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Celente on the Mainstream: They’re Selling Confidence, Hope – Not Reality

Mac Slavo
July 6th, 2009
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Gerald Celente on Fox July 5, 2009 discusses Obamageddon, too-big-to-fails, future trends and media spin.

They’re selling optimism opium – confidence, hope. They’re not selling reality. There’s the media world, the political world and the real world. Take a look at what’s going on in the real world.

Watch Gerald Celente on Fox:


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    Author: Mac Slavo
    Date: July 6th, 2009

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    1. Hi Mac,
      I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your site. I check in every day. You have all my favorite people in one place. Keep up the excellent work!

    2. OK, I understand that Celente has made some pretty solid, and important, predictions in the past.

      So, he is definitely a guy that I am inclined to listen to…but one thing bothers me about this stuff he as been saying:

      He basically just keeps repeatedly saying we are about to enter a SHTF scenario.  That is, there is this “bailout bubble” that is going to burst, there will be food riots, the Obama administration is making things worse (but they are not the cause per se), etc…

      However, he never really explains WHY he is making this prediction (at least in what I’ve seen of him) or gets into any sort of detail what sort of chain of events is going to lead to this “Mad Max” cataclysm.

      Yes, he has suggested that you can’t just keep printing money out of this air, apparently suggesting some sort of hyperinflation or something, but that’s it.

      Does anyone (Mac?) have any detail on his exact reasoning?

      Don’t get me wrong – my gut is telling me something is still very, very wrong…but I wish Celente would explain himself a bit more.


    3. Mac Slavo says:

      hi rick,

      Insofar as statistical information and methodology that Gerald Celente uses to come to these conclusions, I cannot provide any specifics, as Celente does not publish this information.

      However, one can take each of his forecasts and probably reverse engineer his conclusions to get somewhat of an idea of where they came from.

      Bailout bubble bursting — I am guessing Celente is looking specifically at the Trillions of dollars in spending which the government has committed to. At some point, that money is going to need to get paid back. problem is, we don’t have it, so the only way for this to happen is increased money printing (or default, which seems unlikely to me). The money printing itself will lead, in Celente’s analysis, to an inflationary environment.

      couple that with unemployment, and you end up with people who have no money for food, hence food riots, etc.

      anyway, this is just one way that i try to backtrack his forecasts to determine their validity. just my opinion.