1/3 Of Migrants In The Caravan Are Sick, Some With Deadly Diseases

by | Nov 29, 2018 | Headline News | 55 comments

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    Tijuana health officials have said that of those migrants in the caravan at the United States’ border with Mexico, about one third is being treated for health concerns. Migrants who came with the caravan are suffering from respiratory infections, tuberculosis, chickenpox, and some other serious health issues, Tijuana’s Health Department warned on Thursday morning.

    A spokesman for the Tijuana Health Department told Fox News that out of 6,000 migrants currently residing in the city, over a third of them (2,267) are being treated for health-related issues. There are several migrants who have contracted serious diseases that are life-threatening. So far, there have been three confirmed cases of tuberculosis and four cases of HIV (human immunodeficiency virus)/AIDS (advanced immunodeficiency syndrome). Lesser illnesses that pose little threat to life include four separate cases of chickenpox, the spokesman said. And at least 101 migrants have lice and multiple instances of skin infections, the department’s data shows, according to a Fox News report.

    There’s also a looming threat of a Hepatitis outbreak due to unsanitary conditions in and around the shelter caused by the migrants, the spokesman said.  The location also has only 35 portable bathrooms and a sign reading “No Spitting” had to be put up because coughing and spitting by migrants are rampant in the shelter.

    There are thousands of migrants being sheltered at the Benito Juarez Sports Complex near the San Ysidro U.S.-Mexico Port of Entry, despite the place being capable of providing for 1,000 people.

    Tijuana’s Mayor, Juan Manuel Gastelum. said Tuesday that the city only has enough money to assist the migrants only for a few more days, with the city saying it’s spending around $30,000 a day. “We won’t compromise the resources of the residents of Tijuana,” Gastelum said during a press conference. “We won’t raise taxes tomorrow to pay for today’s problem.” It’s difficult to say what the lack of funding will mean for the migrants at this time.

    Despite the disturbingly disgusting conditions most of the migrants find themselves in today, most are still committed to entering the U.S. A few have “self-deported” and others have been deported by Mexico, but there are thousands remaining determined to cross the border at all costs.


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      1. Ha ha ha, Mexico will HAVE to deport them. What comes around goes around eh?

        • Send them all to America’s largest cesspool, San Francisco. Then by build the wall…. around San Francisco!

          • Then drop an atomic bomb on SF.

          • The new Colony

      2. To the ignorant people that think the USA should have OPEN BORDERS and disregard the limits we place on immigration. Many diseases that were eradicated from the USA long ago exist in many other parts of the world. Some American citizens will suffer through those diseases if we allow uncontrolled immigration to our country. Our current immigration system seeks to limit the number of immigrants and reduce the diseases introduced to our population of current citizens. What the hell is wrong with that? There are hundreds of millions of potential immigrants eager to invade if we do not have brains enough to control (limit) the influx of people. I think we already have too many people without the brains of a pissant.

        • Cranerigger, AMEN to your comments. I’ll go even further and say stop all immigration, even legal immigration, now. We can’t let in the entire world. We don’t have the resources to care for those people. We don’t even have any obligations to them. And spare me the crap about having compassion, we’re a nation of immigrants, etc. We have people of our own who can’t get any kind of help who are unemployed, homeless, etc. But the feds have no problem letting in all these scum foreigners and giving them all the special treatment they’ve been receiving. These people come here having bad intentions toward us, coming in on their own terms, thinking they’re entitled to whatever we have, thinking they can make any kind of demands they want of us. The foreigners need to go. Cut off everything they’ve been getting and they’ll leave on their own. This is NOT their country, it’s OURS.

      3. Haha enjoy all the ditch crickets and see how it feels Mexi(filthy)co. And the retarded liberal/demonRAT fools want to just turn this moving pile of filth and disease loose…WTF is wrong with them really.

        • Look at who the Democrats are as a party and you can see why they invite in disease, they LIVE IN IT and CULTIVATE as part of their perversions anyway….

      4. Diseased illegal aliens have been coming here for years……old news.

      5. Leftists will consider this even more reason to allow them in for humanitarian reasons.

        • Repost: Orange Julius is getting ready to ban bump stocks, binary triggers, etc. What is next? High cap mags is my bet. After all, it is not a weapon but an accessory. Get your snow boards out, it’s all downhill fast from here.

        • Repost: Orange Julius is getting ready to ban bump stocks, binary triggers, etc. What is next? High cap mags is my bet. After all, it is not a weapon but an accessory. Get your snow boards out, it’s all downhill fast from here! Be sure to thank the NRA for supporting this too!

      6. Keep these filthy, vile Ditch Crickets the hell out of the U.S. as we have more than enough of the filthy diseased mutts here as it is! No mas, no mas Aqui’

        • Si!

      7. This illegal alien mom in all the photos that the fake news media (propagandists) are running….wait for it…has NINE children. Talk about welfare moms!

      8. Bones and bones and skin and bones. Give us your tired huddled masses so we can transport them to the fertilizer plant for processing.

        • Aljamo, those ‘tired huddled masses’ need to go back to where they came from. They need to try to turn their own shithole countries into something better.

          • So true. They seem to have enough wit and energy to tackle border patrols on the US border and previously down near Guatemala. If that same energy was channeled into improving their means when in their own country, things might actually change for the better down there.

      9. Well, that’s encouraging.
        One-third of the problem is self correcting and if we stall them a bit longer, the correction mechanism will spread to the other two-thirds.
        Who says the news is all bad these days?

        • Good point. But what will they do with the bodies? Send them to the rendering plant and make dog food out of them? Do not buy pet food that has “animal by-products” lol.

          • Who cares, they are Mexicos problems as long as they are kept OUT of the USA. I don’t care what the Mexicans do with them, so long as they don’t catapult the bodies over the border.

          • Chorizo and menudo

      10. Ya Basta!! Ya Basta!!

        Get out maricón!

      11. Any of those migrants come to me it won’t be any disease that kills them.

      12. You should understand something about true refugee mitigation if you are tenderhearted and think it’s the Christian thing to do to let them into the USA.

        The primary goal of refugee mitigation is to establish a safe secure temporary environment so actual refugees (not draft dodgers and economic migrants) can get fed, educated, and have health needs attended to. THEN RETURN to their country.

        Why? You never want to create a brain drain nor relocate them into a western country because refugee mitigation is NOT immigration. They have seperate goals. It also is the MOST expensive way to handle refugees by bringing them to the USA.

        In refugee mitigation, if they leave, their nation is WEAKENED and will never improve. Realize that even our most successful true refugees and immigrants in America are impoverished until the second generation. This requires a significant social commitment requiring not only refugee counselors but ten volunteers for every counselor to faciltate locating a job and coping with American culture and language skills.

        America has had the most success in history with refugee mitigation because we RARELY just accept refugees but are almost always the top significant giver of economic aid to agencies like UNHCR.

        It takes THREE YEARS in a refugee camp to vet them now due to the threat of terrorism.

        This means allowing illegal aliens who are economc migrants, diseased, are mostly young men, who don’t qualify for asylum, are in no way suitable for refugees to become American residents to transition to citizenship.

        The reason the USA has had success when we rarely admit them is the USA is vast in land and so at least initially, they are dispursed across a wide geographic region so they will not adversely affect elements like healthcare, law enforcement, and education.

        • “In refugee mitigation, if they leave, their nation is WEAKENED and will never improve.”

          So very true. Yesterday, I heard someone on the news note that there are more Somali doctors in Chicago than in Somalia.

          • Decades ago, some educated Africans admitted to me that there were so few PhDs in their home nation, that it seriously damages their culture when they leave for better opportunities in America. These folks are the same kind who would have been actively involved in highly specialized occupations and then political leadership.

            The same case is true for granting education and marriage visas and even adoptions. There is an extreme cost.

            One pundit was invited to Mexico and stated that Mexico had lost ten percent of their populace to the USA. Now this has both positive and negative effects as it’s a pressure relief valve as perhaps the criminal element leaves but also even ordinary folks or the educated leave too.

            Don’t forget what Castro did by ejecting criminals and even insane people on a forced boatlift.

      13. People with tuberculosis or aids just walked 1800 miles?

        • Yep and they carried clean clothes and food and water for the journey too!

          • Stall them long enough and they will either go home , die on the Mexican streets or be sent home by Mexico. When in Mexico, they are a MEXICAN problem.

          • That must have been quite the BoB.☺

            • They call it a “Roberto” bag lol.

          • Genius, they had clean clothes, food, and water? That’s the scam run by Catholic Charities USA. They’re the ones responsible for bringing all of the foreigners in. Stinkin’ Catholics.

            • Don’t just blame the Catholics. The Lutherans also play a huge part in settling these people; the Jews also bring them in. They are given a huge amount of money by the feds for settling these people. I know in the case of families, they’re given $20,000 per family to settle them. If they don’t spend this much, they get to keep the spare money. Money is a huge motivator for these religious groups; not charity.

        • Just like Ebola…strict Quarantine them , CLOSE AND SEAL THE BORDER, and treat them (or not) where they are…just don’t let them leave or cross the border. CONTAINMENT of the contagion is the ONE THING it seems that the medical authorities and UN repeated FAIL UTTERLY to do. instead its like a baby rolling in its own vomit..it smears the contagion ALL OVER THE PLACE for no good reason.

        • Yes they got out of the bus and walked a few steps for each photo shoot.

        • You mean bussed? walking was for the cameras.

      14. One of the first known uses of biological warfare was during the Ottoman Empire…circa i cant remember.
        Anyway they would catapult diseased carcasses into the enemy’s camp.
        Maybe we should start building catapults..free return shipping so to speak

        • Send them blankets infected with smallpox, you know like we did before.

      15. If Mexico had thought that Trump would close the border, and refuse to let them in, then Mexico would have stopped them at their southern border. They gambled that we would take them in, as refugees or asylum seekers. They lost the gamble, and now Mexico can pay the price. Screw em all. And yes, use ‘any’ force required to keep them out…including lethal force if necessary. The hell with what the rest of the world thinks. !!!!!

          • Genius, ROTFLMAO! One of the best music videos I’ve ever seen!

      16. Chicken pox…… yeah they also have POP guns…. hahaha. Think of all that life long immunity they will have.

      17. Trump is better than Hillary Clinton would be.

        This is the first batch. If they are not prevented from entering the USA, our great Country is ?? is history with one batch of sick migrants after another overwhelming and collapsing the US entirely.


        • At least they are being treated. If nothing else, we can thank Trump for isolating and treating people who otherwise would be causing epidemic illness here.

          But many sick people are already here. Wash your hands. Avoid crowds.


        • It would have been better if hillary had been installed. Trump has only slowed the inevitable disaster and cannot stop the agenda.

          Trump’s presidency has only allowed the delusional to go back to sleep.

      18. Surprise Surprise!!! Now you see why life expertise are dropping.

      19. “…and a sign reading “No Spitting” had to be put up because coughing and spitting by migrants are rampant…”

        This seems to be a common problem with immigrants from certain areas of the world. I see them spitting here where they gather and wait in parking lots to be picked up as day laborers. I see the results around formerly nice, not fancy, shopping malls (corner malls, strip malls, etc.) where big gobs of whatever they chew is spat onto the pavement leaving black globs upon black globs. I won’t go to some grocery stores because I don’t want to step on that goop; it’s not worth the risk of bringing something home on my shoes. Same thing with some banks or ATMs.

        And yes, I’ve noticed the “No Spitting” signs appearing in some areas. They seem to be ignored a lot.

      20. Natural selection

      21. I don’t believe this AT ALL.

        These militant gangs are extremely healthy.

        They are sent here to mame, kill and destroy all of us and our country.

        They just want to blame the coming plagues on these gangs.

        Wake up folks and STAY AWAKE.

      22. I Don’t believe this AT ALL!

        These militant gangs sent here are extremely healthy.

        They’ve been sent here to mame, kill and destroy us all.

        Wake up, people. AND STAY AWAKE. Don’t believe every thing they want us to swallow.

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