5 Reasons Why You’re Living in the Strangest Time in Human History

by | Mar 21, 2017 | Headline News | 77 comments

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    The world is changing faster than ever before, but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t being acclimated to it. It’s truly a testament to the ability of humans to adapt to just about any circumstance. We have more food, wealth, and life-saving technologies than anyone in our history. We have a nearly unlimited stream of entertainment and information. Yet we take it all for granted.

    Because we’re so acclimated to this world, we often forget how strange it is compared to previous eras. Sometimes we forget to stop and appreciate just how freaking bonkers it all is. If you don’t believe me, I’ve collected five news stories to prove it. They’re not necessarily relevant to each other in any way, but if you told someone 30 years ago that the following stories would someday come true, they’d probably think that you were pitching some bizarre sci-fi novel.

    3D Printing

    You’ve definitely heard about this technology already. 3D printing has been in the news countless times over the past few years. However, that doesn’t mean that it is old hat. It seems as if every year 3D printing is used to create something that no one had considered before.

    The fact that we live in a world where a novice can print out his own gun parts is freaky enough, but now it’s believed that 3D printers can create camera lenses as small as a grain of salt. This could be used to create billions of tiny sensors that could be scattered throughout the world; a concept known as “smartdust.” Alternatively, 3D printers can also be used to build objects as large a house in 24 hours.

    Lab-Grown Meat

    For all of human history, meat was something you raised and produce was something you grew. Not anymore. Since 2013, scientists from around the world have successfully grown meat from cultured animal cells on multiple occasions. In fact, just this week a startup from San Francisco managed to create the first lab-grown chicken strips. The people behind these projects believe that lab-grown meat will become a normal staple in grocery stores in the very near future, because growing meat in this fashion is a lot less resource intensive, and the taste is almost indistinguishable from natural products.

    Acceptance of Government Surveillance

    Between Edward Snowden and the Vault 7 Wikileaks, the public is finally aware of how invasive the government’s spying really is. We know that the government is tracking and recording every word that we say and write over the internet and over our phones, and we know that the government can spy on us through countless electronic devices in our homes.

    But that isn’t the freaky part. What’s strange is how we’ve come to accept it. There are no riots or protests in the streets because of this. No one is being arrested and thrown in jail for something that is clearly illegal. Privacy died, and it’s like no one noticed. What would have outraged everyone a few generations ago, is now met with a shrug.

    Santa Muerte

    This is the only entry on this list that doesn’t have something to do with technology, but I can’t help but find this story to be a totally unexpected development.

    If you ask most people what the fastest growing religion in the world is, they’d probably say Islam. However, it could actually be a strange new subset of Christianity from Mexico called Santa Muerte, or Holy Death. Santa Muerte is a female folk saint whose popularity in Mexico and the United States is spreading rapidly; from being practically unheard in the year 2000, to being worshiped by 10-12 million people in 2014.

    Statues and visages of the saint, which appear as a skeleton clad in vibrant robes and carrying a scythe, have popped up all over the world. The religion is popular among a wide variety of people in Mexico, from narco gang members to impoverished farmers, who often pray to the saint for protection. Though Santa Muerte is venerated in the same way as most saints, the Catholic church has condemned the religion, which of course hasn’t had any effect on its popularity.

    Anti-Aging Drugs

    For most of human history, trying to halt the aging process was synonymous with either magic or pseudoscience. Until recently, the idea that you could slow down or even stop the aging process with drugs, was simply inconceivable to scientists. But now there are companies who are actually beginning human trials with drugs that could slow down aging. And now that science is gaining a firm grasp on what causes the aging process, it may not be long before we’re able to stop and reverse aging. That of course, would change our species forever in ways that we can’t even imagine yet.


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      1. Every generation thinks they are special. Going from horses to cars, having electricity in your home, and seeing women in pants; these things were probably awsome at the time.

        I won’t eat GMO food. You can give that meat to IsRealHell. They have been getting our beef and now they eat steak while trying to propagandize the modern lab created, no doubt, Cancer product that tastes like meat but isn’t really the SAME as real meat.

        This article is using association and subliminal messaging so that you idiots believe if you eat this frankenfood, you will have eternal youth. The truth is probably the exact opposite. It will make you sick, old before your time, and kill you off. Agendas 21 & Agenda 30. How about we come up with an Agenda of our own.



          YOU GOTTA TELL ‘EM

          WE GOTTA STOP ‘EM


          • GMO’s are Backed by the US Government to cause cancer in your body to Kill you off before you can collect Social Security you paid into or Medicare. Any other Questions?

            • Does that mean I have to give the money back?

        • We raise 25-30 Cornish Rock cross broilers for our freezer every year…they grow from a day old chick to 7-8lbs in 8wks….I call them ‘frankenchickens’. Taste mighty good, but not sure about how they get that growth rate.

          • A friend of mine raises several thousand in each of his three houses(commercial operation). He goes out everyday and picks up the dead ones and also picks up the ones that tip over and are so fat they just lay on their backs until human help arrives. Some of their legs break or they actually die from heart attacks if they don’t go out (to process) on time cause they’re so fat/heavy. Most times they just lay on their breasts and eat until they’re picked up. A lot of their feathers on their breasts are gone by then.

            • oh! oops! sorry for what follows the Brahma hen vid 🙁

        • No GMO for you? Eat healthy. Exercise. Die anyways.

          • Everybody dies. Not everybody really lives.

        • I agree with you and one of the worse thoughts that keep going through my head it that we have become rats trapped it a cage. If we don’t eat GMO foods then we eat something else they give us. I am fortunate enough to have a piece of land on which I can grow much of my own food. How ever we still go to the store and buy fruits and veggies when ours are not in season or gone. They spray all of this stuff with something some where and we eat it. Open a can and you don’t know where the contents came from and how it was processed. Cancer has been injected in us when we got the polio shots developed by Dr Sabin years ago. I’m not saying we will drop dead if we eat all this stuff I’m just saying we are a ping pong ball in a tiled room when it comes to where we can turn to for safety in out life and food. I know we just have to do our due diligence and trust in God.

      2. I’m sure that those who have come and gone before us felt the same way. Especially after the airplane and cars became a normal sight as well as the world wars, Titanic, etc. We’re not so special or enlightened. Hell, the children over a century ago received better education than what those today receive.

        • The literacy rates were higher before poblik skoolz even existed.

          Back when there was no such thing as entertainment, everybody read books and learned to play music.

        • Books written 100 + years ago are a lot more complex in their sentence structure. We have been dumbed down for sure!

        • Repeating rifles and A Bombs: Just ask the Indians and the Japs.

        • They also had better manners and more respect, all sorely lacking from society today,

      3. This will not end well, that’s for damn sure.
        PO’d Patriot, when you mention those that came before us, I’m reminded of something I read long ago.
        Since the beginning of man, all those who’ve walked the Earth, combined, means that each of us alive today represents 30 people that have gone before us. Nowadays, that number is more like 35-40.
        With all the so-called intelligence and knowledge we’ve acquired, all the innovations, etc., we actually gone BACKWARDS.

        • Ketch, it rarely does end well. As in going backwards… Yeah maybe so. I don’t believe we’re too different from our ancestors once the veneer is peeled back. Some pretty gruesome shit went on ‘back in the day’. When we wear this flesh which is corrupt the milk of human kindness is often lacking.

      4. While I love the doors opening with 3D printers with lab grown meat and 3D printers see soon a time where one can grow replacement limbs for accident victims along with say eyes/internal organs ect.Take a dab of patients dna,add some growth culture and get printing,sson replacement part ready for attachment.See a time we hang on long enuff where you attach the cultured growth and it grows into the body giving one say a arm/leg lost in accident ect.

        • …..OR…. they can take their lab grown limbs/torsos and just build the person that believe like they do. Take John Kerry for instance. Only thing missin’ is the neck bolts.

      5. The bankers don’t need us any more and will cull the population and you know this because puppet trump has been told to close the flood gates to more immigrant slaves being let into the country by his “Joo” banker masters.

        Robots are taking all our jobs, we are a liability to the bankers, simple as that and they have the ears of all our leader sitting in Congress because thats who’s psying them all.

        • and if you belive all that your a dumbass dumbocrap

      6. Nothing wrong with my name of email address mr auto moderator and my mistake was to use the “J” word in my post so stop sucking the bankers cocks will you now

        • You can say Jap, and you can say nigger, but don’t use that J word that rhymes with joo. Now you know who’s really at the top of the strings here.

          • To know who is actually running things, all you have to know is WHO you cannot criticize or mention.

        • Mr. Smith, your vulgarity and lousy attitude is not needed here. Please leave on your own, or I hope you forever get pulled from commenting.

          Blessings on all,

          Son of Liberty

      7. Mankind is progressing from the god made natural world to the science man-made world. Most current day scientist deny a created world and existence of any god.

        Item three makes me the most angry. Just because I pull up at a traffic light I am being searched? The right to privacy is the right to self! Science says you are not self but part of state owned sucking up resources hence Agenda ####!

      8. I know these are interesting times when the INSANE run the asylum and people reject LAWFULNESS in order to support criminality because its trendy and the criminals are “liked” public figures so its acceptable to embrace criminal activity. Sickening really, then people want to be outraged about pedophilia but their IDOLS are the prime practitioners of it so they need to be ignored…They would sacrifice their own kids to belong to a party or cult of personality. What could be more EVIL than that?

        • You know what is truly vile, the staggering number of uncovered INCESTUOUS CHILD ABUSING SCUM LOCALLY To where I live, being exposed, not to mention the numbers of statutory rape, “date rapes”, and child sexual abuse reports that goes virtually wrist slapped and unpunished because people don’t take issue with age of consent LAWS not being enforced. WE HAVE A HUGE PROBLEM IN THE USA WITH CHILD SEX ABUSE /RAPES/INCESTOUS RELATIONSHIPS/ UNDERAGE SEX RELATIONSHIPS / really just blind eye turn to child trafficking by “parents” and its complete lack of punishment. Between the law enforcement and judicial system, they have all but “legalized” this crap because of NON-enforcement or them collectively taking part in or profiting from it.

      9. I will take the anti aging pill I want to be, and function like a 27 year old again.

        Then it’s look out ladies HERE I COME :-)……

      10. Pick your targets now dudes. This war really is going to happen and you need to act smart. Planning and execution will be key. We sure do live in a strange time to be alive. Born too late to explore the world , born too early explore the galaxy. Born in a time that has computers and the internet and worship a nazi frog god. Feels Good to be in a cult man

        Seriously though good luck when it all kicks off. We will deal it all of it all at once

        • Deal with it all at once. Please explain in great detail, HERO.

        • The cans on the shooting gallery all have different logos and paint styles…but all of them are legit targets.

      11. As a kid I remember my 70+ old grandmother telling me how she read about the first airplane flight as a young girl herself in a newspaper.

        My dad grew up in an era, pre-WWII, were they had “ice boxes” where the “Ice Man” came in a horse drawn wagon and delivered more ice to keep stuff cool.

        I also can remember an era of no computers or cell phones.

        Black and White TV, 3 channels. Remember when the M-16 was introduced into the Vietnam war?

        • I have my grandparents ice box down in my basement,,, lead lined pine box looks like a little dresser, heavy as hell,

        • P N S
          Black and White TV, 3 channels. Remember when the M-16 was introduced into the Vietnam war?

          We must be the same age.

          Only three channels and great T.V. Matty Mattle combat rifle that never needed cleaning and would never Jam????? (In a LAB and not on a Battle Field) That is why I prefer the M14/M1A. One good thing was they waited until 1986 to take away the Colt 1911 what a mistake.


          • Sarge, I remember those days, LOL. BTW, forgot to mention I turned 60 last Thursday. Black-and-white TV, only 3 channels, NO remote, had to get up from the sofa to change channels or adjust the volume, or adjust the rabbit ears for a better picture.

            • B 1776

              You old fart (LOL) still have you by 3 years.

              Still looking, found a couple and the wife thinks it is too far away from her family.

              Working on burger today. Got 3 nice deer and using the scrap meat, and some fat from the tail of Rib Eye steaks. Looks like I’m going to be packing up around 20 to 25 LBS. 1 LBS packages. I wish I had a freeze drier.
              I’ll just have to freeze it, thank God I have a solar set up running my freezer and a back up set aside incase of an EMP. If not there is going to one HELL OF A COOK OUT!!!



              • Well Sarge,Genius keeps saying he will have a end of the world deck party,just don’t drink the home brewed swill,I will bring some quality #7 to the party!Of course then will peruse these sheds he keeps talking about and see just what he has in them!

                We cannot let all the meat go to waste!

            • Braveheart1776

              Happy belated birthday. I’m joining you at 60 in a few months. HS class of 75, rabbit ears with tin foil and don’t move during the good parts because it put snow on the picture. First crush, Penny from Lost In Space. Remember The Time Tunnel?

          • Sgt Dale

            They used DuPont IMR powder until adopted and then, with stores of ball propellent they switched. Ball was far more filthy. The lack of a chrome lined chamber and bore was a problem and no forward assist. The greatest flaw was the direct impingement gas system, great for accuracy but not for reliability, known as the gun that shits where it eats.

        • Setting points in a distributor and adjusting the fuel screws on the carb of the tried and true 283 Chevy. I was at one time optimistic about technology. I’m seeing considerable downsides of its social impact now.

          • Kevin2, I used to do the same thing on my old 64′ Nova, but it had the inline six with 3-on-the-tree. I had to learn to drive a standard first before learning the automatic. I never had any real optimism concerning technology myself.

          • K2,
            It is not a failure of technology, it was a failure of society.
            The failure of America can laid solely on the 16th and 17th amendments to our constitution. It gave the Democrats unlimited funds to use against us and eliminated the Senate as representative of states rights.

            • I come over here every now and then to see what’s up and to see if anyone has any idea as to what is going on or what and how all this happened. Still the same ole’ BS. I really am not surprised tho, it does take a lot of time to research what the truth is, and of course, one has to want to know very badly, it can’t be just handed to you.
              But you are right about the 16th and 17th, but it started back before the Civil War when our constitutional gov was usurped by the evil that still has control now. Like I said you have to WANT to know the truth and seek it out.

              Jesus said,”know the truth and the truth will set you free”.

              The truth is, just about everything you have been told or taught is a LIE.

              But let’s just keep playing these silly games.

              Mr. Charlie out.

            • “it was a failure of society.”

              I’m not sure why but “idle time is the devils play” certainly has a hand in it. Affluence without work for youth is destructive in the building of character.

      12. The first time I ever went to a Gun Store, almost all of the handguns were Smith revolvers and a few 1911/Browning HP’s.

        • First gun I bought as a 12yr old kid was a British Enfield .303 out of an ad in the back of an NRA magazine, $12.99, no paperwork, sent straight to the house. THOSE were the days……

        • Glock was some German cheese, CZ was unknown.

      13. Television was an excellent weapon to use on us. It still is. Subtle indoctrination.

      14. There is nothing wrong with our technology, per se. It has everything to do with the logic and the reasons behind it.

        When you study those reasons and connect the dots. Only then can you draw up a conclusion, that in the most technical of terms can be summarized as: “Oh, shit.”

        Going forward, whether or not you live your present days in despair, find it laughable, or ignorance is up to you. (Frankly, I think panic and anger is wasted energy and makes one perform stupid things).

        You could be killed crossing the street or simply keel over from too much of a bad habit. Why spend your waking hours worrying about eternal sleep? It’s going to happen, (not like it’s a goal) anyway.

        If you’ve ever lived with or witnessed a friend or family member go through the process of death, you’ll know there is a time of acceptance, even anticipation for some. In the end, they choose the time to let go. The only difference is, whether they focused on good experiences or had regrets. That is the only true measure of all men.

        My father-in law is going through this. His days are numbered. While I never knew him in his early days. His children recall a physically abusive, alcoholic man with little regard for them. Yet, here he is, weak, frail and fading away. Not once has he come to terms with his past and apologized. There’s no way any of us what to be in his situation. Even in the presence of his family, whom secretly hate him. He will die alone.

        The world is full of prophecy, soothsayers, deceit and charlatans whom want to profit, control and determine the outcome. Everything from Jesus, to Joan of Arc to the Boston Tea Party and then some. It’s all an act. Thinking about it too much leads to laughter. The reason why you can’t handle the truth is because it’s already been handled for you, (I’m sure I’m in good company here to not elaborate further).

        When I see this matrix of life and it’s subjects, I see nothing but a program driven by fear, anger and distrust. It’s sad, really. I don’t fear them, I fear for them.

        This message may not be for you. If you choose to live in fear. That’s your choice. You can prepare all you want. Just realize that there is a time when your preps will have diminished returns and the prep itself becomes the control.

        My advice? Don’t forget to live. So that when the time comes, there will be no regrets.

      15. Folks this is simple for me to understand.

        This is the first time it is 3/21/2017 it has never been 3/21/2017 before and it will be a strange day because we don’t know what it will bring. 3/20/2017 we know what it was because it is in the past. Now we don’t think yesterday was strange. Bring it I love the challenge.


        • No matter where you go,
          There you are!

          • Nail

          • Yup and when you become mentally lost and need to go “find yourself”, just reach back, grab both ass cheeks and there you are.

          • NB, we’re here because we’re not all there.

      16. I value privacy and therefore don’t have apps, don’t spend on my debit card, don’t have social media accounts and keep my mouth shut!

      17. One professor I had in college understood what was coming for America. He said “…many of you may live to see the America dream die and your children in fetters…”. When we protested and said “…no surly we would revolt and overcome that oppression just like the founders did…” he laughed and said “…no there will be no revolt for freedom this time. Rich men don’t revolt…”.

        He went on to explain we are too well off for anyone of us to want to give up our life styles and revolt. He pointed out through history revolts happened among those who have nothing to lose and everything to gain…

        • Pink Floyd called it “Comfortably Numb”.

      18. Two greatest innovations of modern times : bicycle and pre-moistened wipes.

      19. Ok. Here it is. The NSA electronically intercepts all electronic communications of everyone, every day, all day and all night. The computers at the NSA never sleep. All communications are then processed by the computer program. It flags notable comms. The notable comms are sent to another program for further evaluation. If there is anything interesting they are sent for human evaluation. The humans determine if the comms should be sent to another agency like the FBI, DOJ, CIA, etc. for action. If the FBI or other law enforcement agency want to investigate further they use the evidence in the intercepts in order to get either a standard or FISA search warrant. The NSA info probably isn’t admissible in court, but the search warrant info is most likely admissible. The feds say the NSA doesn’t need a warrant for the intercepts that they get because it may not be used in court. Or so I have been told. So, not only has Trump had his comms intercepted, but so have we. Problem. Many people have access to this info.

      20. Scary news of the day. Listened to John Mcafee of Mcafee virus protection the other day. He says that every free porn site is set up and operated by hackers. Once you click on the site, it downloads a key stroke reader into your computer. It then reads everything you ever type into your computer. It then sells that info to Chinese hackers and others. Good luck.

        • Don’t believe anything Mcafee say.

          They are the worst organisation that provides ‘virus protection’ that I’ve ever had. My computer slowed down and it was all down to Mcafee.

          I doubt anyone would care if we were using porn sites, and why porn sites by the way? No site would be safe.

          • McAfee no longer owns the McAfee virus protection brand. It was bought many many years ago by Intel. In fact, McAfee recently sued Intel because they claimed he could no longer use his own name for new technology products!

            McAfee the man seems legit to me for the most part.

            Just clearing that up, because I am a fan of his views on a lot of different things.

            • They made a movie about mcafee he is a twisted freak . Look him up

            • Mcafee had a harem of young girls living on his compound in Belize,hammock cut out so girls could shit on his face. He murdered his neighbor. Could go on but that should be enough

              • Neighbor killed John’s dogs,he kills neighbor,don’t see a problem.

                • I love my dog but if it was attacking people on their property or public property I couldn’t blame anyone for killing him

        • Run a Linux OS. Problem solved.

      21. This is a wicked nation of lost souls. We bow to FedGov, King of deceit and shedding of innocent blood. Our God-fearing Founders’ slogan ‘No King but King Jesus’ illustrates how lost we have become.

        ‘Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.’ Proverbs 16:18

      22. I am non-aligned, politically, much less with those Georgia Guidsetone cultists.

        But, there is still the issue of carrying capacity, of the land, which is inhabited, by people.

        It’s a trivial area, on the satellite map.

        Most is coarse wilderness.

        I don’t feel that we’ve successfully terraformned the planet Earth, in recorded history.

        But, we’re giving-up, already.

      23. Santa Muerte Is the patron saint of the drug cartels

      24. If smart phones can dumb down people, and make them into walking zombies, “smart dust”, 3D printing and exo-skeletons will be much worse.

        Already people are being moved into a cashless, digital economy. Those not impressed by the hype around technology, will find their sanity tested.

        Almost all advances on human health are fraud. You see land whales, metabolic breakdowns, cancer, depression and insanity from the “progress” in medicine, food, breeding of improved cultivars. And the rest of the technology TVs, smart phones, VR, video games, and computers alter the mind in negative ways. I would expect full-scale physical and mental breakdown the world over, even as we produce impressive numbers about how humans have progressed from hunter-gatherer days.

      25. The earth needs to be teraformed. It’s too cold and desolate. All predictors need to be exterminated and most invasive(resilient) and productive plant and animal species need to be spread all over. Then the earth could support billions. No need to farm if you have billions of pigs and buffalo roaming around wild.

      26. Wow, I just read every comment from the top and I’m truly blown away. I’m afraid to comment and find myself caught in this conversation, oops to late, I’m in it any way, so here it goes. The Truth, we know what it is, it never changes, it’s always the same. Long after we are gone it never changes. So I don’t need to say this or that, because, it is. So I raise my glass to it and pray, “We don’t get fooled again.”

      27. live to be 120??

        does that mean I’d have to work until I was 100?
        not sure i’d want to do that.

      28. to stay who you are and keep making love,the only things no material can exist.

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