Texas Health Care Costs Skyrocket 60% in 2017: Obamacare At “Unaffordable Levels For Everyone”

by | Jun 3, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Forecasting | 53 comments

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    This article was written by Melissa Dykes and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.

    Editor’s Comment: A perfect storm of unconstitutional mandates are coming together, as it becomes increasingly clear that funding for Obamacare – out of the pockets of American taxpayers at gunpoint – is actually a heist that is taking place on official seal and under the pretenses of authority and legality. Such is the modern state of organized crime.

    Who is going to be able to pay 60% increases in health care costs? Where is this money really going to, and how much do they intend to squeeze out of the average person before this is all over?

    Blue Cross Blue Shield Requests Whopping 60% Rate Hike in 2017 Thanks to Obamacare

    by Melissa Dykes

    If you like your healthcare provider you can keep your healthcare provider… provided you pay a whopping 60% rate hike starting next year.

    The Houston Chronicle is reporting that Blue Cross Blue Shield has requested a 60% rate increase in 2017 in Texas following complaints from the company that it is “losing money in the federal health exchanges because some customers have proven more costly to cover than anticipated.”

    In other words, the cost of insuring people under the so-called “Affordable” Care Act is going to force prices to skyrocket to potentially unaffordable levels for everyone.

    According to filings listed on healthcare.gov, Blue Cross and Blue Shield seeks increases between 57.33 percent and 59.35 percent for two of its Blue Advantage Plus plans. A Blue Advantage Health Maintenance Organization Plan is asking for a 58.6 percent hike…

    In a country where the cost of living is going up on virtually all fronts but wages and jobs are not increasing, exactly who is going to be able to afford this insane rate hike? And that’s just to pay for the insurance in case you get sick…

    According to the report, it is unclear what will happen if the rate hike request is not granted. When the same company requested a 51% increase in rates in New Mexico last year and the request was denied, the company simply withdrew all healthcare plans from the entire state.

    It’s a domino effect. Obamacare is imploding the nation’s health care system.

    Insurers across the nation, including Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, have complained vigorously that they are losing money in the federal exchanges as some customers have proven more costly to cover than anticipated.

    Blue Cross Blue Shield isn’t the only company that has been reporting large profit losses due to Obamacare. UnitedHealthcare has reported losses of $650 million. Humana reported a 46% loss in the first quarter of 2016 alone.

    As more and more private health insurance companies complain of profit losses and pull out of states who refuse to hike rates to unaffordable levels, it is highly likely the situation will become unsustainable and ultimately used as an excuse for the government to take control over all healthcare, moving the US to a national system just like in the UK or Canada.

    In fact, this is exactly what Senator Harry Reid said that Obamacare was a step towards when it was first rolled out: a single-payer national health care system. Now we’re watching it happen.

    But look at the way our servicemen and women who go to the VA in this country are treated. They die waiting in two-year-long lines to receive care. It’s so bad, one Navy vet recently set himself on fire in front of a VA in protest.

    Considering our government can’t even make a noodle salad efficiently, the crash and burn of Obamacare as a problem-reaction-solution forcing us onto a single-payer national system could be a nightmare for anyone who depends on America’s already broken health care system for their health.

    Melissa Dykes is a writer, researcher, and analyst for The Daily Sheeple and a co-creator of Truthstream Media with Aaron Dykes, a site that offers teleprompter-free, unscripted analysis of The Matrix we find ourselves living in. Melissa also co-founded Nutritional Anarchy with Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper, a site focused on resistance through food self-sufficiency. Wake the flock up!


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      1. this evil tyrant will go down in history as the president who presided over the death of america…..obammyDONTCare has wrecked our economy, and other policies have turned americans against each other like no other president EVER. he has set back race relations in america at LEAST 50 years. what a tragedy this simp has been.

      2. It’s all falling apart. Keep stacking those precious metals: brass & lead. The signs are everywhere, and their rate of emergence is increasing exponentially. I swear I think every day that THIS will be the day that the sheep will wake up and see what is so clearly apparent right in front of their noses. Yet every day I am amazed that they remain asleep, focusing instead on their little allergic child’s soccer tournament or what the kardashians are doing this evening. So frustrating….yet entertaining in other ways.

        Keep prepping, friends. It can’t be long now!

        • @ Grunty…Ive been waiting for 18 years…hasn’t happened yet. the date this year is supposed to be june 6th. After that, there will be a new date for 2017.

          • We’ve been at it for 16years, the entire time we’ve lived where we are now settled into for life (long or shortened). Nothing has happened yet just as Dave in Ohio (Canton or close to there)? has expressed.
            Keep thinking it can’t possibly get any ‘hairier’ than it already is and suprise-on-us …it is as if nobody either cares or is paying attention to a damn thing that really matters.
            Perhaps these days it takes something bigger than “the good ole days” to get folks fired up? Well, on the flip-side aren’t there many, many things happening across the USA that ARE PURPOSELY NOT BEING REPORTED. (Riots, killings, incredible-gang-related violence …and yet Fox News would have you think that soon we shall all be millionaires due to Obama’s handling of the country.

            Prices going up and up, slow at times but overall SHARP increases over short-terms hardly give anyone a chance at surviving financially. And with a median-income of +/- $30k (and that’s supposedly high) per family, it’s safe to say that those who DO have an income are not able to make ends meet any longer …and so “TPTB” get to work to ENSURE that NOBODY has enough …except for the 1%’ers who’ll never pay a dime and yet control most everything they touch.

            Even if you are pushing $74k annually after taxes, it is a hard row to hoe, as everything has been stacked against you no matter what bracket you fall into.

            If I hear one more damn thing about The fucking fat-assed Kardashians I’ll puke.

            Growing up in Maine I NEVER SAW A BLACK PERSON …..never. I didn’t see ANY ‘black’ until I joined the Navy. Then we had two in our Company. Neither of them were a problem and both were hard workers and people you could depend upon. That’s a far cry from the mindset of most blacks today I should think. (I know I wouldn’t be in favor of having anybody but a white, God-fearing man on my six or I’ll go without …and be safer).
            I have never had a black slave, yet perhaps everyone should own one? lol…Just kidding. I nor ANYONE IN MY FAMILY as far back as it can be traced, to the 14th Century, never had anyone as a ‘slave’ or even underpaid worker, yet twice in my life I’ve seen my bucks disappear to PAY COMPENSATION FOR THEIR GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT GRANDPARENTS being slaves to someone’s family I never heard of, and never will.
            And NOW look! We have one running America into the ground and nobody in DC will ‘squelch’ his ass? WTF over?

            You know everyone, it is said that when you want something done right, you need to do it yourself. I can’t do this myself or I would have already set forth FULL INTENDING to fix this rats-nest of deceit and lies, and rid us of ALL the SOBs bringing it down upon our heads. But, I am only one against many. What would happen if ALL OF US “took a stand” (at a point in the future, when it is deemed we have no other choice but to “do or die” …will I still be alone save for a handful on this site that have demonstrated fully that they “see” everything for what it truly is, and not what is being puked upon us as propaganda? What would happen if that day turns out to be tomorrow? Molon Labe or “fuck it we’ve lost?” …cuz I’m going down fighting, if indeed I go down at all. I’ve already died once, but God must have sent me back for fear I’d take over? heheh…No, I feel I was returned due to unfinished business such as we have been beset with “in these times” we live in. Do NOT fear death as it is truly a wonderful experience (and I never got a chance to see the best part)! Death of the body is meaningless, as your ‘essence’ (or soul, or mantra …whatever you wish to call it), goes on without the body, which is just an earthly vehicle.

            And right now? We have a SHITLOAD OF EARTHLY VEHICLES TO FOLD, SPINDLE AND MUTILATE with every given chance handed to us. Fair enough or do I need another ‘chill pill’?

      3. Obamacare in Va. to go up 16+ percent….still high!

      4. Obamacare was passed by Congress. In fact, most of his evil agenda has been accomplished by a complicit Congress.

        • all different heads on the SAME Public SERPENT!

        • a democratic Congress for most of it.

      5. What will you do with your prisoners or thoes who surrender if hicks is correct with what he is informed about

        • When I start shooting, I will not be accepting prisoners. Everything bad that we’ve heard,its even worse than that.

          • Prisoners? I don’t need any stinkin’ prisoners.

            • warning shots will be sent down-range, center-mass.

              • BCOD, AMEN!

        • Ill let them surrender to me then out of spite i shall smitten them by shooting them with their own gun that or ill just soakem down with gas and set them on fire gotta send a message to the others cus fear is what power is alot about

      6. Now THIS is a “dark cloud” I failed to see coming (meaning: the incredible ‘hike’ when the bastards are telling us to our faces that everything (jobs) are plentiful.
        To counter that last remark, on the radio 95.1 it was talking about this, and stated that there are about 220 million folks in The USA. Out of those 97.4 million DO NOT HAVE JOBS AT ALL AND ARE ADULTS OVER THIRTY YEARS OF AGE WITH CHILDREN …and are “trapped” by everything our bastards-in-charge have done unconstitutionally and thus illegally (“the new breed of organized crime, as they put it).
        Okay then. Criminals are meant to be punished, after being picked up, imprisoned (make bail MAYBE), then tried, found guilty then sentenced.
        I submit the time has arrived for us to start “tossing the shovels of shit right back into their faces” without delay …and THIS could well be the straw that breaks our camels’ backs. (The same bullshit is taking place at VA Hospitals, just in a different way that is equally unfair and dangerous – -making EVERYONE “pay a price” without a reason!
        Nobody got an increase in pay for the past two years and yet suddenly there is a 60% increase in medical? FUCK THAT SHIT! And I’ll be damned if they’ll get away with it. We have bucks and intend to spend it accordingly taking some of these fuck-heads down.
        We AND THEY are “bound” to The Constitution. Since they have ignored it in totality and wiped their asses with it, (and we all know Hillary was WELL AWARE OF THIS ONE COMING AS WELL), but not Donald …NONE OF IT IS LEGAL AND THEREFORE WE ARE NOT BOUND BY ANY “ALLEGED” LAW to be “held to it.”
        Up until now, these were just “shots across our bows” of warning. Now, suddenly, they are direct hits that are sinking the battleships our asses are depending upon …and the manner in which it was done (via lies and deceit), fully justify ANYTHING we’d like to do in retaliation.
        LET THE LAWYERS AND HIGHER UPS HAVE FIRST CRACK AT IT AND WRITE YOUR STATE’S “EVERYONE” BITCHING YOUR HEADS OFF! Then, if they fail to get this ‘tossed out’ ….well, I suppose the “spark” that was mentioned has found “the pit” and the BOOM shall be heard around the world.
        THIS is the beginning, right now, of further, and more devastating “hard core” maneuvers (just as was done in Venezuela, Germany, England, Australia and many others to ‘tear down what remains of The Middle Class White Americans).
        Or at least that is what they THINK they’ll accomplish. Send medical through the roof then unloose all manner of illnesses upon us, through mandatory vaccines, et al, and refuse to treat until you agree to pay.
        Looks like a lot of pharmacies will be looking down the business ends of Glocks and the like ….be back later. Need to take a run to think and chill out a bit….

        • “tossing the shovels of shit right back into their faces”

          My wife actually did that a few years ago.

          We used to live in town, and the neighbor had a huge dog that would come over to our front yard to dump, really huge piles. My wife stepped in one while mowing (it had happened a number of times before), and it was the last straw.

          She started cussing about the man and his dog and the piles in the front yard. She went out to the shed and got a shovel. She went to the front yard and started shoveling the piles into the neighbor’s yard. Some of the crap hit the side of his big, expensive boat, and at least one pile went in the boat.

          I didn’t see the dog after that.

          And my wife felt lots better.

        • Bud, that was a good rant, and nothing I can dispute. I never signed up for Obolacare and never will.

          • BraveHeart1776; then I am honored and most appreciative of your kindness and truthfulness. If only the remainder would just try to do 10% of what folks like you do (and think), we’d have a wonderful country and life eh?

            An old state trooper I used to ride shotgun with always said; “Wouldn’t this be a wonderful world to live in if everyone would just leave everyone else to fuck alone?” The longer I life, the more those words resound in my head. Again, I thank you Braveheart in all sincerity, and will take YOUR six in a heartbeat (and, if you need to beat feet outta Mempho, we have a 1 room apartment in our BOL, downstairs, solid cement that is yours for the asking – – anytime. Oh! Did you see my questions to you about Shelton Harrison (used to sell Chevy’s in Millington? Or his daughter, Camille (real little bitch) who tossed a career singing country and tried to go pop, and flopped.

            Do you know of the chick from Memphis that cut the song “I Want A Rockin’ Little Christmas With You” ??? She and I “were a thing” back in the mid-80’s (then her career swept her away …forever). That’s okay as the wife I found makes 50 of her. Literally. She’s nearly 500lbs. NO NO! just kidding… lol…

            • Bud, 1. I appreciate the offer of the apt. and keep that as a contingency plan. 2. I already have an arrangement with a cousin at a BOL in north GA and have numerous other relatives very close by. I’ve spent the past 3 years moving the majority of my supplies there. just got back from there last night and going back in July. 3. No, I didn’t catch your post about used to being in the Memphis area. BTW, you did right to get out of the area whatever your reasons. It’s a lot worse now. July might be bugout time for me. I don’t know what became of Harrison or his little bitch of a daughter; don’t really care. What used to be Harrison’s dealership is a Dodge dealership now. The old Navy base there is only a shell of its former self. The old Navy brig was given to the local PD for their new jail. The old airbase is now the municipal airport. You say you used to be a cop? I’ve got 2 retired sheriff’s deputies and one retired state trooper in my family. You would hit it right off with them if you ever met them. They’re also “old school”. They went into LE to help people, NOT to be oppressive toward them. There’s still some good cops out there who think like you do but not enough of them to go around. Nowadays I avoid cops all I can because I don’t know for sure what to expect from them. Look at the crap they’ve been brainwashed with concerning the public. It’s sad but true. I lost my wife back in the early 80s to a drunk driver and never found anyone else worth having for a second wife. You’re real fortunate, Bud. I’m 59 and just given up on women altogether. Biggest reason is feminism. Look at what that crap has done to women’s minds. Not good for them or men. Anyway, I’m going back to GA in July right before the convention. might be a false-flag there. We’ll see.

            • Debbie Allen. On U-Tube. Nice looking lady.

      7. I have never paid for any form of healthcare in my life, don’t plan to either. I do have VA, that’s better than nothing I suppose. No thanks to the vaccines, statin drugs pushed relentlessly. I once asked him if he thought 9-11 was an inside job, he now views me as an antagonist. He told me I had two years to live about five years ago, borrowed time I guess. I give him the business about legal cannabis and the benefits vs AMA, Big Pharma healthcare, he replies with lies. These people could not tell the truth if their life depended on doing so. I despise authoritarian type schmucks.

        • Aljamo, I never signed up for Obolacare and still won’t. I’ve already got coverage from elsewhere. If I lose that, oh well…..

        • Perhaps it isn’t going to happen at all, in that it isn’t to be available to anyone, anywhere for any reason. We’ll be expected to pay it all “in full” or perhaps be fined? lol… see how far that gets them down the road…
          Just saying it to ‘keep the pot stirred up’ hoping to create more carnage.

          • Bud, they can pass whatever they want. Doesn’t mean I’ll follow it.

            • Aye Braveheart. We stopped “following orders” decades ago and have suffered nothing for doing so. (And passing illegitimate laws seems senseless to me, yet there are those that will ‘go where they are led’ without question. A-fucking-mazing.

              • Bud, AMEN to not following orders. I was never made to be anyone’s ‘good little nazi’. I know how to think for myself.

        • “VA, that’s better than nothing I suppose”….i think a LOT of vetchens would agree with MY take….VA is WORSE than nothing.

          • To buttcrackofdoom; I’m not seeking a pissing contest with you, as I’ve nothing against you in the least. Nuff said there. The VA has good and bad people, yet it is far from “worse than nothing” (as without them there would be a gaggle of homeless veterans (about 30 million of them, scatter all over the country with a chip on their shoulder that would not be so easily knocked off). Our gov would LOVE to KILL the veterans as it would 50+ million ‘special forces trained, combat trained, etc’ that they would not have to be concerned with. At the moment it IS one of their #1 concerns (as we train those who come to us in everything we know).
            And, as you say, there most certainly ARE a great many vets who would side with you in an instant. The ones who NEED the VA to survive (like, to get some legs or an arm or new internal organs as the ones they have no longer exist), are being shit on and ignored. That is not how their contract with the government reads. The older veterans are LUCKY AS COULD BE in that they got “grandfathered” out of being screwed into the ground for bullshit reasons, such as not signing or initialing a paper so that means another 10 years of waiting for it all to “go through the system again.” Nobody deserves that. Nobody.

            • Bud, hear you loud and clear. The vets in my family stopped going to VA way back in the 80s. Not worth the effort considering the VA’s attitude toward them.

            • i have a friend that was in failing health for at least a couple years, and he kept telling me they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him….exposed to radiation and agent orange in the vietnam conflict….the way i heard others too, having to fight with the VA/gub-mint to get them to admit(i don’t know if they EVER did) that it caused lots of medical issues…just like a LOT of other conflicts that have issues that are always denied there was anything bad happening to them…fukushima’s incident with our aircraft carrier that killed a lot of the navy people on it, for example….or spent uranium shells in iraq. to continue to deny they know what’s causing their illnesses….while they are literally DIEING, is unconscienable.

      8. Same here. No questions, no warnings, no prisoners, no shit. Looks like that Tsunami is REALLY a “Driven Into Debt” Tidal Wave, BUT …if you just hand over them there guns and start minding like good little boys and girls, we will “pick up the tab” for you.
        And so it begins. (Immigrant medical is also going up, and is why our percentages have been driven up, when BIG PHARMA denies having raised a single thing in this time of rising everything).
        Boots. (chk) Shit’s gonna get deeper, and just like when Obama came onto the stage for his 2nd Term, he is going to hit America with a new shit-storm every time we turn around …so if you feel like you are being pressured, you will be right, and hardly alone in the matter.
        I’m kicking my ass for not seeing the obvious… but that’s okay, I am also very capable of changing horses midstream without falling off (which we’ll all need to do in one manner or another).

        Guess I should have “guessed this”, being he wanted to bring over Ebola and every other disease (that they are ‘conjuring up’ all over the world in hopes of a pandemic of “a great many” killer sicknesses (sicker than THEY are in the head).

      9. While Republicans are no saints for sure Democrats have a way of putting sand in the gears and then leave office. Clinton did NAFTA, China Free Trade and gutted Glass-Steagall. These three took a few years to destroy the economy. The ignorant rave about, “The Clinton economy”, not accepting his participation in the fall of the middle class. Republicans more often tell you up front, “I’m going to screw you”. Democrats say sweet nothings in your ear like, “I feel your pain” while inflicting it and blaming on those evil Republicans.

      10. They can hike it all they want. 60% of $0.00 is $0.00

      11. When asked to comment on the news of the upcoming increases of Obamacare, Gomer Pyle could only say “Surprise Surprise Surprise.

        • A lousy 38,000 new jobs in May. Meanwhile they brought in 100,000 new immigrants that month. I fail to see the logic here. The end game yes which is to eliminate the native population.

      12. My employer covers my healthcare, and has for many years. My wait to get in to see my doctor has gone from 3 days or less, to 2 (TWO!) MONTHS. He just informed me he’s quitting the profession due to 0bamacare’s onorous paperwork requirements and he doesn’t feel he can, in good faith, continue to practice.

      13. Old Geezer,I could not say it better

      14. Question please? Why or what-the-hell does anyone think that TX would be driven so damned high? Higher number of immigrants or a foretelling that they’ll be far more than they are bargaining for?
        Doesn’t seem that ‘clear-cut’ to me.

        Braveheart? Kula? rellik? Archivist?

        • It is designed to enrage the public and demand it being fixed. that is when the government pulls “singe payer govt. system” out of the hat. Something they wanted in the first place. The govt controls the economy,healthcare,food and money. What’s left?

        • My 2 cents. My wife gets a subsidy for her medical. We are “poor”, on a fixed annuity income, so any medical premiums above ~8.7% of our gross income is covered by the taxpayer. We don’t really care what happens to the premiums. My monthly cost is fixed, it doesn’t go up. Some guy named Gruber determined that this system will break the middle class whose premimums do go up, and have them demanding Socialized medicine. single payer.
          I did a quick check and Texas people are just now getting to where Hawaii premiums have been for years and your Insurance has become just as crappy.
          Look at the bright side Texans have access to the University of Texas medical centers, world class, about the best there is.
          In Hawaii, we, have to mail the bodies out for major repairs.

          • That should be “Air mail” the bodies out for major repairs.

      15. For the utter life of me, I absolutely cannot understand why people at least don’t explore health sharing plans, assuming you meet the criteria.

        Instead of paying $1,000/mo, we pay $300 – for IDENTICAL care

        All you have to do is google health sharing plans. We use Liberty Health Share, and LOVE it.

        • Read the fine print.
          Payment is optional.
          For example if you develop liver
          disease and have ever drunk liquor.
          You may not be covered.
          If your son wipes himself out in a car wreck
          when he was drunk, it is not covered.
          If you car computer registered 40 in a 35 when you
          got T-boned by a guy who ran a stop light, you may not
          be covered.
          If you used to smoke for years and have quit
          for twenty or more years ago, and develop lung
          cancer, you may not be covered.
          If they don’t like your life style, or you make a mistake,
          they don’t pay for it. It sounds fair on the face of it.

          You can offer really cheap insurance, if you could deny Homosexuals, drug addicts, smokers, drinkers, bad drivers, criminals, adulterers, et al. coverage.
          Frankly I’m not willing to give up my beer, my bacon and eggs, my ham and swiss with butter, pizza, Porter house steaks, and never exceeding the speed limit to get cheaper insurance.

          • Just claim you are gay or transgender and part of a protected group. Then you’ll be treated.

            If you are white and worked your whole life paying half of what you made into the beast, then you aren’t entitled. To anything…. see the fine print.

            • I think you misunderstood I was referring specifically to
              health sharing plans.
              For the rest of America what you say is right.

        • test, if you love your healthcare plan, you can KEEP your healthcare plan.

      16. It was already crazy. Now it’s insane.

      17. ObamaCare was never about healthcare, it was all about bleeding people dry and enslaving the American people.

        This is a common and repeated theme with all of Obama’s schemes.

        • Bingo!! Never about health care always about an income stream.
          America is toast.

      18. More freebies, more government spending, fewer jobs. Sounds like more of Obama’s specialty. Not to mention the recent controversy over the most likely illegal funding of the tax subsidies through the IRS.

      19. HAHAHAHA! All of those people wanting to get free health care have been boned! I cant tell you how much I enjoy moochers getting screwed. I am tired of paying for others to live.

      20. Thank you for all the replies and information. Can’t say it did anything except piss me off even more than I already am with the sob’s …but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of adrenal gland workouts now and then…

      21. When I received my latest car insurance bill it had jumped considerably higher. After calling them and giving them some angry pushback all I got was BS excuses. I sent the payment in with a detailed attack on their scam. They sent a letter back trying to justify the every cycle higher cost stating there was an option to lower the bill by 30%, something that attaches to the steering wheel that somehow gages driving patterns. I called and said I want it, who knew it was for autos 1995 and newer. Exactly! They need to saturate the airwaves with more “Flo” ads.

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