3 New Polls Show That They Are Going To Need To Cart Out Much Bigger Doses Of “Hopium”

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse Blog. 

    The mood of the nation has dramatically changed.  Survey after survey has shown that Americans are much less optimistic than they were during the first half of 2021, and that could have enormous implications for the economy as we roll through the second half of this calendar year.

    When consumers are pessimistic about the future, they tend to hold on to their money more tightly, and they also tend to allocate money to different priorities.  Earlier this year, so many pundits were telling us that a new golden era of prosperity was ahead because the worst of the pandemic was behind us and Joe Biden was now in the White House.  But now the Delta variant is causing another wave of mass panic, and an increasing number of Americans are losing faith in the Biden administration.  Needless to say, the honeymoon is over, and Americans are not pleased with what they see as they peer into a very bleak future.

    Let me start by discussing the Gallup survey that just came out.  In June, Americans overwhelmingly thought that the worst of the pandemic was in the past, but now the numbers have completely changed

    In a dramatic shift from last month, more Americans now say the coronavirus situation in the U.S. is getting worse (45%) rather than better (40%). In June, a record 89% said the situation was getting better, while only 3% said it was getting worse.

    I can’t remember the last time I saw poll numbers move that much in such a short period of time.

    The Gallup survey also found that a whopping 42 percent of all Americans anticipate that “societal disruptions related to COVID-19” will continue to be around beyond the beginning of the new year…

    Americans now expect societal disruptions related to COVID-19 to persist at least through the end of the year, or longer. Whereas in June, nearly half of Americans expected COVID-related disruptions in society to last only a few more weeks or months, now just 17% believe they will end by then.

    Instead, 41% expect the COVID-19 disruptions to persist through the end of the year, and 42% — up from 17% in June — believe they will stretch into 2022.

    Joe Biden’s job approval rating is also shifting quite rapidly.

    In fact, a different survey just found that Biden’s approval rating has dropped a total of 10 points since June…

    President Biden and Congress’s job approval are taking a hit amid a resurgence of the coronavirus.

    A Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll survey released Monday found Biden’s approval dropping to 52 percent. He may still be above water — only 43 percent of respondents disapprove of the job he’s doing in the Oval Office — but he’s down 10 points from where he was in June, when his approval was at 62 percent.

    Without a doubt, this has not been a good summer for the Biden administration.

    If Biden keeps fumbling the football over and over, it won’t be too long before his net approval rating turns negative.

    A third survey that I wanted to mention recently found that the percentage of Americans that are “pessimistic about the direction of the country” has risen by 19 points since May 2nd…

    As President Joe Biden completed 100 days in office, the country was optimistic about the coming year, but now, just after hitting the six-month mark, Americans’ optimism about the direction of the country has plummeted nearly 20 points, a new ABC News/Ipsos poll finds.

    A majority — 55% — of the public say they are pessimistic about the direction of the country, a marked change from the roughly one-third (36%) that said the same in an ABC News/Ipsos poll published May 2.

    That is a 19 percent shift in just 3 months!

    Have we ever seen a “direction of the country” poll move that much in three months?

    I don’t know, but this certainly is not good news for the Democrats.  When Americans are in a bad mood, they tend to gravitate toward the party that is currently out of power.

    Of course one of the biggest reasons why Americans are in such a sour mood these days is all of the new restrictions that are currently being implemented around the nation.

    For example, we just learned that Louisiana Governor Bel Edwards has decided to institute a statewide mask mandate

    Today, Gov. John Bel Edwards has temporarily reinstated Louisiana’s statewide mask mandate indoors for all people age five and older as COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations continue to rise across Louisiana, threatening the ability of Louisiana’s hospitals to deliver care during this fourth surge of COVID. Louisiana is currently in the worst surge of the COVID-19 pandemic so far in terms of case growth rate, percent positivity and hospitalizations.

    In recent days, our corporate news outlets have been packed full of stories about the Delta variant.  On Monday, the country was shocked by news that U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham has tested positive even though he has been “fully vaccinated”

    Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said Monday that he had tested positive for the coronavirus, even though he was fully vaccinated.

    “I was just informed by the House physician I have tested positive for COVID-19 even after being vaccinated,” he said.

    This wasn’t supposed to happen.

    And it turns out that lots of “fully vaccinated” people have been catching the virus lately…

    Fourteen of 24 vaccinated friends who visited the Cape Cod town of Provincetown, Massachusetts, in July caught COVID-19, Bloomberg reported on Sunday.

    Millions of people raced out to get vaccines because they were promised immunity, but now the CDC is releasing new numbers that are deeply upsetting lots of Americans…

    In a study released on Friday, the CDC tracked 469 cases among Massachusetts residents who visited the town.

    They found that 74% of those were fully vaccinated. An overwhelming majority of the cases were caused by the Delta variant, the study reported.

    Let us hope that the number of new cases starts to fade, because this latest wave of the pandemic is causing a tremendous amount of fear and panic right now.

    And the more fear and panic that we see, the less optimistic Americans are going to be about the road ahead.

    Of course even if this pandemic disappeared tomorrow, there would still be a great deal for Americans to be concerned about as we roll into the next stages of “the perfect storm”.

    I know that most Americans just want life to “return to normal”, but the truth is that the past couple of years have changed the U.S. and nations all over the globe on a permanent basis.

    The troubles of 2020 and 2021 should have brought us together, but instead, they just keep tearing us apart.

    Meanwhile, we continue to see national governments around the planet move in an authoritarian direction, and that is a deeply, deeply alarming trend.

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      1. The polls I’ve seen still show Biden being more popular than Trump ever was even though his numbers are falling.

        And those are the same polls that were used for Trump during his term and, presumably, using the same procedures now as then.

        Trump was absolutely hated by a huge percentage of the population, and hate doesn’t go away easily and only rarely does it go away quickly.

        Go figure, make of it what you will.

        • Support for Trump was through the roof prior to the 2020 election. It is disengenuous to claim otherwise. Only liars & delusional fools DENY the huge rallies, car parades, boat parades and other evidence that huge numbers of PATRIOTS supported the sitting President. Non-thinkers may claim otherwise but the real history & facts do NOT change.

          • His popularity was huge, no doubt about it. But now it appears that his popularity is tanking. Several samples taken recently from patriots show that people are waking up to the serious evil crap that Trump did.

            Evil crap like funding the kill shot and suppressing safe and effective drugs. Evil crap like allowing his administration to run a false-flag, fake pandemic on our country. Evil crap like allowing that worm Fauci to spew lies and disinfo on a daily basis.

            It gives me hope that one day all these criminals will pay for this genocide.

      2. You might be asking yourselves why someone with no political or religious values, whatsoever, name it after 666. and let the degenerate wildebeest with a gimp lead the herd.

      3. I very much enjoy the vast majority of comments and posts, and find them informative and useful. But I’ve about had it with this site, I have been moderated too many times. Then there are these page after page of multi-thousand word psychotic rants that never make a point. And many of us notice our comments aren’t shown until many days after we post them. This site is losing relevance if it doesn’t correct these items.

      4. Biden polls…Trump polls…you can take a poll that gives you any result you like by limiting who participates or what type of wording is used in the questions, etc., etc. Most models are designed to deliver a desired conclusion and can be manipulated however the modeler wants. Don’t put any faith in polls and not in many models, either.

        The fact is, Biden and Trump (and most of all the past presidents) are nothing more than front men/puppets that are given a script to read from a teleprompter. Ever notice how neither Trump nor Biden can give a rational speech without prompters? One stumbles and slurs and the other repeats the same things over and over with grade school grammar and insults.

        The real policy comes from behind the scenes deep within the bowels of the intelligence agencies. These agencies fill the president and the media with propaganda to steer them in the direction they have determined is beneficial to themselves and their tiny hat minions. The whole left vs right, red vs blue, woke tard vs Qtard is meant to fracture the public into factions so they cannot spot the real enemy in DC.

        These presidents are not your friend. Neither are 99% of the politicians. They are all grifters and come from families of grifters. None of them care about you.

        • I didn’t put any faith in all those last year that said Biden would win either

          Neither did the MAGA crowd and most Republicans..

          Which is why he is now President.

      5. As a white straight Christian male, I welcome these days…these are the days ordained by the Lord God, God the Son spoke of these days…may the Lord God give His chosen ones the strength to endure and persevere through the days of evil.

        Matthew 24:37-39
        New American Standard Bible 1995

        37 For the coming of the Son of Man will be just like the days of Noah. 38 For as in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, 39 and they did not understand until the flood came and took them all away; so will the coming of the Son of Man be.

        Luke 17:26-30
        New American Standard Bible 1995

        26 And just as it happened in the days of Noah, so it will be also in the days of the Son of Man: 27 they were eating, they were drinking, they were marrying, they were being given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and the flood came and destroyed them all. 28 [a]It was the same as happened in the days of Lot: they were eating, they were drinking, they were buying, they were selling, they were planting, they were building; 29 but on the day that Lot went out from Sodom it rained fire and [b]brimstone from heaven and destroyed them all. 30 It will be [c]just the same on the day that the Son of Man is revealed.

        And I ask, who brought the flood to destroy the wicked on this earth…that would be none other then the Lord God.

        When a nation lives like Sodom, it will burn like Sodom…

        And for those who deny the Lord is the One bringing this calamity

        Amos 3:6-7
        New American Standard Bible 1995

        6 If a trumpet is blown in a city will not the people tremble?
        If a calamity occurs in a city has not the Lord done it?
        7 [a]Surely the Lord [b]God does nothing
        Unless He reveals His secret counsel

        Remember the devil, ole Satan is just a created being and can do nothing unless the Lord God allows him to do his evil deeds, he has to ask permission…read the passage out of the book of Job and key in on the word “considered”

        Take your human pride out of your back pocket, place it on the ground and step on it until it turns to dust…for pride is an abomination to the Lord of Glory.

        Luke 22:31
        New American Standard Bible 1995

        31 “Simon, Simon, behold, Satan has [a]demanded permission to sift you like wheat;

        Job 1:6-12
        New American Standard Bible 1995

        6 Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and [a]Satan also came among them. 7 The Lord said to Satan, “From where do you come?” Then Satan answered the Lord and said, “From roaming about on the earth and walking around on it.” 8 The Lord said to Satan, “Have you [b]considered My servant Job? For there is no one like him on the earth, a blameless and upright man, [c]fearing God and turning away from evil.” 9 Then Satan answered the [d]Lord, “Does Job fear God for nothing? 10 Have You not made a hedge about him and his house and all that he has, on every side? You have blessed the work of his hands, and his possessions have increased in the land. 11 But put forth Your hand now and touch all that he has; he will surely curse You to Your face.” 12 Then the Lord said to Satan, “Behold, all that he has is in your [e]power, only do not put forth your hand on him.” So Satan departed from the presence of the Lord.

        For those who blame the devil, you are placing the devil on the same footing as the Lord God…and it is utter blasphemy to the Lord God.

        Come quickly Lord Jesus, come quickly.

        • If you do not believe evil walks this earth and is having its way then you are delusional.
          God is control of everything – So by that statement God is allowing the devil a lot of freedom these days!! Ask yourself why
          Free will – or predestination or something else?

        • “Come quickly Lord Jesus, come quickly.”

          It is said … that Jesus does not help those … who do not help themselves. Numerous times I have asked Jesus to rid this this planet and take us home – guess prayers don’t work – so I say to Jesus – fuck you asshole – I’ll rid the planet myself and told him to tell his mom Hi for me … she knows whats up with that … yea yea

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