Gerald Celente: “Economic Martial Law Will Be Declared”

by | Aug 1, 2011 | Gerald Celente | 302 comments

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    In his latest quarterly Trends Journal (Summer 2011), Gerald Celente provides us another “history of the future,” in which he discusses global economic, monetary, and political events as they happen and what their consequences will be for months, years and decades to come. As he has said before, it is only a matter of time before a major terror attack is executed in a major Western nation. And once it happens it will send shock waves throughout the world, leading to mass global panic and a further tightening of the noose around the necks of the populace:

    What will another major terror strike mean? Should an attack hit one of the major NATO nations, the effects, this time, will go global. Bank holidays will be called, the US and other fragile economies will crumble, gold and silver will soar, and already-troubled currencies will crash. Economic martial law will be declared. Introduced as a temporary measure, once in place it will remain in place (like the curfews and draconian security precautions installed by despots and dictators everywhere). Civil rights will be suspended and, particularly in America, Homeland Security, already intolerably intrusive, will achieve an Orwellian omnipresence.

    With banks closed and economic martial law inplace, restrictions will be set on the amounts, times and frequency of withdrawals. As we have cautioned before, it will be essential to have a stash of cash on hand. Even though governments will devalue their currencies, it will happen in stages. Speaking only for ourselves, we at The Trends Research Institute will not be storing precious metals in bank safe deposit boxes.

    Since “terrorism” is now a term we can use to describe just about any action deemed a threat to the public and government infrastructure, the possibilities for what the next “terror attack” will look like are endless. It can come in the form of suicide bombers at your local shopping mall, a cyber attack on financial markets launched via the internet, or any number of other potential threats that have been recently highlighted by our Department of Homeland Security.

    There need be only a single event that occurs at an opportune time and is pushed by the mainstream media and all hell will break loose.

    Imagine, for a minute, what America would look like if nationwide curfews were implemented, civil rights were suspended (including confiscation of guns), the US dollar crashed, ATM’s and credit card transactions were restricted, and food and gas purchases were limited.

    The Presidential executive orders are in place, Fusion Centers and FEMA detention camps are operational, and 20,000 US troops have been trained to deal specifically with economic collapse and civil unrest and are ready to be deployed immediately.


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      1. I welcome martial law! Then maybe people will get off their asses and do something.

        • If I recall there are many liberties taken away during martial law. Anybody care to name a few?

          • I think all but the right to die. They’re more than happy to let you keep that one.

            • We already HAVE martial law, guys. It’s been in place since 1861, and every US president since then has reaffirmed our state of martial law.

              Of course, martial law in America looks a little different from martial law everywhere else. Here, it just means that the President has the authority to do anything that the federal government has the Constitutional authority to do. So American martial law doesn’t mean gun confiscations, gold/silver confiscations, and a jackboot on every corner.

              Of course, those things might still happen, but it won’t be the government dong those things, especially since we don’t have a President or a sitting Congress to do them. Instead, we have a private corporation owned by the IMF that has trademarked the brand names “United States,” “United States Government,” “US Government,” “US,” “USA,” etc. The people have been confused into thinking that this corporation is actually their government, and as a result, we haven’t even bothered to hold elections for federal offices since 1917.

              But the government still exists, even though nobody is seated in its offices. The Constitution is still the law of the land–and I’m talking about the real Constitution, not the corporation’s fake constitution which has been sliced up by the courts. Our original
              Constitution is still intact as written and enforceable–but only if you reject acting as an agent of the IMF’s corporation. Anyone can do it and get their real American freedom back. Then the corporation can’t harass you, their controls don’t affect you, and anything they might do in the name of “martial law” doesn’t apply to you. To find out more, visit

            • Hey Lohkai, Yes” I believe that would be precisely correct. I had to find that funny. Not certain why..Thanks!

          • My point being that the American people will not fight the system until they have no choice. It was a rhetorical statement.

            • Yes, a Fire needs to be lit. The sooner the better. Unfortunately, though, way, way too many Obese Americans on Rx and non Rx drugs, addicted to complacency and texting. It’s too late for an uprising. They will NEVER wake up until they are DEAD.

              However, never fear. Nature will take care of matters in Her own way. Got a toasty sleeping bag? Hibernate through this one. Gonna take 8 and a half years. Sleep tight.

          • How about freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, freedom of movement, the right to own and use a firearm and the Fourth Amendment will be totally trashed.

          • I feel sorry for the SOB that thinks he is walking out of my house with my firearms!

            • Amen to that.

            • A bold statement and one I applaud you for. However, with their veritable kaleidoscope of weaponry (and programed “robots”), do you think that for one minute they will NEED to walk into anyone’s home to remove them or their firearms?

            • Just never forget there are millions of us. Divided we are doomed. United they don’t have a prayer against us!

            • Well Bush Jr. opened that can of worms with the Patriot Bill. Now they can come in and take your guns and call you an American Terroist with no search warrant.

            • Yea well good luck there. I can see that squad outside your house just scared to death. Oh sure you may get one but they have plenty more. The US government has a whole Army of mercenaries at there disposal with thousands more young people waiting in line to join up. As the economy gets worse there will be an even longer line of young healthy Americans who can’t find work who will have no qualms of “following orders” and blowing away you and any other “subversive” their superiors tell them are enemy’s of the State.

              I don’t doubt your resolve or your commitment to freedom I just don’t think most folks understand what it is they’ll be fighting.

            • Why would they take your guns? They will NEVER do that… Why? It is clear you won’t use them, or you already would have.

            • Same here!! They may kill me, but guess what………
              Ten out of ten people die!

            • No gun can stop what Mother Nature hath in store for us all this fall and spring of 2012. It was written in stone for a reason. Enjoy the show!

            • I thought this was a joke when i heard it but now I realize im wrong. Im not gona let them take away what is Not able to be taken away no pice of paper will ever take away my rights. I support the goverment but if that happens its just …..

        • I don’t welcome the idea, but I do agree. The only way people are going to wake up and push back, is when they are cornered like rats and have nothing left to loose. or will they?

        • shutting down the internet and any form of communication would be the first step they would take.

          • Fortunately, the Internet isn’t that easy to shutdown without people knowing it and taking counter measures to keep it open. News did get in and out of Egypt, didn’t it?

        • I agree

          • You do not have to shut down the internet. All they have to do is set off an EMP and ALL electrical items will be history. They would not have their computers or phones to keep them occupied. They would have to get involved at some point.

      2. I realize that Mr. Celente seems to be a perpetual “doom and gloomer”, but nothing he says is impossible. Anything he mentions is a definite possibility with our government, given the “desired” circumstances. All we peons can do is keep prepping, stash weapons and ammo, and keep our minds clear in case of a staged panic. Good luck to all.

        • He’s often been a bit early with his time frame, but his predictions generally come to pass. When Gerald speaks, I listen.

          I’d love to know what Gerald’s bug out plan is. I suspect it includes fleeing the country to where ever he has much of his gold stashed.

          I believe we will have economic marshall law. Followed closely by Dictator Obama. It’s been the plan all along.

          • Obama is the Sith to Sith Lord Soros!

            Not trying to make light of the situation! I truly believe this is Soro’s plan, Open Society ~ One World Domination by taking down America. Obama and the other Marxist Progressives are just doing his biding. (Useful Idiots!)

            • RightWing Nut-Job is more like it. Yes, let’s not have one of those evil, “open societies.” Gosh, wouldn’t THAT be horrible. Obviously, you’re too ignorant to see it, but we are already a Fascist Corporatocracy run by the bankers and the military that you, no doubt, get all misty-eyed about. And, far from “taking down America,” we’re the terrorist, spear point.

            • Exactly right!

          • Mr. Blutarsky,

            It makes you wonder why all governments all over the planet (at least the developed countries), are passing austerity measures simultaneously.
            It looks as if they rush to gather resources for some reason.
            I’m not sure but this smells like the society described in the Orwell’s 1984. Total control by the few over the billions, continuing wars in order to keep the mass busy and scared, absolute poverty of the many, and absolute luxury of the few.
            All that because of greed and intollerance.
            I’m not sure man, i’m not sure anymore. I only feel tired and disgust.

            Be safe.

          • If thats the case Bush Jr. taught him everything he knows.

        • Emptyhandedkiller

          Clearly idoits are everywhere the Trends journal is accurate unfortunately instead of killer howabount empty-headed brain dread jafo Mr Celente is a hero and killer your a scripted idiot

          • Have you had a colonoscopy to check for polyps lately? Go the the mirror and say ah.

            • Damnit anonymous, that beer that came out of my nose, hurt!

            • It’s 5 PM somewhere.

          • Dude – you are obviously the victim of a public school education. You also obviously slept through whatever English classes that you were required/forced to attend.

        • Impossible, there are 305 million people, probably one million LEOs counting all different branches, I don’t know how many troops, but most are in other countries and all are related to the people that they would be ordered to lock up.then there’s all the young gun toting people who are not going to lose everything they have.

          • They will be able to control people easily under with the FEAR of martial law. General public does not realize that the numbers stack in the favor of the average citizen. Letting them feel us up at the airport, letting countless laws and bills pass that chip away at our way of life, slowly strip our civil liberties and slide slowly into a police state are a few of the things conditioning the sheep of america to go willingly into the holding pen, scared, confused and pathetic. Sorry, I’m on one today. Nothing personal, JustMe, but you have to remember that most people do not think like those on these forums. (Unfortunately) Hell, these days, if you threaten to take away someones iphone or ipad, you can get them to do just about anything you want.

          • LEOs & TROOPS live locally & I don’t think they would put their families at risk.

            • it’s not the locals you have to worry about. it’s the thousands of foreign trained soldiers that are here already under United nations training protocols. They have no problem shooting locals. at some point, there will certainly be violence. I just don’t see every Billy Bob giving up his assault rifles very willingly—it ain’t going to happen-period.
              As soon as the first word of a violent seizure of weapons gets out, people are going to hide their guns, or simply get ready to fight to the finish. I just don’t see everyone giving up their weapons, just because some enacted law says they must. You have 200 years of tradition that says you have the right to bare arms, and people know this. And the public knows that the constitution IS the real law of the land, not some presidential executive order. The constitution supercedes all of it. I guess we don’t have long to find out.

        • Mosts of what Celente has said has come true. Beware and be warned. Hell is going to break loose soon.

      3. Now that the American Public made it difficult for our government to continue with business as usual they will need another means. Martial law is a simple means. They could blame it on an Iranian hacker if they wanted.

      4. I like Mr. Celente he has made many great calls over the years. I do not think anything is going to happen in the near future but you never know.

        I wonder myself with all the fighting at the Fed level if we may loose our reseve status. The best way for the SHTF in my opinion is to loose it.

        Then entitlements may stop or be drastically cut and the people will riot and then marshall law will ensue.

        • Not to be overly ‘picky’ here this evening or anything; but I think that it is martial law instead of marshall law?

          • I think The Marshall Tucker Band will implement this.

          • yes

        • Why do you and the politician’s call them “Entitlements” like its some terrible thing? I know every week when i look at my check my Social Security and Medicare is taken out religiously. The average worker pays into this for 40-50 years before they can draw any of it back out. (If you live that long) Your right I’m entitled to that “Retirement money that i paid for” The problem is that government uses these things as some ideological divide. Anybody that works for a living should hate both parties right now. Follow the money and you will find the route of the problem. GREED & POWER!!!!!

          You want to solve problems then stop rewarding big business for sending jobs overseas. Cut up NAFTA and tax any corporation (Excessively)who wants to build their products overseas only to sell them back to us. Only solution is to build our way out of this mess. Unfortunately the system is so corrupt, the only hope at resolving this mess is a total collapse and a resulting revolution. The people that care are already on websites like these. The question is how does the message get to the uneducated. All we can do is tell everyone we know to prepare, but as you already know the average person is just too comfortable to realize what’s happening to society.

          At the end of the day, I’m still glad i live in the United States and not Russia!

          • would you consider going on dancing with the stars or american idol? only way to reach the uneducated is to make it interesting to them. not picking steve o. i think you’re right. the people who do care are already here. Who’s watching mushroom?

      5. This new budget doesn’t provide any cuts until 2014. After that, it would be only $100 billion per year for 10 years. by that point the national debt will be 30 trillion plus.

        I have been preparing for some time, with some hope that disaster could be avoided. I have now given that up. The countdown to collapse continues.

        Enjoy this last number of months where you have any ability to go on a trip, or take your woman out for ice cream and a movie.

        Everyone who rejoices in this future collapse should probably rethink their enthusiasm. Yes, this system is corrupt and needs to fall, but when the SHTF, it will suck. Anyone who has been through Ranger, or any other tough military school, knows that going for weeks without comforts is awful.

        • I’d love to get a general idea what kind of time everyone thinks we have. I flux back and forth, myself between 2weeks to 2years, depending on the days underground news. But I’d trust the pulse of the people before any economic blah blah report.
          Funny, I was just thinking about taking an overdue vacation while I can. It’s to the point where we would rather spend any extra money on preps than vaca and we are worried about being away from home when something gos down. Anyway, back to my original…so how much time does everyone think we have?

          • These things are event driven and not time driven, ask any Illumnut.

          • 18 months to 5years. depends on how many triggers get tripped at one time. it’s going to take more than one trigger or a mighty big one. keep prepping; sleep well knowing you’re mentally/physically and spirit prepared. same way you face everyday

          • I had a thought come to me recently that something would occur sometime between Thanksgiving 2011 and three months out, which would be about the end of February 2012.

        • Things could be better on the other side, but getting there would probably be a living hell.

          re: spending– These pigs will never stop. They will have to BE stopped by outside forces. Our creditors will help us on this.

        • Absolutly freakin right bro…the truth is it will come like a theif in the night. Probably dressed in a nightie with a cold six pack.

        • you said a mouthfull, and I think you called it dead on. What’s coming at it’s easiest outcome, is going to be very bad. And at the worst end, millions will die from starvation. it’s sounds third worldish, but we are at the 2 1/2 level now. We don’t have far to fall. The middle class is almost gone, and the rest are hanging on by working 2 jobs at less pay than the first job they had. I’m so sick of the government propaganda. I guess if you’re more concerned with American Idol than what’s happening to your future, what do we expect?

      6. 500+ recall referendums… at once. Now, that would be a thing of beuty.

        • oops. “beauty”

        • I’ve been increasingly convinced that there should be a national recall effort. The trouble is, from what I’ve read, very few elected offices are subject to recall votes. Instead we should develop a “NO INCUMBENTS IN 2012” drive. I’d hate lose a Ron Paul or Bernie Sanders this way, but we seriously need a housecleaning.
          Why couldn’t we a “vote of confidence in the government” as they do in Europe. A negative result triggers new elections. I don’t think we can wait four years for our government to be revamped.

      7. Mr. Celente like all future guessers has been right some and wrong some.
        He howevers does seem to bat above 500 most of the time.
        This scenario is definately what in planning is refered to as a high order of probabilty.
        So be warned


      8. In my opinion, the most likely event would be internet based and financial in nature. Do you recall the “ghost” 1000 point drop in the DOW in a few minutes not too long ago ? Followed by an almost immediate recovery ? I do. As I recall, it was blamed on a “fat fingers” trade. In my opinion, that was a dry run or a system test. Currently ( and I stress currently ) there is nothing physical that can actually supplant the USD. There is not enough gold or silver; no other currency has the depth of liquidity needed. However; the technology does exist to replace the dollar with a digital currency of some sort. The only issue would be the need for an actual physical “note” for exchange. That need could rapidly be reduced by smart debit / credit cards in most nations and between almost all businesses. Even a large terrorist attack, if physical, would of necessity have limited impact. The only exception would be an EMP attack and even that, has real physical impact limitations. The only terrorist attack, for all practical purposes, that has the ability to have true global impacts would be internet and financial.

        • Yeah, like flooding the US economy with new printed dollars – but they’ll have to be fast to beat Bernanke at that!

        • The banksters ejaculate at the thought of a “cashless society”. Soooo mucheasier than having to steal money the old-fashoined way.

        • @”Sam says”

          About five years ago a buddy of mine (in USA) spent many weeks with one guy in China who is a member of the ‘Chinese royals’ and that person told my friend that the US was repaying them in a new currency.

          I asked for more detail but that was all he could tell me.

      9. Even the mainstream media is reporting on how bad things are. Here’s an MSNBC article giving us the 10 signs that we are in a double dip recession.

        Now the sheeple will begin waking up. Get your preps in order FAST. Once the golden hoarde starts prepping it will be pandemonium and the laws of supply & demand will kick in.

        • Last weekend I saw a Dilbert cartoon where the subject was total economic collapse and “preps”. When Dilbert speaks, sheeple will listen.

        • I think those that have done nothing , better give you a listen. Time is truly short, and the masses will stampede when they figure it al out. I’m glad I’ve been prepping for 2 years. I think I’ll sit back and watch. just fine tuning at this stage. good luck all.

          • If you haven’t gotten your preps in order better do it soon. I found a great deal on a years supply package. They even beat the Costco deal and we got some free stuff coming too. Check it out at Don’t forget to find a place to hide your guns and amo. Probably bury my rifle and extra handgun. I was thinking about making it look like a grave site. Who would want to dig up a grave? What do you think? How will you hide your stuff.

      10. Perhaps Mr Celente is over-reacting, but small daily effects on our income and lives are visible.
        Direct cuts in the monthly salary, direct increases in the social services payments, direct tax increases, have already decreased salaries around 20%.
        Indirect cuts such as rise in food prices, gas price, other goods and services increases, make another 15% loss of our monthly income.
        If this isn’t economic terrorism then what is?
        I hope i’m not being a pain in the butt for you guys, but i’ll tell you something.
        All the fuss about the U.S. debt ceiling and “yes we vote” or “no we don’t”, will eventually lead to austerity measures in your country.
        I cannot tell you what to do because we couldn’t avoid them. We saw it coming but at the end of the day we lost.

        • Hang in there manos. You only lost a battle. Keep fighting to win the war.

          …and you are NOT a pain in the butt!

        • You are very much appreciated. My best to you, your family and countrymen.

        • I can not speak for everyone but I love to hear from you and how you and your family are making it day to day. Please keep us updated…some of us are taking notes.

        • Keep posting man…how else are we gonna know whats going on in Greece…stay safe!

        • I really appreciate info from the front line. Thank you. Hang in there and keep your chin up.

      11. Best thing that could happen for our liberty is a cyber war or limited war with China or Russia where they targeted our GPS satellites, internet, and energy infrastructure. We have come to rely on the force-multiplying effect of our technology which can also be used to monitor and quell dissent within this country. A leveling of the playing field would be necessary for any realistic chance at throwing off our shackles. Could you picture a band of guerillas being able to operate for any length of time in a society with cell and internet tracking; infrared detecting drug helicopters, surveillance cameras at every intersection, license plate scanners, data mining of utility and county land records, credit card transaction monitoring, satellite photography, radar and laser topography to monitor land usage? This just scratches the surface of the surveillance power our government has over us and much of it is already in daily use against us. Leveling of the technological advantage which our government has against us is absolutely critical and the best chance of that rests in war with a country with the capability to take out that advantage.

        • there is NO SUCH THING AS A “LIMITED WAR” WITH RUSSIA, AND,OR CHINA NUCLEAR WEAPONS!!!!!!!!! The best thing for our liberty, would be to strike every law, and “court decision” that have been passed after 1800! EXCEPT the slavary issue. LAND OF THE FEE, HOME OF THE SLAVE!

          • I beg to differ. We fought a limited war with Russia for more than 40 years without it going nuclear. China has been fighting a cyber war with us for more than a decade. Both countries have the ability to take down our satellites and destroy our economy and energy infrastructure at a safe distance. Clauswitz wrote a great book on the nature of warfare and it doesn’t take a genius to realize that the goals of taking the US down a few notches in the world and limiting the ability of US policymakers to project power does not necessarily mean an actual shooting war. The irony is the countermeasures used against our country would have very limited effects if used against either China or Russia. And forget all that crap about intertwined economies. Russian trade is one way, primarily involving natural resource sales. Cutting that off would hurt us more than them. China is still a communist country which happens to allow limited capitalism because of the hard currency it brings in which then allows them to grab the Western countries by the balls and squeeze hard; hence the buying of our bonds and propping up the Euro. Believe me, it is not the profit motive which motivates these actions. We have far more to lose from a nuclear war than the Chinese do and they know it which is why it will not happen. Our goals of individual liberty just happen to coincide nicely with our country’s enemys goal of limiting our ability to inflict our will on the rest of the world.

            • Well said. Having used some of these whiz bang items on our so called enemies I can tell you we need to equalized the battlefield as moon has said.

              What I really hate is the militerization of the cops, most are fucking animals with guns and low IQs…yea I’ll take a hit from some of ya’ll but you know it;s true.
              We used to respect them, now we fear them.

            • Kinda long but needed…I did not write this.

              I am a former law officer with some 20 years of state and federal experience, ranging from patrol operations to criminal investigations, and special operations. I served in several executive positions as well. I am very concerned about the militarization of our police, the lack of respect of police accorded to private citizens, the arrogant attitude of police officers and their supervisors in regards to the rights of the American people and the US Constitution.

              Moreover, I am extremely concerned about the use of needless and senseless force against American citizens by police military raid teams (SWAT) serving to implement ordinary tasks that ordinary patrol officers used to perform. Now, it seems that so-called SWAT teams are routinely employed for all police operations and appear to have a primary purpose in terrifying people into compliance with vague, arbitrary and indeed, unlawful policy measures.

              Since when is a SWAT team used or justified in collecting a defaulted loan? Excuse me, but am I living the United States or in Nazi Germany, whose police originated the concept of SWAT teams? That’s right, the Nazi Gestapo conceived of the idea of using heavily armed police and military tactics against political dissidents or dangerous criminals with a twofold purpose. One was to overwhelm likely resistance. The second, was to terrify people into submission.

              Additionally, I am terribly concerned about the lack of accountability of police departments, mayors and county commissioners related to instances of excessive force, outright brutality, criminal conduct and disrespect of police officers, who seem to act as if they are above the law or beyond any standard of accountability.

              Contextually, my feelings are that citizens have a right to exact accountability and a higher degree of conduct from police officers than of the public at large. Moreover, they have a right to demand that officers not only know and maintain the law, but to abide by it.

              Consequently, I approve of citizens taking issue with police when they are abusive and act inappropriately. Patrolling the police and filming their activities is one measure I feel that is justified concurrent with the seemingly out of control and lawless conduct by many police departments across the United States. Police officers are public servants acting supposedly in the public’s interest and the public has the right to question them about their activities in that venue or to film them in the performance of their duties, especially in instances of possible criminal conduct by police.

              Part of the problem remains with public trust and a lack of interest by the public in enforcing accountability of police officers. We became complacent and too trustful. As citizens, we neglected our public duty and shrugged off police excesses. Now, that neglect has come to haunt us as our protectors are now preying upon us. There has been a fundamental and harmful paradigm shift. American police now treat us as security suspects rather than as citizens with rights to be upheld. And we don’t seem to be doing enough to reverse that trend.

              I am afraid of our police and I don’t say this lightly. Many of the officers employed today are of substandard quality. They are in many instances simply hired thugs. I feel it is very important to expand programs such as Cop Block and to link with other civic minded organizations in attempting to take back control of armed elements in our society, like the police.

              Additionally, as citizens we must use the full recourse of law available to us. This includes letters to police and sheriff department executives, to officer associations, to prosecutors and judges and if necessary to peacefully protest abuses. Filing Title 42 Civil Rights violations against departments and officers is a measure that needs to be considered as well. Recalling, firing, and suing public servants that condone police excesses should be a priority for any community that suffers from police abuses.

              In conclusion, I urge American citizens to not expand police powers. When I had the privilege of serving the American people, I had all the power I needed to do my job. Moreover, I am proud to say that I had the support of my fellow citizens as long as I respected them as people and upheld their rights. During my time, we were proud to be considered peace officers and not as ass kicking “enforcement” officers. There is a tremendous difference and you can see that difference as so-called law officers act as thugs and gangsters in routinely brutalizing American citizens across the United States. “Move or I’ll tase you,” is one common expression I am hearing from police — over and over.

              A good peace officer never needs to threaten to use force likely to cause serious injury or death to accomplish his mission. Back in my day, people understood that implicitly. We simply asked people to cooperate with us and never used force, unless it was absolutely necessary. Nor did we put people in jail and ruin their lives for trivial offenses. When we saw instances of abuse by fellow officers, we arrested them or got rid of them.

              It is absolutely critical to rethink the role of the police in America as we head into the second decade of the 21St century. Our police must remain faithful to the US Constitution and to protecting people and their rights as public servants, in our own communities,and under local supervision. American police must remain free of federal or national control. In this vein, they remain the guardians of a constitutional republic and not of a tyrannical national security state like Nazi Germany or the former Soviet Union.

              I salute you for your courage and keeping faith in the purpose of the United States

      12. Mr. Celente says the same stuff over and over again. He is interesting to listen to and way too early on his predictions. I personally don’t think things are as bad as “doom/gloomers” and “preppers” make them out to be. Just be grateful we still have electricity, running water and access to basic medicine and food.

        • @ skid marks.In response to your last sentence….For Now. As for preppers, I am one and unashamed of it. Its been bred into me by my folks. We never had to ask anyone for hand outs and never would. We helped those that were less fortunate as best we could. I’ve always have had a stocked larder and have never known any different. I was raised on an island. I’ve hunted, oystered, fished nets, crabbed, trapped muskrat (and ate em), fox, otter and coons from the time I was eight years old until my mid twenties when the fur market fell out. This an’t no frikken game for me sunshine, this is life. As far as Celente is concerned, yeah I have listened to some of his stuff. He makes some sense for sure. I don’t know where I’ll be when this all falls down. Rest assured, I’ll be as ready as can be whether I can get back to the house or not. I am always armed and will use whatever means necessary to insure my family’s safety as well as mine, regardless of what “ol’ slippery” in the whitehouse does.

          • Thanks…couldnt say it any better!

          • Amen brother, I just wish I had 1/100th of the knowledge you have.And as far as Celente goes well damn your past accounts for the respect people give you.

            God Bless

        • For how long?

      13. manos, you summed it up nicely. What is happening in Greece should be a wake-up call to everyone across the world.

        You can eat an elephant if you take just one bite at a time. Someone gorges, but it don’t turn out well for the elephant. The people are the elephant. And I’m a bit concerned about our long-term health situation.

      14. Related but unrelated.

        If you own land or a farm beware. If you eat food, beware.

        The government is seizing control over our farmers. They will eventually control our food supply too if we don’t stop them.

        The 2012 election has never been more important. At any time in American history.

        • Mr. Blutarsky, I agree this is a huge concern. Everybody should read this article.

          “The move by the DOT appears to be “legislation through regulation.” By reclassifying all farm vehicles and implements as Commercial Vehicles, the federal government will now be able to claim regulatory control over the estimated 800,000 farm workers in America, at the same time, overriding the rights of the states.”

          “The proposed guidance by the FMCSA would result in an initial increased cost to each Wisconsin farmer and employee of $124 just for the CDL license, permit and test; not to mention the time and cost for the behind-the-wheel training that is several thousand dollars.”

          • My tractor aint a vehicle….nor is it a highway conveyence… its a tool….therefore DOT can kiss off!

            • You said it! I’m saying it too! Hell, if you saw my tractor, you might not even recognise it as a tractor, it’s so old! However, let it sit ALL WINTER LONG without cranking it…. Spring comes. It cranks on the first try! Love my big hunka junk!

          • well before they can dictate anything about my john deere they would have to force registration of it some how, so they would have actual ownership of it and I would then be just a user of it like motor vehicles..Why would I ever do that.. why ??.. it never leaves my posted PRIVATE PROPERTY and has no title.. wont happen on most tractors, maybe just the brand new ones manufactured

          • You mean that my Class A CDL with the Hazmzt Endorsement might actually be worth something to me again some day?

      15. Repeat after me!

        #10 cans, crisp $10 bills
        #10 cans, crisp $10 bills

        When people are hungry
        enough they will finally
        loose it. Until then there
        will be no reason for storm
        troopers and martial law.

        Lemmeeseenow, where was I?

        Oh, yea

        #10 cans, crisp $10 bills
        #10 cans, crisp $10 bills


      16. Sorry, I don’t get the correlation of cause here. He says if a ‘major’ terrorist strike happens then there’ll automatically be bank holidays. (?) 9/11 was major and banks etc., still stayed open.

        I guess if he was talking about a nuke hit to a financial center or akin then it makes more sense.

        Look, I tend to like Gerald’s intent which is to warn people but what I don’t like are his leaps of magnitude jumps to probable conclusions when under further scrutiny sounds just what it is to me, unnecessary fear mongering to attract readers/listeners to his spiel.

        But that’s just me.

        Case in point btw.

        Remember this sky is falling red alert of his?

        Point is, if one yells !WOLF! too many times and it turns out to be a 3-legged fox, well you probably get the rest of it. Or at least he better get a lot less broad in his paint strokes and get more precise with drawing a connnective sketch first.


        • wow, not many comments on that, and no familiar names. Many good points RH. But the wolf will eventually come to eat the animals, ALL ponzi schemes come to an end. What the feds will do? I guess we will eventually find out. Clinton on the cnn last year said “we will use the argentina model”(we=bankers) so if that is still the plan (i believe it is, That is the only time I THINK she was actually telling the truth, the bankers know exactly what went down there, so they probably started positioning their positions to weather the storm then) t Some reading up on what the bankers did in argentina would be some good, educational reading.

        • A major terroist strike could be a simple hacking. I’m not a hacking/computer guru but suggest that some teenager some where comes up with a random conversion of every 0,1 – 9 turning into a random letter in the alphabet instead. No means of defeating it – ever dollar amount is now unaccounted for digitally – every where and world wide. Every financial institution would have to close, stores would have to take cash only and do math with hand calculators not tied to the “grid.” The calamity would be catastrophic and enable an economic marshall/martial law.

          • JIM..Good points. The adult U.S. population does not understand how their financial affairs are so completely digital. So whether there is an EMP or ‘just’ a computer hacking event, your financial assets are gone.
            Don’t think it can happen, just ask the thousands of people have had their personal information electronicly stolen from credit card companies and others.
            You must keep a quantity of FRN’s, in small denominations, accessable at all times. A quantity of pre-65 coins on hand would also cover some situations in a banking emergency. The actual quantities of both are up to you. If you are doing preps this must be one of them. MT MIKE

      17. remember guys, we are all being played like a cheap fiddle. The elites timeline isn’t written in stone, but their basic plan has been set for decades. They are bringing down the economy as we speak. Even the best scenerio to come isn’t very good, and at a worst level, it Mad max in nature.
        Just keep doing your preps till you can’t do it anymore. What else is there???

      18. I have often thought and said in order for Obama to stay in office he will have to allow a large calamity to occur, to us, in this country no matter what the costs, it will be for the over all good. This POS will allow us to be hit, but not close to him or his family or those that he cares about. I think they call us “expendable assets” and yes that’s “US.”
        We are viewed in their eyes as only so much cattle like product, to be used and utilized at their whim. This dude is done and he knows it and probably has anticipated it and now he is ready to go full pop. Get ready this is going to be a hell of a ride!!

        • “expendable assets”…no…

          collateral damage maybe..

          they have never looked at us as an asset..even if it was to look at us as expendable.

          • Maybe both, maybe the collateral damage will in the end get an asset he does care about.

      19. Sorry guys, but 20,000 ain’t enough. There are 20,000 rednecks armed to the teeth in my backwoods county alone. And, i bet we can shoot better than those yahoos! That’s not even tapping into the reserves in the surrounding counties.

        “Bring ’em on. I’d prefer a straight fight to all this sneakin’ around.” -Han Solo-

        • 20,000 troops trained in urban combat. And how many bangers in south-central LA alone? We have far more citizens who have BEEN in urban combat already. It’d just be another day in paradise for them.


        Be Part of History and demand marijuana legalization. Not a soul on earth has died from marijuana, why is it illegal? Demand legalization, when enough people speak out, just like with Julie Bass, there will be worldwide revolution, history has not seen.

        Marijuana seeds containing moderate levels of THC produce FAR more seeds and ethanol per acre in comparison to the Low THC strain that is currently allowed to grow with commercial license in canada, still no individuals can grow their own food! This madness has been going on for some time, the more people who speak out, the faster this miracle plant will be legalized. Government spends money on propaganda to dis-empower people to not resist.

        No Pot No Freedom. If you like marijuana or not you need to take action if you want to live in a free world and not in a barren wasteland full of toxins. We all have the power to change the future. Doing nothing only ensures slavery and bad health because of toxic pollution.

        Rick Simpson discussed information that changed perception about medical institutions and treatments.
        Watch the Forbidden Cure seminar by Rick Simpson for free

        • Thanks but not thanks for me and my family, I’d rather be thinking, seeing and hearing clearly. These are not the times to be stoned out of your mind. Everyone needs to be alert and ready and able to read between the lines. I need every brain cell I have. I’m not sure how this push for pot belongs on an article about martial law from financial collapse, but ok. It’s a free country. For now.

          • so you are okay with denying the freedom to another to smoke one if he so chooses ??

            you feel you had the need to say to this person because he was sharing his thoughts on what SHOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN MADE ILLEGAL to start with ??..

            I find your preaching offensive to self freedom of choice. I will shut up before I climb down your dictatorial brainwashed self.. you do not even know what real freedom is… I pity you.

            • Excuse me, but did I say anything about the legality of it? That it should or shouldn’t be legal? Anywhere in my post did I say that noone should do this? No, what I said, (feel free to go back and re-read) is that for me and my family, we’d rather be clear minded in these times. You wanna be stoned out of your mind while the world falls apart, go for it! I don’t care what you do either way. My personal opinion is that the government wants us all gorked out, be it legally or illegally, to make it easier to do what they are doing. For those opposed to pot, theres always prozac or a number of mind numbing drugs the doc will give you with a smile! Feel free to play along. I won’t. You are obviously very defensive. Enough so to mis-read my post and insult a perfect stranger to try to make your point. Very mature.

            • MLGardner, it appears The only civil liberties you care about are your OWN.

              you think anyone who does smoke a little is ALWAYS stoned out of their mind or something even if they only toke two or three hits, or maybe only three times a year..

              when you talk about you or everyone needing all their brain cells you completely show your ignorance to what marijuana really is.. that is msm brainwash talking hype you have engraved on your brain..

              maybe you should re-read what Myles O’Howe says and truly look at the information he presents on what can all be done with HEMP.. it is not only a ‘stoner’ high, even if that is what you ‘think’ it only is.

              why has that piece of paper called the Constitution lasted over 200 hundred years?
              because it is written on paper made from HEMP.
              You can make as much paper out of 1 acre of HEMP as you can with 20 acres of trees. You can make coal that would not produce acid rain. You can make more ethanol from it than you can with corn… the list is very, very long and Myles O’Howe has every right to show that info to others, same as you can declare him and others who do smoke it as ‘stoners’ or stoned out of their mind all the time.

            • Where do you buy it at BlackSheep? You promote crime if you’re stupid enough to do illegal drugs. Take your forum somewhere else.

            • anonymous take your anonymous cowardness somewhere else. I do not talk to those who have no name. I only promote REAL FREEDOM.
              Have a great day!

            • Loser

            • anonymous is the WINNER, you go girl, shake them pom poms !!

            • I win. You lose.

          • We all need to hang together or we will assuredly all hang individually. Before the War on Terror became the preferred means by which to target our liberty, the War on Drugs started laying the groundwork. Look at all the precedents enacted in the name of fighting the “war on drugs”. Unwarranted property searches and seizures, drug surveillance overflights, police wiretapping of private conversations, informers, federal police forces? So you can control some aspect of someones’s private life? Shame on you.

            • exactly correct. this is where the group herd fight mentality really took off to new levels beyond the old lame Democrat and Republican politics bs.

        • Hava a heart! What eould become of Merk, Astra Zeneca, et al?

          • Imagine if all the United States had clear minds, free of legal and illegal drugs. Omg! We might wake up! We all might stand up and say, HOLD ON! This isn’t what we want for our country. God forbide we be awake,aware and strong!

            • and people would die. some need certain drugs or death is the outcome.

        • Our country is in crisis. America is unraveling at the seams. We are fighting for our very right to exsist. I know! Let’s all get stoned!!!! Insanity.

          • guess what MIT, if you hold the constitution in your hand, you are holding weed or correctly known as HEMP in your hand… just think, the ‘supposed’ supreme law of the land is written on an illegal product.

            it is funny as hell how some think pot is only for smoking..LMAO, you must have no idea on what all that plant can make or do… that is insanity with closed eyes and mind…

            • Anybody else think BS is a loser?

            • hey anonymous so what, who cares?. I sure don’t care what you or anyone thinks of me.. I am me and GOD put me here, deal with it… do you have ANY facts to debate?.. nope, I didn’t think so.

              I am a free-BORG, I will Adapt in resistance to this warped mind control game, Resistance to me and my kind is Futile… You are DRAWN to me and my kind by seeking the truth and you do not even know it… that is why you are even at this site.

              Have a great day, you winner you 🙂

            • +1

            • Drugs are stupid. Their problems spread to the people around them.

            • +2 LOSER

            • Sheep Brains on drugs. You’ll never convince a castrated ram while he’s being led into the packing house.

            • it amazes me how people think talking about pot is a drug and nothing more.. I type HEMP, can you all not read or what ??.. open your mind and read about HEMP and you will see what all that plant is capable of and sorry if your limited brain can not handle the truth… sorry if the constitution is written on it..

              sorry if that plant threatens the hegemony of most all of the big biz control grids from the Lumber Industry to the Food and Energy markets.. but I guess you all are so smart you already know that.

            • +3 And they always have an excuse. I’m glad I don’t have to work with any pot heads.

            • What is your name and what pusher do you buy it from?

            • Make a rope and hang yourself. Loooooooser!

            • BlackSheep:

              *Hemp has been grown for at least the last 12,000 years for fiber (textiles and paper) and food. It has been effectively prohibited in the United States since the 1950s.

              *George Washington and Thomas Jefferson both grew hemp. Ben Franklin owned a mill that made hemp paper. Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence on hemp paper.

              *When US sources of “Manila hemp” (not true hemp) was cut off by the Japanese in WWII, the US Army and US Department of Agriculture promoted the “Hemp for Victory” campaign to grow hemp in the US.

              *Because of its importance for sails (the word “canvass” is rooted in “cannabis”) and rope for ships, hemp was a required crop in the American colonies.

              INDUSTRY FACTS

              *Henry Ford experimented with hemp to build car bodies. He wanted to build and fuel cars from farm products.

              *BMW is experimenting with hemp materials in automobiles as part of an effort to make cars more recyclable.

              *Much of the bird seed sold in the US has hemp seed (it’s sterilized before importation), the hulls of which contain about 25% protein.

              *Hemp oil once greased machines. Most paints, resins, shellacs, and varnishes used to be made out of linseed (from flax) and hemp oils.

              *Rudolph Diesel designed his engine to run on hemp oil.

              *Kimberly Clark (on the Fortune 500) has a mill in France which produces hemp paper preferred for bibles because it lasts a very long time and doesn’t yellow.

              *Construction products such as medium density fiber board, oriented strand board, and even beams, studs and posts could be made out of hemp. Because of hemp’s long fibers, the products will be stronger and/or lighter than those made from wood.

              *The products that can be made from hemp number over 25,000.

            • I hear ya Bloodyfellow.

              them types of FACTS is exactly what I am telling these others to at least look at.. they are the losers for not looking.. maybe I spoke it wrong.. who knows.

              many closed minds when it comes to HEMP, but yet they cry about everything else the government has lied to them about… LMAO

              that plant threatens the hegemony of most all of the big biz control grids from the Lumber Industry to the Food and Energy markets.

              I thought it should be easy to get those who say they are wake to look, but I see I was wrong.. o

              glad to see at least someone else on the same page..
              Have a good one Bloody.

            • Ok people let me ask all ya’ll something that a trooper buddy of mine ask me.( While driving down the road would you rather come head on with a drunk after a case of Beer? Or a stoner that just smoked some weed? ) Be honest now people I would really like to know.And way to go Bloody you beat me to many of those FACTS.


            • DPS: Can we say “neither”? We can’t? Then, guess I’d have to opt for the stoner. He’s bound to be driving a heck of a lot slower than the drunk – that whole altered time-perception thing.

              Banning any useful thing because a small percentage choose to misuse it is just nonsense though. After all, half the folks on here cannot spell or are simply as dyslecix (-xic) as I am, but that doesn’t mean we should outlaw the keyboard. And before you say a keyboard never killed anybody, just stop – I assure you, typos can and do kill, just not directly… unless you bash someone in the head with one hard enough.

      21. The trend in the USA and the West is towards police statism. The feds say if you travel on planes, trains, or automobiles you consent to surrender of your 4th Amendment Rights. This takes place without any collapse or new terror attacks. What do you think the feds will do when the SHTF? You can expect roadblocks manned by troops, not police. Get in good physical shape so you don’t limit your options,if you know what I mean.

      22. When you’re down and out they will kick you the hardest. That’s when the terrorist will attack!

        There are soooo many things wrong today…. Debt says it all. Debt is destroying our economy, our lives, and our country.
        A kajillion bazillion dollars in circulation will destroy everyone’s wealth. Food, clothes and necessities will be impossible to buy.

        And once we reach the bottom of this endless pit and the last thing on everyone’s mind is an attack… that’s when it will happen.

        I like Celente for the most part, but like all the others that have something to sell (i.e. newsletters, subscriptions, etc) they always seems to exaggerate the truth a bit. Take it for what it’s worth, but be ready and prepared and you won’t have to worry so much!

        Good luck and stay out of trouble!

      23. Get your gold, get your silver , get your food, and get your guns, OOHRAH

      24. Hey, Solon…. You low life nitwit. Just because I don’t completely and blindly scurry at every word from Mr. Celente, you name call me? You sorry excuse for a microscopic nothing. Nothing against Gerald, but just exactly how many armed riots that he has predicted come true as of yet. Try thinking for yourself and not falling into line at everything you think is totally true and going to happen. What an idiot you are.

        • I happen to agree with you emptyhandkiller. I’ve been listening to Celente now for about 3 or so years, and these are only “predictions” that he is making. Anyone can predict something and be right 1/2 the time. I’ve been waiting for the great depression that was suppose to happen a year ago and it hasn’t happened yet. It may not happen in my life time and I don’t sit around worrying if it will or won’t just because some one says it’s going to happen. I think we all can agree that TSWHTF, just how it’s going to happen is another prediction. I think Obummer and his ilk have something up their sleeves, you can smell it in the air.

          • Hows that saying go….even an old blind hog can find a half eaten ear of corn now and then.

            • Nothing wrong with extra food. I can EAT my mistake, and it will taste better than all the other ones I have had to eat.

        • Uh, what the heck did they just have in the Mid-East, in Greece and in Spain? And don’t forget Wisconsin.
          Do you see a, “trend” developing?

      25. I just can’t believe this latest scare tactic, “””The Presidential executive orders are in place, Fusion Centers and FEMA detention camps are operational, and 20,000 US troops have been trained to deal specifically with economic collapse and civil unrest and are ready to be deployed immediately.””””

        almost everyone in America has a relative in the military or is a veteran who can defend themselves, also most veterans and non veterans have a weapon of some kind and they are not going to be marched into a FEMA Camp or let it happen to thier friends and relatives. like the Japanese were in WW2 or like the NAZIES did to the Jews in WW2. I just can’t believe that our government would do anything against their people unless they were looting,ect. I go to Kingston,NY about once a week, the next time, I think I’ll try to see if anyone else is over the edge.
        PS when you lock up thousands or millions of people, you have to either feed them or kill and bury them.Both are out of the question for our government.

        “””””Imagine, for a minute, what America would look like if nationwide curfews were implemented, civil rights were suspended (including confiscation of guns),”””””

        another thing that is impossible, people will be hungry and hungry people who have had freedom all their lives are not going to be locked up.
        they could put a curfew in different sections of some cities but people probably will not obey it.

        • I just don’t see US troops moving against Americans in an economic collapse. Such a collapse would be 50 states wide, not an isolated case such as Katrina. And those troops came from somewhere in our 50 states. The number defecting or simply going AWOL would be catastrophic (and probably tote their guns with them). Any military action to round up and incarcerate massive numbers of US citizens would have to be carried out by a military other than our own… and would probably end up facing our own, regardless of what orders our guys received. Our guys on the front lines may be in the military, but few have gone to it as a career and are fully planning on going home to their families.

          • psyops starts with $10 bills.

          • Well, the U.N. love us soooo mcuh, right? I’m sure they’d be thrilled to send their troops in to “help” the good ole USA!!

          • I agree 100%, thats WHY the troops are out of country, on endless campaigns of war. Syria and Iran could be the next countries in this world war. We are fighting on 2 continents, that is a world war by defenition!

        • I am sorry to say that the dumbest people i have met is our own Americans. They were put to sleep very slowly with sports, Hollywood and entertainment. Can’t you see that if you talk to our people about all this that is happening they said,”Oh our government will never do this” but if they watch a Hollywood movie they believe what they see! Even the psychologist were trained to tell us we need to laugh more, we need to watch more comedy. You fool! Where is Hollywood when our people are going jobless and homeless after we bought all their product and made them rich! The worst are the Christian who said they read their bible but they do not recognize their enemy. And, for all you military and police collaborator, they will use your butt and then when you know to much they will put you in captivity with the rest of us so that we can kill you. WAKE UP IDIOTS! Put that dam remote control down and stop getting obese and get in shape and fight for your families and don’t be a coward!!!! I rather do good and sleep better every night than to be a robot and have someone else control me.

      26. “Confiscation of guns”?
        They might as well try to ban masturbation!
        Aint gonna happen.
        Don’t worry people, as we fall deeper into our new stage of existence, liberty will expand, not decrease.
        The average American (including cops) are fed up with Washington and would resist any attempt at the imposition of martial law or gun grabs on the US public.
        Washington would need foreign troops for any offensive move like that, then ALL of us, cops, FBI, Blackwater and former military will be unified in the defense of liberty.

        • They cannot take my guns. I have put them all in a duffel bag and thrown them to the bottom of New York harbor. This posting is proof that as of today I no longer have any weapons.Search my home if you like but really, I have thrown them away, really…oh yeah all the ammunition also. I will wager many will follow my lead because we are all upstanding citizens who will do as we are told. Also I predict an uptick in house robberies where weapons and ammunition are the only items stolen.

          • LOL! I’m turning mine in at the pooleece station and get me a free ticket to the movies. Can’t believe that people would actually taken them up on such an offer.

          • Tom is right. Mine will be in Lake Tahoe….”I hope you can find them.”

            • That is deeeeep!

          • tom, they now have equipment that can detect just by pointing a radar at your house where your ‘thrown in the river’ weapons are–so I read.

            • The answer to that is…PVC pipe and a shovel. Happy hunting to the radar boys !

        • 50 + Million US Homes own firearms. US LE and Military would not be able to handle 2% of those disagreeing with a weapons confiscation (that is 1 million homes). Suggesting “gun confiscation” is like saying we’re going to ban abortion again – not going to happen.

          Its used for political fodder and nothing more. It makes the pro gun community donate.

          No gun confiscation begins far more slowly. Taxing ammunition, required registration, more hoops then you can imagine, more people banned individually for “mental illness and driving violations.” It will take a generation or two – and they are willing to take 3 if needed.

          • If the people in the street want guns, they will have guns, just as they have their drugs now. At sixteen (and that’s been a while, mind you), I had the opportunity to buy any number of 50 oozies out of the trunk of a Cadillac for $25 a pop… and I wasn’t even shopping. Demand generates supply, legal or otherwise. It always has; it always will. That 50+ million US homes is probably really just scratching the surface. There are an awful lot of guns in the US that never went through customs and don’t comply with any bans. Just saying….

        • Atta boy Dave! You got that right!

        • LMAO, thanks for reminding me it’s time to go see Rosie

      27. This article made me think about how in some U.S. cities they have already erected concrete walls to divide off and seal up neighborhoods, or so I read.

        Here is a quick talk from Ron Paul which seems to support what Gerald Celente is expressing:

        The Austrian Economist have a pretty good track record, they called the housing bubble and the financial crash before anyone else did.

        Add that to Marc Faber saying hyperinflation is even more likely now than it was, and things don’t look rosy.

      28. Dave thinks Feds with guns will back the public. I don’t know. They all like their govt check and perks. When communism fell, the Polish army never fired on the people. The cops and US military fired on ex-military protestors looking for work after WW1.

        The govt controls TV, with Saudi Arabia’s Pirnce Alwaleed’s an investor in ALL networks including Fox. As long as they control TV and the internet kill switch – they control the USA.

        If it starts to fall apart – it will get very ugly – very fast.

        • Tiny Tim: To compare the downfall of communism with the defense of liberty is … well … stupid. No personal offense intended but you need to think before you post.

      29. Celente os a buffoon poser.

        Does he ever say anything original?

      30. It’s time, we are getting close. Talking and worrying will not reduce any pain. America founded on the principals of Christianity knows the outcome.

        This time (period) that we will be going through is different, very different.

        We will see who rules in the end.

      31. Hey Everyone! Sorry to throw a wet blamket on the pity party you guys are throwing, but, hey!, it happens every time Celente goes on a rant. 🙂

        One yellow sun will come up tomorrow in the east. The Great Compromise will be executed by the Congress, Senate, and President. The stock market will bounce. Moody’s will say that the $2.7 trillion cuts in the national budget will save the nation’s credit rating, and life will go on without the drama of the past couple of weeks.

        There will not be any hyper-inflation (sorry Clark), WE will not revert to “garage sale economics” ( sorry again Clark) to replace the managed trade of the gangster banksters. And things economic and financial will remain flat.

        The sky will be partly cloudy and there will be a chance of additional lending by the banks for those of you who have not defaulted on your mortgage.

        There is a time and season for martial law and the 20,000 troops trained to protect DC and Wall Street, from the looters and rioters on the east coast who are not busy rappin’; but now is not it.

        Eventually these malcontents will be gassed, stacked like cord wood, and shuffled off to the FEMA camps for re-education, since the last indoctrination by the Department of Education obviously didn’t take. But again, now is not that time.

        Keep prepping. Speculate in silver, invest in gold (even the gangster banksters believe it will double or triple from here) and hoard your lead. They won’t be making anymore of it when the S eventually HTF.

        But not yet.

        • +1
          We will NEVER give up! feel free to shear a Sheeple today and wake up a Sheeple even if they don’t like it.

          • “Shear a Sheeple today and wake(them)up”
            I like that phrase, thumbs up!

        • Agree….the “compromise” will enable QE3 to begin and we’ll enjoy 6 to 12 more months of stagflation. Barring a terrorist incident or outright attack (I believe Syria is as close to a national threat to our country as anyone has been since al queda) we’ll be fine. We can enjoy another year of preparing, accumulating our ammunition, precious metals, and other “amenities.”

          • JIM: WE don’t need QE3. The banks are LOADED with cash as are the major corporations. Apple has 74 billion in CASH. The individual BIG oil companies, probably more.

            The banks just need to release that cash, but towards what? Housing? Not a chance. Auto loans! Look for deals on new auto loans in September and a big push for hybrids.

            Honda revenue is down 88%, and Detroit needs to push the envelope to recapture market share.

            • Its not about giving the banks cash. Its about buying the Bonds from the US Government that no one else will buy….print/buy = Quantitative Easing. There is a reason the lenders are hoarding dollars.

              a) They fear hyper inflation in which case the money loaned out will be worthless. At least in their control they can spend what they can at the last second;

              b) They fear deflation in which case cash would be king; for lending it out will only produce default (like we saw in the housing market).

              Either way the banks are not lending. Hence the government is printing.

            • Catapillar should be doing well. All those banks needing D9s to flatten the foreclosed homes.

          • Then I MAY have 300 Ramen noodles to eat!!!

        • And who couldn’t use just alittle more time…I certainly can.

        • Don’t look for me in the chow line.

        • “life will go on without the drama of the past couple of weeks… There will not be any hyper-inflation” – thus proclaims the all-knowing-all-seeing, Durango Kidd.

          I just love the facts, links and observations about human nature which you provide to back up those statements too.

          I suppose those are the same facts and such the other bankers trotted out in Zimbabwe and Argentina prior to their hyper-inflation?

          I, for one, will go with what Marc Faber has to say, and Ron Paul, they make much more sense in their videos, but you wouldn’t know because you don’t take the time to learn what they have to say. I hope other People do take the time to look the videos over and make up their own minds.

          I see by your “garage sale economics” comment you’re still putting down those who prefer Free Markets and barter.

          In prior threads I gave you the best example of how the Free Market works and you run with your illogical fallacy while ignoring the other examples I provided that the Free Market is all around us,… typical.

          Some People don’t see it your way.
          Some People dislike the fascist restricted trade you seem to prefer and the controlling centralized goberment that goes along with that position:

          Alt-market has Stewart Rhodes and Brandon Smith behind it

          • Clark: “Free Markets” don’t exist. The American Indians tried it and they even allowed Europeans to establish “Free Trade Zones” on Indian land populated with Europeans. The results are historical fact. Do you need a link for that? 🙂

            If you take exception to the facts and reality about what “Free Trade” really is today, its because you are uneducated and have swallowed the NWO line.

            Clark, you were screaming “hyper-inflation” last year. Where is it? You said it would be here by now. What happened to your financial guru’s predictions about that?

            With all due respect to Alt-Market. It is not going to replace a $4 trillion dollar economy. Citing any link doesn’t make it so, or you a financial genius.

            You are a fool.

            • I never screamed anything. Free Markets are all around us everyday, to suggest otherwise is a logical fallacy.

            • I would add: It is a logical fallacy to suggest that because free markets do not entirely exist they never have. As for their utility: The US became a great power because of free markets; in the current Age of Regulatory Democracy is has lapsed into despair and corruption. Free markets work. They lift all boats. The freer the better.

              Your support for the idea that intervention is what an economic system needs so as to be functional itself rests on the myth that some people – politicians and bureaucrats – have special talents for guiding the economic conduct of others. This is quite literally a fascist conviction! It is diluted by mixing in democratic and capitalist, as well as other features in the system – that’s why it is called a mixed economy.

        • There are four formulas for determining inflation: M0, M1, M2, M3. The higher the number, the more all-inclusive the inputs; the lower the number, the more exclusive. M3 had long been the standard. Then came the 80’s. “Mr. President, we have a problem.” Reagan: “Change the way M3 is calculated. See. No problem anymore.” And that worked… for a while. And, if I remember correctly, it was under W that someone again said, “Mr. President, we may have a problem.” The answer: Substitute the M2 formula for the M3. See. No problem.

          BUT, a number of economists have continued tracking the M3 data. That data shows that for the past 3 to 4 years annual inflation has consistently been at 10+% annually. That IS hyperinflation, especially when coupled with the rapid decline in median household income.

          Hyperinflation is effectively already here. It has just been mathematically swept under the rug so that it can be denied. However, those of us who buy anything regularly know full well it’s happening.

      32. I agree with comments of people need to wake up in mass.
        But I suspect when people finaly do, it will be too late.
        Buy this I mean how will we communicate with one another,
        when internet and phones are comprimised on absent?
        Any one have an answer?.

      33. I believe Elenin is only the beginning of an entourage as Augusto Perez stated in his interview with Nathan Leal I posted a few weeks back. Long but very good read….trust me it takes a lot to keep me captivated long enough to read an article this long. I really think most of you will like it

        http://www.unleavenedbreadministries.or … edestroyer

        • BJ: Couldn’t find it amid the clutter and the link you provided doesn’t connect direct.

          As for ELEnin: I am trying to keep an open mind and the coincidences are unusual BUT I just think there would be more “action” on other bodies by now. There isn’t.

          Zeta Talk mentions a “dark twin” sneaking up behind US. Yes there is a “dark something” following US as there is an asteroid in our orbit (like those that follow Jupiter), but it is both above and below the plane.

          Why hasn’t ELEnin thrown many asteroids our way, or affected this one if it really is so massive?

          Just not enough evidence to make me a big believer, yet. Maybe another 30 days will make a difference.

          • Sorry about that DK, link is at this site middle column at the bottom of July 31’s articles and here is the direct link…not sure how I copied that wrong, again sorry

            Again, Elenin is only the beginning of an entourage, and I think some of her may be more things in the heavens than the actual here…if that makes sense? I guess we will se shortly, I really think though that the EQ data with her alignments cant be ignored and that like I said, a lot to do with her is things in the heavens, and The destroyer is coming behind her…but if Elenin don’t do much in the physical here on earth, many will use that as an excuse to not listen in the future. These are all puzzle pieces that are trying to fit together and I am seeing more and more now how things don’t happen like everyone thought they would….like in that radio interview I posted with Nathan Leal and Augusto Perez and how the pictures of what John seen and wrote in Revelations about are constellations and happenings in the skies.

            • BJ: ” …but if Elenin don’t do much in the physical here on earth, many will use that as an excuse to not listen in the future…”

              You got that right. It could even represent the great “falling away” from their faith as people get complacent about disasters that don’t happen.

              Until one does.

        • BJ, I can only hope this is it.. I will have nothing but happiness to only answer to my Creator and NO other.. I can only pray this IS it… The evil on this planet is so thick you can cut it with a knife to no avail.. it MUST go.. it will be a joyous day on his return and all the false reality blinders will be removed for all.

          for now, I can only seek the truth, but He WILL show me the entire real truth and more 🙂

      34. Does anyone actually believe that a bunch of Arabs who weren’t even proficient flying a single engine, prop aircraft used for training could actually navigate and perform complicate aerobatic maneuvers in twin engine, ‘heavy’ commercial jet airliners and fly them into three buildings with unerring precision? Skilled commercial pilots with thousands of hours flying time have tried to duplicate the maneuvers that would have been required by the aircraft that hit the Pentagon. They couldn’t do it.

        If anything of this nature were to go down, it would be a ‘false-flag’ incident supposedly staged by “domestic terrorists” in order to justify the imposition of martial law in the United States.

        First and foremost, they have to scare the crap out of the average American ‘sheeple’ to get them to go along with the imposition of martial law. I, for one, don’t think that I will be lining up to get on the bus to Camp FEMA.

        • As a pilot, I completely agree with what your saying.
          any one not awake to that we cant help them, they wont see it and more than likely dont want to…ie..the sheeple

          This breaking of the world and economies of this country is the next 911 people,,
          this is coimg to you stright from those in charge..this is not our debt, its theirs.
          this breaking of our econimy isnt our doing..its theirs
          this out sourcing of jobs and work is because of them and supported by them..again, their doing.
          bailing out the fat cat bankers..
          These so called “in contol” are the problem..and too many of this nation have fell into the pit of needless feeders on the social programs and have no will, balls or ability to fight back because they have become dependant on this beast.

          this economy to me is the next or the ongoing false flag..or a cloak for it,,yeah that might be it too

          Always had a prepper background in my family..and ability to get it done..they can bring what ever “law” they want to..when im holding my arms, I make the rules for me..what ever will be, will be.

          No line for me either bud..i hear a different drummer

        • Stan: You were right.

      35. Yes, if your intended destination is rising in the windshield, you are coming up short. If your intended destination is falling in the windshield, you are coming up long. I could teach Mushroom how to hit a bag of wet potting soil.

      36. MM: 911 was conceived by bearded men in a cave. It was initiated by bearded men on the planes with boxcutters who had been trained sufficiently to fly the planes.

        The plans of these men were interecepted by circumsized men who followed the group, shadowed the group, and arranged for the WTC to be purchased under special circumstances that would provide for a billion daller profit if the buildings were destroyed.

        The man who bought the WTC was also circumsized and received more than 4 billion dollars on a three billion dollar purchase when the buildings were destroyed within 90 days of the purchase.

        The buildings were brought down by thermalite, a very powerful and sophisticated nano explosive possessed by only a few governments and ….. the Mossad.

        911 was conceived by Al-Queda but executed by Mossad.

        • Hey, Dk…you’re one of ‘us’!!!
          Yep–hard to believe Arabs with box cutters infiltrated a multi-billion dollar defense system on one of the most guarded bldg. in the world..but then, I still get looks from sheeple when this fact is mentioned.

          • JJ: Who did you think I was?

            • Us vs Them

              “So, how can you tell if you’re an “us” or a “them?” Here are a few tell-tale signs. …

              Waging multiple wars, keeping troops stationed all over the world, and spending a billion dollars a day to keep up with it all. If these are required, you’re one of them. If you would love to see all of those troops come home, then you’re one of us.”


            • Who’s us, me, you, we?

            • PO’dpatriot said, “Who’s us, me, you, we?”

              You know, “Them” those who use The Fuzzy Logic Of Useful Idiots


              All I can say is, we don’t think inflation is no big deal, while “they” think inflation is nothing, in fact they think it is a good thing People can benefit from,… they say so with pride and a big smile.

              However; Inflation is theft, a.k.a. a wealth transfer.

      37. Thanks, Durango… Whenever I think of that travesty, I shake thinking of the “dancing Israelis” who were caught celebrating the collapse. When one building owner makes a cool billion after the “tragedy”, it is fair to say that we will never learn the truth. We can make accusations and point fingers, but the longer it goes on, the less chance of ever clearing it up. Disgraceful.

        • EHK: Actually the evidence has been assembled and documented by a very good reporter who reported these facts in detail last summer; when I read them.

          Unfortunately, this evidence will never see the light of day. Too many “duel citizens” in the State Dept and at DOD for the truth to ever surface.

      38. There’s an 84% chance you will remember where the price of Ag was if you buy tomorrow. They are still giving it away. Buy a little, buy a lot. Barney is a rainbow doughnut hole receiver.

      39. I wish I could agree with the optimists here who believe nothing catastrophic will be happening soon. But, look at what the government’s been doing increasingly rapidly in recent years: the seemingly endless high-tech spying/Homeland Security infrastructure, the FEMA camps, COG facilities (e.g. Denver airport), all the laws for COG/Martial Law, stockpiling/guarding of government facilities, etc. etc. They’ve been buying storable food & emergency supplies like crazy lately…

        The government of this country may be corrupt, but the intelligence arms aren’t stupid. They know something’s coming and have been preparing for it with unprecedented measures.

        Gerald Celente has made some drastic predictions. He’s a little premature on his timelines but I think at some point we’ll all be looking back and thinking, “gosh, I wish I’d prepped even more!”

      40. $4.1 billion that we don’t have “every day” spent. Thanks dim libs. You are in the drivers seat.

      41. JIM: Actually QE2 was about bolstering the balance sheets of the member banks against mortgage and derivative losses to protect their liquidity ratios. Anything else was just window dressing.

        B of A is still questionable. But, hey! Goldman, Wells, and Citi are protected! And that’s what counts, right?

      42. Celente is saying a major terror attack could trigger this. I do not believe we will see such an attack for too many people would see right through it. 9/11 can never be repeated for the cat is out of the bag.

        all they can do now is print, print, print us into hyperinflation. And to keep inflation low force other nations to us the US dollar as the reserve currency.

        The economy isn’t doing great however I went out to dinner saturady night at Red Robin and place was packed. I see the parking lot full at the local drive in. I don’t see many people shopping right now but I do see many, many campers on the road.

        I also see, in my area, lots of bikers, town festivels that are packed and the local grocery store is full.

        I do not see huge numbers of people using coupons, food stamps or picking up day old bread in the store. (Many of the seniors who did that have died.)

        What I do see is inflation, higher gas prices, ect. I have seen want adds in the local paper for manufacturing poitions. I have also seen an increase of help wanted signs.

        I still believe we are in a depression but currently we are in an upswing.

      43. The superpower governments with ‘their’ elite powers are solely responsible for the way the world is today.It is with their own GREED and power control which satisfies their lowly EGO’S.IT is really unfortunate that they are in the likeness of the proverbial HEROIN addicts.Waging thoughtless wars,holding back food and water,the creation of GMO’S and the many animal humanoids using DNA,the dysfunctional immunizations with intended sterilizations,the use of fluoride FALSE FLAGS with deceit killing innocent men,women and children through out the world!Wanting to extinguish humanity! The assassinations of great men and women who’s intentions were to make the differences using their hearts with their humble EGO’S

        The questions the indigenous should be asking in unison is WHO IS REALLY INSECURE? WHO is it that is really living in FEAR? WHY should the powers that WERE FEAR US indigenous?

        The ANSWERS ARE WE THE INDIGENOUS are “THE TRUE SPIRITUAL ENTITIES” living a human existence to teach the one thing the powers that WERE could not possess “UNCONDITIONAL LOVE” All of us LOVE YOU!

      44. Terrorist strike?
        What do you call this total banker takeover and liquidation of America from the inside out? You don’t call that terrorism?
        They’ve been planning another Reichstag Fire like 9-11 for some years… and they are probably going to trot that out sometime soon so they can consolidate power,
        You will notice they are going outside the rule of law to have the ATF hunt down and pester purchasers of multiple guns (all sorts) by intimidating gun shop owners into spying for them.
        We’re still being conditioned to tolerate abuse by TSA thugs.

        The thing we need to do now is get our money out of the banking system and buy what we are going to need in a fast coming future without “money”. It is time to play “keep away”. Take advantage of the stability of this summer, because a lot of sources in these independent news media seem to think that the poo will start hitting the fan this fall. According to Lindsey Williams’ elitist source, everything accelerates this fall and the dollar will be dead by this time in 2012.

      45. Celente also forecast last year that the 4th quarter was when everything in Amerika would fall apart. Yet here we are still treading water. He talks in a blow hard fashion, typical of “know-it-all” folks. I’m yawning as he speaks.

      46. the next terrirost attack will be a false-flag operation perpetuated by the U.S. government itself as a means harness the power of the military to crush any resistance to centralizing all authority in America.

        • lol.. I would like to know what REAL terrorist attack that has ever taken place, was NOT done by some Government’s special op’s branch.
          CIA and Mossad are the top two doers on my list. oop’s cant forget the UK boys either.

          But I do agree with ya Dr. Prepper. 🙂

      47. Imagine if you can an incident taking place that pushes the American people(or some segment to start) over the edge,anything,two or ten incidends…whatever it might be…then imagine riots breaking out in lets say LA…rioting turns really ugly,thousands of people turn out into the steets,buildings burn,cops die,people die…it escalates and by day three the mayor of LA and the govner call out for help(from the feds) to put down the violence and restore order,thousands of troops and police from around the country pour into LA county.

        The next day the same thing happens in San fran and the govt must pour more troops into SF,it spreads all up and down the coast and California is in full rebellion…hours later a fight breaks out in NYC as groups of youths begin to emulate the scenes from California and police respond with force intent on stopping a repeat of the violence raging on the west coast which has flared up and now spread eastward into several cities in Arizona,violence erupts also in Miami after a group of youths were shot by police as they ransacked a shopping strip and beat several dozen bystanders.
        In mid America several cities have erupted into flames as protesters and trouble makers take to the steets,some angry about the austerity measures and the martial law being imposed by the various levels of govt,some using the situation as cover for criminal activity and excitement…in several cities the violence has turned into racial conflict as blacks and hispanic gangs take advantage of the chaos to fight each other and the local police…whites begin to arm themselves and shoot anyone who they feel may threaten them,regardless of color…in upstate NY the mohawk reservation has armed itself and threatened to kill anyone who enters their area after several indian youths were gunned down just south of the reservation in what many are calling a race based shooting by a local sheriffs deputy.
        All over the country people are armed and edgy,it takes little,real or imagined to get shot,while law enforcement in some areas has managed to keep the lid on the situation it is becoming apparent that the govt has lost control;and with the president today declaring a nationwide curfew and martial law, more and more cities and small boros are seeing violence breaking out.Food and water as well as medicine are in short supply as stores are sold out or cleaned out by mobs intent on grabbing anything of value while they can,many people have been kille or injured by these mobs as they try to get home with their goods only to be robbed along the way.

        Now tell me what good 20,000 or 20,000,000 troops are gonna do,we could in such a scenario wake up ok on Monday and by Friday find that everything has changed,no amount of troops and LEOs or even added UN peacekeepers could even begin to deal with such a mess,they cant do it not even with all their supposed global power,and the scenario I attempted to paint above didnt even account for all the states and militia groups as well as everybody else just jumping into the fray…military and LEOS will be heading for home and no one in their right mind will want to be seen in a uniform that represents the standing order….just my way of showing the obvious powerlessness of the PTB when TSHTF for real…even if I aint no Hollywood writer… 🙂 thanks!

        • Okay…don’t most groceries have those break-proof doors and windows??
          When this begins, esp. in big cities, all groceries should have a code to lock down, send employees home, secure the stores???

          • did good!!

            • Thanks JJ!

              In regards to grocerie store windows….none around these parts are unbreakable,nothing a brick/rock/tire iron or .357 wouldnt open or as Lohkai says below,you can always drive something through the wall and create you own express checkout lane 😉 Be well!

          • Little old ladies don’t seem to have any trouble mistaking the gas for the brake and driving their Oldsmobiles through the front facades of these stores.

      48. The country I live in, has literally “hit the brakes” in the last two weeks because of the US debt crisis. Like many other countries, our dollar has burst through and beyond parity against the Greenback and several other currencies aren’t far off the mark behind us, making it impossible for manufactures to make a profit. Their is only one possible choice for our own survival now and that is to finally de-link from the Greenback as the Reserve currency.
        Sad to say, but it’s financial suicide for everyone if the US keeps a strangle hold on maintaining world financial control. Unfortunately, what this means for the US is too tragic to write. But if we don’t swim away from the Titanic, we’ll be sucked down with her.

        • NSG: As long as the US has a strong dollar so Americans can purchase YOUR country’s manufactured goods, while losing the jobs that the gangster banksters stole, transferred offshore to factories built in YOUR country with American depositor funds, and protected by American military power, its ok to be linked to the dollar, right?

          But when parity approaches and your currency bounces and YOUR manufacturers can’t gouge the American consumer anymore, you want to cut lose from the American dollar, right?

          Go ahead. Cut loose. See how far you get. Then fight your own fucking wars, and die for your own fucking country.

          Whatever country you live in right now, know that the American taxpayer made it what it is, with whatever prosperity and freedom you enjoy, by transferring our wealth to you and protecting YOUR country from those who would enslave you.

          Thats the legacy of the American taxpayer in this world: YOUR success at OUR expense. You are an ungrateful sonna of bitch!

          • Well, we’ve actually helped YOU fight YOUR wars…. Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan while fighting our own ones too. And we still stand beside YOU even when WE get burnt for doing it.

            WE successfully defended OUR shores with NO American participation during that defense, although you did use this country for a base and training facility after the treat dissipated. WE also helped nurse YOUR Soldiers, Marines and Airmen back to health when THEY were wounded, AND provided THEM with a safe place to take THEIR leave.

            Our Dollar is presently 10% stronger than yours and growing because we are well past parity. We have NO American factories in this country and we supply YOU with a lot of the raw materials that YOU need to operate YOUR factories. The majority of our manufactured goods go to Asian and European markets, although we do send YOU food so YOU can eat!!
            YOUR govt hasn’t outsourced YOUR jobs to this country. YOUR jobs were outsoursed by YOUR govt to the third world.
            The American tax payer never built this country. WE did!! With our own blood, sweat and tears.
            We are one of the few friends the United States has left in this world. So don’t fucking lecture me you miserable little fucking cunt.
            Theres only one ungrateful ‘son of a bitch’ here and that seems to be YOU, you anal retentive piece of gob shite little wanker.

            • Nomadic Survivor Guy, do you really believe your country or any other country period would have as much freedom and such as you do now if there never was a USA ??

              what country are you from and do you ‘truly’ think your country will continue to prosper as it has when the USA has no power after the banksters are finished destroying us over here ??

              me personally, I think the dark ages will return to all other countries and the world when that happens and you will all lose them faster than you gained them… but hey, that’s just me thinking out loud..

              please do have your country de-link from us, I am tired of my country playing world police and muscle for the banksters anyway.

              I can only wish the best of luck to everyone on this planet for whats to come.

            • Thanks BlackSheep

            • Actually BlackSheep, I do have more freedom compared to the United States. How do I know I have more Freedom? That’s easy to answer. I grew up in both Australia AND New Zealand. However, I married an American. We lived in NZ and Australia for a few years, before moving to the US to be near her family. No disrespect to Mexicans and Black people but I know exactly how you feel living in such a non race tolerant society. To understand bigotry and discrimination and intolerance I had to move to America to experience it first hand. I’ve been to 46 different Countries and Territories as a Foreign guest and America was disgraceful.

              Don’t get me wrong. I know some wonderful Yanks …. And I’ll make God damn sure, if the SHTF I will get them out to safety. Some of you are pretty damn great and I will repay that kindness, that they gave me.

              On Freedom? Well it’s laughable really. I have more rights and more Freedom back down this part of the world. We have better health care, better education, a higher standard of living, higher wages and less taxes. We have fewer laws and less crime. (Hell, in New Zealand the cops are still debating if they should start to carry firearms, or just stick to a can of pepper spray and a batten) We don’t have the death penalty, like North Korea, China and the US. We have greater religious acceptance …and it’s still OK to invite Jahovas Witness in for coffee and a ciggy

          • NSG: If it wasn’t for Americans and American Marines in particular, you folks in New Zealand would be speaking Japanese while fucking sheep. Check your history books.

            Go ahead. Go your own way asshole. Your country will be speaking Mandarin before 2025 if the American Navy isn’t there to protect your sorry ass.

            • Thanks Durango. I’m an avid reader of history, including the Americanized version of it. Your right, maybe people in New Zealand and Australia could have ended up speaking Japanese without USN help. But then, consider this …..

              In WWI we had captured Samoa, fought the Gallipoli Campaign, fought for 2 years already on the Western Front and were mopping up the Siani and Palestine Campaign in the Middle East before Americans even stepped ashore in Europe

              In WWII we were already fighting in the skies over Europe, had fought for Greece and Crete, were helping defend Malta, had swept through Syria, and spent 2 years fighting Rommel in the
              Western Desert before America finally decided to get involved.

              We, Australia and New Zealand, have a pretty good reputation for a fight. We don’t stand back and wait for an invite. We were first to declare war .. Not the last.

              But what do I care. Just remember this Durango Kid ….. When you, your family, neighbors and friends are under Martial Law, being rounded up by FEMA, having your bank accounts, rights and liberties taken away from you, by your own govt ….. Just remember, that there are a limited number of sheep available down here, so you’ll need to be in quick!!! Oh …. And bonus, they DON’T EVEN SPEAK JAPANESE!!!

              Good Luck, Sleep Tight, Don’t Let them FEMA Bugs Bite.

            • See, now this response to Nomadic Survivor Guy is why I think Durango Kidd is one of “them”, he follows All The 10 Commandments of the American Religion


              He has a few minor good qualities such as thinking gold is a good store of value and has doubts about 9/11, but that seems to be about it.

      49. Now take that painted Picture and imagine the many ways they could use the media to spin it:)

      50. look for Martial Law ‘AFTER’ the internet gets shut down for one reason or another or SEVERELY restricted such as a global DNS crash with something like the new IPv6.
        if I remeber rite, there is 12 or 14 global DNS pointers around the world.. if you think about it, they can not afford to have MLaw with the internet still freely up, they will need to control ALL news that moves out to the public… them just my thoughts.

      51. You know, everyone keeps writing about ‘liquidity’…but here’s a thought.

        Used to be our currency was SOLID – backed by gold.

        Then we called it LIQUID – no gold backing, but still of value.

        Now they have printed 14 trillion out of thin air – I do believe we have reached the GASEOUS state!

        Our currency is nothing but hot air!

        • I like that!
          I would have to agree 🙂

          • reminds me of the liquid hitting me in the back of the neck….. but they say its only rain.

      52. Norway was simply a test of a smaller Western nation, to test the reactions of the public. Next could be a major Western power.

      53. Our sweetness and light government will NEVER shoot it’s own people. After all, isn’t that what they say they are going to stop every time they invade another country?

        • your sweet government is the policeman of global terror. they assassinated USA presidents the 9-11 attacks so come on! first thing you have to do is quit listening to the news media why? they own all of them so they CONTROL what and how who what is being said want real news use internet

      54. Not one mention of Katrina on this thread? Not one.

        As if some puny words on local paper saying, “this will never be tolerated again” will stop the twelve man Super Congress from doing what it wants?

        As if the words written on the U.S. Constitution are obeyed now?

        People seem to seriously underestimate the significance of the power transfer taking place.

        • boxer,reid,polosi,feinstein,and schummer. There are 5 of the “super” congress. I dont know about you clark, but those 5 words scare the shit out of me. To many people waking up, they HAD to do this power grab. Unfortunetly, they have us right were they want us, divided by race, blacks raised to hate whites, whites raised to sing kumbaya, in debt to our asses,flooded by illegal aliens, military out of country,morons graduating college, large government workforce, and large entitlement payed welfare class. Didn’t Eisenhower tell a russian leader, that “we will never live under communism” and the reply was “yeah,but your grand kids will”. The seeds for all this bull$hit were planted in the 50’s, and 60’s. It was unstoppable by the early 90’s. Regardless if it turned into a mix of fascist/commie is irrelevent, WE ARE SOOOO F*CKED (that is how I see it)

          • It was the damn hippies of the 60’s that screwed up this country and they continue to do so today.

            • Hippies all around me. Smoke pot, smell bad.

          • Five SUPER rich politicians that would steal the first breath of a new born baby and kill it so they themselves could live one minute longer to take from all of the other unborn children.

            Does anybody really think they read the bill and if they did, do you think they want you to know?

      55. This has been coming for a long time, Germany had the brown shirts that is just like home land secuity after a while the rulers wont need them and they will be put in some camp there are alreddy camps built. After the rulers don’t need them the congressman and senators Judges the ones that think it is ok to lock up people as long as it is not them will not be needed. People should have been getting readdy for this a long time ago. Some of the people that make money selling gold say buy gold it will be the only way to make it. That is BS you can’t eat gold and it can’t keep you warm on the other hand if you have food ammo water you will be able to barter for anythig.Most people don’t have ant idia of what people will do when they are hungry and cold and tired, You wont belive what people will do to feed there familys. The strong will take from the weak, like our government is taking from us. The rulers will become the ruled. The people of this country have no idia how to make it out alive. ONLY THE STRONG WILL LIVE!!

      56. Terrorist attacks, for the most part, are pinpricks incapable of doing long-term damage to an economy. That may change if/when terrorist organizations obtain WMD and the ability to deploy them. But I digress… Permanent damage to our economy is being done every day in Washington D.C. That’s where the real terror is. And that’s where the machine sowing the seeds of our destruction lays.
        Give me a break on the whole ‘FEMA camp thing’. It doesn’t take long to build a crappy concentration camp. Why would the Feds tip their hand a decade or more before declaring martial law? That’s a canard. Always has been.
        20,000 troops trained to deal with civil unrest and economic collapse? Ummmm… Yeah… So what? They’re called Iraq and Afghanistan. Over the past ten years, I’d say more than 20,000 troops have received specialized training on those topics. Look, folks, there aren’t enough soldiers/sailors/airmen/marines in the country to pacify it in its entirety. When the SHTF, government is going to call up the army guard and try to keep the inner cities from imploding. Maybe Posse Comitatus gets suspended, but that will be when things are spiraling totally out of control. And by then, it’ll be too late. Eventually those guys in uniform are going to want to go and take care of their wives and kids. Just like you are now. Soldiers aren’t robots.
        Do yourselves a favor and don’t get distracted by the boogeyman “terrorist”. Outside of keeping your carry permit up to date, there’s not much you can do about them. Stay focused on the enemy within. That enemy just raised the debt ceiling another two trillion. Aaaaahhh… Smell that fiat currency printing press. As soon as you get those fiat dollars, turn them into something hard as soon as possible. I suggest gold, grub and guns.
        Have a nice day and Gold bless America.

      57. Those hippies were the only ones who stood up in protest against the governments war terror I would guess the pot smoking gave them peace of mind and free thinking to do something about it! look today people are in the thinking mode of comply comply comply reminds you of sheep

      58. Hi everyone, I have sat here and read all of these comments… I don’t even try an claim that I know what is going on or will happen BUT I do look at my children & Grand Children and wonder what things will turn out to be like for them. I do what I can to get ahead..DH works 2 jobs, oldest has moved home with his wife & new baby in tow.. and we still have 2 children at home in school. 1 also stationed overseas with a wife & baby….
        So can someone explain to me what will happen and the likely hood of it coming to pass for real. I know thats like asking if it will rain this week ( prolly not ) but I am nervous, about not having a clue, food, formula …I am wide awake but seems to me like things are at a stand still? Impass? whatever you wanna call it ha.
        My family thinks I have lost my mind because I am trying to get ahead.Do you all think food will continue to rise? clothes? gas? Arggg.. Im not stupid just a mom & nana thats wants to not be caught with her pants on the ground….
        Thanks everyone…

        • GG..sweetheart—I ain’t no rocket scientist either…but when the military are telling their moms and families to stock food, water, guns and the BIBLE???
          It’s pretty obvious…oh, and have you noticed the food price increases?? Have you ever known an increase in anything to revert?? Didn’t think so.

          • I would like to know your source about the miltary telling their moms and families to stock food and water,guns and a bible JJ????

        • GG…you’re awake to what is happening around you, so pat yourself on the back! So many others are still asleep and I fear they will stay that way!
          Do what you can…an extra bag of rice and beans when you go shopping…maybe a few extra cans of veggies thrown in your shopping cart, you have to start somewhere. Try to get your family to read sites like this one or It is NOT going to get better! Food and gas prices will continue to rise…and our paychecks will not!
          My husband didn’t want to talk about the economy, didn’t want to read anything about rising food costs, etc…I felt I was alone in my fear…He finally came around about 8 mos. ago, I really can’t say what made him “wake up” but I’m so very happy that he did! We are now working together to add to our food and silver…he built me a fantabulous chicken coop in March and he even goes out every morning to gather the eggs! We work in the garden together, where last summer I did it all by myself…just keep pointing things out to your family members…when they complain about gas and food prices, just remind them, it’s not gonna get any better! And do research, research, research!!! There are links on this page where you can get tons of info!
          And find the video on here where the director of NASA is telling the NASA “family” to be prepared! If that doesn’t open their eyes up, well, they are in a coma!:/ Hope to see you on here more often, GG…best of luck to ya!!

        • GG
          We all feel your pain of not knowing whats next and the fact is NOBODY KNOWS…. But to help you make your own mind up try tracking some of your expense’s. For me it is a simply way to figure out the trend. I tracked some basic food items over a 6 month timeline , like a gallon of milk in Jan it was $3.15 last night i bought the same milk at the same store the cost was $4.26. now divide the 3.15 by the 4.26 and what you have is the fact that milk has gone up alittle over 29% in that time line. So if you track some Items you can figure out what is going to happen at the current rate. One again NOBODY KNOWS where this country is going, I have been coming here since Jan 30th and I do my preps with the best of them. However take everything with a grain of salt, cause I have lost count to how many times I have heard its right around the corner now.

          Bless you

          • DPS: Amazing story about the milk because typically staples like milk and bread, etc are the last things to rise in price as the government subsidizes the basics so people can afford to eat … and drink milk.

            I buy my milk at WalMart and I think it is $3.29 a gal. I’ll look again tonight.

            • DK
              Well maybe its becasue I like my pbj at night it was just the 1st thing that came to mind. I don’t shop at walmart for food, the only thing I buy at walmart is ammo and if it wasn’t for my g/f getting her heart drugs there I would even buy ammo there.As far as rising cost of staple foods you have to understand I live in the grain country, and the dairy country here in the panhandle of tx we are the last ones to see the cost of all goods go up. But the trend at the market is crazy right now, you will be seeing beef cost drop very soon due to the drought this will be followed by huge increases on beef and pork. No water for ranchers means sell early to reduce loss, and In turn buy selling early means less beer and pork for next yr. So stock up, learn to store and dry your meat folks while you can still afford meat.

        • GG: “By coming to pass” I guess you mean an economic collapse. Personally I do not see a collapse. We already had a “collapse”. All of the economic guru’s who have predicted “collapse” and “hyper-inflation” for the past two or three years have been wrong because they did not truly understand the banking system and how it works.

          I do.

          Unless there is a major earth change in the USA or elsewhere; an EMP, or war between Iran and Israel, there will be no collapse. Still, expect inflation by a thousand cuts, as currencies realign and changes to the financial system occur. Begin your prep.

          Prepping isn’t about fear. It is about a positive response to negative events. Yes food,fuel, and all other consumer goods will increase in price over time: as they always have; just more now than before, and probably more frequently as time passes.

          Inflation will pick up noticeably across the board by the end of the year and into next year. Expect things to get a bit better before they get much worse.

          Food stores are important to your family. Locate your local LDS food center (Morman) and follow their plan. They have been at it for a long time. They know what they are doing.

          There are many food links here:

          where you can find the information you need to prep. Worry is for people who do not know how to pray.

          “I sought the Lord and he heard me and delivered me from ALL my fears”.


          • Thanks everyone.. I do alot of these things already and I see the need to get with it a bit more … you know I think its bad when I stop an look at something to buy and say Ok how many ppl will this feed n for how long …
            I have started watching the commodity prices and I will say that already today they are UP UP UP ARG ARG ARG…

            I am worrier by nature .. not a hand wringer but I think it will get wayyyyy worse before it gets better…
            I have just started LTS with rice/beans.. I can everything I can get my hands on and with this heat thats not much this year.

            Thanks again I love this board I like reading all of your thoughts and learning from you all…


      59. Check this Official Audit of the Federal Reserve out .

        How to Liberate America from Wall Street Rule

        But is the Fear of Overpopulation by the Globalists why we see the lack of this Private Capital Investments in Long term Supply-side expansion of the supply-side markets and instead a Rat holing and Consolidation of the current resource base by the Global Tier 1 private sector ? The evidence is astounding here ….

        • Tony: Thanks for the link to new economy working group, but this is just a front for the UN Adgenda 21 and the NWO Socialists that want “Global Rules” ie Global Government.

          Commies by any other name.

      60. A bold statement and one I applaud you for. However, with their veritable kaleidoscope of weaponry (and programed “robots”), do you think that for one minute they will NEED to walk into anyone’s home to remove them or their firearms?


        So, no one lives forever, die, or die trying I always say.

      61. Once “The Event” happens, all media will be even more drastically controlled than it is now.
        Trying to disseminate truth or any information that differs from the official story will be criminalized.
        People who show disdain will be targeted.
        It’s gonna be a mess.
        People will question the loyalty of friends and family members…
        I think the fatties on welfare will be the ones to scream first because their allotments will be severely curbed.

        • I hear we’re going to get car tags much like DC residence have with the quote at the bottom.”Taxation without representation”

          • What’s almost as bad….”Representation without Taxation” The bottom 50% can vote for politicians who promise the most freebies. Its a receipe for disaster.

      62. “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say goodbye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling in terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand. The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst; the cursed machine would have ground to a halt . . .”
        — Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago

      63. “Liberty has never come from the government. Liberty has always come from the subjects of government. The history of liberty is the history of resistance. The history of liberty is a history of the limitation of governmental power, not the increase of it.” – Woodrow Wilson

      64. It would take a MUCH bigger terrorist event than a shopping center or a temporary cyber event to even possibly trigger any of this. We just had a major terrorist event in Norway and it was barely covered in the press three days later.

      65. While your gabbing the country is on fire!

        “WAKE UP PEOPLE!” – If you are an American, you have to Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )

        Free people don’t have to live or act like slaves.

      66. 20,000 troops in a country of 300,000,000 is really nothing to worry about. Most likely they will be deployed in troubled areas or at various checkpoints.

      67. This is why I say its Time for the USA to Isolate from the WTO world Trade and world markets and kick the Foreigners OUT of the USA !!!!! NO MORE FREE TRADE !!!! We need to take Care of ourselves and to heck with these People , after all the TREASON & DEBT accumulation off the backs of the Taxpayers committed by our Government trying to Appease these Imbeciles and this is what we get ??
        Putin: The USA is living off of the global economy like a ‘Parasite’

        Russia, U.S. to hold nuclear security drills in August , this confirms Russian Troops are in the USA

        The above actions confirm as does the first link below that The Transition away from the Monetary Policy control of the Federal Reserve for the last 98 years is now underway .

        ********ATTENTION ********ATTENTION********

        I think I know what Obama is going to do to win Majority favor in the up coming election !!!!!!

        With all the Majority of DEBT Spending coming out of The Federal Reserve , this can give Obama the Emergency Threat to our economy that Obama could take advantage of , and the way the public support to Abolish the Federal Reserve is going this would give Obama a platform in which he could swoop in on and appear to save the day by demonizing the Federal Reserve and everyone would Love him for it , just in time for the election in 2012 ….. and if the federal Reserve is made up of the same Body of Globalists that are within the Frame work of the NEW WORLD ORDER and all are the support structure for UN Agenda 21 and ICLEI international , well then the USE of the Abolishment of the Federal Reserve by Obama is how he can change the Conversation on why he thinks the Government would be better suited for a New Economic Frame work , watch this Materialize right before our eyes !!!!!!!!
        Here is the beginning of setting the stage for just this circus act look here , Notice the Senators name , he is a Declared Socialist democrat ……..

        Check this Official Audit of the Federal Reserve out .

        Now if we are smart we will want to have a Alternative plan for people to consider so Obama cannot suck the Conversation away from opposition to his plan of abolishing the Federal reserve and allowing full Government to allocate spending with this kind of debate here , but we need to get this going NOW ahead of the Obama move so people are aware of a choice , a FREE choice !!!!

        How to Liberate America from Wall Street Rule

        And we need to expose the reason why they are consolidating we the people to the collective solution and get out in front of this before it becomes Obama’s slogan because what we the people need is a State ran banking economic system that keeps the POWER of GOVERNMENT at the LOCAL LEVEL not the FEDERAL level we already saw how well they Managed the 2008-9 stimulus OMNIBUS money they give it to each others Special Interests and this won’t change , the only way to Counter that is with a state own and controlled network …..

        It is the Fear of Worldwide Overpopulation by the Globalists why we see the lack of this Private Capital Investments in Long term Supply-side expansion of the supply-side markets and instead a Rat holing and Consolidation of the current resource base by the Global Tier 1 private sector ? The evidence is astounding here ….

      68. Gerald is great w/ predicting trends as I am w/ predicting earthquakes.
        So I regret to give a warning for the up coming weekend but when Mr SUN sends a magnetic message the Earth responds. Cme’s, solar winds and sunspots all create a reaction on Earth. Be in quakes canos and canes; all the odds are high.
        Be aware my coastal friends for the next few months will be very bumpy.

      69. Dow looks like it will lose another 200points going dow n the drain…

      70. Vice-President Biden and other Democrats said if you want a balanced budget and responsible government spending you are terrorists. That should be a wake up call for middle Americans. The Marxist Globalists are in charge of Homeland Security. Homeland Security said that middle class white people are the biggest terror threat to the USA. What do they have planned for us?

      71. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. It is impossible for the US government to implement martial law. Why? The logistics of such an operation and the size of the nation. There is not enough LEO agents to do it. Yes the police has been militarized but if there a shtf scenario most will stay at home to protect their communities and families. There is about 800,000 LEO(federal,state,and local) what would happen is 25-50% of those cops do not show up for work.

        If there is a major crisis that sends the entire country into chaos, it would highly unlikely that the U.S. military will be able to enforce a lock-down of the entire nation.

        Even if the military manages to acquire all 1.5 million reserves and utilize 1 million of it’s total 1.5 million personnel in the Navy, Army, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard, it would struggle to control 308-310 million citizens in a land mass of 9,161,966 sq km.
        American law enforcement numbers are not as strong as some of you think. According to the BLS (bureau of Labor Statistics), there were only 883,600 law enforcement personnel in 2008. And that was before the financial collapse and subsequent layoffs in local departments across the nation. The number included detectives, managers, police and sheriff’s patrol officers.

        So when you add the 2,500,000 soldiers and the 883,000 law enforcement, you have a force of 3.3 million agents. This is less than one percent of America’s highly-armed population. Most of these agents will be working logistics and support for handling prisoners, transportation, intelligence and supply. But this isn’t even the biggest problem.

        The police are used to dealing with people who are afraid of them and have something to lose. In a collapse scenario, the rioters will lack both characteristics. And the military will be poorly suited to police a populace that is desperation for resources. If the soldiers became violent against the population, they could divide the armed forces and spark a civil war.

        It would be very difficult for the U.S. military to successfully implement martial law throughout the entire country at any given time. This would mean that they would have to secure hundred of thousands of neighborhoods, while securing all major airports, power stations, communication towers, water facilities, nuclear power plants, military bases, food distribution center, grocery stores, government official buildings and highways while keeping everyone in their homes after 6pm.

        Bringing in foreign troops would problematic, because if the U.S. is in a panic, wouldn’t the other countries that are so heavily tied to America also have their own problems. Plus, we know how well foreign occupations went in Afghanistan, Vietnam and Iraq.

        In all the government does not want a crisis because they are weak and incompetent to accomplish a large operation like this.

        • MA: Good rationale, but half the cops will not stay home when they can suck up all that overtime at time and a half in fiat currency. And most of the military will still be deployed globally to protect the Queen’s assets.

          Martial law is not designed to police US, only to try and intimidate US into following the government’s directives. Martial law will be used, primarily, to protect essential (read government and strategic) installations; from looters, rioters, and the hungry hordes, mostly in the NE Corridor and DC.

          When you are facing martial law in the NE, we will be having beer and pizza parties in Arizona where I am at. Won’t affect me one bit.

      72. Major Tom, so because I talk about what HEMP can do besides used as a drug, so I am a pot head??.. LOL, don’t make me laugh, you are so dumb you blind me with your ignorance..

        they test me monthly at Ft Campbell Military base.

        lets take a drug test and lets see who is clean of ‘everything’.. and no, your prescriptions do not give you an okay for there to be something or even caffeine.. clean is clean, lets go..

        • Well, welcome fellow Kentuckian.

          • JJ, I am on the Tennesses side.. about 30 mins down Ft cambpbell Blv and up hwy 48 just far enough out of clarktown city limits the zombies would have to cross the cumberland to get to me.

            cool if you are that close to me, I take it you are you by Oak Grove then ??..

        • You may salute and while you’re down there, give me 100 push ups. You talk about an illegal drug and brag about being on a base. You disgust me. Loser.

      73. Organize a Constitutional Congress state by state with the Governor of each to in turn organize a true representation of their own constituency to restore power to the states and re-apply the actual Constitution as written and originally intended. That is the only way to resolve the incompetence and abuse bestowed by the Federal Bureaucracy which has long lost sight of what they represent, the people and citizens of this fine land. To go off hotheaded and try to create a revolution will result in the loss of life of the best people and not accomplish a thing, short of suicide.

      74. Message to you american military fellows only,
        If you decide to obey orders from your superiorsthat are unconstitutional and are murderous to our people here in the U.S. then You all will stand for trial and then hung, you all will be breaking the law if you fire on just one citizen. do you all understand , you will tried for treason and then hung or shot according to the constitution.
        If there are foreign troops assisting american soldiers in the killing of our citizens then there will be no trial for them, only death, and they are never going back home to where they came from.

      75. Does that mean we don’t have to pay our mortgages and credit dards. Because if martial law is installed no one will work because there will be no work to do. Lawns won’t be cut, driveways won’t be paved or repaired. No home improvements, nothing. Then my money will run out for food. Will my children starve? No. I will then go with groups of militia men and take back this country one borough at a time. There isn’t but 2-3 million armed forces and police, but over 12 million armed civilians plus another 2-4 million not organized, but ready to fight. You here me suckers. CAN YOU DIGGAAAAAAATT!!

      76. Most of your may have been to young to remember early on the run up that brought us here to this current point in history. Myself, I still remember the lies they fed everyone so we would turn a blind eye to their nonsense. For instance, Sen. Bob Dole ‘Yes I am aware that those I represent are calling in 1,000 to 1 against the GAT treaty, but I am more informed than they are.” Or the line about how are country operates best at 11% unemployment as they moved our factories over seas. How about this one, We are in a position where Americans could all receive a check in the mail from wealth generated by our status as the world reserve currency issuers. Again, BS, as they drive our industry into Chinas waiting arms. My favorite, the news paper industry is no longer going to cover the news as they did in the past because Americans no longer have the reading skills to understand what they print. “Dumbing down if you will” as a cloak was drawn across the freedom of press. People still hungered for the truth, but by this flimsy excuse it was denied them. I could go on and on but you get the picture. We have been painted into the corner by those we were to trust, but alas, in vain.

      77. oh they can have my guns…. i’ll hand em over piece by piece…. BULLETS FIRST!!!

        • It wouldn’t surprise me if Obama would declars Martial law just to stay in office!!!

      78. Clark: Thanks for validating my existence! I don’t know what I would do without your approval. 🙂 As far as the “American Religion’ thing, I am not going to debate a third party who isn’t posted here. Did you see that kid/ what a loser!!! 🙂

        I will say that if you can afford a home or other real estate and you know what you are doing in real estate; buy a home, or ranch, or cabin, or piece of land in foreclosure from a bank, if you want it.

        Now is a great time to buy real estate, especially if you have the skills and cash to negotiate a really low price. Unfortunately, you have no assets, no cash, and don’t know the first thing about home ownership or investment real estate. That’s just the way it is. Someday maybe.

        Personally, I am looking for the right bank branch with a vault for my gold. 🙂 Not gonna apologize for that Clark.

        Yes, I believe strongly in a college education or higher education of some sort that results in a degree or certification of some sort. We have covered that ground before. That YOU have neither a higher education or certificate of some kind, is pretty apparent from the lack of knowledge that you have displayed over time on these posts.

        I have never said that I support “intervention” or that “politicians and bureaucrats have special talents for guiding the economic conduct of others”. Where did you dredge that up from?

        If you believe that yard sale economics is the answer to a $14 trillion dollar economy, will fix America’s economic woes, and replace the managed trade of the gangster banksters, you are dumber than a mud fence. Really. Thats just stupid. Its not even defensible which demonstrates the level of your understanding of economics and a grasp of the situation.

        What happened to hyper-inflation Clark? I am not a keynesian advocate but I do understand the economics of the model. You have been very vocal over the past nine months about the failure of keynesian polices and the immediate prospect of hyper-inflation. Where is the hyper-inflation Clark?

        WE now know that not only did Uncle Ben print $2.4 trillion of stimulus money for the US banking system between 2008 and 2010, We also now know that he printed $16 trillion and loaned it globally to nations, int’l banks, and corporations. Thats seven times the $2.4 trillion stimulus for the USA. 7 TIMES!

        Where’s the hyper-inflation Clark? Where is the failure of the keynesian model? Can you explain to me why there is NO hyper-inflation after Uncle Ben has printed more than $18 trillion in the past 2.5 years?

        Please tell me Clark that you can find a cut and paste link from your daddy LOU to explain why there is NO hyper-inflation after $18 trillion dollars have been printed and diseminated.

        You are the banking expert Clark. You are the economic genius here, pushing “free trade” and “yard sale economics”. Please explain to all of US why there is NO hyper-inflation now, or when it will begin.

        Thanks Clark! I knew I could count on you to explain it in your own words. 🙂

      79. Durango Kidd said, “When you are facing martial law in the NE, we will be having beer and pizza parties in Arizona where I am at. Won’t affect me one bit.”

        Gawd, are you serious? Won’t affect you one bit? Psft? As if, unless of course you’re one of “them”… which you probably are.

        Durango Kidd said, “Now is a great time to buy real estate…”

        All I can say is, Realtwhores are liars, they Always say that, check and see. I noticed your lack of argument against the position given about the blog post, “I Would Rather Shoot Myself In the Head Than Buy Another House” Not that it doesn’t make sense for some People, just not for All People.

        Yes, Durango Kidd, you have often said you support “intervention”. We’ve been through this, you’re a merchantilist, that is you support restricting your neighbors ability to trade with whomever they please. Quite sad, your love of theft and desire to bully your neighbor.

        You ask, What happened to hyper-inflation?

        Marc Faber has told you, it’s more likely now than ever before.

        Also, other than gold and contrary to your protests, you Do advocate the Keynesian position.

        It’s quite sickening to see you put down those who support the barter network and the free market that made America Great and is the solution to our problems. I noticed your lack of a, “why”.

        It’s also quite sad to see you attack me personally, as if you know Jack about me anyway.

        You probably have bad things to say Davey Crockett too.

        You’re typical of most People, you swallow the official line for economics and history without questioning much of anything. For that, you are weak. I challenge you to dig deeper, start by reading links you’re presented.

        • Clark: You haven’t answered the question. “Why don’t we have hyper-inflation?” Or, “When are we going to have hyper-inflation?”

          Pointing to Mark Fabers comment that it is “more likely that we will have hype-inflation now than ever before”, is like saying it is partly cloudy with a slight chance of rain. GMAFB!

          You are the expert Clark. You are the one pushing free trade, free markets, and Mises. You are the one pushing Lou Rockwall. You push ideologies and concepts that do not exist and never have existed with the exception of the American Indian. We all know how that turned out for them.

          These are euphanisms.

          Slogans designed by the NWO Globalists to make Americans believe they are a “freedom” when in reality they are managed trade benefiting the gangster banksters at the expense of the American economy, intended to economically enslave the American worker, taxpayer, and family.

          You can put lipstick on a pig Clark, but it is still a pig.

          Yes I believe that America should defend its markets, economy, and its jobs. Call it “intervention” if you want. Label it mercantilism or anything else you want. That doesn’t insult me in the least. Mercantilism is not a bad word, just a label the NWO globalists want to use to make the defense of America’s economy, markets, and jobs seem like a bad thing. It is not.

          And every time you debate the volcabulary here with me it gives me the chance to expose the meaning and the truth of the process to the many readers here. Anyone who doesn’t believe me can believe the evidence. The evidence is clear: free trade and free markets have bankrupted America, put 45 million Americans on food stamps, and created 18-22% unemployment in America, including you! Thank you, Clark! 🙂

          You like to disparage Keynes and label me a Keynesian, as if that too is a bad word. I don’t buy it and neither should anyone else. Uncle Ben has printed more than $18 trillion dollars in 2.5 years yet there is NO hyper-inflation. Why not?

          Where is the hyper-inflation Clark? Why don’t we have hyper-inflation Clark? Why can’t you post a link from some financial brainiac you follow like a fucking stooge, to explain it, because you can’t explain it yourself?

          If EVER hyper-inflation was going to exist in America, surely the printing of more than $18 trillion dollars between 2008 and 2010 should have triggered it by now, don’t cha think?

          Get a clue, Clark, there is still time to enroll in College for the Fall semester if you have a GED!

          • Geez I never claim to know shyt about the housing market or banking, personally most of the bankers I know as customers should be shot, because they are money changers.I don’t put my money in the bank, and I don’t borrow shyt from the banks I will not play that game. But I do support a family and yes I have a daughter in grad school. But if you want the truth go Shopping and you tell me there is no HYPER INFLATION. I’m a simple man but I tell you don’t piss down my back and tell me its raining, cause that just won’t fly.I know you DK have a alot of knowledge about the banking and all that BS but I have what is called commonsense.I don’t put anybody down on this site because I feel like most are adults and ALL HAVE A GOOD POINT. So could would all please take a chill pill and just deal with the problems at hand.

            • DPS: At least you admit your ignorance about banking. I admit I do not know all city, county, and state rules regulations, and ordinances. You probably do within your jurisdiction.

              Ignorance is not a character flaw.

              It only represents a lack of knowledge about a particular topic. Ignorance becomes a character flaw when someone tries to pass themselves off as an expert when they have no education, experience, or special expertise on the topic they pretend to know; while they spread disinformation and propaganda.

              This is what Clark has been doing for some time. As for hyper-inflation it has a specific financial definition, and while you may be experiencing double digit inflation; double digit inflation is NOT hyper-inflation.

              There is a very big difference. Besides, WE already know that you are a very bad SHOPPER if you can’t find milk for less than #3.00 a gallon. 🙂

            • Hey DK do me a small favor if you ever get to amarillo TX stop in for a min and lets have a chat. Would really love to see just how smart you really are!If you need a address or a phone # just e-mail me at [email protected]

      80. Food shortage and unenployment is gonna build the largest international super army the world has ever seen. I’m sorry that people gonna want to hold on to they’re guns to try to survive and all the patriotic stuff sounds good but the New World Order beast from the Abyss formation is rather swift and it’s grip already has everybody by the balls. I’ts gonna be be either you are or you aren’t. Here in the U.S., a country that prides itself on prejiduce will be the most devistated because there are people lineing up to attack her.

      81. I feel i am mostly prepared, i have my ppk and ammo and supply of food. Really, everyone has their opinion, i just dont know when this all is going to happen.

      82. Bend over is the one with then only right answer!

      83. I hear different thinks from different “experts” about how bad things might become (riots in streets, empty food shelves at the local stores, widespread looting & thieving, death of the dollar & only gold/silver or barter system working, gas & power shortages, even water shortages, collapse of banks & closing of their doors with the FDIC unable to make good on insured deposits, attempted confiscation of gold, etc). So who knows how bad things might become. One thing I’m fairly sure of, better to have hidden gold/silver than dollars in the bank. The US dollar is dying & inflation is kicking in. It’s not all Obama’s fault, but he continued all the bad trends Tea Party people told him not to pursue & rammed everything down our throat anyways. He & his high paid, misguided Keynesian economists have succeeded in getting the credit worthiness of the USA downgraded for the first time in history (not that it shouldn’t have been downgraded before!). The downhill slide of the USA will now accelerate. America has become an almost unrecognizable welfare/warfare/police state. This will get worse. I’m not sure how it will all end. Will good ideas triumph & we return to our roots laid down by our Founding Fathers?

      84. osho says meditation(spritual) needs to these days on so much – compared to older days
        because everyone living in these days via head (eco) so depression

      85. Darn! You editors – said- Slow down you posted your comments
        to quick. It was deleted. That was my first and only comment. I wasted 15 minutes. No more comments. No more reading comments.

      86. DPS says:
        Your comment is awaiting moderation.

        Damn It used to be whenI posted it came up with in seconds. I guess I should just stop posting



      87. Clark: No joke, Martial law will not affect me one bit where I am at in Arizona. There will not be any troops where I am at and if the local sheriff or his deputy comes by, hey! We’ll take some target practice and have some coffee.

        I do not advocate the Keynesian “position”. If I did I would not be calling for the defense of American markets from the gangster banksters, so I am not “one of them”. Quit reading half truths from the internet, and passing them off as economic gospel. Pick up an economic text book, and you will know the difference.

        Bartering will be useful after the Changes as a medium of exchange between individuals or groups with skills or goods to share and/or trade. Particulary if there is not a commonly agreed upon “money” (for a store of value and a medium of exchange) or enough gold and silver to go around.

        Bartering of this nature allows people to get what they want for what they are willing to give up, thus a meeting of the minds could take place to ratify the exchange. This process would be successful in minor, and individual transactions. Yard sale economics.

        Bartering is more than negotiation which is part of the equation, where individuals or groups set their asking price and establish their price of acceptance. It is not an efficient strategy between nations, which is WHY it is not practiced commercially. Ever hear of a Letter of Credit? Bill of Exchange?

        America has a $14 trillion economy. Bartering did not make this nation great. That is your error. It is inefficient and cumbersome. How many bags of rice are you going to give me for a Boeing 787? And do you expect me to deliver that 787 before you give me that rice?

        You do not understand banking, Clark. I cannot expect you to understand even the fundamentals of international commerce.

        I attack you personally because you deserve it. You have neither the education, experience, or special expertise required to comment upon economics, banking, or finance, (and especially real estate) yet you insist upon cutting and pasting comments and links to topics which you do not fully understand.

        Ad homin attacks are valid if the person being attacked is a fraud. Just saying …. FALL SEMESTER!!!! 🙂

        • I think it is you who does Not fully understand.

          Cling to your government textbooks all you want while you spew the government line, bankers everywhere love you for it.

          Free Markets made America great, they are the solution.

      88. Lets see…1 AK47(1000 rounds) Russian made, M1 carbine, 1000 rounds, Roit gun 12 ga. 1000rounds, 30-06 w/scope, 1000 rounds, 2 years of militray dried food, completed solar system, 2 cats and sniper militry training. I’m set, bring em on!

      89. I failed to mention, I live in bayou country and know it like the back of hand, every inch of. If they try to come in for me, I’m gonna make a lot of gators fat and happy.

      90. DPS: At least you admit your ignorance about banking. Hmmmm lets see how to respond to this insult. I’m not sure sir, but did you just call me a dumbass? If so then you can reply to the email posted above. And you say I’m a bad shopper, well sir I say move out of Mom’s home and go shopping for yourself. You talk about all this banking knowledge you have, but does that not make you part of the problem we have in this great country? You say you live in a part of Az. that martial law will not affect? Well glad to hear that (not) I think what the truth is this you like to come here and insult people you like to be the keyboard warrior. You tend to insult people because of your own Ignorance.. You claim to be the all seeing eye of the banking world you claim to be this great real estate man. If this was true you should be a hell of a sales person. (Do you even know why I’m not a salesman?) But you know nothing about people! Yes you’re right about one thing I never wanted to know about banking. Sir if you are such a great man then you should know one thing Dad taught me (Integrity ) you never put down a man for what he believes, you never tell a man that he is Ignorant because of the fact of life that man may not like to insulted. Which you sir have done so like I said if you need a address or a phone number feel free to drop me a e-mail. In the mean time you will not disrespect me!!


        • An honorable reply, DPS. Quite respectable. Reminds me of something Davy Crockett might say.

          “I bark at no man’s bid. I will never come and go, and fetch and carry, at the whistle of the great man in the White House no matter who he is.”

          But of course People like Durango Kidd would put him down because, “After being sent to school, he dropped out to run away from home to avoid a beating at the hands of his father when he was 13.” – Wiki.

      91. Who said the next big staged attack will be an EMP is right. Here is what I predict and most of the predictions have already happened.
        1. Big Banks get bigger (This has already happened and is still happening in the guise of economic collapse)
        2. Once the banks have been really consolidated, there will be a huge well placed EMP shock that will erase all your money, pension, mortgage, etc and this will be blamed on non-other than the sun’s Coronal Mass Ejection theory. This will not only erase all your funds, but will disable your utilities, giving the government all the authority needed for enacting martial law.
        3. Everyone will be in disarray, divided and enraged. There will be mass rioting and the elitists will be controlling these mobs and riots from the shadows, as they will have separate networks not affected by this massive emp blast.

      92. It appears that the plan of those in power is to encourage an economic collapse so that martial law can be declared. Oboma and his cronies know that he can not be reelected and have put people in place to take the position of our elected representives when they take over. Time is short and I view their unwillingness to check the out of control spending as part of the strategy.

      93. The emasculation of our nation will now shift into a higher gear as people continue to align with political correctness, the correctness that is replacing Truth. Why is it we cannot see that our freedom is result and not an entitlement? That is the mindset that is loading the debt ceiling. The separation from distinctions that will not even allow us to have a border or see the separation of gender will be complete much sooner now that we have this feminine teaching in place that would have us believe its “all good”, that there are no boundaries anywhere and what we actually do is secondary to how we FEEL. The remnants of the intrinsic link of accounting (economy) to accountability, (morality) will soon be gone as we rely more and more on people that align with political correctness (politicos AND clergy) who urge us all to see accountability as legalistic. Our constitution is ITSELF about laws and the reason we are losing it (lost it?) is because we are just too stinking dialectic to “get it”. People, Im am begging you… PLEASE WAKE UP! There are boundaries that exist in spite of your opinion.
        The government we have is a mirror of who we are and time to change is fast running out as we enlist our hopes someone else’s money. The moral debt and the economic debt is 100% equal collectively. Any attack, either physical and spiritual is what we allow to the degree we are not willing to take a stand against it. GaryK

      94. How many of you have read the GAFT agreement, obstensively a trade agreement where we (our Government) has the right to invite other countries military into the USA to help put down uprisings. Also internment areas have been built all over the USA. An extremely large one in Alaska another in Texas, etc. They were being built in the 1990’s’ We wondered if it could be for Americans. Chuck Harder brought this out in his radio program ‘We the People’ located in Florida. I’m out of touch with him now because I moved from the Rural area into an Urban area where his program can’t reach.

      95. I have said this before, and I’ll say it again. There are 90 Million registered gun owners in the United States! They
        will NOT take our guns!…………….EVER !

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