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Gerald Celente: ‘Governments will take whatever measures necessary to retain control when in danger of losing it’

Mac Slavo
October 12th, 2009
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Well known forecaster and founder of the Trends Research Institute Gerald Celente discusses 2012 trends in his most recent Trends Journal issue (Fall 2009). One of Mr. Celente’s most alarming trend forecasts is the invasion of government powers in the everyday lives’ of citizens:

Trend Trackers beware! Regardless of country, governments will take whatever measures necessary to retain control when in danger of losing it.

Yet majorities, in times of crisis, tamely follow their leaders, believing that the actions taken are in the common interest.

Trendpost: Realists understood the game, knew how it was played, and were  anticipating draconian measures. Seizing or freezing assets, bank holidays, confiscating gold (as the US did in 1933), restricting Internet freedom, closing borders both in and out, summary arrests without cause … all were possible. Those on-trend were thinking ahead and preparing for the worst. If the worst didn’t happen, nothing was lost. If the worst happened, those who did nothing
risked losing everything.

Be assured that when the government’s back is to the wall, they will take whatever measures are necessary in order to stay in power. This means more restrictive laws, more taxes, more control. Prepping, which is also a new and emerging mega-trend through at least 2012, will take the form of not just food, water and ammo storage, but micro-farming, wealth preservation and bug-out planning. For those concerned about a worst-case systemic meltdown of the economic, social and political framework in your home country, think of prepping as your personal golden parachute.

In the coming days and weeks we’ll be providing additional follow-ups to this post including prepping topics like safe haven planning, micro-farming, food and water storage, home defense and more. If you were never in the Boy Scouts, perhaps it’s time you consider their motto, and be prepared!

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    Author: Mac Slavo
    Date: October 12th, 2009

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    1. Here is a video I though might be helpful in illustrating this situation:

    2. dmdmdm says:

      good info keep it coming

    3. Bob-Bob_Bob says:

      The US Gov’t does not have to consifcate gold !!  ALL it has to do is :  OUTLAW ITS USE AS LEGAL TENDER !!!!   No buying , No debt payments , No selling gold to anyone . Problem solved . Then give nthe sheeple 45 days to sell it back to the banks  for dollars and VIOLA!!  No more gold !! EVERY finance minister across the globe would slap his forhead and scream “Why didn’t I think of that” !!! and do the same thing . So no gold AT ALL !

    4. Mac Slavo says:

      Definitely a plausible and more practical scenario than confiscation.

      Outright confiscation may be a little more difficult to achieve now then back in the 1930’s. But, if they don’t confiscate, the big holders of gold may run for the hills or sail away to the Caribbean, taking their gold with them. Government wants the wealth, and if they have to pass a law so that ONE person doesn’t get away with it, they will!

    5. Having gold in a crisis is like having money (thats worth something) in a crisis. It only helps you if someone is willing to sell you something. Its good for wealth preserveration when things straighten out, however, during the crisis itself the only thing that can really save you is Food, Fuel and Ammo. FFA (add to that skill and a sane way to cope with reality…)

    6. Mac Slavo says:

      Do disagreement here.. a true crisis.. we’re talking complete breakdown… FFA is the way to go…

      Seeds, like that one commercial on Right Wing Talk Radio says, ‘will be worth more than gold.’

      Are we going Road Warrior? I can’t say for sure, but having some non-traditional currencies can’t hurt.