Gerald Celente Flashback: 2004: The Great Recession Will Maintain Its Grip for a Generation

by | Oct 11, 2009 | Forecasting, Gerald Celente | 4 comments

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    For those new to the forecasting expertise of Gerald Celente, we bring you a flashback from a 2004 Trends Journal forecast:

    The “Great Recession” as it will become known by 2007, will maintain its grip for at least a generation. Consumer bankruptcy filings, running at about 1.55 million in 2003, will more than double, home foreclosures will skyrocket, businesses of all sizes will collapse and government debt will soar as the income stream from tax sources shrink.

    Trends Journal 2004

    Mr. Celente may have been off by 6 – 12 months, as most people did not realize we were in a recession in 2007 because of a heck of a job by the media to keep it under wraps, but the forecast was pretty spot-on. Even throughout 2005, 2006 and early 2006, with the the bubble-boom in full swing, Gerald Celente’s Trends Research Institute stuck with their forecast. The following excerpt, from the Autumn 2009 Trends Journal (Released October 10, 2009) gives us some insight as to why:

    When the accumulated data force a conclusion that runs counter to popular opinion and perceived wisdom, its essential to stick to your guns.

    A case in point: back in 2009, popular opinion and the perceived wisdom was that recovery was on the way. But the accumulated data indicated a cover up, not a recovery. The collapsing economy was being propped up by giant pillars made of paper money, printed out of thin air and backed by nothing. But just as before, a majority, egged on by the media and the government, dismissed the hard facts because the big lie was more comfortable.

    The data is clear – and it is REAL. The US (and nations around the world) are printing money with reckless abandon. We are  bailing out insolvent institutions that should have failed long ago. The credit engine in the United States of America has siezed up. Millions are losing their jobs. Homes are being foreclosed on in record numbers, with one foreclosure filing, on average, happening every 13 seconds. Consumer spending is dropping like a rock.

    Popular opinion would have you believe the world is recovering. Contrary opinion, supported by facts, suggests we are not coming out of a recession, but rather, diving further into the Greatest Depression.

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      1. This guy is simply amazing. I can see the argument for his timing being off by a little bit, but the overall trend forecast is very accurate. It is a little scary to think that Celente is right about what is coming in the next decade.

      2. Its pretty plain to see but the US Govt and the media are trying to hide it to protect both their profits and their power structure. If we can throw the bums out and get new, honest blood in Washington. In effect, we need to start over. What we need here in the USA is not an “overthrow”, we need a “re-throw”. Essentially we’ve had a coup and that coup has slowly  been perpetrated over the last 100 years robbing us of our freedom and illegitimately robbing us of our God give rights. We will have them back. Now that they’ve brought their whole house of cards down it is time for all patriots to step it. We will have our country back and we will trample anyone in our way. Just like we did the first time, we will do a second.

      3. If you recall ….
        It was Bill Clinton who first introduced the Patriot Act and appointed a “domestic military czar”. Clinton and his furturists recognized the decline of the American empire.
        Presidential Decision Directive 62, Protection Against Unconventional Threats to the Homeland and Overseas, dated May 1998, and Presidential Decision Directive 39.

        I’d say every futurist within the American government saw this financial collapse coming in 1980 when Ronnie Ray-Gun signed NAFTA and which allowed the U.S. unfettered access to financial systems and banking sector on the continent.

        They polluted every bank vault in the universe with worthless derivatives.

        The Patriot Act was the final duck in place.


      4. It is all too easy to predict doom and gloom. For certain, there will be negative occurrences in 2012. When they happen, should we attribute them to Mr. Celente?

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