South Korea Braces For Possible EMP From North Korea

by | Oct 2, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Forecasting | 11 comments

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    South Korea is raising concerns that North Korea could harm vital institutions with an electromagnetic pulse over their nation.  But that isn’t all.  South Korea also fears that the EMP would be centered over their nuclear power stations, airlines, and government ministries taking the country down for good.

    North Korea has been successful at hacking into South Korea’s systems in the past. The fears also swirl around a potential attack on the banking institutions leaving the economy in the south crippled.  According to End Time Headlines, an EMP attack sparked by a nuclear blast or a pulse weapon would quickly bring the South’s financial institutions to their knees. Now, the national banks are looking into establishing data centers overseas, while others are looking to build reinforced repositories designed to withstand the blast of a powerful EMP weapon.

    An EMP is a burst of high-intensity radio waves emitted from nuclear explosions in the upper atmosphere that scrambles electronics, much like a sudden power surge can overload a power outlet. And Kim Jong Un has recently shown off an H-bomb capable of delivering an EMP attack, so South Korea’s concerns are not unfounded.

    Electronic equipment exposed to an electromagnetic pulse can experience damaging current and voltage surges, while data stored electronically can be corrupted. “Current regulations prohibit the transfer of client information overseas, so we are discussing ways to revise those rules so we can set up data backup centers abroad,” a financial official told the Korea Herald newspaper.

    After a series of nuclear tests and missile launches, Pyongyang has been subjected to increasingly stringent sanctions imposed by the international community, which they continue to ignore.

    Kim’s regime continues to defy the rest of the world and insists that it will continue to develop and deploy weapons capable of reaching targets anywhere in the United States. Kang Kyung-wha, the South Korean foreign minister, said intelligence agencies are anticipating some sort of action by Pyongyang on or around October 10, the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the ruling Workers’ Party of Korea. Another date that is being closely monitored is October 18, when the Communist Party of China is scheduled to open its 19th National Congress.


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      1. “Powder-keg” comes to mind and that is NOT a good thing at all. It seems these gook mutts in NKO are going to have to really be dealt with once and for all. 20+ years of paddy-cake has failed miserably folks.

        • You sound like the perfect person to handle Trumps’ foreign policy with “the gooks”. No paddy-cake on your watch! Let’s nuke other nations preemptively, what could go wrong?

          And I’m sure a place called “End Times Headlines” is a reliable, balanced news source which never publishes doom porn.

        • Not our fight.

      2. This isn’t going to happen.

      3. An EMP attack would wipe out all information stored on electronic media. Computer owners generally have a backup device to recover files if the computer fails. The files in the backup device would be wiped out as well. Keeping bothe the computer and backup device in a Faraday cage and keeping your most valuable files in prnted form (whenever possible) is a good move.

        • That’s where the redundancy of internet cloud backups comes in handy.

      4. ***MOVE THE SK CAPITAL – at minimum START the process – south. Put in some high speed rail links. It won’t be done over night, but if they had started this decades ago, like they should have, they would not be as much hostage to Mentally Il Kim as they are today. Heck, GERMANY moved theircapital.

        For such a smart country, leaving Seoul exposed like this is criminal. Just ***start the process. Start it today.*** Have economic incentives.

        And if NK starts something, and they dont’ want to use nukes, they should – as much as war is a horrible thing, which no one wants – have a passel of MOABS to stop their artillery.

      5. Notice that S.Korea said that N.Korea COULD do an EMP against them, not that they are going to!
        This is more fear porn in order to rile up the populace so they will accept WW3. Because that is likely to happen if we annihilate N.Korea just because we don’t like what the idiot Kim Jong Un has to say.
        We are NOT the police/gestapo for the world, and thus far Kim has done nothing but run his big fat mouth.

        If nukes are used-and they’re likely to be used-the resultant radiation would contaminate parts of China and Russia, which I am sure is why China has said they will prevent an invasion by our government if the USA attacks N.Korea first.
        Is silencing Kim worth the specter and risk of a WW3 scenario?

      6. Don’t worry, nothing is going to happen. The NorK’s don’t really want war. They are using the same tactics that Saddam used 18 years ago. “If we sound real scary, the white supremacist Americans wont bother us too much”.

      7. North Korea HATES the U.S. and South Korea since the Korean war and are still mentally at war. Over the past 25-30 years, they have lied, cheated, bribed, conned (Clinton gave them $5 billion in appeasement $$) and suckered the West for BILLIONS to obtain a nuclear capability. NOW, they have it !! They don’t need the West anymore. (Many military high-ups also believe they have Nukes in the 2 satellites they put up a couple years ago and only need to ‘push a button’ when they are ready).
        “Look up, for your redemption draweth nigh”. Are you ready to meet your maker ? His name is Jesus and He is waiting to talk with you. Give Him a call before it is too late. His line is ALWAYS open !!
        Rev. Roy…..<

      8. Looking at this picture of K.J.Un, his mouth open as if he and his fellow mates are laughing. This bastard(dog) is crazy, and so are his cohorts and belong in the same insane-asylum. Why don’t his people take him out?

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