Gerald Celente: “The Worst Economic Times in Modern History”

by | Oct 19, 2010 | Gerald Celente | 25 comments

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    Gerald Celente forecast our current crisis, as well as many of the events that unfolded after the crash of 2008 well before they happened. He now forecasts a number of other trends and says that the United States is “going under” and that we are entering “the worst economic times in modern history.”

    In addition to the economic Armageddon, Celente forecasts some other important trends and events that are, according to him, likely to occur over the next several years.

    Watch All 7 Parts – Gerald Celente with Alex Jones (October 17, 2010):


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      1. It will be worse in the United States as any disruption at all will throw our big cities out of whack in an instant. One the cities start to go look out!! This will give all the lowlifes an excuse to come out and cause some rutcus. This is going to be really bad. The only unknown is when. Its not a matter of if, just when. The guessing game is the hardest part of this thing. There will be no excuse for not being prepared.

      2. Hmmmm…. as an inhabitant of a big city I can let you know that I and mine (as well as many folks I know) will be ready for the “lowlifes” should it come to that. Many useless eaters will have eaten their last meal! 

      3. I have ran this by management, the potential disruption in services and have not yet received an answer of any kind.  Keep a full tank of fuel to get home on.  Devise “safe routes” in the event and have a backup plan. I will keep plugging for solutions…mostly to stay employed! It is difficult to predict how the U.S. Govt. would respond to a similar incident but it would most likely take a few weeks to resolve in one way or another. May be similar to the air traffic controller strike.  Like in the James Bond movies;  “Never let them see you bleed and allways have an escape plan”.

      4. celente is an alarmist. he’s just trying to sell his doomsday newsletter crap. relax. trust our government leaders like geithner, summers, paulson and rubin. they will guide us through this ripple in the economy. in the meantime save all the ten dollar bills you can so you will have some real wealth.

        remember america is the land of the free and the home of the brave. have faith, hope and charity and a box of ten dollar bills and then there is nothing those chinese and muslim gangsters who hate our freedom can do to you. god bless america, our republican leaders and the ten dollar bill.

      5. The only ones who are going to survive and thrive the coming collapse are those who know how to adapt to the surrounding situation at hand.  Most people are so accustomed to average routines and have difficulty adapting to small changes in their daily lives.  What Gerald says about people who can think for themselves are the ones who will survive is so true.

        It’s somewhat comforting to know there are like minded people out there… but sadly… we are out number’d by the brainwashed masses.

      6. Oh yeah… and god bless the ten dollar bill… because three of them together covers the cost of a one troy ounce silver bar… plus the premium as well as the cost of shipping…;)

      7. @mushroom…Apparently they spread new shit in your box today and you need to spread some of it around (but how can you see in the dark?)

        Anyway, just be sure you have those $10 bills stored in an empty Kleenex box so they will easily dispense one at a time and be easier to use when you need to wipe your ass with them…and there is no question where to start mushroom, is there? Since you are obviously all ass just pick a spot…any place will do. The supposed illustrious leaders of this failed country couldn’t find their ass with both hands a flashlight and a mirror, ahhh but you mushroom have a ready (an ample) supply of $10 bills and you can begin anywhere…damn, sroom…it’s good to be you! The really good news is you represent close to 99.9999% of the population, and when they don’t drop by to fill your box with fresh shit, then you’ll be like all the rest who haven’t prepared — dead.

        For the rest of you with more than a couple of neurons to rub together I suggest to you that
        beans, bullets and band aids are what you need. If you don’t have’em by now you’d better get busy to get together what you can. Time now is running very, very short and it’s going to get a whole lot worse before it even begins to get a whole lot worse.

      8. God, Guns, Gold, Groceries, Gas, Guts: Its not just for breakfast anymore!

        The slower this process goes, the more time the elites have position themselves. I want to see it uncontrolled. When the elites control it, it means we are still enslaved. Only through total uncertainty and collapse will we be freed. I pray every day for the complete, total and swift collapse of this evil, ugly and dishonest system.

        I like Celente’s idea of “break the chain”.

      9. I keep waiting for the world to look like the black and white pictures I see of the 1930s.  After watching this video, the light blub went off, this depression is different then the 30s.  There is more/better marketing around this one.  You really can’t see the depression as clearly because we keep being told all is well.  We are constantly told not to trust our own feelings and understanding of economics, don’t trust common sense.  Just elect another politician and they will make it all better.
        A few more preps and I will be ready for the collapse.  I am going to start praying for it as well.

      10. The difference between now and then is food stamps are the new bread lines. Only they are hidden away so it isn’t as noticeable by the public.

      11. GMAFB – Do  you honestly believe mushroom believes this?  You must have never read Mad Magazine….

        Cynical Optimist – Find yourself a local coin store and start hanging out a bit.  You’ll get a better deal.  Don’t pay for shipping, buy more silver with the savings.

      12. @Bill…yep. Mad Magazine was intelligent by comparison…but then again – What Me Worry?

      13. Soon, very soon, the ca-ca will hit the fan in a major way. If you and your family aren’t already prepared for the ‘helter-skelter’ headed our way, then it is probably already too late to prepare very much.

        Like many folks posting here; I hope that the colapse comes sooner rather than later. Let’s let the elites share some of the fun with us down here in what used to be the middle class. Fun and games for all.

      14. Some of you people are a real hoot.  “Praying for a collapse and the end of the American dream” is treason.  Yea, this country sucks in a lot of ways but apparently you’ve never spent any time in a third world country that makes even Mexico look good and safe.  I’m better prepared that 99.9% of the U.S. population and I don’t worry about having enough to eat or if my family is going to be safe.  That’s already taken care of.  But who the hell wants to live in a place where you can’t drive on the highways safely, there’s no food for at an affordable price for millions of your fellow Americans, where the great things about this country are gone forever?  Personally I’d miss the college football season when it’s reduced to 4-5 games and the other recreation we all take for granted is kaput.  Masturbation will be the only sport left for a lot of people and when that wears thin what’s next?  Rioting?  Vandalism?  The new game of Sport Looting?  No one in their right mind wants SHTF.  Only the losers and head cases who think they’re going to finally see some justice for the fat cats or figure Jeeezus is gonna pop out from behind a cloud to save them think that way.  For the rest of us, we’ll prepare and hope our prayers are enough to cancel your prayers.  We want society to survive and somehow, someway things slowly start to pull out of the dive we’re in now.  If that doesn’t happen then NOBODY is going to like what kind of world we’re stuck with for the rest of our lives.

      15. GMAFB – Mad Mag. needs to do a full cover featuring obama…  I’d like to see that one.  One of the greatest publications ever printed.  As least they didn’t lie all the time.

      16. @MadMarkie – be careful what you wish for..when it does happen, life isn’t going to be nearly as gleeful as you think, and I’m pretty sure you really don’t know what you’re in for.

        @Meat Eater – better pull the head out of rectal mode there…football? GMAFB — simply circuses for the masses, and as far as society surviving, I could care less if this particular version survives at all. It’s coming no matter how fervent your prayers. There won’t be any safety, driving on freeways or cheap food. But then again the masses won’t matter because they’ll all be dead or knocking on your door for their next meal.

        There is no ‘pull out’ from the dive we’re in, but that sudden stop is sure gonna be a doozy!

        Beans, bullets and band aids — get’m while they’re still available.

      17. Meat eater,

        the posters are not praying for the collapse of and the end of the American Dream.  They are praying for the collapse of the evil system that prevents the dream from happening and fleeces the people.

        You are likely right that the world would really suck around here for people if the grid fails or something catastrophic like that.  Nobody wants that, but to some that are mentally ready for it the lack of government supervision and banker theft would be welcome. 

        It is not America they pray collapses, it is the financial system and those who control it.  Freedom will not exist until the monetary system is controlled by representatives of the people, with interest free money printed by a government that canbe held accountable.  As long as the banks own the money, they own the government and the people that own it.  Which is you and me. 

        Gold will not do because most it is held by the elite already, and is easily manipulated by them.  See the link below for a good primer on monetary history and why gold is actually useless to correct the problems.

        We would all like a soft landing and for life to go on as usual.  But we are quickly learning that it will take an overthrow of the banking elites and to quit using their debt money.  That will most certainly not happen easily because the bankers will not  voluntarily give up their grip.  It will happen when the system collapses and the people are forced to use something of value in trading their property, or when the people take up arms arms to stop it.

      18. <img src=”” width=”300″ height=”200″

      19. I made over $15k with gold and silver listening to Gerals Celente

      20. @GMAFM — Angry and bitter is no way to live.  I don’t think we’re going to escape hard times but to actually hope they occur is beyond delusional; it’s stupid.  I’ve seen people starve to death.  It’s a bitch to watch.  I’ve seen people treating other human beings like animals.  It’s a nightmare.  I have survived combat.  It’s horrific.  You’re going to have your “beans, bullets and band aids” for however long they last or they’re taken away from you and then it’s going to be a hard death.  You’re nothing special in the grand scheme of things, just am I’m not, so don’t try to come off as some internet tough guy who is going to delight in a societal collapse.  You’d be laying awake at night just like everyone else wishing you could go back to October 2010 when we were living “in the good old days”.

      21. Meat Eater….I agree with you on this one. Even the people that expect “Jeeezus is gonna pop out from behind a cloud to save them” is trying to put it off hoping time will save some additional souls.

        Nobody should want this to happen eventhough we all know it will and there is not a damn thing we can do…..but prep. 

      22. **IF** a collapse is going to happen anyway, then I wish it would happen sooner, rather than later, so that I can deal with it rather than force my children to deal with it.

      23. Is the S really going to HTF??? HELL YES!!! IT’s OBVIOUS TO ANYONE WHO ISN’T BRAIN DEAD!!!!!
        We, as a country presently owe $43K for every man, woman and child in the US. When you factor in all those who can’t, don’t or won’t contribute anything to society, the amount owed by each productive, contributing citizen is much higher. So at a bare minimum, my little family of four owes $172K. We couldn’t caugh up that kind of money today if our very lives depended on it. How about you??? Can you and your family come up with your fair share of our national debt today???
        So it is very obvious to all who don’t have their heads buried in the sand or the TWONKY tuned into Jersey Shores or America’s Biggest Looser that the S will HTF sometime in the future, probably sooner rather than later.
        At age 62, I am still fully physically functional and able to contribute to the security of my family. What about at age 72? Will I still be an asset, or will I have become a burden? So hell yes, if it’s going to happen anyway, then bring it now.

      24. Celente seems to have a lot of issues and there is unfortunately a lot of truth in what he is saying. Hard times are coming but a collapse will be more than miserable except for a very very few people.

      25. more crap from the “creation”…..”gold is bad”….Yeaahhh…but  “get rid of fiat money”…. and replace it with what? bottle caps? sea shells? what a douche…..again, save your breath, your insight is unsightly.

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