6 Prepper Laws You Should Never Break: “Things You Need To Have Ready”

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    Prepping? You should be thinking about what you might need.

    But focusing all your time and energy on the wrong priorities can leave you just as ill-prepared as if you had done nothing at all.

    City Prepping shares his top 6 priorities for being ready – starting with the most obvious necessities and working towards an expanded plan for survival in case of the worst.

    Whether or not you agree with his specific order of operations, starting with a solid foundation and working towards the more extravagant possibilities is a good way to plan and develop skills.

    Becoming fully prepared is an ongoing process and will undoubtedly require a lot of effort on your part, but starting here will make sure you can survive most situations, as further steps will cover the less likely “what ifs.”

    Check out the video:

    1. Water is an absolute necessity, and drinking unsanitary water will make you sick. Make sure you have plan to have enough clean water. Store it, treat it, purify it, have access to it. How much water do you need? 1 gallon per person per day for drinking, cooking, sanitation and the like. Water preservative can help keep it long term, and make sure it doesn’t become contaminated.
    2. Storable Food. Extra food can be built up gradually a few cans at a time, and rotated out. Get items that you would actually eat, and balance your needs between protein, fats and carbs. Many canned foods have lots of  extra sodium, which requires more water to balance out. In the event of a power outage or other emergency, eat the perishable foods you have on hand first, since they will of course go bad soonest.
      1. -How will you cook your food? Keep extra fuel and useful stoves, grills, etc. on hand that aren’t reliant on the electric grid, or far away resources that would take a lot of effort to gather or obtain.
      2. -Where to store food an water? Basements, closets, under stair storage space, etc. to keep it cool and away from sunlight.
    3. Medical care preps, supplies, equipment and, of course, skills. First aid kits and basic medical skills, including C.P.R., are essential. Know how to handle major and minor cuts, stop bleeding and keep wounds from becoming infected. Learn how to clear an airway, when and how to use a tourniquet and take classes from your local medical authorities if you can. Know how to treat shock, since it is very common during stressful situations – and basically anything that falls under SHTF.
    4. Having cash on hands. If/when the grid goes down, credit cards and online payment systems will be out altogether.
    5. Securing your home. The widespread instability will leave countless people desperate and willing to invade your home and/or attack your family or group. Avoid conflict when possible, but have firearms and other weapons to defend your family, your preps and your property. What type of gun is best for you is a matter of preference, training and the amount you are willing to invest; however, ideally you would want a rifle or shotgun as well as a handgun, among other options. Train and continue to train as much as possible.
    6. Prepare to bug out (but don’t leave unless it becomes necessary). Bugging out early and without need could put you in greater danger of exposure to the elements or bad circumstances, and your home may be the best place to stay. Nevertheless, you should have your bug out bag and plan ready to go, and execute when the time is right. It should provide all your vital needs for 72 hours, and will be different for each person and geographic area.

    Tailor this list to your own specific needs, and do your due diligence to be ready for whatever may come.

    Stay vigilant and protect those that you love.

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      1. I’m ready as I’ll ever be.

        Is everyone ready for the possible tropical storm in a couple of days? I stay ready for storms, with food, water, candles, batteries, radio, and scanner.

        • Be well rounded, it could save your life.

          Be well all…

          • You mean fat? 😀

            • maybe not fat,but a few extra kg will keep you alive longer….

              • I stay in shape. Thankfully round is a shape.

            • I read somewhere,” I’m in shape, round is a shape”. I think it’s from quotable quotes or something like that.

        • The most important prep to me is being ready to meet my maker. It matters how we live and how we face death I think.

        • You telling me there are numbskulls still living in the Cities? That’s a given death sentence. However you can still prepare to die on your terms, like shotgun blast to your head, cyanide tablets, Car Running & CO2 poisoning in the garage, “Suicide by Looter”.. Just a few prepper tips to help you through your death.

          Vice Foster was a Suicide, He shot himself in the head and then shot himself again in the back of the neck just to be sure he was dead. Hillary agrees, suicide is awful.


          • I don’t plan on suicide but have not ruled it out in some scenarios. There are things worse than death.

            • Menzo.

              Really moving to the Dark Side on suicide. Bad Ju Ju.

              If I was terminally ill and a mission needed to be performed for the greater good and a blow to the enemy. Then a Suicide Mission is justified. Or A soldier falling on a grenade to save others. That is more sacrifice but still suicide. Maybe to avoid capture because the info you know may harm your fighting buddies by being tortured.

              You can bet that this subject will be part of the future. Part of life. It happens.

              Consider the pain a person endures, to dim his Life Light so bad, he or she wants to die. Terrible.

              • I didn’t bring up suicide. I did bring up the fact that we may die during this mess.

                • … and yes it is terrible and bad ‘ju ju’ and dark as hell, but we do need to think about what we would actually do in certain situations. Our life as we know it now is almost gone.

          • Suicide is an express ticket to hell! Be brave and strong FIGHT!!!


            • Suicide is a grievous sin, to be certain, but I do not believe it can be doctrinally supported that it would revoke the gift of salvation. Remember that the act of forgiveness of sin by God is consumated at the point of conversion and that it covers all of the sins a believer will commit throughout their lifetime. The reason for confession of sin is the restoration of fellowship, not necessarily for forgiveness since that is a done deal at the Cross. Then again, I am from an Evangelical background. I know that Catholicism and some other sects view it differently.

              As to whether or not I would do it, it depends. Hypothetically, if I were about to be captured by ISIS and used as a trophy kill for their propaganda and would die anyways, then I would consider it. It would deny the enemy a resource and deny me the pain of such a death.

              • It DOES SAY that “Christ will forgive all sins…” (nowhere in the ten commandments is there mention of it, is there)? Thou Shalt Not Kill? (to include ‘self-murder’)? No, that is not what it translates to (from Hebraic scripts or Byzantine ‘writings’ of old).

              • Jesus did Not die for a believer to commit murder
                If you think a believer can kill and then ask forgiveness you have that wrong… when the romans were killing him he asked for their forgiveness BECAUSE AS UNBELIEVERS THEY KNEW NOT WHAT THEY DID…but as a believer you dont have that excuse….

                • Well, He didn’t really die so we could do ANY sin- murder or not. Yet that is what grace represents- unmerited favor when we do sin. The real question is whether the person was saved in the first place. However, I do believe it is possible for a truly saved person to do ANY sin and be forgiven, because that forgiveness was already settled at Calvary. Then again, I do believe in the doctrine of eternal security and that nothing can take that away once given.

              • How could a person whose last act was to commit murder make it in? By your theory “after salvation” if I give into the desires of the flesh and rape a woman, then kill her- I get to go to heaven? Eternal Security is a relatively new theological take on salvation. It has been used as a method to keep the pews full- gay, idolator, muderer, liar or thieves? Don’t worry you too can go!
                If Jesus Christ told a woman before He died on the cross “go and sin no more” what is expected of those who in REALITY have came to salvation thru faith and now have the Holy Spirit living within them to act? I know we all commit sin after salvation, that’s why we have repentance. The spirit of Christ will not share space (your body) with a nature that still is committed to being sinful.

            • I believe in Christ as much as you man. Suicide would be the very last option, but I still would not rule it out in certain situations.

              • Wow, sounds like your already defeated…..

                You’ll fight till your dead… you’ll see

            • No one said I wasn’t going to fight. None of us are ‘holier than thou.’ Consider this scenario; You and your wife and two barely teenage daughters are surrounded by and will be taken by islamic savages who would then beat and behead you and make sex toys out of your family for who knows how long before they too are brutally beaten and murdered. Which is best? leaving this earth on your terms or letting the muslim trash have a party? I believe Christ died for us too, but he gives us a choice in some matters.

              • If you believe in Christ why is it that you give up so?

                • You have no clue to my life and intentions . I doubt you have thought much through either.

          • Ahhh, the magic bullet theory.

            • majic bullet theory comment was to comment ID: 3567435

        • That is a good list. I have never agreed with the gallon a day of water is all you need. I drink a gallon in four hours working outside here on the ranch. Two hours of hiking uphill uses up a half gallon easy. The gallon a day might work if you are sitting around doing nothing in cool weather.

          I would also add electrolyte tablets to the list for use when you are sweating and drinking a lot of water. You can get a box of 250 cheap on Ebay.

          • Guess I really ain’t been around much. Read in the article to use water preservatives for long term storage. Sure wish I knew what water preservatives was. Trekker Out. Freeze Dried Maybe?

            • Bleach.

              • Arch I will use bleach after long term storage, just never heard it called a water perservative, and have never used it in my stored water. Trekker Out. Thanks Archivist!

                • Bleach = disinfectant;
                  It helps to purify the water. You can use it for prior to, and after storage. It helps to keep the possibility of algae down.

                  The only preservative heard of is: Darkness. Keep it in the dark.

              • To be specific, it has to be chlorine bleach (read the bottle as there is non-chlorine bleach which is worthless.). You could also use pool chlorine in small amounts too. Just remember that a little goes a long way and it is possible to turn your water into poison if you go too far. If you are thinking of going this route, research the ratios now and write down the information on the bleach or chlorine containers. You don’t want to be guessing if the time ever comes that you need it.

                • Winston how very true, I had a friend that stored up a lot of water for Y2K, and after the nonevent instead of wasting the water he tried to use it, but he had put in to much bleach and couldn’t drink it so he decided to use it in the bath and it burned his skin. So yes a little bleach does go along way. Trekker Out.

            • wipies would be a water saver…with only a few of them you could take a spit bath, instead of wasting 3 gallons or MORE on a shower….don’t forget you got to clean dishes, or at LEAST the pot used to cook in….which is one reason i have canned foods with lots of moisture content….ESPECIALLY foods i don’t have to COOK…..cooking will spread the smells over a mile away when SHTF….and it requires fuel of SOME sort.

              • Spit bath, bet with a large enough group you could turn that into a shower!?!….

            • That’s what beer (mead, wine, etc.) was originally for–not to get drunk on. Beer too, though would need to be preserved by either ground ivy (the medieval way) or by lots of hops. Alcohol has several other vital uses also (no, getting drunk is still not one of them, unless that’s the only pain medicine you’ve got).

          • Word of Warning: Be sure you don’t purchase hundreds of gallons of ONE KIND of water (such as the stuff called Propel)? It has salt, and electrolytes, but NOT ALL OF THEM TO MAINTAIN A GOOD BALANCE …so, screw the flavored, salted, sugared water and just put away “spring water” from your well, or the closest you can get to it.

            I also agree, on average, a gallon a day is BARE MINIMUM to sustain life as I too drink far more than that. Just water aside from a coffee or two in the AM. Are we ready? No, as we’ve been told we need to put away PM’s …and I ain’t ‘a-gonna-do-it.

            For us the PMs are lead, copper and brass with a bit of Antimony, steel for nails and armor …THAT kind of PM. (To each their own). *Note: We can always go panning for the stuff 10 minutes deeper into the boonies from our house, (moutain stream ‘speckled with it.” But that holds true for most of The Smokies, or so we’ve been led to believe.

            • Bud , I wonder how much jim beam would it take to preserve a gallon of spring water….my spring is artesian and 900 ft. deep…..

      2. nope… number 1 should be knowledge, then good physical condition. your mind and body are all youll have left when all else is gone. fill em both with as much good stuff as possible, those are the most basic (not to mention permanent) tools you have. i still dont get the “cash on hand” thing. i mean, i have money set aside, but thats for a rainy (non shtf) day. i cant imagine our already mostly worthless money being any good in a world without law

        • My “cash on hand” would be to trade with people who don’t understand the grid is down and that it won’t be worth anything the next day. Most people would accept it in trade for goods, the smart folks won’t.

          • I practice keeping track of, and going to check out certain large dollar items for my FRN stash if/when the dollar collapses/SHTF.

            I, too, hope to have a head start on trading those FRNs for
            …74 and older vehicles
            Presently following a 67 Bug (over priced)
            … a 74 Nova (over priced)
            … a 1970 Ford Pickup (WAY overpriced).

            When my stash gets a little TOO big, I splurge on items that retain value by buying them at estate auctions.

            Or visit my local coin shop and buy gold (preferably 1/10th oz GAE).

            Decent video, but basic.

            • Actually, General Motors started using the High Energy Ignition (HEI) in 1974, so 1973 and earlier with the old standard points type distributor would be preferred to minimize circuit damage from an EMP or X-Class solar flair.

              • If an EMP or X-Class solar flare event happened and you happened to have an unaffected vehicle (that in itself is improbable as starting motor and alternator would be effected) where are you going to go? The roads would be clogged with disabled autos and fuel unavailable. In theory one could have some kind of hand pump to get it out of storage and other vehicles tanks.

            • And when it fails do you really think your gonna trade that gold? Youll be dead trying….. and where in the world would you trek too for that trade? Nah those who believe gold and silver and gonna help them are just not thinking, have you an idea on how many UNPREPARED PEOPLE WITH GUNS ARE GONNA WANT YOUR STUFF?

              Move out of me way I have gold to trade….. yep that will work

          • When grid goes down it wont take long – less than 24 hrs and shooting will start…. people will freak when the food store isnt…..power goes down store wont open… instant fights… I feel sorry for those who think they are gonna barter for their stuff…that wont happen…. too many unprepared owners of guns….

        • @ Infiniti….correct. Your response to the article will be passed on by without comments because most here are only stackers. Most believe knowledge is obtained from watching bullshit movies.

          • Yes the Kn0wledge and God, learn what even wild plants you can eat

            • I have edible weeds all around our place, most folks look and see weeds, but theres some good stuff out there. One spot where a Siberian kale went to seed, just looks like a huge clump of weeds, has nasturtiums growing over part of it, that is one of the strongest foods available, high in vitamins, calcium and protein, i can eat it or feed it to my chickens, they love it.

              • But can you come out and walk around to get them will be the question…

          • Infiniti,agree with knowledge,no water your brain along with rest dies quick though.The cash is for a slower burn,a few final days of partial sanity before complete chaos kicks in if say power down ect. not restored,buy what you need now,but,a little cash for last minute if there is a slow burn not bad.

            I like how author mentions a few cans at a time,sound to me like,well……”The smalls add up!”.Sorry,as always,can’t resist using me favorite phrase!Have a good weekend all!

            As we celebrate this holiday weekend take a moment to remember ALL who have died in wars,you do not have to agree/disagree with the why a war happened/politics ect.,just remember the cost of wars,lives which are all someones family/friends/brothers/sisters.While being ready to defend yourself and others come up with some actions that perhaps can help prevent even to a small degree the insanity of war in the future future.I personally believe that would be the best we can do to remember those who have died.

        • Cash will be very useful even in most shtf scenarios in the first days. Don’t underestimate the conditioning of people to accept FRNs. Virtually anyone on the planet will give you some food or gas or other valuable things for a $50 bill today, and that impulse won’t fade away instantly in anything short of a full nuclear war.

          I *would* suggest spending everything you have rapidly to fill out your preps though, as that impulse won’t last very long. I plan to try to spend all the cash I’ve got within the first 3-7 days after I’m confident that SHTF has begun. After that new currency will form…but I’m counting on junk and bullion silver being worth something indefinitely.

          • YUUUUUP!!

          • And who are you going to use this cash on? Powers down stores are closed…. most people will not sell their food when shtf….. if the stores are closed…. if you don’t already have it, then dont plan on trading for it

            • read what jaxx said again…..and again, if need be until you understand it.

        • I stated it before. The best prep is self reliance and Know How. Those two things cannot be taxed or taken away from you.

        • Infiniti

          A 5 years ago we had a storm come through called a deracho. You can look it up. It is a line of storms that traveled half the country in a day. It left power out for most people here. Power was out for up to two weeks for some.
          The small town I live next too lost power. For the first two days the only way you could do any transaction’s was with cash. That is why it is good to have a sum of cash on hand. You will be ahead of others in what you can get if power is out. This is also true if there are bank holidays.

        • Its becoming pretty clear where people are at on their Knowledge Skills for a Collapse. Just have a few conversations with those and see where they are at.

          Here are some typical questions to ask.

          1. Do you know what damage an EMP can do? If they ask, “What is an EMP,” they are screwed.
          2. What will you do to replace your soon to be worthless Paper Fiat Dollars. If they say My money is safe in the bank they are screwed.
          3. How many months of food and groceries do you have stored at your place? If they say very little cause they like to eat out, they are pretty screwed.
          4. Do you have weapons and guns to protect yourself? If they say, “I don’t believe in violence,” they are pretty screwed. I actually had a guy friend respond with that answer. I don’t believe in violence. Yep he’s screwed. And all the tools he has on hand at his house, you could hold in one hand. Basically Mechanically Inept and screwed.
          5. How many days can you go with out water? If they say, look, If there is not enough water for my daily shower I will be pissed. Yep again, they will be screwed.

          I was trying to get this chick on board with identifying many problems in the world like dollar collapse, food riots, EMP, society collapse, 90% death rate,,. She said that will never happen in our life times. I had to inform her we are already in a collapse as things are getting worse daily. She was more interested in talking about new movies coming out. I gave up on her. My last text to her was, “Ignorance is bliss.”

          Obama is the first president in all of US history with a GDP of less than 3% for 8 strait years. Looks like we need a business man to take over and make America Great Again. Since Trump is not the GOP Nominee, the Chaos Creating Establishment will have to go lick boots. Did you see the Video of Trump Blasting Bill Krystol. Funny… Called him a Loser cause he’s wrong every time. Krystol is the Zionist Media Shill, hellbent on perpetual war using Americans for his JOO religion chaos making.


          • My friend, you are so right on all accounts. For those who do not know of EMP weaponry, search the following phrase: EMP Commissioned Report to Congress, or this direct link:
            Any article that is referred in the search will in the article list a hyper-link to the actual report in PDF file format. It starts with the scientist’s name, his or her education, and lastly his or her work experience. Then, a table of contents, the paper, and their conclusion. Extraordinary information that every single American should read. If you do not know of the EMP threat, you are simply ignorant of the facts.

        • The cash on hand thing is for when you are in a local disaster, not a total economic collapse. Local disasters such as weather events and industrial accidents are by far the most likely sort of situations you will encounter and so it is wise to think in those terms. Only once you are ready for the most likely disasters should you start to prep for the total end of the world scenarios that everyone likes to fantasize about but that are highly unlikely in any one human’s lifetime.

          • Another advantage of having cash on hand is that during the first 6-12 hours of the big event, the sheeple will be stunned and unable to process what is happening. They will not realize it is not going to get better like in the past.

            This small window of time should be taken advantage of to really top off your preps because you will have cash and everyone else will have ATM and Credit cards which will not be accepted for long. It will be cash and carry for a very short period of time until the sheeple realize what is happening.

            Have your list made out ahead of time what you want and where to get it.

            Think Col. Boyd’s OODA Loop.


        • The most precious thing one can have in their life: Good Health. Without it, everything else is secondary to the first.
          I invite you to tell all of the cancer-laden children at St. Judes in Memphis, TN that KNOWLEDGE is far more important than good health. Every child and parent there would kick and stomp you into a red-stain on the tiled floors.

          • Im pretty sure I could take most those kids

      3. I have all these things and hope that l can get a few more things that l may need. l am learning how to start fire and opening cans . Many things ,l am learning..

        Be careful when trying to buy large supplies at one time, you are always on cameras .. Go to different places to but your supplies

        • You can open a can using a large blade pocket knife. You can even use a hatchet, if it’s clean and you’re careful.

          • Also rubbing it back and forth over a brick or side walk or rough surface

            • Yes this will break the seal…..

          • Archivist, I’ve got several ways to open cans. Mechanical can openers, fixed-blade knives, and even a few of the old P-38 can openers as a last resort. hatchet will also work but it’s real tricky. I prefer the other methods I’ve listed.

            • How to open cans with cutting yourself so badly you’d be risking death by infection:

              An old trick that was discovered about the same time that “cans” became “the norm”. You see, NOBODY was thinking much about how to open the things (except the ancient “keyed” (like sardine cans?) so what did someone discover?

              They used the ‘claw’ end of the hammer and ‘drove it’ into the can, then just hold the can and “pry up” and you are IN. Presto …and using a blade to open metal cans is hell on the blade. BUT if you just must, use the blade and a rock/hammer and ‘tap’ a V-shaped hole, “bend it down” and pour out the contents. All of the above has worked for me at one time or another (like when I was too lazy to fetch a can opener). Using the hatchet/blade to ‘slice’ the can in half is also effective (meaning using a blade similar to a machete …can’s don’t stand a chance AND it does not take ANY ‘force’ to ‘split open the can’ either. Kids can do it.

      4. Don’t forget the toilet paper!


        • And rags cut for this use also , never flush them rags. if that you have a use of a inside toilet . They also come in hand for many things . So save old clothes..

          • Cloth diapers cut to washcloth size are ideal substitutes for toilet paper. Use them and throw them in a diaper pail to soak and then launder later.

        • 1000 + roll club……!

          • 500 rolls here

        • Again, you DO NOT NEED TP at all. Hasn’t anyone been to Europe? Ever heard of a ‘bidet’. You poop in the toilet then you wash your hindsides by sliding over to the Bidet, which ‘hoses that area with a stream of water’. TP leaves behind stuff you CANNOT see. Water washes it 99.99% clean (and to be sure you can use whatever soaked in Witch Hazel).

          For us, as a backup for the bidet, we have ‘spray bottles’ (adjustable of course), and THAT will do the job nicely …and leave you $$$$ to buy FOOD (ya can’t eat toilet paper). And what’s wrong with “air drying?” lol…. (Moon your neighbors).

          • Gravity Water Fed Bidet. With water catch.

            The out house will never be the same. Two holes.

          • 99.99 where did you pull that from?

      5. And then there was light.

        Remember that when the electricity goes. It won’t be like a power outage in your own area only.

        During the big earth quake in 1989 on the San Andreas fault line, San Francisco Quake; the darkness, the lack of light, was a profound revelation for me.

        I had a flashlight somewhere. But I could not see my hand in front of my face. So once the sun went down. Wow. It was a helpless feeling. Then a neighbor from Afganistan that I had never met, stood below my apartment dispersing candles to whomever needed them. It was wonderful.

        I learned several lessons. One of generosity. Another of prepping priorities.

        Buy a lantern. A battery run lantern kept in a place where you can find it with your eyes closed.

        • I pray my neighbors are so giving and helpful to one amother when a shtf episode occurs. Im in so cal, in a condo complex. Im prepped, and plan to help my neighbors. 2 = 1, and 1= none.

          • DiMarco:

            Crisis brings out the best and the worst. Numerous acts of kindness I can remember. Also, a record high of rapes. Gang rape was increased as police were not functioning normally. But experts say the psychological predecessor of rape is a feeling of powerlessness by the offenders. At its core, rape is the act of a coward.

            • Isn’t it true that the greatest number of rapes have nothing to do with sexual satisfaction, but some other psyche-problem that makes them feel like they are ‘getting even’ with someone from their past or ???? Gang-rapes …that is just inexcusable. If I walked around a corner and saw that I’d just start pumping lead and somehow extricate the victim. “Racking” a shotgun GETS ALL KINDS OF ATTENTION (ask Sargent Dale).

              • The wife and I went to a concert one night, there had been bad rain storms predicted. Turned out while we were inside terrible thunderstorm wind shear and even small tornados had ravaged the area. Major roadways were blocked and all but impassable.

                What amazed me was how drivers were acting out, and acting down right crazy. They knew police had to converge on the worst areas, so as we began getting clear people suddenly began driving at incredible speeds and acting absolutely crazy slaloming down the road around other cars. It was still raining and there were a lot of people driving 90+ mph on 55 posted roads that were strewn with storm debris.

                Without the threat of police action, these people went nuts, like a bunch of drunken college freshmen. How much more many will act out if they think they’ll never get caught during major SHTF crisis.

                This was the theme at the stadium in New Orleans after the hurricane. Rape, murder, assault, robbery was the business as usual for that crowd. The press never accurately covered what a hell it became.

                • Well the coverage was on purpose….

        • A couple of years ago I had to visit a local hospital to see a specialist. Her office was in the basement of the building and quite comfortable considering the extreme heat we were experiencing.
          But then the lights went out.
          I was in my power chair which I had equipped to use at night, thus I had a light on it. While all the nurses and maintenance people were stumbling around in the dark looking for the flashlights they had been issued, I switched on my lights and headed out only to find that the elevators weren’t working. Even when the lights came back on the elevators remained stalled. They were controlled by a separate computer which had to reboot before anyone could move between floors. Fortunately, I knew the way to the loading dock and was able to get out.
          Since then, the hospital has published new rules for keeping flashlights in proper condition and also reprogrammed the computer. I wonder how long it will be before the same thing happens again.

          • What of the emergency lighting system? Assuming they are building code requirements in your state?

        • B from CA, the new LED lanterns are good and your batteries last longer in them. don’t forget spare batteries. Same for LED flashlights. Those are the only type of flashlights and lanterns I have now. Have a huge stockpile of batteries for them also.

          • @Braveheart, All I have is LED lanterns (rechargeable)and several LED flashlights. I also decided to pick up a few crank/solar chargers and rechargeable batteries. Power goes out, I can recharge batteries with a small USB charger plugged in to the crank chargers.

            Also have 4 oil lamps for light/heat

        • Since we are in Florida, I have installed emergency lights in the house. Power goes out. You have light for 90 plus minutes. If you cannot find a flashlight, oil light and some candles in that amount of time, you are screwed anyways. Emergency lights are fairly cheap. I also installed a 60 LED solar shed light from harbor freight. I is brighter than I expected. I will be buying more of those. Free light every night.

          • I got on the ball one month and ran DC electrical wiring throughout the entire house. For those who do not know, house-wiring is solid copper and made for 120 volts. DC “current” flows ‘through’ the wires, therefore you have to use wires that are comprised of several tiny wires (just like Belden Lamp Wire). The heavier the gauge, the easier it is to “push the juice” through due to lesser ‘resistance’. There are two banks of 12-volt batteries (truck batteries in the basement that are under a constant charge, keeping them ‘topped off’ at about 14.6 volts. (Yes, all are deep-cycle as they last far longer). But, you can do the same with just ONE battery. The one in your car will do too …just ‘clip onto it’ and run the motor for recharging when needed. Both ‘banks’ are wired differently. One in Parallel and the other in Series. In this manner we have 120 volts DC that we can convert (with converters) to 120v AC, or we can switch (using a ‘boat switch that has 1 – 2 – ALL) and run 12volt appliances, such as are used in motor homes.
            Sunlight is NOT abundant where we are situated but, there is a stream and I’ve got a half decent set of generators turning just enough to give us enough power to charge with. (Those old car generators can ‘pick up’ a dead battery whereas an alternator just can’t do it …and they are easily rebuilt/rebrushed).

            We ain’t rich. Everything started with ONE battery and One-room-at-a-time until it was all finished. We also use those ‘outdoor solar-charge night lights to recharge our extra rechargeable 1.3 and 1.5 volt batteries. (On those rechargers, you certainly get what you pay for …so avoid the junk at wally world and hit True Value or ????

            • A low voltage (12VDC) wiring system in a house as emergency backup power is a great idea.

              It still needs fuses to prevent fires, and even though most towns don’t regulate 12VDC wiring/lighting I’d still follow electrical code for boxes, wiring etc.

              Do you have a central fuse box for circuit protection? They sell nice 12 volt hardware for RVs and campers.

            • Wait… your gonna run a motor?

              Emp says no
              Rioters say no

              Your gonna go outside and do this? Do you people realize its gonna be civil war going on….. have any of you given thought to protecting you food and water from all the rounds coming thru the walls?

              • TBT

                Gold star. Rounds coming through your walls.

                Think of all those figurines and decorations that will turn into shrapnel and fly around the inside of your home. Plates and water glasses. Family pictures that have glass in the frames and lovely mirrors. Shoot up your cupboards and pantries. Protect your eyes!

                Sandbags and stone.

        • Yep… you learn what will kill you…. well you didnt but you said it…. give out food and see where that gets you.. you wont be in the fight long, people will WANT ALL OF IT not just a hand out… what happens the next day and the next… you have tons of people telling tons of people about your food…… handing out candles was fine for a local area short term trouble but not shtf…..

      6. Yayyyyy an actual prepping piece,,,,
        Tired of all that other stuff, nothing, and i mean NOTHING we can do about any of that other stuff,

        • Kula, spot on. When the internet goes down, you need to have an alternative source for information. Radio is still useful in my book. I’ve got 3 portable SSB/SW radios which run on AA batteries and yes, I always have extra batteries on hand for them. Digital radios do get hard on batteries. Weather radios also come in handy.

          • Howdy Brave, I hit you back on that 18th post but I don’t think you saw it.

            Small battery operated radios and lights are good but buy some 12volt radios and lights. I drove a truck for years, and a good linear, a little skip and you can talk for miles. Make it a Galaxy 99 and you now have 600 plus channels, some of witch are short wave. At that point, who cares about a license. Once you go short wave, you are talking around the world. At least all over the country. I keyed up one night on a couple of guys talking 5 states away. I got an ear full but found out my radio was working fine.

            • Fishandmud, I’ll look into that Galaxy 99 and a linear, Thanks.

      7. The 6 will get you through the first few days. What then?

        I have been asked this question many times, as so have many of you folks.

        My answer is to have a group of people you trust (Family and Friends). Have a secondary location away from the cities. Don’t be in a area were there is more that 20,000 people. Area with 100 to 5000 is the best. Have water purification units or things like life straws so you will have water to drink. Don’t be afraid to eat things you never ate before. I can tell you that ants and grass hoppers aren’t that bad. At first if you have a little chocolate syrup helps. then just fry them.
        Don’t forget your MED BAD!!!! And how to use it!!!!!

        I agree with MENZ: Get right with the Lord, and put your faith in Him first, then your Skills, then your Weapons, and then your Friends.

        I pray we never see the day, but if we do I pray for all here that we make it through to rebuild and New Republic!

        I use Solar powered light when the lights go out at my house. Folks I’m here to tell you this is the way to go. Charge then during the day and use them all night. Most will last around 6 hours, and can be turned off when not in use. You have to work with them for awhile until you get the hang of them, and then they are as neat as sliced bread! I have done a lot of research on these. From light to use as motion detectors, Light up a outside area to light in the with motion, and sound detectors to light up a room. For constant light I have found that the solar spot light is the best for constant light in a room. Just place them at opposite corners or face them into a mirror. The neat thing is that I only get the ones that run on AAA or AA batteries, and you can buy any of the rechargeable battery and put them in the solar light. If you have any questions? PLEASE JUST ASK!


        • Sgt, those solar outdoor lights always come with cheap batteries, go get some ‘good’ rechargeables for when the originals go bad.
          Got a stack of those good ones, thay last way longer…

          • I heard they can be used to start fires also..

            • DustyFae, yes they can. You’ll only need the ‘black stuff’ inside to get a fire going in a hurry. Old milk (plastic) cartons will also start ANY fire, including a wood furnace or stove. One carton, one match, FIRE IN THE HOLE! lol… …and ‘watch yourself as they can be a bit nasty at times, and will burn you “spitting sparks” (RayOVac are the worst for that). Duracell’s are my fav.

              Hey, speaking of the ‘diode lights’, how many have those hats with just two LEDs running off as many C2032 (round cells) as you’d like (tucked into the inside brim of the hat? They light the whole road on full power. Downside is there isn’t a way to recharge those danged round batteries (unless someone is making rechargeable ones that we have missed somehow).

          • Eppe:
            You are correct! Buy some good ones and they will recharge and last for a long time.

            Heading to BOL#2 this afternoon to check it out and do some things. One of them Is set up solar lights and get them in a location so they can’t be seen, and to have them ready fi I have to go there. I just going to have them in the charging mode. I’ll turn them on when I have to.

        • Sgt

          I had to change the location of 1 or two of my solar lights. I found there was no area that did not light up around the house. That sounds great but if you have a few people over drinking beer then there is no good place to take a leak. lol

          Lessons learned.

          • MIKE
            Look at this way. It is better than PEEING on and Electric fence!!!! LOL.

      8. Have back ups for backups,redundancy. Trade labor for goods and vice versa. Have marketable skills. Have a group of people you trust…network.

      9. Hmmm. My neighbors’ cat is overfed. Here kitty, kitty.

        • Cats don’t have much meat on them. Sorry buddy. My neighbors have pigs 😉

          • If you make a stir-fry with them, they go further.

      10. One interesting thing I found out during an extended power outage. The local Food Lion does not have a generator. To me it did not make sense at first. They also throw away all meats and poultry instead of giving it away.

        After investigation I found out why. They just turn the loss into insurance. They come out smelling like a rose. All products paid for and no labor cost. That is why they don’t have a generator.

        The reason they don’t give the stuff away is fear of lawsuits and keeping proof of it being a loss.

        • What you describe about Food Lion is just another one of the reason that the big boys have brought everything a’tumbling down …how irritating!

      11. More reports – Men in the women’s restroom

        Endicott, NY – Man recorded video in women’s bathroom
        “A security officer at the Huron Campus in Endicott, NY was arrested Thursday after an investigation by Endicott police and charged with a felony count of second-degree unlawful surveillance.”

        Hanover, Maryland – Man Nabbed on Second Bathroom Peeping Charge
        “Police report that a Baltimore man who was charged with peeping on women in a Towson University bathroom has now been charged with a second incident in a Hanover shopping mall.

        Court records indicate that police arrested Zachary Anthony Campbell near the Arundel Mills mall in Hanover, Maryland, after complaints from women who said Campbell was lurking in a woman’s bathroom and holding his cell phone under stalls to take cell phone video of them.”

        Washington, D.C. – Female Security Guard Arrested For Removing Man From Women’s Bathroom

        “Update: Metro PD confirmed to The Daily Caller that they are treating the incident as a “suspected hate crime.”

        “A female security guard working at a Washington, D.C. grocery store was arrested Monday afternoon for physically escorting a man out of the women’s restroom after he refused to leave because he identifies as a woman.”

      12. What are ya gonna do with all that flour you have stored ? Did ya learn how to make bread from scratch yet?

        I would wager most have not. Never fear, here is an easy recipe for Bannock until you perfect your bread making skills and get that cookstove hooked up (that’s my holdup).

        1 cup of flour {Whole wheat or white…your choice}
        1 tablespoon of baking powder
        1/2 teaspoon of salt {optional for flavor}
        1 teaspoon of sugar {or to taste}
        A little bit of water

        Mix the ingredients dry. Add water enough to make it between pancake texture and bread dough texture.

        Let sit a few minutes to let baking powder work.

        Heat up fry pan. Add grease or butter or oil. Pour in pan like a big pancake. Medium or low heat. Flip when ready. Use a toothpick or sliver of wood to check. When toothpick comes out clean you’re done.

        This makes a heavy, very filling bread…sticks to yer ribs. Good to sop up that juice from the home-canned beef you just heated up.

        We used to make this camping and everybody liked it. Pretty simple and good.

        • Uhmmm.. Love Bannock I make it with a bit less baking powder and haven’t tried sugar in it yet. I use warm water but not hot when mixing it up. Its great with butter smeared on it when you turn it over and then more butter and honey after it is cooked.
          Really nice to make when camping etc. Can be mixed up right in the pan you are going to cook it in. I usually mix it dry enough it can be picked up even before it is cooked.

        • I’ve done this. Works pretty well.

      13. Unfortunately we don’t have guns in the UK, so that should be interesting.

        • Angie,

          Hah, you have lots of guns in the UK. Problem is only the bad guys and police have them, while you get caught in the middle.

          The new Islamist immigrants are smuggling and stockpiling battle weapons your own government supplied them with back in Syria. This isn’t going to end well.

      14. we cook up and can our beans 50 lbs at a time. they are ready to eat cold and they already have precious water added.
        dry canning flour, macaroni, etc eliminates bugs or the chance of losing any to rodents.
        was at a gun show recently and found sawyer 100,000 gal water filters for 15.00 ea. added some to my lifestraw collection. I also keep no less than 5 gal of bleach for disinfecting. just built a 12 x 12 shed because toilet paper takes up a lot of space.
        have a safe weekend all.

        • Citizen – Does dry canning really work? I’ve heard so many cons about it but no pros. I simply store my dry goods in mylar-lined 5-gallon buckets with oxygen absorbers. I lost about 50 pounds of flour a few years ago that I had vacuum sealed. It was rancid so it became compost. Now I simply store the wheat berries and a really good grinder.

          • Works for us. even a great recipe in countryside magazine about dry canning butter, doesn’t need refrigeration after.
            as long as sugar content is low and its a dry material works great. easier to find a place to store 12 qt jars than a five gallon bucket.

            • Thanks. I’ll look more carefully into it. You’ve given me another option.

      15. Good thread here. Learned that I am woefully short of toilet paper. Just got back online here short time ago because our power went off yesterday afternoon due to storms passing through. Our generator kicked on 10 seconds into the blackout… but we generally lose internet, tv, etc. within an hour because our little neighborhood cable boxes lose their juice when their batteries run out, or at least that is how it was explained to me by someone supposedly in the know.
        So, actually have been watching SHTF around here as the water made us a little island… streets impassable, people trapped inside or outside of that circle. Made a new friend today who told me her husband was not going to be able to get home tonight from work. Nobody could get to the store, doctor appt. school, etc. We did have a policeman at the other end of the waters waving at me in my car to turn back. No problem, bud. I may only have 100 rolls of toilet paper but the rest, I got covered. I cannot begin to tell yall how much satisfaction it gave me last night to go through the neighborhood and take note of who had lights on. I took a little neighborhood tour in my golfcart in the rain, in the dark. Probably 1 in 5 of every home was lit and I could have predicted most who were, because they strike me as smart already. Same people probably have groceries, freezers and protection as well. Most folks back here had a sticky, hot night. And they re fine with that because everybody got the air conditioning back on a little while ago. But, past 5 or 6 days… things would start to get gnarly. They would be knocking on doors or leaving the area to be with relatives who had creature comforts. Most people would cook their frozen food on a grill and then leave after they exhausted their pantry… I estimate 5 days to two weeks time before most would leave or try to leave unless they were assisted by neighbors. The prepped would stay and lock down then. The thing is… nobody knew much about what was going on in the area today because everyone is hooked up to the internet for news now… and cable was out. This is how it will be times 100 when the poop really hits the fan… people will not know much of anything. Cannot even imagine an EMP.

      16. What? No Barbed or razor wire in your preps.

      17. anyone not armed better be good at hiding and running.

        • Crap!!! I was planning on running and hiding.

      18. #1 prep IMHO is knowledge. You can have a full BOB of gear and its worthless if you don’t know how to use it in real life scenarios. Knowledge of the Father above and his comfort in the really hard times.


      19. WE got into Bee keeping three yrs ago, for health and if and when the shtf, a great bartering item, also Son has studied and purchased a good quality still, also for Bartering, cleaning, medical when there are no pain killers, also the heads and tails will make great molitovs.
        We now have over 200kgs of honey stored lol (Aussie)
        The Cash thing for me is important, if we do have and EMP event, most people will not have cash on hand, so shops across the road will sell cash only, we have plenty of food and water, enough for 12 months for a family of 6, no guns here, so we have three quality Katanas, three Bows and a hundred arrows with broadheads, also for close contact, Kukris, Bowie and three Bokkens which smash bones with ease, we are proficient with all, ex Martial Arts
        Also will be getting heavy into Calisthenics so if it gets that bad we can bend over and kiss our arses goodbye

      20. One prep rarely discussed is having enough plywood, lumber and heavy screen to harden your house.

        The impending storm Bonnie rolling up the East Coast right now is a perfect example. If the storm broke all the windows on one side of your house, could you close up the openings?

        If police raid the wrong house and bust all your doors off their hinges, could you make them secure without going to a store.

        If a storm does major damage in your area, you can expect the stores to be sold out of repair materials in a couple hours.

        Heavy steel screen can make windows secure, and from a distance isn’t that obvious.

        • PTPO

          You should have had your windows boarded before the storm if it was a bad one headed your way.

          Let the cops buy the plywood to cover their mistake. Why use yours.

          I do agree this may be an active season an with more people living in Florida and near the coast. They better pay attention to the warnings.

          • I already have hurricane/security film on my windows. I did it myself so the only cost was the $400 roll of 8 mil film, but I know even that is too pricey for some people. A few sheets of plywood and some deck screws is a lot less and has other uses.

      21. #1 – It is impractical to store enough water, which is the reason a gravity water purifier should be a high priority. You can get a Big Berky for around 250 FeRNs that will purify 30 gallons a day. A rain catchment system will provide cleaner water than the nearby lake.

        #5 – You don’t run out of guns, you run out of ammo. It is essential that you store plenty of ammo for each of your firearms (rifles, shotguns, pistols). Your average gang of looters will not have a chance – drop the leaders at 200 yards with a scoped deer rifle and, if the rest don’t instinctively rabbit, mow ’em down like wheat with semi-auto rifles (ARs & AKs) with detachable magazines.

        • Often humans on the hunt have a distinctive head bobbing behavior. Use this to identify the most aggressive members to take out after the leader. These may be better knee capped, after the leader is done. The followers will want to help the more aggressive ones in the pack that they depend on, which pretty much shuts the whole group down.

        • Yeah rain is good when ya have it. I am worried here in Western NY state. We need rain bad. Last time it rained two inches was 4-5 wks ago. My sump pump is not pumping. The duks need water. Now i just started giving them my well water. Well only 34ft deep. I have to ration their water now. Just give them a few small buckets of drinking water. Can’t fill up the little swimming pools. They are all muddy and duks/geese won’t swim/wash up in dirty water. , but like i said gotta ration the water now. I use very little in the house and only flush the toilet now seldomly. Don’t wanna run outa water. My theory is now that the ptb have made the west coast drought they are now working on the east coast – using chemtrails of course which dry up the clouds…suk the moisture right outa the clouds and they disapate., but i see no normal clouds here. I just see chemtrail clouds. The news has been predicting rain for thur fri sat sun mon and we got FIVE minutes of rain the other day. You can tell it’s from the chemtrails cuz it will only rain for 5 to 20 min and then stop. Remember when we were much younger it would rain/pour for days with real thunder. Now even the thunder is gone. Yep we is screwed…..!!!!!!!!

      22. #1,2,and 4,check. Working on med supplies BTW: I brought my AK 74 to a go – to former Marine to help me find out what may be going on with my feed. He pulled it apart,made some grunting noises,and then sprayed he firing mechanisms down. He said it was very dry from no lubing. Eeeeks! So next week I’ll try it out again. People,make sure your weapon(s) are clean and lubed!

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