First Human Case Of H3N8 Bird Flu Found In A Human

by | Apr 27, 2022 | Headline News | 10 comments

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    China has announced the first human case of an H3N8 bird flu infection in a statement but said the risk of it spreading among people was low. It is known to infect horses, dogs, and seals, but has not previously been detected in humans.

    China has already reported that the H5N6 bird flu has jumped to humans:

    It Starts: China Reported 19 Human Cases Of H5N6 Bird Flu

    Keep in mind, that the rulers have previously told us that they already know about the “next pandemic”. It has been announced by CDC director, Robert Redfield:

    If the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director is correct, the mortality rate will be 10-50% once they splice the Spanish influenza virus of 100 years ago with seasonal influenza now, they can get a “mutant hybrid” virus that is highly infectious and could cull up to half of the world’s population.

    As Christian of Ice Age Farmer says in another video: “There is an untold story involving Bird Flu, gain of function research, the Gates Foundation, and Ukrainian Biolabs — and it is time to tell it. As hundreds of millions of birds are killed due to Bird Flu “PCR outbreaks,” Europe is warning of chicken and egg shortages, and many states have now outright banned the sale of chicks to the public. The largest egg producer in the US has culled birds and fired its workers. In this Ice Age Farmer exclusive, Christian breaks down the sordid story of this virus, and asks: will weaponized H5N1 be the next human pandemic?”

    With immune systems destroyed by the COVID-19 vaccines, a weaponized flu virus could cause real damage and death if they attempt to pull this off. Plan for the worst, hope for the best, but stay alert and understand the end game. Continue to stock food. They are obviously coming for food security. –SHTFPlan

    China’s National Health Commission on Tuesday said a four-year-old boy living in central Henan province tested positive for the strain after being hospitalized earlier this month with a fever and other symptoms. The boy’s family raised chickens at home and lived in an area populated by wild ducks, the NHC said in a statement.

    China said that this is a “one-off cross-species transmission, and the risk of large-scale transmission is low” while simultaneously warning people to stay away from birds and seek medical attention for a fever respiratory symptoms.



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      1. I once believed the “elites” are degenerate, diabolical and malignant but intelligent persons. I now believe they are only degenerate, diabolical and malignant. They’re not as bright as I once believed, they are almost entirely predictable. If they have any personal capacity at all it is ambition, and that they have vast resources to have smart people to work for them. They are mainly successful however because the greater mass of people are sheep-like, dumbed-down, and thoroughly propagandized. Just willfully surrendering their personal power, their individuality, and God-given rights. It really isn’t much more than that. The masses make it easy for TPTB. When I watch a video with people saying our personal rights and freedoms are unjust or racist or selfish and must be eliminated for the “collective good” I wonder how people became so stupid and perverted in such a short time. The big prize goes to colleges where you can see both faculties and students praising how progressive and enlightened and liberating marxism is. 180 years of public education in this country and this is what it has come to. The masses are imprisoned in the cages and shackles constructed for their minds. The real cages and shackles will be for those who still believe in freedom and liberty. The sheeple hate you because you want to live as a free individual, he/she will help destroy you with glee.

      2. Seals? What kind? And the cow goes “moo”.

      3. Look Mommie, ducks in the sky!

      4. Funny how all these animal viruses have shown up in China for the last two decades, new bird viruses, pig viruses, bat viruses… Its almost as if they are engineering them in a lab paid for by Fauci…. Na, couldn’t be… too obvious…

        • Longer than two decades, maybe we notice that more now because of the massive expansion in international commercial and personal travel that has taken place with China over the last few decades, spreading things that wouldn’t spread much without it.

        • Bird to human is not the problem or danger , just stay away from birds.
          Once it gets to Human- to- Human we are in HUGE trouble.

          I will bet the peace loving Chinese are working on it.

        • China is one huge un-watched petri dish. People are poor, so often live with their animal in the human occupied spaces, and often eat foods that should not be consumed by humans. That will eventually cause infections to leap from one species to another. The glorious CCP doesn’t care about these poor farmers until they are infected, and then they are just repressed to stop the spread.

      5. An H3N8 strain of bird flu has been detected in humans for the first time, in China’s central province of Henan. “H3N8 is a subtype of the species Influenza A virus that is endemic in birds, horses and dogs.”

      6. There you go…a Chinese Chicken Choker catches the Bird Flu, any surprise there???

      7. Let me guess, this bird to human transmission was confirmed with the PCR test that will test positive for the Rona Oil, goats, sheep and even a papaya? Really don’t make me laugh and fall out of my chair. Lying ass mofos can never be trusted again ever!

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