Gerald Celente Forecasts Mass Protests In 2011,2012

by | Oct 15, 2010 | Gerald Celente | 49 comments

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    As European governments implement austerity measures across much of the region, mass protests are beginning to spread. Riot police have been deployed in Greece and in France, where groups are protesting because the government increased the retirement age by two years recently, may soon see some of their largest industries affected, including the airlines which have indicated that their fuel supplies lines have been cut by protesters.

    It’s clear that Europe’s economy is in trouble, and that austerity measures need to be implemented, as the entire EU has essentially become one large welfare state, much like the United States. And what is happening in Europe will come to the shores of the U.S., says trend forecaster Gerald Celente of the Trends Research Institute:

    It’s beginning. You’re seeing it with the Tea Parties. Of course they’ve been co-opted by the Republican Party. But remember, no one would have ever thought that would have happened three years ago. So the movement is in place.

    This is our forecast. People are going to wait for the elections in November. They think they’re going to have some other change you can believe in. It won’t happen. When the economic winter sets in, then you’re going to start seeing people protesting more and more. No, this is just the beginning. The United States is slow on the draw when it comes to protesting.

    But get ready for it. We see it happening in 2011 and 2012.

    Just like Europe’s overbloated social systems, the United States will have to start cutting costs – it will be a matter of financial survival for the nation. Unfortunately, we’re so indebted at this point, that austerity measures will likely fall short of anything meaningful and the eventual outcome – the only way for us to cover our debts – is going to be either total default or total destruction of the U.S. dollar.

    Add to that the increased taxes that working Americans will be paying, and higher costs for essential goods like food and energy combined with a depreciating dollar, and many of our countrymen will be left with no choice but to hit the streets in protest.

    Our view is that, if we’re talking about the inability of an individual to acquire food for their family for lack of funds because government food stamps are no longer enough or because they don’t have a job, protests may quickly evolve into mass riots, especially in major cities. The blame game will be in full effect, and the people are going to be pointing their fingers straight at elected officials and government’s lack of ability to mitigate the crisis.

    As Ron Paul recently pointed out, the federal government will be proven totally inept before this is all said and done.

    Watch Gerald Celente on RT:


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      1. Great interview like always. I guess I am one of those Americans waiting to see what happens after the elections. Have the Retards co-opted the tea party movement, or is it the other way around.

        The answer will determine our destiny.

      2. I promise I won’t riot.  All they need to do is give me back the cash (SS) they’ve been stealing from me for the last 45 years.  They do that I’ll be good.

      3. Bill…that will never happen. I would just be willing to opt out (SS) at this point in the game but they will not let me go that easily. I’ve been paying SS for 30 some odd years…..I’ll never see a penny back.  I just got another statement in the mail….I laughed. I actually have been saving the statements. The only thing that increases is the age requirements…lol

        I do not know why I save them. I guess one day one of my great grandchildren may ask me “grandma what is SS” and I can get the statements out and tell them that it was just an empty promise based on a pymrid scam. 

      4. Celente said there would be a crash in 2010, did he not?  He has very little cred left. 

      5. Comments…..Wow, Celente coming to you once again from RT, And what is RT you ask. Why thats Russia Today, that commie propaganda machine run by Putin and his gang of commie thugs. Celente must love the commies and you folks who follow this blog  better understand that the purpose of  RT is to divide and destroy the USA,democracy,and capitalism.  I seriously question the validity of an “American” plugging his newsletter on a COMMIE network. I wouldn’t be surprised if Celente plugs his rag on Al Zazeera  Today so he can help the muslims “love” America.

      6. Stan, its only October. It ain’t over til the fat lady sings!

      7. Never stand in a crowd waiting for an excuse that will turn into a riot.  Take care of yourself so you can take care of your family.  Write off SS unless your about to collect it & consider yourself lucky.  If your collecting it now, down size yesterday.

      8. Tina – Yea, I actually have the last one they sent me.  I laughed  when I got it.   The first sentence says “This Social Security Statement can help you plan for your financial future.  It provides estimates of your SS benefits under current law…”  It also says “In 2016 we will begin paying more in benefits than we collect in taxes.”  Opps, they missed that a bit.   Here’s the funny part,  “Without changes, by 2037 the SS Trust Fund will be exhausted”.  WAFJ!!!!!!   They already spent it a hundred times!!!!!!!
        My first year of work in 1970 I have $791.00 of Taxed SS Earnings.  (Didn’t make much at McDonald’s.) I remember getting paid $1.25 an hour for makin fries for a summer.   After all those years, if I work till I’m 66, I will get a huge check for $1550.00.  If I can work till I’m 70, then it looks like I get a check for $2,64.00 each month.  Wow!  I can hardly f*ckin wait!  

      9. we gotta couple of months before 2010 is history.

      10. The fact is, this crisis could go on for YEARS yet before the final breaking point, whatever that’s going to be, and TSHTF.  Our exalted leaders are trying to maintain ‘the status quo’.  They will, too,  until we reach ‘that’ point…again, can’t say what, sure can’t say when,  but it WILL happen.   Hardest part is just trying to stay prepped, not knowing if SHTF next month or in 2025?

      11. DEFCON 1: You are absolutely right about RT. I was reading RT twenty years ago. Its good to get a perspective of how other countries report the news about America, which is why I have about 20 links to the top international newspapers in the world.

        But the fact is, we don’t have to worry about RT trying to divide and destroy the USA, democracy,and capitalism. Our own government has been very efficient in that process, all by itself.

        Democracy is hindered by the LSM, the government has encouraged the invasion of the US by 30 million illegals so they can give them amnesty and vote US into the North American Union, and capitalism has not had a level playing field in this country for 30 years.

        RT? Don’t sweat the small stuff.

      12. Comments…..The economic crash for some has already come, others are in the beginning of this EC and yet others will enter the EC later on down the road.

        The EC is coming.  Whether all of us see it or not depends on how dense our rose colored glasses are.

        Some people I talk with are prepping, paying off bills and hunkering down.

        Others wont/refuse to see what is coming and will end up walking around in a daze wondering what happened and why?

        At this point, Celente is right, we wont be able to make a difference at the Federal level of government, with our votes.  I don’t believe, we will make a difference at the State level of government.  The damage is too severe and to send people to DC  as newbies,  they will be overwhellemed and have a very difficult time finding their feet in time to make a change.

        I believe our best chance/opportunity for change will be at the local level.  If we can change our local politics then send those changed politicians to the State and on to DC.  We may have a chance for change.  But this change will take years to accomplish.  Do we have years left in America?  I don’t know.

      13. Comments….. Bill:

        RT is a breath of fresh air, yahoo tells you what to think, and google spies on your mind.

        Their enemy is our enemy.

      14. Know thy enemy!

        The Federal Reserve Bank is a gigantic scam put in place by a powerful private Banking Cartel to swindle our citizens and control our country.  In 1913 they were unlawfully given exclusive rights to create our nation’s money.  This gave them virtually unlimited power to control our government, our press and thereby our public opinion, which has allowed them to perpetuate this scam for nearly a hundred years.

        It’s time to take our country back.  We need to elect leaders who will fight to end the FED!

      15. True Andy but I doubt it would change anything unless you get a Hugo Chavez who will steal all the corporations as well. The Fed’s job was a front for the elite to take control of America’s finances, that job is complete now eh? Abolish the fed and They still own everything, including the media, the politics, the police. Also, NO one will be turning up at treasury auctions and the country will be bankrupt, Over night! Then mass insurrection and killings would begin as tens of millions of blacks and Hispanics Go crazy over the loss of their welfare checks.

        Yes a good thing, a system reset, but who will be in control of the 3rd world nation America when the dust finally settles? Moderate White Tea Party folk? I doubt it.

      16. foreign rothschild  members of the fed collect real money in interest payments on phoney fractional reserve money and buy gold with it. then they ship the gold to vaults in israel.

        this is the most nifty racket i’ve ever heard of…

      17. And has everyone been watching? The Fed is no longer even hiding the fact that they will now move forth buying our own Treasuries. We know they’ve been doing that, as we are now the 2nd largest holders of US debt, now ahead of Japan! What’s amazing, is the implications of their boldness. They throw another BS line at the public as to why this is necessary, and of course, the public has just granted them a pass to publicly keep doing this until the day of our demise.

        But for those that think 2010 may or may not bring collapse, the mortgage situation could nor be worse. People are learning that they might not have been sending their money to the appropriate title holder (forget all the OTHER angles of this mess), so now, ‘good, honest folk’ are saying, “Well hell, why am I paying mine then?” Now deed holders, no payments to the banks = demise of the banking system going on right now.

        But for my money (so to speak), let it crash. Screw the politics of it all. Let it crash! Why hold on to such a dying, perverse beast? We only begin to do it right again, when the old is dead and gone.

        Buy your silver, stay out of the fray, and double check your supplies. You may need enough for your families, ’cause we know they haven’t been paying a dime’s worth of attention to all we’ve been saying.

        Be safe, people.

      18. p.s. And is it just me, or does Gerald Celente now have his game face on? He seems slightly more bad-ass right now. Ditched the ascot and scarves, and looking pretty focused. He’s already got his black belt and his guns, now he’s just starting to look the part. maybe that’s our cue.

        Get ’em, GC!

      19. Agreed Mona: We can make a difference at the state and local level, but the is no point in stopping there, without trying to do the same at the national level. It would only take a half dozen independent Senators and forty Congressmen and women, to bring a halt to the process that is devouring the middle class.

        Then like Wal Mart, we can “roll it back”!

      20. That’s been tried from time to time Durango. Like when you hear about a senator killed in an air crash, a president in a motorcade who began issuing US backed currency in competition with the fed.

        Forget politics mate, it’s sewed up too tight by America’s true rulers.

      21. I understand your perspective Wooba, but every revolution has a political as well as an armed resistance. After all, someone has to negotiate with the enemy while hostilities are engaged.

        Ireland? Palistine? Get the picture now?

      22. Comments….. Bernanke and other economists have been dropping hints that TSWHTF soon.  Comments from Bernanke like:

        Bernanke: “our public finances are…on an unsustainable path”; “failing to respond to them would endanger our economic future”

        From Faber and Jim Rogers:

        America will Collapse – featuring Jim Rogers Marc Faber and Gerald Celente
        When will America collapse ? The debt spins out of control , what happened to Hope and Change ? 1.6 trillion deficit , the stimulus begins to wane , economists start talking about a double dip depression , economic wreck forecast for 2011 Rising debt threatens US credit rating and higher interest rates Jim Rogers : we have any bullets left we shot all what we have , what we gonna do ? print more money ? we do not have any trees left …”
        we currently borrow 41 cents for every dollar we spend …this documentary features Jim Rogers Gerald Celente and Marc Faber amongst others


        I could sit here all day siting comment after comment and people continue on the same path ignoring the warning signs.  All we have to do is look what’s happening in France, Spain,  Greece, and Ireland with the austerity measures taking place.  Rioting is not doing any good, it’s not going to change anything because the ignorant think that free $hit is their right.  That living off of others is the only way.  The cocoapuffers here in the US will be the ones doing the rioting. When their entitlements are shown that it’s no longer sustainable, that’s when TSWHTF.  Just google “unsustainable” and see what you get.  When helicopter Bernanke says it, he ain’t lying.

        And right, 2010 isn’t over, and even if nothing happens by 12/31/2010, so what, just be ready when it does hit the fan.

      23. Hi Children’s,

        Can you say silver?  I knew you could…;)

        Seriously folks…  the crash of 2010 is already occuring at the moment.  Part of something crashing requires a decent in order for the impact to occur.  The unstable… soon to crash real estate dabacle… the fed announcing QE 2.0…  the current currency debasement war…  high unemployment… the expiration of tax cuts… etc…


        As for GE making regular appearances on RT… so frickin what.  He’s also on a lot of other media outlets as well.  To anyone who bashes Gerald Celente… I say bite me.  The guy tells it like it is and doesn’t hold his punches… I respect that. 

      24. Everyone questions Geralds prediction, if you review his predictions you will see they happen, even recently, they are just taking a bit longer to happen…crash of 2010 will happen…I believe there will bank melt down no later than the first quarter…possibly sooner

      25. Comments…..Check this out: ,
        Mr. Celente will part of the people speaking in their next movie.
        Forget foreign policy; US citizenry will learn how being on the
        second place feels. Gold (physical gold) is not available in large
        quantities. Selected buyers get physical gold but only after barter (international trade). Forget about italian leather shoes being cheaper in NYC than Milan, etc.
        Like it or hate it, that`s in the menu for some time.
        Oh … and forget about silver, no central bank holds it, most of its
        use is industrial. Downsizing will be the norm, forced by the creditors, part of them being US large banks. Large profits will be made abroad by US multinationals. US taxes for them will be
        what they want them to be (Hong Kong taxes being lower than US taxes). Taxes will be imposed worldwide for certain banks,
        as Brasil did. Americans will start to flee where jobs are, at home
        only schorced earth to remain. SAD !
        You can junk this opinion but …….. , better, think twice.

        Only mushrooms live in the dark, being feed with who knows what.


      26. Feels like I woke up and landed into the movie They Live. 10% of us are trying to get the other 90% to put the glasses on. God Bless Humanity not just America.

      27. Ireland, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Tibet, etc, etc,

        These are all examples of nations (or those claiming to be nations) fighting against foreign occupying powers Durrango. Often with very sympathetic nations backing them and pressuring the occupiers to surrender control back to the claiments.

        You are talking about fighting your own governmental structure, bringing down your own government, got the picture?

        You tried that a couple of hundred years ago remember? When half the nation was on your side, and when they had canons and armies. What was the result then? The European backed northern government (your federal government) kicked their asses back to Tennessee.

        It’s a delusion Durrango, just give it up and do what the Russian population did. Namely as little work as possible and as much petty theft as possible. It worked for them, and everyone else in the USSR.

      28. wooba. you’re on target. JFK was assassinated  when he started printing red seal us treasury notes. this was also an ongoing warning to others, i.e. tow the line or else…

      29. american special forces need to invade australia and rob the perth mint and confiscate all their gold and silver kaolas and kookaburras.

      30. Heavy price to pay to get your mug on a 64 half dollar.  By the way, they (US Mint) still make the half dollar out of 90% silver.  Just my 2.5 1982 penny’s worth.

      31. I used to like celente, until I saw a recent video of him saying all members of the military are losers! It was insulting and all respect  I had for him went right down the toilet…he has become as paranoid and insane as Alex Jones

      32. Heres the vid of celente talking trash about our boys int the military.  Say what you will about our government, which is an abomination at this point, the vast majority of the rank and file of the military are some of the most upstanding citizens of this country.

      33. @ Tom…
        NO!!  no currently U.S. minted coins except the 1 ounce Silver Eagles contain silver.

        “The composition of U.S. coins has changed considerably over the past few decades. Because of a growing worldwide silver shortage, the Coinage Act of 1965 authorized a change in the composition of dimes, quarters, and half-dollars, which had been 90 percent silver. Silver was eliminated from the dime and the quarter. The half-dollar’s silver content was reduced to 40 percent and, after 1970, was eliminated altogether.”

      34. Wooba you are wrong about Ireland.  The fighting and resisting is only in Northern Ireland and it is all based in sheer hate and bigotry not some honorable thing like fighting for your freedom.
        Yo are also wrong about Palistine.  They are choosing not not live as free people so they can incite attacks on free people.   There is no better example of blind hate and bigotry then the palestinain people.

      35. Arclight I wish they would, and set up few permanent bases while their at it. We are on the same side and have the same ideology. Your forces won’t of course, but the Indonesians just might try it. I only hope in the day that England, as weak as it is, comes over like they did for the Falklands. That’s who really owns Australia, it’s obvious from all the knighted heads of our banks and mining conglomerates.

        And that’s fair enough too, hell they found it in the first place and spent all the money fixing it up for us aussies. lol

      36. I didn’t give an opinion on their ideology Gonewiththewind, I simply made the point that the local inhabitants of Ireland and the inhabitants of Palestine are/were at war with a foreign power, Israel and England in these cases. And that as such they had the backing of many other nations which has helped them immeasurably and also prevented England and Israel from doing anything really nasty like setting up hundreds of concentration camps and locking the people in them.

        You wont have that support, you will be branded as traitors trying to overthrow your duly elected government. No one will come to aid you. The people who advocate this strategy are either fools (or more likely) working for your own federal government. Face the facts, nearly all such activist forces in the world have been usurped by the very powers they contest. You can’t win a direct assault on the system.

      37. Wooba: It is my patriotic duty to resist a tyrannical government. By ballot if possible, by bullet if necessary. That is our American heritage. But I am not talking about bringing my government down. I am talking about turning it around!

        I cherish my government. Not the government that Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama have given US, but the government that Jefferson, Jackson, Franklin, and Washington gave US.

        America will endure because it was created by Divine Providence, not a few escaped convicts chasing aboriginal women. It will be sustained by Divine Providence.

        Every generation of Americans have faced some serious difficulty. This generation is no different. And in every generation there are those who have neither the stomach or the character to do their part to defend the liberties bequethed to them by their fore fathers.

        And in every generation of Americans there have been those willing to take the torch passed to them and move it forward, doing what they need to do with dedication, courage, and conviction. It is no different now, except that now, with the internet, those that have neither the stomach, passion, or conviction of the previous generation can piss and moan, cry, and complain, sow despair and disengagement.

        Such people as these are the SHEEPLE that float through life bemoaning their fate without clue or conviction and are to be pitied for their soul less existence.  

      38. Durango Kidd – Nicely put. 🙂

      39. “”America will endure because it was created by Divine Providence, not a few escaped convicts chasing aboriginal women.””

        There is the problem in a nutshell Durrango. Pride. Pride goeth before a fall, whether by man or by nation as a whole.

      40. Well I have done my time here and so I move on. I take no offence from Durrango or others, I can imagine how it must be for you there, the frustrations, the creeping destitution. We dow here will follow in our turn no doubt.

        In parting I advise you all to follow the example of King David when he was hunted by Saul. Lie if you have to, act the mad-man, skulk in a cave even, if that is what it takes to see another sunrise.

        A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself; but the simple pass on, and are punished

        Goodbye and good luck.

      41. I have followed Celente on/off for 10 years now. Brilliant guy, even if he does engage in hyperbole. However, you could argue he has to resort to that tactic just to get the brain dead MSM/populace to pay even the smallest bit of attention to him.

        Yes, he has made many predictions, and his timescale continues to be off. I remember him saying we would all be giving food to each other two Xmases ago, and that the consumer/shopping lifestyle was “going away” very soon. Well, two years later and those things are still very much in place, minus giving food as gifts. He said riots starting in 2009, well that never really happened. Then it was 2010. But 2010 is almost gone.

        In his defense, there is a scientific principle that many people here probably have heard. It goes something like this – you can predict the place of an event with pinpoint accuracy but not the timing. Likewise, you can predict the timing of an event with great accuracy but not the place. It is therefore impossible to predict both with great accuracy. This renders all financial forecasts basically useless. This is the work of famous physicist Schroedinger. And it applies to everything in life.

        We know it’s coming. The facts speak for themselves, and many of us feel it in our gut. All will be revealed in due time.

      42. Well put Durango. I think there is a basic misunderstanding on most folks poarts and that ids the fact that the Confederacy did not try to take on the govt….they tried to opt out and lincoln wouldnt allow it,the South felt the nrth would let them go peacefully per the understood  law of the land was at the time…lincoln had other ideas and attacked,the rest is history but the point is the next time federal power is challenged its unlikely the same mistake will be made and the rebels will know to fight like hell and defeat the fed before trying to erect a constitutional republic in place of the one that killed off the original republic,time will tell but revolution is an American tradition, as Jefferson said: “When injustice becomes the law..rebellion becomes duty”

      43. Hey Wooba, come back soon, you have added much to the debates here. As for my statement, it is not pride but historical fact, understood by all Americans. Contrary to popular belief, I do not go about shouting: “USA! USA! USA!” In fact I find that rather juvenile.

        Americans recognize that our Rights are derived from Nature’s God, the Creator of all things, visible and invisible. America was conceived by an inspired group of wise men. it is an ideal, not for Americans only, but for all people who desire liberty, equality, justice, opportunity, and fair play. It has not always measured up to those standards, which is why every generation of Americans must get engaged with their government at every level to ensure its success.

        Come back soon.

      44. wooba – I’ve always enjoyed your comments from down under and will miss reading what you have to say.  God Bless in all you do.

      45. To the Durango Kid.  RT (Russia Today) didn’t exist 20 years ago.  They didn’t even have any wester products in their supermarkets.  Gorbatchev was still in power and trying to keep the soviet union together. is the best for news.  CNN stands for Corrupt Nonsense News.  you lot voted so eagerly for obama.  u americans will never understand that history repeats itself.  none of u even know that Hitler was sponsered by the US back then.  Reichskristallnacht=9/11  fals flag attacks are the easiest way to instigate a war.  Nero did it, Hitler did it…and Bush …ah well, bless u all

      46. Eastern German: Welcome to SHTF plan. I am sure that we can learn much from you if you lived in a divided Germany, and I  personally am always interested in the world view of non Americans,  but your knowledge of RT is limited. RT is not a western product. And it was not for consumption by Russians or available in their “supermarkets”.
        (BTW, their “supemarkets” were not exactly big box stores if you know what I mean.)

        I was reading RT, and the Moscow Times twenty years ago. Both were English language periodicals for consumption in the United States and published by Russians. RT, then known as Russia Today, was a monthly magazine and the Moscow Times was a weekly newspaper. I was also watching Channel One from Moscow. 

        The West had the BBC and Radio Free Europe. The East, Russia Today and The Moscow Times.

        Live long and prosper.

      47. The ONLY reason Gerald was wrong with the collapse this year is because the DEVILS  in control of your government can affect the market just as easily as the wind changes, trends research only works on a free market, look back on may this year, how did the market drop and recover so violently “flash crash”, If that’s not market manipulation, don’t even get me started on GOLD!

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