200 Million People At Risk: National Weather Service Warns Apocalyptic Midwest Floods Are “A Preview Of What We Expect Throughout The Rest Of The Spring”

by | Mar 25, 2019 | Headline News | 47 comments

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at End of the American Dream

    The flooding that just struck the middle part of the country was the worst blow to U.S. farmers in decades, but now the National Weather Service is telling us that it was just “a preview of what we expect throughout the rest of the spring”. Can that possibly be true? After the immense devastation that we have already witnessed, how much worse can the flooding possibly get? Already we have seen thousands of homes and farms be completely destroyed, and we are being told that the total economic damage is in the billions of dollars. Sadly, the truth is that a lot worse is still yet to come. Thanks to a very snowy winter, a massive amount of snow is going to melt during the next several weeks, and that alone would produce tremendous flooding. But on top of all of that melting snow, forecasters are telling us that it will be a very rainy spring. In fact, the Weather Channel is warning that there will be “above-average precipitation across much of the Lower 48” over the next three months, and one meteorologist is forecasting that it is “not looking like we are going to see any dry stretches anytime soon”. And this is on top of all of the very heavy rainfall that has been falling in recent weeks. At this point, the Mississippi River basin has already gotten “three times as much rainfall as in a normal year”.

    Even without any additional flooding, U.S. food production would be way down this year. The recent flooding is going to keep thousands of farmers from planting crops on time, and thousands of others are not going to be able to use their fields at all.

    But when you factor in what is going to happen over the next three months, we are talking about an agricultural disaster of unprecedented magnitude in modern American history.

    At this moment, some areas in the Upper Midwest still have “more than 20 inches of snow” on the ground…

    In the eastern Dakotas and Minnesota, more than 20 inches of snow remains on the ground. The Missouri, Ohio, and Mississippi Rivers drain the central United States, but it takes several weeks for the water to travel downstream. In the meantime, emergency officials are warning local residents to make evacuation plans as well as purchase flood insurance in certain areas.

    All of that water has to go somewhere, and authorities are warning that 200 million people are at risk

    The record-setting floods deluging the Midwest are about to get a lot worse. Fueled by rapidly melting snowpack and a forecast of more rainstorms in the next few weeks, federal officials warn that 200 million people in 25 states face a risk through May.

    A lot of people out there seem to think that the flooding will just be isolated to the major rivers, but that is simply not true.

    Yes, all-time flooding records will continue to be shattered along the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, but the National Weather Service is telling us that nearly “the entire eastern two-thirds of the nation” will be dealing with flooding this spring…

    Almost the entire eastern two-thirds of the nation should see flooding this spring, National Weather Service deputy director Mary Erickson said at a news conference on Thursday. Some 25 states are forecast to see “moderate” to “major” flooding, the weather service said.

    The Midwest floods are “a preview of what we expect throughout the rest of the spring,” she said. “The flooding this year could be worse than what we have seen in previous years … even worse than the historic floods we saw in 1993 and 2011,” Erickson added.

    Are you starting to get the picture?

    This is the worst case scenario for U.S. flooding that surpasses all previous worst case scenarios. Thousands more farms will be destroyed. Billions of dollars worth of additional damage will be done to our agricultural industry. Food production is going to come up way short, and we are all going to experience tremendous pain at the supermarket as food prices skyrocket.

    If you live in any of the following areas, you need to have your emergency plan ready, because things are about to get really, really bad…

    The areas under the highest risk of moderate to major flooding, according to NOAA, are the upper, middle and lower Mississippi River basins, including the mainstem Mississippi River, Red River of the North, Great Lakes, eastern Missouri River, lower Ohio River, lower Cumberland River and Tennessee River basins.

    U.S. farmers have already lost millions upon millions of bushels of wheat, corn and soybeans to the flooding that has already happened. As I have repeatedly stressed, our planet is changing, weather patterns are becoming more severe, and even if they understood what is happening there is absolutely nothing that the radical environmentalists can do to stop it.

    Just look at what is happening on the other side of the world. Australia was just hit by a “severe category 3 cyclone”, and this came exactly one day after it was hit by a category 4 cyclone

    A severe category 3 cyclone blew into the key mining region of Pilbara in Western Australia Sunday, forcing evacuations and a halt to port operations, as the north of the country dealt with the effects of an even more powerful storm that hit the previous day.

    Cyclone Veronica weakened from a category 4 storm before its core winds hit the coast near the mining centre of Port Hedland, but officials warned the system was slow moving and would continue pounding the region with gale force winds and heavy rain for 24 to 48 hours.

    We are witnessing things that we have never seen before, and “the new normal” is just going to keep getting stranger and stranger.

    If you live anywhere in the middle portion of the country, please take this flooding very seriously. Authorities are using apocalyptic language to describe this crisis, and they are not exaggerating the potential threat one bit.

    GetPreparedNow-MichaelSnyderBarbaraFixMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what is coming and what you can do to prepare, read his latest book [amazon text=Get Prepared Now!: Why A Great Crisis Is Coming & How You Can Survive It&asin=150522599X].


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      1. The flooding is also a result of lots of snow melt. We had a lot of snow this winter. But what about global warming? Nyaaa!

        • No. It was the Shemitah. Ask Shemitah Boy Snyder.

          • Glad I don’t live there! Poor sodbusters, Weather modification is a BEECH!

            • Michael Snyder- economist, theologian, astronomer, geologist, and now, meteorologist.


        • “But what about global warming?”

          we’re soaking in it.

      2. Those 1 million calves drowned in Nebraska are our 2021 beef.

        • We will get Mexican calves instead. Those Nebraska calves deserved what they got because they had “Calf Privilege”

          • Freaking hilarious!!!

        • I think the price of cattle is going to go through the roof. Now may be a good time to fill your freezer with beef. Glad I have a few. I may make some money. Hogs have went way up in the recent weeks also. But this was before the flooding. They were around $60 / 100 #, now they are over $90 /100#. I still think the best thing for the non farming prepper to do though, is have a small flock of chickens.

          • Red,
            I think you are right.
            Fill the freezer now. You sound like me, I have a Steer and a Heifer. I may breed the Heifer this year.
            I’m down to one Sow, but we have several of her offspring being fattened up close by. I have no idea of prices, but I have about #100 of pork in my freezer.
            Chickens are the best bet for city folk, but how many of the neighbors want to listen to roosters from 0430 on. It doesn’t bother me but, I’d expect some city yuppie to call the cops on you.

            • You’re right about the roosters in the city. They’d be a good way to upset your neighbors, but any prepper in the country should have a little flock, even if they only live on less than an acre. Clean eggs that were produced with good feed that you gave them, and meat if you really need it.

          • Easy fix for that. Stop eating beef.

      3. Okay, we’re a website full of preppers…who’s got the ark!

        • My other car is an Ark. And it is at the bug out location!!!!

          • LOL!

            • River is at 5123 I’m at about 5600 ft. 2 miles away. LOL Tough it out suckers

        • I don’t think we have the worry flooding living at 6,300 feet in elevation. The valley below us is at 4,600 feet.

          We had a lot of rain this year about twice normal. Normal is 5 inches a year. Wildflowers will be epic in another month.

      4. If you notice, they are really “messing and manipulating” the damn national food supply guys – they are going to try to starve us out – that is what its coming to….. HAARP and all of the manipulation and fooling with things they should not be doing.

      5. Too bad that it isn’t feasible to just bore down to the Ogallala Aquifer or open up all the wells now tapped into it and divert this run-off to it to replenish it.

        • Heart,
          It is possible, but no one wants to pay for it.

        • Actually the Ogallala does recharge fairly fast and a lot of this water will get into it. I haven’t heard in the last 30 years but when I was in school some data indicated it would refill in about 30 years if we quit pumping it.

        • ….because water making its way through the soil acts as a natural filter and drilling a hole to introduce raw surface water will introduce contamination…?

      6. It’s not just crops and livestock, equipment, silos, homes, bridges, roads, etc. THIS will be much worse than just present losses. Some of the combines and tractors costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, got flood insurance?

      7. My home is only 5 miles east of Ol’ Man River and we get snow melt from up north every year. The river is above flood stage in my area and will take until May to get back down to normal level.

      8. I hope and pray for the people who’s lives are profoundly affected by the natural disasters they have faced and are about to face. Personally I’d rather have too much water than drought. At least now they will figure out where not to build, but they will ignore that data.
        I used to live in a place that flooded nearly every year. Locals had it down to an art, raised houses, which routes to get out if you needed to leave, a place to go, where to put the animals, etc. Hopefully the people in the mid-west haven’t forgotten the lessons of the people that preceded them as floods like this have occurred before, that is why they put in all the levees. But people being people, many won’t prepare for the worst.

      9. In Texas, the Air National Guard helicopters in bails of hay to the cows and horses that are trapped by the flooding. I wonder if Nebraska does the same.

        • JS,
          I understand that in most everywhere in America, that is standard practice.
          I’m curious how they handle the stock yards. Thousands of cattle penned up. I’d let them out and gather them up later. They are pretty good at figuring out how to get out of the water.

          • Ya I suppose that is a necessity with overpopulation. How will those millions of city fooks survive?

      10. Sigh…. gonna be May if this holds true to get tomatoes, pole beans and the other small stuff in. Not going to fool with sweet corn this year.

        • Good move repr! All you need is barley and rye anyway. Maybe some sugar cane or beets too. And a few deer and turkeys. A country boy can survive… A cunttown boy won’t lol 😛

      11. Stock up on canned goods and frozen items now before the prices go out of sight. Stock up for crying out loud.

      12. Jim, I’m still stocking up even without any flooding happening.

        • Gee I hope my preps don’t get flooded! Oh ya… I’m not that stupid, I don’t put them in harms way. I can’t wait to get to work on my plan C and D this summer! I love doin this shit! As long as my back holds out I’m in cool place heaven! Gotta do more prospecting too. Got the doggie trained to ride on the 4 wheelers so he can go too. WOOT, here comes the FUN! 😛

      13. “and we are all going to experience tremendous pain at the supermarket as food prices skyrocket.” BULL

      14. “and we are all going to experience tremendous pain at the supermarket as food prices skyrocket.” Bull
        We’ll see some marginally higher prices on some products, but overall you wont notice a very big difference. But: those poor souls in the third world that already live on the margins will suffer. Just a 10% increase in the cost of grain due to smaller U.S. exports will see an additional 30 million people die from hunger.
        In other words, for every 1% decrease in US exports (no matter what the reason), apprx 3 million people will die from starvation.!!!!

      15. A friend of mine who has owned a local meat market for forty years told me weeks ago….before the flooding…that ribeye will be $20/lb by Christmas. Hard to believe…

      16. Yep I’m gonna sat stock up on beef. Meat is always expensive and there is never any coupons for it. Store it in canning jars.

      17. DR…good show…keep everything dry!

      18. The same Federal government that’s issuing the warnings is also providing the flood insurance. If it were private enterprise, they would raise the insurance rates but there is a massive disconnect between the agencies.

        • Nope. If it were a private enterprise there would be no flood insurance at all! C’mon man, reality did happen.

      19. Good move repr! All you need is barley and rye anyway. Maybe some sugar cane or beets too. And a few deer and turkeys. A country boy can survive… A city boy won’t lol 😛

      20. If what I am hearing and reading about the Grand Solar Minimum is correct, this year’s weather won’t be an isolated event. Changes in air currents means changes in precipitation patterns. This could be the new normal for decades. This means food shortages for decades. The sky isn’t falling but it is extremely cloudy. Personally, I am hoping for the best since I prefer a quiet life.

      21. And now the National Weather Service has been co-opted to serve the propaganda needs of the Deep State in support of the Climate Change | Global Warming narrative. And just how many hurricanes will that be this year?

      22. LOL. “Apocalyptic.” “Catastrophic.” “End of Times.” The National Weather Service now sounds like these Progressive Socialist Democrats going on, and on, and on about President Trump’s election. I don’t trust anybody who talks like this anymore. Automatic turn off.

        Even Michael T. Snyder has been co-opted to support the narrative of the ruling proletariat. “Authorities [and un-named sources], are using apocalyptic language to describe this crisis, and they are not exaggerating the potential threat one bit.” And which authorities might that be, Michael?

        • Yeah, it’s also like when we got below zero temperatures when I was a kid. The meteorologist on the news used to just call it an Alberta Clipper. Now it has the ominous name of Polar Vortex. A spookier name to push the climate change agenda.

      23. Things seem pretty normal up here in Alaska. We haven’t even had another 7.0 earthquake in a few months. What’s all the hubbub about?

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