According To The FEC, Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign Is Raising Money – Is One Last Run For The White House Coming?

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The End of the American Dream.

    Could it be possible that Hillary Clinton is preparing to jump into the presidential race?  According to the FEC, Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is still active, and it actually raised $165,902.73 during the first six months of 2019.

    During that same period of time, the campaign spent $131,112.68, and that left her with a war chest of $650,264.43.  That isn’t enough to win the Democratic nomination, but it would certainly be enough to get another run for the White House off the ground rather quickly.  “Hillary For America” is the name of her official campaign committee, and during 2015 and 2016 it raised a total of $585,669,598.83, but that still wasn’t enough to beat Donald Trump.  However, with impeachment mania reaching a fever pitch in Washington and with the Biden campaign fading, Hillary may sense an opening.  She had a full slate of media appearances scheduled for this week, and so far she has done nothing to dispel the rumors that she may be getting into the race.

    The fundraising numbers that we currently have are for the first six months of this year, and so we don’t know what happened in July, August and September yet.  But those numbers will be reported later this month, and if her fundraising efforts have ramped up that will tell us a lot.

    Of course just because she is raising money does not necessarily mean that she intends on running.  Political candidates often keep “zombie committees” around for years, and Hillary may have some other purpose for keeping her presidential campaign committee active.

    But it is interesting to note that a “Hillary 2020” campaign shirt in five different colors is available on Amazon right now.  Is that just wishful thinking, or is that another clue?

    What we do know is that Hillary Clinton has been seemingly everywhere in the mainstream media lately.  For example, her interview with Stephen Colbert propelled the Late Show to record ratings for a Monday night

    Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her daughter Chelsea this week helped propel CBS “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert to the program’s highest Monday night ratings, drawing more than 3.7 million viewers.

    According to Nielsen Media Research, the audience for the interview equaled the combined ratings for ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on NBC.

    During that interview, Stephen Colbert began discussing the impeachment inquiry, and his crowd erupted in a chant of “lock him up”

    Invoking the infamous anti-Clinton chant popularized by Trump rally crowds, Colbert asked Hillary on Monday if Trump’s Ukraine phone call, largely dismissed as a “nothing burger” but still used as the pretext to launch an impeachment inquiry, now warranted “Lock him up” chants.

    “We learned about the Trump-Ukraine call, the private server – is it time to, dare I say, ‘Lock him up?’” Colbert asks the potential 2020 candidate, who cackles uncontrollably.

    The audience dutifully takes their cue, and begins chanting, “Lock him up! Lock him up!”

    But a far more interesting moment during the interview came later when Hillary Clinton emphatically declared that she was not going to endorse any of the Democratic candidates

    Hillary Clinton announced last night that she will not endorse any of the Democratic candidates, fueling speculation that she may yet enter the race.

    During an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Hillary was asked if she had endorsed anyone.

    “No,” she responded, “no I’m not going to.”

    So why won’t she endorse someone?

    Is it because she is planning to run herself?

    On Wednesday, Clinton made an appearance on The View, and when asked about the 2016 race she stated that she “probably came across as too serious”

    Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton stopped by The View on Wednesday along with her daughter Chelsea, and opened up about her biggest campaign regrets.

    Clinton was asked by co-host Abby Huntsman, “When you look back on your campaign and what Democrats today might do differently, what goes through your mind?”

    “I’m a serious person but I’m also a fun person,” Clinton responded. “I think I probably came across as too serious.”

    After watching some of these interviews, it is clear that she has worked hard on her physical appearance.  She appears to have lost quite a bit of weight, she has exchanged her frumpy grandma outfits for business attire, and she seems to have a lot more energy these days.

    In other words, she very much looks like someone that is eager to jump back into the fray.

    In recent days, Clinton also had time to accept a “lifetime achievement award” at NARAL’s 50th-anniversary celebration

    In between criticisms of President Donald Trump, leaders of the radical pro-abortion group called Clinton “our president” and touted her pro-abortion record. NARAL held its 50th anniversary celebration Thursday in Washington, D.C.

    “Women’s rights are human rights, and for 50 years NARAL has taken on the toughest fights to protect our most fundamental freedoms. Happy anniversary. Let’s keep going,” Clinton wrote on Twitter after accepting the award.

    Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s once-promising campaign is floundering.  According to Real Clear Politics, Elizabeth Warren has now beaten Joe Biden in four of the last seven major national polls.

    But this is a huge problem for the Democratic establishment.  As I discussed a few days ago, the elite absolutely do not want Warren to win the nomination.  Originally they thought that Biden would have clear sailing to the nomination, but now he is really struggling.  And with Bernie Sanders now out of commission for the foreseeable future due to health issues, Warren’s numbers are only going to get stronger.

    Other than Biden, all of the other “mainstream candidates” have completely flopped, and so the Democratic establishment is becoming desperate.

    Could it be possible that they will turn to Hillary Clinton as their savior?

    That is what a lot of people are now speculating.  In fact, during an interview with Fox Business the other day, Steve Bannon specifically warned that Clinton could enter the race

    He told Fox Business: ‘They think they have a weak field and they’re – it’s like in chess – they’re prepared to sacrifice a rook to take down a king.

    ‘They will throw Biden away to get to Trump and hope Elizabeth [Warren] or I even think Hillary Clinton or [Michael] Bloomberg or some centrist comes in here.’

    We shall see what happens.  It still seems unlikely that it will actually happen, but Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is active and it is raising money.

    But if she is going to do something, she needs to make a move soon, because voting begins early next year.

    And wouldn’t that be wild is she actually won the nomination?  A rematch between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton would be one for the ages, although our country might be completely torn apart in the process.


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      1. Could it be possible that Hillary Clinton is preparing to jump into the presidential race? Jump in – NO, fall in YES

        • Like I said in the last Hillary article on Wed. she’s not in condition to run will her serious health issues. Even puppets have to be in good health. All she runs is her stupid mouth and she never knows what she’s talking about.

      2. Geeeez! She just needs the money to pay her Vodka bill at the liquor store.

      3. Sure, she’s a fun person. Look at her. She’s holding her breath. Somebody just crop dusted her. That guy smirking there in the background…he’s a fun person, too. He probably did it.

      4. Let me help you with this. YES SHE IS RUNNING. The recent Ukraine hysteria is designed to do primarily 3 things. 1) Get rid of Joe Biden for good. 2) Distract the Trump Campaign and make “precident” that any research, indictment, review of anyone who was part of the 2016 election is severely off limits and will result in impeachment. 3) Hillary will dodge the rumored investigation and indictments, and get away scott free as they say, again.

        She is laughing at Trumps superior intellect….

        If AG Barr does not do something quickly, he never will…

      5. Hillary is under the mistaken belief that running for president provides protection against conviction of her numerous crimes.

        Hillary, unless you were actually electected president, you have no protection against the numerous crimes you have committed.

      6. Mena, Arkancide, Benghazi, Pizzagate… Why are we arguing about Ukraine vs. Ukraine.

      7. From what I read Clinton and Biden are heavily involved with the Ukraine dirty dealings. Pocahontas is Sanders extra lite.

      8. That stinkin’ beatch is nothing more than a haggard POS. Her run is over with or withouthout Bill.She’ll never overcome the strain of The trump.That slippery slut is nothing but the reminence of an old ass hurricane.

      9. I personally think this is a last chance effort to put a lot of money in the Clinton coffers while they still have some political muscle. I don’t think she will run, and somehow, someway, somewhere, the money will end up in a personal offshore accounts of the Clinton’s. Bill, Hillary and Chelsea.

      10. I personally think this is a last chance effort to put a lot of money in the Clinton coffers while they still have some political muscle. I don’t think she will run, and somehow, someway, somewhere, the money will end up in a personal offshore accounts of the Clinton’s. Bill, Hillary and Chelsea.

      11. Clinton has copped this smug attitude that most voters are fed up with Trump and are ready for her — like they learned their lesson and are now ready to vote for her. She is delusional. She doesn’t have a chance. I am not worried about her being our next POTUS. If she does throw her name in the hat, it will, however, be kind of amusing to see her lose all over again.

        I am worried about another female (a Feminazi and a pro-abortion Democrat, no less) suddenly being installed as POTUS in 2022 though. (No, not Elizabeth Warren). But that detailed informative post from last week has been censored. What is more likely to happen was detailed in that post that never made it through moderation. Oh well. No one here would believe it anyway. Until the day it actually happens.

      12. Edward C. Page, editor Edward C. Page is Sidney and Beatrice Webb Professor of Public Policy, Department of Government, London School of Economics. Steven J. Balla, editor Steven J. Balla, is Associate Professor of Political Science, Public Policy and Public Administration, and International Affairs at George Washington University. He is the
        neuro physiotherapy

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