The US Is Woefully Unprepared for a War with Russia

by | Jul 1, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Forecasting | 100 comments

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    This article was written by Joshua Krause and originally posted at The Daily Sheeple.


    Editor’s Note: If the U.S. is so unprepared, then why is it so adamant about provoking conflict and looking for excuses to get into a war? It seems the powers that be are stuck fighting for territory and influence at the expense of us all, as usual.

    by Joshua Krause

    At this point, it seems like a war between NATO and Russia is practically a foregone conclusion. There’s certainly a lot of bluster and threats going back and forth between both sides, and they’re both run by tyrannical, power-hungry regimes that want the world to themselves. Those kinds of governments always come to blows at some point.

    However, the US government may want to consider holding its tongue for the foreseeable future. Unlike Russia, which has been building up its military prowess since the end of the Cold War, our military has spent the past 15 years bogged down in quagmires involving insurgencies. And by their nature, insurgencies have completely different tactics, equipment, organizational structures, and goals, that are often diametrically opposed to those of a nation-state.

    That means our military has spent more than a decade training and equipping its personnel for fighting decentralized, low-budget enemies. One must wonder if they’re still prepared to go toe to toe with an effective conventional military. To answer that question, you only have to take a look at the state of our air power to see that our politicians are in way over their heads when it comes to fighting the Russians.

    U.S. military power often is measured by the number of combat aircraft and ships in the inventory. While the United States has by far the largest air force and navy, that size advantage could eventually be negated by enemy air defenses and electronic warfare technologies that are now available in the open market.

    The solution is not to buy more fighter jets, stealth bombers or aircraft carriers, but to arm existing Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps combat aircraft with high-tech bombs and missiles that can be dropped in large quantities from hundreds of miles away, suggest military analysts in a new study.

    The military for decades has invested in an arsenal of short-range “direct attack” weapons on the assumption that they will be able to get close to targets. It also has acquired a large inventory of highly sophisticated autonomous cruise missiles that can travel more than a thousand miles to a target. Today’s standoff weapons keep aircraft out of harm’s way but, at a million dollars apiece, are too expensive to be able to fire in large numbers in a protracted conflict.

    There is clearly a gap between today’s short-range and long-range weapons that needs to be filled, says Mark Gunzinger, of the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments. “Our combat air forces are short-range and not capable of penetrating contested areas. If we use standoff munitions, those weapons are too large and expensive. The size restricts the number you can carry. We don’t have enough aircraft.”

    In other words, our air power is only equipped to deal with third world countries like Iraq, as well as insurgents, both of which don’t have advanced air defenses. We have a massive supply of short-range missiles, but those are obviously useless if you can’t get close to enemy targets. That means that any war with Russia would leave us without air superiority.

    And that’s a pretty serious problem, because air superiority is supposedly our greatest asset. It’s been that way since at least the Gulf War, where we demonstrated the frightening capabilities of our air power against the Iraqi’s and their antiquated, Soviet built war machines.

    But Russia is a totally different beast. Since we probably won’t have any air superiority against their military, then any future conflict with Russia would force us into a protracted ground war with them. And as Hitler and Napoleon can attest, the Russians absolutely dominate when it comes to ground warfare. We could re-equip our military for a conventional war with Russia, but it may take many years, and many dollars that we don’t have. Perhaps the blowhards in Washington should think about that before they commit our blood and treasure to World War Three.


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      1. One of my greatest fears is the U.S. Starting a war with Russia, it won’t be pretty at all!

        • All wars are Bankster wars. That’s how you distract the masses while the world is in the midst of a global economic collapse.

          • I read a book many years ago about a black guy who pissed off the president when they were both in University. Many years later the black guy had become a business man who specialized in manufacturing. When the president became president he went after the black guy and eventually the black guy escaped to Africa and started his company again there. He prospered quite well in the world market and was continuously worried about the president attacking him. He built a airforce of very cheap attack fighter jets and made 10’s of thousands of them and trained people to fly them. He could build 1000 of them for the price on one us jet. When he finally was attacked he had no trouble wiping out the US navy and airforce due to the shear numbers of aircraft he had in his possession. Yes, he lost many but won the conflict. There is lots of historical precedence for this. Technological powers have always fallen to the people who could make more or make it cheaper. We can no longer do that (this is what won us both WW1 and WW2) because of the Fascist nature of our government and business structure. Business wont build anything cheap for the government anymore.

            • WHAT????

              • The US is on the wrong side of history again on this potential conflict. You see, since the 6’sided star of ZOG, hijacked congress and our foreign policy. Anybody against NWO or Israel is an enemy… Putin is against the NWO 6 sided star clan. In fact Pres Putin removed any and all Jews from any and all meaningful jobs or positions in the Russian Government. Unlike our shoe shine boys like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, oh dont forget Joe Liberman. And 33% of our Supreme Ct which are Jews when only 2.1% of the US Population is jews. The vermin parasites are promoting this conflict and any other cinflict which is anti Israel. Pres Putin is more American acting than out shoe shine boy. Grow some balls. The US should team up with Russia and let Iran waste the ZOG in 11 days as they claim they could. The facts suck for the jews and this is another example of bloodsuckers in action, dragging the US into their problems..

        • “The US Is Woefully Unprepared for a War with Russia”

          The US is woefully unprepared for war with the Liberal Traitors within. Just look how much corrupt degeneration Obola has caused along with the complicit media and the RINO enablers.

          • “At this point, it seems like a war between NATO and Russia is practically a foregone conclusion.”

            Wake up. The war is already underway. The worldwide financial crisis IS the start of that war, and in the end there can be only one …. world currency.

            The US/NATO has never been MORE prepared militarily for conventional war with Russia; having assimilated Eastern European arms and manpower under the NATO banner, while building up its conventional forces with 15 years of war budgets. It is precisely because the NWO has achieved this military superiority that war is underway.

            Joshua, your basic premise is wrong. You need to do more homework. 🙂

            • I have to agree with you DK. In all aspects of your statement. I would also add that two things not mentioned in the article is our advanced weapons not yet advertised and also our cyber abilities that are also not yet been brought to light. Now before anyone wants to argue the cyber aspect let me just say that I believe that the attacks we have seen against us such as the OPM intrusion has happened because we don’t want our enemies to know our capabilities.

              Then again knowing our government as I do I am probably giving it more credit than it deserves.



                “and they’re both run by tyrannical, power-hungry regimes that want the world to themselves”

                On the contrary. Russia has shown no evidence that it wants the world to itself. That is the same propaganda spewing that got us into this mess in the first place. In truth, it is the WEST that is trying to spread it’s influence over the entire globe…even a child could see that.

                We Americans can’t seem to take any blame ourselves, without projecting at least some of it onto someone else. Projection. That’s exactly what the above statement is, and subtle fear porn to justify our wrongful actions.

                May I remind everyone that the NWO is hoping to destroy SOVEREIGNTY, world-wide. Russia ain’t going along with that. Apparently, other ountries aren’t going along either. You can see exactly who those countries are—just look at the U.S. hit list. Every one who isn’t bowing to the bankster elites, is on that list without exception.

                No, I’m afraid you cannot get away with claiming Russia is out to take over the world anymore…they’ve proven that they just want an equal say in their piece of it.

                It is the NWO bankster elites who want to rule the world, and they don’t care how many lives they have to destroy to realize their dream. The sooner WE realize that, the sooner we’ll know who our real enemies are. Obfuscating with projection isn’t helping us here.

                Otherwise, it’s a good article. I guess old habits to die hard.

            • DK, I agree with you. I love it every time these military experts claim how we can’t ever possibly fight or win a war. They are always lost and never have a clue. That being said, I don’t want a war! That would mean me and my friends and kids would be fighting in it. Not interested.

            • In the next major conflict, USA will be crippled by economic and cyber attacks. We will find most of our expensive toys useless. You are right that the conflict has begun. USA is the most technology-dependant nation on Earth.

        • This article is hogwash….
          The soviet army didn’t defeat the Germans….mother nature, and a two front war did.

          Sonif this guy doesnt know that, then he has no credibility in my eyes.

          • You might want to put down the revisionist version and read some real history. The Russians were simply tougher than the Nazis. Plain and simple. And while millions of Russians died on that front, the west sat back and cowered in another corner of the war. I know it hurts, but the truth is the truth.


          • I guess it was snowflakes that killed the 5 million German soldiers and not Soviet troops.

            Good to know.

        • The US is on the wrong side of history again on this potential conflict. You see, since the 6’sided star of ZOG, hijacked congress and our foreign policy. Anybody against NWO isxan enemy… Putin is against the NWO 6 sided star clan. In fact Pres Putin removed any and all Jews From any and all meaningful jobs or positions in the Russian Government. Unlike our shoe shine boys like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, oh dont forget Joe Liberman. And 33% of our Supreme Ct which are Jews when only 2.1% of the US Population is jews. The vermin parasites are promoting this conflict and any other cinflict which is anti Israel. Pres Putin is more American acting than out shoe shine boy. Grow some balls. The US should team up with Russia and let Iran waste the ZOG in 11 days as they claim they could. The facts suck for the jews and this is another example of bloodsuckers in action, dragging the US into their problems..

          • Great post WWTI. Even if they don’t want to get into the jew debate, the message is still clear—We have no business in a war with Russia. The propaganda is not working and some people still can see the truth.

        • The Russians will be fighting for their homeland. The Americans will be no more than mercenaries fighting for the bankers.

        • i lovE FunddEr,

        • To heck with Russia, we are woefully unprepared for, and need to be much more worried about our own gov’t

          • Amen RH. We could learn a lot from Russia, about taking control of our own country and booting out the outsiders who make trouble for us. They don’t allow foreign minority interests to cause trouble. They are willing to protect their borders. When was the last time anyone heard of an islamic terror attack on RUSSIAN citizens?

            You don’t. Because they stomp on the little cockroaches before they have a chance to populate.

            WE, OTOH, INVITE THEM IN and even pay for their travel and stay.

            Who are the retards now?

            • Everything……you don’t make sense when you ask the question “when’s the last time that you heard of a Muslim causing problems or terrorizing Russia”? You’re basically implying that they do that here!!! Anyone who still thinks that the Muslims were responsible for 9/11 is woefully uninformed…….and any problems that do occur from them is just blowback for us being somewhere,their countries, where we have no business being in the first place!..
              Also Putin does have a large contingent of neo-Nazis that he constantly has to monitor. The same
              neo-Nazi types that took down the democratically elected government in the Ukraine! If this were old Soviet days, he could be done with the fascists I’m the blink of an eye. I follow Russian history, and believe me when I tell you that Putin considers neo- Nazis his biggest domestic threat!!!!!!

            • Russia has an Ally…..China

              US Army to cut another 40,000……..

              the only “good” aspect is that these veterans may make a nice addition to the militia…….

              BTW if China wants it’s loans to the USSA paid back….and the USSA doesn’t have 1.2 Trillion to pay…..
              think Collateral, Comrades. All those mineral and energy rich Feral Gov. “Public Lands” that the BLM and EPA has been “protecting” can then be “harvested” by the Chicoms.
              All nice and “legal”, just ask the Soopreme Jesters…..It’s a NWO

      2. “At this point, it seems like a war between NATO and Russia is practically a foregone conclusion. There’s certainly a lot of bluster and threats going back and forth between both sides, and they’re both run by tyrannical, power-hungry regimes that want the world to themselves. Those kinds of governments always come to blows at some point”.

        WRONG!! Putin has an approximately 90% approval rating among Russian citizens. If he were the tyrant you claim he is, he wouldn’t be so popular! Obummer may be what you claim he is– certainly he’s one of the biggest liars to ever live– but please don’t put Putin in the same boat.

          • And the other day it was announced that the rift of 1054 may be in the repairing mode.

            ht tp://

            • I am orthodox and the last thing we need is to buddy up with the gay priests and pederasts in the Catholic Church.

              Let them fall on their own before God. They do not need to drag us down with them.

      3. “The U.S. is woefully unprepared for war with Russia”…………..lbut they are proving everyday that they are prepared for The American People……I had more to write but theie are some new pics of Bruce Jenner ont the T.V. that is more important than this.( sarcasm )

      4. It really doesn’t matter…in the end it will go nuclear and no one really wins a nuclear war…The End.

      5. How about US sends the IDF to fight the ZOG wars since IDF is actually the master of the so called US armed forces. Let’s see if IDF can fight a real war with professional war fighters Vs killing unarmed women and children.

      6. We’ll just draft Obama’s pet illegal aliens and homosexuals, give them airsoft rifles, and parachute them into Siberia.

        • AC – be kind to the Queers, they should at least be equipped with those pink colored “hello kitty” AR-15’s and Dildo’s.

      7. Zog Amerika’s NEW Gay Pride U.S. Army is gonna…

        “LICK RUSSIA’S ASS!”


        • Mrs Pink,
          Take your gay porn and hit the road.

          • hammerhead ….the problem with your comment is we shouldn’t ignore the reality. The supreme court has boldly told us take it or shove it with the gay marriage. So the so called gay porn is hear to stay unless you want to shoot the messenger.

            • reality is not being ignored.
              There is however , no willingness to accept it and honestly , why should i have to ?
              I dont visit this site for gay porn , i visit for the open and lively discussion forum , not gay porn.
              So just because nine liberals decided to ALLOW something that they have NO constitutional authority over , I am to just STFU and accept it as law of the land ?
              And enduring gay porn is part of that ruling?
              NO chance of that .

              • It wasn’t 9 liberals. The vote was 5 to 4. Dunce.

                • Govt. should not be involved in marriage,among millions of other things.

          • I h8 Mr pink. i h8 druid. i h8 solus lupus. i h8 digs. i h8 katy O… FUCK OFF YOU RETARD.

            • who is katy.o ?

      8. “war between NATO and Russia is practically a foregone conclusion.”

        Who says ?
        I do not except the premiss that war with Russia is inevitable.
        Niether side wants war with the other.

        Leftist defeatist author , give up America its over.
        Just surrender and die , dont even try , all is lost .
        Whoa dispare and agony.

        • Agreed, so many seem to think that the Obamafurher has the testicles to actually start something with Vladimir? He can’t even stand up to his own “wife”, so HOW could we expect him to stand up to Vlad?

      9. Proud to be a Traitor.

        i’m going to be honest with you folk’s if russia was to attack and invade Zog Amerika mainland… i’d fight for the russians as a lone wolf insurgent against the NWO Zog FedGov!

        in today’s amerika, a Real American Patriot is considered to be a traitor to the Zog.

        • Really? you deserve a 14″ hunting knife in the back although i am sure you just say these things for shock value

      10. Safe journey Acid. Enjoy.

      11. Is the author delusional? The US spends more on the military then its friends and foes combined; Its equipment first rate in virtually every respect. Technology? Off the chart. If the US cut its forces by 50% they would still be the dominate military on the planet.

        The above being said is moot if nuclear weapons are introduced.

        • Wars are fought by people not weapons.

          Throughout history, the moral defeat the immoral and the immoral defeat the decadent.

          We are the decadent, which is why we lose to everyone we go up against lately no matter our superior firepower.

          • USA hasn’t won a war since WW2

            • And if Hitler had kept his peace agreement with Stalin, sprechen sie Deutsch? Ja Ja

        • Enough dick stretching. This time, everyone will lose.

        • USA spends a lot, but the rest of the world gets a lot more bang for their buck. How many $1B B2 bombers can we afford to lose?

      12. Our biggest liability is the president and his cabinet and their horrible decision making, we have alienated allies around the world since he has been in office. We have no friends who would be willing to stand with us. Until we get rid of this POS president and hopefully get a competent CIC we are F’d and should not be looking for trouble!!

        • Joe,

          The current president and his cabinet is not the R/C of the problems. He is only a puppet and his many predecessors and future successors. The main tumor is somewhere else and you need to research more and discover it for yourself.

          • Yup.

      13. I’m with mR. pINK on this one

        • Ditto, and to all of you who will say that if I don’t like it here, go live in Russia—I would, but I can’t, because this stupid fucking god forsaken piece of shit govt has me on the no-fly list.

      14. Kevin2 – Just because the Military Industrial Complex is spending more on weaponry, does not mean that it is “top notch” in excellence.

        Case in point – today’s Headline:

        “$1 Trillion boondoggle Next Gen Fighter (F-35) gets waxed by 40 year old F-16 in a dogfight.”

        Of course, it’s all business at the Taxpayers expense. Plus who knows how much military hardware gets “donated” to Foreign Nations for their foreign policy intrusions.

        • I don’t think an F-15 has ever been lost in air to air combat and a Raptor took out several F15s in simulation before they knew it was there due to its stealth capability. M1A1 Abrams tanks ran roughshod over Russian equipment and I don’t think a crewman has been killed in an M1A1 to date by incoming fire.

          Regarding “reach” a B2 fly’s virtually unopposed and can put a JDAM where it wants when it wants.

          MIC would love a crisis to be the excuse for more “defense” spending.

          • An F35 is Vertical Takeoff and Landing and has stealth. It can be deployed from an assault carrier to a WalMart parking lot, no airfield required.

            I’m no fan of the “Defense” budget but damn the US has some seriously deadly equipment.

            If an enemy can negate both stealth and JDAMs it becomes a numbers game. In that regard one would be very wise to keep a distance from the Asian land mass due to, “The bottomless pit of Asian manpower”.

            One cannot state it too often that Russia has a world ending nuclear capability and a well founded fear post WWII of being attacked. As a nation it needs a non threatening buffer zone around its borders. We required the same thing and codified it with the Monroe Doctrine.

            • The F-35 is shit. It can’t fly in the rain, the electronics don’t always work, and most of all, it can’t dog-fight.

              • HBO is right, and that is what I was getting at. Here you have a fighter jet (F-35), tons of money put into the program and it’s a huge FAILURE! The design of this plane is without a badass, but…. it doesn’t function like one.

                • Whatever bugs the F35 has will be fixed. Its ability to be deployed everywhere makes it a modern Harrier. One strikes compromises with the Vertical Takeoff and Landing capability as a Harrier could not match a MIG however Amphibious Assault ships become de-facto aircraft carriers.

                  The real bad boy is the F22 Raptor but it needs a conventional air strip.

                  One thing about US weapons as far as I know they’re made in the US with US labor.

                  • LMAO……..How can you fix a jet that can’t dog-fight or pull a 9g turn like an F-16 ? Oh, let me guess, just throw more money at it.

                    A fighter jet that has buggy electronics, and rain makes it unflyable ? how will that get fix. More money.

                    Seriously. The electronics part can be fixed, but at a cost, Of alot more money, and possibly lives. As far as not flying well when wet, well…….More of the same.

                    The dog-fighting part can’t be fixed. This thing is only good at firing it’s missles at 100 miles away. ( By the way F-14s were doing that years ago with the Pheonix missle.) Once it’s fired those long range missles it’s useless. Aging MiGs will eat this thing alive. It’s a waste of our (tax-payers)money.

                    It should have been scrapped along time ago.

                  • Kevin Tony Hbomb.
                    I like your discussion on modern equipment.
                    You guys know that it will come down to the grunt on the field. The lowly GI with his M-4. or maybe the lowly Patriot here at home with his AR15/M4. No one knows. We just might have to fight right here at home. God Forbid!

                    • Nothing hit’s harder than an American with a “Ma Deuce”.

        • The F 16 was intended to be a cheaper alternative to the F 14 or F 15. Nobody expected it ti be so good. Amazing how often new weapons systems underperform their predecessors, while costing 5 times as much to build and maintain. 30 mm ammo for the Warthog is entirely too cheap for the MIC. This system MUST be retired.

      15. What people need to understand that this battle to come is good vs. evil and ALL Good Folks MUST come together to make a Stand Against evil….UNITED WE fight the evil to come…to attempt to do so by yourself defeats the purpose of UNITY…If you are not a Believer in Christ you most likely will not understand….I pray that people will soon come to understand exactly what is to come….
        Have Faith, Have Sisu

        • FOB,don’t have to be a christian to detest and want to fight evil.

        • The problem FOB, is that the evil matrix has most people convinced, that the last major Christian empire left on the planet, IS THE ENEMY.

          Russia does not allow Islamic rebels to bomb their people, like we did in Boston. There has not been a 9/11 like incident in Russia, either.

          Black people in Russia do not riot like in Ferguson and Baltimore, they don’t loot and burn, then walk away unpunished with their fists in the air.

          Gays don’t terrorize people like they do in America. Here, they can destroy a person’s entire life and career, simply because they said something some faggot didn’t like. Not so in Russia. The gays don’t run the house in Russia.

          Here, our white house rainbowed on itself for all the world to see.

          There have been no churches of any faith burned in Russia.

          Once you dispose of all of the PC garbage that has destroyed the minds of the people in the west, Russia seems like they have more freedom than we do…even though the media says otherwise.

          How’s that DEMOCRACY thing working for ya, America?

          • There are very few blacks in Russia. They DO have a problem with muslimes, but they keep a lid on these savages, like USA should on blacks.

            But USA can build on our diversity… Russia doesn’t know the joy of multiculturalism…

      16. Greece Collapse: The real situation in the streets of Athens

        h ttp://

      17. Russia will invade the Baltics the last week of October. That’s all. I am 98 percent sure it will be the last week of October. They will take Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. Preety sure it will begin on a Friday afternoon.

        • No need for Russia to do such a thing, the United States Military is already there occupying the Baltic’s.

          Notice who the MSM and Washington D.C. portrays who are enemies are as of lately. Russia, Iran, Syria – why?

          Because they do not want to comply with the West’s agendas, and who the hell can blame them? I’m not supporting either of those countries governments, but they are not the ones who are being the aggressors here.

          I see the MSM Propaganda still works very well on some people here.
          Most people here should realize that the MSM are nothing but lying whores. If you know this, then why buy into the habitual demonizing that they spew day in and day out on other countries? And yet, to this day – they always portray American Policy as being right and correct and everyone should follow their actions.

          Damn – Joseph Goebbles would be proud of what America’s Newsroom has become – the dude may be dead, but his legacy remains!!!!

        • Around 4 right ? British time. Just when the Queen is having tea………

        • Stop your damned fearmongering.

      18. @ Krause: “…they’re both run by regimes that want the world to themselves.”

        No, they aren’t.

        The US has military assets in 160 nations. Russia doesn’t. Russia isn’t (despite perfervid website owners fantasies) stationing heavy weapons on any US border. The US seems to be in a contest with itself to see how provocative it can be.

        Russia lost 10 million military and 20 million civilians in their Great Patriotic War. They defeated four-fifths of Hitler’s war machine. But for that, Hitler would have thrown the D-Day invasions back into the sea.

        Every year Russians, just plain folks who lost a loved one 75 years ago, as well as officialdom, hold a Victory Parade in Red Square. The War of Northern Aggression in the US was a fist fight between high school kids compared to the deaths and damage done ON RUSSIAN SOIL.

        People who either don’t know any history or cynically ignore it because their bankster warmonger masters say so, whine about Crimea and Ukraine. Both of which were Russian for centuries. Neither of which were American or European.

        Krause, read some Russian history and stop the warmongering bullshit.

        • AMEN.

      19. I think faggot army officers should be fragged.

      20. ISIS = israeli secret intelligence service = Zog mossad

        ISIS = aL-cia-duH = Zog cia

        • Mr. Pink – gotta keep that kind of information quiet – some people may get offended by such a truthful statement from you…..

          • 🙂

      21. The US is woefully unprepared for war with anybody. in my opinion.
        But, based on internet reports of large scale military movements/exercises, its seems to be prepared for a war with us.

        • Very possible Watching and Waiting, but if that is the case. They are spreading themselves pretty thin, that in itself is in our favor.

      22. The destruction of the United States- militarily/economically & culturally, is an absolute necessity! (Because the United States- and the rest of the world- are now figuring out who was responsible for 9/11!

      23. Woefully unprepared for war with Russia should not even be a concern in today’s world. The real problem is: no one can really be prepared for the aftermath of a war with Russia or the USA. There will not be an aftermath but an after mess.

      24. The one advantage I would give to Russia is that in any conflict, their military will know precisely what their mission is, they will know their rules of engagement, they will know their exit or end strategy, and their military will have the full and ‘real’ backing of their politicians and the Russian people.

        • That’s a luxury America does not have at present.

      25. I’m not knocking our troops I appreciate them but when I watch out troops march they look weak jmo. When Russia troops march they look strong. Go and look on youtube you’ll see what I mean. Letting gays in the military really hurts the forces IMHO. Would you want to fight next to a guy that has a lisp and act like a girl. Not me if I was in the military I’d get out. It’s become a joke using troops to go into villages and help people that’s weak. Troops are to destroy the enemy’s of America. Obummer is demoralizing our troops and using them to do humanitarian work. I had a buddy that is Ukrainian and he said we are a bunch of cunts. I knew him before all hell broke loose over there. Homosexuality is looked down on in other parts of the world. Sometimes I’m ashamed to say I’m American only because of the spoiled and entitled attitudes most Americans have makes us all look like a bunch of idiots. At this point I feel Russia could defeat us. Obummer wants this so he can take control of everything and remain in power. But if you want to keep playing army hero you can be sacrificed for nothing. I’d quit the service in a split if I couldn’t I’d get in trouble enough to get a release.

      26. We were unprepared for WW1, WW2 so I guess we will go into WW3 unprepared. This time I don’t think things are going to turn out good for anyone. When the Nukes start flying NO ONE WINS! I don’t know if I would want to live after and Nuke exchange.
        If it does come to NUKES, may GOD be with you.

      27. Going on a short vacation with my family to Mt. Rushmore this week.

      28. The Russians are just like us, and many American are have family there and are married to Russians.

        They are not the real threat, the Cabal is. If they told me to go and round up the Russians in their homeland, it would not happen. I would rather have a vodka drink with them.

        To all the Russian people, you know most true American have been lied to for so long and so many are so ignorant that that many will still believe the propaganda we are fed on a daily basis.

        The informed people do not consider you the enemy on any front.

        The lying conniving corporate scum and MSM bags are the true enemy. Your leaders also know the true Americans hate the dc thugs and liars as much as you do.

        I know a couple of guys who married gals from Russia. We have more in common than just about any people.

        Let’s make sure that we work together and do not follow orders given by psychopaths. Vodka or a beer anyone?

      29. We would need a full blown draft of at least 20,000,000 soldiers to attack Russia on the ground and how to transport them to the combat zone is beyond my logistical abilities. America has never and can never be a great military land power. We always have to cross at least one ocean to fight our wars and this is to say the least a great setback. We would also have to transport the equipment and machines of war, plus refuel, maintain, and resupply. Not to mention food and clothing, medical supplies, and an unheard of body count once the armies clashed. And there is always a nuclear button to push as soon as one side starts to lose. It’s a no win situation, but it’s coming, win or not, it’s coming.

      30. Russia does not need to learn ku-foo to fight puppet banker tools from the USA or it’s NATO poodle dogs when it has lot of hand grnades.

        Mr Putin just needs to warn Europe that if one made in USA boot touched the ground in Russia that he will wipe europe out and then lets see if these lap dogs will be so keen to die for jewish bankers who are behind all this.

        The USA might stage a false flag in Europe but given all the spying they have been doing over here I don’t think everyone is going to fall for it or be silent.


      31. It would be interesting to see where the physical location of this war will be and how the troops will get there undected.

      32. Russia and Saudi Arabia agreed to an energy deal and Putin had the Syrian Foreign Minister come to Russia. Putin told the Syrians that he still had their back. The war in Syria is over a natural gas pipeline the Saudis’ wanted to put through there. It appears that Assad will be allowed to govern a much smaller and fragmented Syria. The Saudis’ will get there pipeline. The deal may let the Russians in on the money. Wait and see.

      33. Probably don’t really want a shooting war. Just get the eastern European nations scared so that they’ll borrow money to buy war toys from us. Good deal for the military/industrial folks. Hey, it’s all about jobs, right?

      34. What in-fuck are you thinking?
        Give your f-ing head a shake..
        Russia is NOT an enemy of the USA.
        The enemy is your f-ing ‘islamic-president’ who is dictating that iran and isis are the real ‘residents’ of this planet and the rest of population is just exercise to beheadings..
        get a f-ing life.

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