A North Korean EMP Attack Can Create 90+ Fukushimas in the U.S.

by | Dec 11, 2017 | Headline News | 70 comments

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    First, a salute to All News Pipeline, where Stefan Stanford and Susan Duclos have been continuously releasing letters written by Dr. Peter V. Pry, the foremost American expert on the EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) threat against the U.S. Please visit All News Pipeline and read the latest two articles by Dr. Pry regarding North Korea’s definitive nuclear threat to the U.S., a threat the Mainstream Media (MSM) are either ignoring or downplaying: the former due to narcissistic arrogance, and the latter – a treasonous obfuscation of the facts.

    Here are the articles’ titles, so that you can refer to them:

    1. North Korea could win the Nuclear War! This is how one North Korean Nuclear-Armed Satellite Could Cripple the US Military and Lead to TEOTWAWKI, December 8, 2017.
    2. The Rules of the Game Have Changed! America’s Total Vulnerability to this Existential Threat Shows How Fake News Could Help Turn America into a Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland, December 9, 2017.

    These articles are replete with useful information and diagrams showing the orbital trajectory of the North Korean satellites that pass over the continental U.S. daily, and multiple times apiece. The first article explains how the North Koreans can win a nuclear war with the United States by striking first with an EMP: it goes into detail about how such a strike would negate our infrastructure and response. The second article gives information about the history of EMP tests over the past decades, and the media complicity in covering up the threats posed by several nations.

    There is another thing besides Dr. Pry’s warnings that needs to be taken into consideration, and that is America’s Nuclear Power Plants and supplies of spent fuel rods. Here is a photo of the Nuclear Power Plants across the United States:


    As can be seen, the heaviest concentration of those reactors is on the East Coast, followed by the South and Midwest.  This next photo shows the locations of spent fuel rod storage as well as reactors not currently operating:


    Here is the problem, in a nutshell: cooling, both for the active power plants, and the inactive plants with spent-rod storage.

    Without adequate water exchange, a reactor can blow up and the spent rods can explode as well. We have documented information about the effects of nuclear tests and EMP effects, such as Starfish Prime, and the tests conducted by the USSR with the results easily pulled up online. Those tests were more than 50 years ago, and the technology now exists that can deliver an EMP strike with a weapon in the range of 5 kilotons: a one-megaton explosion is no longer necessary. Miniaturization has also made these modern EMP weapons more easily deliverable.

    North Korea has the capability to deliver a miniaturized, low-yield EMP weapon: Dr. Pry and the EMP Commission have demonstrated this over the years, and they warned about the threat to the U.S. for decades, with those warnings going unheeded.

    This type of meltdown has already happened: with Fukushima. Look at this picture here:


    Source: Fukushima Nuclear Reactor Status by HAKEN www.fireflyfans.net.gif

    Yes, it has happened at one reactor in Japan. Imagine all the reactors in the United States having that “problem,” and simultaneously. Read what it states in the diagram: “Workers at the plant have been having trouble maintaining water levels in these pools…”

    When the EMP strike occurs, how will the generators (main line and backup) operate to pump the water into the reactors to cool them? Because of the way rods are configured, the spent ones are usually cooled in the same facility that is active. This excerpt comes out of Wikipedia, under “Spent Fuel Pool,” and bears reading:

    “The fuel pool water is continuously cooled to remove the heat produced by the spent fuel assemblies. Pumps circulate water from the spent fuel pool to heat exchangers, then back to the spent fuel pool. The water temperature in normal operating conditions is held below 50 °C (120 °F).[2] Radiolysis, the dissociation of molecules by radiation, is of particular concern in wet storage, as water may be split by residual radiation and hydrogen gas may accumulate increasing the risk of explosions. For this reason the air in the room of the pools, as well as the water, must be continually monitored and treated.”

    So, the “fuel pool water is continuously cooled…” but it requires electricity to do it, as well as a generator and water pump circulation system that work. In addition, wet storage materials must be treated to prevent a conventional explosion via hydrogen gas. The entire system is not shielded from an EMP weapon.

    We just touched on one area: Nuclear power facilities and spent fuel rods. The entire infrastructure of the United States…the power grid, the shipping and transportation, the financial networks, and everyone’s daily “treadmills” would cease in the blink of an eye with an EMP attack. Naysayers have spent more time and energy discounting the threat than it would take to prepare from it.  As individuals, if you have not taken steps to safeguard yourselves and your families at this point, you’re “long in the tooth” and need to reevaluate your stance.  The odds aren’t looking great, and it’s better to trust in yourselves and your own research and efforts than a whole bunch of politicians, media lackeys, and business magnates who have their measures in place…whether there is a bumper “4th quarter” in sales or not.

    The next world war will begin with an EMP strike against the United States, followed by a nuclear exchange and then a war with conventional forces.


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      1. i wonder how the NRA will use this to give the fed more power to take what is left of your “rights”

        • I want to not unload and lock up passing through Maryland and when visiting relatives in NJ. I have zero idea what your talking about.

          • the NRA will prolly try to get some permit scheme going so everyone will have to have govt permission and background checks or something stupid like that.

          • i have relatives in NJ too?. maybe we are related. you could be my long lost retarded brother?

      2. You want to see exactly a real map where all the Nuke Plants are and a minute to minute update of the radiation being emmited? Go to www. RadiationNetwork dot com. I was on a national EMP study group sponsored by the FBI as part of critical infrastructure. I’m considered an Energy Expert.

        • That map is under normal operation not reactor meltdowns. The passive method using steam turbines to power coolant pumps can avoid this catastrophe as the reactor cools (scram) the latent heat powers turbines until there is insufficient heat to power the turbines. They cycle down, pump less but simultaneously the core needs less.

          • Kevin. I’ve been in Wolf Creek – Kansas plant – before. It is not a hardened site. Not EMP proof. All CPU/computer controls would be fried. No passive method would exist or be able to be controlled for even a basic scram. Emergency generators would not fire up any more than a car with electronic ignition. The core would rapidly heat the water envelope to boil-out, core exposure, meltdown. Not more than maybe 2-3 days tops. Even a full proper and completed scram in a non-event situation takes weeks to come to a normal ambient temperature in the reactor vessel.

        • CSS, You were on a National EMP study group and are an energy expert? Ha! Yeah, riiiiight. Try again (from your mom’s basement). BS on that one, big time.

          • Here jerkoffs. Read this report. I am the real deal. Pay attentiom as I school you trolls.Report of the Commission to Assess the

            Threat to the United States from

            Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack

            ht tps://www.globalsecurity.org/wmd/library/congress/2004_r/04-07-22emp.pdf

            • Proves nothing about your background, you fool. You’re a clown and a fraud.

        • The FBI??? Really! And which beltway bandit did you work for? Are you sure it was not sponsored by FEMA? I heard the military was involved as well. Care to elucidate?

        • What you’re an expert in is bullshit spreading.

      3. NK should hit Trump Tower specifically when his infested families are there. Then hit the WH to make his red hair to glow in the dark along with his slut and retreated son.

        • Wow,what’s your problem?

        • Can always tell a libtard when they come on. Why is it that you beta cucks hate a man with some nerve and a spine….. when does your wofe get home i bet she could use a real man… im free after 8…..

        • If Trump could make a testimonial to anything it would be the raising of his family. OBTW his wife oozes class too.

          • Looks like Kevin2 is Trampized. This is the exact problem in this country when minority selects pigs while majority are voiceless.

          • yeah, she looks good naked too.

          • Kevin2, Trump took no part in the raising of his children who were raised by their mother Ivana and the same nanny who is now raising Ivanka and Jared’s three children.

            All of them were sent away to boarding school for jr high and high school and then away for college too. He spent very little time with them but sure takes lots of credit. He finally started spending time with them after they graduated college and he needed them to help run the family business. You make some rather incredible assumptions.

            As far as “his wife oozes class” this is just one of dozens of photos of her. Classy, huh. And there’s more just for the asking. Lots more. Just ask.


        • Hillary you are on the wrong website. Go back to reading CNN.

      4. I spent my adult life in generation but have some knowledge above a layman of distribution. Somewhere they all tie in. The EMF travels through the air. I don’t know of the vulnerability, size, range of a large EMF creation of man but the sun has some serious power.

      5. An EMP attack would be an Act of War, by North Korea or anyone else.

        They will not live to see the sun set that day.

        • Old Codger

          That’s a given if they ever used them. NK has looked at Iraq, Libya and Syria: US foreign policy has been vicious. Nuclear weapons offer protection due to their tremendous destructive capacity. Nuclear weapons have also kept the peace far better than any treaty. Wars that would have historically morphed have been either negated entirely or limited to proxy forces.

        • I’d wager it won’t happen, without someone more powerful than Kim Jong Un, ordering him to do so.

          • I agree, Kimchi is ruthless but not stupid enough to launch one on us. Our own government is much more dangerous to to American people than NK ever will be.

      6. The inability to cool the spent fuel pool has been over sensationalized. Each nuclear facility has multiple means of producing their own electrical power to cool the spent fuel pool, even when the reactor is shut down. Since Fukushima, every U.S. plant has put even more means of extraordinary cooling for the primary pant reactor and the spent fuel pool for beyond design basis. Of course human stupidity can overcome all protections, but unlike Japan, the individual workers can question the incompetence of the leadership.

        • ” has multiple means of producing their own electrical power to cool the spent fuel pool”

          No one planned on an EMP or solar flare. If it fries the grid it fries the generators. Turbine powered pumps are the last and most reliable (simplistic) line of “Defense In Depth” redundancy.

          • Kevin2 says may repeatedly talk about the Reactor Core Injection Cooling turbine system for reactor cool down, but that has nothing to do with the spent fuel pool cooling system. The diesel generators are well isolated from the grid supply and the field / armatures are well shielded from induced line currents.

      7. I agree with CSS. JJ is nothing more than a fear monger. I seriously hope he isnt being paid to write this garbage. AND he used a Firefly fansite that are still in denial of the show was canceled 15 years ago as a refernce? SERIOUSLY? BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

        • Each nuke plant has about a 30 day supply of diesel fuel on hand to run the backup generators to keep the cooling pools running. If they somehow run out of diesel fuel, yeah then over heating occures. So keep this RadiationNetwork website app on your cell phone and stay upwind from any Nuke plant. Also keep a months of potasium iodide on hand per person so your thyroid gland isnt destroyed by bad radiation. North Korea does NOT have any capability to deliver any nuke ICBM to the continential US mainland. This is more BS hype fear porn fraud to prop up their scam budgets using a boggyman fear porn. So many people are so gullible. Yes JJ has Zero credibility. He is a fiction writer.

          • JJ could have written the bible.

          • Seems you left out all the good you have done…as you’re the one with no credibility. I don’t like Johnson, but I like you less.

            You, sir, are going to burn in hell for what you are doing…posing as a commentator, but you are not that….




            All liars have their place in the lake of fire…and you will be there, CrakSummSkulls! YOU are a liar, and a government troll!

      8. And what a moron you are. If the EMP takes out all of the electric grids at once, then it doesn’t matter if they’re separated or interconnected.

        You’re always posting the same bullshit against this guy. Same shit out of you all the time,,,ya, ya, crying about Johnson every fuckin article. You don’t know shit, and you’re nobody. Why don’t you go play with yourself? Faggot MF’er.

        • CSS,
          You really come across as a deep state shill.

          You regularly attack regulars on this site, and support deep state values and ideas.

          I’m done. We know who you are, and your aren’t a prepper.

      9. got a nuke plat about 10milesfrom me. Talked to a buy that works there, and he told me if an EMP strikes the plant will just shut down.

        Said that the generators will run for about 2 to 3 weeks, and by that time the plant should cooled down. By that time I will have more than that to worry about.


        • Sgt Dale

          Assuming the EMP fries the windings the plant generators come down too. They have defense in depth with diesels (that unfortunately power generators that power pumps). If the entire electrical system is compromised those pumps are OS. The final are turbines and I assume at least one lube oil pump to the turbine is steam powered too. Ours were. As long as there is latent heat to flash steam the turbine / pump combination will pump water.

      10. I wonder if we are all here because our ansestors were fear porn active? They put away for a bad harvest. Stockpiled for a possible war. Cared enough to not take chances with the lives of their children .Didnt rely on the promises of the government to support them in times of war. Who survives ? The prepped or the un prepped? Go blindly into the night ? Or be ready for anything?

      11. I think Matthew 25 says it all.? Watching and waiting isn’t good enough. If you don’t make any effort , the door will be shut on you, believer or not.

        • A great example of why just-in-time isn’t a good idea. Be prepared (stocked up) and you don’t need to rely on dashing off for more when your use-it-now supply is exhausted.

      12. God burned the soddomites and their little children? Jesus whiped the money changers? The all love thing is the lie?

        • You’re right, in part.

          God is love, this is true.

          But God will also judge sin.

          He owes us nothing, as we are is enemies (sin against Him)

          His love is in Jesus. Judgement His strange work.

          2Peter 3:9 ¶ The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

      13. The tribulation is coming ? But no one knows the day or hour? Some will see the signs? This great culling is nesesary? Even so Lord come soon. The true believers are ready? The Tares are not? So be it.

      14. “…One third of the water will be poisoned…”
        It’s written in the Bible.

        • Yes keep a few Bibles on hand as the paper pages will make as a good fire starter tinder if the grid goes down to keep your camp fire going. Or like a Sears Robuck catalog as ass wipe paper in a pinch. Gullible sheep get fleeced.

          • Psalm 119:11 ¶ Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.

            there, problem solved. Use the paper for whatever.

      15. I have a few pages of notes written over the last couple of months that I will post soon.
        We had total collapse here in the Caribbean with the hurricanes.
        No electricity (still)
        No phone system.
        No internet.
        No mail.
        No water.
        No law enforcement.
        Roads closed.
        No EBT food stamps for the takers.
        Whatever else you can think of, we didn’t have it or it didn’t function.
        Learned a lot. Especially why it’s important to “Be Prepared”

        • A couple 100,000s are now in the US from the islands after the storms living with families or friends in the US. Where would A few million Americans go to get away from a total collapse?

        • Ketch,

          I was wondering how things were working out for you.
          It looks like you finally got Internet.
          What are the lessons you want to pass on to us?
          You should get an entire article post from Mac.

          • yes Mac

            straight from the horse’s mouth.

        • Put me in line of those eagerly anticipating the info. Also would love to see it as an article. Seems like your info would be a great reference resource.

        • Ketch: That would be awesome to read your notes!!

      16. CSS, The grids are separate but not totally independent. If an EMP takes out a large portion of the grid, a cascading effect would happen within minutes.

      17. The Feds seemed to be comforted by the fact that NK’s re-entry vehicle came apart during their last test. For an EMP air-burst re-entry may not be necessary to be affective. Those of you who think that we will remain unscathed by an EMP may want to research the studies availble . Texas is currently working on hardening its grid for just such an event.Do you suppose yhey would spend that money on a whim?

      18. Relax guys, nothing is going to happen. The Norks are too scared of The Trumpster to pop an EMP over our head…They know what would happen.

      19. I’m more worried about the 500+ fukushimas in Congress……

      20. The largest amount of BS is the stuff CSS routinely posted. Not even worth the electrons “it is printed on.”

      21. it would be a blast just like in 1 second after. We woild all die in a few months or years but living large for a while

      22. It’ll take a little time to write this up. We are still really busy clearing cut trees and propping up some that will survive. Every day is hard work. Still managing to get to the beach for some R&R.
        I’ll work on it asap.

      23. I think it is far more likely, and certainly history would support this, that the aggressor in any ‘war’ will be the American Empire, not some struggling nation state like North Korea. If there is an attack on the US, again it will be either a ‘false flag’ event–as has often been used by states to justify their aggression–or ‘retaliation’ for ongoing policies that have pushed the ‘other’ too far–economic sanctions (which could be argued to be a blatant form of war) being the most obvious.
        The US Empire is very adept at twisting logic and facts to market their atrocities as defensive and in pursuit of freedom and democracy. The truth, however, is quite the opposite.

        • Steve

          Your analysis is on the money.

          • It’s exceedingly frustrating to see ‘analysts’ who continue to ignore recent history, refuse to look in the mirror, and, in the end, end up being little more than shills (or, as Nassim Taleb has dubbed them, ‘useful idiots’) for empire/statists/globalists. To ignore one’s own society’s transgressions and always blame the ‘other’ ensures the cycle of violence will continue uninterrupted–which certainly seems to serve the status quo and military-security-energy-industrial complex.

            • Correction: Nassim Taleb coined “intellectual-yet-idiot” not “useful idiot”. But I suppose either would do.

      24. You have a real hard on for the NRA dont ya. Did you get butt raped by Wayne at some point because you even blame the weather on them.

      25. There are a number of ways you can lose electric power for a long period of time. Look at the people on Long Island after Hurricane Sandy. Some of those people didn’t have electricity for weeks. The EMP affects the electronics in automobiles and electrical appliances. Even if you found a way to get an ample supply of power, what would you use it with? Also, the geographic area of power loss would be greater. Restoring power would take longer.

        If you did have a really good solar system, you would be under considerable pressure to keep it. If you were in a remote location, it would be a lot easier. I’m not just talking about your neighbors.

      26. Great. I live in upstate South Carolina and have 5 nuclear power plants within 80 miles of my house.

      27. @ Crack some Skulls. Please stay the fuck off here you gagging dick smoker. . That is all thanks.

      28. And we could cause 1000’s of Hiroshima’s in north korea…and that fat little nutless pig in nk knows it.

      29. If the grid were to go down (for any reason), for any extended period, the gig is over. It would be utter Armageddon. Yes 90% fatalities within 6 months. And open to invasion by our enemies.!!!!

      30. Should the US be hit with EMP, I believe that some of the predictions will not come to fruition. We have defensive preparations that are unknown, offensive capabilities that are unknown, abilities that would be immeasurable and abundant resources. China is the only one close to us and yet will not be able to project combat power or control their shores.

        (And note that NATO is now 90 miles via freeway to “Leningrad” and 400 miles from Moscow.)

        Nucs do change a portion of this outcome.

        The US will make some mistakes but locations such as NK and Iran – should they attack – will make bad assumptions.

        As with several operations I have “seen” things occurred that were not widely known, not explainable or from our side, positive outcomes unanticipated.

        One cannot know everything…plan and prepare at an individual level (family). One figurative “snow storm” could screw up an entire attack on the US. And as such one mountain, hilltop or the curvature of the earth could shadow EMP.

        I support JJ and believe the good efforts he is putting forth.

        Because Trump is president I believe we are moving in a positive direction. Clinton would have been cloaking incompetency with disinformation (sound familiar).


      31. So what I’m reading is, if an EMP happens, it doesn’t matter how well prepared we are, we’re screwed. Right?

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