Leading Trend Forecaster: We Are Not Entering a New Recession

by | Jul 14, 2011 | Forecasting | 49 comments

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    Trend forecaster Gerald Celente, of the Trends Research Institute, in his latest Trend Alert to subscribers, says that media presstitutes continue to sell Americans and the rest of the world the big lie of recovery.

    It’s nothing more than a cover-up. We never exited the recession that started in 2008.

    For the second consecutive month, employers added scarcely any jobs in June, startling evidence that the economic recovery is stumbling … The government also revised downward the small gain for the previous month to 25,000 new jobs, less than half the original estimate. (The New York Times, 9 July 2011)

    “Dismal Jobs Data Rock US Recovery” and “Worries Grow Over Jobs,” read the respective headlines in the Financial Times and Wall Street Journal on July 9th, dissipating the air of optimism that had recently rallied equity markets.

    “Employment!” More than factory orders, GDP, corporate profits, retail sales, durable goods … employment was the one big number that counted. There was no way to spin the consequences of 18,000 mostly low paying health care and hospitality jobs into the hopeful message implied by the 125,000 jobs forecast by most economists.

    The equation was simple; the more people out of work, the less they consume. And in the United States, where consumer spending accounts for an estimated 70 percent of the GDP, without increased consumer spending, the economy was again recession bound.

    Virtually overnight, one dire employment report unraveled two years’ worth of government spin and media complicity. In April 2010, Vice President Joseph Biden promised, “we’re going to be creating between 250,000 jobs a month and 500,000 jobs a month.” And in August 2010, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner declared that the “actions we took at its height [of the crisis] to stimulate the economy helped arrest the freefall, preventing an even deeper collapse and putting the economy on the road to recovery.”

    But almost a year later, talking on “Meet the Press,” two days after the devastating employment data was released, the new, revised Geithner forecast was, “Oh, I think it’s [the recovery] going to take a long time still. This is a very tough economy. And I think for a lot of people it’s going to be – it’s going to feel very hard, harder than anything they’ve experienced in their lifetime now, for some time to come.”

    Like the Biden boast long-buried and un-exhumed, the Geithner statement, a direct contradiction of his former projection went unchallenged, given the usual free pass by the “Meet the Press” Presstitutes.

    There was, and is, no “return to recession.” As The Trends Research Institute had been forecasting since the onset of the Great Recession and the “Panic of ’08,” all those “bold actions” proudly cited by Geithner were no more than financial Prozac – multi-trillion-dollar band aids, palliatives, placebos and cover-ups packaged as TARP, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, QE2, and so on. At best, the “bold actions” merely guided the Great Recession into a brief remission, and that is all.

    We’re still in the thick of it, and we have perhaps a decade left to go before any semblance of normalcy returns to the American economy (if we’re lucky).

    Yesterday, our President threatened social security retirees by suggesting that the government wouldn’t be able to send them their checks come August. This, of course, is a complete fabrication and political power play by Mr. Obama, once again threatening that the sky is falling in order to bamboozle the American public into spending trillions more dollars on a failed economic recovery policy.

    It’s not working. Nothing the government has done thus far has worked.

    As Mr. Celente points out above, it’s about jobs and consumer spending, neither of which are improving in any significant way.

    Unemployment benefit applications have topped 400,000 per week for the last 14 weeks, and save a couple of months under 400,000, have been this way since the recession began. Consumer spending is being pummeled, falling below expectations again. The economy is contracting and financial firms are quietly lowering earnings expectations across the board.

    Many will argue that we did, in fact, exit the recession when our GDP growth quarter-over-quarter went positive last year. But considering that GDP growth has been full funded by government intervention over the last three years and the real inflation rate of 10% has a lot to do with the increase in spending over that time, it should be clear that global GDP growth numbers are fictitious, much like this so-called economic recovery.

    The recession never ended. More importantly, we are in the midst of the next Great Depression right here and now.


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      1. i wish there was a way to reach large numbers of sheople at once. Somehow we need to tell these folks to stop listening to these jackasses and their presstitutes. I like the expression, btw. Presstitutes. Pure ownage!

        • large numbers of people will get the memo after it’s too late & it’s checkmate for the NWO

        • This is just modern day Darwinism: this time the survival of the fittest is the smartest, most alert, and most foresighted to be prepared.

        • I feel you Cyber but the turth is the people don’t want to know, Rembember awhile back the TSA thing here in Tx? I thought by notifing the local news would get the word out and it did. All 3 station’s aired it and guess what happened? NOT A DAMN THING. its because nobody wants to hear it.And even worse Rick Perry sold us out for some fema money for the fires here in Tx. Even my life long friends to me that I have gone nutz and these things will never happen. So now I keep my mouth shut and hope and pray they make it through this shyt. I remember what dad told me(Boy you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink it) I know its hard even in the times we face but stay on track and do your preps to take care of your family.
          God bless us all


          • ” Even my life long friends to me that I have gone nutz and these things will never happen. So now I keep my mouth shut and hope and pray they make it through this shyt. ”

            Why Sir, would you “hope and pray” they make it through this shyt? Think about it: It is people like your “friends”—and my friends, and even family—WHO ARE THE REASON THIS IS ALL HAPPENING. You see, so many people hide behind ignorance and use that as an excuse—they simply say “I didn’t know” or “I didn’t understand”. I say you did not WANT to understand because you didn’t like what you were hearing—THAT IS ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE. It is why people are always “happy” when the market “goes up”—they don’t care if the reason is widespread money printing and corruption—no, as long as the news as good, they are good with that, regardless of the fact that most news we get in mainstream media are lies or twisted to put a positive spin for “optimism”. Nobody complains when corporations report corrupt, false earnings, as long as they are “good”. Nobody complains when the mainstream media lies and only tells “feel good” stories. No, most people just want to watch their “golf” and ESPN and cheerlead a womanizer like Tiger Woods and live in their little “white shoes homo” fantasy land.

            No Sir—anyone who refuses to see things for what they are and then claims ignorance after the fact is no friend of mine and I refuse to be a “lifeboat” for the douche bags because as far as I am concerned, they are JUST AS GUILTY for what has happened as the actual perpetrators. If these people would spend a little less time watching ESPN or their other selfish endeavors and a little more time uncovering the truth about the problems we face we would not be in this absolute mess. Those who do nothing are just as guilty as those that have committed these horrible crimes against our nation.

            I’ m serious—-place the blame where belongs. You can only blame a corrupt educational system and corrupt government so far—at some point people have to take responsibility for uncovering the truth. The reality is most simply do not want to hear the truth, so they discount or ignore and THEY ARE THE ONES that should be punished and those of us who take the time (and the pain) to uncover the truth and expose the truth should NOT be lifeboats for these douche bags….let them suffer for being lazy, ESPN watching douche bags—–in the end, I almost blame them MORE than the criminals that have carried out the crimes against us.

            Strong? Yes, but something to consider nonetheless.

            • I hope and pray they make it through this simply put because of the things we have been through Sir.
              As far as them being apart of all the BS I can’t say they are to blame anymore then you or I. Do I hope the all die when the shtf well hell no. No more then I hope you and I die. My point is this the majority of the people do not want to here this shyt. They want to go throught life eyes wide shut. My post was simply to state this FACT. And yes I understand that some of us have awaken and have started to prep for all this BS that was not caused by myself or you for that matter it was all started over one of the most deadly sins GREED. So if I choose to feel for my friends that I care about then as a free man that is my choice.
              Maybe you and I have a differant set of values and thats ok because that is our right. I myself have compassion for the people in my life. I was raised to help my neighbor and my friends and if they refuse to listen well thats their own Dumbass.

            • William S

              After rereading your post I have to ask you this. You say you won’t be a life boat for these friends and your own family?? I have to agree with the friends part because you tried to warn them. But to your own Family? Sir let me say this I was adopted so I really do not have a blood line to follow but what I have is a Father and A mother that took me in and raised me as their own blood they have backed me when I was not deserving to be helped they have stood by me in sickness and even when I crossed the line with the law , So therefore it is my duty to protect my parents no matter what the cost. And Sir if you really feel that it is not up to you to do the same then I really do feel for you.Its going to be a cold heartless world that you survive in and it would be a cold heartless world in which I would not chose to live in. Our family’s define who we are and I for One choose to never leave them, for If I do what honor do I retain.

              Bless you William S


            • DPS, I cannot argue with your points—they are well taken, and I realize I am being harsh. In the end, as much as I would like to be heartless because I do BLAME the majority for the takeover by the minority, I would have a hard time turning my back on those I love. My main point is that the idiot sheeple need some “tough love”. The reality is just as you said, most people just want us to “shut up” when faced with the truth—–they just want to talk about Tiger Woods—and that, Sir, IS THE PROBLEM and I am confident that it is this apathy and complacency that allowed the window of opportunity for the progressives to execute the plan they have so carefully laid in our universities over the past decades.

              Do I think the sheeple deserve to be abandoned since they played along and bought houses they could not afford, took out equity lines to buy junk, and were retarded enough to believe that “pay whatever you want loans” made sense? Yes. Would I be a lifeboat for these idiots? If I were in a position to do so, probably, but that DOES NOT address the core problem, which I INSIST is the root cause of our problems —– apathy and complaceny by the sheeple. If the sheeple were just as concerned about protecting our constitution as they were about playing golf, watching ESPN, shopping, vacationing, or “eating out”, we would not have the problems we do because the elite would have NEVER BEEN ABLE to get away with what they have.

              In the end, I respect your position and please take no offense—I was just trying to make a serious point that most of us need to take a hard look at ourselves and our friends and ask what we have done today to save the republic? I can tell you what the elites have done to further bankrupt it and destroy it, but what have we done other than talk? It’s time for friends, family, and neighbors to turn off Oprah and ESPN and wake up to what is happening. Neither the republicans or the democrats will—they are all just employees of the elite, run by the private banking cartel.

              In summary, thank you for dignified, respectful response—–I know I hit a nerve there but hopefully you understand my point. So many good men have died for the rights of our “friends and families” to squander on consumerism, Oprah, and ESPN, and it is just so sad that as a population we have handed our country to the corrupt elite on a silver platter—-all we ask is for anti-depressants and food stamps and we happily sit down, watch the corporate propaganda television, and just plain shut up—-which is exactly what the elite want us to do. It is just so sad and yes, it does make me quite angry and those I love—both friends and family because despite all that has happened, most people still don’t get it, and won’t until it is too late. The problem is they have been warned—–not only do they refuse to listen—-they think we are crazy for doing nothing more than laying out verifiable facts—-very, very sad!

            • William I don’t take offense to your points and most of what I have seen is very valid I to a’m just pissed that nobody will listen, but I can’t make them listen. I can’t make them read the news and more importly between the lines, I can’t make them believe that the goverment is stealing us blind its something they have to find out on their own. If I walked up to you on the street and told that one of the top 81 of the house increased his net worth by 16 million dollars since 2004 what would you say to me? You would tell me that I am a conspiracy nut. true or false? But until they find it its just not true


            • There are none so blind as those who will not see.

            • We have met the enemy and he is us.

      2. Conservative Idiot who always calls ChriShitstains Jesus Fuckers and who always complains About a Legal Procedure called Abortion says

        Get used to the USA becoming Like Nazi Germany, Hell it already is, look at the TSA sticking their hands down you pants and saying papers please, thank Raygun who started outsourcing jobs when he was Presiduce, Enjoy your Servitude Slaves of the United Slaves of America.

        • elton, you poor misguided soul. I will pray for you. (pray, pray, pray…) Are you better yet? NO? Maybe you’re one of those that God uses for the ‘before’ in the before/after comparisons. Sorry.
          Also, just beacuse abortion is ‘legal’ doesn’t make it RIGHT. If you use that to justify it then you also have to acknowledge that TSA gropedowns, high taxes and all the rest are ok too since they are ‘legal’. Better find a different justification for your pro-baby killing stance…

          • hey okie I think TTech is going to take OU this yr. and damn I cleaned out my safe and all I found was some pic’s of some of my old Girl friends. Wonder if hustler would but them hell that might be a winning lotto ticket.Jk

          • Cut off the free money and the abortion issue will take care of itself.

      3. Michigan puts 4-year limit on welfare and tells all dim libs to move to D.C.

        • Okiehoma puts 4 year limit on welfare and tells are conservabot dim Convicts to move to Texass

      4. Nobody asked me to have my paycheck diminished so that the gubmint could build houses for people who don’t want to work, give them welfare checks, and whatever else! I’m tired of it. I’m tired of being forced to support people who can’t or won’t work. I don’t read the 14th Amendment that our border is this magical line that if someone runs real hard and falls across it and gives birth to a kid on the spot that the kid is an American citizen and the whole family gets welfare for life. Piss on that!

        • Yeah piss on that, also both parties are bought and paid for so nothing will ever change, they will say they will stop it when running for office, then when in office they will do nothing, every promise they make will be a lie, no matter who it is.

        • After August 2nd, there most likely will not be enough money for those programs after the bond interest, military, SS, and Medicare are paid for. It’s obvious at this point the debt ceiling will not be raised based on the current stalemate.

          • I’d like to agree with you, Beefcake, but it seems to me that the path we’re on, there is no end to the ‘money’ – I mean ink-covered paper or electronic digits. The Fed just creates it out of nothing/nowhere. What would stop them even if the ceiling is not lifted? And don’t think for a minute that the wimp, Bainer, is going to do anything other than what his hidden bosses want him to do! I’m hoping the system crashes, for I don’t see any meaningful change otherwise. They will keep giving their pets welfare and food stamps as long as they have control.

            • Lay off “the weeper of the house”!

          • The scum in D.C. is playing a game of brinkmanship. The problem is that the USA could, even unintentionally, go over the cliff quite easily.

        • Lefty – Well put. +100

      5. Actually, we never exited the recession that began in 2000. It took 44 ounces of gold to buy the Dow back then and it has steadily decreased to 7.84 now. Gold was $252 then, and $1586.00 now. It’s pretty clear this has all been smoke and mirrors since the turn of the century. Wake some people up.

      6. Why don’t we just start calling it what it is. A Depression. If we used the same accounting we used in the 1930’s, even the 1970’s this is a Depression.

        But hey, we have new math and fuzzy math and no math because we just won’t count people in this or that group. During the Great Depression I don’t recall ever seeing anyone referring to part time jobs.

        Officially U-6 unemployment is at about 16.8%. Add to that everyone that is not being counted, former business owners and I believe we are upward of 24%. That’s Depression level unemployment.

        Now add to that $14.5 trillion in debt and God only knows how much in unfunded liabilities. We are much worse then the Great Depression.

        Lets quit playing politics and just do the math. America’s P&L and Balance sheet say we are past bankruptcy. And you know what folks; so is the rest of the world.

      7. I kinda like Gerald Celente, but I always wondered about his self-given title “trends forecaster.” When I saw the link on your main page and it said “trends forecaster,” I knew it had to be him. He says some good things but this is kind of a retarded title. And I doubt his real last name is Celente – that sounds Italian.

        • Anyone can call themselves a “forcaster”. I do like Celente. I think his forcasts are accurate, but the timeline is the hard (impossible?) part.

      8. he is italian, numb nuts

      9. Greetings Everyone!
        Any bets what it will take for the News-Media to admit we’re in the NEW GREAT DEPRESSION?
        Government’s really and truly broke,busted flat broke(they just wrote a IOU to all the retired federal employee’s to get their hands on the retirement $$$$) and the REPOCRATS (both “parties”)are still infighting rather than deal with finding a solution that might work.Wonder if they’ll be able to afford to bring the troops home after they are broke?Can you afford to feed Grandma and Grandpa when the S.S.I. checks won’t clear?The only silver lining to all of this is that China(those friendly,oh-so honest and truth telling folks)will follow us to the dust bin shortly thereafter.Happened when China had a similar relationship with the Roman Empire(debased currency,one way trade relationship,etc..).Both Civilizations collapsed around the same time.The “dark Times” lasted for several centuries in both Empires.Such a happy thought.FAR more of THEM to STARVE and DIE than in the USA.
        Perhaps it would even be better for the planet overall for mankind to DE-Advance for a few hundred years.Not so great for the “sheeple” short term(25-50 years),just a little death and starvation.Preppies and their families might do just fine and be the ones to carry the torch of knowledge into the future.Even during the DARK AGES people were able to live a reasonably comfortable life,if less entertaining(no theaters,no free bread and circuses and travel became more difficult and ANY organized health care basically went away.).
        Just a few thoughts,
        Best to ALL
        Do you have your COOAS yet?

        • It will only take a patriotic conservative president for the media to shout depression.

      10. Elton, while I’m not one to advocate perscription anything, have you and your Dr. discussed Prozac?
        Son,… you have some anger issues.

        • sorry POD Looks like you dont know much, Fluoride is in prozac a deadly poison, actually if you look at rat poison it is the only ingredient and you have it in your body daily in your water. Enjoy your flouride son

          • Yeah, elton – and you’ve obviously had your share of it along with sticking your head in the gutter of the manure pile.

            You sound like an effing SICKO!!! I can’t even get thru your posts because they make no sense you little worm. Sorry a Christian hurt your ittle bittle feewings when ‘ou was a babay. lol! Get lost! Oh wait! You already are!

      11. it won’t be long now, when many more people will start waking up and wondering how they missed all the excitement and wonder what in the hell they are gonna do to survive. they have been missing all the shtf moments because they have been too trusting of the government and its handouts, government and its lies, and the media with its halftruths and grandstanding. we are gonna be hearing whining from every corner big time.

      12. Look at it this way; QE 3 and 4 give you another 12 months to prepare. No STHF unless the two sides get all biligerent between now and August 2, and then SHTF……

      13. Mess with Social Security??? Not a really smart idea. Mess with the retirement checks for the military veterans??? Probably not a really good idea either.

        Those retiring today are all of an age where they very likely served during the Vietnam War. When you fight insurgents ….. you also learn how to fight like an insurgent.

        These are the kind of men who probably won’t go out with their dick in their hand and a whimper on their lips. They may well decide that they would much rather go out with a ‘bang’. The PTB and the elites may just be in for the biggest surprise of their lives. Just saying.

        We do live in the most interesting times that I can imagine.

        God Bless & good luck to you and your families.


      15. Elton:
        How dare you compare USA to Nazi Germany??
        Dont you know Nazi Germany was a great land of freedom, peace and good economy for everybody except the jews?
        Now how that compares to the USA thats a land of the free for the illegals only and thats going totally bankrupt??

      16. Think there are problems now? Let the USA fall apart politically and really loose stability and the entire world is in trouble. The US Military (the teeth in the globalist agenda) relies upon relatively stable civilian support.

        If the USA falls apart the US Military’s capabilities dramatically reduce due to domestic needs (to maintain government rule). If there was a time the globalists need that force to back up their plans it is now. If things are happening that threaten their capability to use force it is something outside of their plans.

        It is quite possible that “The best laid plans of mice and men” might not be going the way it was envisioned. Maybe things are now spinning beyond the control of “The Global Establishment”.

        I cannot believe that those truly in power would put a series of events in effect that in the end would neuter their physical muscle.

        You can depend on greed being greedy.

        The world might just be going crazy.

      17. Here is the email I came home to tonight

        Approved for Hire:

        Background came back ok, I am traveling today please call me tomorrow before noon to discuss.

        • I didn’t know that McDonald’s was hiring again?

        • That is GREAT BJ !!
          Good luck brother 🙂

          • thanks BlackSheep

            • Dude! How awesome is that! Looks like someone up there heard you at last. Well done! 🙂

      18. The New Washington Scam: Mark My Words!

        This Debt Ceiling Debate whereas now the main street media is scaring the sheeple that if “something” isn’t done America will default by August 2nd – no social security checks, no military pay, no benefits, no nothing for those who rely on the government, blah, blah, blah, you know the story.

        Here’s the scam: the sheeple will be so frighten of the outcome (remember fall of 2008) that they will agree and be more than happy with cuts to their own benefits for the greater good so America won’t default.

        The government plans on raising the debt ceiling… they just need your buy-in so that you will agree to the cuts that will be on your back… and not tax cuts on the rich corporations that fund the government.

        …And they WILL get your buy-in. They will make you so afraid of a default that you will take more pain inflicted upon you once again.

        History will show: Bank Bailouts in 2008 – Benefit cuts for the middle class and poor 2011 – More bank bailouts 2012 – Local State and Government Bailouts 2014… as America goes broke.

        Pinch your nose – this is going to hurt so bad that your toes are going to curl.

        • ++ 5

      19. Yep, is’t a culling of the herd on a grand scale! Yeah, that’s right! for you dumb asses out there still sleeping!!! If you are awake and preparing for it, you are excluded from {said} comment and should not be offended. It’s called WAR!!! “WE ARE AT WAR RIGHT NOW…THAT’S RIGHT, RIGHT NOW!” – class warfare, economic warfare, Social warfare etc;….

        Before you let your neighbor or friends fall back to eternal sleep ask them this.

        How much wealth and property have you lost in the last four to five years or more? How’s that IRA doing? or your 401k? Do you have property or properties for sale on the market? how long have you been trying to sale them…months maybe years. how much have you lost on them already??? What are you willing to do the keep what you have? How much of what’s going on in the world / or world governments do you understand?…What’s your money worth…less than you think! Most people in the world don’t even possess real money. Shit, they don’t even own their property either…or even understand what even true ownership entails.

        Bottom line is the Federal Government can and will seize any assets, or property you have any time they want for any reason they deem it necessary for their fucked up Socialist agenda. As well as shitcan your Constitutional freedoms in the process. The reason they are so bold and have accelerated this process is because they know the numbers and believe the the numbers are in their favor. What numbers you ask? The total number of sheeple in the WORLD that are totally dependent on the Government and technology to maintain current lifestyles.

        Don’t take my word for it. You will be living it sooner than you think. The Federal Government will… Where is the American people’s will??? It’s all in the Numbers!!!


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