5 MORE Deadly Diseases Have Been Reported

by | May 11, 2022 | Headline News | 22 comments

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    It sure looks like things are going to get worse before they get better. Five more deadly diseases have been reported as circulating around the globe. Unfortunately, any one of these could be used by the ruling class to further enslave the masses.

    Despite the advanced technology at the world’s disposal, humans are still rather vulnerable to some ailments and diseases. And even though COVID-19 isn’t as serious as the authorities claim, other diseases that could potentially kill millions are starting to spread worldwide, according to a report by Natural News.

    Ebola – Cases of Ebola have recently been reported and confirmed in Central Africa, where at least two people have already died due to the latest outbreak. A second person from the Democratic Republic of Congo reportedly died during a recent resurgence of the deadly virus.

    H3N8 bird flu – On April 26, China’s health authorities reported the first human infection with H3N8. According to reports, a four-year-old boy from central Henan province was infected with the variant after developing a fever and other symptoms on April 5. In a statement, China’s National Health Commission (NHC) said no close contacts were infected with the virus.

    First Human Case Of H3N8 Bird Flu Found In A Human

    Unexplainable Hepatitis – The WHO reported that the first case was detected in Scotland at the end of March. To date, one child has died and at least 17 have needed liver transplants after diagnosis. Cases have also been reported in America, with at least 11 children sick with unexplained hepatitis confirmed within recent weeks. There were nine cases in Alabama and two children required liver transplants.

    Hepatitis Spreads As Rulers Declare Its Origins Are “Unknown”

    Japanese Encephalitis -In Australia, the outbreak of Japanese encephalitis has also gotten worse. At least 11 cases in humans have been confirmed, with three deaths recorded nationwide. Thirty New South Wales (NSW) piggeries have been affected by Japanese encephalitis, which is caused by a mosquito-borne virus. While Japanese encephalitis is endemic in other parts of the world, it has never been seen this far south in Australia.

    Mystery Horse Disease In Colorado – Aside from the infectious diseases spreading in humans, there have also been reports of a “mystery disease” killing horses in Colorado. As of writing, the disease has killed dozens of wild horses in Colorado. According to federal officials, the mystery disease could be behind the deaths of 57 wild horses at an equestrian facility in Canon City, Colorado.

    Additionally, the first case of H5 bird flu has infected a human as well. So far, no other cases have been reported and the man sickened was responsible for “culling” the food supply chickens in Colorado.

    Any of these could be the next pandemic that the ruling class uses (real or not, lab-created or natural) to keep the masses in line.


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      1. Sure sounds like the evil
        satanic globalists have all
        of their deadly diseases
        (whether real or imaginary)
        all lined up and ready to
        go. As they say:

      2. Aldous Huxley:

        Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards.

        People will come to love their oppression, to adore the technologies that undo their capacities to think.

        Medical science has made such tremendous progress that there is hardly a healthy human left.

        “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.” ― H.L. Mencken

      3. In the words of BTO (Bachman Turner Overdrive) “YOU AINT SEEN NOTHING YET”

        • So Elon musk wants to be the largest car manufacturer in the world by 2030. If he is and the rest of the car market follows suit, the visions of the green new deal will be getting closer and closer to being fulfilled.
          Till we have an EMP or cyber attack.

          • Until humanity wakes up and realizes that WE are the carbon footprint that the “Elites” want to exterminate, we can keep ourselves occupied by playing the Left vs Right paradigm, and arguing about our personal pronouns.

      4. Good article but you forgot
        to mention me – the most
        deadliest disease in the
        history of modern and
        ancient times. COVID 19.
        One must never be allowed
        to forget about me! Not ever!
        I AM CORONAVIRUS!!!!!
        Hear me roar and
        submit to me NOW!!!!!!

        • Covid makes the Black Death look like a cold! Oh wait!

      5. If only the globalists and
        our “rulers” would get the
        diseases you mentioned…

      6. All reported deaths (from anything) should now include the lot number(s) of the COVID vaccine(s) the person has received (if any).

      7. This isn’t new.

        There are always emerging infectious diseases. If you want to be informed: http://www.promedmail.org

        This website is a disease surveillance tool used by epidemiologists and medical providers worldwide to provide updates on outbreaks, unique case reports, requests for information, etc.

        I learned about “unknown respiratory illnesses similar to SARS” from reports submitted by Chinese physicians in early December 2019.

      8. In less “deadly” news…. I’m sure a lot of you are frustrated with painting bare wood only to have it go to sheet in a year or two. I have tried every kind of paint, primer, coating, etc. and all of it is garbage! Spent a bunch of money on that rustolium 10X deck coat crap and it didn’t last 2 years! Man have I got an answer for you! At my cabin I have a solar soaking pool that I have 2×6 wood around the edges. I painted it with that Henry’s super bright white roof coating and 6 years later not 1 bit of it came off! So I bought a gallon and had it lightly tinted (not supposed to tint it) and put it on the bare wood on my deck to see if it would be a good primer. Well I’m happy to say not 1 bit of it came off. Stuck like a muther, you can;t scrape it off. So now I am using it to coat the decks at the house with old bare (paint all failed) wood. The formula I am using is 3oz. of pure black to 1 gallon of the coating. It makes a med/light grey color (remember yer not supposed to tint it) and it sticks like no tomorrow! You can use this as a primer or a coating. You just can’t tint it to whatever color you want. If your tired and pissed about no paint that works try this! It’s cheaper than paint too! 5 gallon bucket is 95 bux at home depot. I havent tried to paint over it yet (I will this summer) but if you like the color you can just use that. If you want some special color then just use it as a primer…. Yer Welcome 😀

        • It’s “Henry’s durabright white elastomeric roof coating”.

          • P.S. Apply it with a large brush and get it into all the cracks and crevices. Do your best to “seal” the wood.

            • Ooops 1 more thing. Powerwash your wood before you paint it!

      9. On the subject of construction: The 2 groups of people that lived here before us were absolutely retarded and I wish I could kick them in the balls. I will stick to just the deck and siding for now. If your installing siding you need to use screws NOT NAILS! Nails are for niqqers! AND you need to caulk all the seams and any trim pieces. This is critical! These morons didn’t caulk sheet and nailed the siding on. What happened you ask? Well water got behind the siding and the trim just rotted out and came off. Nails sticking out all over and slight seperation at the seams. Bowed out crap from nailing everything too. They planted 2 large lilac bushes about 1.5 feet away from the side of the house so you couldn’t even see how bad it was. I had to cut them out and caulk all the seams and screw the siding back in and replace all the trim. A lot of work and money needlessly spent because of idiots. Being walmart shoppers they used the cheapest easiest thing to get by with. Caulk all your seams and along the top of your trim into the divots of the siding too. Now if your building a deck, the cross boards you SCREW your planks too need to be painted at minimum! Use tinted proof coating as described in my post above or use strips of pond liner over the tops and staple it on the sides. Paint the sides of the planks BEFORE you install them. Do NOT have gaps over 1/4 inch between boards. Following these guidelines will save you a ton of work and money in the near future and guarantee the longest life of your project. All my stuff I have built is problem free to this day! REMEMBER: Caulk, SCREWS, paint! I need to put on a night class at the university called “How to do shit like a white man”!

        • “Caulk, screws, paint”, great advice. Thanks for sharing great advice again. I’ve often wondered about that white roof- coating (PAINT) – thanks for investigating to determine it’s good for other applications. I’m a big fan of screws for construction – with today’s cordless drills they’re easier for me than nails. Those of us that failed to use caulk on a project (me) – learned the hard way that you have to have it to keep the rain & wind out.

          • Good on ya crane! I know several people that nailed on their siding and didn’t caulk it that caused so much damage the siding had to be thrown away and replaced. Same with not coating the joist beams on their deck. Saved 50 bux though when they built it lol. The morons that built the decks on our house didn’t do it and the joists are rotting. They put 5/8 to 3/4 inch gaps between the planks too! I can’t get the planks off because the uncoated 4 inch screws are rusted in and phillips heads just strip out if you try. So my idea to help mitigate the damage is to spray some flex seal spray on the exposed joists between the planks. What a pain in the arse! I will post some more fixes in a few days .I get plenty of practice fixing other peoples fk ups…

            • I am continuing this on the north korea thread above 🙂

      10. “Caulk, screws, paint”, great advice. Thanks for sharing great advice again. I’ve often wondered about that white roof- coating (PAINT) – thanks for investigating to determine it’s good for other applications. I’m a big fan of screws for construction – with today’s cordless drills they’re easier for me than nails. Those of us that failed to use caulk on a project (me) – learned the hard way that you have to have it to keep the rain & wind out.

      11. We are all gonna die!

      12. In the meantime, world deaths caused by obesity/diabetes II from excessive carbohydrates kills 374 people each and every minute.

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