9/11: A Conspiracy Theory: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know In Under 5 Minutes

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    After thirteen years numerous questions about the events of September 11, 2001 remain unanswered. Much of what happened that day has been kept secret by government investigators or was simply never even considered for the official 9/11 Commission Report, despite the fact that hundreds of people have been involved in independent investigations that found many of the so-called facts to be either skewed or completely false.

    Whatever your views on the events of that day, all evidence suggests that it did not happen the way the government says it did.

    For insights and questions that have been left unanswered (or totally ignored) we turn to a video produced by the Corbett Report, which summarizes everything you need to know about 9/11 Conspiracy Theory in under 5 minutes.

    This is the story of 9/11, brought to you by the media which told you the hard truths about JFK and incubator babies and mobile production facilities and the rescue of Jessica Lynch.

    If you have any questions about this story…you are a batshit, paranoid, tinfoil, dog-abusing baby-hater and will be reviled by everyone. If you love your country and/or freedom, happiness, rainbows, rock and roll, puppy dogs, apple pie and your grandma, you will never ever express doubts about any part of this story to anyone.


    9/11: A Conspiracy Theory

    Have you read the 9/11 Commission Report? If so, do you think the events played out as described?

    Or, are you part of the growing number of Americans who, as with the official story surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy, question the legitimacy of the “facts” presented to the public?


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      1. I think we can all agree (ok, most us who are sane) that the government’s official story surrounding JFK, Benghazi, Fast & Furious, and WMD in Iraq were full of lies and fabrications.

        Why would September 11 be any different?

        That Bush/Cheney gave their statements behind closed doors and not under oath should seal the deal right there. If you can’t swear by it under penalty of perjury and prison, then you are full of shit. End of story.

        This “official” report is crap.

        Those who think I am nuts should take a look in the mirror and you’ll see who is the batshit crazy one.

        • My feeling has always been that there is much more to the story that we will ever know in our lifetimes. My belief is that it was indeed carried out by Islamic minded terrorists thinking they were doing it for a holy jihad. However, I also think the US government knew it was going to happen. They may not have set the wheels in motion on this particular plot (although they helped with the initial formation of Al Qauida), but they let it happen so that they could install a police state in the US during the ensuing chaos. This way, they kept their hands relatively clean and had plausible deniability.

          I can remember after it happened having this sense of impending doom. It’s not that I feared death by Islamic terrorists, it’s that I feared what would be done in the aftermath to supposedly prevent it from happening again. I also remember feeling trapped. Everything inside of me screamed out that something was not right here. I felt that I was being forced to believe in a coming war and loss of civil liberties that I didn’t think would solve anything because there was no other option. I couldn’t oppose it. After all, it was being proposed by my team and so I didn’t want to go against my party. I now know how naive I was! Screw the teams. From now on I will go with what I know to be right and defend the Constitution.

          • In complacency we trust.

            Let sleeping dogs lie.

            Don’t make waves.

            Two and two make five.

            The checks in the mail.

            I promise not to cum in your mouth.

            • @SolitaryMan


              But if I may, I would add this:

              “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.”


              “I promise not to cum in your mouth.”

              • The government tells me that Obama is Constitutionally eligible to be the President of the United States.

                Furthermore, the government tells me that Long Form Birth Certificate that Obama released is authentic and not a forgery.

                Carry on with your continued faith and trust in the government.

            • The Spanish sunk the USS Maine…um, no they didn’t.

              The Lusitania wasn’t carrying weapons and ammunition…um, yes it was, and the attack was warned about.

              No one knew the Japanese would bomb Pearl Harbor…um, yes, they did, and the old battleships were lined up to be sunk, and General Short, and Admiral Kimmel, took the fall.

              The Gulf Of Tonkin incident really happened…um, no it didn’t, it was disinfo pumped by LBJ, who happened to have a hand in JFK’s death, so we could go to war in Viet Nam.

              From the people who brought you Operation Northwoods.

              11 muzzies with box cutters brought America to her knees, all by themselves. And WTC7 fell by “sympathetic collapse”… Yeah.

                • This is one of the more fantastical explanations I have read. The problem is, making a nuke that small that can still achieve a critical mass. Even a Davey Crockett has a zone of total destruction 1/4 mile in diameter, and that is about the smallest nuclear weapon the US has ever used. You simply would not need a nuke to do what happened on 911. Why do something that messy and that leaves that much trace evidence when a conventional explosive would do? If it is indeed a government inside job wouldn’t they want to eliminate as much evidence as possible? If it were a nuclear device then the fallout would have drifted around the surrounding area and it would be academic to find it using some fairly inexpensive equipment like Polimaster’s pocket spectrometer like thing that connects to a PDA or cell phone. Better yet, just use an old CDV-700 or even one of those $35 Air Counter S’ that you see on Ebay all the time. They would at least let you see a significant increase in radiation over background. All you would have to do is take a control reading a few miles away and then close in on the site you were checking, taking a few readings as you got closer. of course you would want to know the prevailing wind direction from that day, but that’s publicly accessible data from the NWS.

                  It’s not that I doubt there was a conspiracy or a coverup. I think that all the data has yet to be known. However, I am not willing to subscribe to every theory that comes along if it just doesn’t seem logical. That’s what differentiates someone who wants the real truth from someone who is just looking for something to believe in.

                  • And so what!!! It doesn’t matter what you believe, it’s what you can prove that counts. A pocket full of mumbles is what you’ve got with all the ‘maybe’s, perhaps, if’s, for-some-unknown-reason’s’, and all the other conspiracy bullshit buzzwords. Can you take this kind of ‘evidence’ to court? No, then it’s total bullshit. Just like UFO’s and Elvis sightings. Only whack jobs run with this thin bunch of shit, that’s why they still live in trailer parks because they’re nuts.

                  • Prescott, I sure don’t live in a trailer park and I can tell you as a retired airline pilot with over 20,000 hours pilot in command that only the people that don’t know anything about aviation, people trying to spin the crime, or the beyond stupid would ever believe an airplane of any kind hit the pentagon.It was a military missile…period!

              • Just Me, peole like you need to relax. Just because you unearthed six hugh lies told by our government that started wars, killed and maimed millions of innocent people, an bankrupted this nation is no cause to say a pattern of criminal activity has been set. Of course we know Oswald didn’t really kill Kennedy: James Earl Ray did not kill Martin Luther King: Sirhan Sirhan didn’t kill Bobby Kennedy:Lbj lied when he said,”He really did not try to sink the USS Libery.” Although Cmdr. Mcgonagle was sworn to secrecy when lbj gave him the Medal Of Honor in 1967.Ltc. Olie North lied about the CIA selling drugs in black and latino communities in Los Angeles to finance their covert operation in latin and south america.Bill Clinton, “I never had sexual relations with that woman”. George w. saying the American economy remains fundamentaly sound. Obama, “I will never attempt to take your guns, you can keep your own doctor, the border is secure. Hillary never knew about Bengazi. Prime Minister Cameron just this evening pronounced Islam as a religion of peace. And last but not least my mother in law loves me. But conspiracy…what do you think…don’t get paranoid and answer yes…things are good and will get better…if Cliven Bundy will just pay his pasture fees.

          • Yawn… Corbett produced this video 3 years ago.

            Hey Mac, spend more time on the 800lb monkey in the room… Central Banking and it’s funny money!

            From that (central banking) flows EVERY ill in this world!!

            Eliminate Central Banking, and you cut the legs out from under the New World Order!!!

          • That is most eloquently and sufficiently said, Winston Smith! You’ve summed up the most important facts about 9/11.

          • Damn “Smithowitz” ole boy…you need to lay off the kosher kool-ade for awhile…its screwing with your ability to compose subtle propaganda reinforcement posts!

            FYI…the towel heads were merely the fall guys/straw men.

            Only your beloved ‘self-chosenites’ had the money, the control of US govt, our media, our markets, our courts(the jewdicial system), our air traffic control systems/software(see P-tech corp) & our banking(the FED)…to pull it off!

            I agree w/ you, per they had help at the highest level of our govt…traitors all!!!

            In the end it boils down to…”CUI BONO”!

            ..Who benefits?


            Not us! Nor the Arabs!

            ..as we’ve spent trillions in blood & treasure killing/wounding millions of them ever since.

            ..while here at home, the real enemy has been busy destroying the economy, shredding the Constitution, banning the 10 Commandments from courtrooms, funding & proselytizing for homosexual rights, undertaking Herculean efforts to grab our guns under the color of illegal laws & false public opinion, plus seeking bans on public display of Christian crosses…while erecting menorahs everywhere they can(see the current White Outhouse lawn at Christmas time, for example)!

            …sheesh, they’re always at the forefront to pressure the big-box stores and TV stations to scrub “Merry Christmas” as the Christmastime greeting(on store grounds)..and replace it with ‘happy holidays’ or some such secular blather!

            (deep sigh)…but I digress!


            ..so again I ask you…who benefited from the 9/11 ‘false-flag attack’?

            answer.> …that criminal enterprise termed ‘israel’!!!

            …that’s who!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • Bravo Hunter! You nailed it on the head
              Only one green check makes me think the
              others bought into the anti Muslim war on terror

            • Who benefits? The leaders of the New World Order. Israel is one of their goals after taking down the US,Russia and Iran.

            • To anyone trying to dig deep enough to find the truth about what has happened to “the world” and “America” as we all thought we used to know her Eustace Mullins’ Websites have splendid articles to get you up to speed with true history.

              A good start is a free pdf:

              h ttp//www.iamthewitness.com/books/eustace mullins/the%2oworld%orderpdf

              A history of what happened to America the Great when a parasite moved in to consume its host…….and the true history of the run up to the NWO.

            • Elvis is coming back with Bigfoot to take everyone away in UFOs. Bunch of toothless, Mountain Dew drinking, inbred, trailer trash morons who believe in these completely unsupported conspiracy theories. I know, 5th grade was your senior year.

          • Mossad…. With help by… Period

        • I dont believe anything the govt says or claims. Theyve had there chances for decades and the only proof Ive had is they lie and theyre corrupt. The govt aint here to help us. They herd us or try to.

          Latest events show how ISIS has grown from being a few muslim nutjobs to over 30K in just a few weeks. Ebola went from being African virus to spreading all around and getting imported in the States now. See the govt just bought 160K hazmat suits to prep for ebola.

          Threats so commonplace theyre expected. Huge coverups and scandals in Obama administration and every week they switch out the old one and bring in something new.

          Whos content w/ the govt fairy tale for 9/11? It aint us, its the idiot sheep who will be first in line at the FEMA shopping malls.

          • NOMI

            • …Not likely that much off topic! Anything that happens, with this conniving government, is suspect and implies their crafty involvement. Their CIA and such are infamous for such inflictions in order to create conditions favorable for the imposition of the supremacy of their elite masters. Compliance is for the slavish. The free will not comply.

            • Femaregion1, Relax, breathe easy…just jok’n it may be off topic, but probably in a few days will be the number one topic. Honestly, has anyone ever seen so many cirsis that just keep coming. Everyday it’s something else threatening an extinction level event. Oh well, tighten the screws one more time…we work better under pressure. Maybe I take a ride in an elevator with Ray Rice.

        • Don’t forget the first WTC attempt in 1993 that had failed. It is somewhat known that the pilots trained under Bubbas watch before 911. And then Oklahoma City. There were several cameras that recorded it, but never shown….then Ruby, etc….

          • Anyone who thinks that a bunch of ragheads who took a few flying lessons in a 152 Cesna could handle those jets like they had to to be able to to hit the towers the way they did, especially the second one, is definitely batshit crazy and has never piloted a plane.
            And where were the wing marks on the pentagon?

            • Why would there be wing marks on the Pentagon?

              • Well, there were wing marks on the World Trade Center towers. Why wouldn’t there have been similar damage to another concrete and steel building being hit by a similar aircraft?

                • Cause Airplanes have wide wings. Missiles do not that’s why.

              • Yeah, maybe it was one of those trick airplanes that can fold its wings inside like a bird before it hits the mirror. (Sar)

            • Heard a call in pilot on Hagmann & Hagmann that he doesn’t know of any experienced pilot who could have made than manuever to hit the towers the way they did. Probably remote control? And another said he was in the parking lot at the Pentagon when it happened and no jet plane flew overhead. Probably a missile?

              • Don’t be silly. The plane didn’t fly overhead, it flew into the building.

              • And then somebody had a “car accident”…

                • This is HUGE-UK Man Proves the BBC Knew ahead of time and reported that the World Trade Center building #7 fell minutes before it actually fell or imploded and was demolished.

                  Check this video out:
                  Watch “Big Victory! UK Man Wins Court Case Against BBC for 9/11 Cover Up!” on YouTube

          • Question/hint- what country has the motto, “By Deception We Do War”?

            • Switzerland?

              • Ugly, now that made me laugh, if I was Braveheart I would have said I spit my drink all over the key board, but I wasn’t drinking anything. Any Who, what has happened to (Dave in Idaho and .02) don’t hear anything out of them anymore. I was counting on them to guard the back door, and you to cover the West door. Trekker Out.

                • We’d be wise to have a few people step out of the spotlight, and silently await the “green” light.

                  The element of surprise has it’s advantages.

                  I know Dave’s standing by. I think .02, BI and a few others we haven’t heard from might be as well.

                  As a supervisor, I learned that the best people can do what they’re supposed to do, even without being watched…you just know they did their job even without seeing it.

                  That there’s the people you can TRUST, when it hits the fan.

                • MT.
                  Sometimes new ideas are hard to come by and redundancy can set in. It is harvest time in Idaho, thus work and long hours can keep folks occupied. Or maybe just prepper fatigue, which is something we all get. Idaho had it’s worse barley and wheat crops in probably over 40 years. Beer prices will go up, not sure about our states effects on wheat commodities such as bread prices.

                  Right now I am looking at solar stuff. I bought some dlight and am satisfied with it, but feel a need for something stronger such as a yeti150 or so. I am looking at solar backup mostly for radio and lighting and maybe quick power such as a fast 12 v coffee maker that can boil water in 3 minutes and not consume too much energy.

                  I have been reading here lately about all the budget deficits. Idaho is a balance budget state, thus probably a symptom of worse economic times coming. One small district is showing a $1 million in the hole for this fiscal year. With bad Ag prices, this is only going to get worse. This is a bad symptom of not enough tax payments versus tax income needs. I think this is the tip of an iceberg which property taxes will go up, but still not fulfill the budgets needs….

                  Good luck to all friends in Wyoming….

                • MT. Living in Wyoming, I am assuming that you live in a smaller community and can see a clear sky at night.

                  Have you seen Orion yet? He appears here in Montana about Aug. 20th. I haven’t been paying much attention until the last several nights. No Orion. You can’t normally look into the night sky and NOT see him immediately. I have also noticed that things seem different in the Milky Way and that the Big Dipper seems further to the west.

                  The night sky has been beautiful, but seems different this September…lots of other signals from nature as well that things are different this year.

                  Maybe I am just getting old.

                  Anyone else have any observations?

                  • Well, we’ve experienced that “tilted” feeling before, but we can see Orion. Last year was the weird one. We’re up to our knees in spiders every single year and last year we had almost no spiders; same with this one. The Oak trees are going through a very heavy “mast fall” this year, but they did last year, too, and two years don’t overlap. The water in the well has “turned over” twice this summer which makes it unfit for drinking, but why? We used to sit on the back porch and watch the planes fly by (JUST to watch them, no other reason.) and late last summer their usual paths turned north so now we have to watch from the front porch. Goldenrod and Ironweed bloom at the same time every year, as do Chicory and Queen’s Anne Lace, but they’re been separated this year. All very small, but odd, and makes me wonder at well.

                  • thanks Vicky…I’m going to check the night sky thoroughly this eve. The usual reason for heavy mast is plenty of water.

                    Our state tree the Ponderosa pine is dropping small maple-like helicopters this year. Have never seen this before. You break the wing off and you have a pine nut, just like in the groc store, but dark. Apparently, this only happens when conditions are perfect and not very often. It signifies a trend that usually means that significant moisture for several years is on the way as it is necessary for survival of this specie. It is NOT frequent and often happens only every 30-40 years.


                  • In Idaho, I have actually noticed that the night skies appear much brighter. I can see Orion and the belt is very bright. I also notice 2-3 satellites going by at any given nights moment.

                  • I haven’t noticed the stars. I’ve been so busy with work and music that I haven’t had much chance this summer to enjoy nature.
                    This hunting season has been a bust, I can’t get away from work for even a full weekend. I have a customer that loaded me down with a bunch of new tooling jobs. Between prototyping, design and engeneering and manufacturing progressive dies and running our normal production I’ve been swampped.

                    I had a professional flautist complement me on my music and offer to play along with me. It’s been occupying a couple of evenings a week with just that. It’s also been a music education of great value.

                  • Lastman I do live in a small town and it is very dark at night, most neighbors have no pole lights which is great. But I was disappointed when they were calling for us to be able to see the Aurora Borealis after the last major solar flare. And nothing but clear skies, did I see. Trekker Out.

                  • thank you all for replying.

                    I’ll go out and check again when it gets dark…in between batches of homemade salsa.

                    None of my batches are the same…I use what I have and I can assure you that whatever comes out of those jars in the weeks, months, years ahead…will be damn good and spiritually lifting.


            • The US govt. practices that even without the motto.

            • motto is that of mossad…Israel.

              • Source?

                • You have a computer…do your own.

              • Sounds like Sun Tzu actually.

                That motto’s only good if little stuff like “winning” is important to you…

                • It is mossad…and every fucking one of the 535 and beyond is owned by the Israeli’s and whomever is running the planet.

                  It is about to stop. Everyone who thinks that these bastards are God’s chosen people is mistaken.

                  I know what the bible says…that is why their motto is “Wage war by deception”

                  I’m not about to get into a pissin’ match with anyone here but benny n. is not one of God’s children. I believe that real jews, God’s jews were purged in WW2…and called a holocaust.

                  Wage war by deception…for control of the earth.

                  What is going down, is NOT HOW THE PLANET WORKS!

          • The false flag of 9-11 brought us the Patriot Act. Not one thing patriotic about stripping American’s rights freedoms and dignity. We are living under Nazi SS control of our movements for no reason other spreading fear of some false boogieman. The rapist and thief hides behind patriotism and our flag which both have been hijacked.

            • Oh dear, not the evil notsees again.
              That boogyman is a little worn out don’t you think?
              Maybe you meant to say bolshevik communists?
              You know the ones that started the communist party and just by coincidence happen to be of the “chosen tribe “?
              Oops, I guess fox”berg” news didn’t mention that part did they?

              • Truth is Evil:

                Thanks for setting WWTI straight about the Bolshevik Communists being the real boogyman. I know he knows that a new generation of them rule the world at the present; so dont know why his NAZI comment. WTTI, you do KNOW better, dont you?

            • You have to love the verbiage used to shove this crap down our throats! The “USA Patriot Act”, the Department of Fatherland…err…Motherland…nope (that’s been used too) Ah! Homeland Security! It just has a nice totalitarian security state propaganda ring to it, don’tcha think?

              • That’s when I freaked out.

                When they actually called it the “Patriot Act”.

                I was suddenly reminded of Firefox (the movie, not the browser). Somehow it just felt like it was all downhill from there.

                And *cough* SOMEONE was supposed to repeal that thing. Huh. Funny how that never happened.

            • WWti, very well said. Whether you think 911 was govt or not, “they” still passed the patriot act, which is the number one act that takes away our rights. Between the patriot act and ndaa, we are in deep shit. I know I know, we’ve been in deep shit for a century now…

        • Sickning!! The Biggest Fraud is yet to come. A False Flag WW3 all because the US Government does no have any Gold left, in any vault, in any place in America, and China Will be asking for our debts to be paid. The Massive Emplode will be coming about Nov-Dec time-frame this year. That’s when the entire world officially abandons the US Petro Dollar including even Saudi Arabia which will adopt the Chinese Yuan as the exchange currency for oil. The US needs a massive war to hide their Bankruptcy and Fraud. So far nobody is buying all these false flags the US is trying to unfold to get the war started. Even Russia laughs at the US Government squirming with no where to hide. Prepare my friends, the end is near. The Great Culling!! Get your Rifles in working order, stripper clips and high capacity mags.

          • …Better have something more long-term sustainable than easily-restrictable and hard-if-not-impossible-to-self-produce modern ammunition for modern guns. The false-flag war will be for the purpose of Communist China to, yes, call in their massive debts that “our” rulers have made with them using our names for collateral but, also, for the purpose of having Communist China be seen as a “humanitarian” force to “quell ‘disturbances'” and such (impose martial law on America) after the U.S. Government destroys American cities and the U.S.’ own military, with Putin, Kim, Communists China, etc., as the supposed culprits.

            • I don’t see China or Russia coming over here to beat down American citizens. I believe that is only fear-mongering elitist propaganda. I hope many people get their disinfo straight, or else we’ll be fighting THE WRONG ENEMY.

              OUR ENEMY IS IN WASHINGTON DC, USA. Not China and Not Russia.

              Every shot fired at the wrong target, brings us one shot closer to losing this war. Remember that when you set your scopes.

          • Ok, so that is funny to me. Yes the US owes China a TON of money, but we also are the number one importer of Chinese goods. So if China asks for their money back and we can’t give it to them, we would hopefully stop buying their cheap crap and then their economy would also fail. They aren’t as dumb as we are. Yes in a way we are buying their crap with their money, but we are also employing many people over there and without their manufacturing industry of low rate cheap shit, all they have is rice farms and poor quality land. The US dollar is a joke but I do not think it will lose its place as the world currency. I’m not ignorant, nor am I out of touch. Just a bit more realistic and not as quick to just on the band wagon of “grab your guns and kill people”. Really? What is your AR 15 with 10 round stripper clips and hi capacity magazines going to do to help? Who are you going to fight? What will you protect? You can’t say the US because well hell, it is the US that we need to fight. SO we can’t defend and destroy the same thing at the same time. The US is already destroyed. We are living in a borrowed dream world drowning in a false sense of security all the while willingly giving up the civil and god given rights our forefathers fought and died for.

        • Yea, I’m with you ! I am ashamed to say I was one of those flag waving idiots who shouted down any dissent. It wasn’t until the power of the state and the banking cartel was turned against ME that I woke up. All theses wars are Bankers Wars !

          • That’s what, if anything, will wake up those who’ve got their heads in the sand–and are too scared to pull them out. It’s not shameful to be honestly patriotic. It is rather naive, though, nowadays. One’s REAL “patria” or “fatherland” is literally that of one’s family–the progeny of one’s fathers–not the artificial economy of the rich that the powers-that-be have always had us calling “our (THEIR) ‘Country'”. They use that allegiance to drive us into their slavery to them.

          • AP said-

            “…All theses wars are Banker’s Wars!”

            Just for clarification purposes.
            Bankers = the money changers…(as described/identified in scripture)!

        • I looked in the mirror; you’re still batshit crazy.

        • I have an old friend from my military days who retired from the Navy and then spent about 10 years as a cop in a small town in West Texas, and this guy has probably the hardest head of any White man that I have ever known in my life. He desperately wants to believe in the 19 goat herding Arabs with goat poop stained toenails narrative.

          Well, I’m one of the rare birds who knew 9-11 was a false flag operation on the same day it happened, although the actual details surrounding it and the evidence trail that confirmed to me that the dots lead right back to the PNAC gang of neo-cons and to Tel Aviv and the Mossad took a few months of research to ultimately piece together.

          Anyway, back to my former military buddy who became a kwap. I sat him down and tried to explain to him the highly suspicious nature of the ‘demands’ (conditions) that Bush and Cheney placed on the 9-11 Commission investigators as a precondition to their agreeing to be interviewed.

          Three basic conditions were stipulated. First, they refused to testify under oath. Second, they refused to testify if their testimonies were to be video taped or recorded by any other method. And, third – they refused to be interviewed separately. They wanted to be interviewed together, at the same time.

          So, I asked my kwap buddy – who I know watches a lot of TV and who I also knew has been to kwap school – why it is that both TV kwaps and real kwaps, when they bring in multiple suspects that they think have been involved in a crime, will always split the suspects up and interview them in separate interrogation rooms? The answer is so simple – to find out if the suspects all give the same version of events! Or, do the different suspects all give different answers to the same set of questions. I mean, if all the suspects were interviewed in the same room and at the same time, it would be much easier for them to make sure all their stories matched, right?

          So, clearly, this was what Bush and Cheney were worried about if they were interviewed separately. Cheney, being the brains behind the 9-11 event didn’t trust Bush to keep his facts straight and was obviously worried that, under pressure, Bush might flub up and say something that would get them both busted.

          You know, kind of like the way Bush was ad-libbing in front of an audience in that youtube video we’ve all seen and mentions how those ‘evil terrorists’ had placed bombs in the buildings and timed them to explode so as to prevent the people from being able to evacuate – but, then neglected to mention that the two lead principles in the security company (Stratesec) who had the contract on the towers on 9-11 were his brother and cousin, Marvin P. Bush and Wirt D. Walker III and that anyone who wanted to plant bombs in the WTC would probably have to go through the security company in order to get access to the places where the bombs needed to be planted in order to make those buildings collapse neatly into their own footprint.

          So there I was, trying to explain something so fundamentally basic and simple that I am sure that anyone who’s had at least 1 hour of kwap school training should be able to understand it and realize how suspicious it was – but, this guy refused to engage his brain and concede the suspicious nature of the infamous ‘Three Conditions’! Why? Was it because this guy voted for both of these two scalawags and his ego would not allow him to accept that he had voted for a pair of politicians who could commit such acts of treason against their own nation? Heck, I voted for the same two sleazeballs myself – but, I had no ego problem that got in the way of my analysis of the facts the evidence that was laying on the table before me.

          So, what is the difference between my hard headed old buddy and myself? Maybe it is the fact that I do not fall in the love with any politicians – I hold them all in utter contempt, because they are all corrupt and dishonest and guilty of treason against this nation in one way or another. And, I have always had a particularly intense level of dislike and contempt for the Bush Family, dating back to the first day I laid eyes on Poppy Bush when Reagan was pressured to put that chunk of rat excrement on his ticket as VP. I refused to vote for Poppy when he ran for POTUS the first time and had to hold my nose to vote for GWB, and only did so because I hated Slick Willie and did not want to see his protégé Al Gore follow him into the White House.

          There is also another possibility as to why my old buddy (and millions of other kwanzombies) refuses to wrap his brain around the obviously suspicious and incriminating amount of evidence that proves that 9-11 was a false flag operation. Not too long after the September 11, 2001 incident – I began to see a new medical term being used to describe this bizarre condition whereby so many people appear to be unable to alter their opinions about a particular issue, regardless of how many concrete and easily verifiable new facts might be present to them that proves their original opinions were wrong. The term is Cognitive Dissonance.

          Wikipedia defines it:


          Cognitive Dissonance (The Art of Lying to Yourself).

          In psychology, cognitive dissonance is the mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values at the same time, or is confronted by new information that conflicts with existing beliefs, ideas, or values

          That’s probably it. The Art of Lying to Yourself. Or, as Jack Nicholson’s character said in the movie ‘A Few Good Men’”

          “You can’t handle the truth!”.

          Well, I can handle the truth and the truth is ugly. Psychopaths have hijacked the US Government and if we do not purge these mentally insane monsters – we are going down the tubes forever.

          • You are angry with Poppy Bush, the rat excrement, but you were in the military serving poppy’s global agenda. That is what it all comes down to, how you earn your living, and keep yourselves safe. Understanding what is right or wrong, doesn’t help us make the right choice, once you factor in practical considerations. That goes for poppy Bush too, he just gave in to what the system demanded of him.

          • Great post Tucker….

      2. Will we ever know the real truth???

        • And when we do know the true truth, what are WE ever going to do about it? Kill them all…

          • I can’t believe people still buy the bullshit lie of 911. You have to be a complete moron to keep on with the msm lies. When I saw it on TV I said to myself “thats fooking impossible!” There is no way anyone with an IQ over 80 could see that and not go WTF! 2 buildings fall at freefall speed into theyre own footprints? Building 7 collapses from a trashcan fire? How stupid do they think we are? There is so much evidence proving it was all BS it would fill the towers by itself! I have read and seen a lot of evidence but I didn’t really need to it was obvious from watching it. Label people who know the truth nuts? How about label those who believe the lie braindead morons! Oh my those evil brown people did it, Imma go join the military and go kill those fookers! People fall for anything it’s pathetic, makes me despise the general population of zombies. I bet the percentage of people that can think for themselves is about 3%. 🙁

            • Remember the Guy Scott Ritter, the Chief Weapons Inspector that looked all over Iraq and found no WMD’s. Well his testimony did not fit TP2B, so they labeled him a child porn viewer to tarnish his reputation.

              Or Valarie Plame, CIA Operative that scoobie doo Scooter Libby exposed to again destroy the facts, that Iraq had no interest in acquiring any Uranium.

              You go against their lies you most likely die or your life destroyed. They are all Arrogant Sociopath Psychopaths.

              • I was playing the DVD about 9-11, where Mr. Ritter was recounting his experiences looking for WMDs in Iraq. That’s when I first met my idiot neighbor. She stood there with her mouth open for a few seconds, then looked at me and said;

                “Oh, you’re one of THOSE people…”

                Nothing more to say.

                • I recall, leading up to the Iraq war, I was standing on a corner morning traffic, holding a sign that read “NO WAR FOR OIL” And this crazy lady screamed at me, “You want Saddam Hussein over here running our country?” I had to just pause and think just how Goddamn stupid people are here in America.

                  And another famous quote by MSNBC that said. “All around America you see all sorts or people waving flags, even poor people and why do you think that is? Because that’s all they got to hold on to.

                  Patriotism. – A double edge sword.

                  “Beware the leader who bangs the drums of war in order to whip the citizenry into a patriotic fervor, for patriotism is indeed a double-edged sword. It both emboldens the blood, just as it narrows the mind…. And when the drums of war have reached a fever pitch and the blood boils with hate and the mind has closed, the leader will have no need in seizing the rights of the citizenry. Rather, the citizenry, infused with fear and blinded with patriotism, will offer up all of their rights unto the leader, and gladly so. How do I know? For this is what I have done. And I am Caesar.” ~Julius Caesar, Shakespeare

              • Prior to the U.S. invasion of Iraq in March 2003, Ritter stated that Iraq possessed no significant weapons of mass destruction (WMD) capabilities.

                Scott Ritter : While we were never able to provide 100 percent certainty regarding the disposition of Iraq’s proscribed weaponry, we did ascertain a 90-95 percent level of verified disarmament. This figure takes into account the destruction or dismantling of every major factory associated with prohibited weapons manufacture, all significant items of production equipment, and the majority of the weapons and agent produced by Iraq.

                But this did not fit Bush and Cheney’s Story Line for going to war so they dismissed it.

                Know your History Folks. It is Documented Proof to unravel the lies and deception of TP2B.

            • Genius, I have to agree. Daisy Luther said in an article last year that we preppers are the only group of independent-minded people left in this nation and I believe it, judging from what I see every day.

          • Eppe, I believe we’ll still have to kill them whether we ever learn the truth or not. We already have a shitload of reasons to kill them.

          • The earth is about to repel satan and his bastard minions.

            They know who they are…and so do we.

        • It’s amazing to me that we have videos of 9/11, witness accounts, official whistleblowers and digital records (well, many of those have been lost or destroyed, such as ALL of the video footage from the 70+ cameras around the Pentagon) and we still can’t get a straight answer.

          The same is true with JFK.

          I am fairly certain we will never know the WHOLE truth, just as is the case with JFK.

          And, in answer to your follow-up question about what we would do even if we knew the truth. WE, as in the American people, wouldn’t do jack squat.

          The majority of people don’t care so long as you don’t take away their iphones, netflix and starbucks drive through. Mess with those, though, and you’ll have a revolution on your hands!

          • Amen to that Mac…
            We all need to stand up and take this country back, if that is possible….

            • I agree with you, but I think it might be too late. We are in a very sad state of affairs. Makes me sick to my stomach to think about the future of my children in what was once a great country. It’s not the citizens that ruined it, and we all know who is responsible, and hopefully they will eventually pay the price for their thievery.

          • The longer time goes by and misinformation disseminated the more cloudy the understanding of the facts, hear the same thing in repetition enough times people start believing the lies.

            • Don’t forget the sheeps default confirmation bias.
              Standing ready in Daytona

          • Mac I have stated this many times. JF Kennedy tried to get the US off the loan shark Federal Reserve Bank. And created the Executive Order EO-11110 June 4th 1963.

            JFK vs. The Federal Reserve – Any President could enact this Executive Order any day, or the first day in office.

            This interesting read about Executive Order 11110 (a presidential decree inacted June, 4th 1963) that strips the Federal Reserve of it’s authority to charge interest on money loaned to the US government (money that is created out of thin air). This order has never been repealed and could be enacted immediately. This is some powerful information and is quite relevant today.


            John F. Kennedy vs. The Federal Reserve

            On June 4, 1963, a virtually unknown Presidential decree, Executive Order 11110, was signed with the authority to basically strip the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the United States Federal Government at interest. With the stroke of a pen, President Kennedy declared that the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank would soon be out of business. The Christian Common Law Institute has exhaustively researched this matter through the Federal Register and Library of Congress. We can now safely conclude that this Executive Order has never been repealed, amended, or superceded by any subsequent Executive Order. In simple terms, it is still valid.
            Source: http://truedemocracyparty.net/jfk-eo-11110/

            This EO-11110 Did not fit the Zionist Cabal NWO Plan to dominate the US Currency and thus our country, so they Killed Kennedy. Immediately there after the US Dollar was taken off the silver standard, and returned to Fiat Money. Thus the pre-1964 Silver certificates and coinage.

            Ant this is where we are at today, Bankrupt and destitute from the Cockroach NWO ZOG Pigs.

            • Thanks for excellent and knowledgeable message

            • It boils down to who were the stooges/errand boy(s) to carry out the directives of the Big Banks?
              The mafia? LBJ? Castro? Oswald? One of JFK’s pissed of husbands of one of his affairs?
              It really doesn’t matter who the little fish is. IMHO the big fish is the Banking cartel.

          • Classic Hogan’s Heros….

            ‘I see nothing! I know nothing!’

            RIP. Sgt Hultz….

          • To Mac and everyone else here: I was at work on that morning and first found out about the attacks from a co-worker’s portable black-and-white TV in her office. The first thing that entered my mind was, “what are the feds doing now?” This had federal involvement written all over it. Where I live and work is directly under One of the flight paths for Memphis International Airport and we were always used to hearing aircraft overhead coming in and going out. For 3 days after 9/11 only military aircraft were allowed in the skies over the US. It was really eerie not seeing or hearing any aircraft for those 3 days. We were all waiting to see if another show was about to drop. I always knew the govt. was lying about 9/11 and the Commission Report was nothing but neocon propaganda. Remember when Bush Jr. claimed we had to liberate Iraq because of Saddam Hussein having WMDs? Not ONE WMD was ever found the whole time we were in Iraq from 2003 to 2011. But think back to the FIRST Gulf War, Operation Desert Storm under Bush Sr. when we liberated Kuwait from Saddam and occupied southern Iraq. Our troops DID find some WMDs in southern Iraq during THAT war and a certain percentage of those vets came don with what we know as Gulf War Syndrome. During the 90s, UN inspectors came in and supposedly found more WMDs in various parts of that country. Remember the reports one month before the 2003 invasion about convoys of WMDs being escorted out of Iraq into Syria under the protection of Russian special forces? I’ll bet a dollar to a doughnut part of Bashar Assad’s WMD stockpile still contains leftover WMDs from Saddam’s days. One thing about Saddam; at least when he was in power that region was stable. But when we came back in 2003, it became forever destabilized and now Obama wants to take us back in? We don’t need it! Let the Sunnis and Shiites kill each other. It’s what they deserve. Back to 9/11, we’ll probably never know the whole story of what really happened on that day.

            • How about that famous photo of Don Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam Hussein. The US supplied Iraq WMDs chemical weapons to fight Iran. The US creates these monster puppets until they turn, then the US has to take them down. Its a game of checkers by ammatures

          • Ask hw. He knows exactly what has happened since oss became cia.

        • Yes eppe, perhaps on judgment day. By then it won’t make any difference. God IS keeping an account. Lets us worry about ourselves, my friend. However, a little sniping with a good rifle in the most opportune time I think wouldn’t be held against us. But then again who knows? Keep your nose in the wind and your eyes on the skyline ‘ol boy.

        • The Real Truth is that the US Government has sold of leased all the Gold in reserve. They have been selling this off for years. There is only so much Gold out there and China Russia and India have been buying so much gold lately, more than is even available on the market. The US has NO GOLD Reserved Left. So when you see countries like Germans and other wanting their Gold Back the US Govn’t is stone walling them cause there is NO Gold left in any Reserve in the US. Ft Knox is Empty. The US has been melting it down and re-stamping what they have left in Gold to try and satisfy their depositors. Even the depositors have been saying this is not the same Gold we deposited with our stamp on it. The US Government has sold out the American people and bankrupted our country and there is nothing left in value but natural resources like energy to export. America is FUBAR!!!! Get ready, the great culling is taking shape now. The US Government will not be coming for your guns right away, they will be coming for your GOLD and Silver to pay off their debts.

      3. I am fucking embarrassed by the trade center memorial. Two big-ass lights shining up where something functional, representative, and symbolic once stood. If I were the terrorists, I would be laughing my ass off on the hood of that Toyota short-bed 4×4 that they all seem to own. We as Americans couldn’t do better than this to say “fuck you” to whoever caused the towers’ destruction? What a joke.

        • Amen on that, we should take the 25 or so billionaires who control all this crap and take them out of the equasion…

          • Even when it comes to something as basic, and apparently as simple and straightforward, as the question of who shut down the federal government, there are diametrically opposite answers, depending on whether you talk to Democrats or to Republicans.
            There is really nothing complicated about the facts. The Republican-controlled House of Representatives voted all the money required to keep all government activities going — except for Obama Care.
            This is not a matter of opinion. You can check the Congressional Record.
            As for the House of Representatives’ right to grant or withhold money, that is not a matter of opinion either. You can check the Constitution of the United States. All spending bills must originate in the House of Representatives, which means that Congressmen there have a right to decide whether or not they want to spend money on a particular government activity.
            Whether Obama Care is good, bad or indifferent is a matter of opinion. But it is a matter of fact that members of the House of Representatives have a right to make spending decisions based on their opinion.
            Obama Care is indeed “the law of the land,” as its supporters keep saying, and the Supreme Court has upheld its Constitutionality.
            But the whole point of having a division of powers within the federal government is that each branch can decide independently what it wants to do or not do, regardless of what the other branches do, when exercising the powers specifically granted to that branch by the Constitution.
            The hundreds of thousands of government workers who have been laid off are not idle because the House of Representatives did not vote enough money to pay their salaries or the other expenses of their agencies — unless they are in an agency that would administer Obama Care.
            Since we cannot read minds, we cannot say who — if anybody — “wants to shut down the government.” But we do know who had the option to keep the government running and chose not to. The money voted by the House of Representatives covered everything that the government does, except for Obama Care.
            The Senate chose not to vote to authorize that money to be spent, because it did not include money for Obama Care. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says that he wants a “clean” bill from the House of Representatives, and some in the media keep repeating the word “clean” like a mantra. But what is unclean about not giving Harry Reid everything he wants?
            If Senator Reid and President Obama refuse to accept the money required to run the government, because it leaves out the money they want to run Obama Care, that is their right. But that is also their responsibility.
            You cannot blame other people for not giving you everything you want. And it is a fraud to blame them when you refuse to use the money they did vote, even when it is ample to pay for everything else in the government.
            When Barack Obama keeps claiming that it is some new outrage for those who control the money to try to change government policy by granting or withholding money, that is simply a bald-faced lie. You can check the history of other examples of “legislation by appropriation” as it used to be called.
            Whether legislation by appropriation is a good idea or a bad idea is a matter of opinion. But whether it is both legal and not unprecedented is a matter of fact.
            Perhaps the biggest of the big lies is that the government will not be able to pay what it owes on the national debt, creating a danger of default. Tax money keeps coming into the Treasury during the shutdown, and it vastly exceeds the interest that has to be paid on the national debt.
            Even if the debt ceiling is not lifted, that only means that government is not allowed to run up new debt. But that does not mean that it is unable to pay the interest on existing debt.
            None of this is rocket science. But unless the Republicans get their side of the story out — and articulation has never been their strong suit — the lies will win. More important, the whole country will lose.

            • Eppe:

              You have been a logical/smart poster on this blog for a long time. It grieves me to see that you still think there is a difference in Republians and Democrats at this stage of history. They are all bought and paid for; and their vote has nothing to do with the comfort and care of the American people.

              Please refer to Eustace Mullin website. His free pdf’s about the parasites and their host, America, will change the way you look at anything the politicians are doing.

          • Eppe.
            Now you hit the nail on the head, remove the snakes head and the rest will die, but word of caution those 25 or so people are more heavily guarded than the pentagon! and they monitor the chatter for words like your and mine so be careful my friend, for the snakes have many spies!

        • The World Trade Center Memorial is a disgrace, and just a bone thrown to the Victims families and 300+ firefighters. Our Government is saturated with Fraud and the stench is smelled world wide.

          Deaths by Area of 9-11 Attack / Deaths
          World Trade Center 2,606
          Airlines 246
          Pentagon Building 125
          Hijackers 19
          Total number of people who died in the 9/11 attacks 2,996
          Casualties in the World Trade Center and Surrounding Area Deaths
          Residents of New York 1,762
          Persons in North Tower (Tower 1) 1,402
          Persons in South Tower (Tower 2) 614
          Residents of New Jersey 674
          Employees of Marsh Inc. 355
          Firefighters 343
          Employees of Aon Corporation 175
          Port Authority police officers 37
          Police officers 23
          Paramedics 2
          1 firefighter was killed by a man who jumped off the top floors
          Casualties on the Airplanes Deaths
          American Airlines Flight 11 (North Tower) 87
          United Airlines Flight 175 (South Tower) 60
          American Airlines Flight 77 (Pentagon) 59
          United Flight 93 (Shanksville, PA) 40
          Casualties inside the Pentagon Deaths
          Military and civilian deaths 125

          • And all these deaths are on the hands of US government.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Hey WWTI, please correct the “Fraud” part and replace it with “Dual Citizenship Holders” Think that say’s it all.

          • Let me first say Im not disagreeing with you or this post

            Im just very curious as to weather the death count is right, or is it all a hoax, did this many really die? or were there more?

            Or were some of these deaths “arranged” if you will..now the person who is said to e dead is now another person ?

            many life insurance and property insurance claims and death benefits were paid out , along with other types of payments …things that people could have a very secure future with , if maybe they otherwise would not these days
            I also have a feeling there were people who got money for reasons that were falsely presented etc..

            I mean they lie to us about EVERYTHING so why not this too

        • Gtl, The lights???? Merely window dressing. The PTB don’t give a shit. Whatever keeps the slaves starry-eyed.

      4. Yes, I have posted it before, but it is something to think about….
        Tolerance: for the liberals in your life!!

        Jiggs McDonald, NHL Hall of Fame broadcaster speaking in Ontario, says……

        “I am truly perplexed that so many of my friends are against another mosque being built in Toronto.
        I think it should be the goal of every Canadian to be tolerant regardless of their religious beliefs.
        Thus the mosque should be allowed, in an effort to promote tolerance.

        That is why I also propose that two nightclubs be opened next door to the mosque, thereby promoting tolerance from within the mosque.

        We could call one of the clubs, which would be gay, “The Turban Cowboy” and the other a topless bar called “You Mecca Me Hot.”

        Next door should be a butcher shop that specializes in pork, and adjacent to that an open-pit barbecue pork restaurant, called “Iraq of Ribs.”

        Across the street there could be a lingerie store called “Victoria Keeps Nothing Secret” with sexy mannequins in the window modelling the goods.

        Next door to the lingerie shop there would be room for an adult sex toy shop, “Koranal Knowledge,” its name in flashing neon lights, and on the other side a liquor store called ” Morehammered .”

        All of this would encourage Muslims to demonstrate the tolerance they demand of us, so their mosque issue would not be a problem for others.”

        Yes, we should promote tolerance, and you can do your part by passing this on.

        And if you are not laughing or smiling at this point… It is either past your bedtime, or it’s midnight at the oasis and time to put your camel to bed!!!!

        • false

      5. Perl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, JFK, 9/11, Boston bombing……
        Any many, many more not listed here..
        I just wonder what new holiday we are going to mark in our calendars on NSA smart phones, courtesy of apple after next attack on US soil?
        Russia, Korea, Vietnam, Irak, taliban, al qaeda, isis, isl, american citizen…….
        Who is going to be a new boogie man after the war on ISIS?

        • …Well put, prepper! And, sadly, so true!

      6. Since FDR, the FED, the goings of JKF and Robert K, Vietnam, 911, and now our current administration, the biggest causality has been….

        THE TRUTH !!!!

        Read MSM news at your own risk….

      7. Cannot remember of what radio show it was, but the guest claimed that the 1969 lunar landing was a hoax and a Hollywood production to show the Sheeple that we did it. He gave compelling evidenced from the film itself and other stuff….

        Myself, I believe we did do it. But it makes you wonder….

        • Ugly says:

          “Myself, I believe we did do it…”

          And Anna Nichole Smith married for love!

          Q: Why have we never gone back to the moon?

          A: ???

          Q: Why do we stay in “low earth” orbit?

          A: ???

          • Q1…ans. probably because we never did.
            Q2. Ans probably cause we need earths gravity.

            Now I remember what the dude said on radio. I think he claimed it was Hollowwood to dupe America via the current admin cause it was an edict by JFK–man will be on moon before end of decade. It was none other than Scenes from Space Odessy 2001 which was filmed in 1968. He claimed it was the same background scenes on some of the infamous 1969 lunar landing….and it was the same type of film used. Film was like fingerprints, never two marks are the same.

            Dudes, I am going off memory which is dangerous. But I do remember listening to this on a radio show about 10 years ago and I cannot remember show nor the guest….

            • Ugly says:

              “Q2. Ans probably cause we need earths gravity.“


              They (Mankind) haven’t yet figured out how to shield a human being from deep space “cosmic radiation.”

              The “Going to Mars” thing is just hype! Any crew sent on a mission to Mars will be dead before they reach Mars due to radiation!

              The technical hurdles of a manned mission to Mars are still far beyond our technology.

              Don’t buy into the hype!!

            • Sounds like something you might have heard on “Coast-to-Coast” AM with George Noory, or Art Bell.

              • You are probably correct. That is about when I started listening to Art Bell….It was an interesting program. He gave some convincing evidence or scenarios to support his claim. However, I still think we did it….

            • Name anyone who has ever landed in heaven. Any witnesses? Any proof? Any photos? Now if you want to talk about a big hoax, that is the biggest whopper of them all, in all of mankind ever and one giant leap of BS faith. LOL

              • I guess we will find out after Armageddon?

              • WWTI:

                I consider you to be a wised up friend. Just curious, where do you believe “life” for human beings came from. Did your ancestors ooze up out of the ocean?

                Hate to inform you, WWTI, but some of the “important” things you blog about here is because Christ has given you a real brain to discern the truth on many subjects.

                There WILL come a time you will thank Him for that…..

                • Life started on earth over 3 billion years ago.

          • “Still got the shovel.”

        • Capricorn 1

      8. Its all part of the MATRIX.

        It all come down to which pill you swallow ?

      9. It doesn’t change the fact the Muslims hijacked the planes and flew them into buildings. Whether the CIA was involved in the plot is another issue. And no, the buildings weren’t blown up with C4 that nobody in the buildings saw. Structural steel naturally weakens under the extreme heat caused by the tons of burning jet fuel.

        It’s worth noting that Osama bin Laden most likely died in 2001. It was a government hoax that had him continuing to be alive.

        • BC: Jet fuel is nothing more than kerosene, it will not burn hot enough to cause structural steel to weaken that much.

          River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!!

          • Barn Cat is probably a guy who goes out to buy himself a new barbeque grill every time he grills a steak.

            Squirting that lighter fluid on his charcoal to get the fire going always melts his steel grill tops, you see.

        • I guess they just don’t build things like they used to. A B-25 bomber crashed into the Empire State Building and just stuck. Most of the building was open for business in just a few days.

          One or two floors of a WTC building being damaged shouldn’t cause the entire building to drop at one time like a controlled demolition into its own footprint with most of the building itself turning into powder but the papers from the offices surviving. There should have been a huge pile of twisted steel and concrete spilling into the neighboring buildings.

          There are way too many inconsistencies and proven lies in the approved story for me to believe any part of it.

          • Yeah, but a B-25 is a far smaller aircraft. Also, there is a large difference in the amount of fuel a modern jet liner carries and the amount that B-25 had. The 911 planes were fairly full of fuel since they were trans-Atlantic flights whereas the B-25 was on a training mission and likely did not have that much on board.

            However, I do agree that what we all saw that day just doesn’t seem right. Dropping those buildings like that would be a challenge for a professional demolition expert. That they fell that way from a plane crash is either extraordinary “lucky” (that they didn’t impact other structures) or planned. I am still undecided which one I believe.

            • Its bee quoted tgat no planes at all crashed inro the towers but a holograpgic photo image in the sky and the use of demolitions. There was no traces of any aircraft found in the fields of PA just a dug out area of a field. How do airplane parts suddenly disappear at a crash site with no trace evidence? How does a plane crashing into the Pantagon leave no trace damage of aircraft wings and look more like a missil. Right on the same side that a heliport platform was being worked on just days earlier.arming the missil or rocket. But a terrorists all in tact passport was found a few blocks away from the towert unacathed? That is a vast conspiracy produced by many. And the Government is willing to kill Seal Team Six members to cover up the bin laden hoax capture. See dead men can’t talk.

            • if you researched it back when it happened, then you’d know a jet airliner hit a steel frame building in brazil or somewhere around the same timeframe. never collapsed the building. Only argument I’ve heard was one person said the metal expanded and popped the rivets. Of course, lots of reasons to question this, including the buildings’ designer who said the building was designed to withstand hurricane winds/loads.

              • I believe the one in Brazil was a far different kind of structure though. It was wide and spread out (a 20-30 story apartment building if it’s the one I am thinking of) instead of tall and narrow. The WTC used a rather unique structure to be able to reach it’s then world record height. For a building to be that tall, it’s weight distribution needs to be addressed in order to not overload it’s foundations and the carrying capacity of the floors below. In most cases, the higher you go, the less the floor’s structure weighs because the upper floors need to be lighter. Also, all of the strength of the WTC was concentrated in the building’s core, not in the floors themselves. It’s one of the ways they limited the weight load. Thus the question is how was the core compromised? (The Brazilian apartment building didn’t use this form of construction.)

        • Barncat, off topic, but I want to apologize for telling you to f yourself on that article about US military shooting US civilians, but I still stand by my other remarks. I did research many years ago concerning the topic and found things to b totally opposite of we were all taught in public school. I know you’re always sincere in your posts and I can’t agree wit all of them, but still enjoy reading them. Let’s just agree to disagree on occasion. I was in a bad mood that day and got out of line. Once again, I’m sorry. Take care.

        • BarnCat Bin Laden, how about you take your traitorous ass out of Wisconsin and move back to your Zog cabal tribe. You are a paid shill blogger.

          • I’d like to ask Barn Cat if he knows a a good tailor shop where a guy could get himself a suit made out of the same kind of material as that fire-proof passport that we were told belonged to one of the hijackers and which somehow flew out of the jacket pocket of the hijacker, then flew out of the fireball that was generated by that jet fuel that was hot enough to melt structural steel but wasn’t hot enough to even singe that passport, which proceeded to flutter across the New York City skyline and then float down and come to a rest on pile of rubble, where it was then oh-so-conveniently discovered by a passerby who probably had Dick Cheney’s and Bibi Netanyahu’s phone numbers programmed for speed dial in their cell phones and then dutifully handed it over to the authorities who then used to as ‘proof’ that their official narrative should be taken as gospel?

            I’d pay good money for a suit made out of that same material. Why, it would almost be like having Superman let you borrow one of his bullet proof superman suits!

        • Why did WTC# 7 come down in the exact manner that the twin towers fell when it was not hit by a jet?

          Where is the wreckage or video of the jet that struck the Pentagon?

          • I saw a video several years ago from a camera in the parking lot, and it showed something that looked more like a missile than a plane.

          • SEC fraud. you might know, but, if not, look up what organizations were housed in WTC7.

            • oh yeah, I guess like I’sRS they didn’t have backups. LOL. Anyone in tech knows nightly offsite backups were common practice for many years before 9 ;leven.

          • Kevin2 – WTC#7 was blown down by the wind on the count of 3-2-1-ignition-bang.

        • Watch the video produced by the architects and engineers. These are not idiots or amateurs. Pay particular attention to what they have to say about thermite.

        • You are a fucking retard. Keep drinking the cool aid, you’re better off that way. When the government comes to call, bend over for them real nice. They got a present for you!

      10. The are two things that get ‘classified’.

        1. The Truth
        2. The Lies

        They (TPTB) claim ‘we cannot handle the truth’, so they classify it all, lock it up under seal, never to be seen again.

        They (TPTB) know that we cannot handle their ‘lies’, so they classify it all, lock it up under seal, never to be seen again.

        The end result is the same: they only let you know what THEY want you to know, when they want you to know…if ever.

        Either way, that is NOT the kind of behavior you would expect from a government that was looking out for your best interests. I do not know if Edward Snowden was a psy-op or a real whistleblower, (highly unlikely) but I do know that IF someone ever really exposes all the lies that we have been force fed as truth…we probably won’t believe it.

        • Great point Socrates. There is a man that was part of the dark occult that now has a show exposing what they do and plan. The PTB even say that if we came out and told people exactly what were doing, they wouldn’t believe it! Thats how brainwashed and willfully ignorant people are. It blows me away how in the greatest information age EVER people choose to be as stupid as humanly possible! The top of the pyramid of power are laughing theyre asses off at us. Is there nothing they can’t get away with? Evidently not. Just follow the left/right dog and pony show we put out for you and root for your favorite sports team! Nothing but bread and circuses for the masses of retarded zombies. The closest person that resembles my thinking is Mark Passio, he does interviews and shows on saturdays on republic broadcasting network.com. To access his website and podcasts go to www. whatonearthishappening.com Take out the space. You are fighting a tiger and if you don’t know what a tiger looks like your screwed! I’ll venture to say that 70% of so called awake people don’t even know who theyre true enemy is. You MUST know your enemy if you have any chance of defeating him! I know my enemy and can think like him but my problem is, NOBODY else I know does… FUUUUUUUK… 🙁

          • That is NOBODY I know personally except my absolute gem of a wife! I am the luckiest man alive, she has taught me a LOT and continues to do so. She knows more and is more awake than anyone I have ever met! She is truly a blessing from the creator 🙂

        • One person I am most disappointed in was Sec of State Colon Powell who sold his sole to the devil when he knew full well Iraq had no WMDs and under oath lied his ass off. GW Bush and Darth Vader Cheney sold off the American people destroying our standing in the world and respect. Those 3 should hang for Treason along with Mushroom Cloud Connie Rice and Dummy Don Rumsfeld. War Criminals all of them.  

      11. Barn Ass… Per your analysis it seems all the mussies along with the jooos were at your barn partying with your cats and all were drunk so no one was able to see your beloved Mossaad and Saudis and Al CIA and MI6 were heavily involved to start the destruction of the freedom agenda via patriot acts and soon. You really are a hypocrite.

      12. The bottom line is this. Every single government, military, and intelligence agency official who was involved in allowing the attacks on 911 to happen, need to be executed for the terrorism and murder which they committed on American citizens.

        Government tyranny = 911 attacks!

        • One Great way to revive America’s credibility and standing in the world and gain our respect back would be to hold our own war crime trials and charge Bush Cheney, Rice, Rummy, Powell with Treason and execution with a public hanging in a town square, for all the world to see for themselves, that corruption and lies will no longer be tolerated in America.

          That would be one quick way to end most terrorism, wars and revive our economy. And who could pull this off? The US Military, Seal Team 6 and the will of the American People seeking Real Justice.

      13. It finally happened! It was year 2021 and the world was at war and it was led by two kings that controlled the world.

        King Gold
        King Aluminum

        Now King Gold had a bigger army because Gold was $1330 an ounce, or $21,280 a pound. In comparison, King Aluminum funded his army with prices at $3.00 per pound, or about .01% of King Gold’s finances.

        It was bad and millions died.

        Both armies drank beer. The number one supplier was Oly, which was served in an aluminum can. Because of wars, killings, and depression, both sides drank heavily and tossed their cans when done. Between fighting, they drank. Soon, there was no Oly because Aluminum was out. The soldiers were perplexed.

        King Gold screamed and yelled to keep fighting because he had all the gold and it was now at $25,000 an ounce and aluminum was still $3.00 a pound, or just 18 cents an ounce! He said fight!

        But the soldiers were wondering. You know we like beer and aluminum is gone. Are we just fighting for the King’s Gold only? If we win, what do we get?

        The soldiers started thinking on both sides. We value aluminum more, but this one family that controls everything values Gold. Where do we stand? But aluminum is gone because we consumed it all and all there is is gold. There do not serve beer with gold…..

        Then came Mr. Keg. He invented a way to store beer.

        Both sides made him King. Then came King Keg.

        Aluminum rose to $1200 an ounce and gold fell to 1$….

        You see, price is what you value. I value family, friends, water, food and fun.

        King Gold was sent to the island of Surtsey with all of his loser buddies….

        King Aluminum made King Keg the second ruler of the land. The earthings partied and war never happened again….

        King Gold was watched closely. On Surtsey, greed anihlated themselves. They were gone on their own greed….

        Earth was good again. Value what is really valuable….

        • Sunday is always a good day to drink beer brother and post comments at shtfplan!

          I got up early, built a fire and had coffee and a nice homecooked breakfast…then took a nap.

          Got up went to work for a few hours to finish a project then came home had a couple “red” beers and prepped a bunch of tomatoes, peppers, onions and garlic for a big batch of salsa.

          We had elk sirloin for dinner and a medley of potatoes, onions, peppers, beets and brussel sprouts fried in a big cast iron skillet.

          We don’t watch tv often but we are watching the season finale of Mountain Men.

          My life should be as wild as your imagination.

          You tell it like it is brother…you are a good man, perhaps someday many of us we’ll meet…and have an Oly.

          or several. “don’t…

          • lastman

            Damn.. you had my appetite going on that one!

            Had a similar weekend except for the elk ..

            We harvested enough tomatoes for 24 quarts of sauce.

            Fall is hitting hard with over nite temps @ 50 degrees
            which just might equate into the remaining green tomatoes becoming salsa..

            Had a jar of last years salsa(green tomato) and it was fantastic..

            All of this accompanied by several libations of chilled vodka..

            Yep..life is good despite all the shit around us..

            Afterall, it’s only as good as you make it.


            Enjoy the day


            • This week in central Florida it is 88 degs Day temps and 75 degs at night. I rode my bicycle about 20 miles Sunday morning in about 90 minutes, made a nice roast dinner and enjoyed watching football and napping . Lol. It will still be in the high 70s in the dead of winter. Joel SK never wants to talk about Florida as Strategic location or during a 2 year grid down situation. Eppe says Ga is perfect for that…. lol

              • Florida has crappy soil and plenty of sinkholes (at least the part I live in). Plus, in a Cumbre Vieja megatsunami almost the entire state would be under water. The building codes are very strict and the cost of insurance is ruinous. As for jobs? Well, there are some, but most are low paying service industry jobs or healthcare jobs. If you like wiping old people’s rear ends all day then boy have we got jobs for you! Otherwise, you’ll probably just scrape by like the rest of us. On the plus side, there is a good gun culture and no state income tax.

        • Words of wisdom!

          • Kula, A study was released recently that said Hawaii was the most expensive place to live in the US. Even more so than Washington DC. SO keep farming and growing your own.

      14. Why I do have a bad feeling that the beheading by so called ISIS could be a high quality video but fake!!! Is this another continuation of the 9/11 false flag to the next level to pile up on the police state?

        Remember ……ISIS the satanic group being created by the satanic Saudi tribe and their satanic cousins in TelAviv.

        • uh, but funded and trained by the good old US of A…

      15. Bacon at Acme market @3.99 a pound till the end of the month! Botta Bing! Gotta have it. Extra thick sliced and apple-wood smoked. Gonna score some….Ma-maw and pa-paw comin’ in from Tennesee this weekend. Been too long. Gotta have the viddles lined up! Kitchen gonna smell like heaven……….

        • vittles….

          • we knew what you were talking about good man.

            …you and Ugly have been drinking beer via Skype haven’t you!

            • Ah you caught me…….

          • Victuals, actually.

        • That pound now contains 12 ounces.

          Its modern math.

      16. Does anyone know how many Americans believe the twin towers was an inside job? When I was in Poland 3 years ago I was told about 1/3d of Europeans believe the US government brought down the buildings.

      17. So it looks like I was wrong on a potential 9/11 attack. Other than someone crossing the fence at the White House (acid etch, that hat looked ridiculous) it was pretty quiet. There is still so e rumblings on the radar though. All I will say is stay close to the ranch on the 17th the tfr in New York is still up, only secret service allowed in. Also, two rocket launch sites have went up for the 17th, and obozo is scheduled to speak 5 days after. Still expect something to happen before the elections. Can’t help but wonder if the drummed up possibility of attack on the 11th was to make us all let our guard down when it might actually happen.

      18. The truth will never be known for the vast majority of us. Only the members of the STAR CHAMBER knows the truth about what is going on/and with what has happen in this world. We the people of this world must use our minds which GOD gave us to see/search and understand the TRUTH. As for what is going to happen next, those of us who are using our minds can only prepare ourselves and families for the events to come as we see fit. We few cannot change the outcome. Forces beyond our control will implement the events we will have to deal with in the future; they will also control the time (when). IMHO we will have to live with what and when the events take place, we have no choice, why because we have waited too long to take it all back. As always our own future destiny resides in our own hands. To many people are still asleep and when (if) they wake up they will already be going into the cattle cars. Is there a chance to stop it yes we can hope there is, but we must act now, with in the next 6 months. Will we act IMHO; NO WE WILL NOT because; there is no national leadership, no unmonitored communication to speak of, and the greatest is fear of the unknown. A few of the people (I feel I’m one), have seen the light and will make our last stand where ever that maybe and not back down, so having said all of this; see you on the front line (next 6 months), or on the other side. Friends please keep safe. My realistic view (the way I see it) from standing on the river bank watching and waiting.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!!

      19. I have an unshakeable unwavering core belief.

        I don’t.

      20. I’ve always had a question about the way the towers came down. Well, several questions.

        First, you walk into a 60 story high rise. There’s something that you know even if you don’t know you know it. That is that every floor of a high rise is designed, way overbuilt actually, to hold the entire weight of every story above it.

        Next is, failing that the stories were in fact under built and not designed to hold the weight of the floors above, how does a building collapse straight down? At some point it has to start to lean and fall over. So I guess both towers had some basic design flaw that caused them to collapse in the first place and fold up like an accordion.

        How does an aluminum airplane cut through solid concrete and steel girders several feet thick? Sorry, they don’t. Just not possible.

        7X7s do not fly at 560 miles per hour at sea level. Just not possible Watch the videos closely. The second plane had just come out of a hard turn and didn’t have all that much of a run in. You can’t fly one of those at that speed to begin with and you don’t make hard turns at that speed without some major skills which the hijackers didn’t have.

        Not saying that it was anything other than what has been put out for public consumption. But I am saying that there are an awful lot of unanswered questions.

      21. The propositions promoted by this video are done with such smugness and contempt for the viewers that it has ZERO credibility as anything other than a propaganda piece itself. NPR had a documentary entitled “Why the Towers Fell” that methodically explained how burning jet fuel melted the structural support beams of the building. It was an inherent design flaw that manifested itself on 9/11 and led to the collapse. Conspiracy theories do not TRUMP science.
        This thread is annoying. One can doubt the official story of anything we are fed by the government but this video ain’t a coherent presentation of anything credible itself. Sheesh.

        • You’re not real bright are you.

        • What melted the structural support beams of building 7? An office fire?

        • Go back to sleep, Dylan, until they need you again.

        • Dylan, I bet you also believe that the Federal Reserve is n place for the well being of the American people and not the specific tribe rooted in the UK. Keep the dream and watch MSNBC and the rest of tribe owned Media.

        • There will always be gullible flag wavers that believe everything the Government says and lies about. Statistics show.

        • NPR? You gotta be fucking kidding. You can certainly have a point, but please work with something other than a government run/funded body as your source.

          • National PROPAGANDA Radio.

        • thats great!
          I can start up my own steel foundry in my back yard than and become a millionaire!!..all because i can now melt steel with kerosene


          I happen to do a lot of work in steel mills and know a bit about the process.. anyone try to tell you you can melt steel with kerosene must have spent all that money their parents sent them to college for, on dope!

        • Dylan, if you accept the official story of 9/11, that is your choice, but at this site we pursue conspiracy FACTS, NOT THEORIES. BTW, it was explosives that brought down the Twin Towers and Building 7, NOT jet fuel.

      22. Always good to see this video again.

      23. This video never gets old. Haha!!

      24. The video evidence showing a Tomahawk Cruise missile hitting the Pentagon instead of flight 77 is the most convincing that I’ve seen to date. What interests me is the size of the hole it made in the side of the Pentagon as compared to the actual size of a 757, if one actually had hit the building. With all due respect to those murdered that day ….. The possibility of a 757 hitting the Pentagon is zero when you telly in such a tiny hole, lack of debris and no fire damage to the Pentagon lawn. So, if a Tomahawk Cruise Missle hit the Pentagon, then instantly we can delete five of the 19 terrorist from the government list. Does this mean there were 14 terrorists on 9/11 instead of 19?

        The video footage of building 7 falling hours after the initial “attack” should be evidence enough to wake up even the slowest of people.

        As sad as it seems. Most Americans are in denial about the possibility of 9/11 being something that it wasn’t. Americans want to believe there were 19 terrorists that day!! Because if they don’t believe that, then they have to accept that we’re living the biggest lie ever told. I think people are just afraid to face the truth.

        Personally, I don’t for a minute believe there were any mid eastern terrorist involved at all. Not a single one!!! Flight 77 was a Cruise Missle and the other three flights? Piloted drone aircraft. The US Air Force fly thousands of drone flights every year. Flying a couple of 757s? Big deal!!! Drone technowledgy has been around for decades. (We were flying regular drone flights during the Vietnam war …. 45 years ago) Its not like we don’t know how to remotely fly 3 757s around for a few hours. We fly drones around Afghanistan and bomb Pakistani goat herders every single day.

        As for the 2 “drone piloted” planes bringing down the towers? No way!!! The planes were just to create the effect that we were under attack by terrorists. Pre placed explosives bought those buildings down for sure.

        OK, I’m done ….. Let the haters start red thumbing me!!!

      25. If a plane did not hit the Pentagon, what happened to the passengers and crew that were aboard that morning?

        • Maybe they were shot, if they actually existed. The only evidence I have is what the media reported. As many people as I know, I don’t know a single person who knew anyone involved in 9-11 in any way. And I knew someone (my grandfather) who knew a guy who survived the Titanic by dressing as a woman. He pointed his former home to me back in the 1970s. I should know someone who knows someone from one of the planes.

          • While the media did mention the people allegedly on the plane, they did so as a group. Never as individuals. The most of the casualty list involves the people IN THE BUILDINGS, not on the plane. There was a bit of rhetoric that was debunked about people supposedly making last phone calls to loved ones, but that proved to be a probable hoax too.

            I understand this video was banned for years, because it reminded people of the plane that crashed in the field. The end of the video shows the plane going down during one last call.


            It’s still a nice song, but a sad video concept.

          • Nobody who has looked at the evidence would believe 9leven was what public was told. IIRC, the so-called terrists weren’t even on the original passenger list. How did they board the plane without being checked in? Even is the pre feely TesA era they counted the people and checked the seats for tickets. Gimme a break. Anyone who believes the official count on this one is plain lying to themselves and their family.

        • Who knows? Maybe there wasn’t a plane to start with. If the government is ok killing 3000 people to get a war going for the industrial military complex to make trillions of dollars for themselves, does it matter? Maybe they did a Malaysia 370 to the flight crew and passengers. I don’t really care. What I care about is the fact people have been lying to the world about what really happened.

          I’ve been following the 9/11 story for ….. Eight years maybe? After seeing a couple videos and a article about how a 757 could not possibly fit in the hole blown in the side of the Pentagon, I Got interested.

          One thing I’ve learnt, if you don’t publicly accept the Govt story …. People are fast to lash out and accuse you of being a traitor …. An anti American …..a terrorist …. A hater and a conspiracy freak. What’s wrong with this country? When did it become a crime to question authority?

          Mike Farmer, you asked the question. So, what’s your thoughts on the plane and crew? Do you believe the 19 terrorist story? Or are you awake and aware?

          • I remember one woman on the plane whose husband was the ass. Solicitor general or something like that on that plane. Fact is a plane took off with a flight crew and passenger manifest and that plane and all souls are gone. If it did not crash into the p-gone, where is it and where are the people. Dropping a bunker busting bomb is no where near as complex as the 9-11 “plot” people here describe. I am certain the CFR and Bildebergers took full advantage of the tragedy of September 11th and anything that happened after S 11th is probably tainted and corrupted. The Iraq war was about oil not 9-11. But most of the conspiracy stuff regarding the actual attack is a bunch of pretzel logic.

      26. Democracy will soon degenerate into an anarchy, such an anarchy that every man will do what is right in his own eyes and no man’s life or property or reputation or liberty will be secure, and every one of these will soon mould itself into a system of subordination of all the moral virtues and intellectual abilities, all the powers of wealth, beauty, wit and science, to the wanton pleasures, the capricious will, and the execrable cruelty of one or a very few. -John Adams

      27. The US gov’t is too incompetent to pull off something of this magnitude. I might be convinced by some facts indicating someone knew it was going to happen and did nothing to stop it but that is as far as I go.

        • did you ever hear of the bunker buster that hit osama’s sons? Does that sound incompetent? Does it sound at all similar?

      28. Take a look at the Drudge Report today about Obama, his Presidency and his LIES.

      29. Ya know, It used to take hijacking 4 planes and crashing into 3 buildings, killing thousands, and causing billions of dollars in damage to get us to spend billions upon billions of dollars going to war.

        Now, it only takes a poorly edited youtube beheading video.

        Isn’t technology grand?

        • BTW, someone posted here recently about a photo of some lady with blood on her head. Problem was same lady was the photo for an article on Syria and, years later, some other country. Turns out the MSM is producing or perhaps buying falsified images from the world scene. Spooky. At this point, you can’t believe anything electronically manipulated.

      30. Rumsfeld reports that there’s over two trillion dollars unaccounted for in the Pentagon. The attack happened less than 9 months after Bush was sworn in, are you trying to say that the Bush administration orchestrated 9-11 to cover Clinton’s ass for the theft of over two trillion dollars from the defense budget and did it in less than 9 months.

        I think the attack was real, the cover up was for the Saudis benefit. I think that there’s too cozy of a relationship with DC and Saudi Arabia and if the truth was known that the royals were involved and that the SA intelligence had prior knowledge and was complicit that the people of this country would have wanted war with SA.

        Mecca is located in SA, we would have been at war with all of Islam and not just SA.

        I think that a lot of the redacted and missing documents had to do with SA and the royals. That the sloppy investigation had more to do with the SA’s blackmailing key members of congress to help cover up the SA’s involvement.

        Does anyone here besides myself think it’s kind of weird that a so called ally that’s as economically important as SA is never in the news, that they seem to be like ghost. The only time you here about them is when one of the royals is buying a yacht or a gold plated sports car. They have a great deal of influence in this country, with government, the press and media.

        • Rick, you noticing anything different in the night sky regarding the stars right now?

          If you have a moment, check my comment to Mountain Trekker above.

          • I commented but I wasn’t log on so it went into anonymous land. It should pop up sometime today.

            • thanks brother, I knew that was you.

              Glad you are busy.

      31. Can Ombooboo be elected for a third term? Does it even matter anymore? Don,t forget your uh , I forgot. Got to get another “I,m stupid and I vote” bumper sticker.

      32. Let’s see– the most guarded, the most protected building on earth, with a multi-billion dollar defense system couldn’t see an ‘incoming’ coming?

        You had me at hello. 🙂

        • Um, the wing was vacated for some reason. ;-0) Maybe they saw it far, far longer ahead than you. 🙂

      33. But to crash into the same Pentagon building wing area where the accounting and accountability of the $2+ Trillion was missing, was some Amazing Airplane flying and nail it on the first pass. Was that a Miracle or fabricated well planned strategy? (sarcastic) WhoWuddaThunkIt!!

        • Remember when Sandy Burger was caught stuffing secrete and top secrete document down his pants. He had been to the National Security Archives many times prior to being caught……….what was he trying to hide or cover up? Motive, training, connections?

      34. Thank you Mac for featuring this and James Corbetts video…he is terribly funny…at his website, http://www.thecorbettreport.com he has recently posted a video on the Federal Reserve…take a look people. To the remark that this video was “old”…you must remember that many people do not know of a lot of things that are worth reporting…For more info on 911 go to http://www.rethink911.org and http://www.ae911truth.org (architects and engineers for 911 truth; they have an excellent video…get the “science” behind the fall of the 3 buildings)… an excellent 5 hour documentary by Massimo Mazzucco, in 3 parts, is free on the internet, just google: September 11: The New Pearl Harbor And, finally, to really get accurate analysis and information, Paul Craig Roberts, has at his “guest columns” …. an article titled: False Flag Attacks – Guest article by Prof Daniele Ganser, Univ of Basel (Switzerland)..at that article it has a link to a pdf of Dr. Gansers study on 911 and false flag attacks..where countries have attacked their own citizens… much to learn..you need to print it out, it is many pages..and there is also a link to a one hour video presentation on “911-Ten Years later…what do we know”…done in 2011..by Dr. Ganser in conjunction with the University of Indiana…everyone that I have referred this to, that even knew a lot about 911, has rated it as excellent. Remember, it was done in 2011…. here are the two websites…. http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2014/06/01/false-flag-attacks-guest-article-professor-daniele-ganser-university-basil/ Direct website to the 911 presentation, although, at the article on false flag attacks, is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fUT7XgLiTY

        Dr. Ganser speaks excellent english..his native language I believe is German.. he mentions that the person or aide that was speaking to Dick Cheney, his identity was unknown (in the underground bunker)…but it was eventually found out; the man would only say that he told the 911 commission what he knew, and that was that…so, what transpired between him and Cheney regarding what Cheney meant by saying…”of course, the order still stands”…is not known publicly.

        When people go to the great effort and expense to talk, write, and/or produce videos to educate us…we should at least avail ourselves of them… knowledge is power… thanks Mac for all you do..

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        but maybe of interest to many here-

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      36. on my post above, I spelled “basel” wrong in the website… but just go to http://www.paulcraigroberts.org look at the “guest column”, scroll down and you will find the article on “false flag attacks”….with the two websites at the bottom of it. One to the pdf on false flag attacks…and the other, the you tube video, which I got correct. At the end of this lecture on you tube, there are interesting questions from the students, etc attending it…remember, it is filmed at Basel Univ. in Switzerland…

      37. People believe whatever the nightly news tells them. They vote according to the info they have. The problem is, they don’t have any info. Or worse, they have misinformation or disinformation. The MSM must be defeated. By the way, where is that missing Malaysian plane?

      38. I remember watching the news and them telling people to get out of building seven because they were going to pull it. From that moment on I believed all three were pulled I know some very smart people who believe the governments story, hook, line, and sinker and swallowed the whole thing without even a burp. I believe if a person isn’t given eyes to see and a mind to understand, they will be in the dark concerning the truth. I believe we have been given a gift from God, we were blessed with discernment

      39. After so many year on planet Earth….and so many revisions to our history….I can honestly say that I am not even sure I am who my birth certificate purports me to be. I don’t think I know anything “real” about what has gone on, what IS going on, or what WILL go on. That is why I stick with my Bible, tomorrow’s news today.

        • What makes you think the Bible is more reliable than your birth certificate?

      40. Did someone mention mini nukes were used to bring down the towers? That info is readily available on VeteransToday.com., the buildings were pulverized with nuclear power. Ooga Booga is brought in to continue the coverup.

      41. CDC: Prepare for Ebola.

        CDC issues Ebola checklist: ‘Now is the time to prepare’

        “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, warning hospitals and doctors that “now is the time to prepare,” has issued a six-page Ebola “checklist” to help healthcare workers quickly determine if patients are infected.

        … the assumption in the checklist is that it is only a matter of time before the virus hits home.”

        “Plan for regular situational briefs for decision-makers, including:

        — Suspected and confirmed EVD patients who have been identified and reported to public health authorities.

        — Isolation, quarantine and exposure reports.

        — Supplies and logistical challenges.

        — Personnel status, and policy decisions on contingency plans and staffing.”

        “The checklist has been distributed to major hospitals and even little ones.

        The Washington Examiner

      42. More preparations for Ebola…

        State Dept. Orders 160,000 Ebola Hazmat Suits.


      43. How can anyone say we will never know the truth about the events of 9-11? Much has been revealed already, if you can sift through the shills and disinfo agents who counter all truths being told. Anyone who says the official story is correct are not interested in the truth or are all flat out liars. The liars control some aspects of the truth movement with different theories meant to steer away from real truths, such as the Israeli Mossad’s major involvement with the inside job act of treason. The attempt to shove the blame on Saudi Arabia is to protect Israel. To say this crime has not been solved enough to clearly point out the perpetrators is pure BS. This warmongering agenda can be laid right on those same feet. Israel had the motive and the means to pull this off, read about those truths at VeteransToday.com, the only site with the integrity to tell the truth.

      44. Okay you are all tinfoil, bat shit, idiots. Sorry I don’t normally use foul language on here.

        1 – A verified fact. All plains were grounded that day. Except one. A plane was allowed to take off that day. It carried Saudi Arabia nationals. Why would we do that since the perpetrators were mostly Saudi nationals.

        I have a theory. Everyone talks about China having a hold on us because of debt. I believe the actual country that is the has the key to this country is Saudi Arabia. Because they are the key to the petro dollar. If they refuse to use the petro dollar then what happens to our economy? We seem to always do there bidding. For example we are now going to bomb Syria.

        Obama wanted to bomb Syria two years ago and the public was so against it. We start supplying weapons to the Syrian rebels. Now the rebels who decide to call themselves ISIS invade Iraq using our weapons. Then they behead two journalist. ( Part of me wants to help them behead journalist but I just have morals that won’t allow that at this time. ) Now our government is going to bomb Syria because of the major threat ISIS has become with weapons we gave them.

        IT is all about the petro dollar. Saudi Arabia wants a pipeline to supply energy to Europe. Russia wants a pipeline to supply energy to Europe. Syria is the key.

        Just my theory. I must be a wacko, tin foil wearing, idiot that is full of bat shit. ( Well maybe bull shit not bat shit )

      45. Can anyone name just one tinney weeneey time the United States Government has ever been truthful about anything, anywhere, anytime? If so please post it so we can read. After all let’s be fair about this.

      46. The Saudis are involved with 9-11,so the go9vot coover-up Could not involve s

      47. Well lets look at the blackboxes no wait we cant but there is a hijackers ID found at the WTC but no blackboxes 0 for 4 that dog dont hunt

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