A.I. Is Taking Over Bit By Bit: The Implication Of Rapidly Improving Artificial Intelligence

by | Jan 3, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 56 comments

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    Recognizing the human voice, new tech gadgets can play music, search the web, shop online, check the weather, and even switch on the lights or control the central heating. But while we get to know these new interactive electronics, a report last week sounded the alarm over the implications of rapidly improving artificial intelligence.

    They listen, they talk and very soon, according to some experts, they will be taking over our homes, our jobs and our lives. Thousands of Americans unwrapped voice-activated electronic devices on Christmas Day. Amazon’s Alexa service, Apple’s Home Pod, and Google’s Home speakers were among the best-sellers.

    The study, from the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) warns of thousands of jobs being lost to robots and those with those on lowest wages likely to be hardest hit. As it becomes more expensive to hire people for work because of government intervention like minimum wage hikes and overbearing regulations, more companies are shifting to robotics to save money on labor.

    Of course, this all leads to humans needing to compete with artificial intelligence and robots for jobs. Joe Joseph of The Daily Sheeple says that “nothing could go wrong” sarcastically. “That means bracing perhaps the research of Neuralink, Elon Musk’s company, and ‘neural lace‘,” says Joseph. “Because nothing could possibly go wrong by creating a nano-particulate web that actually goes on your brain...over your brain…and provides a machine-brain interface.”

    “I would imagine that there’d be some sort of transmission system associated with that,” Joseph continued. “And nothing like putting a transmission system, albeit tiny, directly on your brain. ‘Cuz we don’t get cancer enough in this country.” Of course, there are a few ways humanity can benefit from A.I., especially when used the right way.

    “How cool would it be to just be able to walk down the street and communicate with anybody, because, you know, instantly at your fingertips you have the translation to every language out there,” says Joseph. The technology is there for that, however, and it could so many people some good. “This is coming like a freight train at full speed,” Joseph continued. The good and the bad are both coming whether we like it or not.


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      1. I enjoy stories such as this, because, you see, I am a product of AI. My creator has made many just like me, and some even better. The later models are nearly indestructible.

          • There may be a wave of job replacements, but we are a long way from Skynet. It is possible that some lower and middle management decisions be shifted to AI, but people will be doing general work for a long time to come. When heavy manufacturing becomes automated, we will be close to Skynet…

              • You can’t make a movie with a more frightening ending.

                • i am looking into a robot replacement for my wife.

                • I want a mute button on the wife models

            • if they can teach robots to buy bitcoin we are screwed?

              • the scientists say the wife model robot equiped with a “mute” button isnt real enough?

              • Sofia the AI was granted Saudi citizenship, so she can be taxed…in Bitcoin…

                Bitcoin may well be to some degree an AI creation, the best hackers in the world came to this conclusion after trying to take a peek inside…

          • it wouldnt take much of a robot to replace antifa idiots.

          • Didn’t you already claim this a few months ago?
            And didn’t I reply that I was doing the same earlier than you on forums I was active in?

            And I am not claiming I was the first ever.

        • A.I.=Absolutely Ignorant

      2. This will not end well.

        • Depends on which side you’re on now doesn’t it.

          • Yup, damn straight.

        • Just let me have a good looking robo-girl that cooks, cleans, does my laundry and hauls my ashes without constant comment, drama or in-laws; and, I can trade in occasionally for a different one every 2-3 years. Her AI can be limited to “yes, dear”.

          • That robo-girl will be loaded with spyware and miniaturized analyzers that will not only record and transmit audio and video back to Google or whomever (not to mention copies of all data being supplied to various federal agencies); but whenever you (or a guest) gets their “ashes hauled” the physical contact will provide the robot with opportunities to record and analyze bodily fluids, breath vapor, heartbeat, and probably even brainwaves. (Blood gases can now be ascertained by a sensor that a nurse clips on to your finger; it isn’t even necessary to draw actual blood. Imagine how advanced spying devices will be in another ten years.)

            Think of the treasure trove of information that would be eagerly purchased by big banks, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, employers, pension managers, marketing corporations, ad infinitum.

            If you dislike the idea of being constantly tracked by your cell phone, or having a ‘smart TV’ or other computerized household device record and transmit your household conversations, or being forced to accept “black box” recording units in the next vehicle you drive, then you will not want to have the next wave of even more sophisticated surveillance devices in your home.

            Naturally, the sheeple will clamor for the privilege of paying lots of money for this stuff, due to the twin lures of entertainment and convenience.

        • my robot only needs to know one word,”yes.”

      3. I’ve commented for years
        about people being displaced
        by robots.
        What to do with the people?
        Science fiction stories had
        all sorts of solutions.
        I’d just provide an unlimited supply
        of free Fentanyl to any adult
        that wants it.

      4. “The good and the bad are both coming whether we like it or not.”

        Good and bad are variations of moral and immoral. Those in control of technology, power and wealth are amoral.

        Forrest Gump can see where this is headed.

        • Kevin2, I’ll take Forrest Gump over a robot any day. I still say the idea with robots will never fly.

      5. Maybe when they have AI that can load the fireplace, start the fire and keep replenishing the wood to keep it going. I’ll just keep doing for myself until then. The TV and satellite remote is enough AI for me right now.

        • This is the kind of freedom you have now but you (or your children) might not have in the near future unless you are living completely separated from society.

      6. I wrote a 4-part series on AI and its threat to mainstream jobseekers and the result is not favorable. There are two schools of thought. One says it will add more jobs [that won’t happen-one look at Detroit’s automation process since the 70s should be ample proof] and the flip side says it will decrease jobs. I’m in that camp. Even fast food joints are starting to offer self serve kiosks to avoid hiring people. Like it or not, we’re going to be forced to become a nation of entrepreneurs in order to generate an income. Short term gigs won’t be the fix, folks need to develop skills that can be sold such as white hat computer skills which can effectively ward off hackers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, small scale farming and breeders, etc.

        • BD,
          In my 40+ years of working I noticed
          20% of the workers carry the other 80%.
          Most people are idiots. Robots will displace
          them with ease.
          “entrepreneurs” takes an extraordinary amount
          of self discipline. That is not a characteristic
          most people have.
          The future challenge is going to be how to deal
          with our growing un-employable idiot population.

          • This is what they have in mind…

            “In order to save the planet
            it would be necessary to kill 350,000 people per day.”
            – Jacques Cousteau (1910-1997) *UNESCO courier – 1991*

            • @JustMe You’re absolutely right!
              Every time I hear “adult” people seriously discussing “Universal Income”, skill upgrades, and other such nonsense, I am laughing through my tears. The big corporations and governments will not give away a dime. That is wishful thinking, based on fake humanism currently displayed by the governmet to keep you:
              a) serving in Armed forces, and
              b) voting for them.
              Once REAL AI becomes operational:
              a) robots will take over the military and security tasks very quickly
              b) masses of human voter material will immediately become irrelevant, and thus, unnecessary for the very survival of that tiny group of elite.
              That’s some scary stuff indeed, but we must not be naive about the future!

          • I was instilled in me from a young age…

            “Always strive to be an asset to whatever endeavor you embark on, the opposite would surely mean obsolescence”

            Your either going to be part of the future or the ashes it’s built on.

            Oh yeah…. Happy New Year

          • rellik – your comments are spot on – I have my own business – I am a sole employee too – had 3x people previously working for me – no one will care as much as owner/operator – previously I worked for many companies where the slackers were plentiful – add to that the onerous laws for employers these days to actually fire an incompetent employee and you get the drift – the useless idiots will be whiners and complainers that still want their toys and playtime without actually doing anything to get it – oh wait like today already with the welfare state

          • I agree %100 with you . I worked in construction as a electrician, there are plenty of idiots out there to go around.

        • ” need to develop skills that can be sold such as white hat computer skills which can effectively ward off hackers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, small scale farming and breeders, etc.”

          I steered my son into becoming an electrician. I think of it as “educated hands”. As workers are displaced more will vie for the remaining employment thus increasing supply under a fixed and quite potentially diminishing demand. Compensation will lower across the board. The word for the future on every front, political, social and economic is destabilizing. The constant will be inconsistency, the norm, abnormal; we’re in for a wild ride.

          • Kevin2, that’s damn good that you persuaded your son to become something that’s still very much in demand. I don’t think he’ll regret it for one minute. Most college degrees are now totally worthless.

            • He completed two years of technical HS and then a four year apprenticeship of work and night school. He stuck with it (less than 1/3 of his class did likewise). He earns a decent living and knows something thats needed anywhere there is civilization.

            • The only jobs that will NOT eventually be replaced by robot/android/AI will be politicians.

              Run for office. It will be the only game in town. 🙂

        • “I wrote a 4-part series on AI”


      7. Like the electric usage smart meters and the 5G phone tower antennas being erected where warnings are everywhere as to threats to all life health yet denied further investigation. Add in radioactive counts yearly in the millions in many US locales, all cumulative 24/7/365. The silent war on humanity will take the biggest toll.

      8. Just wait till you start getting calls from telemarketers inside your brain without wanting to and you can’t shut them off.

        • I have that now …. but I think it’s my ex asking for more money.

        • Is’nt tin foil supposed to fix that?!

          • Truth be told, yes. Try wrapping your “smartphone” in a single layer of tinfoil and then call it… No signal… No ring.

            • You got that right! I did the same thing with my phone.

            • Electro-magnetic wave and skin effect in conductors, aka the Faraday cage effect.

      9. Technology had previously increased in both a magnitude and rate that displaced worker A only to create a better job for B and C. Now, with advances that have are massively greater worker A and B will be displaced leaving worker C to wonder when they are next. Simply put, too much, too fast. If machines make all the goods and machines make the machines that make all the goods then who is the market for the goods? In the infancy of this back in 1970 Walter Reuther the UAW President was taking a tour of Fords new manufacturing facility with robotics with Henry for III or IV. Ford said, “Walter, those robots won’t go out on strike”. Walter replied, “They won’t buy any cars either”.

      10. AI Robots don’t spit on your hamburger if you say the wrong thing.

        • How do you know? They could easily be programmed to do exactly that. Easiest thing in the world. Special models, of course. They would come with a spit reservoir on their backs. There would be a law enforcing a minimum quota of them in the McDobald’s workforce to be met.

      11. The movie “Alien” – bad guy AI. The movie “Aliens” – good guy AI.

        • Movies… Thay were exploring a signal from a dead planet 200 light years away from our planet for a reason. There were no real jobs here on Earth by that time.

      12. If one looks at the amount of $ that is being dumped into robots, and AI you will see astronomical figures. One way or another we are being herded to where we are wanted. Do you not see the handwriting on the wall yet? Follow the money, and you will see the direction we are headed.

      13. Will these robots survive an EMP? Or the severe temps of winter or summer? Wherever they are, they can stay away from me.

        • well they have yet to develop a computor or robot that can fix fukashima going on 7 years – that is reality – so no they do not work everywhere

        • Temps like -45 to +60 deg Celcius are not a problem at all.

          Depends on the EMP scale and the amount of packaging/insulation around your circuits, but in general, solid state (transistor-based) devices are very vulnerable to EMP. Not to worry though, we humans are much much more brittle (:-)) overall

      14. At some point AI will replace governments as supreme rulers because man has a terrible history of letting emotion control his decision making process where AI does not have this deficiency. AI can make all decisions based on logic and reason without that little defect called “Emotion” and mankind will be much better off by doing this.

        • I get what you are saying Falcon. Emotions should not rule people and their decisions, but here’s the thing – there ARE plenty of logical, reasonable people in this world who have fantastic good intentions and ideas to share with all of us. And if they could take charge of the world, it would be so so so much better! Problem is the rich psychopaths are in charge at the moment. Maybe that will all change someday, and there won’t be any need for AI control.

        • That logic and that reason depend on data, and they are only as good as the data they are fed. Apart from this, AI doesn’t have common sense, something we have (when we have it).

      15. All I know is that we have no idea truly what they are doing behind the scene, technology the have(some say at least 300 years ahead and accelerating at a exponential rate)… transfer souls into clones etc. don’t believe it? the 2.3 trillion missing wasn’t for paperclips. Their technology would not be different than the most exotic magic you couldn’t even imagine.
        I think our economic future has been preplanned to a T as we debate about possible outcomes and what they can and can’t do for themselves and us. We are TOTALLY in the dark.

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