Gerald Celente on Howe Street – August 2009

by | Aug 14, 2009 | Gerald Celente

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    Gerald Celente on Howe Street with Tom Jeffries, August 11, 2009. Mr. Celente discusses what he calls the “second American Revolution,” the rise of a thirdy party in America, the Greatest Depression, swine flu and other current and future trends.

    Gerald Celente:

    People think it collapses all at once, and it doesn’t. It collapses in stages. And after the first collapse there’s long periods of denial and wishful thinking that things are going to recover. And what went on then is going on now. This is not a recovery from the recession, it’s merely a remission.


    We’re not going to see any recovery. You can’t print your way out of this problem. And we’re going to move deeper and deeper, just as following the ’29 crash with the Great Depression we’re going into the Greatest Depression.

    The collapse of an economy and implosion of private and public sectors generally doesn’t happen overnight, but rather, over a period of severals years, sometimes decades (as with the Roman Empire). We had a stock market collapse in 2008, and just because stock markets are up right now doesn’t mean that any of the underlying issues that caused it last year have been resolved. As Gerald Celente has said time and time again, a depression is coming, in fact, we’re in it right now, and it is going to be written about for decades to come.

    Visit Gerald Celente’s website, Trends Research Institute


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