Gerald Celente: “There’s No Way That They Can Keep the System Afloat”

by | Jun 18, 2010 | Gerald Celente | 32 comments

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    Gerald Celente joins RT on June 18, 2010:

    The entire system is collapsing. We’ve been saying this since the crash began since 2008. They’re only trying to pump it up with stimulus money and it’s not working. So, we’re going to see more unemployment. There’s no way that they can keep the system afloat by just dumping more money into it. The debt levels keep rising.

    The system is collapsing, as was discussed in Sooner or Later the Deflationary Depression and Purging Will Come, and the only way they have been able to keep asset prices in things like stocks and real estate from falling through the floor is by slamming Trillions of dollars into it.

    Eventually it will become apparent to everyone who is living in la-la land that there is no way to maintain the lives we’ve all come to know over the last 30 years. The spending, the debt, and living beyond our means as individuals and as a country is going to stop whether we like it or not.

    And when the situations for millions of Americans becomes desperate, we can expect to see protests and riots.

    According to Gerald Celente, governments will respond as they have in the past:

    They’ll do what all countries do when the people are uprising. They’re gonna stamp it down.

    Our advice, get out of the way. Ideally, you’ll want to be out of the city and head to rural America. If you do not have the ability to do this, then we recommend staying out of the way when the SHTF in your city’s streets.

    Watch Gerald Celente on RT:


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      1. We predict we have about 6 months until SHTF…….

        Get ready boys and girls for total ciaos, crime, blood in the streets…..

      2. I don’t know how imminent the collapse is, and I’ve just now given up guessing. I’ve only been waiting for a economic, societal or global crunch for 20 years now, and I know it will come, but I’m starting to get a little numb about the warnings. The only real live doom I’ve encountered (I’m not talking terrorist attacks or false flags) in all that time is the GOM oil volcano.  The PTB seem to keep the whole darn mess chugging along nicely (for them).

      3. I’ve been reading and hearing about this “doomsday economic crash that entails MadMax living scenarios” for 30 years.
        I have heard people crying wolf for so long that I no longer believe any single pronostication or timeline.
        I’m burned out of worrying about it.

      4. The first time I heard about Gerald Celente was Feb 2009.
        (Search,,,,,gerald celente worst economic collapse ever on youtube,,,)
        I later researched a UPI story posted in the fall of 2007.In it Celente is quoted that ” giants will fall ” and a 90% Dollar devaluation was coming.The man seems to know what’s coming and people have been given fair warning with many of his forecasts.The only reason the commercial real estate collapse he predicted for 2009 didn’t happen was government decided to intervene, with Taxpayer funded Stimulus. He has provided a lot of insight into what is facing this country, and the world. There are a lot of variables that hinder the ability to pinpoint exact dates for things to occur. But this guy has been real close. I tend to listen to what he says as it is more in tune to what I see going on compared to what the main stream media would have me believe.

      5. Not having a place to run to in rural America, I will just have to “get out of the way” when things get worse.  In the meantime, I will get my preps ready.

      6. The country is in serious demise. 

        1. We have a idiot with a talent for speaking as president.  Yeah you Obama, your worthless as tits on a boar otherwise. 
        2. Mexican nationals are pouring over the southern border.  It’s the sequel to the Alamo on a gargantuan scale.  May all these illegals end up on D.C. street corners to hawk their bean tacos.
        3. The U.S. dollar is being trashed by Fed bozo Ben Bernanke and his fleet of Model 24/7/365 printing presses. 
        4. Our Congress is so worthless I would not waste piss on any of them if they caught  fire.
        5. Our military are being murdered on their home bases in the U.S. by Muslim gunmen in uniform.
        6. The only job growth is government jobs in Washington D.C., the most incestuous city in the history of man.   Sodom and Gommorah would blush at the perversity that exists in that town. 

        Yeah, I’d say we have 6 months left.  I hope.   Long live the South.    D.C. can go to hell. 

      7. Dr Simon, what makes you say 6 mos? Timing is not an easy thing to get right.

      8. For the last 4 years or so i’m preparing myself and family for what may follow. In this site i found some answers and good directions to complete my efforts.
        Now that the global economy is actually in decline, i’m starting to have doubts on how this will be done by the “heads”.
        I’m not sure anymore if this is an artificial situation which got out of control.
        I’m afraid that they are trying to impose us the global governance, and global financial ministry. They will create jobs of $500 per month (take it or leave it), and we will work like bees all day long.
        Anyone of you who has read the 1984 book, knows what i mean.
        So i’m not sure if we have 6 months or 2 years until the SHTF.
        What i’m afraid that there will be a continuous supress of the masses, with no visible way out.
        In this scenario, even our own death will not be allowed.
        If there is God at all, i wish He help us.

      9. I agree with paul revere, I also incourage people to give up on voting like I did 25 years ago. All  politicians are liars, crooks and corp. shills.   All hope is gone,  so prep. family and keep a low profile.  Network with like minded people for bartering later on.   Don’t tell others what you have stored, even your close friends and relatives. It will be everyone for themselves.

      10. Paul Revere…..I say ditto to all 6 points!

        I too have heard the doom-sayers  for  20 years,  but this time it is different.  It truly was over, back in ’08 when our government threw out 200 years of  law  and started this bailout crap  and the TBTF  bullsh*t.   Notice how no one in government is talking about how will we pay for all this, anymore?  Now it is just  spend, spend, spend to the END!

        I agree with Celente,  if you live in a major population center,  make every effort to get away from there.   Every  city is going  to burn.
        I consider myself lucky being a hick hillbilly……no one comes here now,  and  I don’t think when the SHTF,  anyone will come around here , either.   You city boys need to find that place, where you can secure yourselves and families….just my opine.

        Who knew there would be a time again, when the luckiest guy in the world would be the ‘ol boy who gets to squirrel hunt everyday!

      11. Manos, 

        In regards to your comments about global governance of the United States you are right on.  

        Obama, Geithner, and Bernanke are part of a conspiracy to drive the United States so far into debt that we will default.   The plan is to make good on our debt by allowing foreign intervention/ownership/domination of U.S. based assets including land, resources, and the citizens (for their use as a pool of labor) that reside in the respective areas each will take control of.   We know Obama’s objective is to destroy the United States as it exists under the U.S. Constitution today and turn it into various economic zones for exploitation by foreign powers and banking cartels.   Once the United States ceases to exist as a ‘world power Constitutional Republic’ it will then be relegated to the status of a equal partner to all other nations and subject to all of the same decrees issued by the world government.   Obama has been assured of a position in this world governing body as incentive to see the destruction of the Constitutional Republic through to completion. 

        Key time to watch is November 2010.   If for any reason the November elections are cancelled or postponed (say, by a preceding false flag event) then we can be certain that the process of dismantling the Constitutional Republic is definitely under way and will not be put off under any circumstances so Obama meets the timetable he has been given. 
        Success or failure to hold the November elections will be key in telling us the extent that the ‘powers to be’ are willing to go to maintain their takeover schedule.

        The biggest concern for Obama and his conspirators right now is that more and more American citizens are loudly raising the alarm about the various forms of degradation being implemented to destroy our national sovereignty and so we can expect strong response (false flag attack) from the conspirators in an attempt to drive the citizens to get behind Obama just as Bush did after 911 and the Iraq war.  

        The more devastating the next false flag attack the more desperate we know the conspirators are to steer the straying sheep back into the fold for the eventual slaughter of our remaining rights, liberties, and way of  life.                       

      12. Celente crawled forth from a hole to exploit the bad economy two years after Peter Schiff spoke his prediction (2006) and a year after Marc Faber said the recession had begun (August 2007).
        Celente blathers about a “system” and yet does not name it nor describe it. That’s typical fear-mongering persuasion.
        Celente has egg on is face. There have been no riots, even though he said would happen by no, and it does not look like there are going to be riots at all, at least not caused from the economy.
        Unemployment for urban blacks in some areas has pushed 50% and we see no riots.
        Celente reveals his lack of understanding of economics and economy every time he speaks about such.
        Celente is nothing more than an opportunist who is trying to cash in on the fear and uncertainty of hard times.
        Celente gets introduced as a guy who predicted X, Y, and Z over the last 10 to 20 years, but then you never hear of the 1,000s of failed prediction made by him.
        Celente seems like a con man, a hustler, a fraud.

      13. Even though I agree with some of the things Celente says, he has ruined his crediblilty by trying to time his predictions.  It can’t be done folks.  Timing is almost impossible because so many things come into play.   Celente is a showman who is very entertaining to listen to but he has been wrong more times than he has been right.  This stuff is guess work, plain and simple.  If anyone gets the timing right they are lucky.

      14. Paul,

        You wrote:  …national sovereignty and so we can expect strong response (false flag attack) from the conspirators in an attempt to drive the citizens to get behind Obama just as Bush did after 911 and the Iraq war.

        I was surfing around the other day and came up with this article:
        Even though i always try to be objective, this article presents logical arguments. Nobody knows our future but, here is the false flag attack.

      15. I too believe it’s all BS. I started believing  the survival hype  back in the 70’s  at the  first gas shortage. (google those images) It was  BS then and it’s BS now.
        Good and bad  times are created by people that know  how to pull our strings.  They know exactly how we will react. We have seen the gas shortage, the coffee shortage, the sugar shortage,the toilet paper shortage.  It never stops. If you want to control the populace just start a shortage rumor. Prime example right now is the AMMO SHORTAGE. Wal-Mart stopped  the 6 box limit the other day. You can buy all you want now. I so glad I survived the AMMO SHORTAGE .
        It’s all a marketing scam. Pink salmon for sale, guaranteed not to turn white.
        I almost forgot. I survived the Y2K scam also.

        Something  IS  happening in the world and it is going as planned. And we the people are  doing exactly as they predicted. 

        This isn’t about us.  It’s about those that control us.

        Just look at the third world countries if you want to see survival or subsistence living. We are a long way from Zimbabwe or Argentina or even worse case  Sudan.

        Get on with your lives. Tell your wives and children you love them. Greet those you meet with a smile cause you more than likely  going to die from the ills of old age.

        And  IF  the SHTF, the lucky ones will die first. 

      16. The powers that be have pulled every trick in the book to delay the inevitable. That is the only reason there haven’t been riots in the streets. But they are coming to the bottom of their bag of tricks and it won’t be long before the bottom falls out. And there are going to be a lot of angry people.

      17. Comments….. Common sense tells you something big is about to happen.  The state lies, and propaganda being spread is becoming overshadowed by the plain , in your face reality of what is seen by all. Everyone knows we aren’t coming out of this mess without some big changes coming about.   It’s too late to stop what has been set  in motion.  Things will change, but they may not be what everyone hopes for.  There is much pain coming for all.  People have an idea of what’s coming, but no one will believe the scope of the trouble we will face, and go through.   I say bring it on, as the sooner we face the music, the sooner we will be started to a real new direction.  And yes, there will be blood.

      18. Disagree on six months. However, Russia presented a “new world curency coin” at the G-8 Summit and elaborated on how we are all “interdependent”.

        The International Banksters have bankcrupted US, now they are going to impose a new currency on everybody, including US. Notably there was no picture of the coin in the article. It probably has an emblem of the UN on the front and a picture of the earth on the back. Maybe it even says E PLURIBUS UNUM 🙂

        The international banksters will subjugate us based upon the ratio of dollars to the new currency. What little relative wealth we have will be determined by how much gold, silver, (or oil) we own; which is why the central bankers are buying gold on the open market, including Russia and China, who both buy ALL of their countries production.

        Time to crank up the mine!

      19. All Obama’s bullshit programs Health care, Cap and Tax, Open borders, Bank Bailouts, Estate Tax, Vat Tax, Water Bottle Tax, Cash for Clunkers, Cash for Appliances, State Bailouts, Union Bailouts, Euro Bailouts, etc……..aren’t working.  

        The corrupt Obama  regime is about to unleash it’s next failed strategy…………war with Iran. 

      20. All is not well with our poor world as a whole boys & girls. Look around you and run some of the numbers for yourselves. It’s a foregone conclusion that the US Government can’t keep borrowing, printing and spending money like they are presently doing. At a certain point these actions become unsustainable. The circus can’t go on forever.

        Does anyone have any idea of just how much money the US would have to commit on an annual basis in order to pay off our national debt in 20 years? What social programs would have to be cut or done away with completely. That on top of the fact that all of this defecit spending would have to some to a screeching halt IMMEDIATELY!!!

        I don’t pretend to have any idea of exactly what it will be or a time line for the coming event; but the US Government is going to have to instigate something in the very near term to take the citizen’s minds off our financial woes. War with North Korea? War with Iran? Terrorist ‘mega-attack’ on the US? It isn’t going to be friendly or fun.

        Good luck and God Bless to all & a peaceful Father’s Day to all the dads out there.

      21. Comments…..  There will be some kind of false flag event soon enough.  You can take that to the bank—if there is a bank to take it to.  I see more and more people people starting to ask questions about the endless “happy” news the government keeps putting out. Especially the employment numbers. 

             my boss’s wife works for the census bureau, and yes, they do fire them each month and re-hire them to doctor up the monthly employment figures.  if they doctor the books there, you can bet every other thing they tell you is a lie.

             I have been following celente for quite a while.  I started writing down his and other trend forcasters predictions some time ago.  Celente’s forcasts have been right on the money as far as I’m concerned.  Right now though, it doesn’t take a genuis to see a trend developing, just some common sense, and a little knowledge of history.

             As a nation, we are totally screwed, and doomed to third world type destiny, unless, things change radically. I don’t see that happening.  Most sheeple just don’t see the scope of how bad things really are—but they will. And that’s the scary part.  Good luck.

      22. The Sunday morning Ken Paulson entered my living room saying we needed to bail out big banks or we as a nation would do a flash back to the 30’s was the time I started surfing the net for answers.  I came across Celente at that time and found his information interesting and credible (he does repeat himself a lot tho.)  With his web site, this one and a few others, I have found people who question the government’s happy green shoots, and poly-anna predictions, and serious BS reports. 

        Thanks for all of your opinions.   I do enjoy knowing I am not alone. 

      23. I agree scab.  i can find articles calling for the u.s. going bankrupt, collapsing, etc. from the early 2000’s, 90’s, and 80’s.  It ‘s been going on forever.  Same thing now.

      24. I have been listening to Celente and Schiff for almost two years now and would have my financial house in order, however, my husband, his family, and my family think I’m gullible and over reacting.  I’m a stay at home mom and my husband freaked out last year when I stocked up on food, toiletries, etc, saying I was tearing our family apart.  All our money is in the stock market, Roth IRA’s, 401K’s, and the bank.  We have two kids and I’m at my wits end knowing our finances are going to burn.  I’m still going to try to pull a good amount of money out of our savings account to buy some precious metals, but it will make our living situation unbearable.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he thought I was so crazy he’d try to send me home to my parents without the kids.  Is there anyone else out there going through this with a spouse?  I can’t afford to get divorced.

      25. Dear Despondent:
        When the shit hits the fan, you will be able to smile and say “I told you so.” As for acting crazy, have you bought land in Paraguay.

      26. Comments…..hey despondent,
        This type of problem happens all to often.  In order to keep the peace, try to keep your plans on the down low.  Just continue some preps, but don’t mention it to your husband, or talk about it.  he may never agree, but sometimes, couples can agree to disagree.
            I have grown children, and my son in law thinks I’m a doom and gloomer, end of the world kind of guy.  I don’t care what he thinks.  But guess where my daughter and granddaughter will end up when things go bad. Thankfully, I have a wife that lets me do as I wish, and knows I’m going to do what I want anyway.
              Right now, I just proceed as common sense tells me.  My gut feeling, backed up by credible evidence that a grade school child can see, tells me we are very soon headed for the fall of our lives.  Even people who don’t prep for anything, sense something is wrong.  That’s because there is something wrong. 

              Very soon, we will see the follow through with all the dire scenerios that so many are talking about.  If one takes the time to dig a little through the surface of the daily news, the real truth reveals itself, or at least a point in the real direction of events.  Myself, I can’t help but feel time is so short.  I think if you watch the price of gold and silver, that will be your prime indicator that many more people feel the same concern, and automatically know that these precious metals will be the only “real” money left.

             Time is short, do what you will now, and not next month.

      27. Hi Despondent..

        Yes this is normal for people to think you are crazy….

        My family thinks we re crazy, but we are sure they will be the first on our doorstep when it all crashes down.

        That we are conspiracy theorists, right?

        The government has for years put out propaganda about Conspiracy Theorists…..

        That they are crazy, and out of their minds….

        But if you look back at history, most of the conspiracy theorists were the top minds of the world. Very high IQ’s…

        Plus fact is most conspiracies in American have become fact as years go on…

        Fact is, this country is going down the tubes, and fast.

        We also agree with others on here…..keep a low key.

        Maybe you should rent a small storage unit, and store many of your goods there. It is cheap, (maybe 50.00 a month) and is actually a good Idea to have a supply off  site of your home.

        All you need is a really small one, to actually have a good supply in it. Boxes stack up nicely.

        They are built of metal and concrete, so they will not burn down, plus are very secure…

        Find one close to your home if you can, and when things get bad, you can go and get some supplies as needed in the middle of the night, without anyone knows the wiser…..

        As far a precious metals, start out buying silver. Its much cheaper, and will be less obvious you are spending money on this…

        Get a one of those little storage safes that are a real can of like Ajax or a can of corn converted to a small safe, and put all this silver in there.

        So unless your husband is cleaning the bathrooms, while making dinner, he will never find them…

        We don’t condone hiding money from a spouse, but if its for the good of the family in the future…. Whats the harm?

        All the best to you!


      28. Comments…’s something that everyone, including me, needs to remember.  Some of the things that seem a concern now will be a minor concern when things get really bad.  Also, as I continually scan the daily news happenings, and search for the news behind the news, and try to get to the heart of the issue, one thing keeps popping up and not going away.

            I think all of us are about out of time.  Events seem to be in hyper drive, and many of the “trigger events” that I have been looking for are rapidly being checked off on my mental list. I honestly believe we will see a false flag 9-11 type event in the very near future.   Things truly can’t keep going on as they are now. Events, as least as I see them, are almost at a critical mass.  The government will surely use the oil disaster as a means to initiate their master plan. They will not pass on this opportunity.

             Whatever you think you need to do, do it fast. My gut tells me we will soon be using the preps and plans that many have been thinking about for a while now. There are truly no good scenerios out there.  My main concern is staying out of a FEMA camp.  I would rather die than go to one.

            Last thing to think about.  when panic starts, thinks will happen at lightning speed. we will all witness human nature at it’s worst.  Remember, the bad guys have guns too.  If you don’t have a way to protect yourself, you have no one to blame but yourself.  Good luck all.

      29. Comments….. Thanks for all the support, guys.  I’ve done pretty well over the past year stocking up on quite a lot of grain, socks, shoes, coats, cleansers, some meds and toiletries.  I have a “SteriPen” for killing bacteria in water making it safe to drink.  I have only about $400 worth of silver.  I don’t, however, own a gun.  Of course, my husband and his family would absolutely freak out if I bought one, especially since we have two young boys.  If things are moving into hyperdrive I should probably do it soon, and possibly get a permit to carry one as well.  Thanks for all the support!  By the way, you may have already heard of the following book, if not check it out on  It’s about how the day to day lives of average people from Argentina were affected by their currency collapse and advice for Americans about to go through the same thing:  “Surviving The Economic Collapse” by Fernando “Ferfal” Aguirre.

      30. Comments…..hey despondent,
        sometimes, you just have to do what you have to do. I’m lucky, my wife may not agree on everything I do, but she goes along with me.  We both took our concealed carry class together, and we both got our permit at the same time.  She will never cary a weapon, but now, when we carry one in the car with us, we are both legal. If things start to get real hairy, I think she might change her mind.  There is always a less lethal way, such as pepper spray, or a stun gun, or a good knife.  I periodically “make” my wife go to the shooting range with me, to brush up on safe handling, shooting, and being familiar with just loading our various guns. Not her favorite activity, but she knows she needs to, so she complies.
           There are no easy ways to do some things, but you will never be sorry you proceded with preps.  Just remember, even though your husband can’t see the need, or common sense in what you’re doing, in the end, you’re doing it for your family, and their saftey and well being.  Another approach you might take is the one that many people use.  They approach prepping as related to preparing for a tornado, or as here in Florida, a hurricane.  it just makes good common sense.  Self reliance never is a bad thing, and everyone will sleep better at night knowing that at least a few basic future needs have been thought about.  The safety of your kids comes first, just keep that in mind and you will be able to keep going. Good luck.

      31. Comments…..will it seems to me that the perfect doomsday  catastrophic event thats in play now  with bp  and the nuke thats setting at the bottom  of the  gulf  just waiting for orders to detonate  and do you think there going to tell anybody living on those coastal  areas   what a sunami that would make  and that would give the govenment the hand they need to declare marshal law and that may be the reason that there arresting anybody and everybody with a camera  and those that get to close  after all Russia did it before well I only hope this is not the scenario to take place  can you imagine the chaos and turmoil that would insue   

      32. What happened to that nuke setting at the bottom of the gulf just waiting for orders to detonate?  I guess Obama had the media ignore the explosion, ensuing tsunamis, extreme loss of life, etc…  Rofl…  People will bite on anything.  You are most definitely thinking “outside the box”.  Celente is a market trends (anal)ysist.  Dont confuse him with mythical deities.   Stupid sheep..


      1. Crash Course Lesson; 2012 101 - [...] call him out.  Celente’s been rather quiet in my following’s lately although over at SHTF plan he makes note…

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