Gerald Celente: World War III is On the Way (December 2009)

by | Dec 17, 2009 | Forecasting, Gerald Celente | 14 comments

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    Trend forecaster Gerald Celente joins the Jeff Rense show on December 10, 2009 for his monthly trend forecasts.

    Gerald Celente On Terrorism and War:

    Look for weapons of mass destruction – World War III is on the way if America continues going in the direction it is.

    Gerald Celente on being prepared:

    We write these trend alerts and trend forecasts so that people can prepare for the worst. If the worst doesn’t happen, great, you can always move back from that point. But if the worst happens and you’re not prepared, you go down with the ship.


    What we’re saying is that the worst case scenario might not happen, but there’s a probability that it might. And, if it does, be in place to take proactive measures.

    Gerald Celente on Goldman:

    This Lloyd Blankfein, the CEO of the Goldman Sachs gang, they talked about him doing God’s work. I mean if he’s doing God’s work, we’re all going to hell! Wasn’t this what the New Testament was about – the money changers? I mean here he is, folks. These are the people Christ threw out of the Temple.

    Gerald Celente and Jeff Rense (December 2009) [Part 1 of 4]

    Gerald Celente and Jeff Rense (December 2009) [Part 2 of 4]

    Gerald Celente and Jeff Rense (December 2009) [Part 3 of 4]

    Gerald Celente and Jeff Rense (December 2009) [Part 4 of 4]


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      1. That war is already going on in America.

      2. I always sleep better after listening to a Celente interview. Thanks, Gerald, for what will surely be another wonderful night’s sleep.

      3. Celente is one scary mo fo, but dead accurate in his forecasts!

      4. Comments…..The war is inevitable in the future,but when?
        We all are moving into that direction. Eco depression may trigger the event.

      5. I wonder if Celente is married… I wonder how his relationship with his wife would be…

      6. He isn’t the only one that thinks WWIII is coming.  See the Generational Dynamics Site.  Same prediction, different methodology.

      7. I came across your website by accident when surfing gerald celente . This is a great site – great information. Thanks. We will wake up. Gerald is spot on = non-compliance causes a disruption within the system.  Violence only percipitates more violence. get prepared for freedom,love,peace and happiness. You just have to think it!Comments…..

      8. have a holly jolly christmas, this holiday is really worthless!   grinch

      9. Love him or hate him , Gerald celente RARELY gets it wrong , The message might be disturbing but you had better pay attention to it.  If you have not begun to set aside essencials for survival , time is just about up .  GET GOING !!

      10. Shogun, I checked out Generational Dynamics and have it bookmarked. Interesting stuff! thanks for the link.

        Garret, thanks for the nice comments. We just try to keep the info flowing for those who care 🙂

        airborne: You are right on. The message IS disturbing, and some choose to cover their eyes, and that is just fine. But as we like to says…. When the shit hits the fan, don’t say we didn’t warn you. There are always late adopters — in this case, those people may end up losing everything because they were to scared to open their eyes. So be it.

        Grinch — It’s a matter of perception, I suppose. I hate having to consume and buy presents…. But I do quite enjoy all of the family get togethers and Christmas music… Christmas gives us a reason to celebrate each other (though we should be able to do that without being told by the TV).

        As a side note: Our cockatail has almost learned to whistle jingle bells — it’s very amusing!

      11. On somewhat of a tangent, I found this on that Generational Dynamics site:

        THAT is pretty amazing.

      12. Mac,
        You are welcome.
        Have you checked out John Robb’s Global Guerrillas site and the Fabius Maximus Site?  There is a lot of interesting material and good thinking on both sites and are worth looking at.

      13. Celente has not only got balls, he has accuracy. Eagerly looking forward to the next Trends forecast…

      14. I know he meant 300,000 when he said there are about 300 Pakistanis in the US, but actually, the number is well over 500,000.  And unlike the of Iraqis (about 90,000) or Iranians (1.3 million) who are mainly americanized, most of the Pakistanis are over here for economic reasons, not political, and are more nationalistic.  Most in my experience are very peaceful and decent and polite people, but strong notions of revenge seem to be part of the culture.

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