re film, every Vidoe or Book they have done due to Most of all they Claim Is or will soon be prophecy happening has been a Total…BUST!

                    And ALL the Proof one needs that those preacher experts have been totally wrong all along, even scam swindlers as some folks believe of those type greasy scammers and money grubbers…Is the FACT that “IF” they knew what they speak of prophetically?…they’d never need keep rearanging or changeing so drastically every prophecy book or video they have made to date.

                    Hal Lindsey’s “late Great planet Earth” itself has gone thru somehweres like, 30+ RE writes and Major changes!

                    Most all Hal declared as Bible Facts, prophecy as God Himself told Hal to write!…has Failed miserably.(False Prophet perhaps is Hal?)(If God did tell Hal that stuff, Hal would be correct instead of so always Wrong).

                    Yet even being so WRONG always, Hal has been listed in Guiness book records as the Most sellingist author of all times, Hal sold Over a BILLION copies of his Many RE-written-Drastically Changed “expert prohecys” fictions some call a Book.

                    Between so many Phony ‘experts” book/video sales vast cash earned, numbers sold it is NO wonder that Today so many “christians” are so Blinded they can’t see that the word of “ELECT” refers to Christians…Not to…jews.

                    Yet those same “christians” Bash a Christian reformed Russia and Christian Man Putin, while Praiseing, supporting and defending 100% everything possible where jews or Israel state is invloved.

                    Even where Israel or jews aint involved, be certain them phony preachermen are Going to find a “new Utterance-Word from God” they can use to “Claim” it Is about Israel is innocent, jews and state of israel are always forever “victims” that never does any wrongs period.

                    Thats to Keep deluded Blinded “christians” folk Praiseing both jews & israel while bashing Russian christianity..

                    You just cannot make this stuff up eh!…Unless you belong to that “prophecy Experts Preachers club” that is…Then yes one can make it all up 100% and still sell a Billion phony books with 30+ different book “Re-Writes” due to Failures of predictions like Hals book and so many Others eh. Hopefully these deluded will Soon Awaken to real truth. A good Start is to ask Yourself just What does that word in bible “ELECT” mean and refer to?(its christians not jews or chozens folks trust me on that).

                  • @Them Guys,
                    I take Christians to mean gentiles grafted in through acceptance of Jesus AND believing Jews….right?

            • Since the ‘good guys don’t wear white hats’
              anymore like depicted in Hollywood Westerns
              of yore, we are left to discern on our own
              the pointing out of the good, the bad, and
              the ugly.

              But then of course, in this country the
              conclusion could get us a free ride on a
              water-board until we come to our senses
              with the ‘obviously correct’ answer.

              • BJ: Well it depends what you mean by “believing” jews BJ. There are many jewish folks who claim they converted to be a christian yes. More with the catholics probobly than any other denoms. But…If its a jewish convert like for example several TV ministry Rabbis who call themselves “Messianic Jews”?….Thats a scam swindle to further confuse christians with.

                Christians think “oh gee Messianic must mean Messiah and That means Jesus so that makes the messianic jews same as christians right”…WRONG! To Them in Their way to think that word messianic era means a future time or era to last 10,000 yrs ONLY after international world or global jewry gets full ownership and control of entire world and its peoples. And all Us goyim gentiles who jews then allow to remain alive will be Slaves to jews. No gentiles be allowed to OWN any property etc…Like Plantation cotton picker slave status for ALL gentiles left alive.

                YES some jews actually do convert and be a TRUE real christian…But I aint sure where one can obtain percentage numbers from if any even exist?…Its likley very LOW numbers.

                Because: If anybody, jews Included become a real christian…Then they Must throw off and Discard ALL forms prior beliefs and worship practices etc.

                Look at them TV jewsih preachers with a TV Ministry show…One Rabbi has his TV show on a dozen times per day! on 4-5 tv stations!

                BUT look Close and see that he wears his skull cap yarmaluke, he teaches and promotes constantly for gentile christians to Learn all of His Talmudic Judaic jewish religious worship practices, IE Yom Kipper day, Hannakuh etc etc….promotes gentiles to Eat jewish type meals included in their weekly worship practices…In other words HOW is he a Real true christian convert if hes Kept every part or event or belief of his Former jewdeo Talmudic religious practices?

                They are TWO distinct seperate different, like OIL and Water cant mix religions BJ…A Person can be one or the other…NOT Both. yet thats precicely what That TV ministry Rabbi and many other jewish christian folks do or promote…if they join christian church, but Retain 100% of jewish religious stuff and beliefs…Thats a FAKE christian. If that bursts any bubbles or harms sensitve folk feelings?…Too Bad as it is what it is and Thats Not true christianity.

                My own personal thoughts are, and I spent 25 yrs working at and Inside jewish Homes, buisness’s, industrial factorys etc and have Observed way more and closer than most ever will the entire jewish lifestyle…I think Very Few are real true christian converts…But those who are real YES they count like christians.

                That “Grafted in part” is kinda Trickey BJ…John Q Public has prior posted aprox a dozen or maybe Two dozen bible verses that all are devoted to That specific issue of grafted in, the Olive Tree, its branches etc etc…

                I will try to find it if I can to repost it for you ok…but also ASK John Q Public(poster guy here) to also repost that bible verse info as it fully explains it all.

                We have a NEW covenant that Paul in bible says Replaced the OLD covenant…Many baptists etc reject that as truth…Well It is biblical and Paul wrote it so I will go with that as truth. Christ also Told the pharisee and their jew followers “The Kingdom was Taken From You and Given to Others”…Others being Christians BJ.

                So while we got grafted IN, they got Booted out, or their tree Branch was Pruned off and cast into the Fire as debrie…..They Can still join Us as true christians…just try to tell a jew That info BJ see what happens!…Good Luck doing so! ok will look for that list of verses. Ask JQP for it too!

                • Thanks TG

            • BI, good day my friend, and once again you’re right on target. the monkey in the White House needs to back off from Russia. Putin is dead serious and will not back down. Obama needs to stop screwing around NOW before all bets are off.

              • @ braveheart. I hope you had a nice birthday the other day. Just for fun I looked up your birthday and your day is suppose to be the day of equilibrium. You must have balance. People on this day are suppose to be multi-talented and visionary and practical. They are very idealistic and intuitive. Insightful and imaginative. Ambition and discipline are key. Downturns can be inconsistency and dreamy. Best days are Thursday and Monday. Best color is all shades of blue. Lucky numbers are 1 and 7.

                Again, this was just for fun. With everything that is falling apart in the world I thought I would go on the less serious side of life for a few minutes.

                • BI, just got home and just now caught your post. very interesting analysis of my birthday. I don’t have balance all of the time. I’m multi-talented to a certain degree. I’m visionary, imaginative, insightful, and intuitive. I have more practicality and self-discipline than anything else. Yes, that day fits me to a T. Thanks for looking that up and reporting it to me. That does help.

                  • Brave Heart, Younger Brother, Happy Belated Birthday from the Southern Redoubt! Your birthday isn’t over until you get the last birthday wishes and presents. Have a Blessed Year, May you be healthy, successful in all your endeavors and prosperous! laeagle

              • 1Brave:
                I didn’t know it was your “B” day. happy “B” Day you old fart! (HA-HA)

                • Good evening, Sarge, and thank you. the B day was on sunday. I was feeling the effects a week ago, but what the hell, I’m still breathing and kicking. MOLON LABE braveheart

            • It very well may be that there are 6.7 (closer to 6.0, but hey, who’s counting?) billion other people in the world who can purchase Chinese goods. Those people are not as wealthy as the 300M americans are at the current time. At some future point, they could be.

              In the short term, a breakdown between chinese and US trade would hurt china more, in that we’d find a way to do without the cheap crap that walmart provides us, but the chinese would have to do without the income stream from us. Over time, both countries could wean themselves from each other, but that would seem unlikely.

              Anyhow, Putin is very confident in his own stomping grounds, and our leadership is putting the smackdown on seven Russians who don’t have a cent to speak of in the US. Seven people. Yeah, they’re rich, but does any thinking American actually believe that these “sanctions” are anything more than a talking point?

              It’s embarrasing. Again, I’m quite aware of much of the backstory to current events, particularly Georgia and Syria. I don’t have answers. Mr. O. is like a really bad poker player who the sharks are now fleecing.

              Next Christmas may not be a happy one.

            • That’s because it is not our Constitutional government, it is a corporation (s) that gets our voluntary “CONCENT” under “the color of law”

              It’s not just corruption, you when you appear in their maritime courts, you are in the WRONG Jurisdiction.

              Why do you think so many lose, the game is rigged by illegal corporate statutes vs. LAW.


              The enemies of Liberty that have infiltrated our government would have you to believe that Common (Natural) Law is passé and have been legislated away. We the People ordained the constitution that created and governs our government, how then can the “created” supersede the “creator” and by what authority? They have none!

              The People’s US Constitution Article VI, Clause 2, known as the “Supremacy Clause” denies the ability of the servant to act as master: “This Constitution, and the laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof; and all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the United States, shall be the supreme law of the land; and the judges in every state shall be bound thereby, anything in the Constitution or laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding”.

              The People’s US Constitution Article IV, section 4 guarantees a “Republican” form of government not a democracy, the un-codified common law is the superior law of the people and the codified civil law is the special or inferior law of the government and its agency. Therefore the law and the will of the people outranks the law of the government and access to the common law is guaranteed and protected in law by the U.S. Constitution.

              We the People never gave our legislators authority to legislate our behavior or the ability to legislate away our “Heritage” aka “Natural or Common Law”. Our heritage is “Liberty” through unalienable rights from God, not man, and God cannot be discarded by legislators. William Penn said: “Men must be governed by God or they will be ruled by tyrants”.

              We should use our last legal recourse.

              The “Common Law” Grand Jury

              Watch and learn, and take the red pill, your beverage of choice and buckle up. Open your mind, suspend disbelief.

              (You will be outrages when you see what has occurred.)


              Please consider becoming a Common Law Grand Jury member in your county.

              This is what it’s about. Please take the time to at least watch these videos and at least consider supporting us in spirit or materially. This is your chance. The country needs you NOW.



              To truly understand attend our live weekly call, get in the que and ask away.


              Our Meetup – All are welcome.


              LATEST NEWS:


              New York 2-27-14
              Florida 3-15-14
              Connecticut 3-15-14
              Rhode Island 3-15-14

              We have active members in every state.

              We WILL Constitute Common Law Grand Juries in all 3142 counties.

              Join us!

              In Faith,


          • Just watched the whole movie (1 1/2 hour)… kind of good— intuition tells me this is coming to us in the near future– need to watch (esp first part)on tactics.

          • What the hell is a European American? Explain please.

            I doubt the ‘man-child’ has the balls or the insight to launch the kind of coup you are talking about. The corrupt coward Yakunovich was afraid of the consequences of his treasonous deeds and fled the country. Putin has had designs on all of the former soviets of the USSR and has jumped at the chance given him by the fumbling, bumbling idiots of the West but he is too greedy and eager and has over extended himself. He will soon be history. Never underestimate American exceptionalism.

            The ‘man-child’ like many Putinistas here admires the European ways and particularly the Russians and especially Putin. Like all Putinistas the ‘man-child’ gets a thrill going up his legs when he sees his great hero ride bare-chested on a horse. He sent a message to Putin to be patient until after the elections when he would be able to do more. All of this may be setting the stage for a take over of our country by the Russians, the Chinese and a new Axis of Evil along with the Fifth Columnists and their collaborators. War is likely to insue in this country when that happens. Be prepared, keep your powder dry and don’t give up without a fight. Be ready to adapt and change and blend into the countryside wherever you are. As the Sgt says, ASMS!

            • LAEAGLE:
              Very good advices. Hang in there my friend and other thing I say is PRAY PRAY PRAY PREP PREP PREP.

              • Thanks Sarg! A lot of great discussions coming out with many varied opinions, thoughts, and ideas. There is so much to learn and so many perspectives! I always appreciate your comments and thoughts.

                • That sounds like an exact copy of a combo of Fox/Hannity, & Glen Beck Radio spew. Spoken like a True Parrot.

                  • @TG, Perhaps, but I have been around longer, and have been studying this stuff longer than either of those guys, perhaps even before SHTF became so popular. I must admit, I do like what they both have to say. Unlike some, I have been thinking for myself a long, long time. At least I don’t paste and copy prewritten, long, responses written by some demented, paranoid schizophrenic! Try and figure that one!!

          • I would put my money on CIA or Mossad pulling the trigger on the Ukraine serviceman. Zionism rule: Never let a good conflict opportunity go to waste for I$RAEL.

          • Putin is a freedom loving guy? who are you kidding? Obama sucks no doubt but do not forget it was Putin who built Irans military and nuclear capabilities. Iran the biggest supporter of terrorism in the middle east and while Russia is supposed to be so nice? I am sorry but this is the former KGB guy rebuilding the Soviet empire. I understand why no one trust Obama but why in the hell do you think this guy Putin who was raised by the former Soviet Union and put in the KGB is so damned nice? The Communist in the world did not fall just the SOVIET UNION.

            • Is Iran really the biggest supporter of terrorism in the Middle East? How do we know this to be fact?


              IF it is fact….why? Just because they are in the mniddle east? because they hate US? Israel? I wonder IF that is true, then why do they hate US and Israel?

              Just questions I’d like to know for real, the truth, absolute truth like only God knows.

              • /sarc on/

                BJ, we know that Iran really is the biggest supporter of terrorism in the Middle East, BECAUSE THE LSM SAYS SO! But if you didn’t hear about it on MSNBC, it didn’t happen!

                /sarc off/

                Never mind the fact that the U.S. outspends everyone else in the world at funding terrorists, especially funding terrorism in other countries.

        • We would have done the exact same thing. Putin can’t tolerate an American military base(s) on his border any more than we would tolerate it if Putin engineered a takeover and installed his own Govt in Canada or mexico.

          • Anybody remember the Cuban Missile Crisis???? Same story –different way.

        • Can you Americans ever write an article about events in the real world without referring to some bloody Hollywood movie or other. It’s pitiful.

          • It’s conditioned into Amerikans to compare reality with movies. The parasites who control hollywierd, have conditioned Amerikans to bend to their whims.

            • OOPS! — sorry JustMe for the accidental thumbs down
              on your reply to Robert from….? where ever.

              He would have to live here to really understand the
              depth and insidiousness of your statement


          As John McCain is accused of saying, “Russia is a gas station, not a nation.” Well, more accurately this is the new New World Order from the mind of Vlad Putin, or as W used to call him PutiePute. As a Cold Warrior who’s from the losing side, he’s done very well since then. Looks like he’s rearranging things for his old enemies and can threaten the Western European and U.S. financial house of cards very neatly. With his own hackers plus the Snowdon files he’s in a position to play rough without fear. He’s ready for action.

          • McCain would never dare make that crack to Putin face-to-face. McCain doesn’t have a leg to stand on since he betrayed our POWs in North Vietnam. His dad, an admiral, was in charge of the coverup on the attack on the USS Liberty. Both of them were traitors. Like father, like son.

        • Gosh! I didn’t realize the bankers would take it literally when Occupy protestors put up a huge sign, saying, “JUMP, YOU FUCKERS!”

          According to, another banker has just bit the dust– this time, a young 28-year-old. Guess they are realizing money is not what they thought it would be… oh, well!

          • I doubt ANY have intentionally jumped.

            • Oh, they jumped..with a lot of mind control incentive.
              There really are things out there we don’t know much about.

              • Jay Jay
                I read you commit about the clowns taking the gun away from the folks in Conn. If this is so I CALL ON ALL MY LEO BROTHERS TO STAND DOWN!!!! This is B.S. don’t take the guns! If you do you will pay for it. I can’t not back you in this. You are my enemy not my brother.
                GOOD LORD PLAESE STAND DOWN!!!!
                Blood will flow if you keep this up. It is not worth it.
                When the guns are gone they will come after you next, and there will be no one to back you. You are digging your own graves and one for your families. STAND DOWN!!!


      2. Looks like they are ready to play ball….
        Sand slingers….

        • “””The probability that these were state-sponsored Russian or Crimean (now one in the same) forces is extremely high.”””

          Also quite probable is that the forces were US trying to make the world think it was Russians so they could suggest retaliation against Russia as though they did it.

          I don’t believe anything written anywhere by anyone.

          • Certainly a legitimate perspective.

            • The first casualty of war is the truth.

              • This is tit for tat. This will countiune u til boom. Which could take years or hours. Or until some one with balls say enough is enough and either backs down

                Or finnially step up and use the whole stick. At least if we fight it out we will have a winner in the end. It the battles that are killing us. The war is easy.

                • According to Putin’s # Political Advisor, Alexander Dugin, the next step is a Civil War in the Ukraine, followed by Poland, then Germany.

                  Hitler wrote about what he was going to do and no one except Churchill took notice. Putin’s plans are all there on Dugin’s website.

                  • We are getting tired with that Putin=hitler crap.
                    I am American and it’s not Putin who’s spying on me through NSA, not Putin destroying my healthcare or destroying my country. It’s not Putin spending 5 billions to install Nazi fascist government, not Putin who stole Ukrainian gold… the enemy is in the white house and pentagon.

                  • @Sam
                    ALL ENEMIES foreign and DOMESTIC
                    propaganda is propaganda,
                    Weather main stream or alt media,
                    I believe not much that i read, but store it in the perifory to refer to later.

                  • The alcholic Churchill (The son of New York Jewess, Jennie Jerome)was bought out by Chaim Weizmann and had all his gambling debts paid off and his ancestral home saved from receivership, that is why he destroyed Britain. He also put a one-hundred year D-notice on the peace offer Hitler made to Britain.

                  • @ Educated Sinner

                    I repeat: who gives a frog’s fat ass which gang of criminals runs the Crimea? I for one am so sick and tired of our best and bravest being sent off as cannon fodder to fight in some far off mud hole instead of guarding our borders from actual threats to THIS country.

                    You’re so big on frigging Hitler? Well here is my new foreign policy rule. It took us 3 years to defeat Nazi Germany, the toughest adversary we have EVER faced directly in combat. So from now on, every time we send our best and bravest somewhere to shoot kill and die, it had better not take longer than 3 years. If it does, we’re either doing it wrong, or we SHOULDN’T BE THERE That’s my rule. I call it the Hitler rule

            • Howdy, Mac. I received your email and thanks for the present.

          • @GC,
            First thing to my mind was CIA or Mossad

            • BJ-


          • Gods Bowel Movement,
            You are so fucking stupid how do you tie your own shoes? Crap like you post belongs over on DU which is where I am sure you spend most of your time. The US has less than two divisions that are combat ready. How are they going to be in the Ukraine pretending to be Russians? Under Obama? Are you fucking high or just stupid.

            • John W: GC wasn’t suggesting that they sent in the 24th infantry. You don’t need a division or want a division to carry out something like this. What you do need and want is a couple highly trained individuals that speak the language perfectly, fit the profile of the region and have very good papers that pass through mil checkpoints. This is the exact type of stuff that cia and mossad spooks do.

              I think there is enough proof at this point to say that the US is trying to destabilize the region. So it is a very plausible theory that GC has.

            • @ John W

              Did someone shit in your head and forget to flush? If you think that the ONLY way our .gov could send out trained assassins to try and stir up trouble somewhere is to use our regular armed forces, then you apparently have never heard of the CIA or Blackwater, to say nothing of the Mossad

              • I sure feel a lot smarter after reading some people’s posts…..thank goodness for the John W’s. I’ll wake up tomorrow feeling like I slept in a Holiday Inn Express and ready to perform brain surgery.

          • What if Kentucky made the best suckers in the world.
            We became economically independent because of these suckers.
            What if Tennessee tried to overtake our state to get our suckers that made us independent.
            Would we just sit by quietly and allow that?
            That is why we have state-formed militias??
            Domestic and foreign enemies.

            • damn–I never do that right.

              Domestic enemies.

        • Just read on drudge that ‘officials are baffled’. Well, maybe they’re not suicides. Maybe they know too much. I mean we all here knew that damn plane was hijacked before anyo else would publicly speculate that. Dip wads.

          • “Baffled”?

            One of these guys shot himself 9 times with a nail gun saving the last one for his head. That certainly isn’t suicide and is murder / torture. That is sending a message. Hell this is almost out of the mafia playbook.

            • It’s all part of the grand scheme. To question the ‘suicides’ as anything but makes us all a bunch of ‘conspiracy nuts’ yeah, yeah, yeah.

              Definition of Conspiracy Nut: one who refuses to comply with TPTB edict to swallow all the bullshit they [political and banking leaders] can shovel.

              Ha I just had an epiphany..The Powers That Be = The Politicians The Bankers…TPTB

              sometimes i make myself laugh. okay sheeple…back to your regular programming.

              • Conspiracy theorists are more sane than those who refuse to question things. I posted the study last week, it was done at a college in Oregon I believe.

            • LMAO

        • Where has Bubba Klinton been in relation to proximity of each banksters “suicide jump”? After reading the many Klintoncides on that klintons Dead Body List…Hes suspect #1 to me!

      3. The former PM of Georgia is right. This is the proberbial camel (the Russians) that (will) eventually takes over the whole tent. An inch here, an inch there, soon they have everything. Who said the cold war is a thing of the past? Wake up folks!

        • It is this kind of thinking that is allowing the globalists to defeat us all, only they’re gaining on us in leaps and bounds….yet we can’t take our eyes off the sparkly thing left beside the road, long enough to avoid the wreck that’s coming.

      4. False flag !

        Watch Charlie McGrath’s new video on how Ukraine is an IMF inside job.

      5. Anyone still think the disappearing airplane is not to distract us from the Ukraine? I think the S is HTF there and our MSM is talking about everything but. I always have to assume the worst when this happens.

        • Agreed! f all the proposed scenarios offered regarding the aircraft’s disappearance MEDIA DIVERSION IS THE MOST LOGICAL AND PLAUSIBLE!

        • Yessir. Funny how the Dow dropped all last week over the Ukraine item. This week Putin signs off on the merger. So the worst outcome has occurred so why doesn’t the Dow continue dropping? Misdirection, lies, fabricated distractions and the media playing everything down.

      6. I smell CIA. Probably armed with some of Holden’s AKs.

      7. Hold on everyone. I think we need a few more details before judgement can be pasted. This could have been some of the pro russian civilians that have been storming eastern Ukrains government buildings.

        Either way, Russia is throwing a middle finger to anyone that stands in their way…. and I love every second of it.

        • INDY , I heard something about snipers…..
          I am gonna withhold judgement as well .
          Cool heads people .

        • Of course you would. Losers like you always love seeing bad shit happen to others. Maybe you will not find things so funny when Indy gets nuked. With Obama in charge I would not want any mix up with the Russians especially since our military is so worn down. There is something wrong with those who enjoy seeing bad stuff happen to the US. This site is now the Anti American commie site. Prepper site? What a fucking joke.


            • 1BraveHeart: “THERE MAY BE A FEW IDIOTS HERE…”

              I resemble that! Except that I’m a lower case idiot.

            • If anyone of you want Putin as President instead of BO, then you are sick. Quit halfing your meds… You need to be taking what you were prescribed or you won’t make it to any TEOTWAWKI event. This ain’t like any movie or book you read. This is serious stuff. We promised Ukraine that we would defend them if they gave up their nukes. So now we should back off? Wow, I wouldn’t want someone like that on my squad… I’m prepping so I can defend myself from people that try to force me to think as them. If you like Putin so much, move to freaking Russia! See if he is going to let you keep your guns without registration and fees… Or spout nonsense on a public forum…

              • ***See if he is going to let you keep your guns without registration and fees…***

                Oh, like Connecticutious??? Yeah, Putin is a bad man..then what is Connecticutious??

                • Oh, but you don’t know JJ that you as a private citizen can’ own a hand gun in Russia. You must prove why you need a long gun. They have extensive background checks including mental and political… It’s way worse than Conn… They saved Snowden from persecution in the US. Yet they are much worse on their own people… Again, spouting nonsense on a public forum will get you some cooler time. I don’t agree with more gun control here in US, but I don’t want Putin as a hero either.

                  • “but I don’t want Putin as a hero either”

                    Why not? Because the LSM says he’s bad? Can’t you think for yourself and consider the character of a man, based on his DEEDS, not on someone else’s perceptions?

                  • I do judge Putin on his deeds. I know people in Russia that know his deeds. They are on their way back to the past. You are with Putin or against him. I guess you like Stalin as well…

            • I may be an idiot–but am no anti-American.
              Anti-government?? Hell yes.

              • In this circus we live in today, being “anti-govt” has become the “American” thing to do. It will be like this until we flush that giant toilet we call congress, taking the white house occupiers down with it.

          • Sorry jonny , but maybe your trollin again and lookin for someone to throw out some kind of “extremist” comment.
            Personally , i find your comments purposefully inflammatory.
            Best wishes , johnny .

          • You sir are delusional.History is quite clear that Russia started in Kiev and the Ukrainians are Russian to the core.

            • Actually, both Russia and Ukraine came into being out of Kiev. They are separate and distinct nations, and ethnic groups.

              Ancient history is not an excuse for conduct today.

          • @ john w

            I don’t “enjoy” ANY of this crap, but I would like to remind you that the government in DC does NOT “represent” us; they serve their masters on Wall Street. Do not ever confuse we, the people with those sacks of shit masquerading as our “leaders”. If those stupid assholes get their smug arrogant smiles wiped off their faces by somebody who is too strong for them to handle, that is not “Bad stuff happening to US”. There is no “us”, there is no “we”. Not until we have a legitimate government that recognizes our rights as human beings, and respects the Constitution which is supposed to be the law of the land; then there will be a “we”

            • As Son of Sam states.
              DC only recognizes us as ‘we’ in we, the people, when there is a bail out coming.

            • True that.

      8. ? What would Obama DOOOOO!?????

        N O T H I N G !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Hope all you kids sittin at home livin off of your parents,…… ENJOY the comming draft! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

      9. Sniff, sniff, Mossad, sniff, sniff.

      10. Putin will take full advantage of the situation while the West stands by in total disarray and bewilderment. Unfortunately, this provocation will eventually result in a response that may go beyond what they anticipated. The ‘man-child’ sent the message to Putin for him to be patient until the elections were over. Was all of this preplanned and choreographed between the ‘man-child’ and Putin? I have always contended that previous communist and dictatorial regimes would look innocuous compared to an American government that went bad and turned on its people with all its surveilance capabilities. There will be nothing hidden from Big-Brother. Without the Constitution and the rule of law we are in deep shit! The ‘man-child’ has become a law unto himself!

        • Putin takes advantage etc?…Close to 85% total Crimea persons Voted in a Fair Free Paper ballot one vote per voter election…Aprox 98% voted to LEAVE Ukaraine and JOIN Russia. Only about 60% of crimea is russians, so That means Even Most all of NON russians IN crimea Voted WITH the 60% russian voters!

          Ever Read the american declaration of indep? That part about “when any group people determine they can NO longer remain attached Politically etc with who they USED to be with” it is their God given Right to LEAVE and begin a New govnt or Join a new govnt elsewheres.

          Why dont That apply to folks of crimea which Used to be Russia untill Gorbechev or was it Yellstyn “Gave away” crimea to west ukraine?

          STOP believing FOX TV news shows and Glen Beck radio spew nonsense and realize the entire cold war events were another massive fraud Hoax. And even That cold war hoax is over now. Don’t fret though as their Other major main Hoax aka HoloHoax will certainly continue…At least untill far More folks wize up about That Hoax also.

          Just keep repeating: “I’ve Been HoloHoaxed! and Kosherized! and Today I will Believe most ANYTHING!” Anything But truth and Facts that dispell those major Mtyhs and Hoaxes.

      11. OFF TOPIC
        I watched the (so called) president hand ing out medals to veterans today on TV .
        He was careful to always use the woed “comrade” when describing servicemen .
        fallen comrade
        fellow comrade
        missing comrade
        brave comrades
        Get the idea ?
        Never once did i here him say fallen hero , or patriot .
        If fact i dont think he ever used the word “hero” just comrade , WTF ?
        I have never heard this word used by an American president to describe veterans recieving medals.
        Am i wrong here ?

        • Don’t Russians ususally use that lingo for military dudes?

          Wasn’t it a russian guy a long time ago that said america would fall from within??

          Don’t we have russian military adn spetznatz(sp?) training here now?

          Just things rattling around in my head….you know thinking outloud

          • XXX”Wasn’t it a russian guy a long time ago that said america would fall from within??”XXX

            “America will fall without a shot being fired.It will fall from within.” Nikita Kruzchev in a speech to the UN.

            “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” – Abraham Lincoln

            Ronald Reagan once said, “freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”

            I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.
            ~Thomas Jefferson

        • and, Obama isn’t any service mans (or womans) Comrades def.

          Comrade means “friend”, “colleague”, or “ally”. The word comes from French camarade and this French word has it roots in the Spanish term camarada.[1] The term is frequently used by left-wing organizations around the globe. “Comrade” has often become a stock phrase and form of address. This word has its regional equivalents available in many languages.

          First of all its a dam French but dam cant he even use an English word?

          left wing..check

          Obama has not served this country in the military, he’s not your comrade, or will he have your back in any way shape or form

          he would have been better off just calling them service men,, or soldiers..
          he’s not your f-ing pal!

          • back to the “left” comment

            commie, socialist

            In the mid-19th century, nationalism, socialism, democracy, and anti-clericalism became features of the French Left

            He’s yelling it in our FACES people

            words have meanings..and these bastards know you?

            • Napoleon III’s 1851 coup and the subsequent establishment of the Second Empire, Marxism began to rival radical republicanism and utopian socialism as a force within left-wing politics. The influential Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, published in 1848, asserted that all human history is the history of class struggle. They predicted that a proletarian revolution would eventually overthrow bourgeois capitalism and create a classless, stateless, post-monetary society.

              Leftist economic beliefs range from Keynesian economics and the welfare state through industrial democracy and the social market to nationalization of the economy and central planning,[21] to the anarchist/ syndicalist advocacy of a council- and assembly-based self-managed anarchist communism. During the industrial revolution, left-wingers supported trade unions. In the early twentieth century, the Left were (with the notable exceptions of libertarians like the anarchists and revolutionary syndicalists) associated with policies advocating extensive government intervention in the economy.

              History people..Im no brainiac..this fucking happened..and were on the rails heading full speed ahead right into it, im not making the shit up in this post

              Other leftists believe in Marxian economics, which are based on the economic theories of Karl Marx. Some distinguish Marx’s economic theories from his political philosophy, arguing that Marx’s approach to understanding the economy is independent of his advocacy of revolutionary socialism or his belief in the inevitability of proletarian revolution

              well I could go on and on, most of you here get it..some never will until they burn..and oh how they will burn

              lock and load bitches( I say that lovingly to all my SHTF posters)..this is going to be a down right hell of a ride for those who have no clue, because its still going to be hell for those of us who know

              find a brother and have his back..and join arms

              some of us will make it, and that is what will defeat this. America isn’t “coming to our rescue” like they did the French etc.. etc..
              America is going to have to rescue itself..were going to have to do it. I dam sure hope were up to the task, I know im getting older

              • I despise the entire ideology of communism and i am sick that Americans are brainlessly stumbling down that dystopian hell hole. Putin is looking like a hero compared to our man-child king…but make no mistake, putin is still kgb at heart and hungry for power. All commies are hungry to dominate and will exploit any weakness to do so. Oh, and just for fun go visit the cpusa website to see how they openly and proudly proclaim their communist dreams for America. We are closer than ever to being actually over run from within by the Reds. And another thing…does anyone actually know what the people of ukrain want? Russian communist dominance may be their worst nightmare and the world just sucks their collective thumb. And another thing…I wont believe for a minute that the breakup of the Soviet Union ended their Communist govt. Ok done ranting

              • Cite the source you copied that from. You are stealing when you fail to do so. Plagiarist.

                • this AINT english class

            • YES he is, just like he has all along. No one wanted to believe he would be so in-your-face…but HE IS.

              Hiding in plain sight.

              • He sounds like a lot of the posters on this site. So what is the big deal? From some of the comments I read here Obama would fit right in with the blame the US crowd. Just think after this clown gets done with us then Hillary will get to finish us off.

                • Sounds alot like an ad hominem attack on the general population on this site , johnny.
                  How much to you get paid ?
                  I really dont see alot of blame the US here.
                  Theres a few but far from a majority.
                  Your throwin alot of acusations , son .
                  Not makin any points .
                  Got a point to make or just attacking ?

                  • hammerhead I don’t disagree with you often, but we must not be reading the same comments. If you want some red thumbs just say something good about America. I can’t believe the up thumbs many of the posters get when they bad mouth the U.S. I don’t like where TPTB are taking us, but I’m sick of all these people that are attacking MY country, which is still the greatest country on earth, barr none. Trekker Out.

                • John W., I play it where it lays and call it like I see it.

                  If that doesn’t fit your fantasy, well, sorry ’bout your luck.

                • John(Jack)W(agon)= Jack Wagon

            • I caught Tail end of AM radio news report in my Truck about Hobammy handing out so many medals of Honer and other lesser medals lately. The radio news guy was saying something about how Hobammy feels that during or since? or mabye its Both, WWII era Blacks and mexicans and jews have been discriminated against on recieving military medals and awards and Thats his Main motivations.

              Gee was that many Mexicans in WWII milirtarys? And not many jewish soldiers were in military either as I recall it. From WWII to Todays usa militarys aint they mainly White guys and now white women also?

              Maybe mostly a white man army is main reason so few non whiteys got any medals eh…Ironic with Hobammy and all usa MSM’s it is Always about Poor victim minorities VS Bad Evil Raysis whites.

          • VRF, I didn’t know the word comrade came from the Spanish and French languages. Interesting.

            • That might be because for as long as we’ve been alive, the propaganda machine has been associating “comrade” with whomever they were branding “commie” at the time.

              Surprising how much more clearly you can see, when you disconnect your intra-venous line to the propaganda machine, huh?

              From the dictionary:

              [kom-rad, -rid], noun
              1. a person who shares in one’s activities, occupation, etc.; companion, associate, or friend.

              2. a fellow member of a fraternal group, political party, etc.

              3. a member of the Communist Party or someone with strongly leftist views.

              Origin: 1585–95; < Middle French camarade < Spanish camarada group of soldiers billeted together.

              See #3, they even integrated their bullshit propaganda into the dictionary…

          • VRF-

            ***sarcasm/humor-mode on!!!

            Am putting together a team of serious vets…our mission is to “MUG” the Kenyan-queer’s teleprompter operator and tie him/her/it up, then secure/gain control of the remote teleprompter media booth/command center, prior to his next Ukrainian “crisis event / policy speech”…sample speech as follows:

            “ citizens..the NSA, israeli intelligence & the Wookie-beast have informed me that Putin’s “Johnson” -(moan w/ sad face)- is superior to mine..and while I don’t worry ’bout deficits…I hate being viewed as deficient..especially on the world stage.

            ..therefore as I, being recognized as the global community
            I have instructed my fellow comrades state dept & our judicial comrade-czar..handsome Eric Holder -(lust/pant-pant-drool)-…to subpena that white-trash Putin for a three-way……er….for official sanctioning, in front of both houses of congress!

            I am serious..and intend to make it clear to Mr. Putin that failure to attend…is an affront to the well-endowed IMF bankers -(shiver)- & the limp-wristed global community..that desires…hope & change!

            ..We will gang-bang UKRAINE..whether he likes it or not!!!!!!!


            —cut video feed—(but a hot-mic condition)—

            …if we here something like:

            ..”Allah Akbar!!!….who scripted/wrote this shit???”


            We will know….mission accomplished!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • VRF-

            ***sarcasm/humor-mode on!!!

            Am putting together a team of serious vets…our mission is to “MUG” the Kenyan-queer’s teleprompter operator and tie him/her/it up, then secure/gain control of the remote teleprompter media booth/command center, prior to his next Ukrainian “crisis event / policy speech”…sample speech as follows:

            “ citizens..the NSA, israeli intelligence & the Wookie-beast have informed me that Putin’s “Johnson” -(moan w/ sad face)- is superior to mine..and while I don’t worry ’bout deficits…I hate being viewed as deficient..especially on the world stage.

            ..therefore as I, being recognized as the global community
            I have instructed my fellow comrades state dept & our judicial comrade-czar..handsome Eric Holder -(lust/pant-pant-drool)-…to subpena that white-trash Putin for a three-way……er….for official sanctioning, in front of both houses of congress!

            I am serious..and intend to make it clear to Mr. Putin that failure to attend…is an affront to the well-endowed IMF bankers -(shiver)- & the limp-wristed global community..that desires…hope & change!

            ..We will gang-bang UKRAINE..whether he likes it or not!!!!!!!


            —cut video feed—(but a hot-mic condition)—

            …if we here something like:

            ..”Allah Akbar!!!….who scripted/wrote this shit???”


            We will know….mission accomplished!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • the word “comrade” was invented in the Soviet Union.

          • Comrade is FRENCH in origin. Look it up.

          • The word is tovarish. Russian for friend.

            • I said Joe Montoya, not Montana.

            • Tovarisch is comrade. Drug is friend.

          • No, BH, it wasn’t.

      12. America sent in the CIA to overthrow the Ukrainian President due to his friendship with Russia. They were successful. Now that democratically elected President asked Russia for help and Putin agreed. So, who are the bad guys here?

      13. Most Wars start on the financial battlefield, the cold war never ended and WWIII is in the wings. Progressives want population reduction and what better way than a WW, while fomenting more division right here at home.

        How long can they control the coming chaos? I see blood in the streets, it’s only a matter of when

        • Very true that the cold war never ended they just changed tactics when they realized they could not outspend and that their technology was years behind. Lucky for the GWBush and then Clintoon came along and undid everything Reagan had done. Clintoon is the one that gave the Chinese the missile technology that will now be used to kill us. Then again he got his campaign money from it so that makes it all swell.

          • I would suggest you read some accurate history and not te newspapers. They are thinking “for”you

            • Nothing in what was written could possibly been found in a newspaper, so unless you’d like to post substance keep your long winded naner naner to yourself.

              • “Naner naner”? I’ve never seen anyone try that in print!

      14. Most Wars start on the financial battlefield, the cold war never ended and WWIII is in the wings. Progressives want population reduction and what better way than a WW, while fomenting more division right here at home.

        How long can they control the coming chaos? I see blood in the streets, it’s only a matter of when

      15. Just like our (U.S.) government stats – the recession was over 4 years ago and the economy is strong; inflation is the lowest in years; we’ve added 8 million new jobs in the last 5 years; price of new health care policy will be less than your monthly cell phone bill; and the Cold War with Russia has been over for 20 years. Anyone who says otherwise is a naysayer and a threat to the security of this country. Everything is coming up roses.

        • The threats to the security of this country, are all at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington DC.

      16. Hey Hunter & Socrates,
        Check this out…

        Did Malaysian Airlines 370 disappear using SIA68/SQ68 (another 777)?
        NOTE!!! – Many mistakenly believed I have meant specifically that MH370 flew BEHIND SQ68. When I say shadow, I mean that it may have flown above or below SQ68 slightly. Listening to ATC instructions would have allowed MH370 to stay current on SQ68’s next move.

        Monday, March 17, 2014 – 12:01 AM EST

        UPDATED: Monday, March 17, 2014 – 9:00 AM EST
        Typo was made during the conversion of UTC times. Meeting of SIA68 and MH320 occurred at 18:00UTC – 18:15UTC. MH320 dropped off of civilian radar at 17:22UTC.

        UPDATE – Monday, March 17, 2014 – 12:15 PM EST
        Some have raised the statement that TCAS doesn’t work if the transponder is disabled… this is only partially correct. Other planes TCAS would NOT see MH370 at all. MH370 would not actively query other planes as it’s transponder is off HOWEVER it could still listen to any transponder output from other planes that are actively transmitting. SQ68 would have been actively transmitting while in-range of Subang ATC center.

        Even if TCAS on MH370 wasn’t working for some reason, an in-expensive portable ADS-B receiver paired with an iPad and Foreflight app would allow a pilot to receive the ADS-B output being transmitted by SQ68 at that time.


        By: Keith Ledgerwood

        As the search for missing flight Malaysian Airlines flight 370 drags on into the 10th day, so many questions continue to remain unanswered about how and why the airliner could have disappeared while seemingly under the control of a skilled pilot intent on making it invisible. With satellite pings showing where the plane could be after more than seven hours of flight, speculation has arisen that the plane could be on the ground anywhere along a path from northern Thailand to the border of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan.

        The major roadblock to this theory has been the insistence from India and Pakistan that their radar network showed no such unidentified aircraft entering or traversing their airspace. It would seem highly unlikely given such information that a Boeing 777 could indeed slip through undetected.

        As a hobby pilot and aviation enthusiast, a theory began to form in my own mind on this 10th day as all of the latest information began to trickle in slowly through media outlets globally. After being unable to escape the idea that it may have happened, I began to do some analysis and research and what I discovered was very troubling to me!

        • While this theory may sound plausible to an extent, I have a few problems with it.

          -ALL aircraft create something called ‘Wake Turbulence’. These are rotating vortices that come off the body and wingtips of the aircraft as it moves through the air. With large, heavy aircraft like the Lockheed L-1011, and even this Boeing 777, you cannot diminish or hide this fact…it exists plain and simple.
          No tricks, electronics or stealth can make it go away.

          When flying military (or commercial aircraft) they have to operate on an IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) flight plan, which dictates course, altitude and all other flight criteria. These flight plans are APPROVED through the ATC center prior to the aircraft even leaving the ground, period, no exceptions.

          While aircraft are enroute (and following their prescribed flight plan)all other IFR (and other) aircraft have to be kept at minimum distances from each other both laterally and vertically to avoid collisions AND Wake Turbulence. Modern aircraft also have terrain and collision avoidance radar equipment that sound alarms whenever proximity warnings are imminent.

          You could not safely fly 2 777 airliners in close proximity without severely affecting the lower or following aircraft, IMO. This would also raise red flags to the controllers as it is a separation violation and as I mentioned earlier…EVERYTHING is recorded there for further review. Someone would be busted for that, esp. in light of the circumstances of this flight.

          The primary radar returns could indeed look like one big one return, but again, the flight dynamics would be greatly hindered if they flew in close proximity.
          Whomever came up with this ‘theory’ doesn’t know jack about principles of flight or airway science management.

          • Thanks for your insight Socrates. I didn’t know how close they could be and still just make one ping on the radar.

            • BJ-

              No problem, just trying to shed some ‘facts’ on something that is still unknown to many. I actually worked quite a few military ‘flights’ that were in fact several aircraft in tight formation. On your scope, it just looks like one big ‘blip’ until they break out of formation to land, attack, etc…

              Smaller aircraft can do that, as the wake turbulence is not as bad due to the smaller mass of the craft. Big planes- no way.

              Another thing I thought of- If another 777 aircraft *were* approached by another, the first one would have all kinds of collision avoidance alerts going off AND the controller working the first craft would have to issue ‘traffic advisories’ to it. This is basically a warning that they have an unknown, un-identified primary return on the scope and it is approaching you from this position and distance. That conversation would be recorded just like the rest and further proof…that you cannot hide, vanish or sneak up on another 777 with the same type of aircraft without the other aircraft knowing it. 😉

              Certain people KNOW where this plane IS…they just are not telling US.

          • Socrates-


            Whoever posited such theory…may also be one who is employed, to toss “chaff” onto the screens(CRTs/LCDs), of an uninformed public!

            ..real-time orbiting satellite(KH-11/KH-13 radar etc) monitoring of earth’s such that they can I.D. your vehicle if desired..from +300 miles up.

            The hollyweird movie..”Enemy of the State” is in 21st century Blade Runner Amerika..and the boys in Sat-comm know what I’m talking about!

            That plane IS NOT A MISSING DRAMA.

            ..manifold intel agencies know exactly…where it is!


            Some of us know a little bit of their pixel resolution & tracking capabilities.

            ..if its truly lost..then somebody in Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado(NORAD) or Syracuse, NY(US-Space Command) was watching porn on duty…not the screens!!!

            ..’nuff said!

            • -addendum to above-

              Syracuse used to be a “hub” years ago..dunno if its still active nowadays.

              ..there is an active USAF station in the UK, that deals w/ sat-comm/space command stuff, close to the Norfolk/Suffolk area..probably an hour or so from RAF Lakenheath/Mildenhall.

              Burt & Lol-mum would likely know of whence I speak…
              was RAF Chelt-something-or-other. Lots of dishes aimed skywards.


              ..and per the general hemispherical orientation…ask an Aussie about “Pine-Gap”.

              ..truly, ZOGs coverage is spherical..360*

              • Ok, that’s all greek to me.

                I can’t get crap out of my bro (usaf col) he always either says nothing when I hound him or says “I don’t know anything about that stuff.”

                I bet he cringes everytime I send stuff to his work email.

            • Thanks Socrates and Hunter,

              See I could have a lot of fun meeting guys like you in person. I’d just sit and listen and soak it up like water to a sponge.

              Ah, I take that back, I’d be stopping you every 10 seconds with another question.

      17. Faces covered…hmmm…sounds like the same kind of guys the U.S. has as “police”.

      18. First off, If you have to cover your face to do something, chances are you know right away, its illegal ..or why would you hide who you are?

        • Cops do it all the time in the U.S. What do they have to hide? We all know what they are hiding from: They don’t want the public to know who they are so they can be hunted down.

        • I thought the same thing. Whats up with that? Maybe they should all have obama clown masks on.

          • American protesters have been covering their faces so our govt can’t identify them and kick their doors in later to arrest them or kill them…”if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear?” The hell you don’t.

            • Sixpack-

              It *used* to be that criminals covered their faces so they could continue their crimes without fear of being recognized and caught later(banditos, robbers, thugs).

              *Real* killers don’t care if you see their faces….they’re going to kill you and continue killing anyways.

              • Protesting isn’t a crime as far as I know. I have a balaclava I wear on really cold and windy days when I need to go outside, but I’m not hiding from anyone but old man winter…and maybe my neighbor.

            • well I guess im a bit hypocritical on that than, I agree we need to hide our faces from our suppressive and police state government and media

              we already know governments have a lot to hide

              I make no excuses for my one sided feelings on this

      19. sounds like Tom Clancy’s “Command Authority”

        • All about the bankers and industrialists. I still
          Ponder if the Russians killed Clancy.

          • I thought everyone knew this:

            Clancy was killed because he was getting too close to a secret they don’t want the world to know. Dr. Garrow, executive director of The Bethune Institute, states Obama had Tom Clancy killed, noting that it takes 5 days for plant toxins and most poisons to break down and leave no traces in the human body. Strangely (or not), doctors did not perform an autopsy on Clancy’s body for 5 days.

        • D7, I just watched Tom Clancy’s “OP Center”…again.

      20. First comes the monetary devastation. Than comes planetary devastation.

      21. Our non-intervention to the attack on our embassy in Benghazi gave Putin a clear idea of how much he actually has to fear from a strong response by this administration.

        • No. All it told him is that our govt has indeed been taken over by the globalists…This administration simply obeyed their masters…and now the world knows it too.

      22. The Jewish Prime Minister ‘Yatz’ & Co. ( ) and the rest of his faux ‘Nazis’ useful idiots have shown no compunction in murdering their own to advance the Zio take over of the Ukraine. It was THEIR snipers that shot and killed both Ukrainian security forces AND their own protestors to discredit and besmirch both the Ukrainian government and Russia. One more dead goy on the barbie won’t matter.

        Kiev maidan snipers killed their own;_ylt=A0LEVzLRsyhTygYAXAFXNyoA?ei=UTF-8&fr=yfp-t-901&p=kiev+maidan+snipers+killed+their+own&SpellState=&fr2=sp-qrw-corr-top

        Here they go again!

      23. Propaganda is just oozing out of this article. I wonder why. Could it be the author is Pro Ukraine? Anti Russia? Or something else?

        Personally, I’m more concerned with what is being prepared for Americans, right this very minute, as the potential for war, most assuredly (mostly) planned/designed in America, unfolds “over there”.

        • AMEN.

        • I have been saying for a long time and more recently here….that I think we are going to be attacked and fight a war here in our own land. But I got thmubed down and told it will only be bombs…..I still think we will be under seige with more than bombs

          • We are under siege with more than bombs—remember DHS arming to the teeth…and the IRS, USPS, DHHS, SSA…boy scouts…

            • That is correct, almost 2 BILLION rounds.

              Psalms 92

      24. Roger that VRF !
        It is this whole paranoid terrorist mindset. You see it all over the world today…African countries, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, now UKR, one day USA

        • You’re not being paranoid that somebody is after you, if they really are after you.

      25. A lot of differing viewpoints on this situation.

        -Soldiers with covered faces- no different really than the SWAT thugs here in the U.S. Only people that cover their faces are those who worry about the possibility of retribution later on, if someone recognizes them. If you have done nothing wrong, why are you worried about that? Hmmm…

        -Soldiers with covered faces (and missing military name, rank)could also be false operatives, either side. Again- Why are you HIDING? All criminals try to hide, but eventually get caught.

        -If the Ukraine shuts off the electric and gas to the Crimean peninsula, that pretty much dashes Putins plans to keep control of it. He will have no choice but to ‘annex’ the rest of the Ukraine to keep the power on and he will.

        -The so-called ‘sanctions’ that Obummer has doled out are indeed …a joke. This is almost such good theater (the comedy & the tragedy) that they should charge admission. You bet the ‘final act’ will be coming up soon, though.

        The ‘shoving match’ has started…the swinging is about to begin.

        • They all look the same, don’t they? Even the supposed video’s of “Blackwater” running around in the same gear, faces covered. The question is, if it gets up close and personal, i.e. hand to hand, how is one going to know? Maybe there is an underlying reason for everyone looking the same?

          • Maybe its COLD Temps so they covered faces to remain Warm.

            • Makes sense.

          • E.A.-

            –(quote)–: “..Maybe there is an underlying reason for everyone looking the same?”

            Sorta plays into the phrase:

            “ way of deception, thou shalt do WAR!!!!

            • Guys,
              I think Putin and BO are on same side. This is all theater and red herrings. I think that TPTB, evil and clever bastards that they are orchestrated this all from a ways back.

              Here goes…..

              Syrian rebels (al CIA duh and muslim brotherhood) do the chemical attack thing as a false flag to get us to attack. But Putin is given the script from tptb to play hero and stop attack (everybody knows anyway that it wasn’t Assad, but in fact the rebels)….but agrees to over see chemical disposal. Then comes this western financed and orchestrated over throw and protests in Ukraine that leads to Putin getting handed absolutely the most meaningless sanctions I have ever even heard of. But still the sanctions as meaningless as they are still stop Putin from over seeing the chemical disposal right? So then Putin still looks like good guy for standing up to NWO global banksters, but BO gets green light to attack Syria. Which is really want the globalist bastards have wanted all along, cause the prize after Syria is Iran….and they have wanted Iran for years and years and years.

              What do you think?

              • What I don’t quite understand is why tptb have given the hero script to Putin….a commie thug?

                Maybe when they attack us here, they plan on him being the new leader?

                Strange and confusing times we are living in.

                • Putin is not a bankster, so they won’t let him be leader either. Remember, in the NWO there are no sovereign countries to be lead, only subservient debtors to the globalist banksters.

                  That’s the whole point of the NWO—ONE WORLD UNDER THEIR CONTROL.

            • Indeed, Hunter, indeed.

      26. This is all scripted CIA, IMF, Bankster War! USI and the NWO is getting its ass handed to them in Syria,Egypt, Venezuela, etc .Any where they don’t have control of the finances.
        Watch now how fast Putin takes over the Ukraine.He will never again allow the Bolchivick Jewry, take over Mother Russia again and as soon as the USI see’s this happen? Keep your eye to the sky for the CIA hijacked Flight 370. Coming to a theatre near you!!!

        • I had similar thoughts about flight 370. My thoughts are it is on an island somewhere (Diego Garcia) and is being retrofitted to look like an American plane (United for example). Ole Barry wants a war…well, put a nuke on that plane and change it’s transponder code to match an incoming U.S. flight and fly it over…oh let’s say L.A. and light it off. That would do it! Ole Barry would claim Russia or Iran or (take your pick) did it and the banksters would have WW3….global thermonuclear war.

          • Thats what I said the other day…..trojan horse

        • I have been intensively researching everything available on flight 370. IMO, the highly classified/secretive USA Navy cargo transfer to this flight is the lynch pin to the entire story.

          To imagine that this “hijacking” was simply about acquiring a jet to be utilized in a false flag action is a short sighted and very narrow view of reality. Money is not an issue for those that perpetrate false flags and THEY could easily acquire such an aircraft by much less publicized means.

          The cargo, not the passengers, is the KEY to this story! And a “cover story” is already scripted and waiting for delivery at the appropriate time.

          • Just be careful with sorcha faal.

            • sorcha faal is proven disinfo and not even a consideration in my hypothesis. There are many psychop sites that I avoid and consider anathema to the truth.

              • …speaking of ‘disinfo’…where is the source for the alleged “highly classified/secretive USA Navy cargo transfer to this flight”? Being that highly classified information OR items cannot be on foreign aircraft without an approved security container or guard, I highly dispute that claim. If it is public knowledge, then it is treason, plain and simple.

                First I have heard of it.

                • Seriously, the most TREASONOUS POTUS in our history and you doubt the possibility of additional TREASON? This is not my “site”, and I will not advertise for other sources here.

                  The correct research terms entered into the correct search engines will take you where you seem to desire to journey.

                  BTW, “public knowledge” is not only an oxymoron, but limited to what the state propaganda MSM are allowed to say!

                  No disrespect intended, only potential revelation. The path is littered with misdirection, lies, and false dead ends. You must be dedicated with time and logical analysis of what is found. Check all footnotes and “other” references.

                  And stay away from the hemlock Socrates, it can kill you.

                  • –(quote)–: “..the path is littered with misdirection, lies, and false dead ends.”

                    ..hence, the term “chaff”!!!!

                  • Well Socrates, when you get back from this mysterious journey will you share your findings. Don’t forget to watch out for Frodo and say hi to Gamgee.


                    I wish people would just speak plainly!

              • If anyone believes sorcha faal they would believe anything
                Faal is a known hoax. You might as well get your news from the onion

                • correct. I fell for a sorcha faal article once, because it sounded so good, and I had never heard of him before…I won’t make the mistake of listening to some dude who won’t even use his own name on his writings again.

                  • Is your given name sixpack? I’d be pissed at my parents for that one.

                  • Sorry if you can’t tell the difference between comments and sorcha faal disinfo…

          • Why the hell would the navy use a civilian airliner to carry a cargo of any sort anywhere?
            I have seen all manner of US Navy aviation hardware, everything from drones to gigantic cargo planes and everything in between, im pretty sure they would use their own aircraft and personnel,
            Just curious what the reasoning would be

            • I know you must understand that all of our assets, whether surface vessels, aircraft, and even submarine vessels are constantly monitored by both adversary and ally alike.

              To maintain the LIE of plausible deniability, a “false flag” disappearance/hijacking must be employed via a transportation NOT ON THE HIGH PROFILE RADAR.

              The ultimate destination is as critical as the cargo. But, “we had nothing to do with it”! I hope this helps.

      27. Slavo’s beginning to sound like Hodges with his “the Russians are coming!” fear-mongering. To connect events in the Ukraine, as dire as they may be, with a Russian invasion of the USSA, is a stretch, to say the least.

        Let us not lose site of who it was that instigated and orchestrated the violent coup that took down a DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED GOVERNMENT, and in it’s place installed a gaggle of Western lapdogs for the bankster elite.

        Since Russia didn’t start this mess and are only responding to safeguard their own interests in the region (as they absolutely should), it’s ridiculous to insinuate that their intentions are one of global hegemony.

        We don’t have to look any further than D.C. to discover where the true hegemony motivations originate from.

        • HEGEMONIC motivations. My apologies.

        • Liberty64, I’ll have you know that Mac Slavo does not do fear-mongering. Neither does Dave Hodges. I’ve had some of Hodges articles checked out by a source I trust and Hodges is the real deal. I’ll take him over Alex Jones any day.

          • YOU’LL have me know? And who might YOU be that I should take your word as gospel? I call it as I see it, and I see it as fear-mongering. And when did I ever mention Alex Jones that you feel so inclined to draw comparisons? Frankly, I don’t care what Alex thinks about this. I rarely tune in.

      28. This was a *trigger* event meant to inflame the West into making a hastily thought, rash action that will inevitably lead up to WWIII. The global elites want WW III AND the fall of America in the worst way and they are creating triggers to initiate it.
        This must be stopped from escalating.

      29. Dumb question but isn’t it against the Geneva convention to not have your flag/country ident on your uniform? In other words you have to have an identifiable mark on your uniform. Kinda keep soldiers from guessing who their shooting at i would think. I believe you can be treated as a spy, i.e. shot on the spot, if your caught without.

        • Guess who owns Geneva? The orchestrators of this mess are above the law.

      30. Russia will take over the Ukraine and the u.s. instigators will go back to their agitatorboard!!!!
        Just like Syria , this will blow over

        • All of the marbles are now in play. The first to flinch will reap disaster. I don’t see Putin flinching! He has already exposed Barry as a paper tiger.

          Israel will not be denied in their quest to neutralize Syria and Iran. The pieces on this chessboard are not all designated correctly.

          What appear to be pawns, are actually BISHOPS/QUEENS with respect to potential “moves on the board”. Anything is possible, everything is suspect, and nothing can accurately be predicted by anyone other than those whom have scripted the “play”.

          And even “they” can/do make mistakes.

          • One question….

            Are we playing marbles or chess?

            their is a huge difference and I need to know what hat to wear to the party.

            I am not the smartest guy on here, but I know a fake fuck when I see one and you my friend are as fake as they come, like as in queer as a three dollar bill.

            • Everyone is entitled to an opinion! Time will tell. Barry is playing marbles, Putin is playing chess.

          • Avenger, that’s what you get when you even mention “The Chosen Ones” around here. You’ve made a good point, despite the Isra-hell apologists…

            • I think he is full of poo. He sounds a lot like Lindsay Williams to me.

              When people don’t speak plainly and try so hard to sound all clandestine and fancy….I do not trust them.

              • I speak within the confines and parameters that are familiar to me. In case you haven’t noticed, I don’t comment much. When I do, it is based on what I consider a HIGH PROBABILITY via much dedicated research.

                Again, you are entitled to your opinion. But before you start “labeling me”, offer you’re own version. Then a potentially beneficial debate/transfer of opinions can potentially add something of benefit to the commentary/story line.

                • I have, have you not been reading all comments? Or do you just come to post your own views?

                  AND I spoke plainly. And the confines and parameters in which I speak don’t sound like some script for a movie or a book.

                  “The journey in which you seek” “Watch out for the hemlock”…… LMBO

                  Had you spoke like a normal person, I would of been real interested in hearing more of what you had to say. Oh yeah, but of course, you refused to post a source and played riddle games just dangling little tid bits for everyone to become curious and then behold you as some great source, blah blah blah. I have met so many of your kind on the internet in the last 3 years it isn’t funny.

                  I stand by my call of BULLSHIT!

                  • Not much of a history buff are you! Hemlock is the poison that Socrates took, either due to force, or personal choice to kill himself.

                    You expose yourself for the dumbass you are!!!

                  • BTW, YOU have NEVER met my kind. Three years, what an experienced PRO! LMAO!

                  • I may be a dumbass compared to some, but I am genuine and real, not a fake phony wannabe internet prick. See I didn’t expose anything, cause in order to do that I would of been having to hide something or trying to be something I am not, much like yourself.

                    I still stand by my call that you are a fake and full of BS, even if you were on to something correct, your approach and delivery with your cloak and dagger fantasy mindset screws your fantasy wet dreams all up.

                    And yes, I have met your kind before, unfortunately all too many times.

                    Go back to your confines and parameters and your all knowing wisdom filled with riddle gobbledy goop speak and have a nice day.

                  • TA said ” Three years, what an experienced PRO! LMAO!”

                    Yes in the last three years is what I said. Never said anything as to a definitive of only being on the net for three years if that is what you are trying to “expose?”

                    I also never said that I was a pro at anything. So if that’s your idea of a slam or an example of your all knowing knowledge from your investigative intellect and intuition, then I don’t need to say another word.

      31. “…unknown forces with covered faces…”

        Leaked email information:

        ” US Army Attache Assistant in Kiev Jason Gresh and a high ranking official from Ukrainian General Staff Igor Protsyk.
        It appears that they are planning to conduct a series of attacks on Ukrainian military bases in order to destabilize the situation in Ukraine.”

      32. Don’t forget, we’re dealing with a ten-armed magician. With cards up every sleeve.
        Here’s a few random questions-
        Wouldn’t it be convenient, now that we have a ‘disappeared’ airliner, to stage a false flag attack using civilian aircraft? Doesn’t even have to be the one that vanished, media will just say it is.
        And isn’t it convenient to have the world gasping on the brink of war, while the tyrants are moving us closer each day to martial law? And enforcing full-strength Obammycare? And to distract us from the pathetic state of the economy? yes, war is a mighty handy distraction…

        • AND don’t forget the needed distraction from the news this month from Arpaio and Zullo regarding the faked BC and many other facts they have discovered.

      33. The event in Ukraine was a spontaneous act in response to a video

        • Now thats funny!

        • So was bengazi….troll much?

          • That might have been his sarcastic point, ender…

      34. WRONG ;0P

        this report perspective is wrong and the facts presented are twisted skewed FROM THE TRUE REALITY OF WHAT AND WHY IN THE UKRAINE .


        FASCIST ZOG AMERIKA CIA AND ISRAEHELL MOSSAD and their zio-jew supported zio-nazi party thug terror puppets ARE THE FIRST AGGRESSORS INVADERS MURDERERS HERE in the Ukraine .


        RUSSIA IS JUSTIFIED IN IT’S defensive counter ACTIONS .



        • Yep. That’s my perspective as well.

      35. Cowards,criminals or those who have something to hide, cover their faces such as this.
        Now we all know that we have seen Naval War Pictures of sailors
        covering their faces in like manner on combat ships in war. Purpose to protect the skin from extreme burns, I’ve been told.
        Swat teams used these types of coverings and they can be bought at many local sports store. The purpose it is said is to protect the officers from being ID and they or their families targeted.

        You can tell that this is an evil activity.

        Where will it lead? Some are saying WWIII and even say that this death was the opening salvo of it.

        I don’t know…….
        But I do know that we (USA)could in grave danger from ametuer hour in the white house.

        Then, be prepared, don’t fret, no sweat; may to have to adjust to much higher food and gasoline prices or military action.

        Be safe everyone…….

      36. we’re gonna have a war damn it !!!

        propaganda from the chickenhawks flying fast and furious

        this douche bag should join up with McSame and Lindsey Graham

        they could form their own fighting group

        lets call them “the Expendables”

        Neo-Conned: Bill Kristol Calls For Americans to be ‘Awakened and Rallied’ to War‘Awakened_and_Rallied’_to_War/33780/0/0/0/Y/M.html

        World War 1 All Over Again — Paul Craig Roberts

        ““If you reduce the lie to a scientific system put it on thick and heavy, and with great effort and sufficient finances scatter it all over the world as the pure truth, you can deceive whole nations for a long time and drive them to slaughter for causes in which they have not the slightest interest.” — Chief French Editor, Behind the Scenes in French Journalism, describing the organization of World War 1 propaganda in France.”


        ““If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

        ““The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly – it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over”

        expect the drum beat for war to increase

        the message will be loud and it will be consistent

        that’s how they get us proles to send our sons into the sausage grinder

      37. I look at it this way. We have to thugs that thinks that their Johnson is bigger than the other guys Johnson!
        They don’t care who gets hurt!!
        All it is going to take is a single miss step by some grunt to start WW3. Or a False Flag which both countries are good for.
        For us here PLEASE keep your eyes and ears open and stay close to your family and friends.
        I was around during the Cuban missile crisis, and this is getting that close.
        Please Pray Pray Pray Prep Prep Prep

        • Hey there Sgt Dale! Hope you’re doing well. And, while your comment is a serious one, for some reason it brought to mind the following:

          The story of Melvin and Marvin Johnson, twin brothers with a huge sibling rivalry. In high school, Mel was captain of the football team. Marv led the wrestling squad to a state championship. Both used steroids, not so much to be a better athlete, but, as Marvin says, “We were each determined to have the biggest Johnson.”
          Marvin, at 6 ft 3 and 255 lbs is slightly bigger. But only slightly. Melvin, at 6 ft 2 and 245 says, “It’s not the size, it’s how you use it.”
          Then, in 1997 on a road trip together in Mel’s Cooper Mini, they were severely injured when run over by a Humvee. Ever since then, Melvin echoes his brothers sentiment, “Size does matter.” Today, both drive Escalades. Still, the johnson envy continues…
          Both became medical doctors, Marvin specializing in male reproductive issues and Melvin in gastroenterology. On the celebration of his 10.000th successful colonoscopy, Marv told his brother, “When we were kids, I wondered why you always came in the back door. Guess this explains it.” Melvin promptly tossed him out of the party.
          The brothers disowned one another and haven’t spoken in years. Both threw themselves into their work, Mel founding the Peoria Enterprise Network of Investment Specialists. Marvin, not to be outdone by his brother, launched The Big Johnson, a company with a line of men’s natural health products (probably laced with steroids).
          The men are in their 80’s now, but they aren’t slowing down. Both have trophy wives, hair implants and red convertibles. It’s rumored they buy Viagra by the case.

          A silly story, indeed. But, hey, if we can’t laugh at our Johnsons, we’d just be nuts…

          • Smokin
            Thanks for the story. I loved it. LMAO.

        • Good evening, Sarge. I was only 5 years old during that crisis. My older brother helped our Dad build a bomb shelter in our basement and stocked it with survival supplies. Those were real scary times. MOLON LABE braveheart

        • Thanks much Sarge..respect sir!

          You’ve reinforced my above porno-sarcastic rant, per Obummer & his handlers..pushing us towards war..against a nuclear power capable of bitch slapping us too!

          —(everybody will lose in that game)—

          ..sorry, no offense to you or the intelligent members here.

          ..honestly, in my opinion…we don’t have a “dog” in this fight!!!!

          ..and I’d hate to see, any American blood spilled as a result of a political and/or corporate agenda seeking…profit, no matter the cost!!!

          Salute to you, sir!

          • Hunter
            The handles on both sides scare me to death!!!!

            • Sarge-

              Copy that, sir!

      38. Would not it be the case that missiles pointing at those who finance wars would put an immediate end to ALL wars! Let’s see who are the richest families in the world? They are trillionaires aren’t they?

        1849: Gutele Schnaper, Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s wife dies. Before her death she would state, “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.”

        • Now THAT’S what I’m talking about! Cut off the head and the body will flounder…

      39. Does anyone consider that fact that the “stock markets” of both the US and the Russians has gone up? This is because EVERYONE knows Obama will do nothing of import in this situation.

      40. Awww helll,
        Its sunny, 73%, clear with a nice NE breeze at about 8mph,
        Theres food in the fridge and pantry, cars in the drive, dont have much money but life is good!
        TPTB need to stop meddling in everyone els’ affairs and pay attention here at home,

        • KULA its up to 39 and still have four foot snow drifts, but theres food in the fridge and pantry , no money , but the belly is full.
          Yep , all is good ! hahaha
          just gotta remember that we cant change some things.
          Blood pressure and all……

          • Blood pressure and all!

      41. The first picture tells a lot. It looks like they are armed with PPSH 41’s, fires 7.62×25 a very good round. Back to the picture is it current or an old one, who knows.

      42. now this is quite interesting

        Orlov: The Madness of President Putin

        and what does Orlov think of the United States ?

        “Now, compare the concept of the “dictatorship of the law,” domestic as well as international, as it is promulgated by Putin, to the sort of law which now prevails in the United States. In the US, there are now two categories of persons. There are those who are above the law: the US government and its agencies, including NSA, FBI, DOD, etc.; Wall Street financiers and shadowy government contractors who are never prosecuted for their crimes; the über-rich who are politically connected and can prevail legally against anyone simply by throwing money at lawyers.

        And then there are those who are below the law: everyone else. These are some of the most sheepish people in the world, living in constant fear of getting sued and stripped of their savings—or arrested, intimidated into accepting a plea bargain, and locked up. They can now be detained indefinitely without a charge. They can be kidnapped from anywhere in the world, transported to a “black site” and tortured. They can be put on trial without being informed of the charge and convicted based on evidence that is kept secret from them. Their communities can be placed under martial law without cause. Individually, they can be shot on sight with no provocation of suspicion of wrongdoing. Abroad, when wedding parties and funerals are taken out by misguided drone strikes, that’s a war crime—unless Washington is behind it, in which case it is just “collateral damage.”

        is that not an accurate description ???

        • Wow, I think he said it better than anyone here ever has.

      43. Maybe we should all ignore all their destractions and simply focus on change… we need to change our way of life if we are to escape the NWO…

        • Most importantly, we need to change our way of THINKING. Perhaps we need to remember that, even though we established our rules to live by in the 1700’s, the world had already been living by their own established rules for CENTURIES.

          This is like the new kid on the block thinking he can tell everyone else how to play in their own yards, with their own toys.

          We simply ain’t been around long enough as a society, to start trying to tell the rest of the world how it should live…

          • Change your way of thinking? Absolutely not! My motto is “Live and Don’t Learn”. It’s a motto that hasn’t worked for me for what, nearly forty years? I see no reason to change it now.

            • LOL.

      44. Sounds like my local police department made the hit…

      45. I like this site and I figure most of you do as well or you wouldn’t be here. But we got a problem. Too many comments are laced with personal attacks. Frankly that kind of “you are stupid and a #$%^&*()(*&^%# and I know better than you” does not help any thing except maybe your own ego. One thing I like about this site is the wide range of opinions, and it helps me see thing from a perspective I may have never considered. The most persuasive arguments are those backed up by evidence. There is not much to be learned by a space cowboy ranting about a subject having nothing to offer as support for that position.

        • Candle in the wind – I agree with you 100%.
          I have noticed the same thing.
          Someone puts out a bit of news and they are called a dumb ass. Or, someone has a different thought and expresses it, and they get jumped on.

          I am starting to see a lack of courtesy and respect here. Also, the same people here post, over and over and over and over again.
          Anyone new is not welcomed and chased off.
          (Except for Braveheart, he welcomes newbies and oldies)
          There have been quite a few that have left this site.

          I periodically come here for current events.
          There have been some great insights to what is going on in the U.S. Also, some report breaking news.
          I also come here periodically for information on prepping, various types of guns, earthquake information, there have been discussions of engineering, and other topics.
          It used to be an interesting and informative site.

          It is one thing to be critical, I have no problem with that, however, it is quite another to be bitter and full
          of vitriol.

          • To Anonymous 300:

            First: Are you one of Leonides’ crowd? Just askin’.

            Second: Spot on regarding the vitriol. Just a reminder of Alinsky’s rule #5: “Ridicule is your most potent weapon.”

            Alinsky is right when the audience is dumb and anonymous. It’s easy to see that the number of ad hominem attacks here are far higher than the number of posts on the issues. The thumbs up/down feature is interesting. If a post is hidden due to excessive thumbs down, I typically don’t read it. I did read the first few of these posts some months ago, when I discovered this site. They were garbage. Like my mama used to say, you don’t need to stick your head in a garbage can to know that there’s garbage in it. It’s a pretty good time saver not to respond to those posts.

            I see a lot of illogical commentary too, and am sometimes moved to respond, but then I tell myself; Hey, if those bozos have that poor a sense of analysis, they’re not going to listen to me, so I’ll save the effort of all that keyboard pounding.

            As to the vitriol, the internet meme is “don’t feed the trolls”. Let ’em bloviate all they want.

            Here, I have engaged just a smattering here and there with avatars who discuss the issues. So that’s cool.

            In general, there is a lot of info that is valuable here. Trouble is, it’s not indexed, and you have to scan quickly down pages of blather to find it.

            Some of the perspectives offered are very interesting, like the one above where the poster speculates as to whether or not some of our guys were in the Crimea without uniforms, stirring up trouble. A good idea, but probably not the case, since many of the people in that area speak Russian and Ukrainian, and I don’t see a team from here having those language skills, particularly if storming a facility, and having the imperative need to bark out orders clearly to people.

            Which is not to say that there are no US teams over there in some capacity.

            • @ John Fornaro ~ I had to google the Leonides crowd.
              No, I am not a part of it, but would gladly join it.

              I would like to see an ‘Edit’, or, ‘Delete’ entry for posts. I would like to see a spell check for posts.
              I know people who are brilliant, and present well,
              but cannot spell to save their lives. That would be a help/asset for them.

              The topics on this site should be indexed.
              Many have to use ‘control F’ and put in the poster they wish to read.

              The thumbs up and down is o.k., but it reminds me of a
              popularity contest.

              This site also needs to set up a ‘Chat Room.’
              That way, a lot of the needless conversation can be
              had in a different venue.

              I have noticed a lack of courtesy and respect here.

              Some prepping posts are very ‘Dry’ with their presentation or layout of the website.

              I would like to see a balance of the ad hominem, (appealing to feelings or prejudices rather than intellect/ marked by or being an attack on an opponent’s
              character than by answer to the contentions made ) combined with the number of posts on the issues.

              I don’t mind a debate, or, criticism.
              I have no problem with that.
              Again, however, it is quite another to be bitter and
              full of vitriol.

            • @JohnF,
              What is Leonide’s Crowd? I googled and nothing made sense to the context you use it???

              I always click to read a hidden comment. 1. I don’t bvelieve in ANY form of censorship and am disappointed in Mac for doing so, and have stated as much recently. And two, with as fractured as the people are here, you never can assume the coment is really no good just because it is hidden…..hate the thumb thing. It is like democracy or mob rule.

              And lastly,
              Why do you refer to a poster as an avatar?


        • Also, I would never call someone a #$*^#)&^$, when calling them a @$#%*&()++()$ is so much better!

          • @ JohnFornaro ~ (smile)

        • so much for “don’t ask, don’t tell”…but we knew where that could lead, didn’t we?

          • Now it is trannies as well

          • “Hello Kitty” AR-15s…

      46. “While the Monday deadline set forth by Secretary of State John Kerry and President Obama led only to the seizures of financial assets belonging to members of the Russian parliament…”

        Oh shoot. Back in college, my alias was, well, Ivan Oranrof. Apparently NSA revealed this to Mr. O, and I’m one of the seven Russians whose assets they froze. The good news is that they didn’t get much.

      47. ummm … JUST KINDA WONDERING ???

        if zog amerika and israehell can’t take out lil ole’ SYRIA …


        HUH ???




        AMERICA IS A LIE !




        • I saw that somewhere as well. All I can say is, with the Germans demanding their physical gold back—what’s a thief to do, but go steal something to cover up the last theft.

          • just another version of “kick the can”…

      48. “The things that are the scarcest are actually what we need the most,” Nello says. “Flour, cooking oil, butter, milk, diapers. I spent last week hunting for diapers everywhere. The situation is really tough for basic goods.”

        drudgereport on 57% inflation in venezuela.

        • No-pity****

          –(quote)–: “The things that are the scarcest are actually what we need the most,”

          ..for me & possibly others here, your statement carries just two necessities, those being:

          1.> ..GOD’s blessings & protection.

          2.> ..more time (life).

      49. This is for European-American: So, I read A. Dugins letter and as much as I don’t like to say it,I am in agreement with most,not all,of what he has to say. The problem I am having is, will Putin stop at the Crimea or try to go for all of Ukaine? Obama as usual,screwed up making us all look like a bunch of dopes.

      50. Remember the movie:
        “Coming to America”

        It’s coming, Brother it’s coming with a vengeance!
        The Police here have to remember our rioting mobs will be ARMED and if anyone starts shooting all bets are off.

        • Another real good reason NOT to be anywhere near a rioting mob!

      51. Just got word from Connecticut guns are being confiscated door to door of those that registered their guns..
        Stupid meets stupid.

        Real?? Or not??

        • Eyes and ears WIDE open,,,
          Where was the source??

          • Well, it wasn’t news, which I don’t call a source to begin with..

            An email from a family member of Connecticut.
            No source.
            We will hear soon if this has started.

            That idiot that registered may have had a criminal record??

            • Ah, thanks,,,
              Just trying to keep up on whats going on,
              That would definitely be news to know about.

            • Please keep us informed.

      52. Stupid is as Stupid does

      53. After reading all of this. I conclude that I need more rice….

        • Why Ugly” Ya planning on entertaining some Chinese?

      54. Russia stating that they can make ashes of the USA is true and perhaps someone here will understand this , the USA has only fought third world countries and lost, Russia is an entirely diffrent state,its time to start treating them as such .

        • This is what i have thought about,
          War has not really ever touched our land, not during the last two world wars, nor the other conflicts in the 19th century. Its our turn now! Karma is a bitch.

          • Should have read 20th century,,, sorry, not thinking, civil war was 19th century and was particularly brutal.

      55. Flat out lie, two people were in a building near the base, and one of them used a sniper rifle, killing a Ukrainian soldier and wounding another, and killing a Crimean militia defence person and wounding another. Same rifle used on both killings. A Ukrainian youth 17 yrs old from Lvov, was caught at the scene and another person escaped and is being sought.

      56. ***OFF TOPIC***

        Well, sort of. Anyone who doesn’t believe that WWIII is upon us, is dreaming. All of the cards are in play and nobody is folding.

        IDF ordered to continue preparations for striking Iran’s nuclear sites this year

        Published 19 March 2014

        The negotiations between the P5+1 and Iran over Iran’s nuclear program continue, with an eye to replacing, by June, the current temporary agreement with a permanent one, but Israel let it be known that it is continuing to its preparations for a military strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon have instructed the IDF to continue its preparations for carrying out such a strike, at a cost estimated to be at least ten billion shekels ($2.89 billion) this year.

        The negotiations between the P5+1 and Iran over Iran’s nuclear program continue, with an eye to replacing, by June, the current temporary agreement with a permanent one, but Israel let it be known that it is continuing to its preparations for a military strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

        Haaretz reports that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon have instructed the IDF to continue its preparations for carrying out such a strike, at a cost estimated to be at

        least ten billion shekels ($2.89 billion) this year.

        The Knesset joint committee held hearings on IDF plans in January and February, and three MKs told Haaretz that deputy chief of staff Maj. Gen. Gadi Eizenkot, and planning directorate official Brig. Gen. Agai Yehezkel, told the committee that ten to twelve billion shekels of the IDF budget would be allocated this year for preparations for a strike on Iran. This amount is similar to the 2013 allocation for this purpose.

        Some members of the Knesset committee asked the generals whether there was a justification to continue with such expensive preparations in light of the interim agreement reached between the world powers and Iran in November 2013, a 6-month agreement which went into effect 20 January, and while there are on-going discussions between Iran and the P5+1 over a permanent agreement.

      57. I didn’t realize the 1984 movie “Red Dawn” had been remade and released in 2012. ha! Hollywood lacks imagination.

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