2,000 Veterans Descend On Standing Rock As “Human Shield” Against Brutal Assault on Water Protectors

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    The stand at Standing Rock has reached a critical point.

    State officials have ordered the protesters to vacate U.S. Army Corp of Engineer’s land, but there is no sense that anyone is prepared to leave.

    Instead, some 2,000 veterans are headed into the camp to act as a human shield against any further attempts to remove water protectors or inflict violence upon them.

    As USA Today reported:

    Thousands of U.S. veterans will descend this weekend on the site in North Dakota where Native Americans have been protesting the construction of a pipeline that would threaten water and their land.

    Some 2,000 veterans will join demonstrations against the Dakota Access Pipeline with the idea of giving a break to protesters who have engaged in the standoff for months. The veterans also want to call attention to the violent treatment that law enforcement has waged on the protesters, according to Veterans Stand for Standing Rock.

    “We want to offer them a moment of peace and, if we can, take a little bit of pressure off,” said Ashleigh Jennifer Parker, a Coast Guard veteran and spokeswoman for Veterans Stand for Standing Rock.

    Meanwhile, authorities have been threatening to impose a $1,000 fine on individuals who remain in the area; officials have asked stores to stop selling heating fuel and other supplies to protesters.

    Worse, hundreds of water protectors were injured by the Sheriff’s Dept. who used water cannons and tear gas canisters to enforce parameters set by law enforcement. Serious bodily harm was done to numerous individuals.

    Many of them are now initiating legal action, as this standoff escalates to a whole new level.

    As Claire Bernish reported:

    A multi-state coalition of police led by the Morton County Sheriff’s Department inflicted hours of punishing violence against peaceful Standing Rock water protectors — leaving hundreds injured and traumatized — so a coalition of lawyers has now filed a class-action, excessive force lawsuit.

    “The Morton County Sheriff’s office not only violates the constitutional rights of peaceful protesters, but their actions highlight the long history of abuse against Indigenous peoples,” said Water Protector Legal Collective (WPLC) attorney Brandy Toelupe. “From the beginning, governments have used their latest technologies to take land and resources from Native nations and oppress Indigenous peoples. Sheriff [Kyle] Kirchmeier’s actions make it clear that nothing has changed.”

    An initiative of the National Lawyer’s Guild called the WPLC filed the class-action suit “seek[ing] an immediate injunction preventing [use of] impact munitions such as rubber bullets and lead-filled ‘beanbags,’ water cannons and hoses, explosive teargas grenades and other chemical agents against protesters.”


    These heavily and unnecessarily militarized officers — instead of responding to concerns ambulances have difficulties accessing and leaving the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation — unleashed the furious assault against the crowd as night fell. That offensive by police lasted for over six hours — unrelenting in scope and force — leaving hundreds injured, a few severely.

    After months of protesting, the situation is now at its most crucial. Will civil disobedience prevail?

    It is a potentially pivotal American moment, as many different strands of society are interweaving to take up this issue.

    The presence of U.S. military veterans will increase the physical defenses of the water protectors, and will also add a sense of legitimacy and cross-cultural support to the issues they are standing for.

    As USA Today notes:

    Two-thousand veterans have signed up and the Oceti Sakowin protesters’ campsite cannot hold more veterans than that, but about 1,000 more have said they plan to come, Parker said. The veterans plan to set up on Dec. 4 and will stay at least through Dec. 7, she said. She later added that some would remain indefinitely at Standing Rock.

    “The militarized police paid for by tax dollars … is unconstitutional,” Parker said.

    “People are being brutalized; concussion grenades are being thrown into crowds,” Parker said. “They’re spraying people, even old women, and other elders of the tribe with tear gas and pepper spray and all of this is just unconstitutional. I can’t believe the media hasn’t taken more of an interest in this.”

    The Dakota Pipeline protest has left-leaning flavor and appeal, and it should be a politically-correct win for Obama to use his rightful power to stop the assault against the protesters. But the water protectors also have the populist flavor and appeal that was being sold during the Malheur occupation, and the power of ideological holdouts taking a stand on territorial disputes is too potent a force for the feds to handle. Played the wrong way, it could once again teach the public that they have power to resist against the tyranny that is being imposed upon them, issue by issue at the local level.

    That’s where Obama is showing his true stripes. He is being called upon by the left to take a stand for a cause that is partially environmental, and could legitimately taint a huge portion of the nation’s drinking water. But it is unlikely that Obama would take a stand, because it would betray his private loyalties. Instead, Obama will most likely remain silent and aloof, tacitly backing the corporate interests who brought him into power while literally hundreds of protesters are being attacked by law enforcement and other officials.

    Here’s the case, which commenter Zeus brought to the fore, as Counterpunch reported:

    What many do not realize is that the Dakota Access, a subsidiary of Energy Transfer Partners LLP, originally routed this pipeline near Bismarck but authorities worried that an oil spill would wreck the state capital’s drinking water, so the crossing was moved to a half mile from the reservation across land taken from the tribe in 1958 without their consent. If the tribe had been consulted, the government would have learned that this route requires digging up sacred places, old burial grounds and Lake Oahe, but the Army Corps of Engineers approved this path under a “fast track” option called Permit 12.

    Why is this a safety concern? According to the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, since 1995, more than 2,000 significant accidents involving oil and petroleum pipelines have occurred. From 2013 to 2015, an average of 121 accidents happened every year. Pipelines are approved by states, but access via waterways and federal lands must be approved by the Army Corps of Engineers. On September 9, 2016, the Departments of Justice, the Army and the Interior stated they would not authorize the building of the pipeline near the tribal lands and asked the pipeline company to voluntarily pause all construction activity within 20 miles east or west of Lake Oahe. The company has not followed this directive. Only a few days later, Energy Transfer Partners LLP sent contractors back to work near Standing Rock, where over 20 protestors who discovered this were arrested. President Obama can not only order the work to stop, but he can also deploy the Army Corps of Engineers, or even the National Guard, to stop the violence being perpetrated by local, regional and state officials against the nonviolent protestors.

    There are some outrageous power dynamics at work here, and clearly there is good reason to object to the looming contamination of safe drinking water for the general population.

    As Claire Bernish notes, this is not happening:

    Eyewitnesses, medics, and independent journalists at the scene reported law enforcement targeting people’s heads heads and legs with rubber bullets, impact grenades, and exploding canisters of tear gas.


    President Obama, the Justice Department, and Washington officials have been silent on the abuses occurring in Standing Rock — and Senator Cory Booker only recently officially demanded the DOJ monitor the situation and launch a civil rights investigation.

    “The civil rights violations that night were deliberate and punitive,” WPLC attorney Rachel Lederman asserted. “The Morton County Sheriff’s Department’s illegal use of force against the Water Protectors has been escalating. It is only a matter of luck that no one has been killed. This must stop.”

    The leftists in power in the U.S. government have done nothing to protect their civil rights, and have not given any attention to the Standing Rock situation, which is grounded in local and grassroots groups, as President Obama and others have for Black Lives Matter and other underwritten divide and conquer astroturf movements.

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      1. The establishment needs to be toppled,
        If those elected to supposedly do that don, then they can go down the drain too when we have to resort to extreme violence to clean house

        • Some 2,000 veterans will join demonstration

          I’ll believe it when i see it.

          Liberal issued fake news.

          • Nope its true I leave soon to join them.

            • Better go armed, no sense going to a protest like that unarmed facing off with armed government thugs.

          • Mac, I sincerely appreciate you writing this article and point out the facts of the Souix Water Protectors. The MSM sure is NOT reporting this, nor many other websites. These people are our First Americans that preserved this entire Nation in pristine condition for the European invasion. After so much genocide, broken treaties and Fraud, the Natives have been pushed out into the remote areas, and denied inclusion and opportunity.

            These 2000 Veterans heading out to join in the water protectors are true Hero’s and Patriots, the Modern Calvary, in which one Vet said, (paraphrase) this is the first time in a long time that the Soldiers of America are really fighting for Americans, and on American Soil.

            The physical abuse on unarmed peaceful protestors as you listed, are really Human rights violations, and where the heck is Obama, not bringing a peaceful end to this. So many rules and laws have been violated by the pipeline company, including lack of proper permitting, proper legal notice, and on and on.

            I almost had tears running down my face, seeing this article pop up. Like finally the light is on, bringing out the truth. Always keep writing the truth and its is matters like this, that we all need to help stand behind.

            I know what this is like, as for 6 years, I fought a US Air Force Base for overhead air space and noise violations, 4th Amendment Taking without Compensation, Fraud in their EPA Required reports, and failure to comply with FOIA requests. Most people are so dumbed down (even the Victims in my case) to even get a grip on a minute part of the violations and take a stand. Everybody thinks someone else will take car of the problem. Everybody needs to participate, or they do not deserve freedom. I learned all about the “Good Ol’ Boy” protections from corrupt politicians who are complicit in the Fraud, are never held accountable either. It truly is the 800 Lb Gorilla. It is also really hard to even find any Atty that will take a case against the Government, because it take 5 years and a lot of money to file a suit against the Government, where the Government has Billions at their disposal (our Tax Money)to delay, fight, and deny legitimate right being violated.

            Remember it is always important to show up to Public Meetings and get your statements on the Record, outlining all the Fraud, so it throws a wrench in their scams. In my case too, I discovered there was no free press, and nearly impossible to get the truth out to the masses. It is all controlled and coordinated. And why a website like SHTFPlan, is a Public forum to share freely info to bring these issues public.

            Thanks again, Zeus. Stand up for your rights. We stand with the Water Protectors. Pass this article on to everyone, Thx

            • Give them their casinos and smoke shops and move on…
              That’s all it’s really about.

              • The only thing the Indian reservations are good for any more are their fireworks stands. I don’t support their tax exempted casinos and their tribal people no longer represent their ancestral cultures. Time to end the special treatment and subsidies for them.

            • Are you any where near this area, Zeus? Do you truly know what is going on here other than what you read? This article contains some grave inaccuracies. There are reports of a good deal of “Go Fund Me” page fraud taking place and local Native Americans and Ranchers with protesters squatting on their property and asking for handouts. There children and families have been threatened and terrorized. Protestors come here broke, unprepared for the weather and with a grand idea “dream” that the commune will take care of them.

              Local rancher residents are having vehicles stolen and damaged, livestock stolen and butchered and equipment destroyed.

              • Mr. Local
                Your problems are about to be Reduced. Much Fewer protesters.
                Bullies in jack boots will have nothing to do with your change of fortune.

                That faithful friend, old Man of the North, Mr. Old Man Winter is on his way.
                Kicking butt and not bothering to take a name, is his game.
                Frostbite or Death is his calling card at your Parallel.
                Not many, so called modern people, can deal with Mr. Old Man Winter for an extended term. So most protesters will go home.

                By the way. If you are a local then you should know that asking others that have plenty to share is a cultural thing. “A man with more than one blanket is expected to share if he has more.” And likely the pick up truck stolen is parked in town and will be found undamaged.

                And as for Trespassing. The land belongs to the creator. I don’t think he minds if another man’s feet crosses or even if he squats for a bit. The White owners will be dead within 50-100 years max. The owners OWN no land to begin with. They are just selfish land Pirates that tried to hog everyone else’s earth away for themselves.

                There are two sides to everything.

                That being said. I would ask them Politely to Leave. No matter if Protester-Police. I’d treat them the same. Give them food and tea-coffee-water. Offer them a ride back to where ever. I’d give them a blanket or two if needed. I’m generous, thoughtful, and can appreciate their situation/circumstance.

                But if they Whoever refused to get off my place, I would then sick the dogs and bulls on them as motivation, while bringing out my Loaded Shotgun. But that is just me.
                Leave or get run over by livestock, dog bit, and shot in the ass. Yes I would. Yes I have.

                ..aarrrrgh…… Matey

                • CBJ, A Local makes very valid points. The protestors were asked to leave in the beginning but refused. They are out there for an illegitimate cause. When you go looking for trouble, you’re guaranteed to find it somewhere. This article smelled bogus to me and A Local confirmed it for me. I’m glad to hear you would stand up for your property rights but you don’t have any respect for other people’s property rights. That is wrong. If you want to give something to protestors, that is your own decision to make. I’ll grant you that. But there’s no obligation to do so. Nobody is owed anything in life, not even white people. Plus I don’t care for your anti-white remarks. I’ll just leave it right there before I get worse.

                  • 1:00 pm CST Sheriff’s Department 1/2 hour news conference. Department waiting for Feds. Camp on Fed land, pipeline uncompleted on Federal land. Morton County – pop 60k?ish has 10M and growing bill for this. Have met with local tribal elders/veterans group/State LE and ND Ntl Guard. Planning (hoping) to enlarge barrier space between them and look at each other. As long as space not breeched nothing happens. Bad rumors coming out of camp – will have to see. I hope this NC shows up on U-tube, but it is not there yet.

                    CBJ – yes to the one blanket thing. Many reservations are pure socialist/communist ideas. One brave works hard, builds nice home and business and relatives show up, move in and mooch and trash the place until One brave gives up, quits job and sits at home with the rest. Very sad, but the way it often is. Not all though – some are productive, hard working and most are off and have little to no contact with Res. Again – I sound like a hater, but it is how it is. As stated before – they are like all of us – all colors – and all LEOs. There are good, honest, ethical, hard working ones and there are the others…..

                    • A Local, I’ll agree about the good and bad in every group, including the Indians. I refuse to use the PC term ‘Native Americans’. I see the same thing happen with the blacks in my area. I admit I have no use for the foreigners that the feds keep allowing in and living on our tax dollars. The subsidies for the Indians and the special treatment in regards to their reservations needs to come to an end. I appreciate your insight on what’s really going on there.

                • Captian you first state The owners Qwn no land? then you state if they whoever refused to get off my place dogs bulls and shotgun would be in play. you cant have it both ways. I thing Sitting Bull. Who wasn’t a war chief but a Hunkpapa Medicine Man. He supposively stated a People wil be in a land for a time. And a stronger people will come along and take that land from them. That’s just the way things are. My opinion As long a you can prevent interlopers and you are the occupant of a place its your land. The strongest & meanest rule. That’s simply the way it is. Life isn’t fair deal with it.

            • Oh bullshit “zeus”. These are NOT “water protectors”, they are SOROS paid AGITATORS bused in from all over. For shits sake, here’s a soon to become “fake news site”. Everyone needs to do their due diligence and read up on this BS “protest” themselves. Same goes for that stupid bitch that damn near blew her arm off trying to make homemade propane tank bombs, then blaming it on police “concussion” grenades.

              Police don’t have “concussion” grenades, they have flash bangs. These so-called “concussion” grenades these asshat “protesters” and MSM are talking about are MK3 offensive blast grenades. POLICE DO NOT HAVE THEM.

              Jesus people, you are turning into “alt right” sheeple….

          • Him, I do have some further insghts… I felt the exact same way when I heard about the Bundi protestors– same old right wing protesters– trying to start trouble about something they were wrong about…

            But as the author (?forgot name) Whitehead said, as long as the elite can divide us, they win and business as usual continues. They have it figured out that as long as they only attack one protest group at a time, others will not stand up for them and so they can eliminate us one group at a time.

            Hitler did the same thing… When they rounded up the gypsies, people didn’t care.. they didn’t like the gypsies anyhow! When the Nazis came for the homeless and took them away. NO ONE CARED!! Etc… finally, the came for the Catholics and then for ones neighbors… but since it was the neighbors, WHO CARED!! And then they “came for me” and there was no one there to stand up for me and my family either. THINK ABOUT IT— REAL HARD!!!!

          • john stiner, you are a divider– think about it… You work for who???

          • This is a bogus issue. And it is not a Veteran’s issue. There is no Constitutional issue here and the pipeline is not on Indian land.

            If Veteran’s For Peace were a serious veteran’s group they would be storming the VA and taking hostages. Its bogus.

            Additionally the Tribe FAILED to participate in planning discussions but were invited to do so. Most telling, the proposed pipeline follows an existing pipeline route.

            That said, I am opposed to the pipeline because it is designed to carry crude all the way to Louisiana, not just Whiting and East Chicago where the refineries are located in Illinois.

            This protest, for me, has “RANCHER BUNDY” written all over it. Stupid is as stupid does. 🙁

            • Hey DK, you do realize there are limits on what they can refine in the midwest, right? So what if they transport it to LA or IL? The distance isnt the issue, its the retarded people all over that think the govt is trampling “native american” (WTF is a “native american anyway”) rights, which they ARE NOT. Seems even the alt-right people are turning into sheeple.

        • YES, I READ THE GOVT HAS NEW LAWS WHICH SAYS POLICE CAN BASICALLY KILL PROTESTORS AND GET AWAY WITH IT– LEFTISTS OR RIGHT WINGERS… wish I had the paper! this conservative, right winger gave it to me. He was real upset because he believes there will be a civil war in the US and the govt has it fixed so they can do all these horrible things to protestors— this isn’t just about environmentalists, its about US, THE AMERICAN CITIZENS!!!!

          • Anon,the killing goes both ways,they start killing protestors who are basically unarmed will bet many citizens will decide time to start killing back,especially folks with those whose friends/family killed,then,real ugly insanity begins.

            I really hope it does not happen but plan and prep as it will!

            • Warchild, everyone has the right to self-defense, even against cops. There’s a SCOTUS ruling somewhere upholding the right to self-defense against any cops using an unjustifiable amount of force. I’ll have to look it up unless someone here can refresh my memory. If they start killing civilians in large numbers, then it has to be GAME ON. I wish it could be avoided but I doubt it the way things are going right now.

              • John Bad Elk vs Us.

              • Hey Deplorable B, you got it right. We The People are in no way expected to stand in place (in fear for our lives) and openly allow police to fire upon us “lethally” (no matter their weapons).

                That’s the very reason both the wife and I have “USCCA Insurance” ($1.1 million per incident and they provide everything to keep your ass out of jail, assuming you WERE “justified”). We also keep a secondary (backup) through “Armed Citizens Legal Defense Association” (who are based just outside of Seattle and consist of “heavy-duty” personnel acting in your behalf – the instant you call they are “on it”). In this manner I figure we are “more than covered” (on the legal side of everything, which most often ALWAYS ‘deters’ the one(s) you ended up shooting, or their family, from seeking money or ‘the like’).

                Braveheart, I’m beginning to contemplate the odds of ‘democratic-devils’ are being released into our nation in HOPES OF INCURRING a Civil War (with the thought of immediately invoking Martial Law), which NOBODY (with a brain) would remotely adhere to, meaning in a short time the LEOs would just cease to exist, along with about the same number of civilians, with the remainder still fighting or hiding.

                How many are aware that the LEOs with water cannons have now COMPLETELY COVERED (with huge tarps of some kind), every bit of everything so that News Stations can’t use their drones to film what they are doing to “cause harm” (purposely) to the folks on the bridge. Of course we know the government would NEVER do anything illegal not to mention even THINK about shooting a civilian that is unarmed. (And just where in The Constitution does it say the government has the right to order you NOT TO HAVE OR BRING FIREARMS (under the threat of being fined heavily, or killed, or ???)?

                If people there are destroying stuff that belongs to the locals, then they are ‘dirtbags’ taking advantage of a situation KNOWING that The Indians and such will be blamed for anything THEY do (like stealing cars, killing cattle or other critters, damaging machinery). Most likely THAT stuff is being done by our own government agents, once again acting against us. (Have they ever shown us one thing to make us think differently)?

                What I mean (above) is simply that the folks on the bridge are NOT wandering off to “trash the town” at all. Whomever is ‘trashing’ the place are “planted troublemakers” doing what they are paid to do so that LEOs or government can “justify” another slaughter of some sort.

                Considering that “they” are down to one month and about 20-days, there are a plethora of actions that COULD be unloosed, and I’ve every reason to believe that they will be (cause they’ve got nothing left to loose at this point).

                This leaves us in “quite the crack” doesn’t it?

                Damn them. Screw them. To Hell with them!
                Of course, there are always going to be two sides, and in this story one side is exceptionally vicious and ‘actively seeking first blood’. (Hasn’t that line already been crossed? ie; LaVoy)?

                Isn’t it a foregone conclusion that The Democrats would do ANYTHING to halt, arrest or even “destroy 20JAN17” to prevent Trump being sworn in? (Because AFTER that date everything gets FAR more difficult for them …which is why they are doubling down HARD now).

                I do not see any way to initialize an ‘avoidance’ of what is intended to be ‘forced upon us’ and I suppose we can expect a TON of EO’s to be flying off POTUS’s desk (no need to speculate there).

                It would be MOST INTERESTING to see those LEO’s “grappling” with 2,000+ Combat Veterans wouldn’t it? lol… No doubt they are ‘armored’ (at the very least), and have no need of weaponry (just their bodies) to ‘soundly trounce’ the LEOs. (And once The Veteran’s get ‘unconstitutionally hit’ ONE TIME (or shot at and killed) …IT IS ON and veterans from coast-to-coast will then come out to ‘nail it down’ in their AO’s. Both LEOs and Veterans will lose their lives before this one “passes” – (after all, we ALL “took our Oath” and fully intend to keep that Oath “to the death” if needs be. If that means the killing of other Americans, do we have any other choice?

                After all, if someone is FIRING upon you, who IS NOT going to return fire (with their backs to a wall)? *Which is how the veterans feel they have been positioned with regards to The Government AND an unknown number of LEOs.

                Given all of the above (right or wrong doesn’t matter to us), we have decided we are missing some absolutely MUST HAVE items in our ‘preps’. DRONES (we ordered ours last night with 2-day shipping).

                How quaint! …and just my 2-cents worth and a fact that THIS EVENT now has the potential to ‘rock the world’ (and what changed the landscape was the addition of 2,000+ veterans with more on the way as there is NOT going to be another WACO or ‘the like’ allowed, not this time). 🙂


                • Equorial, that’s one of your most interesting posts ever and I have to agree. You must’ve been reading my mind because I already thought all about these same things this morning. Ever since the Bundy affair I’ve been ‘packing heat’ locked-and-loaded in the truck everywhere I go. Ever since the Clinton era I’ve been carrying certain self-defense items with me that are probably illegal to carry, but I don’t follow any stupid laws that can interfere with good people’s right to self-defense and give an advantage to any type of sum who wants to harm me. I don’t give a shit about legality, only getting out of certain situations alive. I’ll do whatever I consider necessary to survive such an encounter and don’t care about any ‘legal restrictions’.

                  • Aye, since your BOL is ‘a stone’s throw’ from ours, we should combine forces in SOME manner, and then earn the reputation as “THE DEPLORABLE PREPPERS FROM HELL” throughout the SouthEast. (We are seemingly always on the same page).

                    I was carrying concealed before it was thought of. lol… I honestly can say I’ve been ‘packing’ since 1990, even when at home, and even at this moment as I sit and type (cause ya just NEVER know …and I’m not one for taking chances when there are alternatives). In that context, I don’t believe we have any differences either, right BH?

                    You like to ‘pack’ in your truck?

                    NEAT TRICK: Build a FULL “false bottom” for your Glove-Compartment, just a hair wider than your firearm(s). Cover the bottom (glued) of the compartment with black pool-table felt (cheap at Walmart), and allow it to ‘hang over’ the front by the exact distance to wherever it may ‘touch’ while just hanging. Stick it down with most anything. (I used ‘Shoe Goo’ (Walmart and ‘cemented’ the false bottom to the ‘glove box interior’ using hot-glue, for a ‘fast set’ with ‘clean, not sloppy results’).
                    Inside MOST vehicles that little, hidden ‘cubby-hole’ isn’t easil
                    detected and being black, non-shiny cloth, it visually appears to be a solid bottom and front (even in daylight) thus NOTHING is remotely visible, when all they are truly seeing is just a layer of black felt hanging down and hiding the hidey-hole. 🙂

                    • Equorial, I’ll raise that idea with the family since it’s their call to make.

                • One protester is up on Federal charges for firing a .38 at LEO. They have enough evidence for charges. LEO have been hit with nuts, bolts, ball bearings and burning sticks from wrist rockets. That is why the helmets.

                  • A Local, I would also bet that’s a reason for the response they’ve given to the protestors. I don’t blame the cops on this one. “Peaceful” protestors, my ass!

      2. the real problem america faces are the traitorous judges, lawyers, politicians, there should be trails for treason going on in every state and the penalty carried out for treason. Then decent law abiding americans will have to clean out the filth and scum that these so called leaders have allowed to enter this country illegally.

        • But, but, but………
          Alex (Jim) Jones says
          its barely a few policemen
          who are bad-apples and brutal
          Moreover, he claims all of them
          are “false-flag” agents of Soros.

        • “the real problem america faces are the…”

          Let me finish this for you, “the American people”.

          Why? Have you ever read the US Constitution, which is not only the definer of our governments, the supreme law of this land, it is also the CONTRACT that every single person who serves within our governments (yes, plural) serve under and are Oathbound to.

          We the people have duties also, not just those who serve within the general (federal) and state governments. Our duties are to serve and train as the Militia – along with that is being educated in the US Constitution and our own state’s Constitution; the Grand Jury Investigations, and Grand Jury – yep, OUR tool. Add to that Elections that WE are REQUIRED to keep honest

          That (Militia) is because it is the people themselves who are required to train as congress requires the military to train because it the militia of each state that is entrusted with the defense of the USA and her people, not just with the defense of their state; and they are to be armed with weapons that can repel any invasions bearing modern weapons of war. Congress is required to provide those military grade weapons for the militias.

          Each state’s Militia is made up of “We the People” protecting our own interests, homes, states, nation, and enforcing our governments. The Militia has as its constitutionally assigned duties to:
          — Enforce the US Constitution (supreme law) and each state’s Constitution (highest law of the state),
          — Enforce and keep the “Laws of the Union” (which are constitutional laws ONLY),
          — Protect the country against all enemies both domestic and foreign, and
          — “to suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions”.

          Have you done any of that? If WE were doing our duty, those things would not be happening. Unlawful orders would be REFUSED (yes, all who serve within our governments at all levels are REQUIRED to do so) because there would be no person as the “leader”, but those that are officers in the enforcement of the US Constitution and their own state Constitution.

          Both those that serve within state government and within the general (federal) government are REQUIRED to use the Militia, and only the Militia for those four purposes listed above. (There are more duties NOT assigned to either government, but retained by the people).

          So what is going on here? *Terrorism and Treason. Every single person who is obeying those orders against the US Constitution are committing *Terroism and Treason – knowingly or not, and since they are ALL REQUIRED to take and KEEP that Oath – elected, hired, contracted, etc. (Remember, we have NO people that are our “leaders”, our government is basically those documents – US Constitution and each state’s Constitution, which is why all the Oaths are to “support and defend the US Constitution)

          What those that are “just following orders” and “just doing their jobs” are doing is the same as those who “just followed orders” and “just did their jobs” in Nazi Germany, in Stalinist/Lenin’s Russian, Mao’s China, etc.

          Those things that are destroying our nation could not be done without those who will follow orders instead of knowing what they are LAWFULLY required to do. If we win, if we get our nation back under the US Constitution, those same people will be tried for the above crimes. Remember the Nuremberg Trials? It held that those who ENFORCED those orders are PERSONALLY responsible for the crimes committed. That no knowing and decent human being would do those things. But they are.

          But they will get it no matter if we win our lose our nation. Why? Because those we are fighting lets no person OWN anything, so they will lose everything they have. They will not even own the clothes on their back. They will make no decisions concerning their lives every again – IF they are allowed to live.

          Watch and learn. then make a decision if you are going to KEEP the required Oath and stand for your nation. At this time, much will be forgiven, but not for much longer.

          *28 C.F.R. Section 0.85 Terrorism is defined as “the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives”.

          *Grand Jury – “The grand jury is mentioned in the Bill of Rights, but not in the body of the Constitution. It has not been textually assigned, therefore, to any of the branches described in the first three Articles. It is a constitutional fixture in its own right. In fact the whole theory of its function is that it belongs to no branch of the institutional government, serving as a kind of buffer or referee between the Government and the people”.

          “Thus, citizens have the unbridled right to empanel their own grand juries and present “True Bills” of indictment to a court, which is then required to commence a criminal proceeding. Our Founding Fathers presciently thereby created a “buffer” the people may rely upon for justice, when public officials, including judges, criminally violate the law.” (Misbehavior, “Good Behaviour” requirement)
          “The grand jury is an institution separate from the courts, over whose functioning the courts do not preside, we think it clear that, as a general matter at least, no such “supervisory” judicial authority exists. The “common law” of the Fifth Amendment demands a traditional functioning grand jury.”

          “Although the grand jury normally operates, of course, in the courthouse and under judicial auspices, its institutional relationship with the judicial branch has traditionally been, so to speak, at arm’s length. Judges’ direct involvement in the functioning of the grand jury has generally been confined to the constitutive one of calling the grand jurors together and administering their oaths of office. The grand jury’s functional independence from the judicial branch is evident both in the scope of its power to investigate criminal wrongdoing, and in the manner in which that power is exercised.”

          “The grand jury ‘can investigate merely on suspicion that the law is being violated, or even because it wants assurance that it is not.’ It need not identify the offender it suspects, or even “the precise nature of the offense” it is investigating. The grand jury requires no authorization from its constituting court to initiate an investigation, nor does the prosecutor require leave of court to seek a grand jury indictment. And in its day-to-day functioning, the grand jury generally operates without the interference of a presiding judge. It swears in its own witnesses and deliberates in total secrecy.”

          “Recognizing this tradition of independence, we have said the 5th Amendment’s constitutional guarantee presupposes an investigative body ‘acting independently of either prosecuting attorney or judge”

          “Given the grand jury’s operational separateness from its constituting court, it should come as no surprise that we have been reluctant to invoke the judicial supervisory power as a basis for prescribing modes of grand jury procedure. Over the years, we have received many requests to exercise supervision over the grand jury’s evidence-taking process, but we have refused them all. “it would run counter to the whole history of the grand jury institution” to permit an indictment to be challenged “on the ground that there was incompetent or inadequate evidence before the grand jury.” (Nor would it be lawful of them to do so.) Justice Antonin Scalia writing for the majority said In the Supreme Court case of United States v. Williams, 112 S.Ct. 1735, 504 U.S. 36, 118 L.Ed.2d 352 (1992)

          • Cal, that was one helluva post. Thank you.

          • Sorry Cal – Obama set the precedence himself. He too took an Oath and promptly used the Constitution for his personal toilet paper. Many of the people either down at Cannonball or on their way are Obama fans.

            The tribe – while it calls itself a “sovereign nation” and has its own laws and law enforcement – is an area where “white man’s law” doesn’t apply. If you are burglarized in Mandan and your stuff gets to the reservation and you can prove it you won’t get it back. It is something you must understand. It has been like that for a hundred years. That doesn’t keep tribal members from voting in the US and State Elections. If you review ND election results Heidi would have been out of office last election had it not been for the reservations.

            Some will call me a liar and a hater. I am just repeating what I have observed in my 50 + years on this earth and what has been told by my own elders who were raised in this state and are nearly 90. After all – is that not how the tribes pass on their history?

            Again – I have met some wonderful Native American people and some not so wonderful ones. They are just like the rest of us.

            • Cal is spot on. What you may not understand is that if their trust indenture to their corporate constitution is not enforced by YOU/US then you see the end result. We keep thinking it is ours BUT IT ISNT. It is up to us as an organized people to hold them accountable; but as you can see just reading this small thread how divided we have let ourselves become.

              WE are the problem NOT obama, or bush or anyone else. WE ARE! Corporations are not alive. WE give them life it is US. From the secretary in the door processing paperwork to the Judges/Attorneys prosecuting innocent people. Think Fight Club. We are schizophrenics, minors, lunatics and mentally imbalanced people fighting ourselves and calling other people to blame. Like punching yourself in the face and then saying it is obamas fault or Tyler Durden’s. haha Think about it. WE fund it. WE turn our face and dont acknowledge it, WE allow it. 1,000,000 people killed in Iraq since its inception. Did you know that or pay attention to that? 1,000,000 people dead for what? Animals slaughtered almost in those numbers per day. Babies aborted etc etc etc COME ON BROTHER WAKE UP!

              Now stay tuned for your regularly scheduled programming….

          • I like it if not LOVE it, however:

            You have failed (like 100%) to take into full account that THIS NATION IS UNDER SIEGE by a people that seek our destruction (in totality, as in genocide of millions and millions), with enemies including The POTUS and those under his command, that are PURPOSELY ABUSING ALL OF THE “RULES OF LAW” AND SUCH IN AN ALL OUT EFFORT TO DESTROY AMERICA (as she now stands, which means America is STILL the richest, most powerful on earth, Nation). Most all of The “Feral” Government is “against the people.” (Or rather, they are against WE THE PEOPLE because they want it to be WE THE SLAVES OF THE DESERVING RICH PEOPLE OF DEMOCRACY). (Even Braveheart can’t manage to get himself to be THAT deplorable).

            Everything you’ve brought into the light is, I assume, very well known (or at least it SHOULD be). The problem is that just about every ‘avenue of attack’ to “oppress them from oppressing” us is being discovered and “illegally being rendered illegal” – so that they have justification for killing your ass, no matter the reason).

            Otherwise, you have it stated “as it is supposed to be, but isn’t.” I DO agree that we need to return to “those ways” (because they work). But first, we’ve got some cleaning to do and some fighting to attend to (most likely but perhaps not), in order to start invoking “the correct ways” originally Framed …and OUT will everything else that man has “written as law” with no thought about whether these laws are constitutional or not. (And, I do believe we are ALL ‘sick and tired’ of all of these laws being passed that make us criminals yet do not affect them, because they are above the law (as in Hillary). However, they are going to see their Clinton Foundation “torn asunder” by The FBI (ain’t NO WAY that “we the people” are going to allow her to just walk away unscathed after committing THAT MANY federal crimes)! Or if SHE can, then everyone can so let’s just open the prisons and let the guys and gals out since nothing is illegal…

            If The Nation does NOT “take down” The Clinton’s (and others), then it will be, from them, non-stop bullshit on all levels in an all-out-effort to make OUR efforts as meaningless as possible, or even useless if they can manage such a thing. So, removal is the only remaining option that is “safe” and “In The Best Interests Of National Security.”

          • Spot on

      3. the hate for law enforcement is rising in this country, why is it, it is because law enforcement protects the criminals that are destroying have basically destroyed the country.

        • charlie2dogs ..AMEN to both of your posts. Vert truthful.

          • Be sure and send your support to your beloved law enforcement officials. The asskissing, buttsucking, yes man, order following, coward, oathbreaking, fascist, statist, anti-freedom, bloodthirsty, freakshow, spineless, pickle smooching, petty tyrant, sellout, lowlife, scumbag, shitstains of the earth, mindless, zombie, can’t get any other job, bully, bootlicking, powermad, asswipes that are facilitating this! Fly your flag high and tell them how much you appreciate yet another tyranny on the innocent!

            • Genius, yes that’s sad but true. It’s a damn shame we may end up in a war against them, but what the hell do they expect considering the attitude they have toward us? No matter what kind of toys they have, we outnumber them 100s to 1. I wish they would stop and take a time out to really think about what they’ve been doing but I doubt that will happen.

            • You know. If someone damages your family or property I sure hope you don’t expect the law to come and take care of the situation….just a thought.

              You do realize that name callers generally don’t have an argument of substance…

            • Gee Genius, you really need to add some descriptive elements to your posts (just to promote clarity you see). 🙂

          • only because we have given up our unalienable rights that were constitutionally protected by sheriffs on the land and now we have “incorporated” with limited liability with the corporations. When you were “born” (like budweiser and their born on dates haha) and they gave you your “organization” shell corporation to conduct commerce with. The Police, policy enforcers, are here to protect their/your corporate interests not YOUR natural person, God given, unalienable Rights that you traded for.

            You now have benefits, opportunities and privileges. Arent you glad its called voluntary servitude…..

            Now back to your regularly scheduled programming

        • Shit Charlie your pissing in the wind.
          Its all about the money and how much do you have ?
          Time’s getting short for most of us.
          So enjoy what life/ little life you have left before we go back to mother earth.

          Then we are all pain free.

          Lookup pain body in the urban dictionary everyone.

          • From the philosophy of best-selling author and spiritualist Eckhart Tolle, a pain-body is the collective manifestation of all the pain, misery, and sorrow a person has ever gone through their entire life, and all the things they inherited from their culture and family history as well.

            That is the biggest load of shit i have ever heard.

            pain misery and sorrow inherited from their culture and family history??????????????

            What liberal progressive garbage is this?

            If only they all had reparations to heel that family history of woe…..

            • JS, LMAO! And I thought I already knew all of the libturd propaganda by heart. This is a new one on me. I agree the libs are full of shit.

            • It’s drivel, intended to allow the perennially butthurt to rationalize their adopted agonies.


              • Web Hacker Anonymous has also hacked into some of the Supply contractors that has provided Flash bangs, tear gas, etc, to these Paramilitary thugs on the line at Standing Rock. And took some sites down. This situation has grabbed World Wide attention.

              • Snot is “stupid?” Um, so when it dries into a “booger” has it then gained knowledge, or still equally as uninformed, and a bit dehydrated (making thought harder)?

            • John Stiner:

              One of my former co-workers brought a mug into the break room. On it was this:

              “Stress is what happens when you can not strangle someone who deserves it.”

              ?. ?


          • Now hold on, there is a legitimate pain called arthritis that can spawn from an individual not “letting go” of all their blame, beefs, and mental anguish of un-forgiveness. If hanging on to the past is their preference, that’s their problem and their pain, for sure. A song comes to mind (sorry if it sticks in your head all day)…Let it go, let it go…
            And being an un-relenting “victim” is generational.

            • Mountain woman:

              Arthritis is an auto-immune response to what is perceived by the immune system as an invader. Glutin and dairy are sometimes interpreted as such an invader in genetically sensitive persons. There is a gene for arthritis. It is not psychosomatic. Emotions can exacerbate the condition, but letting go or hanging on alone does not Cause, and probably will not cure the condition.

              With that said, a cheerful disposition, devoid of guilt or blame, is a healthy attitude.


              • @BfromCA
                I forget one must include “sarc off” after a comment! Yes you are right and I love your “cheerful disposition” comment.
                I am just so over generational blame games. My ancestors have a beef with England but heck we assimilated into a new country and work for a living. We let it go. No sense as their great great grandchild to keep fighting a war that is over or blaming the people of that generation. Just my humble opinion.

      4. Bring your long johns – End of next week will have highs just above zero, lows below zero, and wind chills way below zero. You will be entering a time of year when Mother Nature in North Dakota is out to kill you. And every winter she has some success!

        • Travel plans, pack accordingly.

          Record cold coming to ‘almost entire USA’ – Low temperature records set to be SHATTERED


          “This cold air mass is first going to arrive in Alaska this weekend.

          …the cold air dives into the western US during the first half of next week and then it’ll likely blast into the eastern US late next week.

          In fact, by the time Saturday, December 10th rolls around, there may be colder-than-normal conditions all the way from Alaska to the southeastern US. Beyond that, it looks like this colder pattern will indeed have some staying power as we move deeper into the month of December.”

          ht tp://www.climatedepot.com/2016/11/30/climatologist-dr-roger-pielke-sr-i-cannot-recall-last-time-i-have-seen-such-a-cold-anomaly-forecast-across-almost-entire-usa/

        • Do you know where the F scale and the C scale meet? Minus 40 F/C. People in North Dakota know this because winter sometimes gets there and propane becomes a liquid at atmospheric pressure. That is when your furnace shuts down.

          I suspect you already know this NorseMan but others should understand that Long Johns are only the first sub-layer of required clothing!

          • Layers are great down to zero or so – including base layers. But once you get to around minus 15 – it’s darn cold no matter what you have on, and your thoughts turn to figuring out how to get out of the cold and into someplace warm! You also lose the effects of any fire – because the heat cannot get through those same layers of insulation. Hot food and drink and moving around without sweating are your best hope.

      5. Now this is what can be called the real Americans and the real American spirit. To stand by the truth and to protect defenseless American natives against the J***den owned wall street blood suckers who sadly are being selected to the top financial jobs in the swamp.


      6. The myth of ‘Officer Friendly’ is only for very young children, and attractive young females.

      7. Americans NOT In The Labor Force Soar To Record 95.1 Million: Jump By 446,000 In One Month

        “Why did the unemployment rate tumble from 4.9% to 4.6%?

        Simple: the number of Americans who are no longer in the labor force spiked by 446,000 in November, hitting an all time high of 95.1 million.”

        ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-12-02/americans-not-labor-force-soar-record-951-million-surge-446000-one-month

        *The labor force “participation rate”, (the OFFICIAL employment rate REPORTED in mainstream media) INCLUDES PEOPLE WHO ARE UNEMPLOYED, BUT LOOKING FOR WORK.

        • Population,
          318.9 million
          Those considered not in workforce
          Percentage unemployed by these numbers

          Thats pretty high compared to 4.5%

          • Nailbanger,

            I agree. The REAL unemployment number is MUCH higher than the “official number reported.”

            Also from the above article…
            “Adding the number of unemployed workers to the people not in the labor force, there are now over 102.5 million Americans who are either unemployment or no longer looking for work.”

            • if you take out the numbers for elderly or children under 18 yrs its scary high, and the number reported as those not participating is low, its much higher.
              Those under employed are not counted,
              Its coming, why else do you think they let Trump in, my bet is that as soon as he is inaugurated everything will come unglued.

              • I agree! I am amazed everything hasn’t come unglued already.

          • Actually:
            US population of adults 18 and older: 242M
            Those not considered in work force 95M
            Unemployed but looking: 12M

            ACTUAL unemployment: 44.2%
            People on Gov Assistance: Approx 50%
            People working for gov agencies that should be fired: several million.

            This is unsustainable.

            • M you are right on. I know several ‘gave up lookings” but are living with/off of employed family.

              The government agency part is dead on too…

              Meanwhile – this protest is another distraction from the real problems we have on the borders and elsewhere.

      8. Wounded Knee
        Trail of Tears
        Small Pox infected Blankets given to BIA to hand out
        1950 Atomic tests on US soldiers by US Army
        Black soldiers given syphilis by US Government and then Doctors just watched them die.
        Japanese Internment Camps
        Ruby Ridge Idaho-Unarmed woman holding a child assassinated by FBI sniper
        Waco-Women and children burned to death by Feds

        Nothing changes.
        These are ALL criminal Acts by US Government with NO Consequences.

        DO you people understand who your government is?
        Think about that EVERYTIME you salute your Red-White-Blue rag of Murder and Genocide.

        • These things Tony M listed are murderous deeds done By USA Government to their OWN citizens within the USA Borders. They did it to their own people. Why aren’t these acts stopped?

          Now just think of the murders done by USA Government to other people in other lands. Why are the American people silent?
          -False Flag Lies used to start wars.
          -9/11 Lies and cover up
          -Bush Lying about Weapons of Mass Destruction to start wars-drop bombs on civilians-drone strike innocent people.
          -The CIA will drone strike and Murder hundreds of people in a group to get a Hand Full of Ass Wipes that actually do Deserve to be hit.
          -Wiping out a city block of Innocent people with drone strikes to get just a few deserving Dirt Bags.
          -Abortion of babies in their Mothers wombs. This is Murder. They cut arms and legs off of babies, suck them up with vacume cleaner, throw body parts in trash can or sell the parts to science labs.

          How does a human being deal with this?
          How can Anyone of Logic blindly follow and support a government that Murders Innocents? Babies in their Mothers womb slaughtered. How revolting.

          I am ashamed. To think of these things being done makes me physically ill.
          When you bring these things up, people will not even acknowledge.
          In my value system All these acts of violence and murder are horrific.

          I believe there is a God/Creator.
          I believe a people are held Accountable for what they condone their Nations Government to do.
          I find that prospect Frightening. I don’t want to be judged for these crimes that I have had no part of. Crimes I do Not condone.

          Everything Hitler did was Legal under German law. Just because an act is legal does not make it morally correct.

          To think that a Demonic Monster like Hillary Clinton almost became a key holder of Nuclear Weapons. She would have gotten the USA wiped out.

          The next “election” will likely go to a communist worshipping UN-NWO left leaning imbecile. The next USA president will be a communist NWO puppet like Obama. That NWO-UN puppet will start the Nuclear war. If Obama doesn’t before he leaves office?

          Trump is the Last American president.

          Peace is a time to prepare for war. It Appears that Trump will bring sanity and peace for only a short time. Then the End of civilization as we know it.
          Prepare yourselves for those times while you can. Time is short.

          • Catholics believe life begins at conception, therefore abortion is forbidden.

            J*ws believe, according to a J*w abortionist (“doctor”), life begins with the first breath.


          • Trump is the last American president? They said the same of Obama, and that he’d NOT live to the end of his “POTUS years.” (Yet he’s still here).

            Through most all of history people have been screaming that TIME IS SHORT – – here comes 2017 with NO “devastation indicators” showing an imminent “end of the world” approaching. (Is there)? No, there aren’t. We are seeing ‘nations’ falling apart (in Europe), but yet that is just another “intended aftermath” that we, We The People With Guns, are seeking to quell before it ever has a chance to be launched against us.

            There is ONE item of immense concern that seems to be getting no attention at all. The death of our oceans and the creatures within them. The Great Coral Reef that encircles Australia is now a “ghost reef” (just white coral ‘bones’ sticking up until they eventually snap off). Once the last of the plankton and krill are gone, the bottom of the food chain will cease to exist, and I believe everyone knows where that would lead, so I’ll just leave it there.

            Perhaps “preps” should include “countless bottles of compressed atmosphere” or at least “rebreathers” (or how much English Ivy does it take to “oxygenate a house of about 2,000 square feet)?

        • Which country would you say is better, why, and why aren’t you there instead of here?

          • My people were here first.
            We did not need your technology.
            We did not need your whiskey.
            We did not need your disease.
            We did not need you destroying the land, cutting down the trees, polluting the water.
            We did not need you killing off all the Bison.

            Our peoples would have continued with our respective civilizations for another thousand years without your Interference or Destruction.
            You are not welcome. You are not needed. You are not wanted here.
            So you leave.

            We did and do not need or BELIEVE it when your Government telling us that them pissing down our back is just rain.
            No…. it is warm. It is PISS. We are being pissed on today just as yesterday.
            That is what the protests are about. Polluting the water and being pissed on.
            Never keeping one damn treaty of your lying papers.

            People like you REFUSE to acknowledge the SICKNESS and DESTRUCTION that you do.
            Life is Sacred. Earth is Sacred and Special. Concept that your GREED will NEVER Acknowledge.
            We are going no where.
            There is no where to go. Your Sickness and Greed has infected all the Earth. You would destroy All the Earth, All the Rivers, Oceans and Seas, All the Animals, All the People, Just so you could make a dollar to buy more worthless China Junk.

            I understand you VERY well. But you can not see yourself BECAUSE of your Greed.

            • no you where not here first, Your ancestors took that land by force> You lost it bcause a stronger more numerious people took it from you by force,

      9. The people are not going to protect or fear criminals any longer, no matter how many times they put .gov behind their name. They are just evil men using what should be a righteous institution to screw people. We all know who the bad guys are here.

      10. The media now uses the labor force participation rate (It is NOT the same as the employment rate) in reporting unemployment rates.

        The “labor force participation rate” vs. “employment rate”
        The terms “labor force participation rate” and the “employment population ratio” are different.

        Note: They base these “official” employment figures on a “HOUSEHOLD SURVEY.”

        The term “LABOR FORCE PARTICIPATION” includes people who are UNEMPLOYED, but are SEEKING A JOB.

        From the BLS news release – employment November 2016
        Household Survey Data, Page 2
        Labor force participation rate is 62.7 percent
        Employment-population ratio is 59.7 percent

        “In November, 1.9 million persons were marginally attached to the labor force.” (The data are not seasonally adjusted.) These individuals were NOT IN THE LABOR FORCE, wanted and were available for work, and had looked for a job sometime in the prior 12 months.

        They were NOT counted as unemployed because they had not searched for work in the 4 weeks preceding the survey.”

        ht tp://www.bls.gov/news.release/pdf/empsit.pdf

      11. My only problem with the protesters is that they are the same radical leftists I see at all commie protests. The pipeline is not on Indian land. It is on a utility right of way. There is already a pipeline and power line here. Any more info folks? Shed some light.

        • Him, I do have some further insghts… I felt the exact same way when I heard about the Bundi protestors– same old right wing protesters– trying to start trouble about something they were wrong about…

          But as the author (?forgot name) Whitehead said, as long as the elite can divide us, they win and business as usual continues. They have it figured out that as long as they only attack one protest group at a time, others will not stand up for them and so they can eliminate us one group at a time.

          Hitler did the same thing… When they rounded up the gypsies, people didn’t care.. they didn’t like the gypsies anyhow! When the Nazis came for the homeless and took them away. NO ONE CARED!! Etc… finally, the came for the Catholics and then for ones neighbors… but since it was the neighbors, WHO CARED!! And then they “came for me” and there was no one there to stand up for me and my family either. THINK ABOUT IT— REAL HARD!!!!

          • I’m confused about your post. Are you saying I should support communist protesters so that the government can’t divide us? WTF, over?

      12. I have immediate family out there right now…yes there are some of those library protesters out there but the majority are people who are tired of having the government come in and take what they want with the “damn the people ” philosophy. How far do they have to go taking what they want and reworking laws in their favor so they can say WE are out of line and in the wrong? They have been abusing the power that WE THE PEOPLE have granted them. They are injuring American citizens who are defenseless and are threatening felony arrest if you are caught with so much as a pocket knife. A man was looking at things from a distance recently with a scope…NO rifle… Just a scope to see far away…. And this was enough for the sheriffs dep to consider it a threat and ordered LIVE ammunition to be loaded and trained on the protesters. They keep us unarmed to control or eliminate us easier. THIS NEEDS TO STOP! STAND THE FUCK UP PEOPLE! THIS IS OUR COUNTRY! THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE PROTECTING US. NOT HERDING US LIKE CATTLE! It took far less in 1776 than what is going on today in this country to push us over the edge….how far does it have to go now? Hopefully the Vets will have a greater impact with their presence. Prayers go out to all those defending the innocent and unarmed. Remember…..we GREATLY outnumber “them” ….. 100’s to 1. They may need to be reminded of that if they begin taking civilian lives.

        • I totally agree with you.

        • Yep! The Indian don’t want people to act violently… they want to keep it peaceful. But there are some who are angry and are no longer willing to stand by for this kind of crap! Frankly, I don’t blame them!! But as long as they can keep it peaceful as possible, more protestors will join them!

        • Part of the reason that it took far less in 1776 is because the protesters/patriots were not relying on the government for a check. There may be a lot of barking going on here, but when it comes down to it how many of these folks LEO or protesters (NA/Vets/Students with loans/Welfare/disability recipients) will truly bite the hand that feeds them?

          Perhaps people who are not down there are at work paying taxes so the protestors can get their checks…. I know it is so the LEO can get theirs.

        • @dan1776
          If 30 years was a generation approx.(back then people died younger)then it took children born around 1735 when the seeds of rebellion were first planted to grow up to become the adults that actually did the fighting in the revolution. They endured a lot of abuse and didn’t just go over the edge without having been pre-conditioned by their parents and society for a long time. Where we are at on that spectrum I do not know.

      13. Listen at the 28:46 mark (12-1-16 streamcast)


        A local resident reports.

        “Him” you are correct

      14. One protestor stated they may take this to Canada afterwards to thwart the Federally approved Trans Mountain twining of an existing pipeline. Taking this in an unwelcome international direction. I wonder if US hegemony prevails in Syria will they protest the Qatari pipeline to Europe through Syria? The organic native protest for water protection has been hijacked. This is now about fossil fuels and a warped perception that mans use of it is more powerful than the effects of the Sun upon the Earth. There is a hole in the Sun presently and we are experiencing a seldom mentioned cooling trend and at a faster rate then warming was during the just ended solar maximum cycle. This protest reminds me of the organic farmers field being infested with unwelcome GMO seeds. Both have the same root cause yet both will be eventually covered in ice. Entropy (noun) is not warm and remember, you cannot lie to physics yet entropy (verb) reigns supreme at this protest. A lot of wheat and chaff have to be separated here and it can be confusing.

      15. As this world turns, I am still stacking more stone and sandbags.

      16. Wish I could be there now with the brave TRUE AMERICAN HERO brothers and sisters, Veterans, and awakened Law Enforcement taking on the psychopath controlled Globalist Fascist Police State Corporate Mercenaries abusing our fellow human beings with Police State horror. Looks like we will be heading that way the first of the year to stand with the Protesters, I know they will be there for a long time. The numbers grow daily and what a beautiful sight it is to see that Protest Camp in North Dakota in the middle of winter.

        “The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country” Thomas Paine

        • that’s right, Ron Ahrens!! I feel the exact same way!! Together we stand… or divided, we fall!!

      17. There was a court case and the protesters lost it. Peaceful protesters? Trespassing, arson, major vandalism, throwing objects. If you watch some of the Native television shows, you can see the leftist radicalization taking place. I wonder if the a railroad slush fund is paying the protest organizers? Qui bono?

        • you ARE FULL OF BS, HIM…!!

          • Sorry – Him is correct. BNSF stands to lose business upon the completion of this pipeline…

          • Are you a communist. If you are just be proud of it. If not, why support the commies?

        • I agree its not the Indians land. and the pipeline could leak a gusher and not pollute the aquifer. When oil leaks it doesn’t sink into the aquifer. It rises to the surface and floats on top of water. Back in the early 1900,s the where drilling and Pumping crude oil at smackover ark. They built earth banks resivors. let it rain in them and pumped the dirty crude into the above ground earth tanks. The solid stuff and dirt settled to the bottom and left clean oil floating on top. they Pumped of the clean oil and heated it to make gasoline. the heating separated the gas, kerosene, oil ,grease and tar. it also removed any water. Im not gullible enough to believe those parasite Indians have any just cause. When its all over the pipeline will be built. Most times people who go looking for trouble find it.

          • OK Oldguy, how about we dump a few gallons of gasoline in YOUR Water well to test that theory. Now dont complain if fire shoots out of your kitchen faucet.

            Amazing the ignorance here. And if there was no problem, then why did they change the pipeline route as not to threaten the City of Bismarck? Did you even read the article? Read it again so you can make a better informed comment.

            • OK Zeus, so don’t ever use any gas, oil, or natural gas again, ever.

              • So much for his computer and cell phone – even if he is off grid and using horses.

        • Ive stated this before. I don’t believe anything I see on the internet or TV and nothing I read anyplace and only half of what I see with my very own eyes.

          • Old Guy says:
            Comment ID: 3638745
            December 2, 2016 at 5:14 pm
            “I’ve stated this before. I don’t believe anything I see on the internet or TV and nothing I read anyplace and only half of what I see with my very own eyes.”

            Mr. Old Guy,
            And Amen

            Almost every News item has been vetted/posted by the Government-DOD.
            Police plant fake news in “mainstream” media too.
            Almost ALL news is a “mind screw.”

            Even the weather info is now being manipulated. The Power structure will not even allow truthful and honest weather facts. Pretty basic.

            Date: 03/12/16 Roger Pielke Jr., The Wall Street Journal
            My research was attacked by thought police in journalism, activist groups funded by billionaires and even the White House.
            — ht tp://www.thegwpf.com/roger-pielke-jr-my-unhappy-life-as-a-climate-heretic/

            — ht tp://www.blacklistednews.com

            Big Brother: Streetlights That Watch and Listen
            By Marc Lallanilla, Live Science Contributor | November 11, 2013 02:45pm ET
            — ht tp://www.livescience.com/41106-big-brother-streetlights-intellistreets.html

            “1984” was only off by a few years.
            2016 is munch worse.
            ********Technology is a tool of Satan and a tool of control for the Power structure.
            Phone-TV-Cable box-Xbox-Newer Cars-Light Poles, anything connected to the “Beast Internet” are ALL tools of Control and Surveillance. Tech allows the Few to Control the Many.
            Tech’s Sole/Only purpose is to Snoop and Snitch on you. Any benefits to you are just illusions so as to make you want to use/carry the device in question.

            I was at the top of the Technology Field. Many of us walked away because of what we saw being done.
            We figured out the Ed Snowden revelations while Snowden was LITERALLY in grade school.

            NOTHING is as it seems. This world is full of Lies-Deciet-Illusion.
            Psychological-Emotional and now CHEMICAL manipulation/control.
            Trust Nothing.

            Only Jesus Christ the son, God the Father are to be Trusted.
            Almost everything else is DECEPTION.

      18. Lets quit sitting on our hands talking about what we are gonna do if such and such does this or that. Actions speak louder than words folks. Im afraid the time to act is passing us by for if we wait any longer its going make it much easier for the gov to just kill us one by one while we sleep or at dinner with our loved ones. We need to get more than one galvanising leader to unite the patriots, remember the whole united we stand divided we fall deal well if we dont unite now instead of talking about how you will run off to your bugg out locations we will die at the hands of our gov. I for one always have at the very least a plate carrier, pasgt helmet, m4 and 7 magazines full of hp in my truck and a 9mm on my hip just in case some dumb shit happens. Never run,hide from danger face it head on without fear its the only way to defeat it.

        • jtx

          Good to see you are prepared.


          The ABOVE ‘attitude’ (and approach) will get you killed unless you are a ‘life-long’ Combat Veteran or “the like.” (Who can “handle” it in that manner BUT it is also a “chosen profession” with a markedly high rate of morbidity, despite “training”).

          So, the last thing an untrained individual wants to be doing is confronting a “master of combat” and be slain in seconds, when you could have avoided the entire ordeal (and your family as well).

          • Alright.

            Who is wrong and who is right?

            Engage the enemy or avoid a fight with the enemy if you can.

            • Oh for the love of Christ I ain’t EVEN believing this…


              • Equorial

                You know you are kind of a pain in the ass.

                Only wanted to see which side some of us would pick. Maybe get some exchange of information going.

                • Also the majority of those who will fight will be untrained individuals. Guess we should run and hide.
                  Would we, the untrained be an asset or a hindrance to you.
                  What level of training would be needed before you would feel safe going into combat situation with US. Hell being around the untrained can get you killed faster than the enemy can do to you. Shit when it hits the fan how much ammo and time would you expend to make us idiots efficient enough.
                  Fuck it . Most are not going to do shit so don’t worry about it.

                  • To Anon (both of your posts):

                    I am Equorial’s wife, Cricket. Hello.

                    Equorial (my husband) left late last night and is now well on his way to N. Dakota with various items for The Veterans and Indigenous Peoples who are also descending into that area or already present. He’s delivering supplies that they’ve expressed a need for, along with rations, water-filters, Sawyer Straws, space blankets, medicines & medical supplies …all of it from personal supplies that he came to the conclusion would be better placed up there, and I agreed.

                    Anon, my husband was a Navy SEAL for over 20 years, whereby it is very safe to assume that he knows what he’s talking about. (If you want to argue that point with me, sorry, but I refuse to enter into a battle of wits with an unarmed person). Call a recruiter for The Marines and ask them.

                    From reading, my husband said not a word to you about how much training anyone would need to work with or beside him, or what he would demand. The bottom line is that you have no idea so you are sticking words he did NOT state into his mouth that shows YOUR ‘lack of a backbone’ (for one). You appear to be “at war with yourself.” (Now …THAT denotes a high degree of intelligence)!

                    To reference him as being a “pain in the ass” is something I am not the least surprised to see written against him, most civilians dislike those with Lifer Military Service, for varying reasons. It is MOST irritating when short-sighted fools, (you), are allowed to enjoy free speech to denounce him when he’s carried MORE than his share of the load. (And what was it that you say YOU have done for your country sir)? Or are you a “troll” or perhaps a Communist? No matter…

                    How even DARE you? (You are not much of a man, or are you a ‘tranny’? – being that you don’t DARE use your name when speaking against him …yet he’ll never see YOUR two posts nor mine. (Trust me, as it the beauty of working with Linux vs Windows). Additionally, you did FAIL in your OpSec and have left your “true” IP Address wide open. That is just as stupid as engaging the enemy when it is avoidable. Do you also take on entire “street gangs” when confronted (to show how tough, and stupid, that you are)? No, you’d outrun a Formula One as soon as the first shot ‘rang out’.

                    I’ve never once, in my life during and post-military, seen such blatant disrespect from so many people when it comes to a man being ex-military (not to mention The Elite of The Elite)! Disrespect is unforgivable imho for all given reasons. I’ve also witnessed civilians telling The Green Baret here that he too has no clue about military warfare, etc. That’s rather insane “critical thinking” from each of you that agreed he was in error. I’ve never been in a combative-firefight. Have you?

                    To close, I’m taking my “pain-in-the-ass” back to whence we came. ht tp://www.military.com (you’ll find him in the sniper forums oh Deplorable Braveheart, as that was his forte).

                    Now you can all run everything in the manners YOU feel are “far and above” military protocol (especially The Cutting Edge Personnel), and maybe even write your own book for Military Personnel AND Combat Veterans, (so that they can finally “get it straight that one DOES NOT TAKE COVER – but STAND AND FIGHT!); that way we will enjoy far less loss of life of our loved ones! Or perhaps the REAL answer would be to send you highly trained civilians INSTEAD of “The Military’s Elite Fighting Forces?” That way the world could return to normal in five days or less!

                    Therein Anon; F.O. (And I am VERY justified in telling you so). You are no better nor different than an American Traitor.

                    Thanks for letting me post, and may God Bless and favor you in the trials & tribulations that are now unfolding without the end most would preference.
                    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
                    END OF POST

                    Mr. Slavo, please feel free to remove Equorial from the “authorized” list. (He wrote this joint off before hitting the road last night, and said he posted it too). Any posts from Equorial dated AFTER THIS ONE 4DEC2016 @ 12:53:35 and counting will be an imposter, hence my reason for “closing the door” behind his departure from this server.

                    • Hello Cricket.

                      Well calling me an American Traitor is a far cry from being called a Pain in the ASS. I have done time in the military. Maybe not as much as your husband. I have risked my life for this country.
                      Now I have not called into question as to the ability of Equorial. I would also thank him for his dedicated service. More than I have done.
                      If Equorial wrote us off over a few coarse words, then it was not meant to be. Nature of the beast here at SHTF.
                      Also it is very had to get people to get ready and I have in the past with my limit training tried to get others to do so. Not much success, lots of frustration.
                      How much success can be accomplished on the internet.

                      Now I will give you this, Cricket.

                      That has been the best ass chewing that I have had in a long time. Eloquently put. I understand where you were coming from. I have no hard feelings against you or your husband.

                      Maybe he should reconsider.

                    • Cricket, I understand your anger towards another poster over his remarks but please don’t include me in there. I enjoy your husband’s posts and have not had one disagreement with him over anything. I didn’t even get involved in the dispute between him and Anon. On military matters, I have a family full of veterans and I do understand where you’re coming from. this is the first I’ve heard of him going to N. Dakota to help those people up there. With all due respect, I think he’s been misled into taking part in an illegitimate cause, same way as those other veterans, but that’s just me. I wish him the very best and hope he makes it home safe. Your husband sounds like a real straight-up man to me. Please don’t stop him from coming back here. BTW, my BOL and family are located not too far away from your area. I was just there during the first half of Nov.

                    • Well Cricket we all have our opinions. Mine is charity begins at home. The money and time he is spending traveling to the Dakotas might have been better spent buying more preps to help ensure your survival. The fact is we cannot ever right past wrongs. We cant believe or trust what info we get from the media or internet. and only believe 1/2 of what we experience first hand. I do hope your man goes there and makes rational decisions. I hope he doesn’t get caught up in mob mentality. The one fact that cannot be disputed is There are Two Sides to Every Story. When he returns possibly he will post the true facts as he sees them. Don’t go away mad. that’s a childish tactic. Post and enlighten us. Ive been attacked quite a bit here. I didn’t leave in a huff. nope I stayed and retorted with a childhood favorite. Im rubber you are glue everything untrue and unjust you say about me just bounces off and sticks to you. Good Luck

                    • Anytime that Anyone says they object to War and Killing.
                      Then that person is ALWAYS called a “Traitor.”
                      Or my favorite one is “Coward.” Coward because you refuse to murder a fellow human being who has done NOTHING to you personally.

                      But to go looking for trouble in someones backyard, KILL a fellow human, just because a limp prick politician deems it so. That is deemed “Brave”. WAFJ.

                      Anytime that Anyone stands up with FACTS about the Corruption-Lies-Genocide-Criminal Acts, that were done by the government of the so called United States.
                      Then they are told to “Leave.”

                      Critical thinking or Critiquing with FACTS. Is frowned upon.
                      This is Nothing more than a social control mechanism.

                      And the worship. Like we are all supposed to kiss the ASS of someone who “served” in the military.

                      No. Military service in and of its self does Not garner Respect.
                      No. Police officers do not deserve respect just because they wear a uniform.

                      Respect is earned and deserved on an INDIVIDUAL basis.
                      Their Individual actions deserve either respect or shunning and disdain.
                      There are good and bad in ANY group. Especially Military or Police.
                      When you are armed and “in charge”. Your actions should be professional.

                      I respect those that served beside me. Those that were there when it was thick and interesting. I don’t respect some command HeadShed ass wipe dry-warm-safe, CONUS that sent us out to do stupid BS. Neither should you.

                      I respect the Police chief that saved my life as a young man. Not the ass wipes in blue uniforms that Bully-Beat-Brutalize-Murder, UNARMED people, or kill innocent family pet dogs, just because the Police know there is no consequence for their CRIMINAL acts of violence and Murder. Some kill because they are scared of their own shadow. Other Police are just sadist.

                      -To fight in 99% of wars was foolish.
                      -To sign up to fight those wars is foolish. Not brave. Not deserving respect for murdering for the Defense Contractors and Politicians.
                      REALITY: We die. They get rich.

                      They came after our enlistment bonuses. Tried to charge us interest. Taking back what we were paid to be basically mercenaries to re up. The DOD showed No honor or respect for time served and risks taken.

                      And why should anyone respect a hired gun? We had no business being there. We were there based on LIES by the government. And the bonuses. We were poor kids with few options. The money made us stay. We were WRONG.

                      I respect my old man. 40 years he busted his ass, put his ass on the line, providing for the family.

                      You red white and blue zombies need to learn cognitive thought processes.
                      Don’t believe what you are told. Only believe when you have researched or been there. Then I would still question.

                • The FIRST RULE I was taught when taking classes for carrying concealed was “STAY OFF THE X!” So, Equorial is right. Should you fire upon them, you just “made an X” that you need to get your butt off of, or be shot.

                  This means none of your have “carry licenses” or have already forgotten the basics?

      19. There is a time and place to protest and to fight.

        This is not it. The USG has sued and imprisoned property owners for minor technical violations of environmental regulations. The contractor has crossed every T, dotted every i, jumped thru every hoop and the tribe was wholly disinterested until there was media coverage. There are already existing pipelines in the ground here, no artifacts are being disturbed, the risk to drinking water is statistically insignificant. The “protesters” are on private property and the only alternative to the pipeline is rail or truck movement which is far more likely to cause any kind of environmental catastrophe.

        The people are being manipulated into “either / or” camps and very damned few have the cognitive ability to discern things for themselves. They just know they must be in one camp or the other. Of course that is how the PTB controls each situation.

        Only a fool would run to this trap.

        • Good post Plain Old American . I agree.

          • +1

          • Good one.

      20. 2,000 vets is nothing for this Enemy Force In Occupation

        this DC regime has killed way more than that , and if these clowns are unarmed, they too will be treated no differently than they were as pawns in all the Bullshit wars this country’s been involved in

        waiting to see how this pans out

        • Pans out is a good word. At 5 below zero, the fresh water and black water in your RV solidly freeze, ruining your entire RV plumbing. You can winterize the toilet functions to a point but you cannot drink pink water. And at these temps, even your black water turns into slush. So expect frozen Honey Buckets or open latrines that cannot be dug into frozen ground, nor covered.

          RV insulation sucks, so it will get really cold inside – unless you run through your propane every day. And you will be the lucky ones – compared to the tent dwellers. But what will really thin the protesters is the intensity and length of time exposed to these temps. This isn’t a put your coat on and dash outside to your warm car – it is 24 hour a day cold. Everything you touch will be very cold. Many things will stop working, or will work sluggishly.

          Water will freeze unless kept warm. Most water filters will freeze and crack – making them useless.

          Any vets or protesters left on December 15th will have my respect.

        • I wish I was close by– I would join them!!

          • I wish I was close by and had our local fire departments water cannon truck, I would mist those protestors with soapy water. A small amount of dish liquid mixed with the water makes it wetter. when it is sprayed on a tent or any cloth it penetrates easily.

        • This Dakota Stand off is no different than the invasion of Afghanistan, where the Oil Co’s wanted to put a pipeline across the country to the Caspian Sea and Afghan Tribal leaders objected. The US went in and blew up the country apart until they got their puppet shill leader in place to approve it.

          Same with Syria right now and another pipeline crossing that has objections and why they are trying to topple the Syrian Govnt.

          Same with Keystone Pipeline, so the big money profiteers can line their pockets to export oil from Canada.

          None of this is new. Same Shit different day, same objective different place. Rape n Pillage n Plunder for Profit.

          And this Dakota pipeline is headed to the Mississipi River to load on bardges for export to some foreign country. 400,000 barrels a day is to flow through this Dakota pipeline. Imagine a spill for a few days the destruction it would cause all so some Wall Streeters can fill their pockets with big cashola. Follow the money.

          This is exactly why it is imperative America moves to renewable green energy like solar and end this bloody thirst for Oil and all the murder trail that is attached to it.

          • Zeus, unless the oil runs out, we’re still going to have to use it. The “Go Green” movement so far has proven to be a flop. Solar and wind systems have their limitations and everyone with those systems already knows what they are. Electric cars? GMAFB! The Chevy Volt proved to be a major flop. The batteries were catching on fire even when the car was just sitting parked and not being used. For the price of a replacement battery, I could buy a damn good used gas-powered vehicle. You would need a major credit card with a $10,000 purchase limit to get the damn battery. What the hell do you do if you can’t find a ‘recharging station’ out in the middle of nowhere and your battery is low? You’re screwed. Give a gas-powered SOMETHING any day!

      21. Dont worry the MSM WILL cover it IN DEPTH once Trump gets in office. It will be banner headlines and on the nightly news.TRUMP DEMANDS SCALPS. TRUMP HATES NATIVE AMERICANS. you wont hear $h!T about it (either side) while Osh!tstain is still in office

        • We shall see – in 17 days.

      22. This is JUST SO BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you, Lord, the people are waking up and manifesting courage!!


        First, they came for the gypsies, then they came for the homeless and the Jews.. next they came for my neighbor and I still did not stand up for these people… and then they came for me!!!!

        • You might check out who those Indians stole that land from.

          • You are correct – the Sioux were pushed west by other tribes. They have not always been here.

            • I knew that about 1750 they where driven from the woodlands onto the plains. The claim was made they where thieves? Especially the Crow.

        • The real native American Indians are long gone. Today’s American Indians are nothing like their ancestors. The culture is gone.

        • On this entire planet, there is only one place that the original occupants still exist. It is a small place in a very remote part of China. It probably has limited access, and no oil, or gold deposits.

      23. My take is that the existing powers will be willing to kill all Americans if threatened by any attempt at a mass uprising. Occupy Wall Street was a building mass movement, look how the feds and their police state henchmen smashed that completely. Any attempt by Americans to peacefully assemble to protest any government action is under dire threats. How powerful are the murderers holding the people powerless? 9-11 is very telling.

        • Occupy Wallstreet stems from the same inventers as Black lives matter. Create chaos so the powers to be can create a bigger police state.

      24. False flag op. Lefties destroying the earth to “save it.” Incredible human pollution at the camp. See articles all over the web about it. Tribal prez called the hippies out for their waste. HIPPYCRITES ALL.

        Soros-sponsored “occupation.” Any sane being who cares about the planet wouldn’t camp on sacred land and lay waste to it. Embarrassing and horrific.

        For those who claim this is about water, a simple query:

        DO YOU DRIVE?? I haven’t driven in thirty years. Polluters don’t give a hoot. Polluters and hippycrites should get the boot. They’ll freeze to death on top of their own waste first ….

        • The locals have started calling the protest camps
          “DAPLstock” – a tribute to an oh so long ago rock festival. The site will be in the same – if not worse – condition afterwards. This is riverbottom land – more sensitive.

      25. Mc Arthur drove the bonus army of WWI vets out of DC. Afterward it,s stated that he remarked this isn’t the first city ive rid of enemy occupation.

        • Old Guy, I lost a couple of relatives in that ‘Bonus Army’ incident. Douglas MacArthur, Dwight David Eisenhower, George S. Patton, and Omar N. Bradley were all involved in that affair. Later on after WW2, they were all made out to be heroes. They were all POS in my book for attacking innocent, unarmed, LOYAL American veterans and their families. I’ve never recognized them as heroes and never will. Especially Eisenhowser, who allowed numerous American POWs to be held back by the Communists from WW2 and the Korean War. I’ll only grudgingly give Patton some credit after WW2 for waking up and smelling the coffee. Eisenhowser probably had a hand in Patton’s death.

      26. Well,tis clear in Iowa this pipeline used eminent domain over farmlands to get their deal going.This again is a private business,so,if true would say fuck em and hope the protesters win.Am sick of private corps. stealing thru eminent domain for their private businesses,this is far from the first time.

        Oh,hope those water cannon operators get frozen themselves,seriously,time for the feds with their private puppet masters to FUCK OFF!

        • WD, I’m with ya. Be careful, old guy will reply with some statist tyranny bullshit lol.

        • In Iowa one of their own judges ruled against the farmers AND IOWA STATE LAW to allow the use of eminent domain by a private company! This is a HUGE deal! The voters in Iowa had better take note when one of their own judges ignores the law in place to protect a private company and roll over its citizens. Where were all of these protesters then? That was earlier this fall and the pipeline was not in the ground. I am sorry. The residents of Cannonball are being USED here because of their heritage. When this is over they will be forgotten, ignored and probably damaged as a whole for many years. Again – a sad, sad deal.

          When it comes down to it the Environmental crowd is using the residents of Cannonball to promote their agenda. Shame on them – Jane Fonda and all.

        • I used to belong to the local volunteer fire dept. And have fought fires in the freezing cold. Those turnouts are well insulated to protect from extreme heat. And keep out the extreme cold also. the helmet sheds water like a ducks back.

        • The water cannon operators were not LEO. They are volunteer fire department folks. Friends and neighbors from both on and off the reservation. Really?

          Before the snow a grassfire pushed by 30 – 40 mile per hour winds in this country is deadly to anything is its path. Vehicles were burned.

      27. Can you imagine if the protesters threw concussion grenades back at the “police”. They would be mowed down like rabid dogs.

      28. “Hundreds of protestors” have been injured? Where did you learn to count? Local official number is less that 10. I have been a regular on this site for a couple of years, but I seriously question anything you publish after this. Your reporting seems to be quite consistent with DC’s coverage of flyover country – clueless!

        The most seriously injured is the young professional protestor who has had her arm seriously injured.

        I walked past vets/protesters in Mandan Walmart today discussing their hotel accommodations. Please stop this nonsense and GO HOME. You don’t fully understand local tribal relations, don’t understand the harshness of ND winter weather (this last storm was NOT life threatening). It is when you can’t BREATHE due to the cold wind and you can’t see the house/car/shelter when you are a few feet from it that things are bad. Then it is too late. (Until you have experienced the can’t breathe part you will not understand.)

        I have lived here for 25 years. My spouse’s family from here to New Salem and north for 120 + years. I do not agree with the pipeline company and their tactics, but in the end the people of Cannon Ball and their relationship and local standing could suffer for GENERATIONS due to the meddling of the environmental out of state folks.

        This pipeline ALREADY GOES UNDER THE MISSOURI RIVER far north of Bismarck and Standing Rock. (West of the Ft. Berthold Reservation.) It is apparently in place under the Mississippi to the east. If you truly wanted to stop it there should have been action long before this. Now all that is being accomplished is the destruction of a tribal community. Standing Rock is divided over this and it is divided from its neighbors. A sad day for all. I really hate to see this website contributing.

        • It is true, more than a hundred were injured. Been verified by many legit sources. Do your research.

          And if they truely wanted to build the pipeline with no problems, then they should have had the proper public notice and permitting in place before they started laying the pipe in that area.

          They got caught and busted for violations. The justice dept should have ordered a ceast and desist, not a volunteer stoppage. Like WTF kind of order is that? Like nobody would notice. Busted!!!!!!!!!!

        • Hey Local. I have a suggestion for ya, if you dont like the truth. Go check out the MSM FAKE NEWS Media sites. They will massage your ego to make you feel all better about yourself. Are you one of these snowflake gererationals used to getting a trophy for just showing up?

          • Sorry Zeus. Good chance I am older than you are. Quote your news source. I will look. (Twitter perhaps?) The route for the ambulances from there is one of my routes….

          • You are all for USING the tribe at Cannonball for your entertainment, aren’t you Zeus? There was a vote taken in October or early November as per a tribal elder interviewed on air and around 70% voted for this to be OVER – the point has been made.

            Now they are being used by the Environmental crowd and by instigators such as yourself. Sad.

            • A Local, I for one thank you for your insight on this whole affair. Zeus is an idiot to say the least.

        • Local thanks for your post. The number of misguided folks who will show up or try and defend something like this protest is a indicator. It shows that there is a undercurrent of dissent and fear towards law enforcement and authority

      29. Eh,will be fine,of course,really an issue some insane poster recommended a tannerite and gasoline mixture for home defense,could always do that if necc.!

          • Tannerite road cone?I am thinking more along the lines of a Mohammad lawn jockey!I mean seriously,that does not warn those with ill intent not sure anything would!

        • Not insane, just creative lol 😛

      30. Thank you vets, be careful this is not what the press is reporting you are being used by the environmentalists’, which have stirred up the Standing Rock people. You are helping a made for television event. Look at where the people were sprayed with fire hoses, all they had to do was back up and they would have been out of the water as it was open behind them.

      31. My plan is to survive the 90% die off. Im not interested in righting any perceived wrongs. Im realistic to know there is no chance at all of restoring our Republic. I know that the current crop elected officials will not adhere to the Counstitioun or ever be fiscally responsible. So when the extreme cold is here and the grid goes down. and things suddenly stop. Me and mine can stay warm and fed. And in a very short time all the parasite culls and unprepped will be dead. The sickly and stupid will not be a burden any longer. That’s my goal to out live the sheeple. Hopefully I will not have to kill others to make that goal.

        • Old Guy – the 90% will go quickly due to:

          Not having any preparations.
          Making stupid decisions in a crisis.
          Trusting the government in a crisis.
          Showing compassion to 100% of those in need, including the 2% that will kill you.

        • Old Guy

          After reading some of your posts you do have a good playbook. Like you I do not need the extra baggage to accommodate. Just outlast the Normal Bias folk. Don’t need to go looking for shit either. If you have done what you can. Made peace with your maker. (If you think you should). Then the rest is chance if you make it or not.
          Problem is that I thought up another cool idea and as everything else costs me money as I head to the Home Depot.

          • Anon and Old Guy, my goal is the same. If I have to kill others to reach that goal, then so be it. I won’t run from trouble if it comes looking for me.

            • DBH

              Here is one for you.

              It seems the average prepper here is over 50 years of age.

              Which will have the greater percentage of surviving what is coming our way.

              Older preppers or younger preppers.

              Should we older preppers do what the younger preppers do or should they follow our way of preps.

              • Anon, I would hope the younger ones who are newer to prepping would follow the advice of us ‘old farts’ who have ‘been there and done that.’ They’d have a much better chance of survival by taking our advice to heart. I hope a combination of both young and old will make it all the way to the other side.

      32. Mac, this article is a complete hatchet job and your completely driving a false narrative in your reporting. Do you really believe L.E. is brutalizing protesters??? L.E. has been tasked with preventing further damage to both public and private property. L.E. has drawn a line across the road (literally) and the protesters are repeatedly harassing this line. Local officials are attempting to prevent fuel – in the form of propane canisters – from reaching the “peaceful’ protesters so they aren’t used as bombs against the line.

        Mac – You and others like you are feeding these Vets a complete line of BS. You’re take on what is going in ND is completely misconstrued. What these Vets are gonna find is that as long as they don’t violently engage L.E. this is indeed a peaceful protest. If they assist the anarchists and other thugs in attacking the line then God help us all.

        • I agree with cf249sp

      33. “..U.S. Army Corp of Engineer’s land..” this term is a false premise, neither the U.S. government nor ANY of it’s myriad of agencies own property. Those people have a right to peacefully air their grievances, publicly. Good on to the brothers in arms for standing in the gap!

        • The Corp polices it and will fine you and kick you out if your kids pick up pretty rocks. I know people this has happened to. Not asking or threatening the protestors camping on Corp land is different than how families (white and native) have been treated around here for decades. I agree that the Fed’s shouldn’t own property.

          It IS bad here – and this is the same stuff the Bundy’s, Hammonds and their neighbors deal with when it comes to federal intervention. Interestingly most of the people involved here would support Cannonball, yet consider the Bundy’s and Hammonds kooks. Knock race out of the picture and it is a lot more similar than most think. Except of course that the Hammonds are in jail the second time for the first crime and did much less damage than a few Federal employees did here a few years ago (“controlled burn my backside”.

          One of the things that I see in some of the comments here and other places is that people want the Constitution to apply to some, but not others and only when they agree with a certain situation. That is not how the law works….

        • your very mistaken the US government does own property. Jefferson bought that land with the Louisanna Purchase . The government bought Alaska from Russia. The government has the manpower to claim ownership by force. And the government quite often keeps the generalpublic off of its land. Dont believe me? Just try and take a hike at Area 51. and If the government don’t own land any deed anyone has is invalid. Because the government issued the original land grants deeds ect.. My state government owns land. Ive bought tax forfeited land from the Arkansas Commissioner of State lands. And lastly the protestors haven’t been peaceful.

      34. OK. I reread the article. The National Lawyers Guild is a pro-communist organization. I googled Jennifer Ashleigh Parker. She claims to be a Coast Guard veteran. I listened to her on a podcast. When asked why she was doing the “protests” as a veteran, she misstated the facts. She said, “You know when you are in the military, when you become an officer, you take an oath to protect the country etc.” I took the oath and I wasn’t an officer. Then she called concussion grenades, percussion grenades. What are they throwing, big drums? I call BS. A legitimate protest has been hijacked by the commies, again.

      35. A Local=A local treasonous government boot licking Troll employed by A Local Fusion Center full of treasonous Alphabet Agency psychopath worshipers.

        • You are too kind, Ron! I appreciate your thoughtful and reflective post indicating your incredible insight into the whole DAPL situation. Unlike Zeus suspected, I am not of the snowflake generation. I survived the name calling and sticks and stones decades back in the last century. I might add that if my mother caught me saying such things she would be ashamed of me at any age. I suspect that your mother might be a tad disappointed in how you have turned out?

        • Ron, I have to disagree with you on this one. A Local is right there in that area and appears to be the most credible source of information on this affair. I believe the article is bogus and I also know that Mac is NOT original with it. Don’t know what source he got it from, but even Mac can get misled on something on occasion.

          • It seems for some folks everything is a over reach of government authority. That no one is to be allowed to invest their money engage in commerce and become wealthy. But the government must provide everything for them? This pipe line is Infrastructure. Just like bridges, dams, roads, and all the other things government provides that allows the citizens to be able to work and play. There is a huge substation power line across one of my places. SWEPCO built that line and condemmed the right of way. And didn’t pay a red cent for it. And I was lucky enough to land a good paying job operating a D8 cat clearing the land. It helped insure the local electric Coop has a steady supply of power. before it was built there wasn’t 3 PHASE available. After it was in place machine shops and buisnesses opened up and provided jobs. Folks who gladly picked cotton for three cents per pound and lived in poverty. Suddenly had steady income. The cotton gins went broke. They have all been torn down. We cannot force anyone to be moral. you cant legislate moral behavior.

        • Ron – Thank you for the kind words and your obvious intellect and insight of the situation at Cannonball. I can definitely see how you would understand my position and feelings about the world and country in general. Since Mac didn’t publish my last post to you – which was as polite – but longer – I question whether commenting here is nothing more than a waste of my time – which I do not have nearly enough of.

          Please look for the a U-tube video of the Morton County Sheriff’s Press Conference on 12-3-2016 at 1:00pm CST. If it is posted it should be about a half an hour long (perhaps a wee bit longer if they cover the Q&A session).
          I don’t necessarily care for Laney, but Kyle is not an aggressive LEO. It will give you an idea of how they are attempting to handle the situation. We had dealings with Kyle as an officer a couple of years before we came to know him personally, as a neighbor. I don’t know if it will be posted (I would think so) and am only listing the timeframe in case someone tries to edit it.

          And it this doesn’t show up I am done commenting here….

          • Thanks Mac. It was just slower than the others.

            I do wonder how things would be going if both the vets AND Jane Fonda were there at Cannonball at the same time… (She was there Thanksgiving handing out food.)

            Tomorrow is “the Day” – December 5th. LEO has plans to back off the bridge and the protestors have been asked to stay on their side. If a zone can be maintained the State plans to inspect the bridge and possibly reopen it. That would be great for the locals because it would cut miles off of their trip to town for supplies, Drs. appts. etc. I truly hope that all posting here – regardless of your feelings – pray for the safety everyone down there. Once the temps start to drop (as they are forecast to do) the situation becomes much more dangerous.

          • A local. sometimes even my post go into moderation. There are spam detecting devices that this website uses that sometimes cause a post to go into moderation. Mac will also sometimes delete post if you try to prove you point by making disparaging remarks about other posters. The tactic of when you don’t agree with and cant refute a post with facts and resort to attacking the messenger is frowned upon. When its all said and done its Mac,s website and he makes the rules.

            • True enough.

      36. Some people love combat. They’re always looking for a fight. I wouldn’t say what makes these people that way is a lack of intelligence. I’ve seen smart and not so smart people demonstrate this characteristic. I think a lot of it is genetic. Like a Doberman Pincher verses a Collie.

        War is stupid. If it can be avoided, by all means, it should be. Only the bankers and the manufacturers of weapons and the industrial war complex benefit. Those guys who can’t wait to engage, generally change when the real fighting starts.

        Do you all know that there are literally hundreds of biological warfare labs situated around America. Taking on the government in a gun battle is likely to provoke the use of those chemical and biological weapons against the general population. Sure, they would claim it was an accident or another Country, or maybe some immigrant or an animal who caused the epidemic, but that’s the reality.

        I can see an outbreak of influenza. When people are sick, they aren’t going to be effective on the battlefield. We are no longer living in a day and age where any and every complaint can be resolved with traditional fighting.

        From my perspective, every man should build himself up, women too, but to a lesser extent. By being ready for a fight, but not instigating confrontation, one has the best chance.

        Trouble comes quickly and unexpectedly. It is prudent to prepare oneself.

        I like to go to YouTube. Watching people getting beat about is disheartening. But also, watching some little guy or gal fight off a bully is empowering.

        Notice how many of the little kids or women who successfully fight back are Asian. Learning a martial art, kick boxing, regular boxing are going to keep your body toned and agile as you age. And if and when you need to fight off an aggressor, you can.

        I believe there is a place for marksmanship and guns. But most confrontations are just pushing, slapping, kicking and punching. You need to train. Start at home. Clean up your diet. Walk every day. Take the stairs at work instead of the elevator. Go out of your way to park at the outside edge of a parking lot. Leave the close spaces for people in a big hurry, elderly and incapacitated. When you walk, make an effort to stand up straight, shoulders back, stomach pulled in tight. Walk quickly and look around to be aware of others. Take on the attitude of confidence in your physical strength. Back this up by lifting heavy things in your house on a regular bases to strengthen your muscles. Chances are, nobody will mess with you, in the first place, because bad guys prefer to pick on weak helpless out of shape people. Don’t be one.


      37. The partying has started. The Corps has determined they will not grant the permit so the protesters are happy, the Pipeline company is unhappy – as probably are their employees. One young pipeline couple has been shoveling sidewalks and driveways for local folks while waiting for a decision and donating the money they are paid to local charity (they made the news). I think the LEO are probably happy. They may be able to spend the holidays with their families. If the protestors don’t do the Super Bowl/World Series etc. type of celebrating and riot, vandalize and start fires things will be wonderful for now.

        It will be interesting to see how things will be handled for the landowners who have a buried empty pipeline on their property.

      38. there is a U tube video that alleges Trump supports the construction of the pipeline. Its also alleged he is one of the investors. After He becomes POTUS the construction will resume. Its a smart move for the government to back off at this time. The Indians think they have won the war. They thought the same thing after the battle of the Little Big Horn. Wait and see its not over yet.

      39. Snow and wind forecasted – winter storm warning. We are on the western edge by now. Things will be ugly between us and Fargo by noon tomorrow (and here if it tracks to the west). They had better clear out now…

      40. 9:30 pm Mandan airport. Temperature 12 F. Wind blowing 39 and gusting to 52 mph. Wind chill -12F. There are some protesters in for a whole new experience. Blizzard Warning until tomorrow afternoon.

      41. Wind chills to minus 20 F. LEO went tent to tent – not forcing – but suggesting protestors move to Cannonball Community Center and Tribal College. Many are going. Casino is full and out of food. Hotels in Mandan full. Some who have been plucked out of cars and rescued in Flasher and Mandan Community Centers now. I-94 closed officially (they close physical gates on exits). It is also blocked by snow and stuck cars and semi’s as is I-90 in the east. Radio host mentioned rumor of around 30 being treated for hypothermia in Cannonball, but Morton County Sheriff could not confirm it. Hopefully just a rumor.

        Lots of tow truck calls reported from southern Morton County but wreckers unable to get to most. Snowplows and LEOs dispatched only in situations deemed emergency. Minimum 2 hour wait time. Snowplows/graders have been in ditches because of ice under the snow from last weeks storm. Now (7:20 pm) snowplows called off roads for night. (All above information from local news.)

        I pray that Equorial and any others who were coming to support the tribe are safe. As I, and Morton Co & ND LEO has tried to tell people – you don’t mess around with this weather.

        Our automatic waterers for our stock are open (not frozen) and working (thank you coal fired power), the tractor started – plugged in – so all animals are well fed in a more sheltered area and we are back in our propane heated home and warm. There are 8′ drifts of snow in our trees…..

      42. That was I-29 to the east – not I-90. Old person brain fart.

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