10 Stories From The Cold, Hard Streets Of America That Will Break Your Heart

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    This article has been generously contributed by Michael Snyder. You can follow his regular writings, research and analysis at The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream. Read his recent book The Beginning of the End to get an idea of what America may look like in the very near future.

    Depressed-Photo-by-Sander-van-der-Wel-300x300If the economy is really “getting better”, then why have millions upon millions of formerly middle class Americans been pushed to the point of utter despair?  The stories that you are about to read are absolutely heartbreaking.  I don’t know how anyone can read them without getting chills.  In America today, if you lose a good job, there is a good chance that you will get back on your feet before too long.  But there is also a good chance that you won’t be able to find a decent job and will plunge into the abyss of depression and desperation that so many millions of other Americans have fallen into.  As I wrote about earlier this month, the U.S. economy is definitely not getting any better.  For example, if you assume that the percentage of Americans that want to work is about at the long term average, then the official unemployment rate in the United States would be above 11 percent.  And compared to six years ago, 1,154,000 fewer Americans are working today even though our population has gotten significantly larger since then.  Behind all of these numbers are real flesh and blood people, and you are about to hear from some of them.  The following are 10 stories from the cold, hard streets of America that will break your heart…

    #1 A 34-year-old man named Rocco

    “While my wife goes to work, I’ve been staying at home to conserve fuel. I’ve been losing weight from eating less, so my family has more on their plates. It feels like the government and big business expect more and more while trying to give back as little as possible. Soon my internet connection will be shut off and since most companies don’t offer paper applications, how will I find work then? Walking around for miles a day, asking for an application that may or may not be available?”

    #2 Homeless people wasting away in “Obamavilles” on the outskirts of Baltimore, Maryland…

    A sheet of plastic laid over a clothesline. A mini-fortress of milk crates stacked under a tree. A thin mattress on a flimsy crate lying in a dark tunnel.

    On the edge of Baltimore’s woodlands, dozens of the city’s transients live in makeshift homes which they consider safer than homeless shelters.

    You can see some incredible photos of how these homeless people are living right here.

    #3 A 50-year-old woman in Pennsylvania named Karen

    “My husband only makes 10 dollars an hour and drives 30 miles round trip, so it’s taking all we have just to keep the Jeep filled with gas. We stopped going to church and all to save gas. We are homebodies now, afraid to use what gas we have. We save two kids from getting put in foster care just to be hit like this. It’s just a constant trap they try to keep you from receiving any help! I’m so disgusted when my 12-year-old asks me why we don’t have snacks anymore, or why are we eating so much rice, etc.”

    #4 The following is an excerpt from a comment that was recently left by one of my readers

    “I live right at ground zero. South West Virginia and let me tell you things are bad and getting worse by the day. We don’t do drugs but have family members hooked on meth and or pills or both. Many of these pills are prescribed by local doctors either Suboxone to get you off the opiates, a total joke by the way and tons of Xanax why would anyone need 120 Xanax a month how can you even be expected to function. These pills get traded for cash sex and other items, same goes for the SNAP cards. We have family members going to jail repeatedly for the same crimes making meth, selling pills and stealing anything that’s not nailed down. People who are 30 years old look like they are 55 years old. The jobs here are awful walmat, gas stations, fast food etc. Most of our whole county is on the government dole.”

    #5 A 55-year-old man from California named Randy Carpadus

    “I was working as a firefighter for the state of California and was laid off in April 2012, right at the beginning of fire season. At my age, I’m not going to be picked up by another fire department. They want younger guys.

    I’ve applied for everything from truck driver, to sales, to nonprofit work. I’ve sent out almost 400 resumes, and I’ve gotten nothing. I’ve done whatever I could to make ends meet.

    Through some connections, I got a temp job as a truck driver in Napa Valley — a 3-hour commute from where I live. I lived in my car and worked during grape harvest.”

    #6 In this tough economic environment, debt collectors are becoming even more aggressive.  Just check out the kind of harassment that one woman named Jennifer Posey has been put through…

    “This is Jimmy Lee calling from CheckCare. Just letting you know we’re in full force,” he said. The man had a thick Southern accent that stretched the word “you” into a two-syllable accusation. “We’re going to have warrants out for your arrest in Columbus, Ga.,” the man threatened. “We know you have an apartment on the canal in Clearwater.”

    It was when he mentioned her home in Florida that Posey began to feel anxious. “We’re hurting you,” he continued. “We’re hurting your family, your son’s family, your cousin’s family. Whatever we can do to get you to pay.”

    Forty minutes later, her phone rang again. “What about that 12-, 13-year-old child you’re trying to raise?” the voice sneered.

    #7 A 50-year-old woman from New York named Sharon Ritchie

    “I am constantly told I am ‘overqualified.’ I’ve also been told to dumb down my resume, but I can’t just erase 30 years of experience.

    You can only stand the word ‘no’ so many times. There are times that I cry at night wondering what happened, and at times I have thought about suicide.

    But, I keep on going, hoping the cycle will break.”

    #8 In response to my recent article about Appalachia, a reader named Rob shared the following…

    “I am from rural south central KY (Brodhead, Rockcastle County) and I can tell you that most of the things described above are exactly how it is here. There are so many people on drugs it’s crazy. First it was the meth, which was more of a problem back in 2002-2007, then the pain pills really started becoming a huge problem, OxyContin and perc 30’s (roxicet) obtained from Florida and Georgia doctors. The pain pills are something that you can’t just walk away from after doing them for a while; they cause people to steal from family, sell everything they own, and/or prostitute themselves in order to avoid opiate withdrawal.”

    #9 A 30-year-old man from California named Alejandro

    “I need to provide for my son who is diagnosed with autism and my baby girl. I’ve sold a bunch of my belongings to try and put food on the table, to buy clothes for my kids, to pay rent and utilities and to put gas in my vehicle to go job hunting. Not having money for necessities takes a toll on my mind. Depression has kicked in. It really takes a toll on one’s self-esteem and confidence to move forward.I’ve applied to countless amounts of jobs, only to not even get a call back. I’ve gone from construction site to construction site, only to be told they are not hiring. Finally, I got at least a positive call back from a company telling me they will call me to work in a couple of weeks. I am crossing my fingers and praying. There are millions of people in my situation or even worse.”

    #10 An excerpt from a heartbreaking letter that an unemployed woman named Paula Bray sent to Barack Obama…

    Dear Mr. President,

    I write to you today because I have nowhere else to turn. I lost my full time job in September 2012. I have only been able to find part-time employment — 16 hours each week at $12 per hour — but I don’t work that every week. For the month of December, my net pay was $365. My husband and I now live in an RV at a campground because of my job loss. Our monthly rent is $455 and that doesn’t include utilities. We were given this 27-ft. 1983 RV when I lost my job.

    This is America today. We have no running water; we use a hose to fill jugs. We have no shower but the campground does. We have a toilet but it only works when the sewer line doesn’t freeze — if it freezes, we use the campground’s restrooms. At night, in my bed, when it’s cold out, my blanket can freeze to the wall of the RV. We don’t have a stove or an oven, just a microwave, so regular-food cooking is out. Recently we found a small toaster oven on sale so we can bake a little now because eating only microwaved food just wasn’t working for us. We don’t have a refrigerator, just an icebox (a block of ice cost about $1.89). It keeps things relatively cold. If it’s freezing outside, we just put things on the picnic table.

    Sadly, this is just the beginning.

    The economic despair that we are witnessing right now is just a taste of the horrible economic nightmare that is going to unfold in the United States during the coming years.

    And already there are signs that things are starting to take another turn for the worse.  In recent months, we have seen a whole host of retail chains announce store closings.  In fact, one of my readers wrote to me the other day and told me about a home appliance chain known as “American TV” that is going out of business in the Midwest.  When these stores shut down, close to another 1000 Americans will soon be out of work

    “While this is a sad moment it is also a proud moment. It’s a moment to be proud of our efforts and to be proud of what we have delivered to the community”, said Doug Reuhl, President and CEO of American since 1988. “Words cannot adequately express how grateful we are to our millions of loyal customers, and to the incredible, dedicated family of employees that we have been blessed with over our 60 years of business”. Advanced notice of the business closing has been given to the 989 employees affected in eleven locations. Employees will be compensated, with benefits, through the notification period, and the majority will continue employment through the closing process.

    But if you listen to the mainstream media, you would think that happy days are here again for America.  Just check out some of the bizarre headlines that I have collected in recent weeks…

    CNBC: “Stop whining! The US economy is in good shape

    USA Today: “Economists: U.S. will see better growth in ’14

    Newsday: “Why the economy isn’t doomed

    Most Americans will buy into this propaganda and will never see the next major economic crisis coming until it is too late to do anything about it.

    So what do you think about all of this?

    Do you have a personal story to share?

    Please feel free to add to the discussion by leaving a comment below…

    Michael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years. Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream. If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his new book The Beginning of the End.


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      1. These are heartbreaking. The sad truth is that this is just a sample. There are many more families around the country that are struggling.

        • If these poor folks complain loudly enough,
          obama will gladly give them drinking water
          from the DHS riot water cannons.

          • Yo dude!!! Snowing again……

            Obama and his heffer moochell could give a shit about any of these people. Sad stories but the question is how did they live before? Lots of credit? Pissing away money on smokes and beer???

            • Adaptability is the key. I lost my mainstream job 5 years ago and never even attempted to apply for another. Instead, I grabbed what little money I had, moved 500 miles away into a remote rural area, rented a house, started homeschool, gardening, hunting, and as much self production as I could. I work odd jobs swinging a hammer in my small valley and my wife works part time. I went from $5,200/mnth expenses in the city to $900/mnth in rent and food and gas where I’m at. I love life and am far happier than before the move.

              I’ve also been able to stock up over the past 5 years with frugally purchased items for the collapse.

              Faith, perseveverance, and God’s grace can take you from despair and depression to living an exciting life again if you accept the theory of reinventing yourself and adapting to your new environment.

              • Damn commendable Sterling. Would you mind sharing how your going to handle the forced obamacare ? Thanks.

                  • Sterling,

                    Many people will find life far more enjoyable with fewer things to worry about.

                    Many will not be able to adapt, like that lady who was given a motor home, lives in a park for $455 a month plus utilities, yet doesn’t have the good sense to drive it to a good climate.

                    The less you have, the less you have to worry about. Many people will find that a blessing. Those who do not will find it means torment til death.

                • Mainly I just hope to ignore it until it goes away (it can only last as long as the FED inflates its fiat monopoly paper which will soon crash). I guard my diet and have handled nearly all of my own medical emergencies (bone setting/stitches) which haven’t been much for the past 20 years anyway. I have no across the board solution to propose for people in need of dire health care that depend heavily on the AMA and big pharma. My heart goes out to them but I don’t have an answer.

                • Calgacus,

                  Your plan for DemocratCare is a good one and should last for a while. Just let it quietly grenade and stay out from under it.

                  One tip for guys like you is this: the phrase “Self Payer” goes a long way to gut those expensive bills (some times 80% and more!) because the medical business knows they’ll just get the money and not a pile of assinine paperwork to do. It has opened many doors for my wife who is un-insured and prefers to stay that way.

              • Just out of curiosity where did your move take you to? Considering something similar from Boston area. Curious where 500 miles from a major city brings you.

                • My new location is in the Northwest only about 280 miles from a large metropolitan area, and about 500 from the one I moved from.

                • Time,Mass. was my home state,couple 100 miles up in hills of N.H. now,a worthy move decision.

                  • Nh is my preference as well, given our family is in the area. Also have some friends in the free state project, Trying to find a happy medium of commutable to Boston to stay in the rat race a while longer, have friends in Pelham who commute down. Thanks for the advice.

              • Sterling, I think you have the right idea. It seems like we become slaves to a lifestyle. The image of the lifestyle is put in our heads by the same businesses that want us to go into debt to them. And the more we earn, they more the government takes, as well. All we have to show for it is more crap.

                Thinking seriously about buying a truck and an RV and at least having the option to sell the house and everything in it and go. Let someone else pay the maintenance and the taxes.

            • Do I have a story to tell? Darn right… I was living in my truck for 2 years, only recently found a place, when I just left my car behind, and moved to another city. The car wouldn’t start anyhow, just barely goes and I couldn’t afford to have it towed.

              In addition to the above, I lost a couple family members, both pets, my apartment and job during this period… really rough! Now, I’ve moved to a different town, where they have affordable housing, but its a God forsaken town, seems like, where almost everybody is depressed, down looking. (The former town was a cheerful place but the rent was skyrocketing).

              Not sure what to do next… God give me strength! Really tough without a car! Jobs are extremely scarce here.

              • BEFORE all this, I was VERY, VERY HAPPY! My life was going really well, had gone back to college to get a degree– everyone in my family was doing well!

                So before anyone makes callous, derogatory remarks, just remember: this can also happen to you! You never know when the rug will pulled out from under you.

                • All I’d have said to “Jimmy Lee calling from CheckCare” is…


                • This is the main thing, people have a hard time adapting due to their normalcy bias. Another problem is the high percentage of singles today without family support.

                  People downsize a little bit at a time instead of a revolutionary reset, and the general decline takes them down bit by bit (like the economy) until they have no resources to fall back on. Had they re-invented themselves to survive at the first sign of Change, they would be a bit better off.

                  I ran into a guy (engineer) reading a textbook and doing quadratic equations at a Micky D’s who was living in his car; a father and son from Indiana living out of their car, a couple of chicks in an RV, etc, etc. Also talked to a guy from Indiana who was working delivering vehicles cross country with a Ph’d. Go figure.

                  Relocation is a good idea for many. I relocated at an early age knowing I wanted a different life than working in the steel mills of the Midwest when there were good jobs there. Change can be good because every location has its own vibration or atmosphere. Sunshine helps.

                  I do not know how some of these people survive in the frigid temperatures in the East. If I lived there I would move to Florida. While you can be just as hungry in Florida as in, say, Philadelphia, you are not likely to freeze to death in Miami.

                  MOVE!!! 🙂

                  • Durango Kidd: By strategic design, I moved to a heavy snow fall area. I figured that if I got set up in a harsh environment, it would be unattractive to the hoards and masses of looters and rioters. If you don’t have a homestead already out here, its to harsh to survive. I do co-op a large greenhouse and right now, while snow is on the ground, it is filled with greens and some vegetables. I plan to defend what I have and have family headed my way at the earliest onset of a major event.

                • I want to make it clear to all looking for work. Go where the jobs are. West Texas, Southeast NM, North Dakota, I am not a college graduate, just a hard working, God fearing patriotic American. For over 35 years I have made over six figures a year working in the oil industry. It stuns me with all the oil field companies begging for employees that anyone with intestinal fortitude to work and make a good living would not move themselves and their families where the best paying jobs are? You gotta do what you gotta do!,,,

                  • Just be sure to leave all your liberal BS behind, before you move to Texas. Cheers!

              • I too live in West Virginia like some in the article, but moved away from the pillbillies years ago to a small city with below average unemployment. We have a great bus system. For $30 a month it goes a lot of places including several rural areas. A free meal is available twice a day through different charities no questions ask. There is also an excellent charity that will let anyone fill a bag with food and if you get a job or put together a resume (with their help) they will even give you dress clothes or other work clothes.

                Those who cannot afford a cell phone can get a free phone number on Google voice to give potential employers. Internet is free at the local library and I’m currently using free wifi courtesy of the local park authority.

                Not the American dream for sure, but I’ve seen homeless people come here with nothing and live at the shelter until they got a part-time minimum-wage job. Spoke to a Hardees manager the other day who is begging for people willing to work. Working only twenty hours a week part-time they can share a mobile home in a nice park, pay their utilities, and have transportation.

                In another time and place I didn’t know where our next meal was coming from. When I finally got a job I walked an hour to the bus transfer station in the morning, took a bus to the train, rode that to another bus. The commute was 2 1/2 hours each way. While some times are harder than others, the ability to adapt and overcome makes the difference.

            • I don’t smoke! I abhor beer and other similar crap– extremely particular what I eat– haven’t had candy for several years. I’m a perfectionist– I abhor TV. I pray morning and night… and YES, I’m poor. So your little narrow vision–trying to categorize people is ridiculous.

          • The ignorant masses don’t know the damage they self-inflict by supporting the central banking cartel until they find themselves stripped of all their wealth and way of life. I’ll bet that most of those revolting in Kiev thought Ruskie communism was a great idea so long as they were coddled from cradle to grave by the MotherLand.

            But as always in communism, with little to no private sector to create wealth, resources will run dry and the evils of central planning will cannibalize on itself creating protests, riots, finger-pointing and violence. Most of the time the victims are too ignorant to realize that they sold themselves out with the promise of an “easy” road. And under the new re-construction of the old paradigm, they install the same type of system.

            For the Ukraine to run from communism on the right only to embrace European socialism on the left is an act of diminishing returns. Sadly, Americans are finding themselves in this same situation.

          • And of course the lamestearm Media paints a rosy picture as if all is well. I tell you, when it all goes down i hope I can get my hands around the neck of some of these bastards to throttle them.

            • A. Don’t strangle, It’s bad for you nails. Hang them. B. Hung they make a much more impressive display.
              C. If you don’t damage the pelts, stuffed they will make a much more impressive display in the Smithsonian.
              Remember education, “It’s for the Children”

              • Follow the money’s flow into your community. The top needs minions at the bottom to do all their shit work.

                They are fucking you just as hard as those at the top.

        • I feel so fortunate that I have been blessed with a good trade. There may not be a lot of work here, but I always can get great pay if I decide to travel. I always keep a traveling fund stored in cash and when things get to “that point” I load the van and away I go. Thank God I have a trade that cant be outsourced.

          • I too have a blue collar skill but most of the work that we use to do was shipped off to china, I work in manufacturing, Tool design engineer, Tool and Die maker, machinist, fabricator and self employed. My business is a business to business base operation, over the past 6 years I’ve seen had one customer after another go out of business. The ones that have staying in business are in the medical or defense industry. I do a lot of prototyping but I rarely get any worth wild production. That work goes offshore.

            I’ve been building a blacksmith forge and plan on selling product and services person to person. I don’t know if it will pay for itself but I have to try, I have to have options. I don’t want to sit around and feel helpless if I lose any more customers. I’d rather hammer a railroad spike into a knife and sell it than wait on a government handout that will lead to nothing but more dependancy. Besides, there’s something that therapeutic about pounding the snot out of a piece of red hot steel.

            My wife lost her job as the Director of Medical Records at an adult care facility, the company she was working for has been down waging, consolidating positions, eliminating benefits and cutting hours. My wife has been having a tough time finding work that’s not a job that was once the domain of teenagers. Her job loss probably has added years to her life, her stress level is way down, she’s lost a lot of weight and she’s been volunteering at a local horse stable a couple days a week. She’s doing something that she loves to do and she’s networking and building contacts.

            • Great idea with the forge Rick,as have mentioned before watched a katana being built start to finish years back by a master sword smith(is that the right word?)visiting from Japan.I would say with your background you could make a decent days pay rebuilding/fixing wood burning stoves no matter what the epa has in mind!

            • Rick…you are the United States of America.

              Lots of us like you, with the same plan out here.

              They will not be able to break us.

              “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

              ps…can’t wait for the first “fishin story”…over 40” of snow here in the last week…most of our fish here in the Rockies will most-likely end up in the ocean when spring runoff begins.

        • Many families are struggling, trying to provide for their families. Many have seen layoffs, reduced hours, higher insurance premiums, and/or smaller paychecks. Higher prices for food and supplies make this even more difficult.

          This website includes a number of useful articles about living in hard times. Take a look.


          He has suggestions on purchasing and adding food storage on a very limited budget. (There is also a section on simple recipes.) At the top of the page, click on Hard Times Survival.

          Modify the suggested food list to foods your family like to eat. Remember to ‘store what you eat and eat what you store’.

          An Affordable One-Year Emergency Food Supply (2,000 calories per day for $801)

          A Really Cheap One-Year Emergency Food Supply (1,800 calories per day for $494)

          (All costs, package sizes, and nutritional data in the following table were obtained on January 1, 2014.)

          • re: grandpappy, nice site! thanks 🙂

            • Speaking of recipes, I just had to share this one I stumbled upon—

              Makes 64 marshmallows

              Vegetable oil for brushing pan
              About 1 cup confectioners’ sugar for coating pan and marshmallows
              3 (1/4-ounce) envelopes powdered unflavored gelatin
              1 1/2 cups granulated sugar
              1 cup light corn syrup
              1/4 teaspoon salt
              2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract

              Special equipment: Pastry brush; 1 (9-inch) square baking pan; small, fine-mesh sieve; 4 1/2-quart or larger stand mixer fitted with the whisk attachment; candy thermometer

              Brush the bottom and sides of a 9-inch square baking pan with vegetable oil. Using a small, fine-mesh sieve, dust the pan generously with confectioners’ sugar, knocking out any excess.

              Put 1/2 cup water in the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the whisk attachment. Sprinkle the gelatin into the bowl and stir briefly to make sure all the gelatin is in contact with water. Let soften while you make the sugar syrup.

              In a heavy 3- to 4-quart saucepan, combine the granulated sugar, corn syrup, salt, and 1/2 cup water. Place over moderate heat and bring to a boil, stirring until the sugar is dissolved. Put a candy thermometer into the boiling sugar syrup and continue boiling (the mixture may foam up, so turn the heat down slightly if necessary), without stirring, until the thermometer registers 240°F (soft-ball stage). Remove the saucepan from the heat and let stand briefly until the bubbles dissipate slightly.

              With the mixer on low speed, pour the hot sugar syrup into the softened gelatin in a thin stream down the side of the bowl. Gradually increase the mixer speed to high and beat until the marshmallow is very thick and forms a thick ribbon when the whisk is lifted, about 5 minutes. Beat in the vanilla.

              Scrape the marshmallow into the prepared pan (it will be very sticky) and use wet fingertips to spread it evenly and smooth the top. Let stand, uncovered at room temperature, until the surface is no longer sticky and you can gently pull the marshmallow away from the sides of the pan with your fingertips, at least 4 hours or overnight.

              Dust a cutting board with confectioners’ sugar. Use a rubber spatula to pull the sides of the marshmallow from the edge of the pan (use the spatula to loosen the marshmallow from the bottom of the pan if necessary) and invert onto the cutting board. Dust the top with confectioners’ sugar. Brush a long thin knife or a chef’s knife with vegetable oil and dust with confectioners’ sugar to prevent sticking; continue dusting the knife as necessary. Cut lengthwise into 8 strips, then crosswise into eighths, to form a total of 64 squares. (For larger marshmallows, cut lengthwise into 6 strips, then crosswise into sixths, to form a total of 36 squares.) Coat marshmallows, one at a time, in confectioners’ sugar, using a pastry brush to brush off any excess. DO AHEAD: Marshmallows can be stored, layered between sheets of wax paper or parchment in an airtight container in a dry place at cool room temperature, for 1 month.

          • Thank you for this.

            Seeing foreign corporations who own practically all the grocers in america constantly decrease volumes yet maintain same price (i.e. increase cost per unit) sickens me.

            If all of us practiced what is in the articles, if but for 25% of the year, Food Inc. would get a clear and concise message…..


        • What really makes me sick is seeing Obama golfing while California farmers suffer a drought and his pig wife wears gazillion dollar dresses for another democrat fundraiser that they don’t need…all the while they chow down on top notch cuisine while Americans starve. Fuck them and I hope they all go to hell!

          • Npgh, I’m right there with you. I’m fortunate to still have a decent-paying, full-time job with benefits. I’m also sick seeing the elitists living it up while average Americans suffer. It burns me even more when I see people from “minority groups” with EBT cards, living on welfare, driving vehicles like Cadillac Escalades, BMWs, Mercedes, Chrysler 300s, etc. paid for with OUR TAX DOLLARS, YOURS AND MINE. And there are white people out here living in despair and CAN’T GET ANYTHING BECAUSE THEY’RE WHITE; BECAUSE THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SHOWS FAVORITISM TO MINORITY GROUPS. That’s white people’s tax money at work! OK, red-thumb me. I’m not afraid to speak the truth.

          • Money saving tip…

            Homemade laundry soap – $28 … A YEAR, based on 6 loads of laundry a week.

            It cleans the clothes well, does not cost a lot of money, and lasts a long time.

            1 (4 lb. 12 oz.) Box of Borax
            1 (3 lb. 7 oz.) Box of Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda
            1 (3 lb.) Container of OxyClean – (optional but recommended)
            2 (14.1 oz.) Bars of Zote or Fels Naptha Soap – Found in the detergent aisle (I use the pink Zote.)
            1 (4 lb.) Box of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda – (*Use any baking soda currently in the kitchen first. Buy new to replace your supply.) 2lb. box = 3 cups

            1-2 (55 oz.) Bottle of Purex Crystals Fabric Softener – Found in the detergent aisle (This is 100% optional, but it makes the laundry smell good the towels nice and soft.)

            The hardest, most time consuming part is grating the Zote soap. Use a hand grater (fine side) or a food processor on the Zote soap. The soap dissolves just fine, even in cold water.

            Mix everything together in a 5 gallon plastic bucket. After mixing, keep the bucket covered with the lid. (5 gallon buckets & lids are sold in the paint section at Walmart, Lowes, etc.)

            I use only 1 or 2 teaspoons per laundry load. If you have a HE washer (as I do), just add the laundry soap directly in the washer barrel. (This is a low sudsing formula, but gets the clothes clean.)

            If you opted to put the Purex Crystals in your batch, save the container. You can scoop some detergent right into your bottle and use the cap as your measuring spoon. There are 3 lines on the side and the middle one is approximately 2 tablespoons.

            (Our local Walmart had all of the supplies, except Zote. So, we ordered that online.)

            Note: Zote has long been a laundry staple in many households in Mexico. Zote soap is made with coconut oil and tallow and is scented with citronella oil.
            The citronella oil makes it also useful as a mosquito repellent. If you are working outside (garden, etc.), that is a nice bonus.

              • Mom,so far have never had much luck with the home made laundry soaps but willing to try again,feel the only cleaning was the water/agitation for most part.

              • dang! now ya’ll trying to take my job, lol I work at a detergent factory in KY hehe

            • I don’t eve use OxyClean in mine.

            • Our Walmart does not carry Borax; I even checked in Bowling Green–no luck.. I go to Kroger’s.

              • JayJay,

                I believe you had mentioned a while back that Zote was sold locally in some stores.

                If so, what stores sell it?

                • rural king in ky has all the ingredients they actually advertise the combination for home made soap

            • My husband has used Zote for catfish bait with great success, too.

            • I just showed the wife this and we are going to get the ingredients when our detergent gets low. This is going to save us huge!

            • I also use Zote to wash my dishes…When on a missions trip to Honduras, I noticed the women there all use it for baths, laundry and dishes! I put it in a Hillshire Farms deli meat container..it fits down in there perfect…just cut a small hole in the bottom of one side so it can drain..I use a sponge with the green scrubber side and I swipe it over the bar each time I wash a dish…it cuts the grease, cleans the dish and costs me about a dollar every 4-6 weeks…I wash my dishes by hand and it lasts that long…sure beats Dawn @ 2.48 for a little bottle that lasts a couple of weeks. We have stockpiled it for total use once the SHTF. it’s 97 cents on the laundry aisle in Walmart.

            • Ky Mom, I have been using homemade laundry det. for over a year now, but instead of the bar of Zote I use a 4 oz bar o ivory, cut it into pieces and microwave for 90 seconds, it puffs up into a giant marshmallow, put this into a food processor and your done. I also make my own dish washing det. Great stuff!

            • go to any worksite, ask a painter for an empty five gallon bucket, he’ll gladly give you one or two.

              • I hit the motherlode a couple years ago: I work for a school corp and they get pickles and other things in 5 gal buckets. If you don’t mind smelling a little “pickley” most schools have 5 gal buckets. I happened to know the people at the main food services place. They said they’d love to have a place to get rid of the buckets. I took several trunk loads home.

                If you leave them set out in the sun/rain/wind for a few weeks in the summer the pickle smelll mostly disapears.

            • We do a lot of wash with two businesses that require use of a washer. One product must have hot water. Some days we run 4 full loads and 4 or more rinses.

              We buy 150 oz liquid detergent and use 1 to 1 1/2 Tbs/per load, which is plenty. If more is used, sometimes there are suds left after rinsing. We purposely have a traditional top loader (spent the time online looking and then got our local dealer to order it for us, meaning we have access to local maintenance and they honor our warranty, which is important if you hack the latch) that can be stopped and the dial advanced to where we need it to be. Saves electricity by reducing time in operation and saves water which is lifted from the well by electricity. Also saves fuel to heat that water. I removed the magnetic door latch (2 screws) and attached it to the receptor plate w/Gorilla Tape, which lasts for months. The one before this one had a wired latch. Shorting it did the trick. Bypassing the latch allows you to regulate the cycle, add stuff and check on the progress of the load, if necessary. You Tube has lots of tutorials for different brands. Latches can be hacked. Locks, however, are usually integral to the electronics on the new machines and cannot be hacked without risking the operating lifespan of the machine.

              The 150 oz liquid detergent is $7-$8 on sale and could be less, but we use the FREE versions, which are always more expensive. If you can tolerate the scents and additives, 150 oz can be found for $6. 1 bottle lasts 5-6 months, depending on how much work we have. So, we are spending LESS than $28/year on store bought liquid detergent.

              We wash and reuse foil and plastic bags. Even the smaller amounts of leftovers can be frozen and then added to a soup. What can’t be used for another meal usually feeds the dogs.

              Now, all that said, saving pennies does not equal income, does not pay the taxes and, especially this winter, does not pay the fuel bills. I cannot count the number of clients who tell me they cannot retire. People are hurting and hurting bad, everywhere. We are just doing “ok” and have become so frugal, pennies squeak around here. Income is paramount. More money must come in each month than goes out. Period.

              Our best alternative heating has come from the Coleman Indoor Propane heaters. These are radiant, no blower, no electricity. Even at the higher prices, a Blue Rino tank, which holds about 15 gallons, is $20. For $25, you can buy an adapter that allow you to refill the 1# canisters for the heater from the larger tank. The refill is around $1.30 per canister, good for 5-8 hours on low. New, the same canister used to be $5 and is now over $6. One heater with one canister keeps a 12’x18′ room comfortable where there is no central heat or wood stove.

              As for the EPA, heard on local AM radio today that several states have brought suit against the EPA over the wood stove proposals and individuals are joining them in a class action suit.

              We have so far been fortunate, or, at least, not that unfortunate, but we still worry.

              • Blue 2,could you give a brand name on the adaptor to fill small cylinders,have been looking locally and not seen one,thanks.

                • Don’t have a brand name but Harbor Freight, Northern Tool, Camping World ?, and I think Wally World all carry the propane adapter. If you can’t find one, you can make one. Go to Lowes, Home Depot, or other hardware store, go to brass isle, buy the two ends for the propane tank and the small bottle, one nipple, and yellow teflon tape ( for gas ). Screw it all together. Screw little bottle onto big bottle, turn upside down, open valve, wait till no more filling noise, close valve, turn back right side up, screw little bottle off, ready to use.

                  • Thanx fish,perhaps I am looking for the wrong item,been to a few big box stores,if no success yet again will get to making a unit.

            • We double up on the Washing Soda instead of using Borax.
              We also make our own dishwashing detergent for the dishwasher…our dish soap is Dr. Bronners Sal Suds.

              We have a standard septic system. I clean our filter once a year and there isn’t shit on it…haha. More of a check up.

              Before, I cleaned it at least twice and had to have the tank pumped every 2…putting corpco’s chemical bs into your septic or your city sewer is contaminating our groundwater, streams and rivers.

              The earth loves you if you love it.

            • I use 3 bars fels naphtha, borax and wash soda. I make the liquid version and the ingredients I just listed makes enough for 3 years in an He washer. Skip the rest, oxy clean for whites only, vinegar for fabric softener.

          • “Fuck them and I hope they all go to hell!”

            …They should avoid the rush and GO NOW!

        • American TV is out of Madison Wisconsin. I used to work there when I was in college. Great people and great ownership. When I was there, Len Mattioli was the owner (crazy TV Lenny). You got a free bicycle if you bought a TV, appliances or furniture. Doug Reuhl CEO? I think his Dad George was my boss but they only had one store back then and I knew Lenny too.

          I’m glad to hear that they grew so much. They deserved it. I live in Colorado now but noticed recently that 5 JC Penney stores are closing, many Sears stores and Kmarts also. I hope the last one to leave remembers to turn out the lights.

          PS – I told a friend from Michigan about this last week and all he said was – Michigan is dead.


          • rural hospitals, esp critical access, are being closed at an alarming rate. georgia has had four closed in the past year. if someone has time to check each state and compile the list it would prob be shocking, but not surprising. then factor in the hospitals that arent getting their govt reimbursements (one in houston didnt make payroll for dec/jan). that’s a lot of lost jobs.

            now add today’s story that hagal want rif of the army by 50k, and grounding warthogs. i think shafowstats est of unemployment of 23% is only going higher…

            • Alot of the hospitals in Baja Del Norte (California) are being ruined by the influx of illegal immigrants. Employed gringos pay for it! Sniffles? Go to the ER. Cut finger? Go to the ER. Cough? Go to the ER. And they are very aggressive in getting quick attention.

              And universities have dental students more than willing to provide free dental care to newly arrived immigrants!
              No hablo Ingles!!!!

              Learn Spanish/Chinese/Arabic/Farsi/Vietnamese, you imperialist gringos!

              And it costs alot to treat diphtheria, whooping cough, bedbugs, hepatitis, MRSA and tuberculosis (nothing to do with illegal immigrants, right?).

              Cannot turn anyone away based on their (in)ability to pay or their citizenship status. Welcome to the new AMERIKA. Elderly veterans and citizens be damned.

        • These stories are sad and many are true. Growing up I never had “Snacks”. We had oatmeal for breakfast, PBJ and a piece of fruit for lunch, and crock pot whatever for dinner. I had a single mom and four of us and she kept a roof over our heads. She was offered helped but refused to take the hand out. Where I live the unemployment rate is high yet all of my friends who have lost their jobs have found new ones. Not as great as what they had but they earn a check. If we got rid of the massive regulations, taxes, and greedy unions that make it next to impossible to run a business in this country maybe all this would change. I have friends who have closed their businesses due to these facts…. They could no longer operate and stay in business. Prep for the future, be dept free, and don’t try … DO!! PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS,….. and help the ones who need it (as long as they are willing to help themselves….. “don’t give pearls to swine”….)

          • By the way my MOM raised us during the Carter years… Just as hard then as it is now… with no cell phones or internet….

          • Man on the inside, been thinking about past times when there were stores in every small community. Those stores were run by the people living there, not some Pakistani or illegal fresh over the border.
            Fifty years ago or so, gas stations were full service w/ the repair bay and the owners lived above the station. Gone now.
            Fifty years ago or so neighborhood bars and liquor stores were scattered here or there. Theyre gone now.
            About 50 years ago small grocery stores gave a man enough wages to get by. Theyre gone now.
            Weve all seen these small businesses get destroyed by the box stores and govt agencies making regulation demands everywhere.
            Used to be you could put up a detached garage out back in a few weekends. Now its got to be just right, inspected, up to code, this far away from the neighbors fence line.
            Weve been destroyed from within. It aint just the bankers killin us.

            I wonder how many of the people in this article could work for themselves if the govt didnt regulate everything so much and the big box stores went belly up. We are so controled.

            • Felling ya but where I live we have many MOM and POPS. And many of the “foriegn” folks lived on the bone, scrimped to make there businesses succsesfull. ( My uncle, now a multi millionair, did the same thing). Life is hard I know I live it but you just have to be harder and the folks that come to this site for the most part are harder and will make it …. most are John Wayne tough with grit. Most folks here will give up cable for better prep and for the love of there families… ( besides there is nothing on cable anyway). PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FOM TEAMS.

              • I have a big screen TV that was given to me. I don’t even plug it in, but it makes a great sicky-note bulletin board…

            • I agree with posters as far as over board rules/regulations/taxes.I am a carpenter with state builder license,in my home state they want a permit for everything.A perfect example is replacing a entry door with one of same size,no change in framing ect.,the only inspection is literally a drive by if that!Needless to say a lot of jobs do not get permitted these days!The underground economy and barter do see growing,know a lot of folks who work under the table,not getting rich and having a flashy lifestyle that attracts govt. but it gets them by,see this trend growing.

              • I was fortunate enough to learn from an old-time glazier…you know, from a time when windows had several panes, and a little character. I added that to my stained glass work, and glass-blowing experience. If it’s made of glass, I’ve got it covered.

            • The most important thing is to take care of your health– don’t depend on doctors… do the right thing, eat healthy foods and exercise… you never know when SHTF and you need to be fit.

              • Anonymous, AMEN to trying to be healthy. I just gave up smoking in Dec. I’ve already been through the worst of the withdrawal symptoms COLD TURKEY and I’m feeling better for it. Better to do so now than in any post-SHTF scenario. I quit drinking alcohol in 1982 and have never done any kind of illicit drugs, period! I feel good for 56 and I’ll be 57 next month. Quitting smoking was one of the best things I ever did for myself.

                • Good job BH! Keep it up! After a year( I think it is) your lungs will clean themselves to the point that they will look like you have never smoked! I know it’s hard, but keep it up…

        • At a party yesterday at a friends house in a very affluent area of N. California. These people are well off. The number one topic other than the reason we were gathered was how bad things are. politically and economically.

          One of the people there does work with non – American stock markets. This morning he sent me a long email with facts and figures from around the world. I work in and around this stuff and it was pretty much to heavy for me. The one big thing that stuck out was that Europe is on the brink of a total financial depression. But he felt that it would not impact us or we would be seeing PM’s skyrocketing. Here is my response to him:

          WOW. I don’t know what to think other than to go with my gut feeling that a total collapse is in the making. We, as of today, the USA are cutting our military to the lowest levels since before WW2? To save entitlements? WTF???? Deutche Bank is reducing it’s presence in the U.S. by 25% because of economic concerns regarding the Fed and the U.S. economy??? WTF??? How would be anybody know if they reduced by 25% or 75%? This is just todays news. Let’s see as of today there is a full blown crises, revolution actually, going on in the Ukraine – Venezuela – Thailand and God only know what other countries that we are not being told about. Again I just have a gut feeling that a SHTF scenario is very close.


          • Howdy, BigB. I feel something is coming also and I don’t like the way things are shaping up out there.

          • I would love to see his response, if you are able to post it.

          • Big B: Deutsche Bank is retreating due to its own critical financial condition, over exposure to derivatives, and it is facing investigations for libor fraud, currency rigging, and gold price manipulation: not due to US economic problems.

            These investigations will never see the light of day as that bank IS the backbone of the EU, so they will have their hand slapped in private, investigations will be swept under the rug, and it will get new management while it consolidates its resources.

            I have said several times previously, that any “global financial collapse” would have to start in Europe. $15 billion dollars is a lot of money for Russia to lend to Ukraine, but it is peanuts for Europe if war there can be avoided.

            And I think so, for now. 🙂

          • Never forget that pension plans and 401Ks are stuffed with trillions of $$. Hungary and Ireland are now controlling and investing private pensions.

            And the OBAMMUNIST wants to eliminate the so called retirement INEQUITIES with the MYRA! What percentage of our retirement savings will be redirected (CONFISCATED)? The tax deductions for 401K contributions might disappear real soon. I wonder if some of those trillions in the IRA and 401K accounts will be spread around to the Hedge Fund crooks and the urban entitlement clowns that did not save, and for the illiterate illegals on EBT and welfare.

            If we like our retirement plans we can keep our retirement plans!

        • For those of us that still have a income, dont forget to buy soups and deerburger helper, then bring it to the food bank and senior center. Do not give to the red cross or other large orgs. that have paid employees. why pay for a middleman.

          • In Montana now, it is legal to gather up road-kill and have it processed and give it to the food banks. Also, lots of hunters give the food banks game.

            • War, they should come to Tasmania. I run over wallabies every day on the way to work, 4 this morning, each big enough to get two decent roasts off of. Each roast would feed a family of 4 for at least two meals. The idea of eating roadkill down here would have them puking in the supermarkets.

              I leave them on the side of the road for the other wildlife. Saw a Devil yesterday, biggest I have ever seen. Most times the road is clean by the next morning.

              As for getting fit, I quit my sales rep job and went working for a neighbouring dairy farmer. The shit I deal with now is real, and washes off easy. The hours are better, and all paid, and the commute to work is 9 minutes.

              I sleep better, still snore, eat less, my joints have stoppped aching, and there are benefits in the bedroom. Fitness is a wonderful thing.

              The economy down here is on the skids, manufacturing is winding down and moving to asia, and the big firms are getting bigger at the expense of everyone else.

              We are headed for one big war, and the only real question is who will start it and who will be on which side. It is no longer obvious.

              I had an interesting conversation with a man from the Attorney Generals office a few days ago. His role is putting together policies around security clearance. he mentioned the hardest task was how to deal with someone who gets clearance and then goes rogue, like Snowdon.
              I suggested that the source of that risk was not so much the cleared person as the information they were dealing with, and that if what they were doing was morally defensible the risk of someone going rogue was considerably less. He thought for a minute, smiled and said, you are right, and we do not consider that

              Kiss your kids and make love to your wife. Tomorrow might be the day. If not, rinse and repeat.

            • If you get caught poaching, part of the fine is to pay for the processing and it is given to the food banks. The deer I hit with my Subaru 2 weeks ago,(9400$ damage) was picked up within 10 minutes by a passerby, who stopped to help, then asked for it.

        • By the way the potus supports a Fed chairman who bails out banks and big corps and then he cuts food stamps and unemployment benefits, he should change his name to Barack Hoover Obama!!

      2. Seems most all of us are struggling, even with a full time job…

        • @ Eppe…Our customers are not paying us. We usually have a hard time this time of year because of taxes due April 15th but this year is becoming especially hard to get them to pay. Something is in the air and everyone knows it but nobody will talk about it. I can’t pay my payroll taxes and that sucks because all the penalties and interest add up to more that I cannot pay. But…we are still working….though I don’t know why. It makes me sick when I see where our taxes go.

          • Npgh:

            I have friends who are vets with a small private practice. Business is very slow. Clients pay w/credit cards. Doc is taking 1/6 his usual salary. Heating/electricity is outrageous. Savings pay the bills. No employees. Same for us. We do it all. I cannot afford employees salary and taxes.

            Had to go to the dentist a few weeks ago for a broken crown. Another one man show. No one else was waiting before or after I came in. The receptionist was calling another client and telling them that since my appointment didn’t take as long, she could come in earlier. Been going to this doc for 40 years and it used to be really busy, all the time. It was just as slow the last time I was in.

            Everyone feels what’s in the air. We only speak frankly with those who are “one of us”. There is a lot of distrust out there.

          • i’m getting calls from bill collectors over bills that I have not received yet.

            also my automatic electronic payments (that are a set date every month) are now being deducted up to 4 days early.

            • Hehehe, you didn’t sign up for Obamacare, did you?

      3. The land of milk and honey has become vinegar and high fructose corn syrup.

        • Off topic…

          Court Rules Off-The-Grid Living Is Illegal

          “Special Magistrate Harold S. Eskin ruled that the city’s codes allow Robin Speronis to live without utility power but she is still required to hook her home to the city’s water system.”

          “…Speronis has been fighting the city of Cape Coral since November when a code enforcement officer tried to evict her from her home for living without utilities.

          The city contends that Speronis violated the International Property Maintenance Code by relying on rain water instead of the city water system and solar panels instead of the electric grid.

          “She must hook up to the water system, although officials acknowledge she does not have to USE it.”

          Magistrate Admits Code is Unreasonable
          “Reasonableness and code requirements don’t always go hand-in-hand … given societal and technical changes (that) requires review of code ordinances,” Eskin was quoted as saying.

          Eskin’s remarks indicate that he views the code as both obsolete and unreasonable and in need of change. Yet he felt he had to enforce it.”

          “Speronis disconnected all the utilities from her modest home in Cape Coral for an experiment in off-the-grid living some time ago. City officials ignored her activities until she went public and discussed them with Liza Fernandez, a reporter for a local TV station. A code enforcement officer designated Speronis’s home as uninhabitable and gave her an eviction notice a day after the piece aired.”

          “The International Property Maintenance Code is used in communities throughout the United States and Canada. The code states that properties are unsafe to live in if they do not have electricity and running water.

          Speronis has electricity and water. She gets running water by collecting rainwater and electricity from solar panels.”

          Off the Grid News

            • Two morals in this story:

              A) Stay *OUT* of the city!

              B) Keep your damned mouth shut!

              …any questions?

          • So….what would happen if Speronis were to get hooked up just like the city wants but then:
            1) let the city disconnect her when she does not pay the
            utility bills?
            2) Or asks to be disconnect/shut off, as she does not
            need the cities water or power.

            Just wondering.

            • My neighbors house was condemned because their electricity was turned off for non-payment. They were allowed to be there during the day, but not at night. The city would have let it slide, but their other neighbor hates them so complained so the law had to be enforced.

              I saw a news video of her story when it first came out. Her solar shower was draining directly into the tub then into the city sewer so she was guilty of theft of services.

              • Pastor,I would really give the neighbors reasons to hate me if they sold me out!

                • Warchild, Revenge is not ours to extract. I have this on good authority. But, in reality, if they set in motion the rules of play, who are you to question those rules? You didn’t ask for the rules to be set like that, so, oblige them by playing by the rules they set forth. If you are supposed to call code enforcement on your neighbor, who are you to say that is wrong? Time to play by their rules. Most people really hate it when that happens, but, hey, they set the rules and you just played by them. Not revenge. Just fair play.

          • Note to self: don’t use Cape Coral for redoubt location.

          • Her mistake was showing off on TV.

            Utilities are owned by the corp elite. They cannot have whole communities and cities doing what this lady has done. It breaks the dependency cycle that keeps us under their boot.

            She’s lucky all they’ve done is evict given how dangerous a concept she communicated to the public. the idea of freedom from our masters cannot be allowed to proliferate and go unpunished. An example has to be made of any miscreants. The elite parasites depend upon the people. If the people wise up they are stuffed.

            • Absolutely correct lonelonemum. She should’ve just maintained her OPSEC and kept it buttoned.

              • Yep! She turned OPSEC into SloppSEC and it turned right around and bit her.

                Who knows how long she could have gone untouched without the media exposure.

                She actually did more damage that harm. She re-inforced the normalcy bias and the head wagging sheep. Now they have been carrotted/sticked and see what happens when they don’t follow the rules so, again, can’t do that and anyone that does gets reported.

      4. I was laid off last October and was able to pick up a job at half of what I was making. My friend who lives in the Microsoft mega complex area has applied for over 300 jobs in the past 6 months and has received no opportunities. He and his family is living off investments he had made when times were good. I have had some really good interviews recently but after working my way up to Director level, I’ve received no further contacts. Apparently they are inundated with TOP Tier talent these days so they can pick someone who will work for much less.

        • Scott, notice any Hindus in the halls?

      5. We’ve only just begun. This snowball is going to get a lot bigger with no end in sight. God help us all. I’ve been dropped down to 3 days a week (for pay)…cannot cram a week’s worth of work into 3 days….having to do a lot of my paperwork and data entry on my new “days off” in order to keep the 3 day a week job…at 54, nobody is gonna break down my door to hire me, so I gotta do what I can to keep the quality of my work…hope they don’t think I’m doing such good job at 3 days they drop me back to 2!

        • My sil is going to lose her job in May. Verizon is laying off approx. 3000 workers in the Pittsburgh area. She’s 60 years old. I don’t know what they are going to do. I pray for them.

          • You can sure tell which corporations are the NWO chosen, and who isn’t, huh. Has anyone noticed the US Bank is NEVER in any of the news about bank fraud? They never seem to make the news like JPMorgan, Chase or BofA. No US Bank employees plummeting to their deaths ahead of investigations for fraud…hmmm.

            • US Bank is a very good bank. Well run, conservative in its credit and lending, and probably the SAFEST bank in America. Its the cream of the crop, although, it is a bad crop. 🙂

              • The US bank corperate investment branch was purchased by BofA about 5-8 years ago. Not sure but you might want to check.

                • Maybe that’s why they don’t seem to be involved in fraud like the rest. Isn’t it in the “corporate investment” area where the fraud usually is?

                  That and “derivatives” of course.

      6. Lots of people in my small town are living in quiet desperation now. We used to make ends meet ourselves on fixed income, but now I am lucky if I can get the ends to wave at each other. No inflation says TPTB, but have they bought food or fuel or electricity lately? I think not.

      7. I feel very blessed by God with how well my home business is doing. I’m not making a lot of money but last year I made over $20,000 and this year I’m on a pace to make over $30,000. I’m sure that pace won’t last forever so we need to be careful with every extra dollar.

        I can’t help but think of all the human misery we’ll see on the way to economic collapse and beyond. When I’m in the store and I see a woman with little kids I hope they’re prepared but I know it’s unlikely that they are.

        I also feel sorry for pets who get abandoned by their owners who have to move and can’t have pets where they’re going. Like moving in with friends or relatives. There are a lot of nice animals in shelters who are there through no fault of their own. At least around here, they’re no kill shelters.

        • and you filed on taxes on how much? oh, you didn’t even file.

          • I claim every dime of my earnings on my taxes. I’m a Christian. I can’t ask God to bless my business if I’m cheating the government.

            (Luke 20:22-25 NIV) Is it right for us to pay taxes to Caesar or not?” {23} He saw through their duplicity and said to them, {24} “Show me a denarius. Whose portrait and inscription are on it?” {25} “Caesar’s,” they replied. He said to them, “Then give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.”

            • Barn, God didn’t tell you to feed the beast. Why feed the beast that gets bigger every time it eats? Soon it will eat you. Those people whose stories you just read were being eaten by the beast.

              • Who is the Beast? Our gov? Or the people above them. or the system that enforces the policies, or the huge computer banks that track all transactions? Or all of the above?

              • I will starve the beast any chance I get,I do not consider it cheating,I consider it smart.When have a little extra give to charity and volunteer at a few charities my building skills when needed.I can do a lot more good with my earnings then the govt. ever can with same amount of money,not only starve the beast,fuck the beast!

              • Jesus said to give to Caesar what is Caesar’s. There is no distinction given between good and bad rulers.

                • Barncat, I always enjoy your posts and I know you mean well, but there is a world of difference between good and bad rulers. In Romans 13, God set down certain guidelines for rulers to follow in dealing with the people they ruled over. Most nations, especially the Roman Empire, did not follow those guidelines. Over the last 50 years or so, seminaries and bible colleges have been teaching a false version of God’s Word, ESPECIALLY IN REGARD TO ROMANS 13. These pastors and ministers were first misled by whoever they studied under and later misled their flocks and don’t even realize it. On Romans 13, they always tell their congregations to “Obey the government regardless. Never question authority. Have blind faith in public officials.” People, THAT IS THE MESSAGE OF THE WORLD IN REGARDS TO THESE MANMADE GOVERNMENTS! GOD TOLD US TO FOLLOW OUR RULERS ONLY AS LONG AS THEY FOLLOW HIS BIBLICAL COMMANDS IN RELATION TO THE PEOPLE THEY RULE OVER. IF THE RULERS VIOLATE WHAT GOD HAS SAID, THEN IT IS OUR RIGHT AND OUR DUTY TO THROW OFF THEIR YOKE OF OPPRESSION. Luke 20:22-25 has been definitely misinterpreted and misunderstood. BTW, I use the King James version, all of the other versions are false.

                • And,Jesus does not run my life,you want to feed the beast is OK,I choose to starve it by any means necc.

              • nc/bo/bo God feeds me.He gives blessings to our land. But we are not asking him to forgive of of our sins. It’s not the first time he has let the powerfull fall. To him we are noless than them that would not put all there trust in him. He tells me, it will rain on the just,as well as the unjust.I’ll fall short in this flesh like everyone else. But i have to show him Im putting my trust in him and him alone. He tells me to trust no man.

                • And keep prepping just like He taught us to do.

            • Barn cat….if someone pulls a gun and demands your money,and you give them an empty wallet, leaving your cash in your pocket, did you ‘cheat’them?

            • Relax Barn; you are absolutely right, Pay what you owe. No point in causing yourself problems. You will know when it’s time to get out of the system. Always be honest, up till the time you are completely dishonest. Then it’s either time to hide or shoot. And no I’m not even a Christian but even I know JC said: Give unto—-. On the other hand when the time comes to revolt, God doesn’t care about TAX forms.

            • I too also paid every penny of tax owed on my self employment earnings. the 15.3% self employment tax is a lot. However Ive pretty much quit earning. I have quit producing beyond my own needs. I now am drawing $1058.00 per month from the social security Ponzi scheme. I now receive more from the govt coffers than Me and the wife contribute. I still have some scrap metals to sell. Im planning on selling a few loads every month and paying the self employment tax in on my wifes Social security number. Maby she can also get a Ponzi scheme check in a few years?

              • Gone Galt I see. I too am thinking going Galt as in making just enuff to keep the lights on and to squirrel away a few acorns. There is a landscaping company in town looking for help as I worked for them years ago and I am going to go see them as soon as the snow storms stop. They pay ok, have benefits but I wont be working 6 12’s to feed the beast 45% of my earning in taxes. I don’t feel right contributing to the destruction of the world and ourselves.

            • Bless you BarnCat. God will reward your faithfulness.
              Dear Maudy-remember who was in power in Rome at that time. I don’t think the USA has dipped as low as those Roman powers that were–yet.

              • Grandee,I personally see our govt. and their controlling puppet masters much worse then Rome,all a matter of opinion I suppose.

            • **I can’t ask God to bless my business if I’m cheating the government.**

              Oh, give me a fricking break!!! Psst.

              • Howdy, JayJay and I have to agree. if I ever get a chance to get some of my tax money back, I’ll jump on it.

              • Agree JJ

            • if you claim every dime of self employed money than you’re a product of what the government has been trying to achieve. They just haven’t convinced me yet that it’s in my best interest to give them every thing that I have. PS. God is not doing a thing for you even if you’re a Christian but if it helps you get thru the day, believe what you want. The reason you’re making money is because of your own hard work.

            • Barn Cat, you’ve been lied to. Your “earnings” aren’t income. You are correct but the definition of income is business profits not created by your labor.

              While your passage in Luke is admirable, its not applicable. Did Caesar make the silver or the gold? No. Melt the coin and recast the precious metal. Now what scripture applies? The law does not say you have to report all your earnings. The beast has lied to you and you have swallowed it. Out of fear, most people file.

              …and don’t simply say I’m some kind of tax protester. On the contrary! From my recent studies I find that not only is the income tax constitutional, it is a *GOOD* thing! I used to be ignorant thinking it was not a good thing. The bad thing is about the misapplication of the law. The liars have ahold of 90% of working Americans and man, do they love it!

              Read “Cracking The Code” and stop repeating the lie. That is tantamount to originating the lie. I still file out of fear. My employer would drop me in a second from ANY heat applied by the feds.

              If you set your business up and get money from it and didn’t have to do anything, well, that would be a different story (and a different tax bracket: 15% if I’m not mistaken, depending on the type of business.)

              So, please, don’t take the liar’s word for it. Study the tax code. A companion manual helps. Cracking The Code is the real deal. I’m not done with it yet but the real definitions of “income” are in section 12 of the USC and those point to “income” not being money made by buying and selling or labor. Don’t take my word for it. But, please, stop the lies.

      8. And on top of all of this, obamacare.

        • Patriot Mom, I won’t be signing up for Obamacare regardless. I refuse to sacrifice anything to have health insurance.

        • I’m sure glad those people living in tents will now have the money to pay for their mandatory health insurance. it just doesn’t make any sense.

          • Stop trying to apply logic. Now, stop assuming ‘they’ want to make it BETTER… Starting to make sense, yet?

      9. Anyone on here know much about buying junk silver other than US pre 65 coins? I want to look at buying junk silver from other countries like say the AUS Sixpence, which is 50% silver….I figure foreign junk silver with a 50% to 80% silver content might be cheaper than 90% US junk silver. I plan on using chems to extract the silver content to a smaller quantity but it being 100% .999+ silver.

        I also hear that silver oxide batteries are a good way to extract silver.

        Question being, where would I find these? Every time I google foreign junk silver, all I get is US 90% junk silver. And as far as a good place to find thrown away old silver oxide batteries…I haven’t a clue.


        p.s. if your going to tell me this is a stupid waste of time, please save your fingers the typing, because I’m not listening. In addition to the money aspect, this will also serve as a fun science project for little buggers at home.

        • Nothing is a waste of time: If you enjoy it. But remember, if you don’t know what they are worth, or where to buy them; no one else will when you try to get rid of them. All you can do then is, send to Kitco and take what they give you. The one good thing in the US, everyone will know exactly what a silver dime is worth. Kind of like a Gold Ducat, been around for 600 years. Nice large gold coin, do you know what it’s worth? Bigger than K-Rand looks like it should be worth a lot. But it’s not high purity gold. Mexican PESO varies from mostly silver to worthless, same coin.

        • Hello ANON,

          Things to learn about for Silver reclamation:

          1. Locate a P.M. refinery as close as possible to you.

          2. Find out what the minimum amount of concentrate
          they will take.

          3. What is the cost for their service.

          4. What shipping costs you will incur.

          5. Consider junk jewelery for silver.

          6. Google “How to silver reclamation” for info.

          P.M.reclamation can be profitable. Please do your
          homework to fully understand the full process.

          Good Luck


          • I scrap lots of stuff, like junk silver and gold, aluminum and copper. My rule of thumb is—If you have a choice to throw it in a bucket or throw it in the trash, throw it in the bucket…It isn’t eating anything just sitting there.

          • This si to extract the silver using Nitric Acid….then you have 100% .999+ silver

        • I wouldn’t buy foreign junk silver. People are less likely to know what it is when it comes time to sell it. I buy US junk silver and 1 oz. Canadian maple leafs.

        • Good luck getting quantities of sixpence and pesos in the US. Best source is to go to Canada and buy junk silver in a coin shop. You’ll get Canadian silver, not US.

          You can buy coins on Ebay, but you’ll pay double or triple the bullion content in markup and shipping, and you’ll get one coin at a time.

          Example is an Australian sixpence, silver content is about $2.00 at current spot, you’ll pay $6.00 and up for one of them on Ebay. Your coin shop will charge you the same.

          A florin, worth about $8.00 at spot, will run you $12.00 and up. Mexican peso, 1919-1945, also $8.00 spot, runs $20 and up. Post-1945 pesos, only 10% silver, are $4 and up.

          The foreign silver is not cheaper than the US junk silver, it’s running at the same spot price of silver. The markup is more. If you want good condition coins, like a collector would want, the markups are even higher.

          If you want to buy foreign silver because you enjoy it, go right ahead, but don’t expect to pay less than the US silver. Silver is silver, you pay for it either way.

        • Learn your foreign silver coin content.


          Mexican Peso
          1900, 0.7860 Troy Oz. silver
          1901, 0.7857 Troy Oz. silver
          1910, 0.7859 Troy Oz. silver
          1918, 0.4863 Troy Oz. silver
          1920, 0.3856 Troy Oz. silver
          1947, 0.2250 Troy Oz. silver
          1950, 0.1286 Troy Oz. silver
          1957, 0.0514 Troy Oz. silver
          1968 to date, Copper-Nickel and Stainless Steel.

          Great Britain and the Empire did the same thing. Pre-WWI, silver content was .925 fine, then .500 fine by 1920, and disappeared by 1947 after WWII. Australia, Canada, and other Dominions kept silver content through 1967 and even a little later, but once the US lost it’s silver coinage, the rest of the world followed in short order.

          I’ve never been able to buy at less than melt value, except where someone miscalled a florin for a shilling, or a two-franc piece for a franc, and that doesn’t happen often. The folks with a handful of old silver coins at a yard sale or flea mart always, without fail, have a very inflated idea of the value of their coins. The folks who don’t know what they have take Granddad’s stuff to a coin shop and sell it for melt, keep it for the heirloom value, or put it on Ebay at inflated prices.

          Don’t get me wrong, I accumulate the foreign coinage, because I like it, and Scrooge McDuck has nothing on me. Just don’t expect to get it for less than everybody else or sell it for more than it’s worth.

        • Anon,
          There is little to none price differential in Aussie junk silver.
          As a buyer most sellers on ebay know the value of what they are selling.
          I get more silver bargains at garage sales from buying old silver cutlery than I do off ebay.

      10. the moral of the story and life in general is to start prepping for the future as soon as you come out of the womb. Don’t ever take anything for granted and don’t ever go in debt or over spend. Most people are upside down in debt by trying to keep up with the Joneses and trying to impress their neighbors. I always said screw the Joneses and if the neighbors didn’t like my curtains because they were cotton and theirs were silk, they don’t have to come over here.

        • Excellent point about staying out of debt. I don’t use credit for anything and am currently debt-free. I’ve also always said ‘Screw the Joneses” myself; I don’t care what they have or how deep in debt they had to go to get it. If I can’t buy something with cash, then I just don’t need the item that bad. I’ve even bought cars that way my whole life. NEVER HAD CAR PAYMENTS, EVER. MY INCOME LEVEL HAS ALWAYS BEEN TOO LOW TO QUALIFY FOR CREDIT. I’m not the kind of person who can give up one-fourth to one-third of his annual income to pay for a vehicle; just can’t see paying that much. I’ve always saved every last dollar and penny I could for ‘rainy days’. I’ve always been able to stay prepared for adverse situations, any kind of curveball life throws at me. I’ve never been caught with my pants down for any of those curveballs and I’m damned proud of that. Granted, it is more difficult to prepare and stay prepared in this economy, but my prepping is still continuing.

          • Actually,since bailing out the banks at our expense could see having a credit card,buy one thing a month/pay off and jack up the limits.Would be tricky timing but could see buying a lot of supplies off the net as things really downwind and basically,well,fuck the banks!Get your share of tax dollars used to bail em out back plus put another deficit in their books,say scopes,new tent,cases of food for toys,you get the idea!

      11. Those headlines at the end of the article are a sick joke. Those bastards have been telling us for years the recession is over, unemployment is falling, high gas prices aren’t high enough, food is only 10 % of our income, blah, blah, blah.

        They get a paycheck every two weeks for doing nothing but lying to us.

        There are at least 6 small businesses here that have gone under since New Year’s. Last year, several large area chain stores went under, including a grocery chain.

        This is a depression, not a recession, and it’s far from over.

      12. The sad stories will only get worse as the world wide economies collapse…when .gov sugar stops flowing.

        What is there to do about it?

        The more you investigate on the interwebs,

        The more “expert” analysis you find,

        The more you begin to know everything about nothing.

        You are frozen inside your own sphere of influence.

        But the world keeps turning…there is little you can do for these people.

      13. The starvation generation is here.

        • .02 I think that statement sums it up perfectly.

          Food prices started the Arab spring and will bring about Chaos in the U.S. as well. A rider on a Black Horse carrying scales is riding toward us.

      14. Human suffering and misery is a topic as old as time itself. Unfortunately, it seems it will always be that way. Jesus noted this himself and was discussed by Billy Graham:

        You’re probably thinking of Jesus’ words in John 12:8: “You will always have the poor among you, but you will not always have me.” His words were directed at Judas (who would soon betray Him), admonishing him because he was more interested in getting money for himself than in serving Jesus.

        But Jesus wasn’t saying we shouldn’t fight poverty or help those in need–not at all. He was only giving a description of the way the world actually is, not the way it should be. The Bible repeatedly commands us to help the needy, and condemns those who take advantage of the poor. God told His people in the Old Testament, “I command you to be openhanded toward … the poor and needy in your land” (Deuteronomy 15:11). Jesus told His disciples to “Sell your possessions and give to the poor” (Luke 12:33).

        Also note how many lottery winners and others who have held tremendous wealth…only to squander it away. People with millions of dollars and now they are flat broke. “A fool and his money are soon parted” comes to mind. So how do we correct this? Socialism is *not* the answer, nor constant handouts as they just condition people to become complacent and expect everything for nothing. “Money for nothing… I want my MTV!” sound familiar?

        I want to see peoples thoughts on this as the subject hits home for me (being a former homeless person myself)

        • Well Soc. you know my thoughts on population overshoot and the easy to obtain dwindling resources. Agenda 21 is a clear signal that the various powers on earth also know the score and is why they want us out of their forests and away from their watersheds/aquifers. I have been studying this situation/scenario since I listened to a tape by Bill Cooper clear back in the 70’s. I have always been a prepper at heart but never really got the chance to stock up until my children were raised.(money wasa always tight when I was logging/drinking). Back when I was young with children and armed with my 338 winmag and my reloader I figured I could provide one way or another. But now we have wolves/gates in the forests, immigrants (Russians) ignoring our game laws and Fukushima/plastics destroying our oceans. All I can say is welcome to The Shit Hitting The Fan as we are in it and it is just getting warmed up.

        • Jesus’ words are interesting here. I believe also that he is commenting an observation and not stating a requirement. I think he is noting that there are societal processes that ensures there will be a disenfranchised group; a group that doesn’t fit into the manifest destiny; a group who will have not; a group to whom capital will not be available – and even that which they have will be taken; a group who is only seen as a remote collateral expendable statistic; agroup rejected by God. These are considered a liability to be rid of; not a person which we might be responsible to. These people could be cared for thru personal elective redistribution of wealth (perhaps an exchange where possible); not by an administrative, institutional approach.

          • … a group perceived to be rejected by God.

        • Hmmm….,seems some believe that Judas actually did Jesus’s bidding by in theory selling him out,was time to make a supreme sacrifice,some writings called the book of Judas found,something like that,may be more to the story then originally thought.

        • No deep thinking required. Jesus was just making an observation about the facts of life for the poor.

          Fact number one: The poor are stupid. This is evidenced by the fact that they keep having babies they cannot afford to feed, clothe, shelter, or educate and then they go to the government asking for a handout, which the government takes from the taxpayers (who are also stupid to subsidize the poor).

          In 2012, Arizona Medicare paid $200 million dollars for approximately 5,000 unwed mothers to have babies at $40k a pop. That is the initial cost. Then there is continuing health care, food stamps, subsidized housing, and taxpayer education.

          Then of course there is the cost of prison for these kids when they grow up and the cost for DES Case Load on a recurring annual basis while they are growing up. Recently DES asked for a $50 MILLION budget increase.

          Jesus understood that sex is the one recreation that the poor can afford and the result is that they multiply like cockroaches. For every one you see, there are thousands in the shadows.

          I say send them to FEMA Camp for the summer and keep them there. Separate camps for men and women of course and the cost of government will decline in the second generation. !!! 🙂

          • Sounds harsh. Time for some Tough Love.


          • This is why I say not to implement an institutional approach to helping others. I will help those whose path I come across and have some exchange with. Nobody should take from you and give on your behalf. The irresponsibilities might decrease once people see that there is no support for it. Take care of the people in your circle, and others on the road.

        • I have known two different lottery winners. One was the couple next door, they won $250,000 on a poker ticket. They fixed up their house, sold it, and built a new house to retire to on five acres they already owned.

          They were prudent, and did the most they could with what they got.

          The other winner, I hired him to caulk the siding on my house when I put Hardi-plank on it a couple of years ago. He needed money, I asked him ‘How much?”, he said “Hundred bucks”, my jaw dropped, “A hundred bucks!”, he immediately said, “OK, make it $80.”

          So he caulked every seam on the house and shop for $80. Did a good job, too.

          Two years before, he won $1.5 million in the state Lotto. In less than one year, he had squandered it, and had absolutely nothing to show for it. Not a car, not a house, not even a nice suit. All his friends got nice ‘loans’ that never got repaid, he leased a Humvee and a Harley, tipped every waitress in the valley with good money to feel like a big man, and spent 30 days at the casino gambling, but doing anything prudent or intelligent with it, not a bit.

          There are losers and winners, and the losers deserve to lose, if this guy is any proof of it.

      15. Now times that times millions!

      16. It hit home with me too

        No raise this year, no bonus this year a pay cut this year, and who knows what else is headed my way

        happy to have a job no doubt, but sometimes my take home pay wont get me to my front door!

        • “sometimes my take home pay wont get me to my front door”

          You can be thankful that you HAVE a front door. There were many times that I had to struggle fiercely to find one thing to be thankful for.

          My last homeless stint, found me homeless with nowhere to go and a ruptured cervical vertebrae. No family. No friends. No money. No home. Nowhere to go. No luck. No hope.

          The only thing I had left was ANGER.

          That anger turned into a determination to live, despite the lot I received in life. I decided that I was going to survive that, if for no other reason than to piss the entire world off…again.

          …and here I am…still.

          • God bless you 6…see you on the other side.

            Lots of us with unrelenting determination here.


      17. Too many people chasing after too few jobs, natural resources, homes & land. Too many parasite takers and too few producing makers. Its simply not sustainable. So its inevitable that a lot of folks will be elemanated to achieve the needed population reduction. The who and how is the question. The wars are too costly and not very efficient. So that leaves things like pandemic disease, neutron bombs that kill and leave infrastructure intact as the most likely. Starve and poison the willing sheeple. Ignore the self reliant well armed preppers. wait a decade or so and the preppers will be old or dead. Most of the preppers children & grandchildren will be easily bought in the same manner as todays gimmie sheeple. This debt fueled depression was engineered it was caused on purpose. Its all part on the UN NWO agenda 21 plans.

        • Or the producers go all out and rebel. Lop off the parasites heads and stick them on a pole. We don’t need them.

          What is going on is most likely social engineering. Starve out folks who don’t agree with you and feed the ones who do. Good way to bring in sweeping social changes.

          • We can’t give them the satisfaction.

      18. you think this is bad ???

        ya’ll ain’t seen nuthin yet .

        it’s going to be ‘this’ times X a million before it gets better and that will take about 3 more generations … 30 years .

        so buckle up , lock the doors and save your pennies , it will only gets worse from here for most of you and your kids .


        n.o. ;0p

      19. ww3 is starting up , the zog amerikan cia has sown the seeds for it , in Ukraine , china sea , Congo central Africa , Egypt and Venezuela .

        hope you all are ready to sacrifice your kids lives for it and the zog zio-jeeews .

        this is ww2 all over again where millions of once free Americans will die for the zog zio-jeeews .

        n.o. ;0p

        • N.O.
          Looks like the world of 1939 or 1914 , military cuts , bad economy , the rise of Nationalism and Fascism.

          History does not repeat itself but it rhymes .

          Only this time we have the means to destroy everything.


          Semper Fi 8541

      20. These lyrics from Steve Winwood remind me of what is out there when we feel down.

        “Higher Love”

        Think about it, there must be higher love
        Down in the heart or hidden in the stars above
        Without it, life is a wasted time
        Look inside your heart, I’ll look inside mine
        Things look so bad everywhere
        In this whole world, what is fair?
        We walk blind and we try to see
        Falling behind in what could be

        Bring me a higher love
        Bring me a higher love
        Bring me a higher love
        Where’s that higher love I keep thinking of?

        Worlds are turning and we’re just hanging on
        Facing our fear and standing out there alone
        A yearning, and it’s real to me
        There must be someone who’s feeling for me
        Things look so bad everywhere
        In this whole world, what is fair?
        We walk blind and we try to see
        Falling behind in what could be

        Bring me a higher love
        Bring me a higher love
        Bring me a higher love
        Where’s that higher love I keep thinking of?

        Bring me a higher love
        Bring me a higher love
        Bring be a higher love
        I could rise above on a higher love

        I will wait for it
        I’m not too late for it
        Until then, I’ll sing my song
        To cheer the night along
        Bring it… Oh bring it…

        I could light the night up with my soul on fire
        I could make the sun shine from pure desire
        Let me feel that love come over me
        Let me feel how strong it could be

        Bring me a higher love
        Bring me a higher love
        Bring me a higher love
        Where’s that higher love I keep thinking of?

        Y’all play nice today and enjoy what your given. 🙂

        hillbilly SC

        • Hillbilly SC, you hit the nail on the head with those lyrics; perfect description of our present situation.

        • I’ve never really listened to that song; what a message. Good words; thanks for sharing.

      21. My sister’s former employer just plead guilty to $500 million in Medicare fraud. A Rolls, Lambo, and Porsche, earned with stolen bucks. Crooked doctors were paid to refer patients (and a crooked State Sen. Ron Calderon passed legislation facilitating the fraud). This freak had spinal implants produced in an unlicensed sweatshop, and put them into people’s bodies, in some cases unneeded. I imagine he will flee to Israel where his tribe welcomes criminals with money – and where he cannot be extradited. This, while honest people live in their cars, is revolting.


        • That’s what I keep telling people: stay away from the f… doctors! ‘Oh, patient physician, heal thyself!”

      22. Looks like Germany, right before the hyperinflation and later the depression of the early 30’s. Americans will never know how the Germans suffered but those were horrible years and all by design. You will be surprised by the fact that after Hitler became Chancellor, he got with his Finance Minister and studied the Lincoln administration and their experience with the “Greenback”, which was the issuance of interest free money issued by the Treasury to finance the war of northern aggression and cutting out the ‘Bastards of Banking” in London and their high interest loans. The “Greenback” was, as we all know, counterfeited into worthlessness but the Germans discovered how to counter the “Bastards of Banking” and the result became what was known as the “German Miracle” and Hitler made the cover of Time magazine! This was the industrialization of Germany, which solved the unemployment problem, not the militarization of Germany which came later after it was determined that England, France and Russia had as their goal, the destruction of Germany. The fears of Germany were well founded but what the Germans didn’t know was that the governments of England and France were totally dominated by the Jews, not just strongly influenced by, and wholly owned whores like Churchill would press for war against Germany! Hess, thought that the British, would recognize their relationship with the Germans in the end but this was not so and he would be imprisoned by the Jews for the remainder of the war! Hitler then knew that there was not a Great Britain he could deal with, only Jews and even then, he refused to bomb population centers like London until the Jewish dominated British government began bombing German population centers and killing Germans! Always remember that the Victors alone write history but that the Truth,… is always there for those who seek it.

      23. In late 2007 I graduated Aircraft maintenance school with an AS degree and FAA certification. I had dollar signs in my eyes thinking a decent living was in my future, that is, until I started submitting resumes. Three years had passed and I gave up – no room for entry level employees. Side jobs kept me afloat. Then I met a lady whom I wanted to marry, but that’s been financially impossible. I’ve been blessed with a courier job of all things – that’s not where my skills are. To this day we struggle together as an (unmarried) family and watch the decay of the financial system proceed.

        The thing that really gets under my skin is the church community perpetually teaching the principal of get married and get a good job, if a couple is not doing well by your 30’s and 40’s something is wrong with you. These folks are not living in reality.

      24. Five years ago we were seeing articles on how obese Americans were. Five years from now you’ll see news articles decrying how underweight we are. Amazing what a nice little depression can do for you. Better that wate wachers. The reset button takes it’s toll that’s for sure.

        • Red, there are now articles touting living with little heat as a way to lose weight. Much like the “funemployment” articles of 2008. Saw another one today about how wasteful Americans throwaway 1/3 of their food. I don’t believe it.

          But I can vouch that living cold will keep you thin.

      25. Rednek101, I’m a ‘weight watcher”. I see oversized people waddling along somewhere every day.

        • They’re getting skinnier.

          • In any post-SHTF scenario, the hogs will become really dangerous. the only solution for them will be 1 or 2 bullets to the head.

      26. Husband and i lost our jobs at te end of the bush term. Things have gottenprogressively worse, and now we live with our two kids in a leaky rv in the mountains of appalachia. My husband has a full time job but is makingg the same wages he made 25 years ago! And no, we don’t drink or smoke away our money! It took me two years to find a 10 hour a week min. Wage job at a video store that is now closing. I too, have been classiffied as over qualified, and bein 52 yrs old, too old to hire. Our foodstamps run out after two weeks of substandard food…we then eat lots of potatoe soup, hot dogs, mac and cheese. And rice meals. Sometimes, we run out of propane for heat, the water and septic lines frreeze. We barely have enough to survive on,so when a vehicle breaks down or my husband ggets sick, we have to make really hard choices. This month it is the prepaid phone and the car insurance. What makes this even harder are health issues and trying to be positive forr my kids. We worked hard our entire lives, had no debt and paid cash for what we needed or wanted. We paid into the system and what do we have left? The only economy getting better is the economy for the wealthy! All I can say is everyone needs to learn how to make do ,row a garden, mend your clothes, make your own soaps and cleaners, learn to hunt, and please learn to be less judgemental and more compassionate! Take in your family members, give your old clothes or extra shoes to the needy, buy american, if you are blessed to still have plenty! ……because you will be next!

        • I’m sorry you are having to go through this. Millions are doing the same.
          It burns me up to no end to know that our “leaders” have brought us to this point. For some to have the backbone and stand up for what’s right might have served us well ten or twenty years back when the ground work was layed for our current state of affairs.
          Good Luck and hang in there.

          Americanism means the virtues of courage, honor, justice, truth, sincerity, and hardihood — the virtues that made America.
          – Theodore Roosevelt, 1917

        • randomness,

          My heart and prayers go out to you and the many others who are going through difficult times.

          I live in eastern Kentucky and have some family members who are really struggling too. I have been helping them with food and clothing. Children grow quickly. Weekly, I check the outlet store and the clearance racks for clothing and shoes for the children. If I find a good buy, I often will buy it in several sizes. I save the larger sizes in storage bins.

          May the Lord comfort, strengthen and guide you!

          KY Mom

      27. Gerald Celente’s predictions are coming to fruition now. The world wide riots and the fact that people’s minds are being chemically blown by legal and illegal drugs which makes the Depression that much worse and dangerous for all.

        I live by the saying “Change before you have to.” I am not in near as bad a position as these folks, but money has been TIGHT since my business dried up. Luckily my better half has had steady work that we get by on. I just go day to day and keep a prepper’s mind set, doing what I can…

        The only positive I can see in all this is that Obama will go down as the worst, most POS pathetic excuse of a POTUS in history and that maybe, just maybe, people will get back to a simpler time.

      28. with droughts out west.no business,no jobs inflation will hit bad. That’s when people will riot and protest. When other countries dump the dollar and you need your wheel barrow to bring your cash to the store for a loaf of bread the crap will hit the fan. A perfect storm is coming and the jokers at the top will hang and millions below will die or suffer due to lack of leadership>

        • Lack of “leadership”? Well, one could say that the “leadership” is “lacking” but there is way to much “leadership”.

          I welcome the lack of this evil leadership. There cannot be too much of a “lack of leadership” as far as I am concerned.

          There are three things government does. *ONLY* three. Everything government accomplishes is through these three actions.

          1. LIE

          2. STEAL

          3. MURDER

          Think deep. You’ll find its true. Anything government ever did involve at least one of these activities to get it done.

          I’ve done lots of good in life. But, the things I’ve done that were good never involved any of those three. Government, however, often does all three AT ONCE to get something done. It is actually very seldom that something is done that at least two of those base activities aren’t required.

          A lack of leadership? I WELCOME IT. The prospect gives me hope.

      29. But for the grace of God there go I….and it seems to be getting worse all the while the govicorp continues to put pressure on anyone/anything that may find a way to survive…hope things can be changed by people in a peaceful manner but Im getting to be a bit more cynical…eventually this type of criminality touches everyones life if not directly then a family member or close friend…all the more reason to fight the system and at the same time find ways to disengage from being dependent on it or anything…learn all you can and act on all you can…I cant see this getting better before it gets worse and folks can only take so much before they snap…lots of rubberbands out there reaching the limit…work for yourself in anything you do,dont feed the machine any blood or treasure if you can avoid it…thanks…

      30. For story #6…

        Caller ID works both ways, a-hole.

        I suggest you watch your back. Push someone hard enough and see what you get.

      31. These stories above are an example of what we are looking at for all of us in the near future.

        Obullshit has set this country on a coarse of destruction for all of us. Obullshit hates the USA and he will be Damn proud of what he did to her.

        Now we or some of us have the means to prep, And I’ll keep preaching this to everyone I can. I will also keep prepping. Folks do it while you can, because we don’t know for sure what tomorrow will bring.

        Don’t forget to say a pray for the folks that are less fortunate than us. With the way the economy is today that is about all I can do for them. right now I’m going to have to cut back by 50% of my prepping and other things.

        Pray, Prep, and keep your family and friends close!


        • SgtDale

          I hear you loud and clear.

          All our o.t. has been eliminated for over a year
          Wage freeze for 4 years now
          Found a part time job nights after a year of searching every day to fit my schedule

          Luckily I put up serious preps when times were better and have enough food and water for about a year should shtf.My wife of 28 years always said let’s eat those meals you have put away..I fire back no!..those are for emergency contingencies only..so now its day to day meal planning..and damn, food prices are soaring of late!

          We now wait til the day before shutoff to pay the utilities..hell..last week the postman issued a certified letter from the water district ..he told us that he had 100’s of shutoff notices from these assholes issued that day on his route..

          I guess we are like many Americans who worked hard,followed the rules, and believed in our system ,voted, paid taxes,until we woke up and realized the entire scam perpetrated upon us all..

          God Bless us all..

          Can’t wait for better weather to adhere to your advice at the range..aim small..miss small..

          My son taught me a USMC trick..place a quarter on your target and aim for that..true to your words Sgt.


      32. I’m 45 and 4 years ago had a great job been there almost ten years and then came the layoffs spent two years looking for a job,found one a contract job,basically a temporary job and I’m afraid when this job goes away with no benefits and $10 pr hr I won’t be able to find even a lousy job because at 45 I’m considered old even if I could outwork most 20 somethings it doesn’t matter. I’m a 9 year Army veteran,electronics,telecommunications,customer service,all around great worker everywhere I’ve worked and out of nowhere a future isn’t looking possible with these morons running our government. Vote them all out everytime no matter what and take the flipping country back.

      33. Per 1bravehart “… paid for with OUR TAX DOLLARS, YOURS AND MINE. And there are white people out here living in despair and CAN’T GET ANYTHING BECAUSE THEY’RE WHITE; BECAUSE THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SHOWS FAVORITISM TO MINORITY GROUPS. That’s white people’s tax money at work! OK, red-thumb me. I’m not afraid to speak the truth…”

        Then speak the truth — It’s just about even with white and black AMERICANS on welfare at about 39% each. (check latest govt stats) and it frosts my grits that MY and YOUR tax dollars are being squandered and swindled.

        What’s worst and nobody talks about is the “$13.6 BILLION lost in bogus Earned Income Tax Credit claims” and this time it’s not Americans scamming the American tax payer – it’s the “I” word. Where’s the outrage???

        Looks like white people are now walking in the shoes of American blacks and your words could be transposed to read …”…CAN’T GET ANYTHING BECAUSE… THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SHOWS FAVORITISM TO GROUPS…” Because that WAS how it was for over a hundred years when “coloreds need not apply”. Housekeeping, ditch digging and other low paying jobs were the career path back when I started working.

        American blacks are in the same boat as American whites – After 50 years of working my butt off (and it was never equal pay or title or seniority) Blacks are usually the first to be let go and I’ve got some horror stories like the ones on this post.

        You think blacks are in the cat’s bird seat??? Because ONE black man is at the top??? Really??? You say “minorities” I say “American blacks” because it isn’t the brothers and sisters making hay off the American tax payer.

        Ask those white president(s) who passed and regret “not getting immigration reform, additional amnesties and outsourcing our jobs. Want someone to blame – blame ALL of them for the corruption and theft of our treasury and economy.

        I’ve been 30 something years prepping – before there was a word for what I’ve been doing- my plan was always to help others be they white, black, green or purple – as long as they were like minded. Americans shouldn’t be pitting one race against another – when SHTF we just may need each other.

        • amen to that..

          All these asshats in DC are to blame..every last one of them..

          They pigeonhole all of us into race baited groups in hope we will tear one another apart and not become one in unison.

          So far that appears it is working quite well..indeed..especially given most posts here of late..


          • I will work with anyone irregardless of ethnicity/religion/sexuality ect. as long as we work well together,this also applies to helping others in need if I can.

          • They can only pit us against each other if we let them. Ultimately, WE have the final say about our own conduct.

        • Lady Hawk, welcome aboard, and when I made my post, I wasn’t blaming any of the groups themselves for what they receive. I do realize it’s the politicians and the same ones push for all of this immigration. “Immigration reform”? don’t get me started on that one. Even with jobs disappearing and fewer people working and paying taxes into the system now, the same politicians just won’t stop bringing these foreigners into the country and they do go straight onto the public dole. I didn’t express any hatred of the groups. I didn’t cause any of the divisions between the various groups here. The day is fast approaching when they start running out of revenue for these programs. There have already been 2 budget cuts on food stamps and 1.3 million people kicked off unemployment in Jan. with very likely more cuts to come during the course of this year. I have no problem working with like-minded people when TSHTF. yes, we will need each other. I just hope I can find such people before then. I’ve been a prepper myself since the 70s. My late wife was a nurse and sold me on becoming a prepper and I have never regretted it.

          • Lady Hawk, I do hear on occasion about some white people being on some of the programs, but I never see them. The only people I ever see in supermarkets or anywhere else with EBT cards are members of the groups.

            • Eh,I see plenty of people all colors ect. using ebt cards,up in the northlands see plenty of folks there using em to,and guess what,they are all white(ok,beige whatever,have yet to actually see albino person,now that would be white!).

              • War:
                I have seen an albino. We have a young lady in town that is. She is a sweet heart. I’ve know her for about 25 years now. She was hurt in a car accident when she was about 12 she broke her back. Told she wouldn’t walk again but she told them they were wrong. Today she walks. Not well but she gets it done.
                Where I live there is about 25% black in the area 10% Latino in the area, about 5% Asian, 5% native. and the rest 65% white. Out of that there is a bunch that were on the EBT’s before Obullshit came to power, Now there is a hell of a lot more.
                Ami Small Miss Small

            • @1braveheart

              I’m an old timer SHTFplan poster – Mac will verify that – stopped because of the talented and informed regulars and no need to duplicate or amen the great information provided by them. If see something want to comment on will do – other then that….

              Don’t see white folks using EBT??? From Dept of Health and Human Services website statistics:

              Welfare Demographics 1-1-2014

              Percent of recipients who are white 38.8 %
              Percent of recipients who are black 39.8 %
              Percent of recipients who are Hispanic 15.7 %
              Percent of recipients who are Asian 2.4 %
              Percent of recipients who are Other 3.3 %

              I’m not good at math – so about 39% of the majority (white) versus 39% of the minority (black) population – which has more people on welfare??? Should this be a Common Core math question???

              • No, because it actually requires math to solve…lol.

                • True 6pack!My real ? is who/what are the 3.3% others,we talking aliens?When I say aliens I mean extraterrestrial,folks pets,remember,during credit card blitzes plenty of folks pets got credit applications,some pet owners for a joke filled out and card approved!Really though,do the “others”even exist or is this just another blackhole funding for secret govt. projects.

                  • Then maybe I’m missing the action, so I should apply for a credit card for my cat, Casey Jones…I could help him shop and everything (’cause he can’t pass the driver’s test, so he can’t drive). LOL.

                  • Could be worth it getting one for Meat Cat. Seems to spend a lot of her money at Pet Smart.

                    Is Fancy Feast eligible for EBT?

              • The percentages are the percentages that are *ON* EBT, not percentages of the population. The current stat is 48 million.

                There just as many white people on EBT as black people, basically. But, there just happens to be about 6 times as many white people as there are black people in the country. Essentially, blacks are 8 times as likely to be on welfare as whites. But, hispanics are only twice as likely to be on EBT as whites.

                For general population stats, here you go: (based on gen pop of 308 mil and a EBT usage of 48 mil)

                All numbers rounded to nearest whole:

                Of the 224 million whites, 19 million are on EBT. (or 8%)
                Of the 39 million blacks, 19 million are on EBT. (or 49%)
                Of the 50 million hispanics, 8 million are on EBT. (or 16%)

                Tell me again what you were trying to tell us?

              • Ladyhawk,

                Great to see you again, I hope and pray you are doing good.


        • Lady Hawk: Glad to see you posting again. Yes, poor white are just as bad, and just as bad off as poor blacks.

          Hispanics are the primary group in Arizona having children they cannot afford to have, but the poor white in the rural areas are also feeding at the government trough.

          Personally I can understand a baby or even two out of wedlock, but that needs to be the limit allowed and benefits capped at two children for the grazers. At some point these people need to learn personal responsibility.

          Politics is the responsibility of FREE mean and women, but FREEDOM requires personal responsibility and self reliance. Government assistance was meant to be a safety net; not a way of life.

          All of these issues are SYMPTOMS designed to distract Americans from the theft of their economy by the Gangster Banksters and its transfer offshore for the benefit of the global investment class.

          Kill the FED. Death to the New World Order. Engage. 🙂

          • The welfare to the EBT class is micro compared the the massive bailouts, corporate and foreign welfare given away.

            …and then there is the MASSIVE defense budget that isn’t even included on the pie chart because is would dwarf every other catagory. Oh, they include the military “administrative” costs but they rest is off the books. Tell me thats not a crooked move.

            What DK says is absolutely true. While I don’t like stupid poor people living off tax money for generations, its the very smart, evil, crooked Gangster Banksters that really drain the cash from us and kill our economy while enslaving us with taxes.

          • Thumbs up to all – good points and comments. Thanks for the welcome too!

      34. This is a good article to all share some ways to save a few bucks while still living the same lifestyle.Here’s my thoughts,have put out before here but a good one:http://www.frfrogspad.com/homemade.htm ,this has many home made firearm cleaning recipes and even a little humor with the tumbler medium for reloading.This includes many recipes for copper fouling ect. along with a all in one cleaner/lubrication,have used the stuff myself and works great.

      35. On a side note,is it easier to await moderation with links or should we all decide to just give a break in address,example ht tp,.I would rather copy/paste/ and delete space and get information quicker then awaiting moderation but perhaps we could decide as a forum which is the better route.

      36. These stories ARE heart breaking; and they basically confirm what I’ve been saying for the past five years. WHEN the GREATEST Depression actually hits; its going to make the 1930’s Great Depression look like a pleasant experience in comparision. Its going to be painfull; individually and collectively. And its going to be really ugly.

      37. Lady Hawk, braveheart is extremely ignorant in some areas. Get used to it. (Hell, most of these right wingers are!)

        • Leftist ignorance, which has put 48 freaking million on food stamps, and 100 mm now not working, falls on YOUR plate, Anonymous. You George Soros shills need to quit trolling these sites from mommy’s basement and get a clue. You might find one on eBay

        • anonymous, would you care to clarify your statement? I’m not putting you down, I just don’t understand.

        • True, we have waisted out time working, saving for thebad times, and paying for your leftists education. in all the higher stuff we didn’t have time for, while EARNING a living. But it’s OK, the parasites will find out soon enough what is real when WE stop feeding you.

        • Still trying to confuse the world with your false lefty-right BS, huh? Well, you just have fun with that.

          Don’t get me wrong, there is a left and there is a right and both of them have their hands in our pockets. They do it in different ways and they talk different languages but neither the left or the right are welcome in my home. Peace and Freedom are the only things that matter, the rest is just rubbish.

      38. Meanwhile, isn’t Michelle-Marie Antoinette Obama just jetting off to her latest uber-luxe vacation, where I hear she rented out the whole country of Lichtenstein for just her and 800 of her corrupt Chicago cronies (at least I THINK I’m joking here! Who knows, it may be true!)

      39. We buy cheap cars on Craigslist. When I need a car I check it every 15 minutes. I keep the money handy so if a good deal comes up I can buy it. In 2010 we bought a 1995 Buick Century with 55,000 miles for $2,000. Later the same year we bought a 1992 Olds Cutlass Ciera with 58,000 miles for $2000. By far the best one was the 2000 Buick Century with 19,000 miles on it that we bought in 2009 for $5,000. I drove 130 miles to buy the car.

        • Smart Kitty!

          I don’t go that “low” but I do the same. Higher miles. Newer models. Power… NOTHING. Manual trannies.

          Best purchas was in 2004 I bought a 1995 Mazda Protege’ with 130k on it for 1500. Still driving it with 257K on it. I’ve spent another $2000 on it in parts keeping it running but, its always been a good car. I’ll run her until she quits or its a pile of rust.

      40. My final backup plan… grow dope and do moonshine…maybe brew beer.

        so glad I bought a duplex.
        The rent has saved my ass from bankruptcy.

        Hey Jewish bankers.
        You are going to love it when all the world has had enough of your shit.

        Hitler wacked the jews because of their debt enslavement.

        I’m just saying.

        The anti-def. won’t save your asses.

      41. Balls,with you on the dope/booze part,the rest,eh,pass on.

      42. The most horrible stories of others, that can be any one of us one day. The more safeguards you keep for yourself, that more unlikely that which stung another will also sting you. People that have had a lot of food and other necessities have survived personal SHTF events. Food and supplies is costly as hell. Many people if they can take that food and other needs out of the equation for awhile because they have something stored up, it can mean the difference between paying an utility bill and rent and not being able to do so. Many people choose to eat over staying warm. Other people eat and stay warm because they stored up for a personal rainy day.

        Why ONLY 1% still store up for tomorrow with all these horror stories shows just how engrained this government dependency is, Very sad.

      43. People don’t realize it, but we (the USA) is done. The outrageous behavior of the government and continued corruption at all levels and nothing is done to stop it. Our money is a complete joke and people live their lives with their heads in the sand and are in denial of how bad it really is. We are in for a hard fall. Take cover its going to be a rough ride.

        • …BRACE FOR IMPACT…

      44. I ache for the bad times good people are experiencing But if you are willing, check the big job boards for gas and oil jobs in colorado, north dakota, and wyoming. 50 70 hrs a week 14 -16/hr to start as a green hat. People if you are willing to move and get dirty there is work to be done. Dont let this damndable system beat you, you beat it.

        Halliburton, Basic Energy systems,BP oil, it goes on and on think outside the box and stomp the dip shits in Washington DC back into their holes.

        Families and freinds stick together help eachother out.

        Get mad, get busy and do something!!!

        Lead, Follow, or get the Hell out of the way!!!!

      45. Many excellent comments, guys (and gals). Thank you for posting them.

        I am retired and have a monthly income of about $900.00 a month currently. It isn’t much but I live very well on this money because my modest home and my car are paid for, and I have very little debt. (I will soon have no debt.) To live well on very little, I watch my money very closely just like many of you.

        There is a Sharing Center (Food and Toiletries Bank) just down the road from me. Whenever I can, I contribute whatever quality items that I can spare. A recent “Thank You” letter from the Sharing Center stated that they are seeing 100 – 200 NEW families a week seeking assistance county-wide. I fear this will only get worse before we finally hit bottom.

        • ST,tis great you can find a little extra to help out others.I was wondering with food banks,can they get folks to donate(loan)land were folks who not working/laid off ect. perhaps grow food.I see the need for helping others continuing to grow,perhaps this type of arrangement could help with the rising number of poor/hungry.We as citizens need to start thinking outside of/expanding the box.Another thought is get stores to sell a little at cost to folks who want to help that are directly donated to food banks,good for the community and good public relations for the stores while stretching the dollars power in donations,just a thought.

      46. “Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.”
        Phillipians 4:11

        Can’t say that I have learned to be content in any state, but I should be considering the hardships many are going thru. I really have it pretty good.

      47. I own a business in NE and can never seem to find enough quality employees. I have yet to turn away anyone with that sparkle of ambition.

        • What does your business do, Kevin?

      48. McCain is in Ukraine. Best he get his butt back here,or he wont have to go abroad to see civil unrest. It’s soon coming to a neighborhood near him

      49. Welcome to the new world! This is the change that most people voted for not once, but twice! They should all sell methamphetamine’s and call themselves Heisenberg!

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