Harry Dent Launches Dent Tactical ETF (DENT)

by | Sep 16, 2009 | Harry Dent

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    For investors who want to take advantage of the demographic, economic, and financial research from HS Dent Investments take a look at their new ETF (ticker: DENT). The ETF is available for trading as of September 16, 2009.

    HS Dent will use a combination of economic insight and relative strength to determine the portfolio composition of the ETF.  HS Dent believes this strategy is appropriate for the current economic situation because it allows the ETF to follow trends as they emerge in what is expected to be a very volatile market over the next several years.  In addition, the ETF can become “defensive”, rotating to hold very short duration (less than one year) fixed income, if the financial markets begin to deteriorate and the relative strength of potential investments weakens.

    Throughout its history HS Dent has worked to bring clients the best economic insights possible, using such tools as demographic trends and predictable consumer spending patterns to estimate changes in GDP, inflation, and other important benchmarks for different countries around the world.  During much of the 1990s and 2000s HS Dent was forecasting economic growth.  As we have long warned in our research, the period beginning in 2008-2009 would be very difficult.  It is for this reason that we think a more flexible investment approach, like the one we use in the Dent Tactical ETF, could be effective.

    DENT Fact Sheet

    Education on Demographics

    DENT Prospectus


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