Gerald Celente Says This Is Among His Most Important Trends Ever

by | Apr 19, 2010 | Forecasting, Gerald Celente | 70 comments

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    The world’s top trend forecaster, Gerald Celente, who has been publishing the Trends Journal since 1991, says his Spring 2010 report is one of the most important Trends he’s ever published:

    “Of all the Trends Journals® I have published since 1991, this issue stands apart. Were I to rank it, I would say it is among the most important. The United States is on a path that, if not diverted, will lead the world into the first “Great War” of the 21st century.

    This is not fear-mongering, “pessimism porn,” or hyperbole. Though the historical and external circumstances are so different that similarities are not easily discerned, the policies currently being pursued by the “great powers” are very much the same as those followed by other doomed Empires past.

    Mired in debt and sinking deeper, America’s reckless domestic spending and engagement in expensive, drawn-out, unwinnable wars is characteristic of other empires in their waning days. In the past, the last-ditch attempt to preserve power was to wage more war.”

    Mr. Celente describes the various hot spots and flashpoints around the globe, mostly focused on the middle east, including Pakistan, Afghanistan, Israel, Palestine, Iraq, and of course, Iran.

    As Celente points out, it has not been out of the question for governments, including the US government, to take our nation to war based on fabrications such as the Gulf of Tonkin, which ignited the Vietnam war and cost the lives of 58,000 American soldiers and left hundreds of thousands wounded. Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq was another pretext to war, pushed heavily by the Bush administration, with the mission quickly changing to “making the world a better place” once it was learned that no WMD existed.

    The world would certainly be a much better place if a lot of dictators and regimes were overthrown, but you don’t see our military in Africa (or any real UN support), where millions are being ethnically cleansed. The reason, suggests Celente, is that, as President Eisenhower warned, war is a big business that enriches the few at the expense of the many. Celente backs up his claim with the words of Major General Smedley Butler, the most decorated Marine ever to serve at the time of his death in 1940, who said:

    “It [war] is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives. A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people. Only a small ‘inside’ group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes.”

    There is much more going on when wars are waged than just bringing freedom and democracy to the countries which we invade, and it comes at the expense of the lives of our fathers, mothers, daughters, and sons.

    Self interest, with no regard for the lives of others, drives those like the bankers funding the wars, the corporate interests profiting from the natural resources that are conquered, and the politicians who use war as a way to scare the population into keeping themselves in power.

    It’s not just Gerald Celente who believes that governments have no scruples when it comes to war and empire building, but economic adviser Marc Faber, as well. Both of these men have accurately forecast trends over the last three decades, and both warn of impending wars as politicians at home attempt to deflect blame for the economic distress being caused by their policies. This financial bust, according to Faber, will not end well:

    “I think eventually there will be a big bust and then the whole credit expansion will come to an end.

    Before that happens, governments will continue printing money which in time will lead to a very high inflation rate, and the economy will not respond to  stimulus. The average family will be hurt by that, and then in order to distract the attention of the people, the governments will go to war.

    People ask me against whom? Well, they will invent an enemy.”

    When Americans are protesting en masse in the streets because of lost jobs, lowered wages, foreclosed homes, higher taxes, broke pension funds, a worthless dollar and restrictions on their freedom, they will be blaming the politicians who got us into this mess. Mass protests of this nature can lead to riots, which can very quickly lead to violence in the streets.

    Out of fear and self preservation, politicians will respond the only way they know how: blame someone else. In this case, it will be not be finger pointing at each other, but rather, they will collectively point their fingers at other nations, and those nations’ leaders will subsequently point their finger at us.

    There are many scenarios that can play out in the future, including hyperinflationary meltdown of our currency, a slide into a severe deflationary depression, or a peak oil driven economic collapse, but the long-term trend, the end result of any of these dire scenarios, is one that has been proven time and again throughout history: war.


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      1. Gerald is the only one of the many forecasters that really tells the truth like it is. War is the most terrible event to happen to a nation and I’m afraid it will be upon us again because I see nothing able to stop the momentum It’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion. It will be everyman for himself. Follow the four “g”s: God, guns, groceries and gold.

      2. Unfortunately it’s likely too late to avoid an American collapse, and perhaps worse.  Probably there are drastic actions that could be taken to avert collapse, but politicians – from either side of the aisle – will not take them. At this point, all we can do is brace for it.

      3. Value-added tax
        The lawmaker denied Republican charges that Democrats were working behind the scenes to propose a national sales tax, or value-added tax, to bring in more revenue to the government.
        Levin said he’s against a VAT tax, and that it hasn’t been seriously discussed and was a “goner.”
        The Senate passed a nonbinding measure last week against a VAT tax. Levin said Senate Republicans might not have been aware that a VAT tax is a key agenda item for some House Republicans.

      4. Actually, it was the Gulf of Tonkin. If you are going to mention it, you should know how to spell it.

      5. War might clean out the system, finally.

      6. Uhhh Henry….where is it misspelled exactly?  This is cut and paste from the article… “Gulf of Tonkin”  Hmmmm….what an insightful and useful contribution you have made.

      7. Jesus is coming back soon.

      8. You can bet Obama and his progressive stooges in D.C. are contemplating war options once the United States economy implodes.   This war option to be preceded or followed by a false flag attack on the United States.   Obama’s ratings are tanking and he’ll try to whip up the patriotic fervor in his favor.  Nice try Barry, but your a fraud and a liar and more Americans than ever don’t trust you.     

      9. If you are right with God… none of this is a surprise or even a worry.  When He comes… my family will welcome him.  If he sends me, I will fight and die for him.  Have no doubt…you will be given the same crossroad to choose.  God rocks.

      10. Looks like Greg, Paul, and Tony are enlisting in the Hutarees!  Good job guys!  Show your faith in God the Almighty by acting like an idiot in a militia.  Make sure you’ve got plenty of rifles on hand for when Jesus shows up……………

      11. TCA – 925 -402

      12. Whos joining a militia? I’m preparing with food storage! Just like Joseph did in the Bible when he stored 7 years of food and saved a nation! My faith is in Jesus Christ period.

      13. I don’t think the elites can pull off another external war to save their butts.  I think the next major American war will be fought on our own soil, between those living here.   It will likely have several dimensions: race, ideology, city vs. country, language. 

        Think about how Yugoslavia came apart, or the USSR.  When the American empire falters there are plenty of factions here that will do their utmost to pull it apart.  Several will have foreign helpers in the effort.    

      14. Well folks, there will be a major world war/calamity. Here is how it will unfold- contrary to expecing the Middle East to be the trigger I fully expect with 100% confidence it will be Europe. As the PIGS fail and EURO collapses a Franco-German coalition will be formed to maintain a European paramilitary to keep the peace. Russia may similarly be forced to roll into East Europe. US will be in its own civil war. Most people will not recognize it but it is the start of a real WW3. It won’t be called such. A really hot war is difficult due to nuclear war. So we will experience a creeping slow civil war type behaviour expanding globally. In fact things could get so bad that China may forcibly wreck the dollar to drive US into civil war and then have Iran takeover Iraq etc. The endgame could be a nuclear war between all the parties. It will be a war and it will start in europe.

      15. @ Parth Vasa:

        I was puzzled by the scenario you described. Could you point to some source of evidence, or to what is happening to lead the world to that direction, please?


      16. All these distractions are working as planned, with a few hitches like Ukraine.  The best analogy I know is the 1998 Spielberg movie  Deep Impact, which accurately depicted the actions of those in the know about what’s really headed our way.  The actions taken to remove this movie from circulation, including the production of an even bigger attention-getter (Armageddon) reveal the behind-the-scenes fears about disclosure.  I take my clues from all over, including ancient literatures which have predicted a surprising amount of events in progress now.  I honor those scriptures but I don’t hide in denial behind religion. I’m sure I’ll be called some names here, but some of you have a good idea of what’s really about to happen. 

      17. most of the big previous wars have started in Europe. just sayin…

      18. to henry…you spelled the Gulf of Tonkin exactly the way it is spelled in the article…i checked 3 times. 

      19. besides that stupid fuc*king idiot HENRY you dumb assss…. don’t need your comments you idiot.   article is right on…….  

      20. Comments…..I too get my clues from the scriptures where all that is happening and even worse is foretold to us,but as usual highly rebellious and arrogant MAN,THINK they have it all under control.A wise man heeds warning a fool ignores it.LIKE it or not Jesus is COMING and he wont be late like man.It’s a shame many care more about what they have then what they can posses! THE DAY OF RECKONING is near don’t play with your ETERNITY.JESUS is the WAY,the TRUETH,and the LIFE!

        The U.S. will not collapse and there will not be another war.  We are to broke for that.  People do not give the stooges in D.C. enough credit.  They are not as stupid as we think they are, just crooked.  They can keep this dog and pony show going for quite some time since they have been at it for about 100 years now, they have a lot of experience at keeping the proletariat at bay since they, i.e. the proletariat, are so stupid.

      22. They are not that smart either. Expect the unexpected. 524 402 925 TCA.

      23. war is the ultimate highly profitable bodyguard of lies.

        only an imbicile could fail to see the ongoing preparation-propaganda tsunami directed at us.

        for ongoing clues analyze glenn beck’s tirades -he is a front for the megawealthy plutocrats who run us all…  

      24. That’s absolutely correct. The wars will never end with these 2 parties in co-huts.

      25. Mr. Celente is CLUELESS! There is NO “American Government” making important decisions – there is only the Zionist (Global) “Government”, making important decisions on behalf of the ALIEN RACE!

      26. He spelled it correctly Henry…learn to read !!!

      27. Market timer predict the beginning of World War III is likely to begin second half of November 2010. They have made eerily accurate market predictions.

      28. What gerald omits or misses is that we may very well be fighting a major war early here int he 21st century but, we will also be fighting a civil war much like Russia did in the early 20th century. It will be the Patriots, the Constitutionalists, Libertarians against the Government, The Marxists and the Military/Industrial complex.

      29. and I was thinking I was nuts . . .Jesus huh . . . wow . . . I think the Sun (son) will save us . . .  (after the calamity, we grow things)  🙂

      30. Comments…..If only the very few can get rid of their greed! Unfortunately for many, the greedy gets greedier. If only the millionaires, billionaires & trillionaires of  USA can come together and bail out their own country, many will be happy. But their greed tells them to point fingers at other scapegoats, when they are the ones profiting from the system of things. They fund the media to point to these scapegoats and the US turned instantly into a lynch mob. They cowered with their hoards in some corner waiting for the calm then re-emerge to continue to with their greedy practices. If they want such opportunities they should fight for it. They should be at the front, not someone else’s son or daughter.

      31. There ain’t no INVISIBLE-MAN-IN-THE-SKY.  We are here alone.  If the govt wants you to go somewhere and fight a war, JUST SAY NO.  If somebody attacks the you at home, defend yourselves.

      32. Comments:  Surely the next war has already started? It seems to me that we are in the “pouring Gasoline on the fire” stage right now, ten years into the “War of terror”, no resolution in sight, indeed no resolution imaginable, with the passage of time we become more weary of the whole thing, which was never really understood by most and looked like an attempt to recolonize the world to many. Not many can see the connecting thread but this conflict began in 1991 with the first gulf war at that time, the leader of Iraq, a prescient man, said it was the Mother of battle, the opening salvo in the war between the rich and the poor, the believers and the nonbelievers, he also said who he thought would “Win”, I think no one will win this time, I dare to say; our goal should not be winning but simply not losing, if anyone loses this time, we will all lose, lose everything. Who is supplying the Taliban? Who in that neighbourhood wants American soldiers on their doorstep?

      33. Comments….when this hypothetical war does come, it will most likely be inspired as a democratic war driven by necessity of the greatest good for the greatest number.

      34. If you are powerful you can make war without punishment. G.W.Bush did it and Obama will follow.Comments…..

      35. Why are Americans so hysterical?

        I know why the media is: the want to get attention because that means $. But the world views and philosophy of many everyday people on the internet are bizarre and extreme. 

      36. Comments…..The war, which has already started, is between the liberal,  Christian west, and the expansionist forces of  Islam.  The moslems use worldwide terror (9-11 is just one example), but more importantly, they use the humanitarian/liberal policies of the west, against the west!  Europe is on the way to becoming Moslem!    France is leading the “race”, and will be the first Islamic European state – and will cease to be a democracy…   just like every other Islamic country.   The rest of Europe is not far behind.   In Milano, Italy, for example, the most common name fro newborn babies in mohammed!
        The average number of children for a European Christian family is 1.5 children.  If every 2  Europeans produce only 1.5 children, they will become extinct over time.
        The average number of children for a European Moslem family is 7  children. Add to that the massive immigration from north Africa (again, under liberal European policies), and you get the picture.
        The Islamisation of Europe is a forgone conclusion.

      37. Comments…..Not hysterical at all, simply taking the blinders off.
        God, Guns and Gold, the only way to be…..

      38. Unbelievable. Most of you really don’t get it and I don’t say this out of arrogance. But who created the wealthy, placed the politicians in power and made it possible for them do their own bidding  instead of ours? WE HAVE! America is on this path, because of us – A nation DEVIDED!

        We behave like idiots with this so-called left and right politics bullshit! Stupidity at its finest. People are still upset about the health care bill. Its not “Robin-Hood” politics. Affordable health care is great for the nation. A healthy nation is strong nation! Can a nation defend its borders with the sick and overweight? If so, how long? Doesn’t anyone understand that? Can we win a conventional war against, China, who we the American people with our “buy it cheaper” attitude, has made strong?

        History has shown time and time again that division between people and the “every man for himself” attitude have created profitable opportunities for the unscrupulous.

        Like we made possible decades back for Japan,  China and India have become the new economical power-houses on the world scene. China has purchased so much of our debt, that they practically own us. White collar jobs that once were guaranteed to American college graduates are now being outsourced to India. Who has made this possible? We, the American people! We are responsible for the job losses and financial crisis our country faces.

        So, what in the hell are the politicians suppose  to do? If we don’t care, why should they? The most important vote you cast is not at the ballot box, but at the store and that’s with your dollar.

        You can keep bitching and blaming or you can start supporting our country and get as many people you know possible to do the same. Think about what is good for our country as a whole. Stop allowing loud mouth pundits, who do what they do for profit, to pull us apart.

        We sit in a canoe in the middle of the greatest and most hostile ocean  you can ever imagine. If we continue fighting against each other, we will sink and that, ironically, TOGETHER! TOGETHER!!!!!


      40. Religion is the cause of most wars and will probably be the downfall of mankind.  Take off your blinders folks – your religion, whatever that may be, is NOT doing you or your fellow man any good.

      41. Comments…..actually, sir, the tribulation of mankind will be brought on by his LACK of religion. It is because they ‘worshipped devils’ that God will bring hell on earth. But the world is not yet set up for these 7 years of God’s wrath. Probably no one now living will see it, but your children or grandchildren might.

        1. Babylonian Empire
        2. Medo-Persian Empire
        3. Helenistic Empire
        a. united stage
        b. four-division stage
        4. Fourth Gentile Empire (‘the Beast’ of Daniel)
        a. united stage– the Roman Empire
        b. the two division-stage–east/west balance of power (350 AD- present)
        c.One-world government stage
        d. Ten kingdom stage
        e. AntiChrist stage (Absolute Imperialism)

        5. The Messianic Kingdom (1000 yrs)

        The scriptures said 2000 yrs prior how and when Messiah, Jesus, would come the first time and it will be right the second.

        There will be at least one world war prior to AntiChrist’s coming to power. The first horseman of the Apocalypse, a white horse, symbolizes AntiChrist’s conquering the entire world (and being killed and resurrected in this war). 1/4 of the world’s population will be killed in this war and it gets worse, much worse.

        AntiChrist will be welcomed by new agers. And just prior to this tribulation of 7 yrs there is a period of false peace and security (seemingly the age of Aquarius?)

        Jesus Christ or Yeshua, Messiah IS God, the second person of the Trinity. Believe in Him.

      42. Comments…..Wow! some interesting comments on this thread. A couple of them are fairly even handed and intelligent amongst all the hand wringing and ‘the end is neigh’ proselytising.

      43. Comments…..You are to blame and you are the problem. you fallow the democrat or republican partie,as  a bunch of pigs going to the trough for a feast, or a free handout.  If  you would register on as an independent voter the crooked polititions would’nt be able to count your vote before the elections have begun.  We’ve waisted billions of dallars on education and look what we have.  A bunch of dorky people that can’t even use their own minds to solve our countrys problems.  Things will more than likely get much worse.  Use the brain we’ve wasted so much mony on.  register as an independent voter or with the independent  party  established in some states.  you can have an important vote in the next elections.  Or you can just go eat crap.  WE also need election reform as, independent voters ar not allowed to vote  in the primary elections in some states.  Thats discrimination as I see it.  Do something for your self and your country.  Register as an independent.  Not as your father and mother did.  Think real hard now.  as your future livlyhood depend on it.  or you can always go eat Crap.  Have more to say but will end.  Thankyou for reading this.  Best wishes to you and yours. bye!

      44. Comments…..Don’t worry about God, folks. He aint there and he aint coming or going anywhere. Learn to be philosophical about life, and accept that if you’re reading or writing on the net, you’ve already had a far better quality of life than at least 99% of all prior humans. And when it’s over, it’s over. There’s no judgment, so enjoy it while you can. You can still construct a sound system of ethics without inventing imaginary ‘sky cameras’, and treat your fellow humans the way you’d like to be treated.  When you run into those folks who are too ruthless and stupid to accord you the same respect (eg politicians), if you can figure a way to eliminate them without getting caught, you’ll be doing the right thing: they only want to bleed you dry and suck the life out of you and yours. But even then, your primary responsibility is to yourself. Many times those closest won’t listen to your warnings, so they’ll have to learn for themselves how to make something enjoyable of life. Don’t worry, and don’t spend your time shitting your pants about stuff you can’t control.

      45. Larry, smuck , There is no healthcare only health insurance.When the physicians bailout do to poor trearment by the govt.;poor pay etc. you will have to go to saint obama for you lollypop.

      46. Comments…..Yes after 66 plus years of bad policies there will be
        World War 3 and none can stop it! This world is on a collision course and none can change it! The die has been cast and our collective fate has been sealed. The great cause is human nature the lower base parts of it and mankind cannot universally change this! Basically it is a much needed change of the spirit if
        we are to save the flesh but with all of the competing human ideas this unification and universal acceptance of the best ideas
        and standards will never be accepted so War is Inevitable!!!

      47. Lots of ideas going on here!   I don’t know what to think of all of this, but I don’t plan on taking the mark of the beast!  I plan on making my own mark!  I ant asking nobody for nothing if I can’t get it on my own!

      48. moderation this!  F U

      49. Wow….it’s not the politician’s that scare me, it’s all you religious freaks

      50. Comments….. Your absoutly right about a war coming. The bible is very clear that a war is coming that will kill 1/3 of mankind. Revelation 9:13-20, The heads of the horses were as the heads of lions, America came out of the lion “Great Britian”. Daniel 12:6&7, The power of the holy people is crushed. America is the POWER of the holy people “christians”. revelation 14:6-13 and vs 8 Babylon is fallen, in this chapter America is Babylon. And of cource there is more. Thanks for the oppertunity to comment

      51. If I where you I would get with all of Gods people that you are calling Religious freaks Mr Worldpeace so you can go with Jesus  to heaven when he comes for us Religious Freaks, because you just might have to stay here in this world with all the Satan freaks!

        Its you choice so have fun my friend!

      52. Its interesting that most propheses are about terrible things to come and generally ,they do come if you wait long enough . Exceptonally good times also come, if you wait long enough. In general the life of the average western citizen Life has imporved more and more over time
        With the globel economy the rich will lose some of there wealth and the poor will increase there wealth until the world will be more equal.
        As far as the religious comments are concerned most are made out of total ignorance. If they wish to have a more balanced veiw[most do not want to know more information they know it all already] I recomand the following books as a startall are written by professors.Herman Samuel Reimarus–The goal of Jesus and his Disciples;Margaret Horsefield–Beyond Bethlehem; Emile Durkheim–The Elementary forms of religious life;  Sigmund Freud- The future of an illussion; Mortimwe J Adler–How to think about God; And various books by Bart D Ehrman.

      53. Wow! Everyone is partially right and partially wrong. That is the problem. Nobody can be totally right so everyone is wrong in the others eyes; and with that division the “Socialista Media” has divided and led the conquering charge for the “One World Government”. While we all critique each other they celebrate victory. They spray us with virus and disease everyday in this nation and others. They have built the ovens in the camps for the “Refusers of the Mark” and the “Useless Eaters”. I have seen them. They have railcar tracks running in them. They aren’t hooked to spurs yet, they lie five miles out in most cases. As my railroad insider says, “when you see the spurs run into the camps, get on your knees and pray, the end is near.” Oh the Media will paint the victims as traitors, revolutionists, TERRORISTS, criminals of every ilk and justify the elimination of these “Haters of mankind not able to co-exist with the good people of earth (read the compliant slave population).” Lest you think I’m crazy, study early thirties Germany. It will be the handbook for the slaughter. Watch some more ball games, drink some more beers in front of the tube, distracted like lemmings with shinny objects and your pelt will be on the pile just like them. Stupid people. “Grow some balls, get in the street or die.” I rather be shot with a gun in my hand than herded into an oven like a pig. America is being slaughtered and you are watching TV. “Infra-guard”: Soviet block captains with internet reporting ability. Yes they are here and reporting now. F-em. Let me find out who you are you traitor slime.

      54. It is astonishing how pure conjecture without any factual support – argument by analogy does not constitue proof – can be accepted by so many as “truth”, unalterable, and even revelatory. Not a single commenter asks for factual support for the argument,and  few seek ways to alter the purported future, save for those advocating wiser use of the ballot box.
        What is even worse is that all ignore the wisdom of Orson Welles. It’ll be much worse when the Martians take over! Until then, skoal, l’chaim, and nazdrovia.

      55. The “Martians” (ALIEN RACE) have already taken over! They took over hundreds of years ago and have just been biding their time and CULTivating the human crop on plantation Earth. THEY! are getting ready for a BIG harvest!

        Some things (and truths) are SELF-EVIDENT (requiring no further proof). SEE! my Blog for more.

      56. All very interesting comments, If you follow/study/research  bible prophecies,you will  see that we are coming to the end of an age,not the end of the world. The USA is faltering because we have turned our back on God, our Goverment is turning against Israel and we will be punished. Take the time to check out Hal Lindsay at and Jack Van Impe at for a Biblically based explanation.
        Understand what is coming,and be at peace. Even if you do not believe in God or the Bible,take a moment out out of your busy life and see what will unfold in front of your eyes in the future,and understand. If you have any constructive questions,I am here to talk.

      57. Jeff:

        I SEE! (no signs of our government turning against the Satanic State of Zionist Israel). SEE! Texe Marrs’ “The Synagogue of Satan” (Revelation 2:9) Hal Lindsey is a DECEIVER – like Hagee, Warren, Osteen, Hinn, Copeland and the rest of CUI which support the Satanic State of Israel, etc. Zionist Israel is about to receive their “just desserts” (Ezekiel 22:20)

        Stop spreading Zionist propaganda and fear-mongering for the wrong reasons! Zionists, like Talmudic Jews, HATE Jesus the Christ and always have – since THEY sent Him to the Cross! Now THEY will suffer the consequence of the curse THEY called upon themselves and their descendants.

        MAZEL TOV!

      58. GodSend
        I suppose THEY, the Romans, really were Jews in disguise. On the other hand, perhaps your insights will require historians to revise all their books and manuscripts. Mazel tov on that one!!

      59. Comments…..So many ideas people have about the future. The thing is that if we knew the future then it wouldn’t be the future. Nobody knows the future because it hasn’t happened yet. Prophecies are merely guesses and usually consist of vague statements that are later interpreted to fit whatever happens. People love to believe crazy stuff. It doesn’t matter to them whether it is true or not.

      60. @ shunal,
        I suppose THEY, the Romans, really were Jews in disguise. On the other hand, perhaps your insights will require historians to revise all their books and manuscripts. Mazel tov on that one!!

        that kind of answer is  precisely why you idiotic evil zionists aren’t respected by the world. you creatures lack any substantial intelligent argument for your evil hatred of Christ, his true followers and for all people of good will. we all know israel is a demonic state populated mostly by psychotic fake "semites" (ashkenzi, european trash) and these bastards stole palestine from the palestinians, the true semites, and whose genetic makeup is similar to jesus. no matter how you tell the whole world that god gave you this land, the world is not stupid enough to believe your delusional and laughable crap. your kind of lies are failing and will never ever work again because the world now knows you are the true and the greatest terrorists and murderers in the world. hal lindsey and those other fucking scofield thumping heretics are racists and demonically "enlightened."

      61. It’s scary how many stupid comments there are here and how many more really dumb, mean people there no doubt is out there.

      62. I do believe that there is WWIII coming and I firmly believe the new Axis powers are China, North Korea, Russia and Iran. Who will be our allies with the idiot obama in the arab (white) house who would want to be one of our allies.

      63. Comments….. Longtooth, the anti Christ is not a global leader, nor is he the ruler ovr the roman empire. In addition, the Beast does not rule over the whole world. You have failed to take into account Rosh, (Russia) the King of the North, the ing of the South the Kings of the sun rising you idiot. In addition  when Christ takes to himelf his great power and reigns, the stone cut out without hands crushes all four of the former Empires. It does not say the Beast alone but the Babylonian, Persian and Grecian all go down to the end.


        War…war never changes.

      65. Its all Bush’s fault  (according to Osbama) 

      66. Comments…..Ladies & Gentlemen,  it is very easy to predict the future, the difficult of course, is being right.  

      67. Wow. Just wow.  Some crazy stuff going on in these comments, but predictable. Some of you folks scare the shit out of me.  Stay out of my perimeter if it ever gets that bad. I’m glad to see some level heads among the rest though. The literalists are having a field day with all this. It always gives me hope to see the love of Christ expressed so eloquently and with such fervor.  Make sure to give some credit to King Henry VIII for letting the rubes get their own Bibles.

      68. we would like to display your articles directly from our news letter webpage(s). Is your feed available for such ?

        We looked at feedburner but it appears to be for news reader aggregators !

        Thank you,
        Peter M.

      69. The world is going to end as we know it. Arnold S. will turn into the Terminator and save the world.

      70. Larry understands — Larry knows he knows —— he provides wisdom —- we must admit to our culpability—
        then we can affect our situation.

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