14-Year-Old Faces Year In Jail Over Pro-Gun T-Shirt

by | Jun 17, 2013 | Headline News | 208 comments

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    14-year-old Jared Marcum faces a year in jail after he was arrested by police in Logan County, West Virginia for refusing to remove a pro-Second Amendment t-shirt.

    The incident began at Lincoln Middle School on April 18 when Marcum was asked by a teacher to remove the NRA shirt, which features the words “protect your right” above an image of a hunting rifle, or be suspended, despite the fact that the shirt did not violate the school’s dress code which bars images featuring “profanity, violence, discriminatory messages or sexually suggestive phrases.”

    After Marcum refused to take off the shirt, calmly attempting to explain to school administrators that he was exercising his first amendment right, cops were called solely, “Because I would not take this shirt off, because I believe that I should have a right to wear this,” according to Marcum.

    When Marcum refused to be silent, he was arrested and charged with “disturbing the education process” and obstruction of a police officer. On Friday, Judge Eric O’Brien bizarrely sided with police and allowed the prosecution to proceed with the case.

    Police initially claimed Marcum made “terroristic threats” for daring to exercise his first amendment, but later backed down from that charge.

    Both police and prosecuting attorney Michael White refused to speak to the media about the case. Marcum faces a year in jail when he returns to court on July 11, unless his attorney can get the charges dropped in the meantime.

    “Every aspect of this is just totally wrong,” said Marcum’s step father Allen Lardieri, pointing out that Marcum doesn’t have a criminal background.

    “Me — I’m more of a fighter, and so is Jared. And eventually we’re going to get through this,” he added. “I don’t think it should have ever gotten this far.”

    The case has garnered national attention as it underscores how both authorities and the education system treat the first and second amendments as nuisances to be frowned upon and discouraged.

    Since the Sandy Hook shootings last year, there have been innumerable instances where schools have reacted with outright panic and hysteria to toy guns, objects shaped like guns or even the mere discussion of guns by students.

    Back in February, another 14-year-old boy was asked by administrators at Genoa-Kingston Middle School to remove a t-shirt which featured the word “Marines” above an image of two interlocking rifles.


    Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.


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      1. Sad.

        • Yea, isn’t it sad when it takes a 14 year old to have the balls to speak up. Where the hell is everyone else?

          • You bet… just the look on the kids face says it all…
            Kudos kid AND your dad for being a REAL man taking the 6…
            I haven’t lost faith yet…and I may never!!!!

            Oh yea…I’M BAAAAAAACK… IPO problem… minor.

            • I meant ISP…

              • I can sympathize. I have an ISP problem all the time. It’s called Windstream!

            • mac

              If this young man even faces 1 minute in jail..I would strongly suggest you set up a bail contribution and then send it viral to all your associates in the alt media..

              Every fuckin penny should go to this young man for having the testicular fortitude to stand up..

              I am but a man of meager means..but would gladly contribute whatever I can scrape up to defend him..

              He his another patriot as is Snowden!

              Hey fellow shtf commenters..Are you in?


              • Mac

                And then contact the likes of Levin and other constitutional lawyers who have the balls to stand up the the ptb…

                Ask them to put their money where their well paid mouths are..

                Or even represent him gratis..pro bono..


                • And who the hell are these cops?

                  Well now we see they are corporate shills..fuck em..!

                  Can anyone see what we are facing?

                  Complete assault on 1st amendment rights expressing ones’s 2nd amendment rights…

                  I don’t know about the rest of you but this is b.s.!

                  How much more we gonna take before we push back in any way we can?

                  For chripessake..when is enough enough?


                  anyone in the northeast quadrant contact me..it is time to talk..ask Mac for my email…

                  • IT is ok for a student to have a shirt with the image of Che Grejava (msp) but not even a shirt with Marines on it?
                    Even the fruits have the freedom to express their gender bending/cross dressing but not a part of the constitution.
                    The legal system needs to be purged.

              • Posse – 110% second the motion!

              • Everybody everywhere wear a gun shirt, wherever you go, if it has a gun on it, wear it, and wear it with pride.

                • I think we should have a National Holiday. Second Amendment Day. What do you think?

                  • EVERY DAY SHOULD BE SECOND AMENDMENT DAY—24/7/365.

                • I DID! Wore the shirt that son got me (at my request…hehehe) – that says “I may look harmless…But I raised a U.S. Marine!!”

                  Thought that was better than my “No Zombie” shirt!


                • It would be nice if kids would back him up and all wear pro constitution shirts with guns on them. What are they gonna do, arrest all of them? This is how the civil rights movement got started. Government from the local level all the way up to the federal level was forced to change! That is how you beat these bullies.

                  • 2wisper,not this time,OBAMA the anti-christ is bring in hundreds of thousands of NATO troops,and their coming to take down america,RED DAWN,sadly towns like this one will go down without a fight,their all cowards,and the police gangs will help the russians and NATO troops,get ready you men,YOUR BEING INVADED AS WE SPEAK…………………

              • Couldn’t find DA info, but here’s some “contact the court” info

                Logan county West Virginia

                Deeanna J. Briggs, Clerk
                Logan County Courthouse
                300 Stratton Street
                Logan, WV 25601
                304-792-8651 or 8650
                Fax: 304-752-0790

                Circuit Court

                Judge Eric H. O’Briant
                (address same as Circuit Clerk)
                Fax 304-792-9402

                Judge Roger L. Perry
                (address same as Circuit Clerk)
                Fax 304-792-8538

                Address filings to the Logan County Circuit Clerk,
                Vickie “Vance” Kolota
                Logan County Courthouse
                300 Stratton Street
                Logan, WV 25601
                Fax: 304-792-8555

                Family Court

                Judge Kelly Gilmore Codispoti
                300 Main Street, Division I
                Logan, WV 25601
                Fax 304-792-7112

                Judge Jason D. Harwood
                300 Main Street, Division II
                Logan WV, 25601
                Fax 304-792-7021

          • Ripping off their bumper stickers and bleaching their tee shirts.

          • Very sad… people need to be up in arms about this type of stuff. If it read ‘I want to sodomize you’… it would probably be just fine. This country is circling the drain.

          • A 14 year old kid,against an entire town of cowards and whores,well the police gang has them all bullyed,hahaha,I sure am glad I don’t live in that town,LOGAN county police gang has the whole state of west virgina on their knees,what a bunch of losers who live there,nothing but girlymen,thats really sad….you homo’s in west virgina want to see what a girlyman and coward looks like? LOOK IN THE MIRROR..you should ,rename your state,NEW CALIFORNIA,it fits better……

        • If they put the young man in jail, hopefully the dad will take care of some business himself. Starting with the judge and working his way back to the teacher. Yes, I’m talking about him killing them.

          • I’d be surprised if this would ever happen. When it starts this kind of thing will cause all public servants to “rule” over us. Your buddy the cop will put one in your head to protect his job and food on the table. Don’t kid yourself if you think anyone will be on your side. Food, water, and money is what will drive this into the ground. The hunger games are coming to a neighborhood near you.

            • You’ve already died. Fuck that. I’m not giving up.

            • The existing regime is terrified that the plebes will cease their restraint. So far, lawlessnes has been largely one-sided on the part of the government pukes. The math doesn’t work for the regime.

            • They already ARE treating us like cash cows.

              What piece of shit cop shuts down some kids Lemonade stand? What kind of code enforcement tears up a womans’ garden in her yard? Etc.

              The mostly liberal bureaucrats pass laws by the dump truck load and the Zombie cops follow them blindly, including lethal force WITHOUT question!!!

              We are witnessing crime en mass by the government and their is no accountability. The only accountability they will respect is when they start getting shot or torched.

          • Not yet…but soon!

          • I agree that at least 3 people shold be killed if this boy gets time in jail over this. What I would do if it were my son, and he got jail time over this incident, would catch the judge, the police officer, a techer and/or the principal, with no witnesses, and while wearing a disquise, beat them each within an inch of their lives with a baseball bat.

            • Intelius.com charges $40-50.00 to search for people, providing their home addresses, and a lot of other info. Find out where the judge, the cop and the teacher live and show up en masse. Nothing intimidates like showing up at someone’s house.

              • Most counties have a tax and property site on the internet. By inserting the name of the person youd like to vist, it will tell you where they live, and thanks to googleyou can even see their property before you visit!

                • Use the county sites to make a list & check it twice. They spy on us, so its a two way street. And do not put any of this information on the internet.

                  • Use one of those anonymous search engines.

          • Fucking Pissed-

            Your name states what I know I and hope many others feel just about every time I see a news headline anymore. What NEEDS to happen is an organization of the populace in the area. A few thousand citizens need to show up on court the court day and let it be known that court is out of session and this boy will not be going to jail. When and if we can ever start organizing in this way it would make all the difference in the world.

            We need to make these idiot cops and activist judges fear for their lives wherever these ridiculous mockeries of justice take place. The 2nd amendment is there to secure all others.

            Sooner or later there will be blood and I hope it will light the fuse on the powder keg that is America. We are well beyond peaceful demonstrations. We have been stripped of any meaningful ability to address our government of our grievances Make no mistake. It WILL cost lives to get back the country we have lost. Hopefully the balance will be paid by the other side. Hopefully you are all as mad as I am, and if you aren’t, you haven’t been paying attention!

            • And I realize I should have proof read that before I hit “submit”.

        • I’m not a huge fan of the brown sugar but I’m pretty sure Reporter Charlo Greene could do a great job reporting her investigation on the penile code 🙂

          • Isn’t that white sugar you put in car gas tanks?? 🙂

            • white sugar is what causes the car to get repoed!

        • Where do I send the money for the legal defense fund for this kid?

          He deserve praise not condemnation. As the ACLU (so pro speech except where the 2A is concerned, bu that is another discussion) is so fond of saying “popular speech needs no protection”.

          There is seemingly no limit to how stupid public school rules of behavior become. Proof positive that EVERYTHING the state touches eventually turns to bureaucratic poison.

          And make no mistake that the primary purpose of all the rules is not to maintain order and safety but rather is to train the inmates…er I mean students to obey without questioning. 

          The more stupid,
          the more moronic,
          the more offensive,
          the more boring,
          the more useless,
          the more counter-productive the rule is, the better training device it is from the perspective of the fascist police nanny state the USSA has turned into. DO NOT QUESTION, DO NOT THINK, JUST OBEY.

          Government has turned public schools into lock-down indoctrination centers.

          How can any freedom loving parent who cares about how their children turn out cooperate with or participate in this system of child programming?

      2. West Virginia? You would expect this sort of thing from Massachusetts, but West Virginia?

        Start a Freedom Cell there, Someone. And call the Rutherford Institute.

        • durango kidd says:

          “West Virginia?”

          “You would expect this sort of thing from Massachusetts, but West Virginia.”

          Why would you be suprised? West Virginia is Washingtons back yard.

          OBTW: Stuff the “Freedon Cell.”

          • “FUCK YOU ALICE!” 🙂

      3. NOW can we start Shootin’ at em’ ???

        N.O. ;0p

        • No not yet, 🙂 but I have a feeling the American people will soon have justification to mutiny or III.

          We need to win the hearts of more people, if you have not yet I’d suggest reading the book, “Resistance to Tyranny” by Joseph P. Martino. The first 90 pages explains it all.

        • TPTB are now “pushing every button” available to them to initiate a “revolutionary response” from the oathkeepers, patriots, second amendment proponents, constitutionalist, and preppers. THAT IS WHAT THEY WANT.

          Even if “said groups” don’t provide THEM with THEIR “reason for the season”…THEY will “psuedo-flag” US and claim WE did it anyway.

          Any day now…!

          • spot on!!!
            My whole life I’ve had to deal with this crap…
            And I’m getting really sick of it!

            spark spark everywhere a spark…it’ll be an inferno!!

          • @ yental

            I’m a bit fuzzy on the details (from memory) but the crux of it is factual.

            When the Nazis occupied Denmark during WW2 the Danish King, who was Christian, wore the Star of David the Nazis required the Jews to wear. So did thousands of other Christian Danes. Danes standing up the only way they could kept a few Danish Jews alive. At least one likes to think so.

            In around 1520 Ulrich Zwingli, a preacher in Zurich and one of the leaders of the Protestant Reformation, was preaching the believer had direct access to Christ without priestly intermediaries.

            Rome didn’t like that. Told the Zurich city fathers and mothers to stifle Zwingli. The Zurichers told Rome to go suck an egg. Were ready to go to war for their boy.

            At a time when heretics were being burned at the stake do you have any idea how much backbone that took, on his part and the civic leaders?

            No one time or place has a monopoly on having backbone in the face of tyranny.

            We have the ethical high ground. We have the numbers. The tyrant knows this. While WE are biding our time we can get in their faces by peaceful civil disobedience.

            If you’re a theist, wear your cross or crucifix where the tyrant has to see it. If they don’t like it … tough. Stand tall.

            Challenge them at all times and in all places.

            If you are strongly Second Amendment, be public about it, as much as comports with your sense of opsec.

            If you are gay, wear the rainbow. For those of you who don’t like that … tough. Individual liberty means peacefully being able to be who you are.

            I have a lesbian friend who lives a few states over. She lost her brother, a Marine, in Afghanistan 8 years ago. She grew up on Marine bases. She probably shoots better than you do. And she is strongly Christian.

            Badmouth her in my presence and I’ll knock your bigoted ass out. You want to live by your sect or book … live by it. You don’t have the right to ram it down anyone else’s throat.

            Be who you are. Stand tall. Calmly, quietly get in their faces. Until it’s time to do something more definitive.

        • The scandals were nudges. They were sure we’d go violent on them earlier. We threw off their timeline and now they are shoving us, hoping to spur violent backlash. They shove us by punishing children with jail time for thought crimes; by surrendering us to the illegal aliens with no legal recourse; they are escalating their shoves and advancing their deepest agenda by getting us lined up to fight along side Al Qaeda in Syria and to take their allies into our nation as refugees where they will prove invaders. When someone finally snaps and goes violent, TBTB will use it as an excuse to go after us all whether agree or not. You won’t be safe whether you thumbs down murderous comments or say “hell yeah;” whether you remind others of Biblical teaching not to murder or make a solid case from the Founding Fathers for acting while we still can. All of us will be treated like the terrorists they have always believed us to be.

      4. I don’t get it …..West Virginia is a very gunny
        state. I’m surprised they’re not on the warpath
        over this trivial kind of bullshit.

        • It’s time for the GROWNUPS to act as such. This type of policestate should be worthy of national news. This must and should stop. The arresting officer(s) should be held accountable for thier acts of disrespect of ones self expression. We are NOT in a policestate yet???
          Prepare and remember, NOMI……….

          • How about false arrest and/or kidnapping for the police, starters? Disbarment for any prosecutor who tries to prosecute this case. Civil litigation for the school officials also…sensitivity training for everyone who still thinks what happened here is somehow okay.

            Everyone involved need a serious attitude adjustment.

      5. Freakin white kids are out of control with their Bill of Rights entitlement mentality. Get on the government dole and become part of the NWO instead of fighting it. Pay is great and you don’t have to do shit but keep your mouth shut and vote for one of the two major political parties.

        • Excellent sarcasm ALWAYS gets a “green thumb” from the degenerate likes of me.

          • 😉

        • What two parties? We have 2 political parties?

      6. He has more grit than most people. A 14 year old drew his line in the sand, outstanding!

        Parents need to start standing up and tell these schools that the children belongs to the parents and not to a village.

        It’s BS like this makes me wish S will HTF sooner rather later. Part of me holds true to what I said the other part is just venting, either way hell is coming and he’s riding a dark horse.

        Get right with God, we’re gonna need it…

        • When it does, I’m hoping progressives gtfo of our country at least, whoever has the most influence in their communities influences and sways the minds of their followers, we do it first and fastest, we can influence a libertarian leaning government, they beat us to the punch, Game Over America…We need influence in ALL 50 states, and to grow them before it kicks off..thats the tough part…

          • Well, Oathkeeper, I used to work for a major metropolitan newspaper, and I can tell you that “progressives” are indeed more highly motivated to deceive people with their words than are those of us who just generally want to work, love, and live-and-let-live.
            However, most of them are soft and pudgy, self-congratulatory weenises who wouldn’t last two days without A/C, wine bars, and gay porn. Will they really be able to stand up to what’s coming?

          • @ Oathkeeper,

            Speaking purely of northern virginia you’d be surprised how many retired full bird colonels and navy captains are progressives. Got that officer pension, working full-time for executive bucks for a defense contractor, and the dutiful wife works hard in the government schools. I like some of those folk as people but I had to stifle myself to refrain from getting in their faces about being bought and paid for. Individual liberty is only an abstraction compared to the tax parasite dough they’re raking in.

        • A finer rationale for the home school movement I have yet to come across.

          If convicted this CHILD will lose his lifelong right to bear arms, and the doors to many potential jobs/careers will remain firmly closed to him. His class mates will learn early from the example made of him to be good little servants to the NWO, lest they too suffer a similar fate.

          The teachers/prosecutor/judge & police officers in this case should all be declared unfit for office by the ADULT taxpayers of this county and sacked. Their final task before leaving office should be to pen a full and unreserved apology to this brave young man.

          This young man is a future leader – if only he is given the opportunity to do so, and should be protected as such until he reaches his majority. In an age of ” dumbed down de yoof dem”, we NEED individuals like this as never before!

        • Luther, you could find me through this web site site if ya like, i am the web guy there!

        • Ahhhhh…but don’t forget Luther…the one thing that they can defy about this statement:

          Parents need to start standing up and tell these schools that the children belongs to the parents and not to a village.

          The moment we sign and submit paperwork for our kids birth certificate, they actually become “wards of the state”!!! We as parents, have no rights to raise our kids anymore! This is another thing that NEEDS TO BE STOPPED!


          • You maybe right, in fact you are right.

      7. The cops are pissed because they probably had to toss the donuts and coffee to respond to this “criminal disturbance”. They should be ashamed………..

        • But…but…he was comminting a terrorist act! Er…well…he made threats of them! Wait…well, he was obstructing justice…yeah, that’s it!

          A new day, a new affront, and nothing will be done. Being “meek” is great, ain’t it?

        • It bothers me that police and Deputies get trampled on this site. I’m a Deputy and I check this site daily. I’m very unhappy with how this world is changing for the worse. I’m not alone in my department either. We fight the good fight too and we’re sick of some new attack on our liberties everyday.

          • As a former public school teacher, Ralston, it only takes a few to spoil the whole barrel, so the public thinks.
            Guilt by association?? No, it’s not right.
            But there are good lawyers out there too. But they all get placed in the same rotting barrel, like LEOs and teachers.

            • Clean your own house. Sick of hearing this, just like the “tiny minority of muslims” bit. Yes, most of you are bad. You always seem to circle the wagons.

          • Officer Ralston.

            Why do you police keep asking if I have anything illegal in my vehicle for a simple traffic violation.
            Is it to trick people into lying to police. To give you more probable cause. You may suspect us but by your “Police State Actions”, we suspect you more. You do not protect or serve. You enforce the law. If you do Protect? Then how about guarding my house for a few nights and if you Serve? How about a beer? I have friends in Law Enforcement. Most here are with officers of the law, but with the growing violations by the Police State in our country you can expect comment to become outraged. Maybe it is as easy as taking off the uniform when you come to this site.

          • I’m with you Ralston, I live in a small town in Wyoming, we have no police here, but atleast 5 deputies in or very close to town, thought about going down and just shooting them all, but they think just like I do, so what the heck is a man to do. I get tired of hearing law enforcement being trampled too. Thank God for the good Peace Officers, especially the Sheriff’s Department, you are our last line of defence. Trekker Out. We May Have To Be Deputised One Day!

          • Law enforcement has brought this on themselves. I was a police officer for four years, and saw up close and personal the laziness and corruption that abound. I got into law enforcement to “give back” to the community, and do my part to keep the lawless element at bay. Anyone who is in law enforcement doesn’t do it for the pay. You are either doing it for reasons like I was, or basically unemployable elsewhere. It is truly a shame that the bad apples overshadow what the decent officers are trying to accomplish. Until upper management wakes up and starts clearing the ranks of these undesirable officers, it will be status quot. I feel sorry for those who are fighting the good fight, but are chastised and thrown under the bus for doing a good job. I have the utmost respect for those with the balls to strap on a weapon and defend those who are unable to due so. I have nothing but contempt for those in law enforcement who do anything other than their sworn duty.

            • MX MIKE.
              You can look at law enforcement in a couple of ways.

              Those who would be involved in riots to preserve the peace. They disengage after order is restored.

              Those in the aftermath who continue on to confiscate weapons from law abiding people. Orders from their Superiors they know are Not Constitutional.

              To all you good officers I would advise that after Law and Order is established, that would be the end of it. Should unlawful orders be issued. Go Home and protect your family.

              • Agreed.

            • If we the people were able to FREELY exercise our 2nd Ammendmant right, we could strap on our own weapon and protect ourselves. I live in commie land Maryland. Don’t say move. I have roots right now. Fuck these bastards that tell me I need ” a good and substantial reason ” to conceal carry. ( open carry not legal, except for long guns….. That’s called suicide by cop).

              So tell me MX Mike, spent most of your time defending the defenseless , and helping little old ladies access the street, eh?

              Don’t need ya, don’t want ya to defend me. I’m not a child you putz. Now, I don’t mean to rip you personally. I’m sure your life’s dream was to polish your badge, put your bullet in, make sure your Superman tee shirt is on under the vest, and go out and fight bad guys. My hero.

              • I’m all for open carry…. consider this. In the years prior to the 1900’s, the ranks were self thinning. If you were stupid enough to confront someone over a bullshit situation, you had better be fast on the draw, or you ceased to be a problem. Or, if you weren’t, you were smart enough to keep your mouth shut. Think about it.

        • That’s funny. A donut and cop joke haha. Don’t worry this kid won’t do one minute in any jail. I bet a shirt stating ” guns are for fags” followed by “repeal the 2nd amendment” would spark morons here to scream like little bitches.

      8. The school system has been compromised for decades. Between pushing homosexuality, Ritalin, and American self hatred. What else do you expect?

        • This true, when my kids were in school I’ve made trips to the school to tell the principle to get their teachers heads out of their ass’s.

          Today it appears parents are not engaged with the school system. To be realistic if what I did in the past at my kids school I did today I’d be in a re-education camp.

          • Sounds like someone has done some good parenting.

            • Reading articles like this, makes me realize they may think they have good reason to put metal detectors at the door and train police for parents storming schools —this is one damn good reason for parents to consider marching on their schools.

        • im sorry but can we quit with the homophobic christian craming theme. I belive alot of things that are discussed on this site but as somebody who is “gay” oh and even worse. a “Pegan” i grow tired of God this Homophbic that. Can’t we all just accept that well the US and the rest of the civilized world are going down the drain. The middle east is a cluster F– and were all being duped by TPTB. im sorry but as a OMFG “gay pegan” service member I was in iraq the day they made Sadam do the short rope dance” im just tired of having Chirtianity crammed down my throat every other post. I understand you belive in god I grew up in a god fearing part of the country.. I protect your rights to worship and pray and i beleve it should be our right to pratice a faith.. just don’t beat people with it.. the Islamic asshats are doing well enough with it on ther own accord.

          Yes we have trasshed our school system and use it just to create mindless driviling retards doped up on what the latest pill of the day is

          yes we have destoryed any thing relivent on TV .. Sheesh TLC was started by NASA for crying out loud and is now the home to Honey Boobo.. or what ever..

          all in all at this point in time.. Chritian Pegan Gay Straight Jew or Atheiest .. thoes of us that are watching this need to our foot down.. or up somebodys ass and take a stand othwise were going to get burried with this tide of stupidity and loss of everything we have. put aside the trivial for a moment and focus on the big picture.. our Survival.

          • Yep … stop bickering over peoploes faith. One of my best freinds is GAY and though I don’t agree with his life style… the day he saved me from death on a ship (my Navy days) from a fire, all that crap did not matter. All that mattered was we were shipmate trying to save our home (ship) from burning and sinking. Fight for our country and we can sort out the trivial crap later.

            • Man on the Inside; agree.
              It’s above my pay grade too. Let the Master sort it out.

            • ??? whats a PEGAN ???

              A Pagan worships creation..self.

              A PEGAN worships _____ ? PE*IS?


          • remember this All you lgbt rainbow bright fairies and queers … when the collapse happens , stay out of the Mountains or you’ll never leave .

            we don’t want your kind here .

            Homo’s and Lesbo’s are exactly what who is destroying American Values and the American Family unit .

            ye’ has been fore warned .

            • Homosexuality is a perversion.

              If you choose to participate in this deviancy, keep it to yourself, do not force the rest of us into accepting it as normal, or force us to embrace and celebrate it.

              I don’t force you to celebrate (rationalize) my personal shortcomings. Why do you insist on shoving your sexual behavior into the limelight?

              • It’s probably someone from the SPLC, Southern Poverty law Center, trolling attempting to incite people on Patriot sites.

          • hey homo fagboy whatever you all call yourselves now a days …

            if you want some big hairy VILLAGE PEOPLE LOOKIN dude with AIDS to shove his wee wee up your BROWN stink hole thats your business …



            one thing thats worse than jews is homos and lezbos shovin their diseased satanic unnatural sex lives in your face at every social meeting , tv show and movie now a days , even in church ya’ gotta take their sheeit .

            tired of All their un-natural unholy satanic filth .

            homos lesbos and jews are abominations in the eyes of God , serve Beelzebub and the JESUIT BLACK POPE .

            N.O. ;0p

            • And you don’t shove your bullshit down peoples throats.

              He’s right as long as we keep infighting we do not have a fucking chance.

              I can’t stand fag at all. But if I am defending my rights. I will stand right their and fight.

              I will also defend with my life his right to speak and live freely.

              • And by the way Fuck You your still a worthless piece of shit.

                • Ouch…

            • Howdy. Now I remember you.

          • We are going to say what we think on this site. I don’t care what you want. We are being forced to be politically correct or loss our jobs. We are entitled to our opinions, as you are yours. Quit acting like the ptb.

          • First things first, Gun-totenGayConservative.

            I treat everyone with the courtesy and respect they deserve until they show they aren’t worth my time. I worked in San Fran and did so.

            What you do in the bedroom is your business. Not mine. But don’t tell me that taking a Penis in the Rectum is healthy behavior. The Rectum is not designed to take something inside. Over time there are many problems that develop. Tears and incontinence and greater risk of STDs.

            So yes, I will come out against it being educated in schools. Physically it is disgusting. And for you to want to stick your dick in shit. Mentally you are wrong in the head.

            I’m not going to club you walking down the street or anything. But don’t tell me it is healthy behavior. Some wiring is wrong in your head and you should get counseling to fix it.

            If I were an Athiest. I’d point my finger and laugh at you as a genetic dead end. What I am is not important though. What’s important is getting help so you can have a healthy life and raise kids.

            • SD,

              Your post is just a good example so I will use it as a response post,

              GTGC didn’t say anything like you have elaborated upon in your post. That is all you. He said nothing about what to teach in school, what is “healthy” or “disgusting”, YOU brought that.

              He simply pointed out the fact that there is a lot of gay hate on this site and a lot of christian preaching. This is not opinion but fact.

              His post is well reasoned, respectful and an actually positive addition to this communities discussion.

              I for one wish we could have more posts of GTGC’s caliber and less of the monkey house shit slinging type. Because what he does in the bedroom is his business and for you to feel some intentionally vile description of a behaviour that has nothing to do with you is a fit subject to post about says far more about who you are than him.

              • Well Common Sense. This IS a Christian country. And GTGC seems to take exception to my grouping his unsafe sexual behavior with Ritalin and anti_American self loathing being taught in schools.

                Do I hate Homosexuals? No. Unless they are pushing their deviant unsafe behavior onto young impressionable minds. IMHO, a lot of these deviants ARE in schools to promote and prey on young people.

                • Romans 12:9
                  ABHOR that which is evil.

                • I am curious why it “IS” a christian county?
                  Is it numbers?
                  So will you start calling america a hispanic nation when they become the biggest population group?
                  Or pretend that say (gasp) catholics are the biggest sect of chritianity, does that make us a catholic nation? Because if there is one thing obvious about christians it is that they love to bash their fellow christian. (Church in name only, not a true christian, just 2 I have seen here recently)
                  Or will it take some other faith becoming the plurality for you to embrace the freedom of religion idea. It is a lot easier to want to force your beliefs down everyones throat when you are the biggest group.
                  And then as I pointed out earlier all this hate the gays is OT. So if you turn to religiopn. For the rationalization of calling them evil or dviant or whatever you need to embrace slavery, stoning and bunch of other midevil crazy bull shit.

                  So fine you only hate agenda pushing gays. Did GTGC push “gayness” and say embrace my lifestyle? No he did not. He simply stated he would like to read the comments without his group being used as a slur and an insult. Just like the pigs occasionaly do here. I am sure if we used derogatory slurs about christians or whites we would find a lot of backlash, and we should expect it.

                  But basically GTGC simply asked we tone down the hate. And obviously that is seen as an excust to turn up the volume of hate. For any of us with any history here it was expected. Sad but expected.

          • Gun Toten Queer your right, we are going down the drain and your one of the segments, that’s taking us there. And for anyone that thinks queers are normal, maybe you should get a mental picture of their actions. They aren’t normal from a Christian standpoint or any other standpoint. And to think we have people on this site that wants to shoot cops! Trekker Out.

            • Though i Think this guy is wrong for being gay. I can’t fault his statment for being upset about all the homophbic retroric. on the other side atleast hes willing to stick up for himself and smart enough to see the bigger picture. unlike most from his libral take it up the ass stance.. Atleast he seems to be doing something .. even if his course in life is misdirected. I’d rather put up with him knowing that he atleast sounds like a preper than some jackoff libral treehugging asshat from washington telling my children what to learn, guns are bad, and that they have no rights.

          • More ‘tolerance’ shit.

          • GTGC,

            >clapping< very nice indeed.
            If only some would see what is right in front of them.
            Divide and conquer works, doesn't it.
            "Only teach kids what I believe!"
            "Yer kind ain't welcome round here,"
            "This book says you're evil!"
            "My god can beat up your god."

            I will quote (paraphrase) myself from an earlier post,
            "This site teaches me more about hate than prepping"
            Another good lesson today.

            And to quote another human a segment has unthinking hatred for,
            "Can't we all get along?"

            • CS, the site itself is an excellent source of prepping information. It’s a lot of the comments that are teaching/preaching hate. Sooner or later, on sites like this, I begin to ask myself “Why in the hell am I still reading comments from readers?” While occasionally there is some really good info posted in the comments here, most are mean-spirited, and some are just plain STUPID. This will be my last comment and I will stop reading the comments here now. So all you stupid motherfuckers (you know who you are), fire away . . .

          • BTW,I don’t fear homosexuals.

            And I don’t think most of those against gay sex fear it either. Homophobe is a Propaganda phrase to diminish those who think your lifestyle is wrong/deviant/sick/whatever.

            You calling me a Homophobe is calling me a coward. I’m not afraid of you.

      9. This will continue until everyone complies with the anti-gun commie plan. Gun owners will keep getting blamed for all violent crime until the public gets dumbed down enought to ban all guns. Research how England passed all their guns laws. Basically after every mass murder; more and more guns were taken until now you can only own a shotgun with under 3 round capacity; and that has to be approved by the government which rarely happens.

        Watch your six!!

      10. Sorry to say folks but America is lost. I wish I weren’t so pessimistic, but I see no way out. Long term I am optimistic, however. I think we can rise again thanks to the foresight of our forefathers. I am giving up the fight to the Dems. I think they need to win this battle (Supreme Court Included). I cannot stand the thought of asswipes like Sen Graham and McCain imposing their agendas, but they will prevail. The Repub party is now 2 parties and nothing will bring them together in the near term. Give the country over to the illegals? WTF. Well if it is gong to happen, I want it to happen on a Dem’s watch. Let the failures begin. Let the big toilet flush and the economy reset. This is the only way forward, so let’s put it in motion. I have spent too much time and emotion worrying about these issues and I am done. The sorry asses that make up this country need hard times to either kill them off or wake them up. I am ready to get it on. Let’s see what we are made of. Supreme Court also struck down Arizona’s attempt to enforce only legal citizens voting as well today. Everyday it gets bleaker and bleaker. Serious as hell, I am done voting. Let this baby sink. Thumb me into hell if you wish, but I can’t take anymore of this bullshit we call America these days. The world has gone mad.

        • If I were to guess the timing, I would guess that a presidential election, schedules for 2016, will not be held. My guess is based upon the federal system crashing before the scheduled event.

          • Spot on. Obama was put in place for a reason. Whatever is going to go down will occur during his term in office.

        • Superbly stated, the sentiments of most of us!

        • @Gtl I couldnt agree more, feel the same way and had a family member say they were tired of the same things as well. Its a losing battle (for now), time to ready the life rafts cause our ship is sinking.

        • I have just enough hope left in me to wait until Wednesday. If those headed to or contacting D.C. don’t succede in stopping the HoR from passing a Trojan Horse immigration bill (which will then be gutted and ‘reconciled’ to accomodate the Senate’s amnesty bill), it will be “game over” for any civilized means of change. Pray and call your Representatives if you have any hope left.

      11. Please post info on where we can make donations to help his court case if it gets that far.

      12. the only people who should be going to jail
        should be the idiot teacher
        the Barney Fifes’s for arresting the kid
        and of course the corrupt judge who is making all this possible

      13. *****MERS UPDATE*****

        Saudi Arabia says MERS coronavirus kills four more


        “In a statement confirming the four additional deaths and three additional cases in Saudi Arabia, the World Health Organization (WHO) said the worldwide toll now stood at 38 deaths from a total of 64 laboratory-confirmed cases.”

        • sounds to me like they are controlling the mutation cycle, pumping this virus up for the big delivery.

      14. Fitting that it’s at Lincoln Middle School. He’d be proud.

      15. Something that is positive of this story is that there are still children that respect and understand the importance of freedom and the Constitution. Two big thumbs up for Jared Marcum. For the school and the adminstration, go move to a more freedom hating state like california or new your. Better yet get your sorry asses and head to Iran to see what NOT having freedom means.

      16. Cops and the state are out of control, something needs to change.


        • Are you OK because it is you who are changing.

          Into what I do not know.

          • You have to understand what we went through to keep this country free, or so we were told, and to listen to this crap is BEYOND anything YOU… can imagine…pup!!!!

            • I am part of that “WE” and he has been going to the dark side way more than normal lately. And some new shit from ,I don’t know where.

        • Cool down Braveheart. CJ was dishing out a little tongue-in-cheek sarcasm. (I hope)

      18. This is proof that we patriots need to start pushing back before this insanity gets unbearable. We need our own neighborhood organizers and leaders who are liberty minded and not afraid of a fight. These people will push until we slap them down. Public school is a cesspool unfit for children with brain-dead liberal crazies teaching your children to be idiots and communists. Damn the liberals to hell. Where is my blood pressure medicine?

      19. BI, good afternoon, sir, and once again you’re right on target. Let me take it a step further. The “educators”, police, prosecutor, and judges ought to be sent to my wife’s homeland of Communist Cuba. same thing goes for the new troll I just cut loose on. they would all fit right in; only thing is they would have to learn Spanish. Won’t take them long to learn what a REAL police state is like and what it means to have no freedom. This kid ROCKS. I think it’s fantastic that he understands about freedom and true American history. obviously he refused to drink the communist Kool-Aid the public schools force on kids every day. He knows how to think for himself and won’t accept any brainwashing. I believe this kid will survive regardless of the outcome. I’m glad to see he’s a fighter and he has parents that support him. It’s sad to see even pro-gun states have communists coming out of the woodwork. If I was this kid, I would be throwing down the gauntlet and telling them if you try to hurt me you do so at your own peril. I’ve lost count of how many times I was suspended in school for fighting in self-defense when some idiot attacked me. I even used to tell the faculty if you try to hurt me it’s not a smart thing for you to do. good thing they didn’t have zero-tolerance back in the 60s and 70s or I might have buried under a jail, but not without putting up a helluva fight first. I just hope this kid has a good enough lawyer that will really stand up for him. Articles like this one always get me on a roll. NOMI CATIMF BRAVEHEART

        • BHeart remember what happened when they hung jesus on the cross all his followers turned their backs when the shooting starts we will stand alone

          • Yeah, but WE will stand alone together.

        • I think the NRA should back this kid and put the very best up against his opposition!

          Y’all Beware! Is this the start of RED DAWN?!

      20. So How do we support this kid? I want to see him beat this blatant corruption

      21. Yental, good afternoon. the scenario you just outlined couls still happen and I believe it will. some corrupt government official will bite off more than he or she can chew by F#$%ing with the wrong person and it will be game on! NOMI CATIMF BRAVEHEART

      22. God bless the boy! I believe most posters on here fall into this category (me included)…”Principles are great but who wants to go to jail for them.”

        For shame on all of us.

        • @ JRS,

          I’m sorry, but it’s a bullshit charge!!!
          Designed for intimidation only… don’t look any further.

        • If you wont go to jail for princilpes, what would you go for?

      23. Very interesting article at daily sheeple: http://www.thedailysheeple.com/community-organizing-for-right-wingers-using-alinsky‘s-rules-against-them_062013 Time to start giving the reds a dose of their own medicine! Infidels, I totally agree with you and I believe it will happen eventually. who knows, it just might start with this kid. Gonetoolong, I understand your frustration and don’t blame you for not taking part in any elections; it’s all a scam anyway. But I’m not giving up on America; NO WAY! this country is worth saving and I’m going to do my part to save it. NOMI CATIMF BRAVEHEART

        • BRAVEHART- you will do SHIT to save anything but your own ass. Your all talk and no action like the most of you here.

          • Jarl.

            Beg to differ with you, partner. I find most that ridicule, do not prep and would be the first on bended knee. As far as who will do something when the time comes is a hard call. But you can get inclinations by the words they use which describe experiences that you had to “BE There” to understand the off key meanings.
            They also seek something. They want to do the right thing and remove all doubt and remorse in what they may commit. And when they find that comfort? Woe be it to the enemy.

      24. Its getting to a point that your not allowed to disagree with a Law Enforcement Official. Over time they’ve been put up on a pedestal way too far. There are a lot of dangerous jobs and they’re not near the top of the list. Let there be a nut case shooter and they gather forces with military equipment before entry even though the shooter is actively killing innocents because, “Officer safety is the first priority”. Saving the innocent should be your first priority and if its not your in the wrong line of work.

        I personally have the highest respect for firemen. Their job is 100% saving people and property. Firemen don’t take bribes to allow arsonists to operate. Firemen don’t work over people because they can and steroids tell them they must. Firemen don’t have an us against them attitude with the phrase; “Judged by 12 verses carried by 6”. Firemen would not protect a fellow fireman that was an arsonist.

        • @kev2
          leo will give you no problem at all as long as you yes sir them, follow their commands and lick their boots…this re-enforces their feelings off superiority and power.

      25. Kevin2, good evening and sadly I have to agree. there is no honor or integrity in law enforcement anymore. I agree a fireman has more honor and integrity than a cop. today’s breed of cops make common criminals look good, not to mention the corrupt judicial system they represent and serve. NOMI CATIMF BRAVEHEART

        • Serpico pointed out the corruption in the big cities. Believe it cops were taking bribes in small towns too.

          “I agree a fireman has more honor and integrity than a cop.”

          Raise the bar a bit. Butchers, bakers and candlestick makers don’t flash their badge to get a free meal or free drinks and then drive home (or more likely to their girlfriends) drunk. In my opinion Fireman are at the top or damn near at the top of the list of integrity; bless them. Interestingly many are volunteers asking for nothing but decent equipment, a pool table and some beer in the fridge at the firehouse.

      26. The Constitution was written by the winners of the American Revolution. These were all CONSERVATIVES. Those 30% of the colonial population that supported the King’s government and its policies were the 18th century government power sycophants; the very models of our current statist, collectivist liberals.

        They lost and were either hanged; burned out or fled to Canada (You can tell how much good the addition of their numbers did for Canada). None were present during the Constitutional Convention because all of them had lost political influence during a very bitter 7 years of civil war fare. So, the document was written to protect ordinary people from the power of government; to protect the people from what amounts to today’s liberals: the eternal threat to every man’s individual freedom.

        Now you understand why today’s liberals hate and undermine the Constitution. The only flaw in this is the fact that liberals have bred back up to 30%+ of the population again.

        Keep the FAITH

        • ummm
          I hate to point out the obvious

          but so called “conservatives” have been instrumental
          in passing the Patriot Act,the NDAA and numerous other
          laws that have shredded the Constitution
          look up their voting records
          I have

          • The problem with arguments that use words like “conservative/liberal/progressive”, “democrat/republican”, “left/right”, etc… is that nobody ever wins it. LABELS do nothing for the argument but divide people by obscure definitions that vary widely from one person’s opinion to another.

            THERE IS NOT RIGHT OR LEFT—ONLY RIGHT OR WRONG, and almost everybody here knows the difference. Right or wrong is really all that matters.

        • @ Watchman,

          i must respectfully disagree that the Constitution was written “to protect ordinary people from the power of government….” It was not.

          That’s one of the dangerous myths behind deifying that piece of paper, no matter how singular it is in history.

          Just as an aside, our liberty doesn’t come from any piece of paper. Nor did 56 aristocrats bestow rights upon us.

          Most of the Federalists would have been happy if there were no Bill of Rights. George Mason, Jefferson and others, the relative libertarians of their day, insisted on it. But giving rights to the little guy wasn’t the point of the document. The point was to set up a strong central government.

          We already had a perfectly good charter that did that. The Articles of Confederation. How did it protect the little guy? Unanimity among the 13 states was required to do anything. Such as raising revenue or overseeing interstate commerce. The difficulty getting anything ground shaking done protected the little guy.

          Federalists such as Hamilton and Madison moved to scrap the A of C in favor of a document that began a strong, central government with the powers to do all those things the A of C didn’t grant.

          Not all of the Founders were conservatives. Although nearly to a person they held the everyday man in benign indifference if not contempt. They mistrusted and feared a democracy because they knew the “little guy” would out vote them 90 to 1. Ignoring the fact that only white christian land owning males had the franchise.

          Jefferson and George Mason were relatively libertarian for their day but they were not egalitarians. It was very much a deference culture. The guy behind the plow would no more have thought himself capable of governing than of asking for an aristocrat’s daughter in marriage.

          • thank you for that painful
            but true history lesson

          • And the diatribe enshrined in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 10th (did that from memory, hope I got them all) that specifically states person or people was gibberish?

            Of course rights are personal. What is the point if they’re not?

      27. Jarl, F#$% YOU! Come to Memphis and try to f#$% with me and see what I do to your sorry trolling ass! Take your trolling ass away from this site and go f#$% yourself in the process! NOMI VATIMF BRAVEHEART

        • Braveheart if they only knew what us TENNESSEE boys have waiting for them

      28. russia is startin to look pretty good as a potential bug out location .

        no jews no homos allowed and a real hetero intelligent president with a pair of big hairy balls and a steel spine .


        • Now I know you have lost your fucking mind. Have you ever been there. No Don’t lie your travel records say you haven’t. You wouldn’t last a minute before you were eaten and spit out.

        • i like russia and especially putin.

          sure, its a big govt state run by a man who says my way or the highway, but you know that going in; the US is still trying to pass itself off as the becon of freedom.


        • Land of Sheila Jackson Lee and Rick Perry.

        • EAST TEXAS!!

          Keep preppin’

      30. Ok… I have a confession… I had to go into town today and I ended up parking next to a car that had liberal/obama bumper stickers all over it. I..I keyed it all the way along the side.. I felt bad right after I did it. I knew it was wrong. But, then I felt Ok and said “FuckIt” This pansy ass liberal deserves it!!!! I felt better a little bit.

        Can you even imagine how much time, money, media, lawyers, bullshit energy this is taking!!!!!!???? Can you even fucking believe something as STUPID AS THIS!!! could even be mentioned or brought up let alone what is happening? WTF is wrong with people now days???!!! Good Lord! IF THIS SORT OF SHIT DOESN’T WAKE PEOPLE UP? WHAT THE FUCK WILL? Want the truth? Most people could give a shit because their too busy watching the FUCKING TELEVISION!!!
        I’d be willing to bet 99% of most idiots living in America won’t ever hear about this because they are so fucking clueless……

        • Now you can be a jr meter maid with this phone app. Search – App pays you to spot illegally parked cars. WTF!

          • ROFL
            key’d the car…. oops 😀


      31. Jarl, also keep your communist trolling ass away from this site. the people here have my six and I have theirs, so once again, go f#$% yourself! NOMI CATIMF BRAVEHEART

      32. Stupid Fuckheads! That kid won’t have to worry about his college tuition now. Lawsuit…


        I hope everyone who reads on this site knows how important it is that you NOT let any government employee into your house if they come to your door. If they don’t have a warrant, tell them to go away. This means the human services, the census taker, any police officer or anyone who represents any government office. I don’t know how much longer this will work because of criminal judges, but don’t fall for their bluster and threats. When this quits working you will have to make your own decision as to how to respond.

        A friend of mine was awakened last week at 2 in the morning by officers looking for his son who is a drugie. He opened his door and being the friendly fellow he is, and instead of stepping outside to talk to them he let them inside. They proceeded to search his house for the son and confiscated my friends cell phone. Once he let them inside he had no recourse but to follow their demands. They still have his cell phone.

        • Okay–it’s been intimated, so I’ll say it.
          One day, a teacher, or principal, or a LEO or judge is gonna make an assaulting move verbally or physically to a person that carries and has just been told the chemo IS NOT working any longer–to go home and plan his funeral for the next couple weeks.
          I am surprised it hasn’t happened already.

        • I had a run in with a census taker a few years ago, total prick, couldnt tell the diff between a SHED (locked from the outside with chain & padlock)and a domicile, “I need to know if anyone lives in there” Recently my wife and I were walking our dog down the street when Animal Control(they are LEOs here) stopped to ask us where we lived,for how long, and if we knew who may be littering, like we were suspect, never asked about our dog.

        • Have you guys heard about the woman who was recently arrested for politely asking the policemen at her door wanting to come in, if they had a search warrant? Unbelievable!

        • Kinda like vampires, eh?

      34. Hahhah a 14 year old is scaring the pussies..love it! you go kid!
        freedom of speach and expression, nail thier tits to the wall kid!

        you bet the charges were dropped,

        if you love your kid get em out of the public school system and let these jackasses burn thier own bridge

      35. I received my phone back from the Government. It literally was put though a grinder. But they did return it.

        I just glad they didn’t tear my car apart. That would started the revolution right then.

        • @facebookpage
          don’t let yourself allow them to pick the time for you…i know you are smarter than that…just tell yourself, soon, very soon.

          • But you don’t understand how special this car is.
            It so pretty.

      36. The government will use this on us soon.

        On December 31st 2011, US President Barack Obama signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 (NDAA). The Act was passed in the House of Representatives on May 26, 2011 by a vote of 322 to 96. The Act was passed in the Senate on December 15, 2011 by a vote of 86 to 13. Below is an excerpt from the Act, the wording of which makes it legal to incarcerate United States citizens without recourse to any form of judicial process. Essentially these words say that if the government deems any person to have committed a “belligerent act” that person can be detained indefinitely without trial.


        Subtitle D — Counterterrorism
        (a) IN GENERAL. — Congress affirms that the authority of the President to use all necessary and appropriate force pursuant to the Authorization for Use of Military Force (Public Law 107–40; 50 U.S.C. 1541 note) includes the authority for the Armed Forces of the United States to detain covered persons (as defined in subsection (b)) pending disposition under the law of war.
        (b) COVERED PERSONS. — A covered person under this section is any person as follows:
        (1) A person who planned, authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001, or harbored those responsible for those attacks.
        (2) A person who was a part of or substantially supported al-Qaeda, the Taliban, or associated forces that are engaged in hostilities against the United States or its coalition partners, including any person who has committed a belligerent act or has directly supported such hostilities in aid of such enemy forces.
        (c) DISPOSITION UNDER LAW OF WAR. — The disposition of a person under the law of war as described in subsection (a) may include the following:
        (1) Detention under the law of war without trial until the end of the hostilities authorized by the Authorization for Use of Military Force.

      37. The three main reasons the roman republic fell;

        Fiat Currency/central bank

        Military spread too far…not protecting the citizens/nation but “going off to conquer”

        Unprincipled men in government changing it from within, from a republic to a collectivist society

        Sound familiar?

        Keep the FAITH

      38. Cowdoc

        thanks for posting that
        that means that Obama,McCain, Graham
        and a SIGNIFICANT portion of Congress
        should all be prosecuted for supporting the
        Syrian “rebels”
        as numerous groups of them are known affiliates
        of AlQaeda

      39. the flag I will be flying this July 4th

        will be the Gadsden Flag

        • You betcha…me too.

          • I thought it prudent to fly my flag in the distressed state for Flag Day as I for one am convinced we are under attack from within!

            • You are quite correct we are under attack from with in our nation. The current ptb envision a socalist or communist America and they are well on their way to completing their warped dream. They want you disarmed, with no legal or constitutional rights, no property, and docile.

      40. The same people who financed the bolshevick revolution and the reign of terror of robespierre are seated confortable in wall street waiting for the goyim americans to give up their guns and do the same massive culling, but americans are too stupid anyways and they go to the military to go to fight some unexistant enemy on the middle east while millions of mexicans and blacks take over america.

        Isn’t this poetic justice?

      41. Off topic:

        What a Fathers Day weekend. My wife and I trailered my boat down to one of our ports. We headed out across the bar and got into some sporty seas. We dropped our crab traps then headed back in to try to jig herring. My wife put on a herring jigging clinic. Later on in the day we decided to stick a hairy eyeball out and discovered a different ocean, the wind had died and the seas calmed down. We tried to fish for halibut but it was in an unfamiliar area and I couldn’t find any. On the way back in we pulled the crab traps and there was only one keeper. We moored the boat and ate onboard and then slept onboard. A very peaceful and calm night.

        The next morning we headed out at first light and dropped the crabbing gear and then headed out to troll around for some salmon. We boated one nice 31 pound chinook. On the way back in we pulled the crab gear and we had two keepers and then stopped by a reef and caught a couple of ling cod and a few black bass.

        On the way home an axle on my trailer cracked and a tire began to rub against the wheel well. The smoke from melting rubber was the give away. I jacked up the trailer and scavenged some steel bars from my crab traps that I use for weights and tied them onto the cracked axle. The jerry rigging worked and we made it home. It only took a few hours longer than normal.

        What a Fathers Day, I gave my wife a fun weekend on the water, even though the fishing was tough for us we still managed to bring home some excellent table fare. I was challenged with a problem, came up with a creative solution and got us home safe. I call that VICTORY!!!! and a Fathers Day to remember.

        Nothing happens to those that do nothing.

        • You sound like me, RickInOregon. I once used a pull-tab to fix a rotor cap problem, on the banfield…I graduated from the pantyhose level decades ago.

      42. We have had the Jews, Homo’s Lesbo’s and the Cops in the grinder tonight.

        Who’s Next?

        ROFLMAO x 2 ;0)

        • suprisingly illegal imgratnts haven’t been grilled tonight.

      43. America has been founded on the same freemason and illuminist principles of the french revolution and the bolshevik tiranny, the scourge that nobody wanted in europe have been your forefathers, washington, franklin, etc all known to have been freemasons, perhaps better societies and countries will rise if america balkanizes.

      44. So lets have some fun. I have posted the info on this particular school. Lets all start calling them, faxing them, and emailing them. I will gather more information on this school. I will also get phone numbers to the proscuters office and the police department. A few rules. Be polite and professional. They paint us as wacko’s let us prove them otherwise. NO THREATS…. this is a middle school not North Korea, so see rule one and keep the emotion out of it and the NSA is listening… Threats will not help this family. They have pulled down thier website but they still have a phone number and a fax macine and yes peolple are there throught the summer. Lets call thier state and local electid officals. Let us not let this one go. Keep the preasure on.

        Logan Middle School
        14 Wildcat Way
        Logan, WV 25601
        Telephone: 304-752-1804
        Fax : 304-752-0207

        Grades : 05-08
        Enrollment : 829 (Uncertified)
        School’s Webpage: http://lc2.boe.loga.k12.wv.us/~loganmid/

        • Other Schools in Logan County
        • Logan County Bad Weather Closings and Delays
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        Staff Listing — 77 Staff Members

        Adkins, Teddy – Custodian III
        Akers, Alice – Speech Language Pathologist
        Bailey, Linda – Secretary III
        Baisden, Justin – Classroom Teacher, Middle/Junior High
        Barker, James – Classroom Teacher, Middle/Junior High
        Bartley, Dionne – Classroom Teacher, Middle/Junior High
        Bassham, Ashlea – Classroom Teacher, Special Education
        Bevins, Kathryn – Classroom Teacher, Middle/Junior High
        Browning, Karmyn – Custodian III
        Burgess, Agnes – Custodian III
        Burgess, Lorri – Classroom Teacher, Middle/Junior High
        Burroway, David – Classroom Teacher, Middle/Junior High
        Burroway, Kellie – Classroom Teacher, Special Education
        Bush, Pamela – Classroom Teacher, Middle/Junior High
        Butcher, Joetta – Classroom Teacher, Middle/Junior High
        Capua, Deborah – Classroom Teacher, Middle/Junior High
        Carr, Rebecca – Classroom Teacher, Middle/Junior High
        Carter, Wilma – Aide III
        Chambers, Claudene – Classroom Teacher, Middle/Junior High
        Clay, Diana – Classroom Teacher, Vocational (K 12)
        Clay, Leah – Classroom Teacher, Special Education
        Conn, Tara – Classroom Teacher, Middle/Junior High
        Cooke, Donna – Cook II
        Dalton, Lois – Cook II
        Dalton, Lori – Counselor, Middle/Junior High
        Dennis, Eleanor – Cook II
        Deskins, Gwendolyn – Aide IV
        Dingess, Lisa – Aide II
        Doss, Melissa – Counselor, Middle/Junior High
        Dress, Albert – Custodian III
        Epperhart, Thomasanna – Classroom Teacher, Middle/Junior High
        Ferguson, Donna – Classroom Teacher, Middle/Junior High
        Frye, Emma – Cafeteria Manager
        Frye, Melissa – Classroom Teacher, Middle/Junior High
        Glick, Mindy – Librarian
        Gore, Anita – Secretary III
        Granger, Pamela – Classroom Teacher, Special Education
        Greer, Stephanie – Classroom Teacher, Middle/Junior High
        Grimmett, Barry – Classroom Teacher, Special Education
        Hatcher, Mark – School Nurse (AB)

        Hedrick, Meagan – Classroom Teacher, Middle/Junior High
        Holbrook, Stephanie – Cook II
        Keene, Kathy – Cook II
        Kidd, Bryan – Classroom Teacher, Middle/Junior High
        Lauck, Brian – Classroom Teacher, Middle/Junior High
        Lawrence, Debra – Cook II
        Linville, Jessica – Classroom Teacher, Middle/Junior High
        Marcus, Christopher – Classroom Teacher, Middle/Junior High
        McCoy, Rebekah – Classroom Teacher, Middle/Junior High
        Meade, Darissa – Classroom Teacher, Middle/Junior High
        Mills, Martina – Associate/Assistant Principal, Middle/Junior High
        Mollett, Hazel – Classroom Teacher, Middle/Junior High
        Napier, Cynthia – Classroom Teacher, Special Education
        Napier, Dennis – Classroom Teacher, Middle/Junior High
        Pauley, Samuel – Classroom Teacher, Middle/Junior High
        Perry, Victoria – Classroom Teacher, Middle/Junior High
        Proklevich-Perry, Aime – Classroom Teacher, Middle/Junior High
        Rainwater, Donnetta – Classroom Teacher, Middle/Junior High
        Rakes, Rickey – Classroom Teacher, Middle/Junior High
        Robinson, Alice – Classroom Teacher, Middle/Junior High
        Rockhold, Howard – Classroom Teacher, Middle/Junior High
        Salyers, Libby – Classroom Teacher, Middle/Junior High
        Sanders, Tiffany – Classroom Teacher, Middle/Junior High
        Sperry, Rebecca – Cook II
        Stafford, Sharon – Secretary II
        Staten, Garron – Classroom Teacher, Middle/Junior High
        Stillwell, Jennifer – Classroom Teacher, Middle/Junior High
        Sutherland, Ernestine – Principal, Middle/Junior High
        Taylor, Kathryn – Classroom Teacher, Middle/Junior High
        Thompson, Deborah – Cook III
        Thompson, Elizabeth – Associate/Assistant Principal, Middle/Junior High
        Voldness, Jared – Classroom Teacher, Middle/Junior High
        Washington, Kevin – Custodian III
        Wiley, Kara – Classroom Teacher, Middle/Junior High
        Wolford, Belinda – Classroom Teacher, Middle/Junior High
        Workman, Carol – Classroom Teacher, Middle/Junior High
        Zeto, Vicki – Classroom Teacher, Middle/Junior High

      45. More info on state and local officals and screwlboard folks to follow…. This will be fun….

      46. Local Media

        Logan Banner
        Coal Valley News
        Lincoln Journal
        Williamson Daily News
        FOX 11 – WVAH
        Charleston Daily Mail
        Charleston Gazette
        Huntington Herald-Dispatch
        Huntington News Net


        792-2091 Ables, Diann – Buyer/Purchasing Secretary
        792-2028 Adams, Diana – Bus Garage Supervisor
        792-2043 Adkins, Cathy – Attendance Director/Homeless Liaison
        792-2085 Adkins, Connie – Special Education Evaluator
        792-2041 Adkins, Linda – Superintendent’s Secretary
        792-2052 Adkins, Lynn – Accounts Payable Secretary
        792-2045 Adkins, Mark – Dir. Of Operational Support/Transportation/WC
        792-2054 Amburgey, Ernest Jr. – Assistant Superintendent Schools/Locations
        792-2095 Armentrout, David – General Maintenance Director 583-9132 Buffalo Grade
        792-2050 Bailey, Rebecca – Curriculum/Staff Development Secretary 855-3331 Chapmanville Bus Garage
        792-2083 Beavers, Jennifer – Medicaid Clerk 855-4522 Chapmanville Regional HS
        792-2067 Blevins, Linda – Title I Secretary 855-8378 Chapmanville Middle
        792-2090 Brennan, John – Business Manager 855-3405 Chapmanville Public Lib.
        792-2029 Bus Garage Mechanics 752-1513 Credit Union
        792-2080 Cook, Harless – Director of Guidance/Testing 752-6368 Crooked Creek Resource Center
        792-2060 Copley, Shawn – Secretary/Receptionist 752-9360 Dehue Grade/PRIDE
        792-2093 Dingess, Barry – Supervisor Food Service Facilities/Maintenance 855-3302 East Chapmanville Grade
        792-2071 Dingess-Adkins, Darlene – Director of Title I & Pre-K 239-2771 Holden Grade
        792-2061 Dingess, Teresa – Service Personnel Secretary 855-3585 Hugh Dingess Grade
        792-2048 Doty, Phyllis – Director of Elementary Curriculum 752-7409 Job Posting
        792-2032 Elkins, Terry – Dir. Of Elem. Education, Child Nutr., WVEIS 752-3250 Justice Grade
        792-2047 Ellis, Doreen – Insurance Secretary 792-2027 Logan Bus Garage
        792-2044 Ellis, Ray- Purchasing Director 792-2028 Logan Bus Garage
        792-2027 Gibson, Linda – Bus Garage Supervisor 752-4180 Logan Grade
        792-2059 Hager, Jessica -Professional Personnel Secretary 752-6606 Logan High
        792-2056 Hanlon, Jan – Director Secondary Education 752-1804 Logan Middle
        792-2039 Harris, Angel – Special Education Evaluator 752-6652 Logan Public Library
        792-2053 Hinchman, Martha – Payroll Secretary 583-9701 Man Bus Garage
        687-3003 Hundley, James – Technology Coordinator 583-8316 Man Elementary
        792-2076 Perry, Leah – Director of Special Ed. & Title II 583-8317 ”
        792-2051 Jude, Jason – Payroll/Retirement Accountant 583-8037 Man Middle
        792-2070 McNeely, Rebecca – Title I Resources 583-8051 ”
        792-2089 Mullins, Staci – Psychologist 583-6521 Man High
        792-2062 Scaggs, Kristi – Itinerant School Nurse 792-2077 Media Center Conference Room
        792-2087 Pack, Lottie – Psychologist 946-2660 Omar Grade
        792-2068 Scarberry, Lucille – Title I Secretary 583-7522 South Man Grade
        792-2064 Sedlock, Anita – Child Nutrition Coordinator 792-2086 Special Education Resource Room
        792-2046 Shanklin, Sharon – Finance Secretary 752-8200 Transitional School
        792-2082 Smith, Cindi – Psychologist 752-1656 Verdunville Grade
        792-2084 Spano, Jana – Special Education Evaluator 792-2094 RR Willis Career & Technical Center
        792-2065 Staten, Tootsie – Child Nutrition Secretary 855-3209 West Chapmanville Grade
        792-2088 Stollings, Krystal – Psychologist
        792-2055 Stowers, Tammy – Title II K-12 Staff Development/Academic Coach Emergency School Hotline #
        792-2066 Thompson, David – Textbooks/Safety Director 1-800-305-7568
        792-2057 Thompson, Melody – Transportation Secretary
        792-2081 Toth, Violet – Autism/Behavior/CIMFP Spec. Fax Numbers
        792-2058 Tyree, Leslie – Attorney/Director of Personnel 752-3711 Central Office
        792-2094 Vance, Peggy-Director of Special Populations (413) 855-8590 Chapmanville Library
        792-2092 Vaughn, Betty-Purchasing Secretary 792-2074 Child Nutrition
        792-2097 Viars, Dewey-Electrical Maintenance Foreman 946-4702 David Thompson
        792-2075 Willis, Debbie-Special Education Program Specialist 792-2098 Electrical Maintenance
        792-2073 Workman, Donetta-Special Education Secretary 792-2096 General Maintenance
        792-2041 Zigmond, Wilma – Superintendent 752-8677 Media Center

        792-2034 Superintendent’s Office

        • Logan, WV is a small town of only 1,700 people.

          Leave a review of the school.

          Jared is an honor student. He wore the shirt all morning with no incident. It was band teacher Crystal Moore who declared the shirt verboten in the afternoon. Her email is [email protected]

          The next day a dozen students wore the same shirt, and nothing happened to them. Jared later returned after his suspension and incarceration, and wore the shirt for the entire day.

      47. Office of the Senate President – Lt. Governor
        Jeffrey V. Kessler
        Room 227M, Building 1
        State Capitol Complex
        Charleston, WV 25305

        Phone: (304) 357-7801
        [email protected]

      48. “We must all live together as sisters and brothers or we will all perish together as fools.”
        – Dr. M. King, Jr.

        For the first time ever while coming to this site, I was actually sickened by all the Hating that was expressed in so many posts.

        This is exactly what satan and the globalists want, in addition to the self-righteousness and self-aggrandizement expressed here.

        Stay focused. Stay on point. A boy got arrested for doing the RIGHT thing.

        If you want to hate this group, or that group, ok go on and do that, but take it to your OWN site.

        The Constitution protects those you hate, as it does you. Please don’t hijack this post or this site to hate or even express death threats.


        Because you are not only wasting your precious time and valuable energy (& mine), you are also discouraging new site readers from staying, or even finding credibiity here.

        Moreover, you are also playing right Into the hands of our opponents: the liars and destroyers who derive perverse pleasure from killing us in ANY way, shape, or fashion, and watch us turn on each other– the old divide and conquer.

        Wake UP, haters– our country is being destroyed from within and you ARE being sucked into the same destructive MATRiX to assist it to do its evil to us all!

        I had a very rough day today, and yes, I am angry at this boy’s arrest, but I’m trying to channel the energy behind that anger in ways to help, not hurt. So please don’t be cocky, be Smart: outTHINK your opponents.

        To be honest, I certainly am no saint, and I ain’t perfect, nor do I have all the answers, but we need to THINK and STRATEGIZE!

        May God protect this boy from cowardly tyranny, may He rise up the Real Patriots who come to this site and still more others throughout our country, so that all who speak Truth to power (and Witness to it) can Expose to the Light the lies and the cowardice and the scapegoating which tyrants use to do evil, so it can be banished.

        Tyrants and other evildoers hate the light, the light that exposes them for who and what they are, let alone how terrified they feel deep within themselves, so they inflict that terror onto us, like they are doing to this boy.

        “It is no secret that evil is ‘live’ spelled backwards.” – M.Scott Peck, M.D.

        “There is not enough darkness to put out the light of one small candle.” – The Christophers

        “I might be despicable, but when I speak truth, I am invincible.” – Gandhi

        Despicably yours,
        The Lone Ranger

      49. Gotta say, for some reason, got a few chuckles out of all the banter tonight. You go, Braveheart! Kick some troll ass!

        Yeh, the PC crap is way out of control, And yeh, when I see some broken down POS sled covered in Obama stickers and peace signs, driven by a skinny, pale faced libtard, it’s all I can do not to give the sled a slide over a cliff with a little help from my Chevy 4×4. The mental picture of that keyed Obama sled had me going :).

        My subtle way of pissing off the morons is my daily fashion wear, namely NRA T shirts, Alex Jones shirts, and various tea party shirts I’ve picked up over the years. The libtards never seem to have the nerve to comment, but I do get a few folks giving me attaboys and thumbs up. I’ve even worn them overseas, and I even get positive comments there.

        But back to this kid. if there is a legal fund for him, I want to know. Damn right I’ll put my money where mouth is.

        You know, I chuckle at Bravehearts rants, because quite frankly, I completely share his outrage. Wish I could say it as good as him. I also share his hope that there is enough of us out there to stop this crap, once and for all. Hey, we all know its going to get ugly. But more and more I run into like- minded wing nuts like myself who have had enough. I ‘m talking about a new wave of preppers, gun owners, and those who fully recognize what the Fed, central bankers, and NWO elitists have been doing to us for decades now. Sure, we have some asinine people butting in on our blog here saying some asinine things, yet I take great hope in knowing there’s a mess of us across this country that get it! God Bless all of you. Let’s keep fighting the good fight!

      50. The New World Order will be run by the same people that brought you The Old World Order… Nathaniel Rothschild said, “Give me control over a nations currency, and I care not who makes its laws.”

        Now they will say, “Give me control over a nations resources, and we will destroy that antiquated notion of national sovereignty.”

        So when this is all said and done they will not only have control of the currencies of the world, (essentially meaning a one world currency, with familiar national denominations so as not to alarm the Conspiracy Theorists) they will also have control of the resources of the entire world to mete out as they see fit.

        If that doesn’t chill you to the bone, then you my friend have not been paying very close attention to the world outside of your office or home recently. Because they will also use this chaotic opportunity to roll out the worst parts of their tyrannical scientific machine of control, all in the public good of course. Only to protect you – and them – from any reprisals from the fringe elements of society that demand things like “Freedom” and “Self-Determination”. Outlaw concepts of a bygone era. And the complaint media will parrot this line, and the people, sad though it may be, when presented with their futures going up in the fires of national currencies, will go along as well. Because the failure of this system would leave them penniless and without means; freedom be damned after all, I might lose my spot at the country club!

        For those of you who think this could never happen, you need only research in depth what they’ve done as far as Financial Reform and Regulation since 2010. Of course the media isn’t telling you what’s going on, so you have to look these things up, but when you look at the evidence, the laws and regulations they’ve passed since 2010, the financial moves they’ve made, objectively; well I challenge you to find any other reasonable conclusion. In writing this I have also relied on other things as well though, such as information from personal friends still in the mix in banking circles. Not surprisingly though with much of this information in hand, even these people, some very high up people, in banking circles, don’t have a full understanding of what’s coming down the pipe. It’s called compartmentalization, and game theory. It’s knowing what you can do to provoke a certain response in your opponent or even someone working for you; they’ve been doing it for ages.

        Regardless of the nay-sayer’s that will undoubtedly make their way to this thread may say, I stand firmly by the conclusions I have reached. So much so, that I am betting my livelihood and life savings on it. This scenario is going to happen, I’ve never been more convinced of anything in my life, but when will it happen?

        Conclusions and Solutions, Falling Out Of Love: My best guess as far as timing regarding the scenario I have placed before you is that by the end of Q3 2013 we will be in it like a fully involved fire. By Q4 2013 Chaos in the financial markets and on the street will be the order of the day. Tyranny will reign in the name of protection and security. How fast certain elements of this go, I cannot say, there are simply too many variables at play to make a definitive prediction. Just say this, by the end of 2013, you will know the direction this is headed with absolute clarity, and because you took the time to read this, you will know that I was right, and you will at least know what you should have done, or perhaps you will even have done it.

        Stop looking for fast money in this market, yes there will still be a few opportunities for a fast buck available, but don’t tie up and waste your resources with that anymore. Buy and hold is the order of the day now. If you have available funds here is what I would do, you can take it as a recommendation if you like, but I have to say, I’m not a licensed investment adviser, so I don’t offer it as recommendation, merely as an example of my financial strategy for the next two to five years.

        With any “available” funds, I would first pay off any debt I had. Interest rates will likely be going up in the very near future, and if you were waiting for a signal of that to pay off some cheap interest debt you have, then consider the recent bond movements in U.S. Treasuries and Japanese Bonds as your signal. Interest will be going up in short order, but I also wouldn’t keep a lot of money in the bank. Trying to capture money through interest on savings is liable to become a dangerous game in the scenario I’ve laid out, as there will very likely be many bank closures forthcoming, and credit disruptions in the banking industry.

        Second, I would buy non-perishable food. I don’t think you will have to have years and years’ worth in stock according to this scenario, but six months certainly wouldn’t hurt.

        Third, I would keep enough paper currency for one or two month’s expenses, the rest I would put into commodities that you can hold physically. For most, that is gold or silver, but if you have land that you can grow crops or livestock on that might also mean extra fuel, feed, seed, or animals for consumption.

        Fourth, if I had more saved than would pay for three years expenses, I would take that excess and buy agricultural land. NOT SECOND/RENTAL HOUSES OR COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE. If the agricultural land you choose has a house, so much the better, but don’t buy it just because of a house, or buy anything in the way of land with the idea of re-selling it in the next five to ten years, buy it with the idea of living on it for the next five to ten years, then re-assess your position in relation to the economy.

        Well that’s it, I’m sorry it was so long, but it’s a big subject. I hope it will help you and perhaps generate some critical thinking out there. More than anything I just hope it helps. If one person gets a head’s up from me, then I consider my mission accomplished.

        Nothing about this is going to be easy, time tables will change as circumstances arise, chaos will be the order of the day. Wars may even start over this. So I hope you will all stay safe, brave new world or no, because remember, in the end; The New World Order will be run by the same people that brought you The Old World Order…

      51. Looks like they are opening the american gulags for those not complying.

        we’ll see how far they take it, but unless you have the resources of a limbaugh, col. alan west or ann coulter resisting may be futile.

      52. Cops who violate their oath to uphold the Constitution deserve neither respect nor compliance with their unlawful victimization of FREE CITIZENS! The writing is indeed on the wall, those unwilling or unable to assert their RIGHTS will continue to be victims of the elitist-serving goons parading around society trouncing upon freedom under the guise of “Law Enforcement”….

        How long do CITIZENS take their slavery in silence? How much push must come to shove before reality awakens from tyranny to reclaim that which is recognized, but not dispensed by The Constitution? Who will awaken from the slumber we have ALL fallen prey to? More importantly, who will muster the courage to stand in defiance to the bigoted, self-serving monlith we face first, knowing the blade of oppression looms over them for their efforts? Who shall come forth and be caualties to promote freedom? It is not time yet, as fear still directs our actions, not truth….

      53. Man some you fuckheads had me laughing so hard i couldn’t laugh anymore. I thought I was a little kid again having a playground fight! I missed a good one up there with Gay Guy that, was classic.

      54. Must go to sleep tonite,
        been a long day.

        Will count sheep,
        thus sleep is on its way.

        maybe tomorrows rain will bring a new rainbow,
        thus brighten its day.

        Not sure though, but just want to wish my fellow Prepper
        friends a happy beginnings to a new day.

        Good nite dudes!!!!

      55. Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas.
        Joseph Stalin

        This nation is quickly becoming a Stalinist prison camp, there are only 3 things that could possible save it, God, a revolution or a military coup, good luck on the first two.

      56. @3n3my:

        In all seriousness, I have long been a student of international finance, central banking, the Fed. Not to mention histories of civilizations and various economic theories. Culturally, I am A flyover state redneck. But I have been doing business internationally for more than 30 years, lived in Europe at various times, and for the sake of my own business, the well being of my family and employees, have dug deep to understand the whys of our present state of affairs.

        I do see chaos 4th quarter 2013, if not earlier. I have put my affairs in order, having seen this evolve over the past many years. Events are doubtless accelerating.
        Your advice is prudent and well taken. I will say that I am not using these events as an excuse to duck and cover. I am more involved in growing our business than ever, seeking strategies that will keep us going under the most adverse of conditions. If it finally comes to it, I am prepared to take a Galt’s Gulch approach, but I will fight to the end.

        Call me a foolish optimist. But long term, the NWO elitists flaw is truly their own hubris. A fundamental understanding of human nature is obfuscated by arrogance. We unwashed masses, we lovers of liberty, are capable of much more than we are given credit for. It is their absence of faith in God, and in the fact that we all are truly spiritual beings, that will be their ultimate undoing.

        I am a child of the heartland, and in spite of our shortcomings in recent years in America, I don’t see us as a people who give up easily. Having traveled to every far corner of this planet, I can say unreservedly that we Americans are different, do hold an exceptional edge in our faith and optimism. It is far more the rule than exception. As a people, though not necessarily as a government, we remain the hope for people everywhere. America remains the one place where practically everyone wants to come.

        So let the Rothschild system collapse us. Let the elitists have their day. They can try to starve us, they can try to beat us down with martial law and suspension.of our protections under the Constitution, but that doesn’t mean we will submit. I give us all a lot more credit than that. Nothing is stronger than the fire of liberty, and in no other people does it burn so fiercely!

        By the way, I run into preppers and liberty minded folks all over the world, and they are counting on us. So take heart, be brave, and know that with God’s help, we will not only survive, but will keep the lamp of liberty lit for many generations to come!

      57. In most all states there is a bar, such are the bar assocation where complaints can be filed against lawyers.
        As for the Judge most states have something like the Judical Qualifications Comittee, where complaints can be lodged against Judges. As for the police officer who arrested the kid complaints should be directed to internal affairs of the Sheriffs Department or Police department involved. The Teacher involved should have complaints filed with the local or state school board.
        Always remember the bureaucratic mind is like steam it seeks the path of least resistance,and if enough of us complain….300 or 400 complaints against any individuals

      58. I think the NRA should back this kid and put the very best up against his opposition!

        Y’all Beware! Is this the start of RED DAWN?!

      59. All the children at his school should show up everyday with pro second amendment shirts.
        They should also show up to the PTA meetings , his court appearances etc.
        Will the arrest the whole town?

      60. It strikes me that just as you are pro Second Amendment, there are other groups who are anti Second Amendment. These groups might be influencing the teacher and principal. Maybe the department of education is anti-second amendment and communicating such to the schools? It it worth mentioning that if the teachers at Sandy Hook had been armed then they could have defended themselves and their children.

      61. Students across the rural county showed their support for Marcum by wearing similar shirts on that day as well.
        “His conduct in school almost incited a riot,” Chief E.K. Harper told ABC.

        This is rich, threatening one persons liberty and they have incited civil disobedience across the county.

        On a side note,

        “Montani Semper Liberi” (Official)
        The West Virginia state motto is a Latin motto and in English it means “Mountaineers Are Always Free”.
        The State flag of of West Virginia portrays clearly 2 firearms, will that also be considered a dangerous symbolism and be an object of scorn by the authorities ?

      62. There’s obviously an agenda here. I try not to respond to media BS since it does no good and just leaves me irritated. However enough is enough.

        My son’s Christian school here in Kalispell Montana allows the kids to carry legal folding knives on their person as long as they act responsibly, have been known to raffle off rifles as fundraisers and even sponsor an annual shoot off.

        I can’t help but think emasculation when I hear of things like this. Are these actually the people who want to take over our country. Really?

      63. This happened at Logan Middle School, in Logan County, West Virginia. Not “Lincoln Middle School”. What is really sad here is that not a single adult at the school stood up and said “Hey, Jared isn’t breaking any rules by wearhing that shirt.” No one, not a single teacher or school staff person was an advocate for free speech. The band teacher, the principal, the chief of police and the two officers who showed up with him, the DA, the assistant DA and the juvenile investigator all skipped over the fact that there is no school rule prohibiting any element of Jared’s NRA T-shirt. Once he said he was exercising his First Amendment rights, and there was no other rule or restriction on his wearing that shirt, then anyone who attempted to use their official authority to deprive Jared of his rights was stepping into a big pile of doo-doo. Doing that is a federal offense. Look up “Deprivation of civil rights under the color of law or authority.” If Jared was not breaking any rule by wearing that shirt in school, then no one had the legal authority to order him to remove it. They can ask, but they cannot order him. No one can order you to surrender your civil rights.

      64. My husband left me due to some reasons on 19th of June 2010, I was such a bad girl on that day, I accept, I blamed my self a lot of times for that but I really love him enough that I felt like killing myself just after every thought of him, frustrated, devastated. I can say I was dead cause the experience was as much as that of hell… Just few days after that he throw me and the my kids and our stuffs out of the house and moved in with another woman his co worker at work.., I felt like killing myself. I’ve tried different spell casters and went to different temples to pray but all to no avail. My life was very bitter and sorrowful. Then one day, a very good friend of mine told me about a Doctor that is very good, I didn’t believe at first, cause I have tried a lot before but she shared her experience with me and cried, I felt for her too but mine was killing also. I remember she will always Whisper “Dr.Wala the door of all things”… She said anything and everything you bring to him is done!!! Immediately I didn’t know what came over me, there was this force in me I became so interested and we talked about it, she gave me more testimonies about her friend and said he gave him some lucky numbers that he played in a lottery and he won.. I contacted him and I gave him the necessary information. He only ask me to provides the items or i pay for the items that will be needed to cast the spell, So I asked for the contacts of this Dr.Wala , contacted him, I was surprised, he knew what I was going through like I told him and then he asked for some necessary requirements like pictures and the date you last saw and other stuffs and then he cast the spell immediately and behold the next 3 days which was on the 26th of July, 2010 I received a call and it was my darling husband Kelly. He apologized to me and the kids and came back to me. He even gave me a romantic gown and a diner with him alone, and was even begging me!!! Wow… That was my best yuletide season ever. I’m now a very a happy woman. My big thanks to Dr.Wala, I will forever be grateful to him. You can reach him on his email:[email protected] He can solve any problem. Try him today and you will also give a testimony like i did.

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