Gerald Celente: Will Gaddafi Hit London, Paris, or New York With Bio Warfare or a Dirty Bomb?

by | Mar 21, 2011 | Gerald Celente | 41 comments

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    As the United States and coalition partners embroil themselves in yet another war and likely foreign occupation, Gerald Celente says that the implications of military action in Libya could be far reaching. From Celente’s latest (March 21, 2011) Trend Alert available to Trends Journal subscribers:

    Only in a mad political science fiction movie could a President engaged in perpetuating two unjust, immoral, interminable and expensive wars begun by his predecessor, take his nation into yet another unjust, immoral, expensive and, in all likelihood, interminable war … and expect a happy ending!

    Eight years of war in Iraq and 11 in Afghanistan has resolved nothing and served only to inflame anti-American sentiment around the world, drain the US treasury, kill and wound hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of innocent people and destroy the lives, limbs and souls of thousands of American troops.

    Batting zero on the battle field, the mad political scientists have stepped up to the plate again. Despite nothing but failure, President Obama has decided, unilaterally, to squander still more American men and money in a war on Libya, promising that this time he won’t strike out.

    In what could be a casting call for a mad sci-fi movie starring the Three Stooges, America’s newest Decider-in-Chief fights from the safety of the Oval Office while his equally battle-unscarred and chicken-hearted French and British counterparts, Nicolas “Sarko the American” Sarkozy and David (Eton/Oxford, what else?) Cameron lead the charge from the plush distance of the Palais de l’Élysée and 10 Downing Street.

    What’s Next? Having accurately predicted, at their onsets, that the Afghan and Iraq wars would be failures, we now predict that war with Libya will not only be equally unsuccessful, but could have even graver global implications. Will Gaddafi fold without a fight? Or, faced by defeat and certain death, will he hit London, Paris, or New York with bio warfare, a dirty bomb or other tactic?

    Absent a worst-case terror attack, even if the “broad coalition” overthrows and kills Qaddaifi, it will not amount to victory any more than executing Saddam Hussein and routing the Taliban has brought victory to Iraq and Afghanistan.

    If it feels as though the world is spinning out of control, that’s because it is … and at breakneck speed! In just the past few months, revolution has engulfed the entire Middle East and North Africa. In just the past week a gigantic earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown has crippled Japan. And war, (under whatever guise; e.g., “humanitarian crisis” or “answering the call of a threatened people”) has been declared on Libya.

    The trend to the “1st Great War of the 21st Century” is accelerating. Events are happening so quickly that it is nearly impossible for us to compile, absorb, analyze and distill the voluminous information in our Trend Alerts before they are eclipsed by the cascade of new events.

    Gerald Celente is the editor and publisher of the Trends Journal.


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      1. Anybody have a Lat/Long of that cave up North and that tent down South?  What’s up with the frogs?

      2. What’s the price of gold and silver today Mushroom?

      3. Just yesterday my family and I were discussing the events in the middle east with those very words: “The world is spinning out of control…”  It sure feels like it.  I believe that Iraq and Afghanistan had the potential to be wrapped up by now, and that we’ve missed the opportunity to do just that.  I fear that history will look back on our advances in those nations as the “preview” of the Great War (in Celente’s words) that is coming; and I can’t help but wonder if the battles in Libya are the first battles of that very war.  I can’t help but find it interesting (insert sarcasm here) that a holocaust-level genocide took place in Rwanda — the very definition of “human rights violation” — and the United States didn’t bat an eyelash.  But oh no!  Libya experiences revolution and its little trickle of oil shuts off, and BAM!  We (and Britain and France, representing Europe’s oil interests) are right there!  It’s unbelievable how transparent the motives of the “first world” nations have become, and how flimsy the excuses for their involvement in these conflicts have grown. 

      4. Where might I find the official declaration of war(s). Inquiring minds want to know. (all ten of them).

      5. I’m amazed this whole thing has held together as long as it has.
        A False Flag Event geared to move the country into Martial Law appears to be the end game imho. From there “they” will start to reveal themselves, and we finally see who is really calling the shots.
        Good Luck Folks

      6. I thought that Obama was anti-war?  At least that’s what he said when he was trying to get votes before the last presidential election.  In fact, when I think back to all the things that he criticized Bush about he’s actually a total liar and hypocrite!  Obama is actually not much different than Bush except he’s for even bigger government and spends even more money.  And how is it that he’s still popular after all his lies and hypocracy, after spending all that money and his economic plan didn’t work?  There’s no jobs.  Inflation is starting to punch us right in the gut while we are back on the ropes.  And now he wants to start another war?  Is this his way of spending more money?  He’s like a woman with a purse full credit cards.  I mean every card every store has every offered.  And he just can’t stop spending.  He can’t see reason or financial discipline.  He’s a spend-a-holic on the binge of a lifetime.  If we could afford it we would be left to pay the bill but we can’t afford it.  This time our currency will be destroyed and this will play into the hands of the globalists that don’t love America but want to create a one world government and monetary system.  So why is Obama still very popular considering our economy is swirling around the porcelin altar and falling into the abyss of a septic tank progressive’s wet dream?  It’s because these people are hopelessly blind to seeing him for who he is.  They are blinded by their own sin and compromise away from biblical truth.  If you know the truth it will set you free but if you don’t know the truth then you are stuck if the twilight zone of another reality.  No matter how hard people try they can’t make a lie into the truth.  You can’t make evil, good or good, evil.  But you can confuse some.  The way I see it we are heading off a cliff and there are those that want to see it happen.  Many of them are people in our government and in various positions of power around the world.  I would say to consider the possibilities and prepare accordingly.  First, humble yourself to your pride that has kept you from the one who gave all he had, even his life, for you.  Yes, if you don’t have Jesus then nothing else matters much. 

      7. @slim

        gold has temporarily bumped up a little to 1427 as we speak. this won’t last long. my prediction is that gold will fall to less than 500 by the end  of this year.

        the dollar just hit 75,55 in another show of massive strength in the face of libyan terorists, japanese nuclear stupidities and mexican mafia border narco-raiders.
        i strongly suggest that intelligent investors save as many crisp new uncirculated ten (10) dollarfederal reserve notes as possible. THESE DOLLARS ARE THE TRUE RESERVE CURRENCY OF THE ENTIRE WORLD.

      8. Mushroom, I think you’re wrong. The gold/silver prices will increase in 6 to 12+ months from now. you’ll see that the dollars will crash as the way I see it in events of the world.
        Gold/Silver Collector

      9. Mushroom, I think you’re wrong. The gold/silver prices will increase in 6 to 12+ months from now. you’ll see that the dollars will crash as the way I see it in events of the world.
        Gold/Silver Collector

      10. Are there no golf courses in South America?
        The silverbacks ass is getting bigger every day! Must be some good eats in the White House…that WE pay for.

      11. “…it forecast gold prices rallying to a record $1,480 an ounce in three months on declining U.S. real interest rates.
        The bank said in a note sent on Friday it still expects gold prices to reach a peak in 2012 as U.S. interest rates are set to rise with the economy continues to recover and has a six-month gold view at $1,565 an ounce, and a 12-month forecast at $1,690 an ounce.
        “Given the decline in U.S. real interest rates, we see the recent retracement in gold prices as offering a good buying opportunity, and maintain our long gold trading recommendation as we expect gold to rally to our three-month price target of $1,480 an ounce,” it said.
        Bullion XAU= rose more than 1 percent Friday to $1,418 an ounce on lingering political uncertainty despite Libya’s declaration of a cease-fire. It hit a record high of $1,444.40 an ounce on March 7.
        “Optimism over the state of the global economic recovery at the start of the year, which drove U.S. real interest rates sharply higher, has been tempered by the ongoing events in the Middle East and North Africa and Japan…setting the stage for the next gold price rally…”

      12. @ mushy
        “my prediction is that gold will fall to less than 500 by the end of this year.”
        I’ll take that trade all day long.

      13. It would seem like the world is spinning out of controll, but the truth is, the people who are really running the world know exactly what they’re doing. When they turn America into a 3rd world country and have every last nickle bled out of everyone then they’ll show their faces. Even our politicians don’t work for us they work for the lobbyist and their bosses.

      14. @mushroom & Jeff1 – Gold will pull back and shed about a thousand dollars before it moves to all time highs, so you’re both right short term, but look at what the dollar is doing…  it has hit its support level near 75 four times!

        p.s. the fifth time’s a charm!
        Once it breaks that level it is down for the count for your USD and anyone who holds that hot potato – I’m guessing that would be you two? Sorry you lose, good luck playing next time, just keep paying attention to the war… its there to distract you from what’s really going on, seems like your falling for it hook line and sinker!!!

      15. Celente doesn’t take a shit without a prediction.
        He has made thousands.
        Celente predictions always contain conditions, such as “could” or “should.”
        This… guy…. talk… like… he’s…. had…. one…. too… many… strokes.  Like the little fella that always got his lunch money liberated from himself daily.  He gets a very ambiguous prediction right for every 999 he gets wrong.
        You Chicken Little Charlie McFester’s don’t get it.   America is the #1 industrial superpower of the known universe.
        I predict there WILL be billions of dollars of old inedible prepper foods going out to the landfills by 2030.
        Here’s to the suckers that last week bought thousands of used, 50 year old Civil Defense Geiger counters for 10X their real value off eBay.
        And to you, the preppers that bought doses of KI for 100X the value they were a month ago.
        And to you, the people too fat and lazy to take your trash out to the curb, never planted a thing in their life, but you’re buying several hundred dollars of seeds.  HA

      16. The Proverbs say:  Like one who grabs a dog by his ears is one who meddles in a quarrel not his own. 

        Once again the Late Great USA has involved itself in something that is none of its damned business.  Once again we stick our long and ugly nose into another countries affairs.  Once again we spend millions we don’t have trying to police the world. 

        We will NEVER learn.

      17. My money is a dirty rad bomb on US soil, false flag or not will give the impetus needed to make the industrial-military-homeland-security complex machine profits and hiring well into the 2020’s.

        Smart money is to line up a job now.

      18. The elite will take gold and silver back down Mush.  They will make money on the way down and make money on the way up AND they will buy physical at the bottom.  In the end they will own most of it if not all of it.  None of it is mine after I’m gone but it is damn good insurance while I’m around.  Try and buy physical when it corrects and you’ll pay a pretty spread premium and probably wait.  Most people that do think they understand gold/silver don’t understand how powerful it will be.  Once you let it go it can and will be most difficult to get back with future events unfolding.

      19. Real & others: Predictions/date setters:    I agree about Celente, also Lindsey Williams, Stan Monteith, Steve Quayle and the World Net Daily people, the prophecy club show, and many others.. none of these guys have solutions for the country (just prep. yourselves for a meltdown) or produce any results.  Conservative/patriot writers and dvd u tube producers all say the same: prep.  because that’s  all you can do anyway.  The long term foods are  really awful crap;  I got rid of some 10 years ago.  Buy from the stores in your local area.  These guys will lose their credibilty if they haven’t already.  Quayle and WND  predicted total meltdown in y2k. Yet people still donate to them.

      20. I would like to clear up something..
        “Americans” are not the problem..the general populous of the USA are not in support.

        The problem isnt the people of these nations, its the people and regimes running those countries, and governments..

        same with the dictatorship of a nation, the people of these nations dont support being used either..

        WE THE PEOPLE of these countries as its citizens are not the problem.

        yet all of those within the borders of these countries get painted with a brush from thier innept governments..including all countries.

        its wrong, and the governments need to go back to serving the citizens , instead of themselfs..its freaking obvious,, they do it right in your face, all of them.
        Wake up people

      21. All I keep hearing is all this doom and gloom talk about economic, financial collapse, WW3,etc. as if it was imminent and going to happen days and weeks from now.
        All this fear mongering and predictions from the people listed above, have been wrong. All the doom/gloomer, preppers are anticipating a major event that will cause “THE” collapse but I hate to break the bad news, its not going to happen.
        How many times have predictions of false flag events have not happened. I think all this hardcore prepping and mass consumption of precious metals is a waste.
        The U.S. will reign supreme in this universe for another 30 to 50 years at least. We’ve been blessed for a while now, you shouldn’t have anything to fear in this country.

      22. @sanityjones

        You’ll find the declaration of war right next to his birth certificate.

      23. Real,
        What I don’t get is what a premadonna prick like you is doing at a site like this in the first place.
        You seem to be awfully concerned with what others might or might not be doing?

      24. Real, a prepper should not have paid 100x the price of KI. It’s been in our prep stash for a while now.

      25. Some People call it, “fear mongering” and incorrect, “predictions” while others call it weighing the odds and anticipating events based on current facts. It’s kind of like football, the teams try to anticipate the next play and weigh the odds of success or failure. No one ever says the linebacker is, “fear mongering” when he talks about anticipating a run up the middle that fails to materialize while the quarterback closes his eyes and completes a hail mary, what are the odds things will stay the same?

        “It will always be Summertime” predicted the grasshopper to the Little Red Hen.

        “…there are absolutely no tools that allow central bankers to know how much money is too much and how stimulative the money supply has become in advance of considerable price inflation actually showing up in the economy. And by then it is too late. The result is either inflation verging on hyperinflation or, more likely a wretched economic slowdown that may well verge in this case on a Depression.”

        Gold: A Valuable Thing to Store

        “Economic value is subjective. It is imputed. Buyers compete against buyers; sellers compete against sellers; and people’s assessments of future conditions are always changing.

        These changes drive prices up or down. People have subjective assessments of the objective future. They also have expectations regarding other people’s subjective assessments of the future. Through competitive bidding, people establish objective prices in various markets.

        The important fact to understand here is that objective prices are the result of competitive bids by people with subjective assessments of the future: immediate and more distant assessments…

        We read that the price of gold has not changed. Only the price of the dollar has changed. Again, this is obvious nonsense. The price of gold went over $1,000 in March 2008, only to fall to about $750 five months later. Yet consumer prices did not change.

        The lesson here ought to be that gold is not a measure of value. Then what is? Nothing is, any more than there is a measure for the value of a virtuous woman.

        Individuals impute value. They think something is valuable to them at this moment. This can change, moment to moment. People are constantly changing their assessments of what items or services are worth to them…”

        How many countries have to be involved in war before it’s considered a world war?


        Amercanxico has always been at war with Libraqistan.

        Nothing new to see here, pray for our troops, move along. 

      27. Screw the troops, they bought the lie, Natural Selection at its finest, their parents are idiots for letting them join the Security force for the Fed Bank, Military Industrial Complex, Big Oil, Big Pharma and the NWo. All wars are false, Fake Propaganda for the Greediest in the world.

      28. Comments…..Screw the Troops, they bought the lie, Because they are stupid, Natural Selection at it’s finest. Bravo, NWO, Fed, Military Industrial Complex, BIg OIl, Pharma, you tricked the weak minded in this country.

      29. Celente is not the only one who is worried. 

        Glenn Beck stressed several times tonight to “be prepared”.  Physically (as in food, water), spiritually and in a leadership role to help through the rough times headed our way.

        He’s got a good show planned for this week – starting tomorrow he begins to expose Financial terrorists aming to destroy the Western way of life.  I only hope he has enough proof so that something can be done to convict them or stop them.

        Man I wish I had enough cash to go buy 200 acres.  Or at least a good survival group to buy it with – we can afford about 15-20 acres.  I’m so afraid we’re gonna need it.

      30. American soilders; is there any country you won’t attack? Is there any order you won’t obey? Without a declaration of war or even a congressional authorization, you are just acting as the president’s personal army. Sorry I don`t “support the troops”

      31. Comments… mom-if you can pay cash for 15-20 acres you should do it now…don’t wait for someone to share it with. you can always dig a good rootcellar and pitch a tent.  glen beck is right…get prepared and stay prepared for anything and everything if you can.  you don’t have tospend a fortune to do this…it takes common sense and doing your homework!

      32. Nice Dollar chart on this one:

        “We are now going to see the dollar get absolutely hammered for the next couple of months. The viability of the dollar as a currency will be questioned. There is a decent chance it may start to lose its status as the world’s reserve currency. (Coincidentally about the time everyone becomes convinced the dollar is going to hyper inflate that will be the point where the three year cycle low will bottom and we will see an explosive rally, along the same lines as what happened in the latter half `08.)

        This is what all the top pickers in gold and silver fail to understand. They are all trying to call a top based on charts without any understanding of what is happening to the currency…”

      33. caryn said, “ga mom-if you can pay cash for 15-20 acres you should do it now…don’t wait…”
        Right, there’s no better time than Now to catch a falling knife.
        Mobility ain’t a bad thing.

      34. When the bombs stop falling Gaddaffi will be lucky to find a toilet that hasn’t been damaged. His days are over.
        Color him gone.

      35. I read that too Clark.  Interesting. 

        At $500/oz there won’t be any physical to be had.  Dream on Mush.

      36. EyeFloater………

        You need to go to the eye doctor because you can’t even see the writing on the wall.  Or maybe you are a little slow?  It’s going to happen but when is the question.  All the news is bad.  All the trends are going the same way.  I just hope we crash while Obama is still in office so he get’s some credit for the damage he has done.

      37. You crack me up tom!  We all live in a yellow submarine.

      38. Anyone who quotes Glen Beck as a source is clueless (I’m only trying to help). Try asking yourself who the money man is who OWNS the network that Beck is on. And then ask yourself WHY does that money man WANT Glen Beck to say what he says? What is the motivation? If you think that Beck is on TV performing some kind of public service, then you are DEEPLY lost in the matrix.

      39. Mushroom…read rich dad’s guide to investing in gold and silver.  The crisp 10 dollar bill thing is getting old man.  I know you jest..but try another line.

      40. ACHTUNG.! ! !

        does anyone know what states you can spend gold and silver coins as legal tender for the value of their gold (or silver) content. i just read that the utah legislature passed a bill allowing this and the bill is awaiting the governor’s signiture.

      41.    If you buy extra food and hand tools, etc. and the S does not HTF you can eat your mistake. I am unsure of the “out in the country” thing. I suspect that nowhere would be completely safe in a Mad Max scenerio. A meltdown would probably not be complete, but if the past few years have taught us anything, it is to “never say never”. 
           Looters would have a a greatly shortened lifespan. I think most of your adversaries will perish quickly or be persuaded to look for another means of subsistence when they realize that poeple with supplies will not just hand them over. Those with supplies would be just as desperate to keep them as others would be to take them.
           I do not consider myself a pessimist, but with any major glitch in our present societal system (such as coronal mass ejection or other disaster of choice), a “culling of the herd” would occur. America as it existed in the 19th cantury could not possibly support our current numbers. If it is any consolation, many parts of the world are in the same boat. The Arab oil states are a glaring example. Without water desalinization, few people can live there. In a “grid down” situation most of them would die quite quickly.

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