Sing It: Mr. Scam Man – Where Is Your Dream? I Thought My Life Would Be All Peaches and Cream.

by | Sep 8, 2012 | Entertainment | 129 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Musician Dan Roberts sings a parody of the oldies hit Mr. Sand Man:

    Mr. Scam Man, where is your dream?
    I thought my life would be all peaches and cream.
    Now I don’t have a job and I’m out of money,
    And moving forward doesn’t look too sunny.

    Scam Man, I’m so alone,
    Don’t have a mortgage to call my own.
    So much for the roses and clover,
    I’m using food stamps to feed ole Rover

    Lyrics via Godfather Politics

    Hat tip Crossfire Ammunition


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      1. Hmmmmmm, “FORWARD”………

        I don’t think so.

        • You can always move backwards if you choose, but time will not follow you.

          The key is to move forward, yet in a different direction than the “scam man” wants to go. If anything, it appears hObamy wants to move backwards to Hitlers time to accomplish what he could not.

          I’ll be moving forward, carrying on with the life God intended. Just make sure you don’t impede me on my way and I don’t care which direction you go.

          • I’ve always thought that “progressive” was a bullshit term: it’s just a bunch of arrogant pissants trying to goosestep us backwards into tyranny. “Forward” my muscular buttocks!

          • No government is my mommy and/or daddy. I am a free man, not a taxpayer identification number. I agree to the terms of the Constitution for the united States of America and demand the government adhere to it. I asked no more than to live my life in peace. Yet, I’m asked to suffer under tyrants. My God given Rights have been replaced by the slavery of providing man-made “rights” to others: the right to housing, the right to health care, the right to welfare, the right to steal from my life, liberty and happiness. How did my life and my rights become subject and reduced to a vote?

            • you nailed it

        • FORWARD backwards is “or dwarf”. I kinda like thinking about The Annointed One, aka Little Big Man, that way.

          • Zoltanne, I was in Charlotte friday morning after the DNC. I was on Billy Graham Parkway and all of a sudden the traffic was backed up. Next thing I know there are cops everywhere. It was the Obamanation Parade. People were getting out of their cars and hoping for a look at the unannointed one. I was not so impressed. I decided to cut thru the median grass and show my disrespect. There was no way I would stop on Billy Graham for that little $%#&%$$. Had an honourable man come thru I would have gladly stopped, But not for him.

        • Funny you mention “Forward.”

          I find it compelling the choice of “Forward” for obama in his re election campaign, knowing this would be his last campaign I think he wanted to pay tribute to his main stream media. You see “Forward” was the name given (in German of course) to a free newspaper in the mid 1800’s in Germany and France. A paper written by one Karl Max propelling his agenda “Forward.”

          • Forewrd is also the name of the largest circulation newspaper (or magazine?) of, and for, jewsish intrests in america. Obammys been trying to regain his prior 86% jew liberal vote support he got 1st time around.

            • Angelo M: Why would Obama need 86% of the Jewish population which is only 2.1% of the total? According to your theory he’s working hard for 1.8% of the entire U.S. population, some of whom are minors and some who aren’t even registered to vote, that doesn’t make much
              sense. And what exactly are ‘Jewish’ interests; are they written down somewhere in some book that I could read? signed, V. Confused.

      2. Fiscal cliff is approaching, lots will be singing this song. You are the MAN, Mac!

        • Many might be enjoying a peaceful weekend. But, our leaders in Washington are busy.

          Since Congress couldn’t pass a ‘Cybersecurity bill, an Executive Order has been written.

          DHS will head a new cybersecurity council and will be in charge of regulating of the ‘mandates’ of this E.O.

          But, we shouldn’t worry…as they say it is only for our ‘protection’.

          Draft of Obama’s ‘Cybersecurity’ Executive Order

        • OOPPS!! Seems a few quotes didnt get posted on my prior posting…I just want to Add here an Important quote, especially for jewdeo zio christians, from their Hero BiBi Netanyahoo Prez of Isreal currently, and rabidly Foaming at mouth to begin WWIII etc!!

          “My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now…”

          “I know what America is. America is something that can easily be moved. Moved to the right direction.”

          — Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel. Bibi just happened to be in New York City on 9/11 and London during the 7/7 subway bombings

          Shimon Perez and BARNY FRANK LOVERS!!

          “[Shimon] Peres warned [Ariel] Sharon Wednesday that refusing to heed incessant American requests for a cease-fire with the Palestinians would endanger Israeli interests and ‘turn the US against us.’ At this point, a furious Sharon reportedly turned toward Peres, saying ‘every time we do something you tell me Americans will do this and will do that. I want to tell you something very clear, don’t worry about American pressure on Israel, we, the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it.’”(Only If they willing to accept factual Truth that is!)

          — Kol Yisrael (Israel Radio), 3 October, 2001 (IAP)

          “The role of the President of the United States is to support the decisions that are made by the people of Israel.”

          — Ann Lewis, speaking for Hillary Clinton, at the meeting for Jewish Leadership sponsored by the United Jewish Communities on March 18, 2008 (Jewess Ann Lewis is sister to Homo Congressman Barney Frank).<<<<

          OK ONE MORE..Who OWNS & CONTROLS HOLLYWOOD?<<<<<>Jews totally run Hollywood.<<!!

          – Joel Stein, Los Angeles Times…12-19-2008

          • Angelo M: Good enough, thanks. and you bring up another point: If 95% of all blacks voted for Obama last time because he was black that means they voted against McCain because he was white. Well, that means that they are all racists. The shoe is on the other foot now!

        • Angelo M: Wow, that’s a lot of stuff, thanks. It’s a bit confusing though because many of the jews you quoted seemed to be the religious type. However, even I know that in early 20th century Russian, Europe, and here in America, that liberal jews (non-religious) were ardent supporters of the Communist Party. What do make of that, these two seemingly disparet groups, religious and non-religious jews, working towards at the same end?

          • V Confused(but far Less confused now eh) Understand this.

            I aint saying All are that way. But Many Are. And like liberals they always trade off word meanings etc to suit Their agenda. Example= Sometimes jews will claim being jewish is JUST a Religion…Other times they will say “We are a Special and Seperate Race” different from All other races!(usally they are who tell us goyim/gentiles “everyone is equal and the same except for skin color!”(Like zero cultural and racial differences dont exist? WRONG!)

            Then at other times jews will say “We are a Race AND religion”! Both!…Bottom line is they invented kommiizim and love to label selves as “Internationalists”…We goy call it “Globalist” and Communisim.

            Then theres aprox 95% of todays ones who are askenazi Khazars whos ancestors converted to the Talmude around 750 AD era…Talmude is NOT same as first 5 books of old testement as todays fake pastors will claim.

            Many jews folks will use word games to confuse you and say Old testement moses books(1st 5 books in bible) are “Torah” which means “Law”….But what they Really call their torah is the Talmude.

            Talmude began as “Oral” only and Only Pharisee(rabis of Jesus day and Today too) knew it. Later after turn of century into AD eras they wrote it in books. Lots of books(Perhaps 65 total volumes so far? Not certain).

            The talmude oral or written is based upon Babalonian(babylon) Talmude origins. In other words pharisee rabis “Invented” it up kinda like fed reserve makes paper cash from “air”…

            Bottom line is 2000 yrs ago Jesus was rejected by them and still is today. A Few converted, and some of em are in name only to fake out their hated enemys, Thats Us christians.

            I agree many islam muslims is our enemys, not cause we want it so but muslims do. But That dont change facts that jews who go by talmude is who Murdered Christ and 100’s of Millions more christians(over 100 million in 20th century alone with jew kommiizim).And many today hate and want Us whites and especially christian whites Dead.

            Best bet is Go Read at many credible web sites like incogman . net and he has tons of xallant links to many historian PHD types who aint afraid to tell truth.

            Remember this issue covers aprox 3000-4000 yrs and is extensive amount of info. It takes alot of time to wise up and learn alot of it.

            Your own common sence should tell you alot is wrong on most all we was taught. Like I said though you cant say those quotes I posted are “antisemitic” or “naziswhowanttokillsixmillionmorejews” huh?..They was all written by Jews!….Bragging of the Hold over america for 100 yrs now by themselves.

            Just wait till many more whites(blacks too I hope) awaken to all this swindles eh…I wont want to be one of them types especially since they got obly aprox 8 million in amrica!

            If they did get Booted from usa? Perhaps its cause after 109 countries booted out of since 245 ad, they Refuse to Learn or change.

            What would todays isreal jews(or NY jews too) say if WE all demanded isreal begin to allow a Million Non jews into Their lands each year?!!!!! Isreal has Laws so ONLY a real jew can gain citizenship! and ONLY White types!

            While in usa and europe same jews call us folks white racists etc constantly 24/7 etc. All I can say is if many awaken to it all in the usa?…Tick Toc! Tick Tock! usa may become nation number 110 to Boot em out. Anyways hope this assists you and GO READ that web site!…Top of home page has areas of intrest to cover everything effects mainly white folks in usa and europe today.

            Factual Truthfull and Documented! The more you learn the better chance of survival.

          • V Confused..One more quick thing ok…You ask how can you reconcile Two diferent groups of religious jew and atheist or liberal jew right?

            Well have you noticed how many blacks in usa do Not attend church?…and at times “seems” like two distinct groups of blacks?

            YET how do blacks vote for xample?…Of them who do vote every election for last 50-60 yrs a whooping 95% on avg votes for DemacRATS! and “if” a black dem lib is on ballot? They will ALWAYS vote black instead of vote a white dem in.

            Hows about Other daily issues? Ever notice how such Huge percentages of blacks seem to always stick together to oppose whites?….Lets call a spade a spade here it is probobly 90 % blacks regardless what they may tell others or tell whites, ban together for all Hate whitey riots or protests etc…Even if they dont show up in person they still back blacks no matter what.

            For kris sakes! Mayor Barry(Black) in DC-capitol city got sent to Jail for CRACK Cocaine and 1/2-dozen Prostitutes etc!!!…Well what did aprox 98% of ALL DC Black voters do once mayor crackhead was Out of jail and ran for office again?….They VOTED him In again! Whites wouldnt do that.

            The Point I am makeing is regardless what any jews say etc if push comes to shove so to speak?…They Have acted same as blacks and stick together Period. Regardless What nation they live in, most support Isreal and jews 1st.

            I do NOT call that being a True Patriot or even a real citizen deserving of all We have and Built from the ground up over 400 yrs in the usa. And like many whites does I too Resent it!!

            Time will reveal what happens?…I dont expect many jews or blacks or even mexicans to stick with whites on that day. Hope I am wrong…Dont think I am.

            Just remember it aint Our fault jew decided to be so subversive or kommie like and aint our fault blacks and mexicans so want all we has but Hate us so rabidly.

            If any of that three groups asks me “How do I get to Concord Bridge”?….My answer will be “Keep PUSHING US FOOLS”!!

          • There is a lot of disagreement and discussion on the subject of Jews, the Jewish State, and who they really are. There were twelve original tribes that made up the House of Israel and amongst those tribes were the two tribes Judah and Levi that comprised the land of the Jews. They were called Jews by “geographical” identification primarily. Many outsiders (gentiles) worked their way into the towns/cities of Judea and took on the title of Jews. More importantly were the Kennites that were the descendants of Cain. Cain, being the direct offspring of Lucifer and Eve, was the first murderer.

            Some of the other ten tribes mostly referred to as Israelites, did make their way back to the Country we now call Israel, but they are now referred to as Jews because of their religious affiliation and the fact that they reside inside the “Jewish State”. Not all of the original twelve tribes are Jewish.

            The main point here is that the lines are fuzzy and we have to let God do the sorting out. The fact remains that He gave the “land” to the House of Israel, and not just the Jews. His covenant remains till this day, and it is the center of all that is righteous and holy concerning His most beloved peoples and that little piece of land upon this Earth. He warned the House of Israel about the Palestinians/Muslims and to keep them out of their land or they would become…”Num 33:55 But if ye will not drive out the inhabitants of the land from before you; then it shall come to pass, that those which ye let remain of them [shall be] pricks in your eyes, and thorns in your sides, and shall vex you in the land wherein ye dwell.” Further more we are told about the “faux” Jews and that is what remains as fact from God himself. Rev 2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and [I know] the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but [are] the synagogue of Satan.

      3. As long as everyone votes for either Romney or Obama, thats all they care about .

      4. HAHAHA!

      5. All poloticians are a scam. Goverment is just grown to big. It really dosn’t matter who is in office now. Banks are running this thing now and Obummer really can’t do shit without partisan agreement. Hang on kids because this is just going to get worse in the next 4 years regaurdless of who is in the white house. You need to shrink goverment, save more and spend less. This all needs to happen or we will not be able to build industry here again. P.S. Many people out of the work force forever on disability not to mention EBT use through the roof. We had a great country and the users got their way because the poloticians gave it to them. It just boils down to buying votes people. Until the majority wants real change and not a free house, car and food not to mention health care nothing will change. The free loaders are already more than half the population. Just with that known, who really thinks any of the free loaders are going to vote out the guy that gives them or promises them more free shit.

        • The fruits of democracy!

        • This whole situation reminds me of a story I heard once:

          A man goes into a doctors office, and he says “Please help me, doc: my dick has turned green with purple spots! And dammit does it hurt like hell!”
          The doctor replies “Well, lets take a look”
          So the man drops his pants and the doc takes a look
          “Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…hmmmmmmmmm… OK, here’s what you do…” and he scribbles out a prescription
          “Your problem will soon be solved. Make sure to take two of these pills ever night before bed for 14 days”
          “Oh thank you doc; these pills will clear it up?”
          “No, no, those pills are just to help with the pain… but don’t worry, in two weeks your dick will fall off all by itself. Problem solved.”

          • I would say that pretty much sums up our problem/solution.

      6. is this a doom and gloom site ?

        • This is a reality site.
          Take the red pill and wake up.

      7. I found it funny when he spoke it sounded like a preacher talking to a congregation. A bit scary.

      8. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

      9. Why in the Sam Hell anyone would listen to him is beyond me…he flaps his gums and nothing but lies come out.

        • That’s why they are called sheeple. When people become “dumbfounded” and revel another human being like they are a rockstar; those same people may wake up one day too late and see they have been led into the middle of a holocaust. No way out and no where to turn.

      10. Uh..OK. Not a critic here. Guess I’ll go back to cutting firewood.

        Best to the Preps.

      11. The only thing guaranteed in life is death. 🙂

      12. The seeming myopia of you fringe blog devotees. Any chance the significant US economic problems have been cumulative in causation with participation by both major parties and passive quiescence by most of us?

        • Nope..not by us at all.
          Patriot Act..we screamed hell, no.
          Tarp..we screamed hell, no.
          Bail Outs…we screamed hell, no.
          NDAA..we screamed hell, no.
          Obamacare..we screamed hell, no.
          Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect Intellectual Property Act..we screamed hell, no.

          IT DID NO GOOD…These criminals in CON gress have proven they are bought and paid for by the other communist criminals.

          • …and when we point our weapons in their ugly commie faces theyll all sream “oh hell no” and we’ll all say “oh hell yes”….as we cure them of their inflated egos 😉

            • …Scream… 🙂

            • REB, I’ve thought about something for a long time. If you have read some of my comments you know I am a christian (also a sinner), and I relate a lot of current events to Bible prophecy.

              The prophetic word that has puzzled me for some time may have just came to me while reading your comment here. One of the beast(worldly powers) spoken of in Revelation receives a “deadly” wound. What if, the beast here is the PTB that are trying to flush us American patriots down the toilet. What if, they bring commie forces against us to try and do their bidding, since we are what is standing in their way to acheive total domination and the bringing of North America into the NWO.

              TPTB have underestimated the force of the “true” American patriots that will claw with tooth and nail to protect and defend our rights and freedoms granted by God Almighty. We will not stand idly by and watch them destroy what others have fought and died to keep.

              The wound that gives the “beast”, the NWO, it’s setback, may just come from us true American citizens.

            • DT….I understand what youre thinking…I hope not though in this sense,the verse goes on to say in effect(off the top of my head)that he(the beast was healed of his deadly wound and alot of people marveled after and followed after the beast after that episode,is that beast the NWO? I again hope not because I want the nwo dead on the ground with all its supporters,not simply getting its butt kicked or its head smacked and then growing in popularity and power…I hope to see a rebirth of liberty on these shores and if need be a second American revolution that either kicks this nwo bunch clear to hell(or wherever) or establishes a new nation out of what was once these united states,a new united states if you will,a new confederation where freemen and women run the show…where violations of the natural rights of men and women are met with swift rebuke and awesome justice…where the rule of common law and the natural law are the only LAW and that that nation will stand as a foe and an enemy to the nwo and any other two-bit commie regime of so-called elitists who dream of lording it over all of us and our familys or anyone elses for that matter,crazy? yep,for sure!… but remember its the crazy people with the crazy dreams (like being free) that drive despots and other such vermin, insane!…thanks! 🙂 “live free or die tryin”

            • I’m with ya Reb. I’ll stand right beside you in that day if it comes to that.

              To briefly try to explain as I have understood, from various sources, mainly the Bible; there are now “four” major players in the world for owning or controlling interests in the NWO. The beasts in Revelations are these; the four worldly economic and political powers, the beast that is referring to the One World Government that is made up of the four as they try and come together, and the Master Beast that gives them the power and mindset to make it happen. The Master Beast is none other than Satan himself. When he is booted out of heaven in the very last days he will be upon this earth, not only with his spirit and demonic spirits that are present now, but in his God created spirit body. When he appears, every news channel in the world will be announcing the return as Christ. It won’t be Christ, It will be Satan playin the role and deceiving many. He comes in peacefully and prosperously and will even look like the true Christ, but he will be Antichrist.

              The preachers and teachers that say the antichrist is a flesh man and walking the earth today are mistaken and they don’t know their KJV Bible. They are just repeating what they have been taught and heard because it is the common consensus.

              Regardless of all that, the true American patriots are wiseing up and are planning accordingly. Many will come around as more SHTF and they see that nothing coming out of Washington DC is for the benefit of America as a whole. Politicians are playing with whomever is putting the most $$ in their pocket at the time. It is a chess game with them and across the table is China,the Muslim Brotherhood, and the fake Jewish leaders with most of them being right here in America and controlling Hollywood and the BankingSystems. The other major player, calling shots and influencing decisions from Washington is the Vatican. They probably have more influence than all the others combined.

              It will play out as God sees fit and we, as a Christian Nation, will not be destroyed by evil players. God has too many of his people here fighting for truth and justice. That is why it is so important for all of us to stick together as one accord and make a stand for what is right. For, if God is for us, then who can break us down? NONE!

            • Oh shit, I forgot to say what I wanted to say about the “deadly wound”. The “wound” is not literal. It’s not a flesh wound as some speak of and mislead people. It may ultimately transpire into many flesh wounds, but the bible is speaking in terms of spiritual. Example: John Hagee teaches that Antichrist is a flesh man and walking the earth today and when he comes to power he will be shot in the head and killed but, miraculously raised up from the dead to convince the world he is messiah. I call Bullshit! It makes for good entertainment and brings in more followers and more $$$. It is a lie. Many teach along those same lines.

              What we have to remember here is this; the main objective of TPTB is world domination and a reduction in population to have slaves of the common people. God is very clear about this and who is controlling the minds of those in power. He is against it.

              As the four beasts(worldly powers/governments) come together for their common good(which is bad) and almost get the NWO, (the main Beast known as the One world government and religion) up and running; there is a monkey wrench that gets thrown into the wheels and brings it to a halt. I believe this is the deadly wound spoken of in Rev. and it may be that it comes right here in America, against these evil PTB. The wound is received by one of these four beasts and kills their agenda.
              It appears then that the jig is up and the whole NWO plan is known worldwide and the people are pissed. All the world is in chaos and the assholes (players that are part of the NWO plan) that thought they had it all figured out are running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

              But have no doubt,the saviour(the fake) will come and make it all better for everyone and bring about world peace and prosperity thru the “new and improved one world government and religion”. This is when Satan arrives. This is where the “mark of the beast” comes in to play. Everyone seems to be afraid of “the mark”, now, when it is brought up, and is why so many believe the “lie” being taught about a pre-trib rapture. TPTB will be saying, if they accept the “New messiah” and sign on to his message and system, everything wil be a ok. yea, right. There won’t be lines of people getting tatooed or stamped or chipped for this. There won’t be Fema camps for those that resist the mark. How well, and how long could Antichrist pull off his role of Christ if he was doing this to people. It ain’t happening. That is why “he comes in peacefully and prosperously” for everyone, and the “whole world whores after him and his one world religion.”

              We have to be prepared with food storage and weapons to defend what is ours if we are to defy the antichrist and his hoardes of followers (that are deceived) and not give in to his system.

              We have to do this thru knowledge and faith. To give in, even for a loaf of bread and pledge allegience to the “false one” will lead to…. well read it for yourselves.

              Is this the very end of life as we knew it as free Nations? I don’t know for sure. I’m just saying this is what “will” happen and I believe we are leading up to it. When? That’s the question everyone has to gamble with the answer for on a personal level. I know most don’t want to hear this message. Most just want life to continue to get better, or go back to the way it was 15 or 20 years ago.

              Life changed for the world on Sept. 11th 2001. The realiziation came that if they could pull this off, how easy for them to pull off something more severe and dramatic. Regardless of who was behind it all, and for what ultimate purpose, it happened and it was pure evil.

              We true patriots observe Patriot Day USA tomorrow. Each person has to ask themselves what it means to them or if anything. Our friends outside the borders of the USA should recognize this day in rememberance of those that died, and wake up to the reality of what is going on globally.

              I apoligize in advance if people take this wrong or get upset and cry to Mac about bringing religion into the comments. I apologize to Mac if this offends or causes him any aggravation. But, I think it is part of being better prepared for what is obviously on the horizon.

        • Diogenes, Thanks for your comment. Not because I agree with you, but because it forced me to haul out my dusty old dictionary and learn a few new words. Wow! Talk about shellin’ out the big peas! You used more large words than I’ve seen since I attended Bugtussle A&M. Lemme see if’n I kin make sense of it all. Being a dumb okie, it will definitely be a challenge, but…here goes:

          You said- “The seeming myopia…”
          Did you mean the ophthalmologic term for the condition in which parallel rays are focused in front of the retina? You know, nearsightedness? Or did you mean to imply that we shtfplanners are obtuse? Surely, you wouldn’t insinuate that we’re intolerant of divergent ideas and opinions.
          You said- “…of you fringe blog devotees.”
          First, this isn’t a ‘fringe’ blog. If it isn’t more widely known and read, that’s just because so many people are still asleep, or stupid. And as for popularity, this site has more viewers than Piers Morgan’s show on CNN. Does that make CNN a ‘fringe’ network?
          Or did you mean the ‘devotees’ were fringe, rather than the blog itself? I need a bit of clarification on that one. But as far as ‘devotees’ is concerned, you got the wrong word entirely. We are ‘fans’ of this site, as well as commenters and (some of us) occasional contributors. Opera has devotees. Classic Rock&Roll has ‘fans.’ Formula One has devotees. Nascar has Fans. Pavarotti had devotees. Johnny Cash had fans. Now, we’re not all beer-swilling rednecks here, but we are ‘fans.’ Not devotees.
          You said- “Any chance the significant US economic problems have been cumulative in causation with participation by both major political parties…”
          I believe you are correct in that assumption. Or is in an implication? Or an insinuation? Hard for me to tell since words of more than two syllables often confuse me. Let’s just say, the continued decline in the economic health of our nation has run parallel with the decline in integrity of officeholders of both political parties and has been ongoing for decades.
          You said- “…and passive quiescence by most of us?”
          ‘Passive quiescence’ would literally mean ‘resting rest’ or ‘tolerant tolerance.’ Perhaps you meant ‘acquiescence’ as that would be somewhat more logical. To moderate the noun ‘quiescence’ with the adjective ‘passive,’ though technically permissible in the language, would imply the same action twice, given the meaning of the words. (see example resting rest)
          However, moderating the noun ‘acquiescence’ with the adjective ‘passive’ would be much clearer, as the noun (in this case ‘acquiescence’) denotes the ACT of tolerating something, and the moderating adjective ‘passive’ more definitively explains the kind of tolerance given. For example: tolerance given grudgingly, or passively, or cooperatively, etc.
          Hope this clears things up for you. If not, call me on the cell phone. I’ll be out on the tractor, plowing the back 40.
          all the best– okie

          • Oak, you chewed his ass up and spit it back at him. ahaaahell yea!

          • Beautiful.

        • Diogenes

          A man of many quotes including “I know nothing except the fact of my ignorance” very apt for you.

          Now if you have named yourself after the Greek…fine but if you have named yourself because you have Diogenes Syndrome and need help we are not equipped to deal with that here. I suggest you consult your doctor immediately.

          Take care

        • Enough of that pig latin…….

      13. Death and taxes.. Are a safe bet

      14. All he needs is another term and it’s game over folks. Turn assets into cash, turn cash into metals and commodities, and whatever you don’t readily need, bury it or hide it. The storm is fast approaching.

        • The game just got started. I’m all in.

        • ok, intel harvest, so sell all of our food , ammo, storages and what other assets? and than when the storm comes what do we do with our metals and commodities?turn cash into gold and assets would be better advice.

          • You do know how to read right? Food, ammo, etc, are commodities, not assets, and I didn’t say to sell those otherwise I’d be speaking in circles. “Sell your fuel and ammo and buy fuel and ammo”, yeah, that makes sense. Assets would be stocks, bonds, or any other “investment” that isn’t an insurance, thus not immediately liquid when needed (i.e. paper gold), and turn it into FRN’s. Take those FRN’s and spread it around, diversify if you will, between silver, fuel, ammo, fuel etc. You know, commodities, stuff you can use now, or later when immediately needed.

            • I don’t know, Intel. Right now, my food and ammo has just become an asset worth fighting for. I don’t have any commodities worth dying for.

        • The storm is already here… just way too many people wandering around wondering why its so dark during the daytime. It IS going to get better, but its going to be one bitch of a storm to ride out

          • I agree. And when ammo is $5 a cartridge, I hope we’re all well stocked. When a 5 oz. can of ham costs someone their life, yeah, it’s gonna be one bitch of a storm to ride out.

      15. Fascinating!
        A post that has no value….a real first!
        Guess it’s time to check to make sure I have my towel and be glad I’m still alive another day.
        And I’m NOT FIRST!

      16. This SHOULD be a Classic. TPTB know full well a collapse is in the cards for America’s future. What i think their truly scared of is the fact more and more Americans are starting to wake up. Its not going to change the outcome; but it will make the masses much harder to control.

        • This song is already a classic – Keny Atkana, “La Rage”.

          My son and his friends sing it on the walk to school, it’s been popular with the youth of a wide range of nationalities for a while now.

          Note the leaders described – Clinton, Chirac, Blair & Bush. This is NOT a new song, and the emotions expressed already led to the “Arab Spring”, the London Riots, The recent (non-MSM reported) Spanish grocery store looting etc, etc. All that’s left to ask is how long till it arrives in your locale, as all that’s required is a large body of youth who feel robbed of a future?

      17. You know its a slow DOOM DAY when these articles pop up

        • Howdy Rich! Yes, Mac just uses these articles for filler when he gets the word from TPTB that they’ve postponed armageddon for one more day. Still…I thought it was a great song!
          By the way, you got that $5 you owe me? I was gonna borrow 10 and you only had 5, remember? So you owe me the other 5. (heard you got a loan the other day)

        • Hey Rich.

          What brought you back? I thought you said you were “done with the doom club.”

      18. How about something with some real substance.

        • Reaper

          Are you new here? Let me help. Go to the home page, scroll, pick whichever article you feel has the most ‘ substance ‘ you may be there awhile. There are scores of them

          Take care

      19. bewear the petrol bomber

      20. Strange as it seems It was cute . I got a chuckle .

      21. This is the perfect site for the <90 IQ bigot.

        • Frank, is that why you came here, hoping to meet up with like-minded individuals? If so, you will be disappointed as we are, for the most part, intelligent, aware and literate contributors to this site.

        • Like you?

        • Hey there retromingent one,

          I won’t speak for the other who gather here, but my wife and I both find this site informative and useful. We don’t go for everything we read here, but a lot of it gives us some good ideas and tips. These are useful for people like my wife and I who are new to using firearms, are having to struggle to learn about tools and ways of preserving food through canning and jarring.
          The reason its a struggle is because we’ve spent so much of our time in school. She has a clinical doctorate, while I have a masters in education and a degree in computer programming.
          You might want to check your bigotry at the door before you open your mouth again, you daft fucker

        • There were two old,fat, lesbians sitting at a bar; one looked at the other and said, “Let me be Frank…”

          Now thats funny, I don’t care who you are.

        • @ Frank. If you own IQ is not room temperature why not try to debate some of the people on this site on an issue or two? You will find yourself taken to the woodshed. TRY IT, everyone is daring you to.

        • So, Frank, that’s why you’re here??

          • Frankly Frank, I don’t give a damn.

        • Based on what do you make your accusation Frank? Less than 90 IQ Bigot. You must be an Obama voting racist who’s trapped in the endless circle of welfare benefits and other “free money” from the FEDGOV. You see, I say that because the people who say what you just said usually fit that bill.

        • Frank, whatever you do, don’t tell people about this site for <90 IQ bigots. We'd have the whole damned democrat party here.

        • Frank

          How rude. I have neither a low IQ nor am I a bigot. Your generalisation makes it difficult to know to whom you are referring.

          I find in general, that those who have no understanding of what’s going on around them, of the need to be awake and aware, cover their ineptitude by calling other people names.

          There’s no need to be ashamed Frank…we understand, we too were once asleep. We embrace you brother………….

          Take care

        • Frank: Sorry to disappoint you pal but despite my occasional mispellings, my IQ has been registered at 160. Statistically this means I’m so high above you that you breath the air I fart in. But enough of this silliness! We have an assortment of folks at this site, many of whom are quite erudite. Did you like my little rhyme? As for bigots, we have some, who doesn’t? And who are you to cast stones? Your very statment as to the character of our group is biggoted, so welcome Mr. Frank, our newest bigot. See you at the next MENSA convention?

      22. This is a not a Perfect spot for frank, A mental retardation home is right for him

      23. Don’t be so hard on Mac – everyone’s gotta take things lightly on occasion!

        • @Daisy…I see Canada has closed the Iranian Embassy here, and have given them 5 days to leave Canada, and the Canadian Embassy in Iran has been closed……does not look good!! Wonder if someone got “heads up” from Isreal?

          • Hi CC – yes – I saw that too – looks like Canada is bowing to pressure from Israel.

            Another interesting article that is supposedly unrelated said that Iran is believed to be only 4-6 weeks away from having a working nuclear weapon, according to Israeli intelligence. I think we might expect some military action, and within the confines of that time frame.

            Amazing how that teeny little country has all of North America eager to do it’s bidding.

          • May want to check out the reason:

            “the Iranian regime has shown blatant disregard for the Vienna Convention and its guarantee of protection for diplomatic personnel.”


            Best to the Preps.

      24. Cute!:). Some of you guys need to lighten up!

      25. Mac, thank you for that parody; it’s right on target. GC, I’m with you on moving forward in the direction of saving our country. We all know what’s coming regardless of which puppet is chosen on Election Day. Take care and keep prepping.

      26. The sad part of it all is that its in the design, the plan along has been to collapse the world economy, wreck havoc and chaos…( from chaos comes order). The final nail and the real agenda reduce the population! Its easy to point fingers and place blame, its always the messenger that goes to the guillotine, placing the blame on BO is like blaming him for your dirty dishes staked in the sink. Its totally illogical. Our problems stem from the machinations of a very few extremely powerful individuals, that are in total control of it all. If we are to place blame lets pull the covers from the real culprits, lets expose those who have all along set out as dream destroyers…on the flip lets examine how a lot of dreams have been destroyed. ( high living, over indulgence, living way beyond ones means etc etc.) Whos to blame for that?? Come on people lets be pragmatic, some of the problems we have created. All that we can do at this point is prep for the inevitability of some hard times. I truly enjoy this site because it is a diverse group that share truly useful knowledge, even those who float through with the purpose of antagonizing make contributions in a off hand way. With Godspeed keep prepping.

        • I think it goes without saying that Obama didn’t cause all of our problems, but he is the one in charge of destroying us right now. Just as he blames Bush and Bush Clinton, it is only logical to point at least one finger at Obama. Remember, he was going to reduce the deficit and save us all. He failed to do any of that, instead he is doing what those above him dictate.

      27. Peaches & Cream? How about scotch and girls smiling vertical.

        • Two morons so far that doesn’t like old scotch & vertical.

        • @T K: would you like someone to refer to your wife or daughter as smiing verticle, apparently referring to the vaginal introitus? That is vulgar and abusive, the kind of remark you’d expect of a ghetto democrat. I am not sure why lascivious remarks like yours are published on this site.

      28. I hope it don’t effect your hockey game..

      29. Those two White men just made the obummer team enemies list.

        • …oh and one more thing Lord,thank you Im on your list and help me make barrys list too…amen! 😉

      30. That was some nice guitar work.

      31. The stage is set and the countdown is ready to commence.

        Step up the Prep. …’I see a Baa ad Moon a rising’.. I see trouble on it’s way”…

        • “There’s the bathroom on the right” I saw a recent concert recording Fogarty did. He still plays and sings pretty good.

          • Yep, saw it too. That says a lot about a man and his music. Went to my very first concert to see my favorite band of all time, CCR. I was only 13 years old in 1969. I made the trek to Winston Salem NC and saw CCR,BB King, and Tony Joe White doing “Polk Salad Annie”.

            CCR will always be famous for “Proud Mary” although many cover songs were made of it, and many think that Tina Turner was responsible for it.

            CCR played Woodstock, but were not hardly ever recognized for their contribution. The Grateful Dead caused them to play at 3 am when most were asleep or passed out.

            Most people think they were from the “South” because of their style and album “Bayou Country”, but, they were just California boys making some fantastic music.

      32. …well at the least he could carry a tune..not too bad actually…but hey part of staying sane and winning is humor…. keep smiling my friends,the dawn is comming! 🙂

      33. “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” ~ Albert Einstein

        “Ignorance and greed are the best friends of the con artists.” ~ Conventional Wisdom

      34. The biggest scam of them all is the two party system that chooses each election cycle someone that screws up the country. Then everyone hinges their hope on the other one, and it never works out. It is like a merry-go-round in which the same never changes. Now it is too late. Back in 1992 the American people had that choice to elect someone that would have never allowed free trade, remember the expression Ross Perot gave of “the giant sucking sound” of jobs over the border.

        Instead everyone got bubba that accelerated the selling off of the U.S.. Then junior that f’ed this country beyond reason. Then BO that tries to fool everyone into believing that jobs creation are not because of charging it on the 16 trillion dollar credit card. Then if romney elected people think that this trend of dying off of America is going to cease, WRONG! The trend would continue for many months before, BOOM! It doesn’t matter who is head of the country now, the country is dying and there is not much that can be done to pull it out. I would love to see a third party in there, but the country is so terminal now that I have doubts that anyone could save it now. Hate to be so pessimistic, but there just no way that this government is going to take an about face turn towards saving it, not as long as the two party polarized party control the president, house and senate. Won’t happen!

        This is why it is an absolute necessity to get someone’s own personal life in order and prepare like a hurricane is coming, a category 8 land and sea hurricane that is the size of a continent. The storm clouds and vibrant lightning is now too visable from too many sources to ignore any longer.

        • You’re right BI. Perot didn’t fit their agenda so he was marginalized just like they did to Ron Paul. I believe the game has been rigged for far longer in time than Perot.

      35. I personally can’t get behind the rock throwing at Obama because Romney is not a viable alternative. They’re only different in regards of the Second Amendment being Obama will put it on the front burner while Romney will probably not go out of his way to attack it. If anyone thinks Romney is pro gun your delusional. Both feed very well from the same corporate bowl and neither respect their oath to defend “The Constitution”.

        Lets focus on what is happening or likely to happen and how to best get through it. Leave the Presidential Election for the clowns that get into the dog and pony show.

      36. You want to know one of the other biggest scams that there is? The electoral college. I did some calculations, and it is entirely possible that someone with about 45% of the vote could win, while the other gets 55% of the vote could lose. Both candidates completely focus on swing states and everyone else is left out in importance because those in locked states are considered give me’s. For someone to win an election with less than the popular vote, especially someone losing by 10 points would be considered complete voter fraud in other countries. This scam has no valid points to it if one president gets elected with less than their opponent in the popular vote.

        You know what is even more pathetic? A third party could get the majority of the popular vote, AND a majority of the electoral college but still come up short of the 270 needed. Then this is the absolute topper. If one of the other two parties is in control of the house they could elect to president someone that could have been absoltuely trashed in the election and a distance third amoung the three candidates. Talk about the people’s vote not mattering jack. I usually don’t use foul language, but that would be royally fucked with a venegance. It is possible, and that shows how the electoral college belongs in the bottom of the cess pit with the other liquidified shit.

        • You’re right, BI. The electoral vote gives the small states a disadvantage — they’re ignored by Presidential candidates. Those states with large electoral votes determine the Presidency.

          The electoral vote is crooked representation!

      37. So we have a job shortage for younger workers… and older workers are trying to hang onto jobs cuz their house is underwater and retirement elusive.

        But the young workers are who are suppose to support all this… after they pay off their student debts, provided they can get a job.

        For those who don’t understand the simple fact that if the stimulus had been about jobs there would of been TARP money for businesses or job creation. Along with a tax credit and what not… the reality is there has just been a kick the can forward to keep the banks in place… and now it will truely be painful.

        Will there be stimulus for the rest of the country… mortgage credits?, tax credits? lower taxes..? Note that neither president candidate is talking about anything specific that helps you or i.

        Prep, visit the sites (mine too) pick up some practical advice and get involved in your local farmers markets and political efforts….

      38. Be Informed

        The US was never meant and should never be a democracy. The Electoral College as flawed as it appears distributes power across a broader area. Once 50 point something of the vote is obtained in a given state the winner gets “votes” in direct relationship to the number of Senators (all states get 2) and Congressmen. This mitigates the power of the NY & California’s. A Presidential need not overly “suck up” to the populated states (beyond getting that 50+ percent) . They therefore will concentrate on another state to obtain the “magic number”.

        The Founding Fathers were relatively honest men (far more honest than their later counterparts) and thought through every word in the Constitution for 13 years. If you want to find flaws in our system look more closely on how it has been changed as opposed to it’s original design.

        • Well Said @kevin2 . great post .

        • @ Kevin2. I don’t have anything wrong with the distribution of power in regards to the senate at all. It is that the election should have long ago been determained by popular vote, it is the fairest way of determining the president. Just imagine this type of scenario in which someone like Ron Paul gets say 40% of the vote but only 269 electoral votes, the republican get 35% of the vote and say 250 electoral votes, and BO obama gets 25% of the vote and 19 electoral votes. Then the house is controlled easily by democrats. BO wins with 25% of the popular vote and 3.5% of the electoral vote. I know this sounds far-fetched but it has been and continues to be entirely possible.

          The whopping problem with the electoral college is that this time ONLY about 12 states are really in play and the other 38 states really have no importance to them because it is assumed that they are already in the red or blue column. Another hideous problem that if there was a winner of say 270-268, that 2 people that decide to break ranks could throw the election that was suppose to be decided by the people. It happens all the time that one person doesn’t vote in the electoral process like they are suppose to. I truly feel that this is more than flawed, it is a flat busted idiotic way of electing a leader.

          This was not the way the Founding Fathers meant for it to be at all. 3 times it has failed, and I am absolutely no fan of junior bush, but kerry could have been president if he won Ohio and still lost the election by 3 million votes. That would have been about a 2.4% difference between the winner of the popular vote and the loser. Just a simple amendment for the election ONLY would have long ago prevented this extremely unfair to the people way of electing the president.

          Really my whole point to this was to show just how the terrible practices of the government has lead to the death throes of the USA that we are all witnessing. I just don’t see anyway out of the deep hole that the US and really the rest of the world is in other than a type of upheaval that starts a renewal process of everything. It could be war, the planet itself, the just plain implosion of civilization, whatever, it is coming we can all feel it.

          Those in the government have dug such a deep hole that it can’t climb out. The government has buried everyone with so much dirt and crap over them that 99% of the population has totally accepted it. The government has made 99% of the people into something that is helpless when the world collpases.

          Actually the largest scam that there is out of any of them is that the majority of the masses actually feel that they don’t have to prepare because the government has promised to be there for them, without a heavy duty price tag attached to it. That is the biggest scam of them all.

          • Well stated there Be Informed..

            As many understand.this is all planned..everything!

            They will financially bring the entire world to its knees through inflation taxation fees surcharges on everything we need to survive til we relinquish..begging for mercy from the crushing economic collapse well under way..

            Perhaps this is the design..affect the bottom first by ebt cards and such not working or limited..riots ensue..the 1.4 billion rounds of 40 cal h.p. will come into play..all reissued ExecOrders are enacted.
            martial law..then what?

            It is so obvious that they are planning for unrest quickly..question is..what will be the trigger event or events..?


          • We disagree completely. With a pure popular vote a few densely populated states could band together and tax the other states into poverty. With the Electoral College once 50% + is obtained there is no need to to capture the remaining vote.

            The Electoral College limits the power of the densely populated states (as best as mathematically possible) while a pure popular vote enhances it.

            The Founding Fathers thought through it very well.

          • Be Informed:

            “This was not the way the Founding Fathers meant for it to be at all.”

            Actually the Electoral College was the way the Founding Fathers wanted it to be.

            “A third idea was to have the president elected by a direct popular vote. Direct election was rejected not because the Framers of the Constitution doubted public intelligence but rather because they feared that without sufficient information about candidates from outside their State, people would naturally vote for a “favorite son” from their own State or region. At worst, no president would emerge with a popular majority sufficient to govern the whole country. At best, the choice of president would always be decided by the largest, most populous States with little regard for the smaller ones.”

            As I stated California and NY would pretty much run the entire nation under a popular vote. Scary thought with the “Land of fruit and nuts coupled with Liberal NY” in charge.

            • @ Kevin2. The electoral college is a trap. For california is offset with Texas, with New York it is Ohio and Pennslyvania. Florida is a wild card. There would be a balance. If someone can win getting 10% points in the popular vote, the system belongs in the trash. As I said above, this would be considered voter fraud in other countries. All other states that are tiny and already decided don’t mean anything. There really is no logic behind the mathematics of someone getting elected with less than the majority of the vote. Back in grammar school a kid voted class president with 10 fewer votes than his or her opponent would cause all sorts of confusion and anger.

              As I said above, if the vote was real close say 270-268, 2 characters could break off from their commitment to cast their vote for their state and throw the election, because of illegal payoffs or anything. Sometimes one person has done this. That in itself absolutely shows that it can be corrupted and that the people’s votes in their own state didn’t count. This is complete voter fraud and shows a huge hole in the system that truly sucks. This is what they were worried about if the 2000 election was that close. This NO ONE can defend, because it is criminal for something like this to happen.

              For the house to decide the president shows that the people’s vote on the national and state level mattered not at all. You might as well have a prime minister elected by the parliment. I can find many more fatal flaws with the electoral system than I can find good points. If kerry had beat junior bush while losing by 2.4% of the popular vote the electoral college of voting would likely have been trashed and put in its place. It just had not yet shown just how terrible it is, that is the reason it has not been replaced yet. The potential for it to stink as in stench is absolutely been there.

              Anyway I have been trying to calculate predictions of earthquakes all day long today, and I am going to attempt to focus more on this. The system sucks, the two parties have killed this country, AND we are all going to find out just how much when SHTF in a flurry.

            • Be Informed

              You have to do the math. The Founding Fathers did. A President needs to sway (potentially) 683 K for each vote in California and 208 K (a third of that) for each vote in Vermont. These are relative not absolute values. The bottom line is Vermont has more power per voter. Remember States were to be almost independent countries that banded together for trade and protection.

          • If it were by popular vote only, all of middle America would not count. The two coasts would carry it all.

            • WaroftheRoses

              Yep the Founding Fathers seen that.

        • Kevin2..Another problem it seems not very many folks seem aware of is that along with fed income tax for all persons,and the famous fed reserve act everybody now speaks of alot. The Third bad thing that happened along with those two items back in 1913, was..

          1913 us const ammendt to Change how us senators was to be elected instead of as prior were Appointed, by State reps.

          US reps represent we the people…Each state gets an Equal number of us senators which is Two per each of 50 states. Before 1913 us senators was apointed BY state reps to Represent the STATE they come from.

          What began by ol abe lincoln the tryant to destroy state rights, (the 10th ammendt of bill of rights) was vastly done worse by popular election of us senators.

          Most folks today will tell you if you ask who does us senators work for or represent?….They will answer “Us, the we the people. Because we is who electes em.

          SEnators is designed to support their Own state period.

          This change of 1913 for a popular us senator vote was part of the overall schemes of the Evil Banksters crowd, as was the other two ammendts to create fed reserve act and force all to pay fed income tax.

          Your april 15th check to Pay off tax owed gets cashed and deposited directly to the NY-FED RESERVE BANK!….100% fed tax goes to Pay evil usuray(intrest charges) to Evil Greedy corrupt banksters.

          And if we think the soon to be aprox One Trillion dollars per year interest on usa debt etc is alot of scammed cash for just 300 total fed banksters persons.

          Consider that same 300(aprox) persons americas fed reserve is owned by ALSO owns exact same type fed bank scam in EVERY country except about 3-4 countries.

          Thats number One main reason for all a sudden we see what is it now? 7-wars at same time?…Iraq-afgan-libia-yemen- etc…Because them nations Refuse to okay fed banks like usa has.

          Now just 3 or so are left. Cuba-N. korea…IRAN!

          They must get every nation worldwide included in Their fed reserve bank owned swindles before they can have a NWO (Really its a JWO).

          If their plans are as I stated where they first need every country under Their fed bank swindle control then perhaps we all got a little more time left than we think.

          If Iran presents a whole lot harder war to pull off, what about Nuke armed N-Korea?!!….Korea aint got ziobanksters as yet neither! But do have a few big nukes eh.

          Along with bros like Kommie china next door.

          Kommies and banksters is worlds true troubles. Not sharia law nor nazis…KOMMIES! Thats what runs america and most of world Thru the banksters crowd.

          Popular election of us senators after 1914 helped to destroy state rights, 10th ammendt, and allowed for usa fed gov to ravage america and 99% of its people. Most of whom believe voted in us senators is really swell and most folks don’t even know how senators Used to get apointed.

          Back when apointed before 1913, they Had to answer to their Own state or get booted out and replaced!…Now they get 6 yrs to screw their own state royally to please evil and mostly, Non us citizen banksters of the fed reserve.

          Ironic how not very many people discuss this fact and many know nothing of it. If you surveyed folks on street at random I bet not one in a Thousand would know us senators Used to be Apointed as I wrote of above.

          50 states now get ZERO representation because BOTH us reps And us senators represent what elects em. The People.

          They care Less what bad stuf happens to their own states. Only a full 10th amendt restoration and each(or most states) states Restoration of Citizen Militias can now save or fix america.

          Three main things state citizen militias supposed to do as Per the us constitution…#1 Enforce statuets(laws)——#2 Stop Insurections(detroit riots etc) and #3 REPEL INVASIONS(and Invaders, like Illeagles today!).

          If states redo militias and just do Those Three items we would see a restored america real quick.

          That is the correct method for US folks under State powers/laws etc to actually ARREST and REMOVE bad polititions from offices/homes/buisness’s/whever else they hide their Rat asses!

          And if we obeyed us const on militias clauses then we would be electing folks FROM Our Own Ranks! Because by Law every able bodied man(and women with a few restrictions by law) would be Members.

          If we had to answer directly to fellow militia members to run for office and get elected for EVERY office nationwide, from us prez down to city dog catchers we’d see a more proper run america.

          And if any “Banksters” or other krooks types reared their filthy heads to try to subvert america(like done today) The Same elected officials who are Also former militia would be much more likely to represent We the People NOT the banksters.

          End of taxfree income-fed reserve-And popular us senator vote Ties in with ending of former state militias.

          Now we Know all this stuf due to wide spread internet usa etc….All we gotta do is Reverse a few bad things.

          Somebody far smarter than I will need to arise on sceene with That plan!….I admit I aint got such a plan. But I Know it is what we need!

          US Senators who answer to Own State, instead of today answer to Duel citizen isrealis, and no longer will america equal isreals Bitch. Or anyone elses bitch.

      39. Bert Gummer, thank you for the link to that article. For everyone who wants to dump on Israel and/or the jewish people do you consider Muslims to be your friends? i can guarantee that THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS! They want to destroy EVERYONE WHO IS NOT MUSLIM! My grandfather’s unit took part in the liberation of the Dachau extermination camp at the end of the war in Europe. What he and his comrades found at that camp was totally unimaginable. The handful of people who they found alive were literally nothing more than skin and bones. The globalists have at least something similar planned for us right here in America. I hope all of you think about that before you start attacking Jews. Focus on Muslims; they’re only one of MANY groups with dishonorable intentions toward us.

        • Braveheart: I post facts and Truth and if it is about jews or isreal?…Get OVER IT! and as for the WWII stuf you wrote on found survivors etc?…Them in camps was mainly Killed Only after USA and Brit Bomber planes Carpet bombed supply rail lines till zero food etc could reach em!

          You Need some Serious History brush-up lessons sir. My Dad and many uncles also were in WWII and Korea! but 99% of ALL we was told is BS!…Go Read at a Documented web site where True Facts is written of cause we all been scammed Royally on Our history lessons(I am age 60 so probly was taught xact same as you).

          Its tough to accept but Must be done elsewise withOUT Factual Truth we continue in LIES! and LIES which RUINED america the last 65 yrs!!!…..No offence meant by Me ok…Just want You to KNow real truth is all. PS Read my Above answer post to..V Confused, I posted Many Quotes BY Famous Prominant Jews By Them and About jews and Isreal…

          Braveheart, Read em all then tell me Are Them jews also antisemites for Their quotes?
          I Look fwd to your reply on it, Thanks!

      40. Where “SMART GREEKS” Are Hiding All Their Money from the UN NWO ZOG GLOBALIST BANKERS …

        Hardware-store owner Dimitris Andreadakis is brutally honest with customers who inquire about buying safes where they can stash euros.

        “I tell them, ‘Don’t do it. It’s dangerous,’” he said, noting that burglaries are rising. “People can come with a gun to your head.”

        The risk is worth it to many Greeks. “Most of the people still do it,” he said. Sales have risen 40 percent at his store in the past year.

        They’re motivated by what they regard as a more ominous scenario: watching the value of their savings evaporate, in the unlikely but still anxiety-inducing prospect that debt-ridden Greece abandons the euro and returns to the drachma. If that happens, a greatly devalued drachma could put imported goods like food, fuel and electronics out of reach.

        see link below …

      41. WTF ??? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr … NOW WHY THE “F” AM I BEING MODERATED – CENSORED for ???




        sigh … ;0p pssszzt to zog fedgov gestapo shtfplan censorship .


      42. It’s time for change but none are willing. A surgical removal of 2 + 9 + 535 would create a reset or at least the possibility. Any former special forces people with the skills and the means left in this great nation? A fellow can at least dream the dream as we float toward economic collapse.

        We live in Rome, 375 AD, and I want to find Gaul.

      43. It’s All one big BANK ROBBERY BY THE RICH …

        UN NWO ZOG FASCIST Freemason ZIONIST Jooo COMMIE Catholic Jesuit VATICAN BLACK POPE controlled Carbon Credit Tax Debt Slave Prison Plantation of AmeriKa is not as POOR as some may think … the RICH ARE PLAYIN A TRICK ON YOU ALL !!! And are robbing you All blind into Debt Slave Serfdom for Life GENERATIONS !!!

        Rich Hide Money In Secret Bank Accounts, Throw Crumbs To The People

        Let me be quite clear again about one fact that gets lost: we have plenty of money in the country. There is no debt or deficit “crisis” even if people across the political spectrum, including former labor leaders, are regurgitating complete nonsense about the “crisis”. This is simple: it’s class warfare and the rich don’t want to pay their fair share. Indeed, here’s some more evidence of what they are doing: stashing it away in secret foreign bank accounts.

        see link below …

        • Hey Cococraker! I read a few yrs ago(cant recall where now??) That the Queen of England has a special secritive type Bank where ONLY Heads of State current or ex state heads such as Nobels and Prez’s etc can open Hidden from All accounts kinda like numbered swiss accounts is.

          But even better due to queen wont let anyone for any reason find out info on Who has an account nor how much is in it!….I do know it was a web site like WND or another credible site. It sure is believable after the last fwe yrs what we learned no?

      44. Billions of Euro-Cash Hidden in Greek Homes

        Posted by keeptalkinggreece in Economy

        I am in a big dilemma: I recently emptied my bank account. I took home whole 15 euro and 47 cents. And I have difficulties where to hide it. Behind the ice-box? Beneath the floor? Inside the cool-cream jar? Deep down the pet’s food bag? Dog-house and under the matrass are out of question. Because a) I have no dog-house and b) my matrass is on rolls. I am really in big dilemma where to hide my precious wealth, my hard-worked saved money. Then all possible and impossible places to hide money at home are known to burglars and the police alike.

        see link below …

      45. Mr Scam Man, tell us more lies,
        Say unemployment is not very high,
        Tell of new government programs you’ll roll out,
        Say that the unions haven’t bought your soul out.

        Mr Scam Man, pander some more,
        The TV says you’re the one we adore,
        We have some questions but we dare not query,
        About the gays in the military.

        Your presidency, well we’re seeing through it
        That transparency, there’s nothing to it,
        You vowed to change us and you said ‘I mean it”
        The birth certificate, we still aint seen it

        Mr Scam Man stay in good health,
        Enjoy the perks and your ill-gotten wealth,
        There’s other stuff that we know you’re hidin’
        But if you die we’re stuck with old Joe Biden

        dooo dooo do do,
        dooo dooo do do,……..

        • Okie, you never fail to bring a smile to my face!!!! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

      46. SmokinOkie,

        Congratulations on your funny bright day – Bugtussle A&M!!!
        You covered it all even old Joe and should we forget Diogenes – yep! I think if IT comes back IT might be under a different name.

        Y’all Beware! Good fun there Okie! Thanks

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