Government’s Unintended Consquences: Waste, Fraud, Price Inflation

by | Dec 20, 2010 | Entertainment | 36 comments

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    The latest short film documentary from the National Inflation Association provides a glimpse into the other side of government intervention and central planning – the side most politicians and lobbyists never consider when mandating legislation down our throats.

    It is unfortunate that those with the power to enact real change in America are obtuse and completely void of the ability to look at the consequences of their actions.

    Either that, or they know full well what they are doing and have an alternate agenda.

    The idea that those in powers would intentionally destroy the country for personal gain and skewed ideologies may sound ridiculous, but how else can we explain it?

    We can assume that most of our Congressional Representatives and Senators lack the intellectual, emotional and spiritual capacity to understand the effects of their actions. They are concerned with increasing their wealth, power and social standing. If they have to vote on 2,000 pages of legislation without reading it to stay ahead, they will. One could argue that the consequences of their actions were unintended – they simply didn’t understand what they were signing on for.

    Even those writing the legislation (lobbyists and corporations for the most part) don’t fully realize their part in the ruse. They, like our politicians, are just trying to get and stay ahead.

    But those interested parties (aka The Powers That Be) who are responsible for the inception, planning and implementation of policies know full well what the consequences will be.

    Take for example Social Security. Did anyone really think that this government behemoth would be able to support the retirements of tens of millions of Americans thirty or fifty or a hundred years hence? Maybe the politicians that passed the legislation didn’t – but the central planners were much smarter. They had to have known. It’s simple mathematics, really.

    The same with Medicaid and Medicare – and now Obamacare.

    The same with the Patriot Act. The majority of those in Congress, likely not having read the bill, passed it to “secure America.” The planners who put it together, however, knew the consequences of implementing such a Big Brother initiative. And for those paying attention, the puzzle is coming together. On an individual level, the new laws, policies, initiatives, directives and executive orders being enacted by our benevolent local, state and Federal governments seem like a hodgepodge of unrelated, but necessary progressions. But when you step back, and look at the puzzle as a whole, the intention becomes much more apparent.

    For the majority, the consequences are most certainly unintended and unforeseen – because they are either too ignorant to pay attention or they choose to cover their eyes and ears and pretend that the reality is not real.

    For those conglomerates of individuals, corporations and government factions who would control us, the cause and effect relationships are clear.

    For more on the consequences of government intervention and planning and what the completed puzzle may look like, we recommend End of Liberty also produced by the National Inflation Association.


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      1. If they would have invested wisely in their own bubbles they might have been able to pay for SS.  Are those real bills with that pair of legs?

      2. Good writeup, Mac. I posted this same vid on my site as well. Even though the guys at NIA can be a little over the top sometimes, I think this is one of their better, more realistic and accurate videos.

      3. Although I’m not quite the inflationist that some other people are, this is a good video.

        “Cash for Clunkers” makes me laugh to this day.

      4. the fact that the government gave our money to the banks and the auto industry ..proves they have no will to support the PEOPLE..the same people that put them in office, and in power.
        OUR money folks..Ours.

        If they had devided all that money up that they used to bail out all those messed up corrupt and poorly run entities..and gave it out to the over 18 crowd that held mortgages or Businesses..this countries economy wouldnt be in the dumper that it is..We The People would have stimulated the econimy, paid off debt, mortgages,,etc..

        They didnt want that..because than they would lack the control of us as slaves.
        and their game would be over..

        cash for clunkers is and was stupid, People who rebuild old cars and drive old cars are the greenest people in this country..those old cars carbon foot print is behind them..any idea how much energy it takes to buld a new car? way more than one old 1980’s or 70’s land lubber could ever produce.
        and 20 MPG..aint shit..
        my old dodge gets that and its got a big cube engine..its all governmental masterbation people

        I could go on about this all day..they just keep legislating us right out of existance if we let them..its time to think for yourselfs..

        I think its time to just say NO to any policies, legislation or laws..we have enough..and enough taxes..
        time to clean house..and i mean big time

      5. Most of the steel was shipped to China from cash for kluckers.  It was their deal for bank rolling us.  What would happen if we said no to selling steel to China?  Buy American, if your able!  The reset will be much harder kicking the can.

      6. Comments…..not for a second do i believe that our government does’nt know the far fetching consequences of their actions.. they know exactly what they are doing, how they’re gonna get it done, and what they will offer up as excuses when things don”t turn out well. with every election my hopes for clear thinking honesty from polititians is shattered. they just keep getting worse it seems. the lies get bigger, those greedy for power get greedier, if they don’t have what they want now then they’re gonna find a way to get it no matter what or who they have to stomp on to do it.  i believe that the best that i can do is not buy anything that is not made in the usa. granted, there is very little made in the usa today but i truly believe that if foreign goods are boycotted by the general population jobs will come back to the u.s. mainly because there will be a demand, and with a demand there will be jobs, and with jobs there will be money and lower prices as well…i am really tired of being on the bottom of the food chain that our governments irresponsibility has caused.

      7. Caryn says he’s tired of being on the bottom of the food chain  !
        I hate to inform him and every body else that nothing will change untill everybody stands up together and marches on DC .
        And I don’t mean going and talking till your’e blue in the face.
        Our fore fathers warned us that this could happen and bloodshed might be involved !!!! Honastly I believe it shuld have happened about 60-70 years ago 
        So tell me what does it take for people to wake up ?????? 

      8. Hey all,

        Today (21st of Dec.), an armed citizen entered an IRS local office in northern Greece, and is holding one clerk as a hostage. Expect the gun he also holds a gasoline canister and threats the cops to put fire.
        As we say here in Greece  “he opened the box with the winds”.
        This goes to our “socialist government” and their austerity measures.
        More and more people will go nuts and we are about to experience tragical incidents with plain citizens involved.

        Be safe and watch the signs


      9. Comments….. Manos–I’m waiting for those “austerity” measures to happen here. It’s coming here soon.  It won’t be the baby boomers leading the march, it will be a race war with those living in the projects of Detroit and Chicago, etc.  Take their cocoapuffs away and all hell will break loose.  Anyone living within 100 miles of big cities that are invested heavily in welfare recipients, better have a bug out plan.  Your house will be their invitation to come get what they believe belongs to them.  Take that pacifier away–sit back and watch.


        Yes we all need to buy nothing but American manufactured goods.  But it will never happen until we are forced to do that.  The only way to do that is to go back to what made America a great manufacturing country in the first place and that is simply apply high enough import duties on all foreign manufactured goods such that American goods can be bought cheaper.  Yes it will hurt mostly the low income people for years until we are manufacturing most goods that we use in this country.  But over time we will have nearly full employment and at livable wages again.  As it is now we have very few livable wage jobs and it will likely get worse if we continue in the direction we are going…

      11. I chose the red pill & I’m starting to get sic……

      12. “Take their cocoapuffs away”

        That might happen, but more likely perhaps is what the other fallen nations have done, take the retirement savings of the elderly to prop up the state.
        The cocoapuffs crowd is a needed support structure.
        The retirement crowd would be inclined to become a support structure too, of the new holders of their savings.

        I imagine the strategy is to bring the Iraqi model to every nation, including the U.S.

        What would that look like?

      13. jimeee and caryn, none of that recovery bit you write of will happen until the mountain of regulations, fees and taxes are removed or reduced significantly. The power of the supreme bully group (the Overmen) depends on maintaining the status quo, so it’s not likely to happen.

        “what made America a great manufacturing country in the first place”  was Not mercantilism, a.k.a. import duties and protectionism.

        “what made America a great manufacturing country in the first place” was free trade, low tariffs, few taxes and little regulation. America cannot produce low priced goods or be competitive with out a return of this,… unless there is a devastating world war to destroy the productive capacity of many,… and that would not be a good thing.


        Sorry clark free trade is what has ruined this country and it will continue to further ruin this country as long as we practice it.  The free trade idea is something that those who want to ruin this country have been shoving down the throats of our people for the last several years and we have continued to lose our manufacturing because of those ideas and it is ruining this country. Free trade is exactly what has moved the manufacturing of goods to other countries!  Furthermore we don’t need to produce low priced goods for our own consumption.

        Those manufacturers that want to produce low priced goods to supply the rest of the world can open manufacturing plants in foreign countries where the labor is cheap but we shouldn’t allow those goods be sold in this country!!!

        Study the history of this country regarding manufacturing and etc and you will find that we had high Tariffs on foreign goods such that is was cheaper to buy American made goods and that is exactly what made America the great manufacturing country that is was.   The only goods that had lower Tarrifs were goods that we couldn’t manufacture in sufficient quantities to supply the demand.  And as soon as our manufacturers could meet the demand then the Tariffs went up on the foreign competitions goods.

        We have to have good tool and die makers in order to make the machinery to manufacture with.  Right now we would have a hard time gearing up to manufacture goods because we have not been training hardly any tool and die makers.  It is just about a lost trade.   So it would be a slow process to gear this country up to be a manufacturing country again.   But we could do it and we should do it before it is too late…

        I agree with you about the need for less regulation.

        There are liberals who think because our standard of living was so great that we should give it all away and spread it around the world.  Most of those that believe in free trade fit in that category!!!  Are you one of those clark??? 

      15. Comments….. Clark: The Iraqi model?  Maybe you mean the Iranian model:

        The price of gasoline in Iran quadrupled Sunday, with riot police guarding filling stations around the capital as the government restricted access to heavily subsidized fuel.
        Under the new austerity measures, each driver receives 60 liters per month of subsidized fuel at 40 cents a liter, up from just 10 cents a liter. Further gasoline purchases will now cost 70 cents per liter, compared to 40 cents before.
        President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who announced the cutbacks in energy and food assistance , said his government is spending $114 billion per year on energy subsidies, a sum that Iran’s country’s oil-based economy can no longer afford. Many analysts estimate the true cost of the subsidies is far lower, since the price supports are linked to world oil prices.
        Mr. Ahmadinejad said water, electricity and natural gas prices will gradually increase, and that the government’s subsidy for bread would also be eliminated over time.

        Did ya get the part about RIOTING? Nice
        Mr. Ahmadinejad took their cocoapuffs away and what do they do?  They start RIOTING! LOL!  There’s no amount of money that can improve any austerity measures. They can only cut out the cocoapuffs and let the people suffer.  That is the plan.  Don’t forget history – Rome for instance.

      16. Comments….. Oh man you all will love this one:

        Put-Upon Victims Forced to Wait in Line for Freebies or Even Pay Their Own Bills
        Posted by Van Helsing at December 20, 2010 9:55 AM
        Have a hanky handy — this one is a tear-jerker. From Macon, Georgia:

        When Eugene Jenkins showed up at St. Paul AME Church at 1:30 a.m. Wednesday, he didn’t know he would be one of the last people to get a ticket for assistance with his heating bill.

        He waited in line until 7 a.m., when officials started to hand out the tickets, then went home for a few hours before returning at 10 a.m. By the time he had finished up his paperwork, it was 1:15 p.m., making for a long day.

        Imagine having to spend hours hanging around and filling out forms, just to get someone else to pay your heating bills. For others, it was even worse:

        Other people were turned away because the Macon-Bibb County Economic Opportunity Council, which distributes the federal money, had its share of funding for the program cut by 44 percent this year. … That’s left people such as Raymeica Kelley frustrated. Kelley said she, her mother and her sister arrived at the church about 3 a.m. Wednesday, only to get turned away.

        Kelley has a job, but wants you to be forced to pay her heating bills because other bills piled up during a period of unemployment. Evidently these include cable bills:

        Original caption:

        WOODY MARSHALL/THE TELEGRAPH Showing her Georgia Power bills in the one warm room of her home, Raymeica Kelly explains how her mother, sister and herself were turned away from the Energy Assistance Program on Wednesday morning after standing in line for four hours. All three complained that the system the Macon-Bibb County Economic Opportunity Council uses to give out the assistance needs improving.

        What’s better to have, heat or a gigantic new state-of-the-art television? The answer: both, and if you can’t afford it, make someone else pick up the tab.
        She’s got a nice TV alright! Mines 30+ years old and still works great!  But that’s not good enough, she wants more cocapuffs!

      17. Goldenfox- I got ya beat.  My little Sony still works like a champ after 34 years.   I’ll be sad when it dies because it’s the last TV I’ll ever own. 

      18. Comments….. Bill:  Let us know when it finally dies and we’ll give it a proper funeral.  They don’t build them like they use to. 

      19. jimmee, We haven’t had anything close to free trade for a long time:

        “But by 1857,… the United States enjoyed the closest proximity to free trade that would exist in the nineteenth century, with an average tariff rate of around 15 percent.

        The average rate would soon be elevated to 47.06 percent,…

        “Let the South adopt the free-trade system,” the Daily Chicago Times editorialized on December 10, 1860, and the North’s “commerce must be reduced to less than half of what it now is.”  The Newark Daily Advertiser editorialized on April 2, 1861, that Southerners had apparently “taken to their bosoms the liberal and popular doctrine of free trade,” which “must operate to the serious disadvantage of the North.”

        …a high protective tariff that mothered monopoly,…”

        Those who favor high tariffs appear to be in favor of, “mothering”, are you familiar with the term?

        Protectionism vs. Liberty

        “We’ve all heard about how… tariffs are needed to protect the jobs of American steelworkers, but we never hear about the jobs that will be lost or never created when the cost of steel rises 30 percent. We forget that tariffs are taxes, and that imposing tariffs means raising taxes. Why is the administration raising taxes on American steel consumers? Apparently no one in the administration has read Henry Hazlitt’s classic book, Economics in one Lesson.

        Time and time again, history proves that tariffs don’t work.”

        @Goldenfoxx, Iraq:

        Anarcho-Tyranny in Baghdad

        “the simultaneous existence of armed dictatorship and the absence of the rule of law… It is a situation in which government does everything but what it is supposed to do, namely protect life and property.

        what’s going on in Baghdad and other cities in Iraq is a microcosm of the state’s law-enforcement priorities…

        This underscores the primary focal point of the rule of every regime: to maintain and tighten its monopoly over the coercive powers of the state, while displacing and eliminating possible competitors to that position.”

      20. Clark:  You ARE correct & I agree but it is a hard sell for many, including jimmy.  They didn’t study economics & a man is no island.  Iran was heavily subsidized GF.  They were paying for it anyways, the public just didn’t want to admit it.  Neither does CA.

      21. Comments…..   clark:

        You are so right about no “real” free trade clark. 

        But we could never allow real free trade because of the wage differences through out the world.  We surely cannot compete with low wages in any way shape or form.  But personally I don’t give a whit about exporting any of our goods.  As I said before those American companies that want to export cheap goods can open  plants in those cheap labor countries and export all over the world but not to America as far as I am concerned. 

        We have the closest thing to free trade with China who is given a “most favered nation” status and look what that has done to America.  It’s free trade for China or an open door for them to flood our markets with their cheap goods to the point that one can hardly buy any goods in this country that are not made in China while they obviously are not going to buy many of our high priced goods.  Oh thats right what do we manufacture in this country anyway, hardly anything.  So what would we sell them anyway, ZIP… 

        I have studied economics in college while working toward a degree in electrical engineering so I am not totally uneducated.  And have since read and studied many good conservative economics books and some that weren’t so conservative.  You know what I have found, all of the worlds answers don’t come out of colleges.  One of the main reasons why is “most” college professors don’t have any real life experience and all most of them know is what they were taught by their professors who don’t have any life experience either and so most don’t have a clue about life where the rubber meets the road.

        I have lived on this earth for 80 years and I have personally seen a lot of things tried and have seen the results of those different things and some are pretty sad and dumb..

        If we continue in the direction we are going regarding the so called free trade it will completely ruin this country.  We don’t have far to go!!!  I probably don’t have long for this earth so there is not much I can do to help the bad situation that we are in this country and so I am not going to suffer much of the consequences but I do have children and grandchildren and great grandchildren who I don’t want to see suffer through the kind of USA that most probably you clark and your kind are advocating.

        PLEASE PLEASE I beg of you clark to think for yourself and investigate history to see the results of the various things that have been tried.  And I don’t mean investigate just enough to try to prove a point or what you believe in but to get to the whole truth.  Think of how the “common” people lived during the so called dark ages, the ages when most people were really no more than slaves, hardly existing…  Think of how many years we lived that way since Christ’s time compared to how years there has been a form of freedom for the masses, at least in the USA…

        I believe in America first, Isolationism and Protectionism, all things that are good for people who are loyal to USA…  Remember we can’t do anything to help the rest of the world if we don’t have freedom here in the USA.

        Have a great day my friend.


      22. Yes, the whole truth, seek it, below is a smidgen of it, maybe if you read it you can enlighten others?:

        Isolationism and Protectionism are Not good things and they don’t do good things, please consider spending some time at for clarity.

        When you say, “Think of how the “common” people lived during the so called dark ages,” you begin to veer off, perhaps you should read some of the following links because the dark ages were Not what you were taught they were:

        Rampaging Hordes – or Darlings of the Dark Ages?

        After Empire: Dark Ages or Innovation Explosion?

        The Great Depression of the 14th Century

      23. jimeee said, “…I don’t want to see suffer through the kind of USA that most probably you clark and your kind are advocating.”

        Are you sure? I don’t think you are.

        I am advocating the Free America as described in this bit:

        The Choice Between Two Americas

        I think you advocate it too, I hope so anyway.

      24. Comments…..  clark:

        Thank you for your patience with this olddawg.

        I studied and own most of the basic books subscribing to the Austrian School of Economics and was a 100% believer in their theories for many many years.  It all sounds so good and great and reasonable but over time I have come to believe their system of beliefs in their purest forms probably won’t work in our everyday lives.  Now I admit I could be wrong.  It has been a long time since I did the exhaustive study of Austrian Economics and so don’t recall a lot of what I studied but I will say those studies are those which  partially directed me to pretty much being an ultra conservative person. 

        The first thing that set my thinking different and led me on a path from being a dyed in the wool Democrat to just the opposite was a book that I picked up called the “Rich and the Super Rich” by Ferdinand Ludberg.  I picked that book up about 1970 and I just couldn’t stomach what I was reading but something kept urging me to keep at it.  Even so it was about 5 years before I finished it…  It was so the opposite of what blind me thought of as to how our world worked.  You see I believed in the best of people.  Oh yes most people are pretty fair people but some are so, what should I say, GREEDY, might  be a good word  to describe them…haha…

        Over the years I have become a person who believes pretty much in conspiracies…  I define conspiracy loosely leaving out the part about what everything being unlawful.  So when I say conspiracy some of them may be unlawful and others may lawful..  Basically what I am saying is that I don’t believe that hardly anything “just”  happens but more the opposite and that most things are planned by two or more people and etc…  My 50 year old Son calls me “paranoid.”…haha…

        I still believe in America First and isolationism, protectionism and all things that are good  for people who are loyal to the USA…haha…


      25. Jim, when you say, “I still believe in America First and isolationism, protectionism and all things that are good  for people who are loyal to the USA” you seem to mean, people who are loyal to empire, and not liberty or freedom?

        People should be free to do whatever they want as long as they don’t harm anyone else.

        Libertarianism Today

        readily understandable by any reasonably intelligent person

        Economics in One Lesson

        People do what’s best for their own interest, it’s natural.

        Tom Woods Smashes Central Bank Dogma video:

        Austrian Economics works in the real world, that’s why Austrian Economists recognized the housing bubble long before anyone else, same with the financial crash.

        The question is, do those wearing the jack boots want freedom and a free market, or do they prefer chains and sky rocketing prices from embracing the time proven disaster of isolationism and protectionism?

      26. Comments…..  clark:

        It’s possible we both want much the same things for the end results.  However I believe strongly in Nationalism and am absolutely against a “One World Government.”  What are your feelings on those two things???

        So I think I am going to agree to disagree with you and let it go at that…haha…

      27. Comments…..  clark:

        It’s possible we both want much the same things for the end results.  However I believe strongly in Nationalism and am absolutely against a “One World Government.”  What are your feelings on those two things???

        So I think I am going to agree to disagree with you and let it go at that…haha…

      28. Nationalism seems to support the goals of “One World Government.”

        The goal of, “One World Government” is to control and diminish individualism, freedom and free trade.

        Please, follow the links, and then decide:

        “The fanatical nationalism that we see in America actually relies on all the same collectivist premises as anti-Americanism. According to both ideologies, America is some sort of collective entity, not a nation of individuals, and the qualities of the governing class must be attributed to the people at large. Both nationalist warmongers and anti-American agitators agree that the U.S. government exists as a symbol and representation of the people and economy of the country it dominates. National greatness, as the nationalists see it, is most clearly embodied in the U.S. Armed Forces and their imperial actions throughout the world. The anti-Americans agree with the nationalists that the essential character of America cannot be separated from the ruling regime’s foreign policy. They only disagree on whether it is good or bad…

        …belligerent nationalism… is no less favorable toward America’s best values than the worst anti-Americanism of the left. In fact, this hawkish nationalism runs directly counter to the American traditions of peace and individualism,…”

        Nationalism and Anti-Americanism

        “This is a season of patriotism, but also of something that is easily mistaken for patriotism; namely, nationalism. The difference is vital.”

        Patriotism or Nationalism?

        “But most absurd of all is the obsession that a country can prosper only when it has a favorable balance of trade, that is, when it exports more than it imports and receives in income more than it pays out — which is tantamount to saying that a country can prosper only at the expense of other countries. This was, indeed, the favorite argument of the supporters of mercantilism,…

        Exercising what the Declaration of Independence calls the right to “the pursuit of happiness,” each man in every country undertakes to offer his fellow men all over the world those commodities that suit them by their quality and price, in exchange for which he obtains money; with this he and those who have assisted him in the process of production (for they all receive their share of the remuneration, whether for labor or for capital) buy from other entrepreneurs on the national or international market the commodities they need or want. This freedom of initiative and this desire for constant improvement in well-being is what makes for individual progress and thereby for the progress of national groups, for the latter is nothing but the sum of the advances made by their individual components. When, on the other hand, the activity and initiative of individuals are regulated in view of a supposed national interest, stagnation ensues, the rhythm of economic life diminishes, conflicts arise among different groups, force is invoked, and an armed struggle results.”

        Nationalism and Socialism

      29. Comments…..  clark:

        First of all Nationalism does not support the goals of the “one world government”  I  had to laugh at your statement.  How did you come up with that one or maybe I should ask where???…

        “Please follow the links then decide”  Decide what clark?  I have already told you how I feel about things and then you send your big gun links out who try to redefine what words mean and then blab on with a bunch of double speak who are so impressed with what they are saying that anyone with a real mind that is capable of thinking for themselves would know that they are dumber than dirt about where the rubber meats the road.

        Your links, the current ones and the previous ones are all by people who are so far out of tune with the real world who spout off this stuff just to hear themselves think out loud.  These people are mostly intellectuals who really can’t tell up from down. They are filled with so much double talk and inconsistencies that I don’t know how anybody with a mind who can think for themselves could fall for their most of their propaganda.  Come on clark wake up and smell the coffee.  Say something that comes from YOUR mind and heart my friend…

        Please don’t spout off all of this drivel stuff and post links for me to read.  Say something original something that comes from you…  Think man.  Then I will hear you.

        No more links please!


      30. Just The Facts Jack,
        read the links.

      31. Comments…..  clark:

        I guess you didn’t want to smell the coffee…

        One mans facts are another mans drivel.

        …haha…  I did you the courtesy of reading the links my friend and that is why I said what I said.

        My Son is pretty close to being a Libertarian, much closer than I.  I like most of their platform but not all of it.

        I worked pretty hard to help organize the Populist Party here in my home state a number of years ago.  But those that have the gold did a divide and conquer to that party and it didn’t last.

        It’s been a pleasure.

        Have a nice evening clark.


      32. Comments…..  clark

        Shh shush.  Did some of you hear a parrot…haha…

        Another one of your links…haha…  And another article where the author is doing what many of the authors of the links you have posted are doing and  that is redefining critical words and in this case that word is nationalism and then they go on with their skewed rationality trying to make a point of something that is totally false in it’s very basic premise…  How can people believe stuff like this???  Why do you pass this kind of information on???  Are you part of this same kind of propaganda clark???  Is it your goal to pass propaganda off as truth to get people to believe in falsehoods???

        This is what I take the word “nationalism”  to mean:
        Devotion to the interests or culture of one’s nation.
        The belief that nations will benefit from acting independently rather than collectively, emphasizing national rather than international goals.
        Of course international goals are to try to bring in the “one world government.”  And if that is what you want then maybe you truly are not for America in any way shape or form.  But I am not sure I can really say for sure what you are for or against as mostly all you do is post links…haha…

        I remember years ago when I heard one of the local newscasters make the statement, for the first time, “constitutional separation of church and state” in reference to something he was reporting on…  I asked him to show me something in the US Constitution where it talked about “separation of church and state”  And of course he couldn’t because there is nothing in the US Constitution regarding “separation of church and state.”  As I had said that was many years ago and that statement has been repeated time and again so many times that most sheeple believe it to be true that there is something in the US Constitution about the “separation of church and state.”  Yes of course I know about the letter regarding the subject but never the less “separation of church and state” is not part of the US Constitution.

        Is that what you and your cohorts are about, that is repeating non truths over and over again until people start to believe them???…haha…

        Post some words from your own heart and mind clark…  Real truths not propaganda…


      33. If Obama care sticks and I find myself terminal and not able to get health care…  I’ll grow weed and sell it to earn the money to fly to a country where they take cash.

      34. “America is in the throes of a nationalist plague. Our great country, founded on principles of liberty and suspicion of government power, is in increasing danger of becoming a fascist nation…

        I love America. I love the liberty that still exists here. I do not wish to live in a socialist dictatorship like North Korea. But what makes America great? Is it its status as Superpower and World Policeman, its two-trillion dollar federal government that feeds on its economic strength and uses those resources to bully the world? Of course not.

        What makes America great — what has always made America great — are its civil society, its relatively free markets, its respect for civil liberties…

        And today’s nationalists are not cheering on America when they cheer on the police-warfare state and lash out at its critics. They are cheering on Amerika — the nationalized, bureaucratized, militarized version of our country. Whether or not they know it, they seek to destroy the real America with a totalitarian replacement. The choice is between a free America and a nationalist Amerika. We cannot have both.”

        Amerika Ãœber Alles vs. America, Land of the Free

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