15 Potentially Massive Threats To The U.S. Economy Over The Next 12 Months

by | Mar 8, 2012 | Headline News | 236 comments

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    We live in a world that is becoming increasingly unstable, and the potential for an event that could cause “sudden change” to the U.S. economy is greater than ever.  There are dozens of potentially massive threats that could easily push the U.S. economy over the edge during the next 12 months.  A war in the Middle East, a financial collapse in Europe, a major derivatives crisis or a horrific natural disaster could all change our economic situation very rapidly.  Most of the time I write about the long-term economic trends that are slowly but surely ripping the U.S. economy to pieces, but the truth is that just a single really bad “black swan event” over the next 12 months could accelerate our economic problems dramatically.  If oil was cut off from the Middle East or a really bad natural disaster suddenly destroyed a major U.S. city, the U.S. economy would be thrown into a state of chaos.  Considering how bad the U.S. economy is currently performing, it would be easy to see how a major “shock to the system” could push us into the “next Great Depression” very easily.  Let us hope that none of these things actually happen over the next 12 months, but let us also understand that we live in a world that has become extremely chaotic and extremely unstable.

    In the list below, you will find some “sudden change” events that are somewhat likely and some that are quite unlikely.  I have tried to include a broad range of potential “black swan events”, but there are certainly dozens more massive threats that could potentially be listed.

    The following are 15 potentially massive threats to the U.S. economy over the next 12 months….

    #1 War With Syria – U.S. Senator John McCain is now publicly calling for U.S. airstrikes against Syria.  A military conflict with Syria becomes more likely with each passing day.

    #2 War With Iran – A war in the Middle East involving Iran could literally erupt at any time.  The following is from a Reuters news report that was issued on Monday….

    President Barack Obama appealed to Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday to give sanctions time to curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions, but the Israeli prime minister offered no sign of backing away from possible military action, saying his country must be the “master of its fate.”

    #3 A Disorderly Greek Debt Default – Many reporters in Europe seem to think that this is becoming increasingly likely.  So what would a disorderly Greek debt default mean for the global financial system?  A leaked report that was authored by the Institute of International Finance says that a disorderlyGreek debt default would have some very serious consequences.  You can read the full text of that leaked report right here.

    #4 An Economic Collapse In Spain – Spain has one of the largest economies in Europe and it is rapidly becoming a basket case.  As I have written aboutpreviously, the unemployment rate in Spain has hit 19.9 percent, and the unemployment rate for workers under the age of 25 is up to 49.9 percent.  Unfortunately, the situation in Spain continues to deteriorate.  The following is from a recent article by Marc Chandler….

    However, the devolution in Spain is particularly troubling. The new fiscal compact had just been signed last week, which includes somewhat more rigorous fiscal rule and enforcement, when Spain’s PM Rajoy revealed that this year’s deficit would come in around 5.8 percent of GDP rather the 4.4 percent target. This of course follows last year’s 8.5 percent overshoot of the 6 percent target.

    The problem that for Spain is that the 4.4 percent target was based on forecasts for more than 2 percent growth this year. However, in late February, the EU cuts its forecast to a 1 percent contraction. This still seems optimistic. The IMF forecasts a 1.7 percent contraction, which the Spanish government now accepts.

    #5 The Price Of Gasoline – The average price of a gallon of gasoline in the United States has risen for 27 days in a row and is now up to $3.77.  Virtually all forms of economic activity are affected by the price of gasoline, and if the price of gas keeps going up it is eventually going to have dramatic consequences for the U.S. economy.

    #6 The Student Loan Debt Bubble – Just like we saw with the housing bubble, the student loan debt bubble just continues to grow and grow and grow.  At some point the nearly 1 trillion dollar bubble is going to burst.  What effect will it have on our financial system when that finally happens?

    #7 State And Local Government Debt Crisis – It is being reported that California is running out of cash again and there are cities all over the country that are on the verge of bankruptcy.  Could we see a significant municipal bond crisis in the next 12 months?

    #8 The Collapse Of A Major U.S. Bank – A number of top U.S. banks are looking increasingly shaky.  In a recent article, David Trainer explained why he has such serious concerns about Bank of America right now….

    In my opinion, there are four actions taken by financial services that signal the company is headed to serious trouble.

    1. Management shake-up and major layoffs – lots of layoffs over the past year

    2. Exploiting accounting rules to boost earnings – SFAS 159

    3. Drawing down reserves to boost earnings: to the tune of $13.3 billion in 2011 and 2012

    4. Bilking customers with new fees: tried it before and trying it again

    Bank of America has taken all four steps.

    #9 A Derivatives Crisis – The International Swaps and Derivatives Association recently ruled that the Greek debt deal will not trigger payouts on credit default swaps.  This is seriously shaking confidence in the global market for derivatives.  But the global financial system simply cannot afford a major derivatives crisis.

    Estimates of the notional value of the worldwide derivatives market range from $600 trillion all the way up to $1.5 quadrillion.  The notional value of all derivatives held by Bank of America is approximately $75 trillion.  JPMorgan Chase is holding derivatives with a notional value of approximately $79 trillion.

    When the derivatives bubble finally bursts it is going to be a financial horror show unlike anything we have ever seen.

    #10 The Fall Of The Japanese Economy – The Japanese economy shrank at a 2.3 percent rate during the fourth quarter of 2011.  Japan has a debt to GDP ratio of over 200 percent and a major debt crisis involving Japan could erupt at any time.

    #11 A “Solar Megastorm” – Scientists tell us that there is a “1 in 8 chance” that a “solar megastorm” will hit the earth by 2014.  A recent Daily Mail articledetailed what some of the consequences of such an event would be….

    ‘We live in a cyber cocoon enveloping the Earth. Imagine what the consequences might be,’ Daniel Baker, of the University of Colorado’s Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics told National Geographic when asked about a potential ‘megastorm’.

    ‘Every time you purchase a gallon of gas with your credit card, that’s a satellite transaction.

    ‘Imagine large cities without power for a week, a month, or a year. The losses could be $1 to $2 trillion, and the effects could be felt for years.

    #12 A Major West Coast Earthquake Or Volcanic Eruption – On Monday, there was a 4.0 earthquake in San Francisco and a 6.1 earthquake in Argentina.  Is the “Ring of Fire” waking up again?

    #13 Tornado Damage To Major U.S. Cities – Last year, the U.S. experienced one of the worst tornado seasons of all time.  This year, we have already seen the worst tornado outbreak ever recorded in the United States in the month of March.  A couple of towns in Indiana were completely wiped outby that outbreak.  So what should we expect when we get to the heart of tornado season this year?

    #14 Severe Drought In The United States – Last summer was one of the driest summers on record in the United States, and in many areas there is simply not enough water available for farmers this year.  Some are even projecting that we could see “dust bowl conditions” return to some areas of the country eventually.

    #15 An Asteroid Strike In 2013 – Although scientists tell us that the probability is extremely low, the truth is that there is a slight chance that a sizeable asteroid could hit the earth in February 2013.  The asteroid is estimated to be between 60 and 100 meters wide, and it is projected to pass by our planet “at a distance of under 27,000 km“.  If it did hit us (and scientists say that the odds of that happening are very low) it would potentially be as serious an event as the Tunguska Event in Siberia in 1908.  Mac Slavo of shtfplan.com recently described how awesome the Tunguska Event really was….

    On June 30, 1908 an incoming meteor exploded approximately 5 miles above Siberia. The force of the air burst explosion, estimated at between 15 and 30 megatons, or about 1000 times bigger than the atomic bomb that destroyed Hiroshima, was so powerful that it annihilated everything in an 830 square mile area, and reports suggest that that explosion was heard up to 1000 miles away. Because of the remoteness of the impact zone, the Tunguska Event over Siberia had very little effect on the human population in the region, but the destruction of some 80 million trees in the area shows just how powerful a blast was created.

    Of course there are so many other “sudden change” events that could potentially happen – a terror event in a major U.S. city, a deadly pandemic, an EMP attack, cyberterrorism or a major political scandal could all possibly cause a stock market crash and an economic collapse in the United States.

    In the world that we are living in today, you just never know what is going to happen.

    So what are all of you concerned about over the next 12 months?

    Do you see the potential for some “black swan events” to happen?

    Please feel free to post a comment with your thoughts below….


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      1. #16….All of the above.

        • Just too many black swans out there for the U.S. to survive. We’re just waiting for the proverbial hammer to fall, and then…

          • The hammer (and sickle) has already fallen on the U.S. The commies have infiltrated our government at all levels and are actively working toward the destruction of this republic. They have no intention to follow our constitution since the spread of worldwide communism is bigger and more important than your God given rights that are guaranteed by the constitution.

          • Its funny to listen to CNBC lead the masses down the garden path…Yesterday as they told us that xyz company filed for bankrupcy,they always end with “even as the economy turns around”….Most of detroit and las vegas are collapsing…”even as the economy turns around” Its the new Obingo catch phrase…..Just like the 4 million jobs he’s created….POPPYCOCK…

        • You can only tuna fish, pick one.

          • You can Tune a piano, but you can’t tuna fish…-REO Speedwagon

        • Whew, what a relief! I thought we were actually at risk for some real trouble. Hell, i feel much better!
          Now where did i leave that darn channel changer?????

          • Yeah, for a minute there I thought something really bad might happen.

        • The price of gasoline seems the most likely, yet it’s the least likely to take everything down within the given time frame (12 months). Given that this is an election year, odds are nearly perfect that Obama will pull the ‘Strategic Reserves’ stunt, and the resulting flood of petroleum will causes prices to drop sharply. This in turn makes him look like a hero to the sheeple. He can only do it once or twice before November, but expect to see it happen if prices climb.

          The whole volcano/earthquake thing? Meh. Same odds as every year. A lot of these bits look a bit too inflated.

          The only ones I’d keep an eye on are Iran, the Euro going into the crapper (Greece and Spain are in a pretty big mess), or some combination of the smaller bits.

          Either way, while I am convinced that things will crash, I am not convinced that it will happen within 12 months, or even within 60 months. Barring something truly massive and unforeseen, collapse will occur by being crushed under its own weight, and not by some blinding flash of a news event.

          • You are dead on with this. The problem with giving a 12 month prediction is it makes people laugh at he thought that the American super power could no longer be. However, if you state it with the events taking years to show the effects of current events, people may listen(and I do stress may).

        • My concern is that the People will fail to wake up to the ONLY cause of the problems we face, that being the power to create money and who holds that power.

          Everything else is a distraction, except of course the natural disasters the People have no control over.

          There is only one problem, and one solution. If it is not pursued with force, nothing else matters.

        • Not to worry folks, There are Geeen Shoots everywhere!

          Remain calm. All is well. All is well!

        • I actually think #4 and #8 are the big ones.

          If Spain falls it will be the first MAJOR economy taking a dive and will spook the market.

          If a major US bank fails, it will be 2008 all over again and we’re not in the same shape we were before ’08.

          Strap in folks – going to be bumpy.

        • Frankly, I am sick of hearing this financial collapse BULLSHIT. The only valid concern is war with Iran which will go down this year, and sooner rather than later; if not tomorrow.

          Earthquake, EMP, Tornadoes, and Hurricanes are Acts of God.

          No financial collapse, no hyperinflation, no derivative collapse. Derivatives are the tip of the iceberg, that represent a very small percentage of the actual loans made.

          Those loans are backed by collateral.The shit will hit the fan long before the derivatives “bubble” bursts.

          If you are waiting for the derivatives bubble to burst, you will have missed SHTF.

          • DK- How many dollars/treasuries can they print???? 10 Trillion, 20 Trillion, 30trillion, 1,000 Trillion before the world wipes their bung holes with our currency.

            • Kevin: I hear you but remember it is not how many dollars are printed but how many dollars circulate within the economy.

              The FRN’s that have been printed have, PRIMARILY, only replaced the losses of the World Wide banking system, as Bernanke is propping up everybody.

              The extent of printing shows the extent of losses that the banking system has had, and will experience.

              To a large extent the actually FRN’s in CIRCULATION, may not be much more than what was actually floating around in the economy in 2008.

              That’s my take on it.

              The system also works BOTH ways. FRN’s can be extracted when the world economy picks up, so who knows how many FRN’s can be printed and then extracted?

            • DK is still an idiot. he keeps saying doesn’t matter how many dollars are printed if they are not in play and they are just replacements?!?!?!? for what? did aliens come down and take away trillions??? and if if his “theory was right? what happens when they do get put back into circulation? his assessment is evidence against his argument. If they were worth more they would be in play, just the fact many are being sat on means they aren’t worth shit. AS i advise over and over, do NOT listen to DK, he is no better than the CNBC tools…

            • Anon, there are times I have problems with DK’s logic but on this one he is correct. His last paragraph is the key to what he is saying. Without his last paragraph it wouldn’t have as much depth.
              DK’s thought still goes back to simple ‘supply and demand’. Actually DK, most bankers wouldn’t want people to understand what you stated, it proves they are power hungry.

          • DK HAS SPOKEN!!!!!!

          • ANON: Yes, aliens came down and took away trillions! NO you dumbshit! Those FRN’s replaced losses! Its not “extra” FRN’s in the economy. They are just replacing the ones that were destroyed.

            Got it?

            Those dollars were destroyed when the assets are devalued; (read marked to market) and are being replaced. The GB’s are being made whole. Corporations are being made whole.


            Bernanke lends the top 150 major corporations billions at a low interest rate. Those loans are assets for the FED. The Corps use some of those FRN’s to buy US treasuries. They use the other FRN’s within their organization to generate much higher Internal Rates of Return.

            When I followed GE many years ago, it generated a 29% IRR while providing their stockholders a 7% annual return, using the excess cash to grow the business.

            Even if these corps can only generate say a 12% IRR in the current economy, they are still making big bucks on the spread. Got it?

            I didn’t think so. You are a fucking moron.

            Its a form of arbitrage.

            • DK-I spit my beer on my keyboard on this one LMAO!!

            • DK ~ you are freakin awesome. That was hilarious!

          • DK,

            I won’t say a financial collapse is immanent, but history has shown economies to crack the debts were much less. I ubderstand your argument, however, how long can we rack up debt at a rate of $1 million per minute? Here is the debt clock:


            Russia and China have already noted that our national debt will likely never be paid back, and could only be relieved. If nothing else, a devaluation will come.

            “People better hope there are Aliens, because we’ve already borrowed money from every country on Earth”- (a former FDRSV head, Volcker maybe?)

            As for war with Iran, who can say? They may wait until they reinstall Obummer, or it may spill over if the blowhards get there way and start bombing Syria…

            • Just Me: While a review and understanding of history is useful for many things, history has never had a monetary system like the one WE have now: one that is “backed” by nuclear weapons and military power unlike anything the world has ever seen.

              Comparisons to Rome or Babylon not withstanding, the current monetary system itself is nothing less than demonic genius and does not compare to ancient systems which were based upon the actual exchange of value.

              OUR monetary system is artificial, but that doesn’t mean that it cannot continue to function adequately for a long time to come.

              In fact, that Bernanke has printed $26 trillion and the system still operates very well, says a lot about the system itself, and evidences its power to act as the world reserve currency.

              Eventually those corp loans will be repaid to the FED and the loans retired. Once repaid, that money “disappears” from the system.

              It is likely that the PTB will switch to a new monetary system after the world has been made safe for Crony Capitalism; and Iran and Syria have been demilitarized and “assimilated” into the NWO. After all, “in the end there can be only one”. But that is many years away.

              China (the CCP) is a full financial partner with the West. Russia still has its nose to the glass looking to get into the CLUB, as membership has its privileges.

              The Rmb will become a world currency just like the FRN and the Euro; but the GB’s will not be giving up power to anyone. They could care less about the FRN. It is a tool. When that tool wears out they will replace it. But that isn’t happening anytime soon.

              To replace FRN’s or back them again with gold while the table is still tilted to the GB’s would be the last nail in the coffin for the US economy. It will be the GB / Uber Rich assault upon America’s gold reserves.

              Ron Paul is wrong. Lew Rockwell is wrong. All metal money backers are wrong. NAFTA, the WTO, and GATT would strip America of its real wealth with the imbalance of trade that currently exists.

              If the trade deficit is not addressed, yes, the dollar is doomed, and it will have been a deliberate, systematic assault on US by the globalists.

        • I believe that we are living in the end times and are truly fortunate to be in these times. What we are witnessing is the end of the earth as we knew it – which, I believe, will end with either a nuclear or cosmic disaster. When the planets align this December, no one knows what will happen, but it may open a window for a cosmic greater than anything that has ever happened on earth.

          Lets all get ready for this by loving one another – just as we have been told by the good book – love the Lord thy God with all your might- love thy neighbor and treat your neighbor as you want to be treated – really this sums it up – and hope that

      2. Finally first!!

        • Damn, always second…

          • You would still be second even if you were first.

          • No 2nd,You are always a fool.

        • 2nd Bitches


      3. Bring it on already!!!

        • No thank you. People need as much time to prepare for a catastrophic event as possible. Thumbs down to you sir.

      4. Yaayyyy! But you still get a thumbs down. 😉

      5. since solar flares are still the topic of the day
        be looking for this movie
        its an indie production shot in North Carolina


        • Satori,

          Great clip, I’ll be looking for that movie.


        • Thats going to be a movie see! Wow

        • live the motto posted this trailer probably about 14 months or so ago, Been waiting and would like this to be released, but I think they ran out of money.

          • movie should be out this year
            I donated to the project
            and last week got an email to verify my mailing address
            backers are supposed to get a copy of the dvd soon
            project is behind schedule but still very much alive

            • COOL!

        • looks good

      6. The biggest threat is still our own government. Whether Obama gets re-elected or not.

        • Yupper !

        • WRONG

          The threat is from those who create the money the government uses. That power must be forcefully taken back by the People.

          Take away the power to create money and you take away the power of the banksters.

          • But, GC, doesn’t the government facilitate that? I mean, really, how do we down the fed if the government doesn’t take its permission away?

            I think what you are saying is absolutely correct as the root of the problem. But, if we can’t get our government to can the fed, we can’t get the fed canned.

            Is there any other way to end the fed?

            The quickest way would be to educated the voters so that they don’t listen to the propaganda of the Slimestream Media. What a bunch of goofs! If we, somehow, could just get Ron Paul elected. I think it would start an avalanche of changes that would end up with us being much more free, much more prosperous and much less in fear. …and I don’t just mean America, I MEAN THE ENTIRE WORLD!

            But, Ron Paul is such a different sort of man that the people just can’t quite believe he is what he seems. They think he, like the rest of the fake conservatives, just has a thin veneer of bullshit he feeds you then he’ll pull his stupid crap after he gets elected. …like Kenyan Obama.

            The people need allies in the government to end the fed. At the present time, we have very few. VERY VERY few. All you have to do to find them is look at who voted consistently with Ron Paul.

            The fed and their monetary policy has stolen so much wealth from the county that the total would be astronomical, yet, they seem to never get enough.

            1913: The Year America Returned To Slavery

            • Net, many don’t get Ron Paul nor would vote for him because he never promises to give people anything other than to give the gov’t back to the people (get the gov out of our lives).

            • Ranger, the govcorp will NEVER end the Fed because it would then have to rely on taxation to fund it’s existence. Trying to beat the banksters using the tools they own and control will NOT work.

              Each must leave the system on their own terms. When enough have left the system, it can be defeated. So long as the People not only accept the slavery system they are under, but also continue to support it, it will remain their Master.

              The best course of attack is to drain away as much of the resources from it as you can. Why keep paying within the fraudulent system?

              If everyone stopped paying the bogus “debt” the banks would implode in a matter of days. Many of the sheep would be victims, but they will never be sheep again.

              The battle is against the banks. Every Man and Woman who has been defrauded by them (which includes everyone) MUST fight back in their own way on their own terms.

              The People DO NOT need allies in the currently sitting government. They need to reseat a legitimate government to drive out the illegitimate one. That can only be done if the People acknowledge the corp and it’s banksters as illegitimate.

      7. Worst possible? Re-election of the usurper-in-chief…

        • Four more years of “hope and change?”


      8. I think it will be a combination of things on the above list and maybe not on it. We have proven we can handle one natural disaster, or one bubble popping. But can we handle a type of disaster like katrina, along with a soverign default or multiple bubbles popping in rapid succession along with another lengthy war in the mid east.
        I think that is what will eventually bring everything to an end.

        • mike,

          I agree with that, we know the U.S.A. can handle very large problems but it is yet to be seen if we can handle 3 or 4 problems back to back. I just know one thing, I’m going to have some fun this yr. I’m calling it my bucket list, I leave tomorrow for a enduro race (Dirt Bikes)its been since 2002 since I raced but I have done this for most of my life. So if the SHTF I’m going with a smile. 🙂


          • outstanding! where ya racing? i’m an avid enduro rider too and race most of the endurocross series…

            • dixon,

              Caprock canyon its close to Turkey Tx.


            • Not Fair!! i love that one, i’ve done it 5 or 6 times, the last one in ’99….thats one of my favorites..do they still run the grand prix through town the day before?

            • dixon,

              Yes they have the grand prix sat. its now just out side of town. And I don’t get to race it I have to work it since I helped lay it out. And it should be fun its snowing there tonight sure makes the traction great.


            • Dixon,

              99 wow that seems like yesterday, I never got to race it I have always worked it. When I raced the TSCEC I used Turkey as a drop that and Memphis.But if you had hell at either of those races, I’m sure I had something to do with that, I made it hell on those courses and I never cut any branches. LOL And my Favorite race has to be Concho, gotta love all those rocks..


            • turkey is the only one in texas i’ve ever done, i grew up in colorado and raced all the RMEC stuff…living in socal now, doing a lot of moto and endurocross, and as many other events as i can afford…

          • Way to go dude! I just got back from 5 days at the beach, I didn’t catch much but had a heck of a good time while there.

            • Highspeed,

              That sounds like fun bud, never fished in the ocean but it is on my list. Got burnt out on fishing I did the bass fish tour. for a couple yrs.
              Life is to short don’t get me wrong prepping is important but so is living life.
              I still want to hit 1 more Black Diamond trail before SHTF besides could really use a trip to the mountains.


          • Motocross for me mostly, but I love Enduro too!!

        • Mike,

          I agree with you. I believe we will have a combination of things on the above list and maybe some additional things.

          If there was some type of super virus or flu, that would affect us greatly also.

          KY Mom

        • The way mother nature is acting, you might include SEVERAL natural catastrophes plus the economy, wars, and other bubble poppy thingys. Kinda scary when you think of all of them at one time. Plus the threat of CME messing with the power grids, satellites… oh sure, a great recipe for disaster.

        • What’s the old adage? We have to be right 100% of the time and the opposition has to be right only once. But more over; Doesn’t it look like we are getting shit blasted from all directions for such a long time by so many things, it really looks like someone has an extended plan and wants us to get tired and be more than willing to submit to some semblance of peace and yet not to go back to the level of freedoms we had to begin with. A lot of this looks to be that fucking fundamental transformation horseshit we’ve heard so much about from the anointed one. This intently reeks of Clowered & Piven. Through chaos comes peace; I believe is the term, but I bet it wasn’t intended to come at their expense, whatcha wanna bet? They are going to twist this shit back on us and get us fighting amongst ourselves, killing each other as they eat and sleep quietly in their warm secure sanctuaries. Do you have doubts? Look at Syria. Ya think Assad fuck has pulled a single trigger or had a bullet buzz him at 2850’ a second? Not a fucking chance, guys like this chickenshit sits back, hides and barks orders. Don’t think that aint going to be any different here. Our leaders “are” leaders when they have something to gain and it’s easy to get. We have a bunch of gutless chickenshits running this country and they will do the very same thing, claiming they must avoid the chaos and survive so they can reappear and lead the people. Whatever is going to be left of us.

          • Hammerun,

            Good point. When the SHTF, be prepared to have to defend your home and property.

            Withen 24 hours of the tornado hitting here in KY, some people in rural areas have reported that people coming by to help (themselves) were stealing stuff from yards. One man had several storage sheds destroyed by the tornado and the belongings scattered all over his yard and field. The next day (yes in broad daylight), he caught a couple guys who pulled up to his yard and started taking things and putting them in their truck. The owner fired his gun and the thieves took off. Now, if the owner has to go to Lowes to get repair items, he makes sure a family member is guarding his property.

            Another item to make sure you have in your storage is a can of ‘roof patch’. We had some minor roof damage in the tornado. The roof was patched. It rained and snowed withen 48 hours after the tornado.

            KY Mom

            • Giggling to myself. YUP, that would be a BAD mistake here! They would defiantly know somebody was home and pissed off… Everybody, other than little Kay (she’s 2yo) knows how to pull a trigger.

            • I have a 5 gal. bucket for just that purpose KY Mom.

            • Heard the same thing about Moscow. Looters almost beat rescuers to the scene.

        • I was barely a teenager when that came out, it’s still as good now as it was then, 1965.

        • I had just entered the USAF. At Bien Hoa, Viet-Nam it was still a favorite. That and “We Gotta get outta this place, if its the last thing we ever do…” too many beers, can’t recall group…ANIMALS?

          Eve of Destruction fits now more than ever. Emir Barry O is the greatest threat to the USA as we know it. He should have been on the top of the list !

          • It was the Animals- 1965

      9. the washington post ran an article on march 7th about china’s skills in cyber attacks. Reported that they have already gained access to u.s. power grids.

        they could push a button, sit back, and watch the sheep tear each other apart.

        we have set ourselves up for self destruction…

        Prepare accordingly

        • I was joking about something simular last night, the banksters could order the gubmint to hit the swith,and say “SOLAR FLARE” banks will reopen in a week.(with revalued currency, and less “useless” eaters)

      10. There seems to be little if any chance that the USA won’t experience major changes this year. I doubt at this point that anything can be done to save our country, short of the dissolution of the republic.

      11. Personally a major quake on the new Madrid fault would be more devastating and deadly than a quake out west due to building codes. It would also effect a much larger area. Memphis and St.Louis could be flattenned but several mid-sized cities destroyed. Bridges over the Mississippi would be destroyed as including gas pipelines and other infrustructure.

        • Judging by the parts of St Louis I saw, that’s not entirely a BAD thing.

      12. Bad News:

        16. Europe wants their gold back.

        17. There’s a run on Comex.

        Good News:

        She still hasn’t come home yet!

      13. ALL IS WELL

        • LOL.

      14. Bring it on! Collapse will happen, the only questions are when and from what. Hate to be brutally honest, but the fact is bringing on a collapse when most people are unprepared will have the result that population will be reduced as rapidly as possible with the least amount of damage to the infrastructure and resources that will be necessary for rebuilding.

        Prolonging the inevitable for as long as possible with the effect that the sheeple start to wake up and prepare, would be the worst outcome. Imagine a hundred million Americans with several months of supplies and all armed. What happens when they see the writing on the wall before their meager stash runs out? I would rather they be too weak to do anything because they were waiting for someone to come rescue them before their week or so of food in the house was exhausted before they statted thinking about what if there is no help forthcoming. A quick, sharp pain is infinately preferable to a long, drawn out agony.

        • i agree with this, despite it being a very cynical viewpoint.

          • No, the viewpoint is harsh but realistic. They are correct even tho it sounds mean. Just saying it like it is…

        • TMHM,

          That’s pretty cold, with that kind of attitude you won’t get good carma. You do realize that your talking about children and pets, as well as adults. I hope everyone appreciates how important it is to prepare and God bless them all.

          • Sorry, but tornadoes, earth quakes, hurricanes, mother nature in general doesn’t think about humans or pets. Just ask the survivors of the recent storms. The economy, wars, bubbles or what have you, we have no control over. I think what TMHM was trying to say, if it’s going to happen, happen now instead of dragging it out. Whatever IT may be.

          • Maybe you should prepare for wolves coming to eat you! Oh I forgot theyre your friends!

            • A starving man will eat with the wolf.

          • In God I Trust,

            Carma? Karma? Thats not Christian. Are you some sort of a mix of Hindu/buddist/jainist/christian? Pick your religion. Jesus Saved us all!

            • Dwhale,
              Your are right, I did miss speak, I should have said, what goes around comes around.
              Jesus did save us all, the bible tells me so. Why are you so angry?

            • Wouldn’t another concept of karma be “you reap what you sow”? Same meaning, different wording. And it does get any more Christian than a Bible verse.
              Just saying.

        • TMHM.
          To bring it on would have to be a well thought out process. The questions of when and from what, I would change to who and where. To have someone wage war on distant relatives would be, the goes around, comes around
          saying. Actually the tactics of staying put or being aggressive has its pro’s and con’s but “as the situation requires”, may be the middle of the road. More prudent?
          Are we willing to kill our own brethern? We have been labeled “useless eaters”. Will we confirm their wish and do their bidding for them. I have no problem with bringing it on, but I want the dirty end of the stick to go to those who caused it all.

        • Loosing people is just a part of the Gig to the PTB, they couldn’t give a shit less. Just as long as it isn’t them and their families. As a matter of fact they probably have a list of those that they wish “would” disappear. I know I have my list.

          • I do not want them to dissapear but a Public Kick the Turd Out of Them Fest, would be nice. They fear no retribution for their actions and that galls me to death.

          • Hammerun: You are spot on !

        • Moon: I agree with you about a quick sharp collapse. Not because of the people only being partially prepared or their slow deaths. I think that will happen regardless. Many of us may very well become casualties. When my time is up, so be it. Hopefully it is quick.
          The reason I would rather see collapse at a rapid pace is because to me it is preferrable to what DK says death by a thousand cuts. If collapse happens slowly many people will lose everything in the process through devalued currency. Imagine losing your house and moving into a camper. What would that do to your preps? It would destroy many of us or atleast me it would. Imagine selling off all your silver, most of your guns, livestock and whatever else just to pay monthly bills or taxes.
          I would preferr something quick and painful to something long and painful.

          • Mike: Use some of that silver to buy a trailer for your preps at Lowe’s or Home Depot to attach to your camper.

            Where there is breath, there is life. Where there is life, hope. Where there is hope, patience. And what is patience but faith in action?

            Get a GRIP people! Go within! Engage the God within YOU!

        • Moon,

          I tend to agree with some of what you’re saying. Harsh, yes. But the quicker it all gets over with, the better.

          My WORST fear is that people do not wake up; that they really are so brain-dead and cowardly, that they are truly incapable standing up and setting things right. There are more than enough of us to change things.

          BTW, there are likely over 80 million (best geuss) people armed now, given that there are over 300 million weapons in circulation. Most of them are likely prepped at least minimaly. It could be a bit messy.

          But, given the slow erosion of freedom, the slow dumbed down death of the body, mind, and spirit, propogated by the Owners, a quick collapse may be better in the long run.

          • @Just Me,

            I do feel the sheeple will not awake before the time is up. Our electronic soma ensures most of us are too entertained to care what those who have real power are doing to us. It also allows our masters to monitor us; sort out the wolves from the sheep, so to speak. My harshness in stating my case is because we do not do ourselves any favors by being Pollyanna. Even those of us who have years of food, arsenals full of weapons and ammunition, and all kinds of training, can still fall to something unprepared for, like appendicitis. Survival when the SHTF will be a crapshoot; some who are very well prepared will not make it, and some who are unprepared will survive through dumb luck, but most of us will die. Let me repeat that – Most of us will die. There are simply too many of us and too few resources, and when the just-in-time food distribution network breaks down, its over for our society. We will be on our own with what we have in our cupboards, but normalcy bias will mean that most unprepared sheeple will not go looking for additional resources until it is too late for them. They will stay home, waiting to be rescued, and by the time they figure out there will be no rescue they will be too weak to cause much mischief.

            Ultimately, there are too many of us for the planet to support; most of us will have to die when the oil runs out. Our species has become dependent on a finite resource, and when it is gone so will most of us go too. What is more preferable; using up all the oil then using all the coal, then turning all the forests into woodgas, and finally gasifying low grade biomass in an effort to maintain our way of life and our supersized population for a few more years? Or a painful but necessary and rapid die-off of most of the population which will die anyway when the oil is gone; only it happens before every last resource has been consumed? I can assure you that our masters have had the same thoughts and have reached the same conclusions.

            • I have a simple test that everyone can perform on themselves to determine their chances of survivability in case of a transportation breakdown. I know quite a bit about “just in time delivery” and what affects it. We always said if you want to kill that system, just stop the fuel delivery trucks, just three days of no fuel would screw this system. Costco and Sam’s and the average neighborhood grocery stores are notorious for JITD. Three days and no distribution = empty locations.
              Now the test. Hypothetically, imagine, right now today, the stores closed. All of them all at once. What do you have in your house right now as far as your needs? What will you run out of first and next? When are you going to need milk, eggs, TP, gas, hotdogs, Med. Supplies, who knows, what will your immediate needs be in the next 72 hours? What in a week, a month the next six months? What will you have to do to meet these needs? If you get into this deep enough it will scare the living shit out of you. If you approach this scenario in a realistic sense you will quickly see how vulnerable and helpless you are and will be in this type of situation. And we all are vulnerable to a point no matter how prepared. Those that haven’t, run this test on yourself and see where you are at. Get ready to be spooked.

            • Moon,



              Good test.

        • Your assessment is harsh, but realistic which makes it very sad.
          I disagree (as always) with “bring it on!” part.
          I am not in a hurry. The thought of facing another harsh reality makes me cringe. I LOVE peaceful life because I’ve seen the opposite. I understand that hard times are upon us, but I am not one of the eager trigger-happy “survivalists” (this is not aimed at you TMHM, just a general statement). I’ve seen my share of ugliness in this life and was hoping never to see it again, but apparently God decided I can handle at least one more test, so here I am in the same boat with the rest of you.
          I understand the good intention behind “quick, sharp pain”, but what we’re facing is not a band-aid, there will be nothing quick about it (except maybe the collapse part). It took decades to get us into state we are in, if we can get out of it in 20 years we should pat ourselves on the back. This is not 1950’s, we don’t have anything with what to turn things around; we don’t have any industry, our competition is not in ruins like after WWII, we are drowning in debt, and majority of our population is ignorant, unable to adapt, and has zero traditional skills. God help us.
          This is not a movie, guys. We don’t just start over in the morning, it’s going to be a long LONG rebuilding process. And who is to say that we’re going to build something better? Do I hope for it? Of course. But I am also a realist.

      15. Of course this is nothing new. The question is, what the hell are you going to do about it. Protesting is useless, violence is unacceptable and counterproductive. We have a choice. There is better and smarter way to fight back. Talking and complaining isn’t going to change a thing. When you get tire of getting your butts kicked – get smart.

        Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( http://www.revolution2.osixs.org )

        • This makes me ill. How many Iranian citizens will be killed by depleted uranium and all he cares about is waiting until after the elections to attack? Does Iran have a nuclear bomb? It doesn’t matter… just let me get elected first. He is an inhuman psycopathic fucker. May he burn in the fires of hell.

        • After the election in November? Hah! Long before then. Long before then. Israel will not wait until November.

          That rhetoric is so that O’bummer can disavow the Israeli First Strike when it happens; but retain the right to obliverate Iran’s military after they respond by attacking US.

          Its already pre-programmed people.

      16. As if we do not have enough of Nature trying to do us all in, the human species of this planet has to try and out do her. For many of the possibilities above there is a tipping point where things accelerate. How can people who are supposed to be so smart, be so stupid? I do not think there are any more Black Swans as we have fully discussed them over the years. Maybe an alien invasion or the Second Coming of Christ may fit the bill.
        Have to admit I have to laugh when the major weathermen tell us there is a shift in the weather patterns and terrible storms may be on the way. Then the reporter asks, “How bad can they get?” I have to ask, Have you seen the damage the last couple of years? I mean if you are sucked up out of your home into a 300MPH swirling wind field, being hit by debris and slammed into the ground. Would you like to do it again if you lived through it? Maybe with a little imagination you can apply that question to any disaster.
        Disasters come big and small but it does not sink in till it involves you directly. Am I concerned about all the possibilities that may happen in 2012. Sure, but my control over them is very limited. Just do the best you can to ease the pain and hope nothing really bad happens to you.

        • Last year I read where the Russian scientists predicted extremely bad storms, increase in earth quakes and volcanoes starting in 2011 thru 2013-14. So far they have been proven correct. Right now I fear Mother Nature’s wrath more than any thing right now. The storms are a lot more tense and destructive where we live and now to have to worry about the gov. and their under handed tricks is enough to make a sane person crazy!!

          I would like to say my prayers are with those that lost loved ones or property in those storms. Watch out tho, there’s more bad weather along the way. God Bless all of you…

      17. we should all revisit the “what ifs” and have some sort of plan for at least taking care of ourselves and our families. most anything that happens on this list of fifteen are things that none of us can fix…but we can survive them with some preparations and some kind of plan in place as well as a plan b should plan a fall apart.

      18. You people should really stop reading this garbage, it is self destructive. There will always be trouble on this old earth. Focus your atention on Jesus and read your Bible then you will understand that these things are birth pains. If you people prepare for anything you need to prepare your heart. Nothing is wrong with stocking a few things but dont go overboard. Ok im out.

        • “there will always be trouble on this old earth”. Funny, how relevant that is. I was on my way to the outhouse this morn and I grabbed a book off the shelf titled “Living off the country”. It was written in 1956. In the preface to the book it says “…because of those ever increasing threats to civilization itself…an atom bomb catastrophe or the even more terrible microscopic foes of germ warfare.” Ah yes…whats old is still new.

        • Hello Faith.
          Your Faith is well founded. Funny, why do you read all this garbage? Why would you call it Garbage? If it is is garbage, then it should not deserve a reply. Would you think so? With a site heading of SHTF, would it serve as a warning that this is a garbage site to those who figure that all it does is upset the masses. Could it be that the years of political correctness has finally done its job and has pussyfied us all. Have we lost our ability to decide which is garbage and throw away our First Amendment Rights. It is nice to see you are concerned with our metal capability and those with a problem should reframe from reading here. But the truth of the matter is, a true shit storm approaches and many will fall to the wayside. Even if a raving lunatic expressed his view, there is still something to learn from it. Garbage no! Information, Yes!

        • @Faith, I respect your faith and loyalty in the Bible, that’s great! How ever, who are you to sit in judgement of others and what we read? To us, it’s not garbage, that’s kinda mean of you to state that. If you don’t understand why we like to read this information, just ask. But don’t act like you are a Bible loving person one minute and then act like a hypocrite the next. If you personally don’t like it, that’s cool, just don’t come to our site and try to lecture us about it. Just saying… peace be with you.

          • The one thing having a kid with a disability has taught me?

            God helps them that help themselves!

          • @faith – A balanced approach – The 7 Gs of modern survival. Google it. #1 – God.

            Its kinda like, if you don’t have number one, whats the point?

            But, like the other six, if you invest too heavily in one or two of the seven, you’ll find yourself waking up dead one morning. Salvation is a good thing but The Creator is not going to help you if you don’t help yourself.

            Your lecture to us is a waste of time. We’re not obsessed and we see the realities. You, however, may not realize that something is coming and may fail to get out of the way, or, head to the bunker in time, so to speak.

            We read this “garbage” (Admit it folks, some of this is garbage and pure speculation.) as both a form of entertainment and brainstorming.

            Personally, there is a need for all humans to prep to some extent. In my opinion if you are a Christian, the Christian life DEMANDS that you prep. While, ultimately, God is in control, you are somewhat responsible too. Did you expect God to put the food in your mouth and chew it for you? No. You need three guns, several months of food and water, a way to keep warm and dry *IN* *ADDITION* to your faith. Don’t worry, there will be ample chance for God to show us his grace when he fills in the gaps of stupidity we’ll show. At least I hope he will, in my case.

            The birth pains may last a while. I, for one, want to be more than just comfortable. I want to have ample supplies to help others. I am commanded to do so. Imagine your credibility when you share The Good News with a starving neighbor as you take him a few cans of food? “Well, I thought Faith was a religious nut but when (s)he brought me some cans of stuff to eat I realized that (s)he is a lot smarter than I thought!”

            Brothers and sisters, WE HAVE A MANDATE TO PREP! We prep for the afterlife, don’t we? Learning of God’s love for us and learning how to behave and how to worship. It does us very little good now. But, when the chips are down, and we go down, it will, right? Well, if you wanna win souls for Jesus, you’ll have devoted followers if you’re willing to feed them.

            • Are Christians the only ones doing preps? Islam, Hindu, Shinto? Is this a phenomenon which only affects the modern industrial nations? Has the third world peoples been left out to blow in the wind from catastrophic events. I can not remember reading anything on this subject. Are they that poor that they are not worth mentioning? Weird.

            • @NetRanger! I tell you what buddy. I didn’t even finish reading your whole response before I felt compelled to agree with you. I Have never met you before in my life but I agree with your outlook the most. I think you sticking up for me in the past has a lot to do with my opinion but I still think you have some great view points.

            • cmon now. God Gave Manna to his people wandering in thse desert. They had no food. Exodus 16:4 16:15 They had no preps! I am a prepper so I can help my neighbors and myself. But please read your bible and not tell lies.

            • Very nicely put NetRanger. Delicate and yet to the point.

        • Faith,

          What’s it like to be so rightious, and perfect?
          Your kind has been around for a long time, and as much as any, they have helped to create the mess we face.

          They hide thier cowardace behind thier piety. Turn off your brain, and jelly your spine.

          Your version of prepping is preaching at people, and when things go south, you’ll leech off of them.

        • There are plenty of examples in the Bible of how God used people to provide warnings of coming events. His purpose for this was so that people could take ACTION.

          An excellent example of this is Joseph. God used a heathen ruler (Pharaoh) through dreams that he himself did not understand (but Joseph did), to warn of impending famine.

          Now…..using your logic, Joseph would have just sat down and said…”Oh gee…there’s a famine coming, but God will provide.”

          What do you suppose the outcome of that line of thinking?

          Frankly, people who call themselves Christians, who adopt the attitude of “God’s gonna take care of me, no matter what I do”….make me a little nauseous. Sounds a little too much like the folks who say, “The government’s going to take care of me, no matter what.”

          God gave you a brain for a reason. Use it. And don’t sit down on your lazy keester and expect God to bail you out, when He is giving you ample warning of the what’s coming down the road.

      19. Kinda like what my Dad told me the night I called and warned him about a tornado close to him, (Boy now just what in the hell do you think I can do about it) never forgot those words..


      20. Well said Faith!

        • Looks like our poster is back.. (Well said faith) was not me.. Damn Kids


      21. The United Socialistic States of Fascist Amerika GREATEST THREAT!

        Is …

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        Predator or Prey of the NWO.cfr.BilderBoyBuggers.globalists … the choice is yours.

        • How many people believe you? How many are really prepared? How many are willing to fight? You will only know the answers when it is at our doorstep. Don’t get me wrong. I am not throwing stones at you but the idea of a Facist/Socialist state we are becoming, is so far out there to the general public, it is uncomprehendable. Most would not even know what you are talking about.
          Unless a person looks for the truth, he is blinded by close minded news media which has all the approval of a dumb down society. And you can not fight, STUPID!
          We will have our backs against the wall and the calvery is not coming to our rescue. Bet on it.

          • I think people are waking up. I don’t think they will do anything about it though, certainly not go against the gov.
            This link is to the colbert report. Just watch the first 10 minutes of it. The Word. Even comedians are seeing what is happening.


          • @slingshot… i intend to “fight” in my own way… as i was trained as a combat infantry rifleman… one bullet at a time… all my focus will be on just one thing… that 3 three pound trigger pull! taking …

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            i have 5000 rounds of .45-70…

            there’s only 2,000 of them nwo.cfr.bilderboybuggers…

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            … all it takes is one lil’ fire starter match!

            • if your an FREEMAN FREEWOMAN american patriot , want to HELP FREE america of globalist nwo.cfr banker tyranny… please join…

              http://www (dot) jbs (dot) org/

              check out the JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY!

              FREE YOUR MIND!

            • if your an FREEMAN FREEWOMAN american patriot , want to HELP FREE america of globalist nwo.cfr banker tyranny… please join…

              w w w (dot) jbs (dot) o r g

              check out the JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY!

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            • I’m not saying you’re a liar, but I can’t imagine any infantry rifleman choosing a 45-70 for any kind of assault, let alone any kind of targeted killing.

            • I like 45-70. It goes through the first guy, and whomever is standing behind him. The media branded the birch society as a bunch of loons, just as they brand ron paul now. To bad the net was not around back then,the free flow of info with about 60 million less sheople probably would have stopped this madness, IF the elections were not rigged as much that is.

            • … i only hunt at night. range wont be a factor. power and penetration will.

            • man, I miss my octagon cowboy leveraction 45-70.

            • You oughta look into 7.62x54r 147gr steel core, nasty! Holes thru ½ in plate at 115 meters. It’s an oldie but a goodie.

        • UMM Mac!!! Hello!!! We know who this is, just not why he/she/it is still here.

          • HELLOOOOOOO,

            We all know its nina, but in the 16 months I have been coming here I have only seen 1 comment censered. yes Nina is 1 crazy MF but thats what you have to love about him. Tell me this if you were in a fight would you not want him backing you up? To me the best part about this site is the fact that Mac does not ban people for saying whats on their mind that day!!!

            And Yes NINA I still say you are a crazy MF…LOL


            • NO CENSORING!! Oh,ninas right. We ARE debt slaves, and the irs IS a tyranical illegal evil machine that is feared by the citizens of this once free union of several states. Mr. Erwin Schiff will tell ya. Remeber “THEY” hate us because we are “FREE”. *kevin yells* HEY ERWIN, THEY HATE YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE FREE BUDDY(in jail for not paying federal income taxes, with 43 witnesses he brought in for his defense and the prosecution/feds brought in ZERO WITNESSES)Erwin is a brave, wise man, a soldier for the cause of freedom, from debt slavery, and a patriotic HERO, IN JAIL, and GEITHNER WALKS WHEN HE DIDNT PAY, and IN A POSITION OF POWER!!!!WTF!!!! MAKES ME SICK!!! I spoke with Erwin many times baack in the day, and he has more brains in one of his finger nails then geithner has in his entire body.

            • @DPS waaaaaassssss up amigo… ;0) DON’T GET RUN OVER AT THE TRACK! Beep Beep vroom vrooooooooooom…

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              We seem too have em’ over-breedin up here in montana!

              Time to Exterminated a few of the pesky corrupt bribed thievin traitorous congress critters before they breed again next elections.

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            • KNOW YOUR ENEMY: zionist jewish circumcising ceremony TALMUD Style…

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              This Barbaric Ceremony Infects and KILLS lil’ defenseless babies with venereal diseases and cripples some babies/ children for life with disease Herpes, Syphilis, Tuberculosis, and other known disease from the saliva of the Zionist Jewish Witch Doctor performing lip suction on the defenseless jewish babies.

              Know Your Zionist Enemy Free America, this very Ceremony is Performed not only around the world in various jewish communities, but right here in the United Socialistic Fascist States of Amerika!

              This is who Owns Fascist AmeriKa!

          • So? whats he hurting?…besides anybody who like the 45-70 cant be all that bad 🙂 …leave him be…..

      22. Read the book LIGHTS OUT. The best book ever on EMP. One second after was good but this story is the best I ever read. Thanks and good reading. LC

      23. maybe the Mayans knew something we dont? just a thought

        • We’ll find out soon enough, won’t we?

        • Where did they go and I’ll ask a few of them.

      24. We just went through the storms last week in the Midwest.We own a midsize hotel property and we were only without electricity for 16 hrs and there was some really terrible behavior. I hate to think what will happen if the SHTF for real.

        • Yes, spoiled, feeling entitled and unable to handle any discomfort even for a short period of time populus.
          Each one of us surrounded by a number of them… (sigh)

      25. I thought this of Libya’s Quadaffi and fortunate I was wrong, but if you were Assad and the thought of having to hide out in a hole in the ground and then hang at the end of a rope or say screw it – you Mr. General – take a few hundred of your best, infiltrate Europe and America and then on my command – be our smart bombs and take out their water, transportation and communication systems as best you can……America is a sitting duck for a 100 or 200 well trained soldiers with the necessary equipment. Our sheeple here wouldn’t know what hit them, and how to react.

        • Jim, it’s a shame, but you’re right about the sheeple.

        • Jim

          I agree, eventually the ptb will pick on a rebellious leader smart enough to launch an internal attack like this. Taking down the grid is the most obvious one.

          However ebola/anthrax is an option – all it would take would be 1/2 dozen smart individuals to let loose summat like that.

          The alternative is too many people wind up living in tents and flash riots occur that escalate into civil war. The sheeple have been feeling tense, though not quite understanding why for some time. They thought Obama would save them. Now it’s the Tea Party.

          Once they realise there is no hero coming to save the day things will deterioate at a moments notice over one incident, just like they did with Rodney King or the Tunisian vegetable seller. When and where that incident will occur is anyone’s guess but my bet is that it’ll be in rural kentucky not somewhere anyone expects like LA.

          • Anon, are you saying rural KY just as an example of an out of the way place, or do you have specific knowledge?

            • Just a totally random example of an out of the way place given that I’m in the UK and never made it to KY on my US travels.

              I was trying to make the point the tipping point incident will probably from somewhere we least expect it, and will catch the most dedicated preppers by suprise.

        • JIM: See something, say something…. just saying. 🙂

          • 3 massive car bomb explosions near 3 major shopping malls at the earliest possible time (thus east coast) on the Friday after Thanksgiving and the panic would cost American retailers about $60 billion on sales over the weekend. Millions would lose work hours (retailers only pay for hours worked), the economy would instantly be wrecked havoc upon.

            Assad, the mullas of Iran, and even that wonderful group no one believes is a real threat – al queda – could carry that off.

      26. One encouraging possibility to consider?

        It seems as if many of the fine people who visit and comment on this site are “preppers.” The unprepared masses are often referred to as “sheeple,” which is sadly true. That said, it is possible that some/many preppers could become the new leaders for parts of or groups of society? Not leaders of the whole society like politicians *snort* but effective, sensible leaders for smaller groups – people close to themselves: family, neighbours, churches, clubs, etc.

        Who else has the confidence and knowledge to understand what’s going on and how to fix it? Who else has the security that comes from already being prepared and could focus on bigger issues other than food, water, shelter, medicine which will otherwise occupy the unprepared?

        In many ways, we preppers might be society’s best hope for surviving calamities.

        • “Many crave leadership and never receive it, while others have it thrusted upon them”.

          Good point Stoosh.

          Who do you trust? Would you accept any leadership? Our,want it now and what is yours is mine society has alot of growing up to do. How many of us have heard others say, they would come over and take over your place in times of need. Not going to happen partner.
          I will render help but the attitudes I have experienced in past hurricanes, I know better. We all will have to deal with the trash of mankind in the beginning. I do not want a position of leadership.
          You being a prepper.

          How would you deal with Law and Order?

          • I follow Dr. Sheldon Cooper, from The Big Bang.

          • Hi, slingshot:

            Would you be willing to explain a bit about the attitudes that you experienced during past hurricanes, please?

            I live in a part of my country (not U.S.A.) that is safe from many types of the worst weather, so your experiences would be new to me and interest me very much.


            – Stoosh

            • Hello Stoosh,
              First off I want to say there are plenty of good people still around but the introduction of a major stress factor and they change. People will do things they do not normally do. It is my experience that the more people that are concentrated into a small geographical area, the higher the stress. I also have found that when good things are done they multiply and the same thing goes for bad things. To eliminate or to lower stress is the determining factor of good or bad actions. I firmly beleive that preparations for any disruptive event is crucial to the survival of us all.
              One has to wonder when a major storm is headed your way how many fail to prepare. Just as troubling is that many plan to survive with a few gallons of water, a flashight and batteries and a few cans of tuna fish.
              There are some that plan to party and there are some who are ordered to evacuate, stay home to wait out the storm. There are even those who have never been hit by a major storm and do not heed the warnings of the weatherman. They expect someone to come to the rescue when it goes really bad. It does not have to happen that way, but they chose that path to follow.
              If I remember correctly ,it was hurricane Andrew that was out in the Atlantic and was headed for Florida.
              At his time the warnings were up and the rush to get supplies was beggining. Florida had had no major storm since Donna so there was mixed expectations of the power of the storm before landfall. The influx of Snow Birds (Notherners) that settled in South Florida were about to see the bad side of a Retired Tropical Lifestyle. When I was small child, I caught some of the winds of Hurricane Donna and my older home sounded like a pipe organ. Never forgot it. I had prepared way before Andrews arrival if it came to North Florida.
              BUT! I did make a mistake. Even though I was ready I went out to see how people reacted and I was in for a surprise. Gas lines were long and as the lower grade fuel was depleted the cost was higher . And tempers got hotter. Fights broke out and people drove off without paying. The ice was gone, the tuna, batteries were gone. Anything they said on T.V. to purchase was gone! It was a mad house. A supply store was full of people fighting over plywood and other items like duct tape. Nothing better to hear a person say, “I don’t know about you people but I’m gonna get mine” Then you are pushed against the merchandise as the wave of people press against you to get at the product they desired. Scared the hell out of me. I was lucky to keep my footing and keep from falling to the floor.
              I give you all fair warning and that is to not get caught up in such an event of people who do not give a shit for nobody but themselves.
              The storm passed over Homestead and what distruction it caused. I was without power as the winds did reach far north. I counted my blessings.
              Stoosh. Nice to know you live somewhere safe. Americans are their own worst enemy. I have been to many countries and enjoyed their hospitality of strangers. A simple Please and Thank You, goes far in their native tongue. Unfortunately as we claim to be an independent people we are very dependent upon our government. This has not happened overnight. It festers into sad situations unthinkable forty years ago. We are are looking for change because we do not like at what we have become.
              Attitudes must change. As we are a union of states, we are not a united people. So my examples are the symptoms of a sick nation that can only be cured by ourselves internally. Those who rally against us (Preppers) do so at their own peril as they may well destroy the only avenue to save them.

        • Dear Stoosh,
          I thought that way too,until I tried to talk about Preppin'(in a VERY careful manner) to some of the “Folks” at my local place of worship.THE NEXT SUNDAY the matter was mentioned,dissed and then mention was made of “certain persons” who were lacking in “Faith in God” to solve EVERYTHING.So much for that.I’m seeing more and more folks packin’ everywhere around here these days.When even the “God-Fearing” types refuse to plan ahead it’s gonna be one terrible time out there.The Bible states:”The wise man sees the calamity ahead and tries to avoid it.The foolish man ignores it and suffers loss when he comes across it”.I REALLY wish some of these “good people” would change,but I guess not.Gonna be fewer so-called “Men of God” around as this thing progresses than I once thought.And this in a area that prides itself on being a self styled “independent-minded”and “self-sufficiency first”Southern region of America.I suspect that my campfire will have a very few folks with me there…..
          All the Best to All!

          • GFG, the church is very much like another branch of government. No one wants to really do what God commands. They just want you to feel like it so you’ll pay homage to “church things”.

            Prepping gives many a feeling of independence and authority. Why? Because we no longer are dependent on a daily basis (or even on a weekly basis) for food and sustenance. The grid could go down and the grocery store could close for two months and the only thing I’d miss is my milk being cold.

            Officials, preachers, leadership of any type see independence as an enemy. Once you become independent of the systems, even if its just in thought, you start seeing how crooked and non-essential many of the layers of management, whether religious, governmental or business orient really are.

            …and most people are willing slaves to the system. The prospect of severing total dependence on the system scares the devil out of them. So, instead, they shill for it.

            The reaction of your fellow churchgoers does not surprise me in the least. Your reaction should be, “Well, I believe G. od helps those who help themselves. After all, what do you expect God to do? Do you expect him to chew the food for you?”

            Personally, I’m beyond that. I’ve become a tool of The Creator. I try to persuade them but if they criticize me, I laugh it off. Once you have true wisdom, fake wisdom just makes you laugh.

            One thing you can tell them is this, “Well, maybe you’re right. However, if the crap hits the fan, just remember, don’t come running to me when it starts raining. I guess Noah was a fool, after all. What an idiot! Building a huge boat on dry land.”

            Of course, the promise is that a giant flood like that will never happen again, however, nothing was said about fire from the sky or earthquakes.

            Hold your course. True wisdom is hard to come by and I think if you think about it, you’ll realize that, unfortunately, few that call themselves Christians have any.

            • “Once you have true wisdom, fake wisdom just makes you laugh”.
              True that. It also takes a lot of patience to listen to fake wisdom.

          • GFG…been there man…as Ive said here before I received the “left foot” of fellowship(several times 🙂 for not having enough faith…when I knew I had more real faith than all of them put together…I got in trouble for running an Army/Navy survival store…I got in trouble for being an independent farmer and teaching others how to be independent…I got in trouble for saying so…I got in trouble for refusing to get a permission slip to preach…(on those occasions when I had the pulpit I often taught on how God expects you to be prepared and to take care of what you can…he’ll take up the slack… not do the job for you after he has told you many times…and that he expects people to use the mind he gave them,IE to THINK!!
            Too many people in the churches are “lazy”…spiritually…physicly and mentally…I’m not trying to be mean that just how it is,they have the same “disease” many people outside the churches have…they want GOD or you and me to do it for them just like people outside want govt to do for them(lots of good people in the churches and out so Im not dissing everyone…just the guilty)…a pastor one time told me he didnt have to or intend to prepare for any hard times…he would just bring his family to my house and God would provide for him/his through me…I quietly informed him (in front of a lot of people) that he’d go away empty handed or be carried away but he’d definately go…didnt go over too well to say the least but hey Im not trying to be popular Im trying to survive(everyday,not just some future disaster) and help as many others as want to help themselve do the same….so dont feel too bad…help who you can and leave the rest to their own fate…its true in or out of church circles…I mean after you tell them what more can you do?…besides I figure if they(church people) didnt listen to God they committed no great sin by ignoring little ole me…thanks!

        • STOOSH— ” “That said, it is possible that some/many preppers could become the new leaders for parts of or groups of society?” “…..
          Now, THAT statement scares the CRAP out of me. Can you just imagine that if “Your all living a propaganda fascist lie” commenter was to become a “leader”????? Anyone not born into his specific psychosis of Israelite hating/zionist mindset would be targeted?! I’ve seen some hatred before, but not quite to that extent. I gotta admit this idea scares me much more than what is happening in DC. We as preppers should stand for equality and love of our fellow man to OVERCOME such hatred and not perpetuate it. Otherwise, why do we try to save ourselves just to live in another screwed up society of our making? Tell me something- what are we doing on this site, other than to perpetuate an ideology to prepare and help our fellow people? Please explain.

      27. And yet, with all the doom and gloom cooked up over the decades about 2012, things have not been nearly as bad as even 2011. Something to think about…

        • It’s early yet don’t ya think.

        • DOOMTARD!

      28. It’s interesting to note that the first ten items on this checklist of disaster are the possible results (either through acts of commission or omission) of deliberate Amerikan GOVERNMENT actions.

        Items #1 and #2 are disasters waiting to happen only because of the total Zionist takeover of all three branches of the US federal government.

        Items #3 through #10 are the logical consequences of the world-class robberies and scams wrought by the bankster class and Wall Street (which overlap with the “Zionist” category to a considerable degree), scams which are promoted with the full faith and credit of the corrupt Amerikan regime and are forced on other nations by Amerikan threats backed by Amerikan missiles and buzz-cut Amerikan cannon-fodder.

        Items #11 through #15 appear on the surface to be acts of nature beyond human control, yet their effects could certainly be mitigated by the judicious application of US tax dollars which have been diverted to bankster giveaways and fighting wars of luxury for the racial-theocratic aggrandizement of Israhell.

        Possibility #15, a hypothetical asteroid strike, though fitting the very definition of an “act of God” on its surface, is also a possibility that is affected by the policies of the Amerikan regime. The likelihood of eventual collisions with near-earth objects is a possibility that is being looked at seriously by the European Space Agency and Russia. They choose to view such an impact as something that may be preventable, and are in the process of developing an early warning framework and interdiction system (based on Russian rockets) to at least make an attempt to divert a threatening object and thereby save the planet. NASA, on the other hand, has not only announced the end of its efforts in the realm of manned American space flight, but is now feverishly focusing its energies on “outreach” to the Muslim world (I’m not making this up) and increasing “diversity” in its ranks. It will therfore NOT be the diverse, Zionist, Third World, culturally perverse, plutocratic New World Order kleptocracy called Amerika that will be saving the Earth from doom any time soon.

        Now, if the Amerikan regime is directly- or indirectly implicated in the Amerika-destroying (and world-destroying?) scenarios postulated here, we need to ask ourselves WHO controls the Amerikan regime and what their motivation is, particularly since its actions are indistinguishable from those of an alien enemy bent on this country’s (and the world’s) destruction.

        • I have to agree with you on this. No bill that has anything to do with Zionism or Israel gets to the floor in Congress without scrutiny by AIPAC or the other lobbyists. If it doesn’t suit their views they will threaten the bill’s sponser to withdraw funds or fund an opponent to run and defeat him. 99% of our legislature in DC have an agenda and it is not to represent YOU.It is to further their career and to do this they know they must support the corp and it’s moneymasters.Therefore they will toe the line.This goes all the way up to the POTUS with behind the scene deals,etc.

        • Ahab, sir, you are very wise. Quite well keyed. Thank you!

          …but, again, who is at the center of all these problems?

          Starts with B…

          Ends with S…

          BANKSTERS. Sure, we see all kinds of crookedness but when you pull back the curtain, standing there, levers in hand and buttons under thumbs: BANKSTERS.

      29. awe damn, I been lookin for 12/21, now I have to wait till Feb 2013??, smirks!!

        btw I think Neweton said something about 2037 too, won’t be around for that one….

        On the the other hand, the usual suspects (humans) doing something idiotic is a possibility.

        • Yes and 2013 will be some other excuse

        • He’s an alien, that explains everything about his cult and followers. Na-noo Na-noo

      30. Notice how they used the word potentially because in the end POTENTIALLY anything can potentially happen.

      31. The meek will inherit the earth

      32. What I fear most is huge earthworms, that look like George Bush, eating my childern and imposing a marxist government, that outlaws gold and Ron Paul. Really, I have dreams about them every night!
        One of the worms is named Mario.

      33. Any of the above listed events could cause a catastrophic chain of events that would affect everyone on the planet. However; the biggest threat comes from the do-gooder, do-nothing, liberal minded, educated idiots playing ostrich. When the “real” SHTF they will loose it and go, boo koo dinky dau (ape-shit crazy). Unless, you as a prepper, are shielded by a bunch of real estate, you will, at some point have to encounter these people. Most will come humbly and apologetically crying that they were stupid and wrong, and looking for handouts. What will you do? Yea, I know that’s a hard one to answer. We will try to help the children and elderly to a point. At some point you will have to say no, or otherwise all your preps are gone in no time. We have BB guns and Pellet guns to ward off the rest of the freeloaders. The easy ones to handle are the evil ones wanting to bring harm and steal anything they can. Once they fail to obey the posted signs and warnings, their fair game. If they are lucky, the first shot will only take off a knee, and they can drag off to somewhere else. We have worked too hard and invested too much $$ to have some thugs and low-lifes come and take it. Peace and a steady trigger.

        • Don’t forget Paint Ball Guns and Slingshots


          • 1 shot…1 kill. End of story. I’m green…..so I don’t waste any prep….especially ammo !

        • Guns are a great deterrent to those who don’t understand “no”. Reminds me of a story back when I was a young teenager. We were having a snowball fight in my friend’s yard. One of the snowballs got away and hit a passing car. The guy stopped and got out ranting and raving and threatening to kick somebody’s ass. My friend turned to his younger brother and calmly said “Tommy, go get the gun”. The guy’s jaw dropped and he took off for his car. Best to have a couple “shootin irons” around.

      34. What am I concerned about?

        That the Global March To Jerusalem slated for March 30th will fulfill the Biblical prophecy of “armies surrouding Jerusalem” as found in Luke 2l:20. If so, then I would expect almost all of the above to happen.

        • f,

          Thank you not many people post passages but when they do I take time to pick up the Bible and read them.. Thanks again.


        • f says,
          That already happened in 70 C.E.The place ended up toast(as J.C. warned).Your timetable is mis-directed as waiting for all the Jews to one day “convert”.Parts of that passage as well as others were meant for back then and the ones of a larger fulfillment for a future time.Modern-day Jerusalem is no longer a center of worship or prophecy for followers of Christ.It’s merely a “created” Secular State geared in favor of ONLY Jews(They are the ONLY ones allowed Full citizenship)Christians have no “standing” in that place of modern times.Nor is it necessary to God’s plans for all of us today.
          Keep your faith in Christ,not “false stories” meant to mislead you.HIS Kingdom is Heavenly Jerusalem,not the earthy one.
          All the Best,

      35. I will tell you what is going to happen in 2012. Nothing. The same thing that happened in 2008,2009, 2010, and 2011. This constant doom and gloom chatter consistently falls flat. Like today’s massive solar flare. A total non-event. So how much longer will these failed predictions of doom and gloom go on?

        • I guess as long as they can freely print as many dollars they need to to bail out the banks,to enrich themselves and their cronies, buy back the fraudulant mortgage backed securities,cover the banksters bad bond bets,bail out fannie may/freddie mac,cover the banksters naked shorting loses, and the world excepting the petro dollar. When all these stop, there will be no more predictions THEN we will be in a world of $hit!!

        • The solar flare we experienced today amounts to a sun fart.

          Be thankful it wasn’t another Carrington Event.


          You’re a poster-child for the normalcy bias. You think that just because something hasn’t happened…..it CAN’T happen.

          There’s a word to describe folks like yourself. “Victim”.

        • Remember the hype about the Y2K? Boy that was a big scam…

      36. Damn I was kinda hoping the solar flare would have done more damage today! I want this corrupt stinking system to collapse already! This is like waiting for a movie to come out and you get little glimpses here and there but no action! Fuckin bummer!

        • yea when will you wake up ?

        • You’re not the only one! But, the nightmare just keeps on rolling! It’ll end soon enough. Then, we’ll wish for the “old days” and we’ll talk about them.

          “Oh! Yeah! Remember facebook? It was so cool! Well, most of the time. It was a tad bit annoying with all the stupid games but it was neet to keep track of all your friends. Yeah! Those were the days!”

          • It won’t be SOON at all

            • so seeing as i just received 2 thumbs down from 2 retards then if it wont be happening soon then tell us when it will be because obviously you must know when it will all go down ? I have been saying it wont be soon for about 8 months now and so far I AM RIGHT


        • Yeah, just another chic-flick… HA!

        • While I’m thinking “let’s get it over with already,” I’d prefer the collapse wait until after my May vacation.

          But then, some Israeli’s would also prefer they don’t strike Iran until after their Madonna concert, also in May.

          • Madonna is a sadistic whore! Or at least she puts on a good show to make us believe she is. Too many young girls ruin their lives by following some stupid rich bitch’s life like she is some kind of role model. The adolescent teens and tweenies spend way too much $$$ buying their crap. They follow some stupid acting singer as though they are some kind of god. They have probably never dropped a dime in a collection plate at a church or given a dime to feed some hungry children. What a fuckkkked up world! A day of reckoning is soon to come.

      37. WOW……..how ironic that my comment was CENSORED by a so-called truther site…….you guys better wake up to the DOOM SCAM

        • Yeah, this is a truther site, so, what are *YOU* doing here?


          • Yea i know because i have been so untruthful lately havent I ? i have been more accurate lately than ANY of these others i.e. GERALD CELENTE and the DOOM PROFITEERS LIKE ….HAWK , STEVE QUAYLE , CELENTE , ALL THE DOOMTUBERS ON YOUTUBE , ETC.
            according to all these people we should have been living a MAD MAX life 4 years ago BUT I said that this would play out for a very long time and so far i have been very truthful unlike the untruthful fictional bank holiday and economic martial law and the death camps and the fictional ( ISNT GOING TO HAPPEN ) war with iran……all these things i have said would not and WILL NOT happen !

            • You’re a bit of a mystery to me, Rich99. Why do you keep coming here? Not that I want to throw you out, just the opposite. A contrarian, be he right or wrong, is a good thing. Critics are necessary to keep wild speculation from being, well, wild.

              So, in your opinion, how will this all end? This financial mess, I mean. How does it all end up being fixed? Because it can’t continue like it is. Debts can only get so big before they crush you.

              One thing I’ve learned from studying all this stuff: it looks like things are coming in much faster than they are.

              So, give us YOUR idea. Instead of Celente or Schiff or Schaff, its Rich99 and you’ve got the mike. Tell us what we should expect in the next 6 months, 12 months and 2 years. I’d be interested to hear it.

              Understand, I will critique it, but, I’ll be kind. I never disrespect someone who gives an honest opinion.

              So, reply and give us the good stuff and tell us why we should not worry.

      38. LAST!!!

        Oh, wait…


        • you ask for an answer from me and then you block the reply button…..DUH…HELLOOOOOooooo……does that make any damn sense but i guess it does from someone who sits and waits for the next bit of bad news to come out because he thinks the SHIT is gonna hit the fan some time SOON. keep on waiting because its gonna be many years waiting

      39. 134th bitches!!!

      40. NetR,
        BEAT YA!I’m the LAST!
        Wait! is this gonna become like those folks who must spend every waking moment trying to be FIRST?
        Never Mind!
        (A truly Zen statement of ever there was one!)

      41. Sorry Net Ranger. I’m last bitches!

        Oh wait forgot to post on the topic.

        Two more for the list of kicking us when were down.
        1. Peak oil
        2. petro dollar.

        • Peak oil is a myth. There’s more oil under the Rockies than Saudi Scarabia. They’ve reported it multiple times. But, guess what? They can’t drill because of government regulations.

          One day you people are going to realize that Al Qaeda is small potatoes compare the The United States Federal Corporation.

          Al Qaeda flew planes and killed a bunch of people. Yeah, they’re not nice people (especially when aided by OUR OWN GOVERMENT) but the USFC (FedCo since 1871) hires TSA workers that frisk your toddlers and your grandmothers ever single day. They steal your money (via the IRS) and reward their benefactors vast amounts of cash.

          All this is because the government that should be representing your interests is controlled by self-serving bankster elites.

          …and the petro dollar? Thats just a temporary think to keep you enslaved. Its difficult to keep people from using real money (gold, silver) if you don’t some type of incentive. The dollar is about to die. They’ll swindle the populace with some other scam here soon. They will save the day!!!

          Its all part of the evil plan: keep energy costs high and keep the sheople confused about money. Its certainly worked for the last 100 years and it probably will continue to work until the Lord’s return because I’ve only seen a very few people that will wise up to the fact that a people will never prosper when you have bankster elites running the show.

          • A person with common sense would think that with rising oil prices the government would be drilling for oil in the rockies and in the Gulf. Why send our countries wealth to the Middle east, when good jobs could be created HERE and our money could stay here.

            It makes me wonder. Maybe TPTB have made some sort of agreement and that oil is being saved for others…such as the Chinese whom we owe scads of money.

            • KY Mom- think of this scenario… The US uses all of the worlds supply of oil, at great expense to Americans, then at that point in time, starts to use the only other source– American oil and gas. This would be the only way to remain a super power. Logic dictates this to be the more intelligent approach. Why else would oil companies discover, then cap natural gas wells in Colorado and Az.? Among other locations?

            • My theory is a little different–but has been on my mind for years.
              Why not use all the oil in ME, regardless how much it costs the elite– they can afford it.
              Then when all is depleted, the good ole U.S. of A. holds all other countries not supplying their own, hostage.

            • Oops.Sorry–LRD–we must think alike.

            • KY, the reason they won’t allow us Americans to be self sufficient when it comes to energy, is because our economy would flourish and everyone that wanted a job could have one. TPTB have a monopoly on energy. It is their “crown jewels”. The “power” companies bought out most of the propane companies when deregulation went thru. I was involved with a company that had three patents to an invention that could reduce electric utility costs world wide. They even had an international patent. The chief elecrical engineer and inventor wouldn’t sell out, so he was snuffed out by TPTB. There are a few working units still out there saving there owners thousands every year; but there won’t be anymore. They have a plan and they are all in bed together with politicians and lawyers. Ultimately it is the one world system. All the players are like pieces on a chess board. They are all moving precisely as programmed to. As one generation of players die off; the next is programmed and already on the board. Governments that we think are enemies, are actually just making it appear that way. They, the eliteist and TPTB all want the same thing; a one world system. The only reason they butt heads, is where it comes down to who will ultimately get to call the shots. There are about 425 known billionaires in the world. New York city is home to 53 and Moscow is home to 78. Wonder who gets to rule the world? Eventually, when their NWO takes a setbback (The Deadly Wound), their true leader, Satan, playing the role of antichrist will magically come on the scene to save the day. Christ shortened his time, or else “no flesh would be saved”. He will deceive the majority, but will never get the deal done cause he, Satan as antichrist, will run out of time. I’m ready, bring it on. It will happen as God has promised. There will be tough times ahead for those that are not prepared; 1st and foremost spiritually, then mentally, physically and financially. The atheist will start having second thoughts when the SHTF. As most of the troops that have been on the front lines during battle have said; “you don’t find many atheist in a foxhole”

            • Live it up….send all the cash overseas… then kep printing until it is worthless. Then, reset and start over.

      42. I see a lot of chatter here about prepping to survive a SHTF, what about prepping to live afterwards?

        I don’t disagree with any of the food, ammo, clothing, barter items, etc type prepping, (I’m somewhat prepared but never seems like enough) but I don’t hear a lot about the building of communities after, the opportunities that will exist to rebuild things better and avoid some of the foolish mistakes that we have made, mistakes that have brought us to this frigging precipice we are up against now.

        Prepping with the skills we’ll need to live together, building the relationships we’ll need. I’d love to see an article or comments about what the small communities across the country might look like a year or two after TSHTF. What professions will be in demand, how can we get ready for that?

        Personally I think the country will divide into two types of living: tightly controlled urban lockdown zones and wilderness living/frontier.

        Urban living will be hell, but people will survive. Martial law, food rationing, bribery of officials will be the law of the land. Many initial deaths but then people will thrive once a supportable population level is reached.

        Wilderness living will be hard, but small communities will be able to make a go of it. If things get too successful the government will just come in and take the resources ‘for the common good’.

        How should we be prepping to live and rebuild?

        • john1028.

          One thing for sure is that the country is not going back to the way it was run before the incident. I would hope for some kind of cleaning house. There are a few types I have it in for because of their actions. I mean straight up. Politicians will have to tow the line. No more laws of intrusion and back to the Constitution. No more perks. No more pork barrels. No more inside trading or corporate funding and will listen to its citizens instead of corporations and all those treaties that stripped our country will never be allowed again. Term Limits. A balanced budget. An Energy plan.
          Lawyers are a boil on my arse. They too have sucked this country dry. Stupid lawsuits that tangled up the court system. Plea bargains? Especially for those who have been convicted of murder by DNA. On death row for years, costing how much to give them medical, dental, legal advise that others only dream of.
          Unions. They have their place. I was a Teamster. They always managed to keep the bad workers around for their dues. Had to fix their screw ups and the boss was on my arse to get the job done. And the Union Rep. would say, “Well you know Slingshot”. Yeah, I GD Know.
          Welfare would be for those who deserve it and would not be a lifestyle. Education would educate and not indoctrinise.
          All this has made me a bitter man.
          You slimeballs that think they are going to climb out from under your rocks to reacert the policies of the past. You have another thing coming, brother.
          All the brick and mortor of a nation is meaningless if the nation is corrupt.

        • Hello John1028,

          HEY, Posters what do think about John’s ideas regarding small communities. A special call to those of you who live in a small community; what size population works where you live? Also what size square mile wise. Lots of trees, good size stream with drop for a mill, good wells, farm acreage. what else??

          …..”I’d love to see an article or comments about what the small communities across the country might look like a year or two after TSHTF. What professions will be in demand, how can we get ready for that?”…”How should we be prepping to rebuild?”

          Great post John, I hope it provokes some real thoughts from others here.


      43. Most of your points can be boiled down to two points: oil and bankers.
        Numbers 1 & 2 are the same thing… war on Syria WILL become war with Hezbollah and Iran, and that will drag in Russia and China. It will be World War III.
        Obummer already has ships out in the Strait of Hormuz, blockading Iran from being able to export its oil, and trying to keep anyone from using Syria’s ports (recently rebuilt by Russia) to get Iran’s oil. Iran is the 3rd largest oil producer in the world… think about it. It’s all about the oil. The oil companies are out drilling and capping oil in the Bakken, the western end of the Pennsylvania oil fields under the Great Lakes, the north slope of Alaska and central Texas. They won’t produce from those wells until they can get oil to $150-200 a barrel, and they’ll only sell it at that price! For every barrel of physical oil that is sold, there is at least 65 barrels that are sold on the paper commodities futures exchanges.

        Now… the derivatives (credit default swaps) were packaged and sold across the world financial system. What they did in real estate, they’re doing to countries… they’re selling futures on everything including currencies and government bonds, but when the bankers and speculators lose their money, they get bailed out by the governments and that debt gets foisted onto the people in the form of “austerity”. CDSs are not legitimate securities because they masquerade as insurance products, but they aren’t because there’s no collateral and no way to pay out. Everything in the world has been financialized, collateralized, securitized, commodified and screwed around.

        • Banksters *AND* oil? Though I can recognize oil as different from a bankster, however, the two are so tightly intertwined I don’t really think there is any difference. Where you find oil, you’ll find banksters and where you find banksters, you’ll find oil.

          • Ya…and if you squish a banker you get a big greasy oil slick….bankers = oil 🙂

      44. Some really good points coming up towards the end of this thread. There are just too many people making money out of volatility – or the perception of volatality – to stop the doom and gloom industry. But it is worth remembering we live in complex systems that are robust. Just as something bad happens – an earthquake in Japan – systems respond elsewhere and rebound. Think of it like this: Uncle Frank has cancer and can’t work anymore. Tragedy for the family. But then, as Frank enters the second month of chemo, his daughter, Jane, gets a job as the head of research at Monsanto. Suddenly, the family has a cash flow again. The rebound has happened.

        • Yeah! …and as Jane perpetuates the production of food and fiber that causes the cancer that kills her father, other mothers and fathers fall victim to the disease just as their sons and daughters cash in on the boom of medical facilities to treat their parents…

          Yeah! Yeah! I see how that works. Yeah! Cancer is a *GOOD* thing! Reactor meltdowns are *GOOD* things! And war, well, thats a really good thing because little Johnny’s dad can vote for the crooked politician that will reward his bankster elite handlers that force him to declare war that Johnny will eventually fight it! Yeah! I can see how it all works now.

          Its all so clear to me how the world goes around now.

          Ugh, I think I’m gonna puke! Only one thing to say: THIS WORLD IS SCREWED UP! Only God can straighten this one out. (…of course, thats what the Bible has said all along.)

          Hang on! Its gonna be a wild ride.

      45. hey frank…..obama wants to be relected, everything is proped up ,numbers are false,more lies being told the american public than ever before.
        not nearly as bad???????? something to think about…

      46. good story but from other stories that I read on here and other sites, I thought we wouldn’t even be around for 12 monthds.

      47. I vote earthquake.

      48. I vote #7,#8 and #9,
        we better redeem all the ETF paper gold to gold coins,
        and also redeem all the ETF paper silver to silver coins.

      49. The Perfect Storm. Culture and nature birthing a new people – the ones who give shelter to and feed each other – WITHOUT POLITICAL OR RELIGIOUS ADMINISTRATION. In the world and not of it.

        • Hello jpl-T, Please expand further on your post. Interested in hearing more. tks (MM)

          • MM, I’m wondering what kind of people will come thru all this with their skin on. The aged, the infirm, those who are alone really have the odds against them. The fearful will kill each other – living and dying by the sword. Who will inherit the earth? A people not given to hegemony – those who share and look after each other – living by the golden rule, living directly off the earth. Might be like going back to the garden. Ha. jpl

      50. I’d REALLY be worried if there were 16 threats!

      51. I know you said you have to pick one but the scenarios listed are so interdependent on one another. So I’ll go for one not mentioned here but has been reported quiet a bit here lately: Computer hacker(s) disable or shut down financial and /or power infrastructure. This would almost have the same effect as an emp and an economic collapse combined. I mention it because these hackers are getting better and bolder all the time.

      52. Asteroid strike would be the best. It would be nice if it hit Washington on inauguration day when all the snakes are there

      53. why is my comments always pending approval when I have made comments before and left my em even.dont understand how you can debate or anything when you are waiting for approval.that part sucks.

        • 22wisper, thanks for your comments and our apologies for the comment moderation. It’s necessary to prevent spam (we have 14,747 posts in the spam queue right now!)… To have your comments auto-approved, utilize an email address (even a fake one)…once the system recognizes that email address and your IP as a ‘trusted user’ it will automatically approve comments for you. thanks.


      54. Another realistic potentially massive threat: biological terrorism quietly enacted from within the trusted medical industry. Either at the direction of the elites, or at the will of one person in the right place to carry out a plan. An airborne mutation of Ebola is not farfetched, especially if it’s getting expert help. Baxter Pharmaceuticals’ little oopsie-daisie with the live H5N1 in the flu vaccines, may not be an isolated incident, simply the one that was caught in time. The individual(s) or entities responsible, are still out there doing whatever they do. I’m not saying people shouldn’t get their kids the polio vaccine but it’s becoming an act of faith that nothing will go wrong when you do.

        A skill set I’m working on is identifying wild plants and knowing their nutritional and medicinal properties. It’s just an interesting hobby right now but in any protracted future SHTF situation when preps may get used up this is a skill more people may wish they had.

        Am I last?

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