Gerald Celente on Depression, Sustainable Living and Survival

by | Jan 14, 2010 | Gerald Celente | 5 comments

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    Trend forecaster Gerald Celente joins Yahoo Tech Ticker on January 11, 2010. Topics of discussion include the Greatest Depression, China, Immigration, sustainable living and the ‘survival mode.’

    Gerald Celente: The Anti China Backlash (Part 1 of 3)

    Gerald Celente: The Greatest Depression Postponed, Not Prevented (Part 2 of 3)

    Gerald Celente: It’s Only Going to Get Worse (Part 3 of 3)


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      1. Very interesting… Gerald is on top of things.

      2. I recently watched a video interview of Mr. Celente in which he discussed the pole shift which he believes will occur in 2012. He also predicts that the shift will be cause by a CME or corona mass event, indicating a massive solar flare will hit the earth and flip the poles. In the interview he stated that everything (all human life) will be destroyed by this CME.  I appreciate his passion, but if this is going to happen like he says its going to happen, why try to sell me his book about it, or for that matter, get me to donate to his survival community in Africa?

        If the end is near and all life will be destroyed by a CME, why buy the book? PS:  the Bible Code states that the pole shift occurs in 2015, not 2012. I appreciate his passion, but who are you going to believe if you are on the edge of the lunatic fringe,  like me?

        No brainer. The Bible Code.

      3. Need to make a correction here …. and an apology. It wasn’t Gerald Celente I saw on the video. I will get the correct name and repost

      4. Ok, I have the correct name: its Gerard Le Flamand. My apologies again to Mr. Celente. What can I say? I’m confused, and Its Way To Early, to coin a phrase. My apologies now to Willie Geisht and Morning Joe!

      5. Comments…..I’ve watched Gerald Celente in videos and seen him on tv.  The most important thing he’s said, to me, is to ‘get off the grid, and start a victory garden’.  Basically, he’s saying to ‘Go Back To The Land’.
        I have to agree with him.  Especially after I read a book written in the mid-90’s by Thomas Chittum called, ‘CIVIL WAR II: The Coming BreakUp of America’.
        I don’t necessarily agree with Mr.Celente or Mr.Chittum 100%, however, both come a very close shave to reality, which has been proven by their general predictions happening almost exactly as they have written or stated.
        After I read CVII by Mr.Chittum, I realized the paragraphs were jumping off the pages.
        After watching Mr.Celente, I realized this man has a unique gift to see into the future with his skill of trends researching.
        So, what I did was 1st to sell my high mortgaged home and buy a very cheap home on some land in a semi-remote area with cash.
        I ended my outstanding debts by paying them all off, one by one.
        Since I have no debts except for small utilities, some food and just the basics, I don’t have to work as much.
        I have more time to grow a garden, do canning, buy fresh food from ranchers and farmers, and work on fixing up the old place I bought.
        One other item made me decide to go ‘Back To The Land’ so to speak.  I learned about what happened in 1992.
        In 1992, Bush Senior signed an Agreement with the United Nations for ‘Sustainable Development and Biodiversity for the 21st Century Programme.’  Otherwise known as: AGENDA 21.
        When you read this Programme, you begin to realize just how deeply evil this Programme is towards humans, unless of course you are an Elite Uber Rich.
        It’s also referred to as ‘The Green Agenda’.
        What it boils down to is the US Government and NGO’s or non-governmental organizations, doing land grabs and BLM, Department of Forestry, EPA and many other Government entities, push their “restoration” “riparian” “wildlands” “wetlands” agendas. 
        All seems really nice and Love The Earth friendly.  That’s until you understand their motive.
        Their movite is to make at least 75% of the world’s land, “protected areas”.  Each time they do one of their “restoration” projects, that land is then put into a “protected area” status, and the “buffer zone” is moved just that much more OUTWARD.
        What’s wrong with “protected areas”?
        They are to be permenantly classified as “NO HUMANS” areas.
        Meaning, no human beings will be allowed in or on these “protected areas”.  Hence, the road closures you find out about when you try and get into your favorite hiking, camping, or fishing areas in or near a State or National Forest area.
        Their goal is to BLOCK OUT all human beings from a minimum of 75% of ALL LANDS.
        And they are succeeding.
        Eventually everyone, except for the Elites will be forced into ‘Sustainable Resettlements’, that are in ‘core cities’ across the world.
        You will have to live only in ‘Sustainable Developments’ designed by HUD.
        The only way you will ever see or touch nature again, is to see it from what they call, “view sheds”.
        It’s all very assessable to read, it’s not any kind of conspiracy theory, it is completely REAL and you can visit the United Nations Sustainable Development/Biodiversity website anytime.
        Every square inch of the world has what’s called “trained facilitators”.  It does not matter how far out you live, each town, hamlet, burg, city, everywhere has one or more “trained facilitators”.
        They complete a course and become Certified and then are sent out to begin your area’s “visioning”.  There’s all sorts of jargon they use, but it all leads to making a bafoon out of residents and put them on track for the UN’s plan.
        Eventually everyone will be forced OUT of their rural areas and forced  INTO the Sustainable Cities that have been chosen for the humans to live in.
        It is based upon the 60’s “deep ecology” movement. 
        The Georgia Guidestones are a reminder that the UN and the world’s elite wealthy WILL HAVE THEIR WAY!
        The Bilderbergs, Club of Rome, Trilateral Commission, Federal Reserve, IMF, on and on are all a part of the AGENDA 21.
        Basically, the Elite Uber Rich don’t want to have to mix with regular humans anymore, and want massive Depopulation as well as non-Elite’s put into Sustainable Developments to do the work they chose for us and only the Elites will be allowed to enjoy their Personal Playground of all that free open “no humans” land.
        I suggest to everyone they begin some research on:  AGENDA 21-Sustainable Development-Sustainable Resettlements-Biodiversity.
        Oh, there’s an Interactive Map on the United Nations Sustainable Development-Agenda 21 website.
        It shows just how much land will become “protected” and unavailable to humans.
        The map is a real wake-up call to everyone that sees it.
        You can watch all sorts of youtube video’s about it as well, that will explain it even more.
        Just go to a web search engine of  your choice of youtube and type in:  Agenda 21 Sustainable Development Biodiversity
        It will bring up tons of hits all about it.
        Agenda 21 is WHY President’s and World Leaders act the way they do about Climate Change and “Green”.
        Have a look so you won’t be suprised when there will be no more Private Property Rights anymore.
        That’s unless enough people are made aware about AGENDA 21.
        The 1st video I watched about this was called:  Agenda 21 for Dummies.   A man named, Henry Lamb has done alot of research about Agenda 21 and has videos as well.
        There’s also ton’s of readable articles and information about Agenda 21 as well.
        Good Luck!

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