25 Prepping Excuses the SHTF Won’t Care About

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    This article was originally published by Daisy Luther at The Organic Prepper

    If disaster was a human named SHTF, it would be that person who takes delight in dropping by unannounced and seeing you at your worst: still in your PJs, out of coffee, and taken utterly by surprise.

    The kind of person who takes advantage of your unpreparedness to ask to borrow the keys to your new car while you’re still in shock at his arrival. The kind of person who acts surprised that you’re surprised and makes you feel like 12 kinds of an idiot for being surprised. The kind of person you must always plan for like an unpleasant in-law, whether you want them to come by or not.

    SHTF doesn’t generally drop by at the most convenient of times, nor does SHTF care about your prepping excuses. In fact, SHTF thrives and grows exponentially under more adverse circumstances.

    25 Excuses That Won’t Matter When the SHTF

    So, suck it up, put on your boots, and power through it – SHTF doesn’t care about your prepping excuses.

    1. SHTF doesn’t care about inclement weather – snow, hail, tornadoes, pouring rain, and hurricanes all just add to the party atmosphere for SHTF.
    2. SHTF doesn’t care that you sprained your ankle, broke your leg, or are otherwise less than ambulatory. If you have to bug out without a vehicle, you have to bug out, regardless of your injury status.
    3. SHTF doesn’t care that you decided to start prepping after you take that trip to Disneyworld (because how can you do it before? That trip is expensive!!!!)
    4. SHTF doesn’t care that you are on a boat in the middle of the ocean, regardless of what you paid for the luxury cruise.  (Check out recent ill-fated Carnival Cruise of the Triumph or the Viking Sky if you don’t believe me!)
    5. SHTF doesn’t care that you had planned to get your vehicle repaired.  You have to evacuate regardless of the leak from the oil pan, the condition of the brakes, and the funny noise in the transmission.
    6. SHTF doesn’t care that the entire family is ill with the stomach flu.  The entire family will just have to pause to throw up while bugging out.
    7. SHTF doesn’t care that you need new hiking boots and that you just haven’t had time to get to the store and buy them. You’ll be walking through the apocalypse in the ratty ones with the sole half torn off.
    8. SHTF doesn’t care that you planned to buy some emergency food with your next paycheck. You’ll be dining on a can of peaches and some stale crackers.
    9. SHTF doesn’t care that you always use electronic banking. If the ATMs are down and you have no cash, you cannot buy anything.
    10. SHTF doesn’t care that you had planned to get the propane tank refilled and now the propane trucks aren’t running because of the ice storm that has turned your neighborhood into a mini Arctic Circle.
    11. SHTF doesn’t care that you used all your ammo at the range and Wal-Mart has been out for the past month.
    12. SHTF doesn’t care that both the store and Starbucks are closed because of a power outage and you are totally out of coffee because you didn’t prep for that.
    13. SHTF doesn’t care that you are wearing high heels when your car plummets to the bottom of a ravine – you still have to climb out.
    14. SHTF doesn’t care that the pharmacies are closed because of a pandemic and that you have no OTC medications or home remedies – if you catch the virus, you will suffer through it without medicine to treat it. And so will your kids.
    15. SHTF doesn’t care that your truck is almost out of gas and the local gas stations have closed because of the disaster.  If you have to bug out, you may end up walking instead of driving.
    16. SHTF doesn’t care that you are depressed because you just broke up with your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend. SHTF doesn’t care if you’re in a funk because you lost your job or your dog died. S happens when S happens.
    17. SHTF doesn’t care that you have made a rock-solid plan to get in shape – as soon as the weather warms up.  You’ll be sucking wind as you hurry up that hill in the cold.
    18. SHTF doesn’t care that you are visiting your in-laws, the most unprepared people on the planet, and you failed to put some emergency food, water, and supplies in the trunk of your car.
    19. SHTF doesn’t care that your wood is not dry. It’ll bring you a blizzard if it wants to bring you a blizzard.
    20. SHTF doesn’t care that you have 300 pounds of beans, wheat berries, and rice but failed to plan on a way to cook them.
    21. SHTF doesn’t care that you don’t know how to cook over an open fire without inflicting 2nd-degree burns on yourself.
    22. SHTF doesn’t care if you have only a week’s supply of toilet paper – if the crisis lasts longer than a week, things will be progressively less pleasant regardless of your intention to purchase more Charmin.
    23. SHTF doesn’t care you planned to reinforce your door frame, install a metal security door, get a ballistic shield, and build a safe room – if thugs arrive to invade your home, your hollow core doors will serve as a minor inconvenience instead of a deterrent.
    24. SHTF doesn’t care if you think guns are bad and scary. Rest assured, if you don’t have one, the people coming to take your supplies will.
    25. SHTF doesn’t care if you think “doomsday preppers” are bat crap crazy, if you don’t believe the fecal matter is headed towards the oscillating device, or whether you think it’s all an alternative media conspiracy theory.

    Whatever your excuse may be, you may rest assured, it could easily be on this list. And SHTF won’t care about that either.

    You already know what you should do.

    You probably already know the things that you should be doing to prepare for a disaster. How will you feel if you procrastinate doing them and your family suffers because of it? Most of the time, it’s an inconvenience, but in some cases, a lack of preparedness can mean the difference between life and death.

    If you need help and motivation, check out this article, which was designed to boost your prepper mojo in a hurry.

    The world is increasingly more dangerous. The signs couldn’t be blinking in brighter neon. It’s time to get prepared. No more excuses. Disaster won’t wait to strike until it’s convenient for you.

    The Pantry Primer

    Please feel free to share any information from this article in part or in full, giving credit to the author and including a link to The Organic Prepper and the following bio.

    Daisy is a coffee-swigging, gun-toting, homeschooling blogger who writes about current events, preparedness, frugality, and the pursuit of liberty on her websites, The Organic Prepper and DaisyLuther.com She is the author of 4 books and the co-founder of Preppers University, where she teaches intensive preparedness courses in a live online classroom setting. You can follow her on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter,.


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      1. Daisy, one of your best articles ever. I’ve always said “If you don’t prep, you’re inept.” I’ve got all my bases covered and still stacking.

      2. Sometimes it gets so overwhelming I find it easier to just plop in front of the t.v. with a beer and pizza.No kidding. Thank you,Daisy,for giving me a kick in the a$$. ?

        • southside, it is “overwhelming” to TRY and prepare for the worst case SHTF events. I have to constantly remind myself that:

          1. Something is better than nothing.

          2. I’m do’n what I can, with what I got.

          3. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)…Copyright pending./s

          Finally, these articles “give me a kick in the a$$” to keep prepping and stacking!

          • Silver dot com has 1oz. silver rounds for .69 over spot any amount. Also 10oz. Sunshine bars for the same! Sunshine mint products have become my fav because they have come out with some cool designs and all have the anti-counterfiet feature and are priced well. Check out some of the buy gold/silver places and sometimes they will sell you junk 90% coins for spot (vs. them selling it to a refinery).

            • Genius, thank God I have silver covered. Although I regret not choosing Gold because I’m not looking forward to “keestering” those 100 oz bars out of the country!

      3. Pretty good article.
        But I might add something called “Family cloths” to #22.
        If you have dealt with cloth diapers, you won’t have a problem
        with Family cloths.
        I keep a pretty good supply of TP,
        but I have room to store it. but I only
        have about 3 mos worth. It will be family
        cloths way before I run out of TP.

        • rellik, I want to thank you for mentioning “Family cloths” a few months ago, because I went out and purchased said items. I have not done a test run, as it were, but I have them. I AM NOT looking forward to using them, much less cleaning them. I’m not sure if I will be thanking you or cursing your name. LOL

          Now that I think about it, I think I need more TP!

        • Dammit that reminds me I forgot to buy more beer! Oh well I have lots of wine and shine. As far as toilet paper I plan on wiping my arse on the faces of dead trespassers! 😛

      4. Southside, I also take breaks from prepping on occasion. You’ve got to in order to keep your sanity. I’m still stacking even though all my bases are covered.

        • DR, I hear you. I really need a break from prepping or at least “stacking”. I still have a couple weeks work digitizing media files.

          I spent my whole tax refund on emergency lighting, back-up power devices (re-chargable batteries/chargers and power packs), and I doubled my solar panels. I can’t tell you how p*ssed I will be if an EMP destroys them! All that money wasted.

          DR, the problem I have is I think I have an area covered and then I go over it again a few years later and find it inadequate. So I fill in the holes. Then I move to another area and it’s not enough either so I spend more time and money. I swear that I have prepped for 12 years and I’m tired.

          I hope and pray that what ever happens is not quick because I need time to enlist the “calvery” to come to the rescue (i.e. the rest of my family).

          • Justice,
            A word of advice, set it up so you never get a tax refund.
            Always make sure you have to send in a check to IRS on the due date.
            If you are really daring, always owe a penalty for not paying enough. In the last ten years that I’ve been doing this, I’ve never paid that penalty, I make sure the penalty is around $50. I let them figure it, but I know what it is, the IRS has never billed me for it.

            • Heres a reply I made here back in 2014 so some of the links may be outdated. Just some prep tips…

              Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only. Use of this information is solely the responsibility of the reader.

              Most people reading this already know the basics of prepping (food, water, etc.). This is a list of things you may not have thought of that can greatly add to your preparedness plan. I will only list the basics and some links as room will not allow great detail.

              #1: Baking Soda: This cheap and readily available item has many uses. Toothpaste, deodorant, laundry, masking odors on hunting clothes, curing heartburn, nuetralizing acid. Search 101 uses for baking soda.

              #2: Granulated pool chlorinator: This is much more compact and has a much longer shelf life than bleach. It can be used to sterilize water and disinfect surfaces. Add to water until there is a slight chlorine odor then wait about an hour and your water should be sterile.

              #3: #10 can stove: A simple stove can be made from a #10 can. Drill several holes at the very bottom of the sides and cut the metal lid (leftover from opening the can) along the sides about 1 inch in around the sides of it and bend them down to make a sort of platform. Drill holes in the lid for air to enter from underneath then set it in the bottom of the can. Use 1/2 inch hardware cloth to make a top for your pan to sit on and drill some holes around the top edge of the can for venting. This will work with small wood or charcoal just put the parts in the can and fill it with charcoal or small wood, put the plastic lid on and tape it and you have a portable cooker. Keep it in your car for emergencies.

              #4: Dollar store first aid: Bandages, wraps, antibacterial cream, slings, braces etc. are very reasonably priced at dollar stores.

              #5: Solar power: A small power station can be made from ebay items to power radios, cell phones, small lights, recharge batteries, etc. all in a .50 cal ammo can. Items to include are: 5 watt solar panel, 12ah sealed battery, charge controller, 12v outlet, 175 watt inverter (plugs into a 12v outlet), a multi voltage dc power adapter with various plugs, rechargeable AA and AAA batteries with a 12v charger, a small battery powered shortwave and am-fm radio. Add other items as needed but be sure to check the dimentions of the solar panel to be sure it will fit into your ammo can. Ebay has everything you will need very reasonably priced. Solar panels are also great barter items.

              #6: Solar dehydrator: A simple and very effective dehydrator can be made from plywood and small glass panes. First aquire about 4 small glass panes (12-16 inches wide) then cut some plywood to the same width as your glass and as long as neccissary to be 4-5 feet long (depending on length of the glass). Screw plywood sides along the edge of the larger plywood base and make them about 5 inches high. Cut some galvanized sheet metal to the dimention of the base and srew it to the base with short screws. Attach some 1×2 wood strips along both edges at the base. Make a simple 1×2 frame that fits on top of the strips (so it will slide on top of them) and attach 1/4 inch hardware cloth to the inside of the frame (this is where your food will sit). Make end caps out of plywood and drill 3- 1inch holes in them and attach them to the ends. Now use silicone adhesive to glue your glass panels to the top of the unit (do not cover the end pieces) and your ready to
              go. Simply take off one end and slide the tray out, put your food on the screen and slide it back in. Attach the end piece and tilt it towward the sun at a 30 degree or more angle and your in business.

              #7: Mainstay bars: These food bars are great for keeping in your car because they are not effected by heat and are compact with a long shelf life. A 30 day supply is about 60 dollars and is the size of a shoebox. I also use these in my BOB because they are compact and high calorie.

              #8: Spare auto parts: It is a good idea to have spare belts and oil, water, hose repair kits, tire plugs with a compressor, fuses, tool kit, etc. Also an empty gas can and siphon hose.

              #9: Tarps: These have a million uses. Make a shelter, hide things underneath, protect items, keeping things dry, etc. Keep a couple in your car.

              #10: Baggies and foil: You can never have enough baggies! Get an assortment of sizes for everything from storing used food to protecting small items to keeping your TP dry. Foil has many uses too. Use it to blackout your windows keeping prying eyes away.

              #11: Basic reloader: Lee makes a simple reloading setup that is all contained in a small plastic box. All you need is a small mallet or board to use it. Have one for every caliber they are inexpensive.

              #12: Communications: This is a very important thing to have! I like the programmable UHF/VHF radios. They are cheap and have a long range and many accessories are available. I recommend this one as it has many accessories including a repeater option.. ht tp://www.ebay.com/itm/Original-BaoFeng-UV-5R-136-174-400-480MHz-FM-Ham-Two-way-Radio-Walkie-Talkie-/371102455656?pt=2_Way_Radios_FRS&hash=item56676e1768#ht_3895wt_966 NOTE: these require a license to operate..

              #13: Scanners: A good scanner can give you info on what the police etc. are doing. It can be very valuable to keep informed on what is going on in an emergency. Basic scanners are not very expensive and can be a lifesaver. To find out what frequencies are in your area go to.. radioreference. com

              #14: Thumbdrive survival info: This emp proof thumbdrive has some very excellent and hard to find books on survival and how too info as well as some of the out of print poor mans james bond books and ACB ht tp://www.freedomslips.com/thumb.htm probably over a thousand dollars worth of books, I guarantee you will like this one!

              #15: Laptop emp: Used laptops are cheap and can be used to read and download thumbdrive info and store other needed data. Keep it and other small electronics in a bubble wrap lined galvanized garbage can to help protect it from emp.

              #16: Alcohol still: A basic still can be made from an old pressure canner and copper tubing. Use it for fuel and or drinking. If tshtf Im sure we will all need a stiff drink! Look on youtube for info on making ethanol and moonshine. If you use it for fuel add a little marvel mystery oil to help prevent drying out of seals and gaskets.

              #17: Fuel: Here is a very important item that is worth it’s wieght in gold! Store it in 5 gallon cans for portability and be sure to add stabilizer. I reccommend pri-G and pri-D stabilizers and have used them for years.

              #18: Surgery kit: Surplus field surgery kits are cheap and could save your life. Be sure to buy some sutures in various types to go with it. All your preps would be for nothing if you died from an infection. Look on you tube for info on how to do suturing. Make sure to have a good supply of antibiotics also and iodine, gauze, tape, etc. A colloidial silver maker is cheap and very good to have also. Search colloidial silver kit and shop around. Here is a place for antibiotics.. ht tps://www.antibioticsforsurvival.com/

              #19: Herbal remedies: Making your own herbal remedies is a lot cheaper than buying them. You can get all the supplies you need here… . rosemountainherbs .com Also stock up seeds to grow your own, they are also available at that site.

              #20: Spices: Beans and rice will get old real fast unless you stock up on spices. CVS and some other stores have 1.00 bottles of spices in all different varieties. Salt is another thing you will need a lot of. Making brine for smoking meat, hide curing, etc. Bulk soaps are cheap and very valuable, try costco or similar place and get as much as you can.

              #21: Camoflauge: You can make your own guillie suit from a pair of green or camo overalls and cammo netting. Just glue the netting to the coveralls and add local vegitation for a very effective suit. Wrap your weapon with netting to help hide it too. Space blankets will help hide your signature from thermal image detection also. Glue netting to the blanket and make sure you touch the blanket as little as possible.

              #22: Night vision: Although thermal night vision is pricey it works very well! There is no illuminator to give you away and no matter what camo the person has it will detect them as it detects heat signature not visual. A good thermal device for the money is here.. ht tp://www.jrhenterprises.com/FLIR-Scout-PS24-FLIRscout.htm we have one of these and it is amazing.

              Thats all for now I hope this has helped with your prepping and given you some ideas.
              I will be working on future articles covering security and force multipliers so watch for them in the near future! Be well and keep on prepping…

              • Thanks. Some good info. I really have to pick-up a lot of Baking Soda. You recommended pri-G fuel stabilizer several months ago and I went ordered some for around $100.00. I have several empty gas cans just waiting to go. I am reading to roll!

                I just got several years worth of underarm deodorant, with the realization I was not just prepping that item for me but for those others that might be in my group. Deodorant is one of those gifts you give someone (e.g. like Victoria Secretes stuff that you give your girlfriend) but it’s really for you! Remember people proper hygiene is not just for you.

                Finally, good night Vision is beyond my means but the dream lives. Never say never!

                • Justice, my NV reply got sent down the page a ways oops. But as far as deodorant you can make much more effective and much cheaper non toxic stuff yourself. If you don’t have a basic colloidial silver maker (make one yourself) then get one. This recipe works for deodorant and athletes foot etc.

                  Get a small jar with lid
                  Fill 3/4 full of baking soda
                  add colloidial silver enough to make a wet paste
                  Use cotton pad applicators to apply to underarms etc.
                  This mix works so well it can last for a couple of days! And unlike regular deodorant it is non toxic and cheap!

                • these are good as well as the survival bars.

                  They would provide a boost to your preps if it came to needing that:

                  Survival Food Tabs
                  Emergency Survival Food in chewable tablet form. One week food in a bottle! 25+ year shelf life

                  ht tps://www.se1.us/food/survivaltabs.html

                  • grandee, Those tabs are a scam. They have virtually NO calories to keep you alive. You might as well just by long term storage vitamins. Just look at them and think “this is going to feed me for a week?” Save your money and get mainstay bars instead, they really WILL keep you alive and FUNCTIONING.

                    • well, you are right if they were used as an only source of nutrition.


                      if you were short on supplies and your regular food, one of these before bedtime might make a difference. especially for children.

                      that is what we intend to use them for–as a supplement. An extra 250 calories.

                      kinda like a survival food bar.

              • GENIUS….fuckn GENIUS!…..and still SO appropriate, these many years later……and as far as that night vision….remember what we were payin’ for much less quality 10 years ago….stay on top of tech, and keep UPGRADIN”(my 17y/o son’s favorite werd).

                • BCOD, Thanks and ya it is. NV has come way down and quality way up. Learning to make your own stuff is awesome and easy and saves a zillion dollars! Tobacco seeds and papers will be a huge barter item also. Don’t trade the seeds instead grow it and trade it. A perpetual barter item! And I kid you not, the CS soda deodorant will work on the stinkiest person! 😛

                  • Oh and another thing most people overlook… PREP FOR YOUR PETS! Dog food, cat food, rabbit food etc. I guarantee no matter how many small animals you kill for pet food it won’t be enough and will run out. You put preps away for the kids, why wouldn’t you put a good supply away for the dog? Yer doggie is your security alarm and source of great comfort and best friend! Your cat is your rodent eliminator and comforter too! Don’t forget to have rat traps, they can trap birds like doves etc. for food and all you need is a little corn etc. for bait. Fishing line and tackle takes little space and is cheap too. I like collapsable poles as they take little room and can catch any fish. Forget to prep for my 4 legged family? NEVER!

                    • i have said it a few times here….get a LITTLE dog. i have a german shepherd now, but when shtf, i will be trading something EXPENSIVE if i have to so i can have that indoor alarm system. little dogs have MUCH better hearing, and will sure as h ll PROVE it many times a day.

                    • Little dogs !!!

                      …and they are great for an emotional snuggle.

                      …and there isn’t enough meat on them so’s you’d be tempted to eat them.

                      …and they are a great early warning system.

                      …and they don’t eat much so they could eat off the table and be fine (but I have preps for my little guy).

                      …and …and They are sooooo cute and as I said a great emotional boost. 🙂

                    • My felines always like to hang out with me. They serve as a silent alarm should something seem to need investigation. They always wear a bell (jingle bell type from Petsmart, etc) that cannot be heard outside the house but I do.

                      Of course they are always good for a cuddle, varmint hunting etc.

                      I prefer long haired cats. Did you know that cat hair spun into yarn and then made into a clothing article is warmer than wool? Properly processed fiber does not stink any more than any other natural fiber. Normal grooming with a brush will yield quite a bit. Save in paper bag or other breathable container until ready to process or send to processor. And, yes, the same can be done for dog hair.

                      For more info go here:
                      ht tp://www.ninelivestwine.com/hand-spun-yarn.html

                  • and don’t forget what selco says about bartering……DON’T!…..or do it on a VERY LIMITED basis….read up on what he says about it!

              • Genius, have you been peeking in my shed at the BOL? [JUST KIDDING]. Sounds like a good part of my old list.

              • regarding #12, the baofang radios… you mention “NOTE: these require a license to operate.”

                Actually at this point, the FCC has banned them from use due to operating out of band, and over the power limits for those frequencies, and ESPECIALLY because the yahoos buying them dont understand opsec, the benefits of low power operation, or not abusing the ability to operate out of band. And forget the FCC, most licensed operators are tired of drunken hillbillys broadcasting overtop of nets and thinking they are cute by jamming conversations so they have taken to foxhunting the worst offenders

                there are some who will say they dont care/dont need a license whatever. Thats all well and good for post shtf, but operating an HT like an overamped CB base station run by a drunken monkey (see ch6…) has managed to ruin a source of good equipment for the rest of us.

                • You have a good point there. It only takes a few idiots to screw it up for everyone. And with the amount of idiots out there, it becomes a certainty!

          • justice, my whole refund is going on food and water, medical supplies, etc. I’ve reached the point that now I’m going through my entire inventory here every week and I’m still adding ‘coverage’ if you get my drift. Every time I go to the BOL I inventory what I have in storage there and still add to it. The more you have stockpiled the better your chances of survival. I’m also really tired from prepping but I’m too afraid to stop. In my mind if I stop prepping now I’m screwing up royally.

            • “… but I’m too afraid to stop.”

              you got that right !!!

              2020 will be brutal.

              keep your soul prepped as well – most important prep of all.

      5. We were recently warned of more flooding that has destroyed food crops, a million cows and God knows what else. Flooding will continue for two months and we have no idea what will be lost in that time. even if you don’t live in the flood areas,food prices beef prices will skyrocket and affect them for up to two years. Now is a good time to load up before prices and shortages commence. Like Daisy says SHTF won’t wait for you.

        • Jim, I noticed a big jump in gas prices this past week, (North Florida) does anyone know if it is also due to the Midwest floods?

          • I expect the price of deer and elk meat to stay the same though lol.

          • oil is at a high for 2019 at 60 buks a barrel, war is comin’ over there in that middle-yeast infection, and refineries are reformulating……par for the coarse…highest prices of the year are usually memorial weekend……deja-BOOM!

          • gas prices move on oil speculation, very little else has an effect. We also do not refine gas in the midwest so no, it would have no effect

          • SW ~ Oil market traders bid the price up or down based on a number of factors; one key aspect that they closely watch is the current level of oil stockpiles, and whether they are being drawn down at a faster rate than usual, or whether they are being built up. Interest rates affect availability of capital for exploration. Geopolitics affects many facets of this sector. There are additional issues; usually not just a single issue that causes price jumps (although it sometimes happens).

            Right now, that big chemical company fire in Texas is a wild card that appeared out of left field. Apparently this company makes products that are used in the refining process. The word is that petrol in the U.S. will be up around $3 per gallon by July 4th.


            Spring: Reformulating products for warmer weather is expensive, and regrettably we have to raise our prices.

            Summer: High demand by vacationers and travelers strains supplies, and regrettably we have to raise our prices.

            Autumn: Reformulating products for colder weather is expensive, and regrettably we have to raise our prices.

            Winter: High demand during the holiday season strains supplies, and regrettably we have to raise our prices.

          • Apparently the companies are switching over to “summer blend”. Inflation is the other part.

        • yeah… “recently warned” by Michael Snyder. A guy still riding on the one accurate prediction he made decades ago.

          newsflash- it floods in the spring.

        • Numerous silos have lost their contents also. Think of what is stored in silos (grain, etc.) and what all eats grain; less food sources available may mean less livestock if their feed becomes too expensive. When the price of grain goes up so will things such as bread, too.

      6. Hi Daisy.
        Hi Mac.
        Hi Y’all.

        Just finished some over due organizing with our food stores.
        Ended up with two empty shelves….what to do, what to do.


        Keep stackin’, packin’ and cachin’…empty shelves mean empty bellies.

        Best to you and yours.

        Be safe…..NinaO….respect….BA.

        • Don’t forget to keep checking craigslist and yard sales for great deals! I scored some brand new small solar panels on CL a while ago. 2X 20 watt, 2X 10 watt, 2x 5 watt mono panels for 100 bucks. They are great for small remote surviellance and ATV/MC batteries. Picked up some brand new 260 watt panels too for 120 each. Lots of tools cheap at yard sales. Good clothes dirt cheap at the thrift store too. You don’t have to be rich to prep, just wise….

          • Just to remind you of some deals I have got from craigslist…

            72 #10 cans of 4 year old freeze dried Daily Bread brand entrees- 400 bucks

            Brand new breadmaker- 5 bucks

            1000 pounds of double bagged triple cleaned long term storage wheat- 100 bucks.

            32 #10 cans of misc. freeze dried food 3 years old- 160 bucks

            8 barely used 260 watt solar panels- 640 bucks

            Brand new Outback military inverter 2KW retails for 4000 bucks, I paid 1000 bucks!

            8KW Outback grid tie inverter with battery backup (can run on either batteries or send power back to the grid) With 2 Outback Flexmax 80 charge controllers (total value 5100 bucks) 1700 bucks!

            50 feet of 2/0 welding cable- 25 bucks

            An entire toyota 4runner FULL of wine making equipment- 240 bucks

            100- 75 watt used solar panels (mono) 2500 bucks (doubled my $ on them).

            The list goes on but you see what I mean! Just do it!

            • Got all of my firewood free on Craigslist. Get scrap metal and turn it into $ too. use the $ for preps and to maintain my stuff. Look under the free stuff got a treadmill for the wife just adjusted the belt and it works fine. All kinds of free stuff.

        • BadAmerican, I know how you feel. Several months ago I reorganized and subsequently had 4 whole shelves of free space available. I was so excited by what new prepping supplies I could add! It’s a great feeling, but enjoy it while it lasts.

          • Justice:

            Good Day.

            Roger that. I feel like Santa, making a list…checking it twice.

            I wonder if my SO will notice that I designate “more ammo” as a foodstuff…lol…Nah, I think she is wise to me.

            Best to you and yours.

            Be safe……….BA.

      7. This post made me laugh because it is so true. Snowflakes will really have a hard time in the SHTF event(s). So sad…

        • Snowflakes get crazed over anything outside of normal. Panera Bread slices some bagels bread-wise and they thought even that was too much.

          ht tps://mashable.com/article/sliced-bagels-panera-tweet/?utm_campaign=a-rr-entertainment&utm_source=internal&utm_medium=onsite#eupwdr8Nrsq1

      8. What about the always overlooked physical conditioning.
        Get your fat ass in shape. Be able to walk, run, fight, hide. Movement is life.

        What about emotional and spiritual fitness.

        There is a war on for your mind.
        There is a war on for your spirit.
        There is Deception, Distraction, Delusion, Entertainment, All designed to keep you from doing what you should.

        You are in a Quite War NOW!
        Quite weapons are being used NOW!

        * Unplug lieing TV, cancel cable, Limit Internet use.
        * Work out, get in shape NOW.
        * Read your kjv bible. Find a church, Build relationships, Follow Jesus.
        * Ready your Body, Mind, Spirit.
        * Prepare for coming Great Deceptions.

        You can not always trust what is presented to you.
        Your eyes can be decieved. Holograms, photo editing.
        Mind manipulated.
        You can not always trust what you hear. Voice to skull technology can even put words in your head.

        Are you ready for that? Get ready NOW.
        AI-Robots-Drones-Facial Recognition-DNA Sniffers
        Constant lies and deception by Politician/Corporations/Media/Web fear mongers. Don’t get sucked in.

        Chaos of the mind is a tactic the “elite” controllers use.

      9. Today the Potus Trump reminded We The People of a EMP . War by other means is over ,THEY shot their wad or did THEY just have more time to bring in the Troops over our Borders to control major city’s , Many Hyphenated humans could not care less about real life for THEY are infected by EVIL . HELL is Real and HELL on earth is what the Infamous THEY have always planed to bring to our Republic . I was informed by the greatest Generation in 1975 that THEY were real ,that THEY meant to bring HELL on Earth by any means possible,how this came about was i ask my first boss about what he did in WW2 ,what he did was put together Men WHO fought EVIL and survived to tell their story . These Men told me more than I bargained for . Today 2019 march 26 what once was a Conspiracy has now become ONE SECOND AFTER .

      10. Justice, Sgt. Dale recommended a couple years a go the bushnell equinox night vision. I got one and it works great and cost about 260 bucks. Get the unit with the rifle mount that way you can use it on a rifle with a red dot or take it off and use it as a portable unit. I have the 4X unit and I love it. Digital night vision has made NV a LOT more affordable now! Even with the illuminator off it performs very well. As far as getting silver out of the country in yer kiesterr…. lol that IS a problem! Maybe 1/10 oz. palladium coins?

        • my aunt carried a gold watch in her butt all during WWII….in des moines.

          • TMI! lol

        • Thanks I will check it out. It may be next months prep!

      11. Wheat is a grain not a berry, stop calling it wheat berry.

      12. Excellent article! I pray that those people who are “behind the eight ball” will wisely use this list to prepare.A lot of great scenario’s here that can cause mighty grief.

      13. Best article ever.just pulled my grand dads watch from my butt and put it on Craig’s list !

      14. And if you act now, send $195.99 and receive two Hungarian Water Plants along with the new book, “The Sky is Rising”, by the boogyman

        • Good vid. Thanks for posting.

      15. apple cider vinegar or canned cranberry sauce will reduce the symptoms of kidney stones. Dollar store has Vicks for a buck, a gob pushed down your throat will cure strep throat. Hot water bottles, have a couple at least, if your heat goes out you can heat water over a fire outside or on woodstove, 2 hot water bottles in your bed will help you get to sleep faster and you can reuse the water the next day. Stock up on condiments, strawberry jam is cheap, dill pickles are cheap, helps the dry bland food taste better. Little comforts-It’s not the length of the journey that wears you down, its the pebble in your shoe..

        • think I’ll go out and get me a couple more hot water bottles 🙂

          • sleeping in the cold is just like standing in the cold……do it with layers. our scouts go camping in the mountains when it’s 25 degrees, and all i gotta do to be toasty-warm is throw a couple furniture pads on top of my 30* sleeping bag. you must seal out any cold air getting to you. also, wearing a hat works well to keep warm. pull sleeping bag/furniture pad over your head far enough to keep out the cold, but still able to breathe well. i do sleep in polypro longjohns when up there too. the military made the best longjohns money can buy, and usually cheap at surplus stores.

            • So true. It’s been a while since I camped and it snowed on the tent. I wasn’t cold until I got outside. FWIW, I slept alone in a small tent while camping with scouts. I would have been cold in a bigger tent.

        • “…a gob pushed down your throat will cure strep throat.”

          A gob (of Vicks) pushed down MY throat will “cure” me of life itself. YOURS!
          I think I’d just as soon have strep. It would be easier to handle.

          • best cure i ever tried for sore throat was warm salt water gargle….just had to do this again a month ago….don’t eat or drink anything to wash away that salt afterwards, of coarse.

            • Exactly so… and virtually free as well.

      16. #12 – Coffee is, in reality, #1 because running out of coffee is a non-survivable event… and the only kind worth drinking comes from New Orleans. Therefore, since I have to “import” it, I stay well stocked!

      17. If you think the learning curve is steep for some of us intent on and actually teaching ourselves how to do stuff like garden or get by without electricity in good times,
        Just imagine how steep it will be for the inept and comfortably numb AFTER everything goes to hell in a handbasket……

        • Alas for many, it will be impossible to surmount.

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