North Korea’s Nukes Aren’t The Only Weapons Of Concern

by | Aug 17, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Forecasting | 37 comments

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    While the focus on North Korea has been their improvement of missiles and a potential nuclear strike against the United States, many have missed an equally sinister weapon lingering in the rogue nation’s arsenal.  And experts say that it’s time to take notice of it.

    Experts say there’s another weapon in Pyongyang’s arsenal the globe should keep a very close and watchful eye on. “Nuclear weapons are not the only threat,” Kelsey Davenport, director of non-proliferation policy for the Arms Control Association told the McClatchy Washington Bureau. “North Korea could respond to a U.S. attack using chemical weapons. That would be devastating.”  And according to Fox News, Kim Jong Un’s military has been collecting large stockpiles of nerve agents, such as sarin and VX, which is the most dangerous and potent of all nerve gas agents.

    North Korea could always choose a chemical attack, rather than a nuclear one; one that could target U.S. military bases in the region and large cities like Seoul and Tokyo, according to a new report. Pyongyang denies that they have chemical agents, yet back in May, it was reported that the UN was helping North Korea obtain a patent for a banned nerve gas agent.

    For more than a year, a United Nations agency in Geneva has been helping North Korea prepare an international patent application for production of sodium cyanide. Sodium cyanide is the main chemical agent in the nerve gas, Tabun, and it’s currently banned in North Korea by the UN. -The Daily Sheeple

    North Korea began the production of chemical weapons in 1961 amongst rising tension at the time. The Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology reports that the country has four military bases equipped with chemical weapons and at least 11 facilities where they are produced and stored.

    “Compared to the nuclear threat, which involves, a finite number of warheads and delivery systems vulnerable to air defenses and anti-missile systems, the chemical threat is not as easily negated,” military analyst Reid Kirby wrote in the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists.

    There was a slight de-escalation of tensions with North Korea when the dictator decided to back off his threat of attacking the island nation of Guam. However, the fact that the rogue nation has an arsenal of chemical weapons isn’t sitting well with those at the top.


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      1. The only “rogue nation” that threatens other nations is the United States of America.

        North Korea, though a dictatorship, needs nuclear weapons to defend itself against Yankee threats and state terrorism. Looking at Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, etc., they did NOT have nukes to defend themselves and look what happened to their nations.

        USA will be nuked, but not by North Korea. Russia and/or China will do it.

        • Of course, if asked to defend your position with facts you won’t do it because you don’t have them on your side.

          Not that I expect leftists to be concerned with facts, or even reality.

          • Weapons and Chemicals of Mass destruction are the US Pharmaceutical Companies drugging and poisoning the hell out of the American Poopulation. Doped up, fucked up zombies.

        • I think Harbor Freight is a much deadlier weapon.

        • NK has to be looking at the US action in Libya….we agreed to leave Kadafi alone if he didn’t pursue a nuke program, and see how that ended for him…..

        • NK does NOT have any Nukes via ICBM’s. Fake News.

          Yea Libya disarmed their Nukes and look what happened to them. They are again a 3rd world country and the west is stealing everything in the country including all their gold.

          • Watch out for the U.S. West’s False Flag to try and Frame NK. The US and CIA will most likely set up a chemical attack on Koreans then try to blame North Korea as an excuse to bomb them. We seen this same False Flag BS in Syria. Iraq etc.

        • Fuck you, David Chu !!! 🙂

          • Same to you! Except when they do nuke the Great United States of Death, Disease and Destruction, I shall give thanks to God for finally answering the collective prayers of billions of people.

        • Sure glad we have an expert o the forum

        • I agree with you, David.God protects us and gives the world good leaders to avoid pollution by wars.

      2. North Korea can do a lot of things and they’re all suicidal. They know it and that why they won’t be the first to fire regardless of inflammatory statements to the contrary.

      3. While chemical weapons don’t scare me as much as biological weapons if we are attacked every rogue state or terror group will try to add to the chaos with follow up attacks. The initial attack in my opinion could be from within, ANTIFA, BLM or other Soros funded radical groups. We live in a world where Pajama Boy is a CEO, Congressman, FBI Director, Governor, Government employee or Commandant of the Coast Guard to name a few. They bow to any and all winds blowing left. 90% of the media are just spokes models that are too stupid to memorize lines or to ugly for Hollywood.

        • Does NK have bio weapons also? Do we?

      4. As I have said before – something needs to happen here but I do not know the answer…These nuts have been allowed for well lover 20+ years to pull this garbage and make crazy threats to nuke the US, etc ,etc. President Trump, come on, something has to give here!

        • Trump needs to have a meeting with Kim Jung Un-stable and say, “You Fired Long Time!”

      5. I guess Sadaam Hussien must have shipped all of his mythical chemical and biological weapons to North Korea before the US invaded Iraq. No wonder we never found any. Looks like we are going to have to bust Kim Jong Un’s ass over these weapons.

      6. All Empires eventually are overcome and collapse due to their own hubris, this is no different, no matter how much we wish otherwise. Its already rotten from within from corruption and traitors. the greatest disappointment that I see it any hopes for my kids future is completely shot because of these corrupt scum in government media and of course the activities of the self serving and anarchistic nihilist traitors who burn shit down for the sake of seeing the flames. Oh well, inevitability was never meant to be anything but hugely bitter tasting.

        • An empire’s collapse can be delayed due to economic inertia for a time period proportional to it’s economic size.
          USA has been running on inertia for a long time.

      7. South Korea (and the US) have built a thin Maginot Line – if “festivities” kick off, it would be very possible to see these used to punch a few holes in that line. At that point, what fear would they have against using them? The ‘allies’ would never retaliate with chemical weapons, and the allies would not be the first to drop a nuke. With or without chemical weapons, NK gets hammered by missiles.

      8. I have to say the US being the military arm of the NWO bears the bulk of the blame for unrest in the world. How can blowback not occur when the armed to the teeth big bully enforces policy detrimental to humanity throughout the world?

      9. And a heads up for all you preppers out there in radio land, there is a string of tropical depressions lined up on the US. Those of you on the gulf coast and the east coast get the water and food stored up.

        • Him, Thanks Just check the weather maps, all these just look to be normal weather patterns of depressions and storms, not any Hurricane of any kind so far. Prepare anyway.

          • CSS, I usually check the National hurricane Center everyday. They are on the web at nhc. Just google it. The first one in line has an 80% chance of forming a cyclone within 4 days.

            • Hey HIM, How about you post a link to a Map. I see nothing of any substance coming our way here in FL.

              • The first one is a few days out near the Lesser Antilles. I am an old guy, computer illiterate, go to National Hurricane Center website.

      10. I don’t know if this is true, but I read some where that they have been experimenting on chemical/nerve weapons that are only White Man pacific.

        If he uses them we will still turn the area into an ASH TRAY!


        • The problem Is you never know who used what regardless who reports it. Cult of Tonkin, WMD in Iraq, Arab Spring in Libya; they’re all false flags.

        • Huh… guess it don’t contain sickle cell.

      11. The white people in South Africa are going through what the non government employees in N Korea know so well. Fear of what the government employees can do to you. Like NK , Rhodesia. South Africa,and others. The decent people lost control and now the government employees can get away with whatever. If we let statistically low IQ genetic types enter or do here what they do there. We will be in the white South Africans situation eventually.

      12. The US will be nuked, Russia and china. Is that right CHI-COM. Your nation will do it. Might as well nuke us, because if you chi-coms ever fucking enter the US, or activate the current chi-coms that Obama brought in to take our property, kill us, and fuck our women, expect to get your chi-com soldiers asses fucking riddled with .223/5.56 along with your military.

        WHY ARE YOU ON SHTF? Are you a prepper, if not, then fuck off and leave. We are not stupid, and know BULLSHIT WHEN WE READ IT.

        David Chu, you are a Chinese soldier. You are the threat, and coming on here and threatening us Americans indirectly is taken seriously. You tone and working sounds like you are not in support of Us Americans. Your now banned you fucking chi-com. For information, if you don’t like the US flag, the pack you shit up and get the fuck out of the country. America does not have to threaten anyone to cause trouble. When the fuck did we ever threaten the British. Did they not attack France and invade the US. We caused it dumb fuck? No we did not, so get of this site, fuck off, and shut the fuck up. FUCK OFF CHI-COM. Mac we need to scrub this one from the site and remove him. He is 100% PLA CHI-COM.


        Fucking chic-coms.

      13. In case anyone needed more evidence that the UN is evil, this: “Pyongyang denies that they have chemical agents, yet back in May, it was reported that the UN was helping North Korea obtain a patent for a banned nerve gas agent.”

      14. ANYTHING from the Daily Sheeple is QUESTIONABLE AT BEST!! I don’t belief half of what these little nincompoops say!!

      15. One would think by now that the people of the world would be fed up with the biggest tin pot dictatorial threat to peace on the Earth. One would think being ruled by that threat would afford that nations citizens safety first and foremost. One can see that is BS and that they are the enemy also.

      16. You’ve got to have a chemical suit, mask and spare filters for everyone in your family. They are cheap online, get ‘er done.
        Even a Tyvek suit and mask will provide some protection, enough to evacuate the area.
        Anyone who’s ever experience CS, pepper spray or God forbid, bear spray, knows how vicious chemical agents can be, and those are the mild ones! Nerve and blood agent will kill you fast, in the most horrible fashion.
        Potassium iodide will provide some protection for the thyroid, especially children, in case of a nuclear strike. Stock up while it’s cheap.

      17. Ditto Daivd Chong! well said……..

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