The 75,000 Mile Wide Hole In The Sun Could Black Out Earth’s Communications

by | Jul 13, 2017 | Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Forecasting | 61 comments

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    The sunspot spotted by NASA as our sun creeps toward its solar minimum is 75,000 miles wide. That has huge implications for our satellites and communications systems, and the sunspot could cause some blackouts on Earth.

    The huge sunspot has the potential to send out dangerous solar flares known to take out important communication equipment, satellites, and even huge sections of the power grid. This sunspot is the first to appear after the sun was spotless for 2 days and the dark core is larger than the Earth.

    A 75,000 mile wide sunspot just appeared.

    A 75,000-mile wide sunspot just appeared.

    Nasa’s Solar Dynamics Observatory first detected the huge spot last week, and it appears to have lingered through to this week.

    Sunspots are darker, cooler areas on the surface of the sun, caused by interactions with the sun’s magnetic field. They tend to appear in regions of intense magnetic activity, and when that energy is released, solar flares and huge storms erupt from sunspots. Such a storm could create stunning auroras around the world, as well as play havoc with power grids, potentially causing blackouts in some areas. –DailyMail

    NASA released a statement about the newly visible sunspot. “A new sunspot group has rotated into view and seems to be growing rather quickly,” they said. “It is the first sunspot to appear after the sun was spotless for two days, and it is the only sunspot group on the sun at this moment.”

    Watch the video below to see the sunspot rotate into view.

    “It could be the source for some solar flares, but it is too early to predict just what it will do,” NASA continued. Forecasters from the NOAA say that there is a 25 percent chance of M-class flares today because the sunspot is directly facing our planet.

    Solar flares occur when a buildup of magnetic energy on the sun is suddenly released. They usually erupt from sunspots, temporary dark, and relatively cool patches on our star’s surface where the local magnetic field is very strong. They are broken down into three classes, C, M, or X for strong flares, and A or B for weaker flares.

    There’s a tenfold increase in power from one class to the next, so an X flare is 10 times stronger than an M flare, and 100 times more powerful than a C. There’s also a finer gradation within each class, from 1 to 9 in the case of C and M flares. But the number goes higher for X flares, because they’re at the top of the scale and the sun occasionally fires off eruptions more than 10 times stronger than an X1. For example, in 2003, the sun let loose a flare that registered as an X28 before overwhelming the sensors that measured it. It remains the most powerful solar flare ever recorded. –Space

    M-class eruptions, which experts say could result from this sunspot, can generate brief radio blackouts at the poles and minor radiation storms that could endanger orbiting astronauts. X-class flares, on the other hand, can have consequences on a planet-wide scale, triggering widespread radio blackouts and long-lasting radiation storms.

    The CMEs (coronal mass ejections) that often accompany solar flares have even more destructive potential. When a CME’s charged particles interact with Earth’s magnetic field, they can spawn geomagnetic storms powerful enough to disrupt GPS signals, radio communications, and power grids.

    Although this sunspot doesn’t appear to present any major danger just yet, the sun’s approaching solar minimum too, and it’s likely to continue to be a bumpy ride until its cycle ends. As always, things could change quickly when speaking of the unpredictability of the sun.


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      1. Sorry Mail Online (CITY OF LONDON) This life has been paid for But you would not know about these matters.

      2. Earth is just a speck on the universe’s a$$hole.

        • Bet ya $100 it won’t stop you Guy’s nagging Wives communicating their Honey-Do lists to ya. Got a solution for that? I do, = “Git er’ done!!” Then go fishing. Guys, go make ya a “Man Cave,” and Ladies Get ya a “She-Shed”

          • Crack:

            The first time I saw a guy get a list of things TO DO, I just about fell on the floor. I asked him what it was and he said it was a Honey Do List.

            I felt embarrassed for this man. How humiliating. I wanted to shake some sense into his head so his balls might have a chance to grow. But, meekly, I just said “Oh” and let it go. It wasn’t my business. I added one little comment “I make my own list, everybody in my family makes their own lists.”

            He knew I did not approve. And, I don’t. BTW, they got divorced. The writing was on the list on the wall.


            • List:
              Get nagged- check
              Get list- check
              Get divorced-check

      3. If the internet goes down and communication ceases I have two words too leave you fine people … canned chicken.

        That’s right, for the next 2 months, I’m all about the chicken. People will ask me; How are you doing today? Canned Chicken! Nice weather we’re having? Canned Chicken!

        My goal is 10 more cases (36 cans per case) of, you guessed it, CANNED CHICKEN. That is $600.00 worth of protein in a can with an incredibly long shelf life.

        I will be minoring in a “black beans in a can” because I make a quick and easy black bean soup 30 8 packs or bust!

        • That’s excellent. Pressure cooker is a great investment. Have bought a bunch of chicken to can and the 3 deer I killed this past year are all in cans too. When canned the deer taste just like beef. Solves the refrigeration problem entirely.

          • My question is, where were all these female teachers who screw their students when I was in high school? Damn kids these days get all the luck.

            • I had sex with five different teachers when I was in school.

              ……did I mention I went to Catholic school……my ass still hurts…..

              • LOL!

              • Any of them nuns?

              • I bet you have stretch marks on your face too.

            • BlackMoe, the closest I ever came was watching Van Halen’s Hot for Teacher.

            • Trust me Moe, they were there, fucking young horny students.

              Only difference, we knew how to keep our mouths shut about it…

          • Pressure cooker, Boston marathon? I thought the NRA wants to ban pressure cookers? I bet Trump is involved in the hole in the sun. Maybe he is allowing the Russians to mine the sun for helium.

            • 40% Of The Fed’s Interest On Excess Reserves Is Paid To Foreign Banks

              “Now that Congress is finally scrutinizing the $4.5 trillion elephant in the room, it may be interested to know that approximately 40%, or $838 billion in reserves parked at the Fed belong to foreign banks.

              This means that the Fed is giving a $10 billion (and rising) annualized subsidy to non-US banks every year.”

              ht tp://

            • You can still buy pressure cookers. Just submit to back ground check. 7day waiting period.

        • when venturing through the woods, I ran into a very old abandoned homestead. It had a few sheds that are collapsed, and a old Ice house/root cellar combo. the walls were doubled, filled with probably was saw shavings and wood chips at one time. It was dug in the hill side about 8 feet in. They cut Ice from the lake and sled it to it. It probably would have kept food cold into july. Then it could be used as a root cellar until december. History is interesting to experience. They didnt need much room to live in, and that would reduce the amount of wood needed. I still see people living comfortable and happy “galt” living in small trailers or cabins off grid. Barter is the key for them…..not begging or demanding a hand out.

          • Sounds like more Ruby Ridge in the making.

            • True, but for ruby ridge to happen you also need corrupt Feds willing to shoot women in the face while holding a baby. I can hear the fed during the investigation, “hey that loaded baby was a deadly threat!” She got it like Finicum too, feds said he was fleeing while in actuality he was a hero trying to draw fire from his family and friends. Finicum was a hero. Lying Feds.

              • I lived that experience. Ruby Ridge The word was his wife was really mouthy and threatening prior about all kinds of crap she was going to do. Weaver was running for Sheriff supposedly and with the crap his wife was doing they got rid of her! Noticed once she as out of the picture they settled with Weaver paid him millions of bucks and he moved on.

                • Yea, that b!tch had it coming…..

        • Get a freeze dryer from harvest Right. Solves all your canning and refrigeration problems. And food can last up to 25 years in Mylar bags with Oxygen absorber. You can do meat, meals, fruit anything except a couple things like butter. Ice cream sandwiches are awesome freeze dried. I know I have a freeze drier.

      4. Checked on the joint NASA/NOAA website The sunspot is AR2665. According to that website, the sunspot has diminished in size and magnetic complexity. It no longer poses a significant threat for strong explosions. We’re not totally out of danger.

        A wise move for any prepper to make is to learn about “anti-nutrients” contained in plants. The anti-nutrients include lectins, phytates, and enzyme inhibitors. They are particularly high in grains, legumes, seeds, and nuts. There are techniques for lowering the lectin levels in these foods such as soaking and using a pressure cooker. Good authors such as Ron Gundry and Raymond Francis. Poultry and meat animals are generally raised on grains and have high lectin levels.

        • Nice follow-up Brian. Thanks for the additional information.

        • Brian:

          Excellent post.


      5. You have got to be kidding me. A 75,000 mile wide hole on the surface of the sun is like a flea on the a** of an elephant. Well, if the internet does go dark, at least we’ll know who is to blame: “The Russians did it.”

        Think I’m kidding? Just you wait. Hillary Clinton, the Democrats, the DNC, and MSM really ARE THAT CRAZY.

        • The 75,000 Mile Wide Hole In The Sun Could Black Out Earth’s Communications

          ……….or do nothing…….

      6. Look up Suspicious Observers. It doesn’t sound as bad as this article makes it out to be.

      7. It could shut down the governments that are destroying us? I’m cheering for the Sun.

        • A men, brother

      8. check out a site called solarham for close watch on the sun. I check it often but am more concerned with all the world wide crap. I figure the NK or the Chinese will get us or the gov collapse first. Keep watching.

      9. “Although this sunspot doesn’t appear to present any major danger just yet..”

        Once again, I have to cancel my end of the world party.
        Put the good wine and cigars back into the crate.
        Apologize to my boss.
        Take the kids back to school.

      10. Now that my surgery is over on my left hand and I can try to type.(try) had it yesterday. fingers work pretty good.

        Now for the topic. Great no more tele-marketer. Only down side is will not know what is going on with my Dad. Another plus is it would be a kind of dry run to see how well I prepped.

        Off topic.
        Does anyone know how well a Ruger Black Hawk 7.5 inch barrel 45LC handles heavy hunt loads. Will it keep up with my S&W 6″ 29, Or my 6″ Desert Eagle? Everything I read said yes. I want get is from the very smart folks on this sight. In advance THANKS!


        • Check out Buffalo Bore ammo recommendations ?

          • Buffalo bore ammo is loaded way to hot. They wreck your guns.

            • Their hottest loads are only for Ruger big frame , T/c contender, some lever actions, Single shot break open . Usually Dan Wesson , Colt anaconda, and surprisingly Taurus. And Virginia dragoon . And others. I read that the head guy at Charter arms said their 44 special can take a limited amount of max buffalo bore type loads. In other words you can’t shoot a hundred rounds of them every weekend for ten years. ?

        • Sarge, welcome back! I am glad that you are doing well.

          I found this forum site which discusses your question in some depth. I hope it helps, but that discussion is Greek to me.

          h ttp://

        • Yes, you can triple load your Ruger with fast burning powder like Winchester 231, enjoy the fireworks? Ignore what the educated engineers say that built the £ucking gun and just ignore reloading data too, Idiot.

        • To all thanks for the info.

          • Desertrat’s info is good. You could just go buy some Buffalo Bore and get pretty serious power out of your BH. If loading your own, something in the 250-300 gr range moving at 1100 to 1300 fps is doable and safe. There’s good info on Handloadsdotcom. Can also look in the Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook. Make sure to use a chronograph working up your loads. It’s the only way to know for sure what you have going on…

            • If you’re starting out handloading I can help you get going in the right direction. Been doing this for many years now. Mac knows how to get ahold of me.

              • What i need to do is get the private messaging system working to make it easier for everyone to get in touch with each other! On it! Hopefully ready soon!

                (but yes, please shoot an email over if anyone needs to get ahold of Johnny)

              • Speaking of .45 Colt Ruger revolvers….there is an excellent piece over on the Cast Boolits forum dealing with getting top accuracy out of the Ruger BH’s. Seems Ruger has a habit of shipping them with cylinder throats that are too small, some down in the high .440’s, where as the standard Bore size for .45 Colt (and ACP for that matter) is .452-.454. The result of this is a gun that shoots 6″ groups.

                Causes and cures for this are discussed at great length and detailed instruction is given so a guy can fix it himself, or at least have a knowledgeable discussion with his gunsmith. Look for articles by Marshall Stanton.

                I’d spend the hundred bucks on a set of pin gauges before I bought a .45 Ruger. Not sure why this is so either, none of the other calibers they chamber for seem to have this issue.

          • Don’t rely on hot loads to make up for poor shooting. Learn how to shoot. I would rather be nicked by a 50 BMG than shot in the brain with 22 short. Just ask Brady, oh you can’t ask him cause he died from a 22 short in the brain pan.

        • sarge…that ruger will still be shooting using heavy loads when that s&w will be dead from standard loads…those top straps on the ruger single actions look like a railroad tie for a reason…I only know of one person with a desert eagle so not enough experience to comment however the one time I held it I recall it was very heavy but didn’t look it over.

      11. The Blackhawk in .45 Colt can be loaded to .44 Maggie pressure. I used 300-grain SWCs. Too hot for a Smith 25, though.

      12. I would be more worried about NOKO lobing a nuke off a container ship off the coast. a Nuke EMP is much worst than a solar pulse

      13. I loaded 300-grain SWCs in .45 Colt for my Blackhawk, to .44 Mag pressure. Worked fine. Too hot for Smith 25.

      14. … meanwhile,the 75,000 mile wide hole in Nancy Pelosi’s (and the left’s) understanding of economics WILL black out our economy.

      15. A thought on a Grid Down EMP or CME event.

        It occurs to me the government will tightly manage the reestablishment of power. Where power is out expect forced evacuations/ relocations. Even if you are grid independent with your own power system, Armed government agents will find you and remove you from your land or just kill you.

        As the government decides for whom and where power is restored, expect politics to play a huge roll, and enemies of the deep state will take it on the chin. I believe certain areas to be delayed having power restored by years, or never have power restored. Title of land will revert to government ownership such that a huge land grab will be exploited in the disaster. Your stolen land will then be sold to the deep state insiders and corporations. I’d expect Red State, and Blue States to be treated very differently. The final voting demographics of the nation will be turned upside down. What becomes of a Red State Congressman whose district is evacuated and never restored?

      16. There are about 2000 large power transformers in the US. Takes over a year to order and receive a new one . If there’s 25,000 Chinese agents, who knows how many Russian , ISSIs, Cuban , North Korean, How many would it take to blow 2000 transformers. 10 guys per transformer? That’s 20,000 . We don’t need a sun spot , an EMP ? 10 tough smart guys with RPGs per transformer , and it’s game over? How many RPG rockets can one guy carry?

      17. OK. I see like this.

        Can’t live in fear or anxiety everyday. It affects your body
        mind and soul.

        Even i fit does happen there is going to be a period of uncertainty for any event, so I say live.

        • how can you live without being distraught? Not me, give me stress or give me a million dollars. Either way I am happy ?

      18. There is currently a solar flare occurring, which is about M2.4. We’ve had several M class flares in the past few days.

        We had gone many weeks without any at all, so maybe the sun is getting ready to act up.

      19. O use standard loads for practice . Your adrenaline will not mine the hot loads when the time comes?

      20. O and check out the recoil comp on the Tuarus. It’s a reverse cone . Very effective?

      21. The solar flare did erupt. It was rated M2 where M is medium. X flares are the largest and most powerful. M is medium. C is the smallest. Each of these categories are further broken down into nine sub-categories where 9 seems to be the highest. Despite being M2, NASA/NOAA described the explosion as lasting two hours and resulted in sizeable radio blackouts. There was a signicant coronal mass ejection(CME). The radioactive material from the CME should hit earth on 7/16/17 and cause a geomagnetic storm with radio blackouts. It was a bigger deal than anticipated.

      22. I never worry about CME’s or EMP’s. I’m too busy working on a way to make a buck (or score a great trade) if it really happens. Hey – somebody’s got to provide goods or a valuable service if the SHTF. It might as well be me.

      23. Just another in a long line of gov attempts to keep you people terrified of something and everything.

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